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Timely diagnosis of heart problems is critical so that correct

treatment can be initiated and this is supplemented by timely
arrival of the patient at the hospital. Transporting Cardiac
patients in time is highly specialized and critical medically.
ACLS Ambulances at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital are well
equipped with a complete range of ultra-modern emergency
equipment like Mobile Ventilators, Defibrillator, ECG
machines and monitors to provide accurate information.
ACLS Ambulances have specially trained doctors and allied
healthcare personnel on board to deal with all kinds of cardiac
emergencies including shifting of critical patients on IABP and

Department of Cardiology

Dr Dhirendra Singhania Dr Rajiv Agarwal

Dr Praveen Kumar

Dr Gaurav Minocha

Dr Prakash Rana

Dr S K Chuttani

Department of Cardiology

Dr Ajay Karol

Location Map

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Our role is not limited to treating
patients but also educating and
helping patients improve their
overall lifestyle. The goal of
Cardiac Rehabilitation is to help
patient regain their strength, to
prevent worsening of condition,
to reduce the risk of future heart problems and to help patients
lead an improved quality life. This is done by organizing
educational and motivational program which is well
coordinated between physiotherapists, dieticians, physicians
and surgeons.
This program helps the patients to resume their normal and
active life post revascularization procedure. It also aids other
cardiac patients coming in the OPD by providing Life style
Management, and thereby improving the overall quality of life.

Located on NH- 24
Delhi- U.P. Border
5 Kms from Akshardhaam
1.5 kms from ISBT, Anand Vihar
1 km from Kaushambhi Metro

For information and appointments please contact

Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital
Help Desk: 0120-4188000 / Ms Radha 0120-4173170
Helpline Mob: +91- 9911162658

W 3, Sector-1, Vaishali, Ghaziabad-201012, UP, India

Tel: 0120-4173000, 4188000
Mobile: 9911162658
Email: pics@pch.co.in Website: www.pch.co.in

The Cardiac Centre of Excellence at Pushpanjali Crosslay

Hospital fulfills the void in Interventional Cardiology and
Cardiac Surgery services in the whole of NCR, UP and
adjoining states. The Centre provides comprehensive
inpatient, outpatient along with 24*7 Emergency Cardiac Care
backed by state of the art equipment and trained personnel.
The treatment facilities are further strengthened by the high
level of coordination between the Cardiac Surgeons and
Cardiologists who constitute the world class Heart Team.
Department of Cardiology is dedicated to the diagnosis and
treatment of Heart Disease for all age groups and is efficiently
managed by dedicated Senior Faculty of National and
International repute.

1. Non-Invasive Cardiology
64 Slice CT Angio

Stress Thallium


Coronary Care Unit


Tilt Test

Transesophageal ECHO (TEE)

2. Interventional Cardiology
The Interventional Cardiology department is equipped with
FD-20 Philips Cath Lab, capable of performing Coronary as
well as Peripheral Angiography.
Coronary and Peripheral Angiography
Angioplasty and Stenting
Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)
Coiling for embolisation
Device implantation

The Department is backed by equipment to monitor, diagnose

and treat the electrical system of the heart by highly
sophisticated equipment.

A. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery


Implantation of Pace makers

95% of the patients are done off pump

High risk cases with associated valve disease and
comorbidies are undertaken with confidence.
Combined procedures also undertaken- CABG & MVR,
CABG & AVR etc.

B. Valve Surgery

Biventricular Pacing
Radio Frequency Ablation

4. Coronary Care Unit



3. Cardiac Electro-Physiology (EPS)

The Unit is equipped with state of the art Philips Monitors and
GE Ventilators, Data scope IABP machines to manage critical
patients of acute infarctions and cardiac failure due to any

Valve Repair Surgery (with Intra-OP TEE)

Valve Replacement Surgery
(i) Mechanical Valves
(ii) Tissue Valves
C. Pediatric Heart Surgery

Congenital heart defects including PDA, ASD, VSD, TOF

and other complex defects can be safely undertaken for intra
cardiac repair.

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

D. Vascular Surgery
The Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) routinely
performs Cardiac surgeries (Bypass and Valve Replacement).
The Department specializes in performing Beating Heart
Cardiac Bypass surgeries. We believe in adding Life to
Patients Years and Years to Patients Life!
The Department is backed by Faculty who have rich and wide
experience in providing innovative and ultra-modern
treatments for cardiac, vascular and thoracic diseases. The
Department has 2 dedicated modular CTVS Operation
Theaters backed by a CTVS ICU, which is managed round the
clock by Cardiac Anaesthetists.

For management of: Aortic aneurysm and Aorto Femoral

bypass and Carotid artery disease