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Ganapathy Reddy SAP ABAP

Emai l : kganapat hyreddy@gmai l . com

Mobile: +91-9573737295

Having 3.4 Years diverse experience from Nov 2010 to till date in SAP across several
projects implementations, support and seeking a challenging position in an organization of
repute where I can contribute my knowledge and skills for growth and development of the
organization that meet the customer requirements.
Professional Summary:

Processing SAP professional with various technical aspects of ABAP Implementation
and support projects.
Worked as Software Engineer in Mavis software services pvt ltd, from Nov 2010 to
till date.
A stickler for quality team builder to core and a natural motivator with perseverance and
Excellent communication skill that have been honed through interacting with people at
various level.
A good analytical mind with willingness and ability to quick learn new technologies with
ability to delivery objects in the deadlines.
SAP Expertise:
Interface programming, File and Module pool programming.
Reports: Creation of Interactive and Classical Reports.
Layout Sets: Modification of standard layout sets, Smart Forms, SAP scripts and related
control programs.
Batch Interfaces: Development of Classical Batch Input and Call transaction programs
and uploading of data into SAP system for various transactions.
Menu Painter: Development of menu interfaces for various screens & Interactive lists.
Screen Painter: Development of screens for user-defined transactions and writing of
associated modules mainly for data entry in user-defined tables.
Data Dictionary: Creation & Maintenance of Tables, Structures & Views, and other
dictionary objects.
Performance Tools: To Improve the performance of Applications using Runtime
Analysis, SQL Trace and Debugging
Cross Applications: ALE: Configuration and Settings, Distribution of Master Data by
using stand alone Programs.
IDOCs: Creation, Extended IDOCs and Archiving of IDOCs.
Knowledge of flow of SAP SD, MM ,HR,FICO

Academic Overview:
B-Tech from Dr.MGR University, Chennai in the year 2010 with 81%.
Technical Skills:
ERP : SAP R/3 4.7 & ECC 6.0
Languages Known : ABAP/4, C, OOPS Concept
Cross Applications : RFC, ALE, EDI, and IDOCS.
Database Tools : Oracle 10g.
Professional Experience:
Organization : CSC, Hyderabad
Client : Hitachi
Environment : SAP R/3 ECC 6.0
Duration : nov 2010 to sep 2011
Role : Technical consultant-SAP
Prepare the Technical specification from the given FS.
Attend the pre-delivery QA review for the objects developed in the project.
Setting up SAP-ALE ( IDoc ) outbound process by creating/maintaining distribution
model ,logical system, messages types, activating and deactivating change pointers,
generating partner profiles , IDOC reduction and filtering for the documents material
master (MATMAS) and vendor master (CREMAS).
Developed Set Of Module Pool Programs for the Vehicle Lease Management Department
Such as
Adding / Creating New Vehicles.
Vehicle Hiring Details.
Developed a Smartform to display the invoice details calculated for a particular customer.
Developed an enhancement for purchase order info record checked against the material
entered in purchase order.
Smartform to display the relevant quotation details.
Migrated purchase order information from legacy system using BDC.
Developed an ALV report gives the detail of daily dispatch, monthly dispatch and Plan
Vs Dispatch.
Developed an ALV report for Date wise listing of all the sale invoices of a plant for a
particular period with the required details like customer name, product/model, qty, tax
type, breakup of all the price elements etc.
Developed an ALV Report to enable the user to know the Transportation Cost per Piece.
Developed an ALV Report to display the Pending Purchase orders for a given period.
This Report will display the Pending Purchase order details vendor wise with the status of
Developed a BDC Program which will update the Purchasing list from legacy system to
SAP R/3 (FB1S).

Organization : CSC, Hyderabad
Client : HP Global Business Solution
Project : GBS O&C Mass up loader Automation
Environment : SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 with OO-ABAP
Duration : dec 2011 to oct 2012
Role : Technical consultant

Developed objects as described in the BRD.
Development of User manual and PPT and Technical specification to upload in
SharePoint for the development requests assigned.
Worked on module pool programming with table control for a customized transaction
ZENV to automize it with the function module NUMBER_GET_NEXT to create and
update ENVID with corresponding Sold to party, system manager , partner function and
functional location of lower level.
Used KNVP table for reference to KUNNR, PARVW and LAND1 Fields.
Worked on BDC programming to get the functionality of customized transaction for
Worked for module pool programming for the standard transaction VD01 to atomize it as
per the HP international standard.
Worked on BAPI BAPI_CREATE_FORMDATA1 for atomization of that transaction.
Worked on table control to input as a mass of data upload as per the customer
Worked with the function modules to validate all the data entered in the table control.
Schedule the background process to schedule the work to run in the background as per
the usres choice.
Worked for the mail functionality as an acknowledgement for the user.
Both worked for create and update the customers having multiple partner unction by
using control-break statements.
Released the task and request to test in the NT server from DVL server using the SR
Worked on OO-Program to upload the customer data using call transaction through abap
object inheritance for COMPASS team as per their requirement.
Created own Exception Class with referring to standard exception global class and
modifies the Exception Text to show exception while uploading the customer master

Organization : CSC, Hyderabad
Client : National Health Group, Singapore
Environment : SAP R/3 6.0 with OO-ABAP
Duration : oct 2013 to Till date
Role : Software Engineer
Worked on the ALV report to display the release status of pending PRs according to the
approval status. Used Mandatory fields as Release code, release group, account
assignment and other related fields to display the ALV report with header in the output.
Used tables as T16FV, EBAN, and EBKN to pick the data. Used transaction ME2M and
ME55N as reference transaction with 6 months validity of pr dates range.
Enhanced the existing report to fetch the data from application server from the user
specified path to create GR using the BAPI BAPI_GOODS_CREATE .After creating the
GR the record details is to be move again back to the corresponding folders like Archive,
Error and Processed in application server.
Worked on to find the particular function module from the standard transaction SM37
mean for background job processing to create of our own customized program.
Worked on transaction ME54N to find the particular BADI to enhance the release
strategy of PO according to the approval status.
Prepare the TS, UTP, development checklist, and defect tracker from given FRS.
Worked on OO ALV to display the assets which are scrapped with Remaining Book
Value. Referred transaction ABAVN and ABAON. Tables used ANLA, ANLC, ANLV,
ANLZ, and T001 for report display with calculation.
Created DDIC table with customer requirement fields with transaction code for Table
maintenance generator to maintain the table with language translation

Personal Details:
Nationality : Indian
Language : English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil
Date of Birth : 04 Jun 1989
Marital : Single male
I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: Ganapathy Reddy
Place: Hyderabad