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Topics for project

Promotional Mix of Insurance Products

Green Marketing
Affect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision
Market Survey on Brand Equity
Capital Market
Buying Behavior of Customers
Current Trends in Internet Marketing
Business Process Outsourcing
Advertising Effectiveness
The Spread of Organized Retailing in India
Customer Relationship Management
Impact of Packaging on Retailers and Consumers
Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in Convenience Stores
Export Marketing Entry Strategy
Customer Profitability Marketing Thesis
Service Blueprint
Need for Customer Relationship Management
Effect of Derivatives Based Strategies
Recruitment and Channel Development
Brand Awareness
Consumer Taste and Preferences For Set Top Box Installation
Sales and Distribution Effectiveness
A Study On The Awareness Level And Attitude Level Of The Clients
Consumers Perception of Private Brands
Global Marketing
Market Analysis and Sales Development of Amul Milk
Nonconventional Distribution Channel
Prepare Wholesale Business Model Optimization
Event Marketing
Market Analysis Of LG Consumer Durables
Marketing Survey and Channel Development
Lux Marketing Project
Consumer Satisfaction
Retailers Project
Study of International Marketing
Rural Marketing Project
Telecom Services Of Reliance Communication
Jewellery Buying Preference
Customer Evaluation of Tata Indicom Services
Bisleri Marketing Project
Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Udyog Ltd
Retail Banking Front Office Management Activity
The Role Of Integrates Marketing Communications in Life Insurance
Sales Promotion and Customer Awareness of the Services
Study of Sales Promotion and Analysis Of Insurance Business
Total Polymer Consumption of Home Appliances
Comparative Study of Broadband in Telecom Sector with Airtel
Customer Retention in Retail Sector
Direct Selling
Lifetime Plans of the Cellular Companies
Potential Achievement by Big Boss Retailer
Sales and Marketing Structure in Brokerage At Reliance Money
Study on Consumer Buying Behavior and Satisfaction Level
Study to measure Market Potential and Customers Buying Motives
Test Marketing and Customer Interaction
Impact of Promotional Activities for Selling HCL Products
Effect of Advertisements on Children with Special Reference to Confectionary
Effect of Mobile Marketing on Youngsters
Gap Analysis of Services offered in Retail Banking
Study of Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion in FMCG
Load Testing of Loan Search

Marketing & General
Sr. No Topic
001 Comprehensive study on social media and its role in marketing
002 Facebook understanding role in social marketing
005 Comprehensive study to understand marketing of brands
007 Evaluation of marketing strategies adopted by GYMS & CLUBS
008 Analyzing Media buying and selling proportions
012 Understanding basics of live entertainment industry
015 Category evaluation Chocolate
016 Advertising Maniac
017 Does Advertisement reflect the trend or create it?
018 Advertising evaluation Airtel VS Vodafone
019 Impossible is nothing Adidas
020 Advertising after globalization
021 Evaluating advertising effectiveness of Raymond
022 Advertising ethics and viewers perception towards surrogate
023 Videocon evaluation of after sales service
024 Agriculture marketing bringing prosperity through tactics
025 Agriculture scenario in 21
026 Express yourself
027 Ambush marketing
028 Evaluation of consumer preference towards wafer chocolates
029 Customer study on Amul milk VS non branded milk in Baroda city
030 Amul Taste of India
031 Factors affecting males to buy cosmetic and beautification products
033 strategic overview of travel and tourism industry in india
034 Airtel towards glory
035 2010 CWG and cost to countrys prestige
036 Indepth analysis of consumer perception towards Health food drink
037 Understanding consumer buying behaviour towards ACER computers
038 Telecominism a study on telecom sector and advances
039 Garment industry an youthful insight
041 Coffeepreneur
043 Women role in advertising
044 Advertising and women exploration
045 Gauging retail penetration of AMUL beverages
046 Anchor complete electrical solution
047 Indian animation and gaming industry
050 Benefits of display to retailer study of super value store
051 Brand analysis Bisleri vis a vis competitors
052 Brand bachhan
054 Brand perception Raymond complete man
055 Pepsi and coke -brand positioning strategies
056 Branded furniture market
058 Building a brand from scratch

059 Evaluating business environment in paint sector
060 Its cartoon time study on cartoon channels
061 Understanding CB at shoppers stop
062 Study of online CB
063 Study of CB towards branded shoes
064 Consumer behaviour a tool for marketing
065 Consumer buyer behaviour towards television
066 Understanding consumer behaviour
067 Study of shopper buyer behaviour at Reliance fresh
068 Reliance fresh and consumer buying behaviour
069 Hero Honda bike and consumer buyer behaviour
070 Todays Ball pen consumer buying behaviour analysis
071 CBB- Mobile handsets
072 Cosmetics How does it sale a CBB analysis
073 Celebrity endorsement a prespective
074 Celebrity endorsement in India
075 Cellular marketing
076 Coca cola evaluation of marketing strategies
077 Coffee-marketing and finance
080 Gamut of Indian airlines industry
081 Traveller perception towards various airlines
082 Comparative analysis of Airtel & Vodafone
083 Comparative analysis of Samsung electronics Vis a Vis competitor
084 Indian telecom sector focused study on Airtel VS Vodafone
085 Comparative analysis of Bisleri versus competitors
086 Comparative edge of reliance fresh customer loyalty programme
087 Comparative study of Nestle confectionary products Vis a Vis
088 Gauging consumption pattern of juices & soft drinks
089 Market share of HUL vending products vis a vis competitor
090 Comparative study of retail outlets Croma & Vijay sales
091 Mc Donalds VS Jumbo King
092 Comparative analysis of coke & pepsi
093 Nestle sunrise coffee competitive analysis
094 Competitive edge to investor by marketing and brand positioning in
entertainment industry
095 Comprehensive study on Reliance fresh
096 CB and perception of women towards Lakme
097 A study on consumer durable industry
098 Consumer perception of Global & local brand in Indian retail industry
099 Food goers perception towards Ruby Tuesday and feedback on loyalty
103 Analysis of consumer preference towards Nestle and Cadbury
104 Consumer perception towards Frooti
107 Consumer purchase behaviour towards diamond
109 Corporate grooming
111 Buyers perception towards HCL computers

112 Creating a nation without poverty through business
113 Advertising creativity
115 Critical evaluation of online admission system
116 Nokia VS Samsung
117 Customer preference Asian paints
118 Response towards advertising of Airtel & Vodafone
119 Customer satisfaction at shoppers stop
120 Customer satisfaction of titan watches in Mumbai city
121 Comparative analysis of vijay sales and sony mony
122 Dabbawala employee satisfaction survey
123 Dabur marketing strategy pleasure and delight
124 RC cola designing & implementation of plan
125 HUL tea and coffee business distribution strategy
126 Electronic marketing
127 Analysis consumer buyer behaviour towards Anchor white tooth paste
128 Electronic shopping
129 Ethics in advertising Dilemma or reality
131 Event planning and management
132 Events and celebrity management
133 Managing event a perspective
134 Event management
137 Chorus calling
139 Fly high
140 LCC analysis
141 Global footwear industry
142 Franchising
144 Future of luxury brands in India
145 Future of marketing & PR
146 Game Industry
147 Garment industry scope & trends
148 Godrej Years of glory
149 Dubai- Gold & jewellery destination
150 Green marketing
151 Healthcare & hospital management
152 Holocaust
154 IATA
155 Identifying factors that favourable purchase decision at Reliance fresh
156 Image profile analysis of leading brands of tooth paste
157 Impact of advertising of consumer goods on customer brand
158 Study impact of advertising on brand preference of aerated drinks
159 Impact of celebrity endorsement on overall brand
160 Understanding concept of celebrity endorsement
161 Impact of CWG on urban development of Delhi
162 Impact of TV commercial on consumer behaviour
163 Incredible India Evaluation study in selected overseas market
164 Health food drinks still developing or developed

165 Indian aviation sector analysis and future challenges
166 Indian greeting card industry Archies
167 Indian Rural consumer changing 247
168 Indian tourism industry
169 Industry analysis Print media
170 Innovative marketing
172 IPL Gauging trends
173 IPL- an unscripted soap opera
174 IPL-the birth of cricketainment
175 IT in agriculture
176 Leverage of the brand & brand extensions Kellogs case analysis
177 LG consumer durables & dealer development
179 Maggi brand extension & repositioning
180 Management in managing brand
182 Managing advertisement and celebrity endorsement a case of Pepsi
183 Market analysis of everyuth dermacare range
184 Product analysis of pure it
185 Market status of Reliance fresh
186 Marketing mix of Hero & TVS
187 Marketing strategies of 5 star hotels
188 Bisleri-Marketing tactics
189 Marketing of TIGER beer in Mumbai
188 Study of Marketing strategy of Maruti Udyog limited
189 Marketing strategies to sell club membership-acres club
190 Marketing strategies adopted by premium hotels
191 Marketing strategy of Coke & Pepsi
192 KFC marketing strategy
197 Media broadcasting
199 Micro analysis of AMUL and GCMMF
200 Mineral water industry and consumer perception towards Bisleri
201 Multilevel marketing
202 Mumbai as a tourist destination
203 Nestle Good food, good life
204 Strategic brand management Nestle Juices
205 Network marketing
207 Niche marketing
208 Nivea-comfortably crme
209 Occasion management & planning
210 Onjus- squeeze to please
211 Onjus Story of brand failure
212 Online selling trends of branded shoes and apparels in India
213 OOH-catching customer on the move
214 Outdoor advertising the future media tool
215 Outsourcing industry in india
217 Packaged atta industry setup of flour mill
218 Packaging as a tool for sales man

219 The Parle G story
220 Performance of Indian Cement Industry- the competitive landscape
221 Political Mania
222 Preference level of consumers towards brand Bisleri
223 Understanding print Media
224 Consumer perception towards spice telecom
225 Promotional aspects of toothpaste and its effects on CBB
226 Pros and cons of celebrity marketing
227 Public utility services a study of public transport in Mumbai
228 Evaluating Radio advertising
229 Radio Listeners
230 Radio advertising & listeners perception towards radio
231 Age of Radio catching travelers on the go!
232 Radio & advertising
233 Real estate changing scenario
234 Fresh from the farms reliance fresh
235 Reliance retail store operation at HUBLI
236 Dove Its your skin
237 Restaurant Industry In India Trends & opportunities
238 Retail concept
239 Retailer perception & view towards Bisleri
240 Role of advertising
241 Social media marketing myopia
242 Rural adverting catching rural consumers
243 Rural marketing strategy for Indian villages
244 What does Rural say?
245 Sales & distribution effectiveness Asian paints VS Nerolac paints
246 Sales & distribution network of ultratech cement
247 Sales promotion with respect to television industry
248 Studying cases on sales promotion
249 Scope of tourism in India and its impact on Indian economy
250 Segmenting shoppers behavior
251 Is service sector indias road to economic growth
252 Role of services in economy
253 Shoppers stop customer delivering values
254 Social marketing activities and generating brand loyalty and brand
256 Social networking sites
257 Sports apparels
258 Sports management special outlook to football management
259 Sports marketing IPL
260 Staying ahead in market place analyzing strategies of P & G
261 Sports retailing in India constraints, barriers and way forward
264 Concept of strategic management
266 Analysis of Anti pepsi buyer behavior of retail outlets
269 Study of brand preference towards Mens wear

270 Study of CBB at reliance fresh
271 Study of consumer behavior on sports attire
272 Study of consumer preference towards Nestle & Cadbury chocolates
273 Study of consumer preference towards Frooty
274 Study of consumer preference towards wafer chocolates
275 Study of dealer behavior in marketing paints
276 Study of OEM and Replacement tyre segment for Maruti Swift
277 Study of Rural marketing HUL ways
279 Study of Indian watch Industry and marketing strategy of Titan watches
280 Success of Walmart and entry in Indian market
281 Surrogate advertisements
283 Tea market a background study
284 Teen marketing
285 Textile industry things unknown
286 Titan watches brand repositioning
287 Effect of various strategies adopted by different companies in
green marketing
288 Tourism sector evaluation
289 Tourism scenario MP
290 Tourism scenario Rajasthan
291 Towards understanding online purchase behavior
292 Traditional techniques of health management through Yoga
293 Travel and tourism a strategic analysis
296 Ultratech cement
297 The structure of brand
298 Understanding consumers online shopping and purchase behaviours
299 Influence of brand name on consumer decision Brand Honda
300 Use of technology as a new medium for marketing
301 Understanding CB for Brand development
302 Videocon television a brand analysis
305 Water and waste water management system
306 Consumer electronics market
308 Building construction and its management
311 Management TIPS from epic Mahabharata
312 Mahabharata Indian management way
313 Evaluation of Mumbai-Pune expressway corridor
314 Vijay Mallya A Bon Vivant
315 Analyzing consumer preference towards coffee
316 Apple- an overview
317 Brand apple its different
318 Brand audit of Kingfisher beer
319 Analyzing brand awareness of Airtel
320 Building brands
321 Brand building through celebrity endorsement
322 Brand equity
323 Brand extension

325 Brand rejuvenation
327 Branding strategy of HUL
328 Effectiveness of brand strategy of Britannia biscuits
329 Evolution of apple inc
330 Fashion stanza from fashion to brands
331 Overview of fashion industry
332 Strategic brand management
333 Toon branding
334 Customer satisfaction towards TITAN watches in Bilaspur city
335 Disaster management and its effects on services
336 Eco friendly life style
337 Eco-friendly nature
338 Eco conservation
339 Natural calamities affecting services Disaster management
340 A study on Vedic approach to management
341 A study on tourism in UP
342 An interpretation and correlation of Mahabharata in todays
343 Analysis of power sector (electricity)
344 Bandra-worli Sea link
345 Branding countries
346 Carbon credit in response to climate change
347 Child labour food for thought
348 After sales service Maruti Indus motors Calicut
349 An overview of TATA motors
350 Consumer perception towards auto brands
351 Analysis of two wheeler industry
352 Auto fuel
353 Auto industry compact car segment
354 Auto industry and customer satisfaction survey of maruti
355 Determination of automobile industry
356 A look into after sales service provided by auto sector
357 Brand loyalty towards maruti
358 Business report on Rajpath Hyundai
359 Consumer behaviour of airtel
360 Cement industry analysis with respect to ultratech cement Ltd
361 City gas distribution in Mumbai an analysis
362 A perspective towards coal mining
363 Comparative study of Hero motors with bajaj automobiles
364 CBB and brand loyalty in consumer durable products
365 Analysis of consumer perception towards automobiles
366 Consumer satisfaction survey towards TVS apache
367 Corporate communication a view
368 Customer relationship advancement in banking sector
369 CRM in banking sector
370 CSS of maruti motors
371 CSS Hyundai motors lakshmi Hyundai

372 Dabbawala
373 Diamond industry sectoral outlook
374 Digital distribution of films in India
375 Disaster management
376 Eco-friendly construction
377 Eco-friendly hotels
378 Effect of crude oil on developing nation
379 Effect of reforms in development of India
380 Effect of consumer behaviour towards purchase of refrigerators
381 Fiat-glory of 50 years
382 Measurement of Hyundai motors after sales service
383 Customer satisfaction towards Hyundai motors vis--vis competition
384 Fisheries sector
385 Green marketing how to cash in with ecological niche marketing
386 Healthcare and hospital management
387 Hindu yogi science of breath
388 History of Ayurveda
389 A view at Hyundai motors VS maruti
390 impact of recession on exports of textile industry
391 impact of travel and tourism sector on indian economy
392 Incredible India
393 India as a HUB for auto component industry
394 India travel & tourism sector
395 Indian airlines
396 Indian automobile industry
397 Indian call center
398 Indian industrial policy and global competition
399 Indian liquor policy
400 Indian luggage industry: VIP & Samsonite
401 Indian oil sector
402 Indian two wheeler industry
403 Integration of green marketing in automotive industry
404 Analysis of key buying factors affecting purchase of two wheelers
405 Knowledge management an insight
406 Knowledge process outsourcing
407 Logistic and supply chain industry in India current status
408 Marketing strategy of two wheeler dealers
409 Maruti Udyog limited
410 Medical tourism in India
411 Merger of Jet airways & Air Sahara
412 Meru rely on us
413 A study on MSEDCL
414 MIS
415 Mumbai metro moving the masses
416 Mumbai water supply system
417 Outsourcing industry in India

418 Ownership difference between entrepreneur and 9-5 employees
419 Phillip Morris
420 Potential of CNG as fuel for vehicles
421 Public transport system in Mumbai
422 Ratan Tata an undisputable entrepreneur
423 Real estate rise & fall
424 Understanding real estate business
425 Supply chain management
426 Scope of luxury cars in India
427 SEZ
428 Slum rehabilitation authority
429 Social security and labour welfare in india
430 Sources available for exports
431 Customer satisfaction at MGF Hyundai motors
432 Marketing overview at Hyundai motors
433 Time management developing a time investment strategy
434 Trade union
435 Brand management two wheeler industry
436 Waste management
437 Wind energy unbeatable source of energy
438 Working of logistics company
439 Yoga- a perfect balance
440 Export potential of spices from India to UK
441 Indias top brand in cigarettes gold flake
442 Comparative study of airtel post paid plan vis--vis competitor
443 Comparative study of mobile services provided by Vodafone and other
telecom services
444 A study on ERP in production
445 A study on Indian information sector
446 A study of retail in India
447 A study on consumer preference towards branded jewellery
448 Airtel at brief
449 Analysis and consumer perception towards new generation retail
450 Analysis of current market scenario with respect to Nokia & Samsung
451 Analysis of Indian telecom sector focus study on airtel & Vodafone
452 Building construction and its management
453 Overall view of cargo operation of Indian airlines
454 CB towards internet data card of vodafone
455 CBB towards purchase of internet data card and reliance infocomm
456 Changing scenario in real estate sector
457 Comparative marketing strategies of Vodafone and airtel
458 Construction management
459 CBB towards branded shoes
460 Consumer perception towards global and local brands in Indian retail
461 Consumer perception on mobile postpaid connection of airtel

462 DHL logistics
463 E-buisness
464 Environmental scan RIM
465 Future prospects of polyester yarn
466 Internet marketing as a tool
467 Internet marketing an overview
468 Mall retailing a perspective
469 Marketing strategies of airtel and reliance infocomm
470 Price volatility in cotton yarn industry: Lessons from India
472 Real estate in India
473 Retail or hyper market
474 Retail store formats and layout
475 Retail a study
477 Strategic analysis of ICD & CFS
479 CBB towards different mobile brand handset
480 Study of consumer sales promotion on apparel retail store
481 Supply chain management
483 Vodafone customer satisfaction survey
484 Manufacturing of yarn & its uses
485 SCM and challenges in sourcing from international scenario
486 Economic growth of Mumbai metropolitian region
487 Economic instruments for sustainable road development
488 Changing consumer trends
489 The Story of walmart
490 Advertising its way
491 Herbal shampoos- understanding Ayur shampoo
492 A study on dabur lemoneez
493 Frequent flyer programme
494 Marketing of tobacco to women global perspective
495 Understanding business environment
496 Business process outsourcing
497 Television broadcasting industry
498 Car market and buying behaviour a study of consumer perception
499 Evaluating cigarette industry and smoker perception
500 Overview of Vietnam domestic market for airline industry
501 Business research on health food drinks
502 A study on operations management
503 Consumer perception towards toothpaste
504 Benchmarking 3M against competitors
505 Feasibility Study of 3M Products in Value Added Services in Cars and
506 Study of brand awareness towards ACER computers
507 KPO & empower research
508 Handicrafts and handloom corporation of India Export perspective
509 Hindustan coca cola Ltd-a perspective
510 IOC- study the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program
511 Working of an advertisement company and advertisement recall

512 Gauging sales potential of diesel engine sales in Rajasthan Eicher
513 Ice cream industry Dinshaw icecream
514 Marketing strategies of colgate Palmolive LTD
515 Ethical marketing in consumer oriented world-challenges
516 ITC way
517 A study about organization Reliance communication
518 Study supply chain strategy of reliance polymer and reliance fresh
519 Benchmarking 3M services vis--vis competitor
520 Exploring opportunities for travel guru
521 Exploring 26 July 2005 and approach in disaster management
522 AD Mania
523 Advertising in financial institution
524 After sales service
525 Ambush marketing an evolution
526 AMUL taste of India
527 AMUL ice creams real milk real ice cream
528 Building brand through events
529 Brand rejuvenation
530 Brand story of surf excel daag ache hai
531 Building brand online (digital brands)
532 Cadbury the real taste of life
533 Cadbury marketing strategy
535 A study on CEAT tyres
536 Market analysis of price trends in cement industry
537 Marketing report on Hindustan Coca-cola Ltd
538 Colgate VS Pepsodent
539 Consultancy marketing
540 Consumer durable in India An analysis
541 Do controversies build brand image
542 Cooperatives a ban or boon?
543 Customer relationship management
544 Building customer loyalty
545 Dabur Chawanprash
546 Monitoring diamond market in India
547 Diversification
548 Embroidery a thoughtful insight
549 Ethics in advertising
550 Event management
551 Game industry
552 Game theory
553 Rural telecom gyan ganga project
554 Parallel economy Hawala system
555 Integrated marketing communication
556 India China economy
557 India vision 2020
558 Indian hotel industry

559 Restaurant marketing strategy for establishing restaurant
560 I-marketing
561 Creativity based design
562 Knowledge management an insight
563 Lifestyle & luxury retailing
564 Logistics in warfare and military operation
565 Mc Donalds a paradigm
566 Growth of telecom services in India
567 Marketing mix of domestic airlines
568 Marketing of IT enables services
569 Branding a perspective
570 Medical tourism
571 Wireless world of commerce M commerce
572 MTNL marketing strategy
573 Mumbai infrastructure perspective
574 PR in LIC
575 Product patening pharmaceutical industry
576 Product identity and feasibility
577 Publicity stunts
578 Reliance infocomm a new way of life
579 Reputation management
580 Sales promotion
581 Sampark mitaye dilon ki duniya
582 Siemens an overview
583 Source pierrer you drink therefore you are
584 Tata indicom marketing strategy
585 TOI marketing strategy print media
586 Trade blocks
587 Transforming Mumbai into world class city
588 Service section management travel & tourism
589 Waste management
590 Analysis of wine industry
591 Effectiveness of lifestyle and luxury retailing
592 Russia a country overview
593 Competitive analysis gamut of Indian airlines industry
594 Competitive analysis domestic airlines industry
595 Its ambush strategy
596 Celebrity branding
597 Child abuse a perspective
598 Marketing strategy of Samsung
599 CRM an insight
600 Customer satisfaction comparative analysis between vijay sales &
601 Dabawala precision to the most
602 Marketing strategy of travel & tourism
603 Disaster management

604 Radio move
605 Supply chain management
606 Special economic zone
607 Compact car segment
608 SRA
609 Domestic tourism
610 Logistic in Indian railway
611 Logistics of Mc Donalds
612 Mineral water
614 Relationship marketing
615 Retailing a study
617 Services in hotel industry
618 Maha Mumbai special economic zone
619 Small car segment
620 Competitive analysis domestic airlines
621 Application of Indian ethos in Management
622 Bandra worli sealink a perspective
623 Customer loyalty
624 Floriculture sector in India
625 Hotel marketing mix Leela
626 Advertising of Cadbury Dairy milk
627 Reinventing Indian postal services
628 Industrial psychology
629 Insurance advertising
630 DLF IPO success pre and post evaluation
631 Liberalization policy 1991
632 Mall retailing identifying right mix
633 Money laundering aspect to illegal money transaction
634 Multilevel marketing
635 Power crisis in Maharashtra
636 Organized retailing
637 SCM a case analysis
638 economic development in India role of small enterprise
639 the rising elephant benefits of modern trade to indian economy
640 Sugar sector
641 Adonis business plan for beauty salon
642 BEST Service sector management
643 Blue Dart Logistics a perspective
644 Brand extension an insight
645 Vishal retail business strategy
646 BPO the competitive advantage
647 Celebrity advertising Mine field or gold mine
648 Celebrity endorsement in India
649 Cement sector overview focus and ACC valuation
650 Competitive analysis of companies in real estate sector
651 Digital distribution of films in India

652 Health information technology
653 Indian calling contact center industry
654 IETS -BPO industry in India
655 A study on Levis
657 A report on garment industry Madura garments
658 Market prospect for salt Industry
659 Monopoly Indian railways
660 Restructuring of Indian railways