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To help protect your privacy, lins to ima!es, sounds, or other external
content in this messa!e have "een "loced# Clic here to un"loc content#
From$ %olayappan Ramanathan %ent$ Tue &'()'(*+(
++$,, -M
To$ .racle /roup0 .racle 12%
Cc$ De"3it Chara"orty
%u"3ect$ F4$ .racle 5ni6ed Method 7.5M8 -dditional Trainin! Courses
9iew -s 4e" Pa!e
Dear -ll,

Pls# 6nd the "elow details to access :ree material and to !et train on .5M#

Thans ; Re!ards,
%olay < .racle 12% = Competency < Mahindra %atyam
%hriram The /ateway 7>th Floor8
No#+>, /%T Road, Perun!alathur 9illa!e, Chennai ? >****>,, INDI-
7 .@ce$ A)+ BB BCB+>*** < 1xtn$ (B*((+ < Cell$ A)+ )BBB&+&(+>
1mail$ solayappan#ramanathanDtechmahindra#com '
www#techmahindra#com ' http$''www#mahindrasatyam#com'

From$ .racle PartnerNetwor Fmailto$replyDoracle=mail#comG
%ent$ Monday, May (H, (*+( H$,( PM
To$ MaheshE-swani
%u"3ect$ .racle 5ni6ed Method 7.5M8 -dditional Trainin! Courses -vaila"le

To ensure delivery directly to your in"ox, please add repliesDoracle=mail#com
to your address "oo today#

News and -nnouncements

.racle PartnerNetwor < -ccount < Feed"ac
.R-CI1J 5NIFI1D M1TH.D 7.5M8
-DDITI.N-I TR-ININ/ C.5R%1% -9-II-2I1
-2.5T TH1 .R-CI1J 5NIFI1D M1TH.D 7.5M8
.racle is evolvin! the .racleJ 5ni6ed Method 7.5M8 to achieve the vision o:
supportin! the entire 1nterprise IT Ii:ecycle, includin! support :or the
success:ul implementation o: every .racle product# .5M replaces the Ie!acy
Methods, such as -IM -dvanta!e, -IM :or 2usiness Flows, 1MM -dvanta!e,
People%o:tKs Compass, and %ie"elKs Results Roadmap# .racle PartnerNetwor
7.PN8 Diamond, Platinum, and /old Partners are encoura!ed to transition to
.5M provides an implementation approach that is rapid, "roadly adaptive,
and "usiness=:ocused# .5M includes a comprehensive pro3ect and pro!ram
mana!ement :ramewor and materials to support .racleKs !rowin! :ocus on
enterprise=level IT strate!y, architecture, and !overnance#
Read the .5M 2rie:
The .5M Trainin! Pro!ram helps to ensure that individuals in delivery and
mana!ement roles have the level o: nowled!e a"out .5M that is reLuired
:or them to competently per:orm their 3o"#
The Pro!ram consists o: :our levels o: trainin!$
Ievel + ? .verview and -wareness
Ievel ( ? Focus -rea .verviews :or Mana!e, 1nvision, Implement
Ievel ( ? 5se Case .verview
Ievel , ? /atherin! ReLuirements usin! .5M
Ievel BD ? Discipline=speci6c Delivery Readiness
Ievels +, (, and B are online, sel:=service courses accessi"le throu!h the
.racle PartnerNetwor 7.PN8# The Ievel , trainin!, /atherin! ReLuirements
usin! .5M, is a two=day, instructor=led course availa"le :or a :ee#
R1C1NTIM R1I1-%1D C.5R%1%
The :ollowin! Ievel BD courses have recently "een released$
Ievel BD ? %ervice=.riented -rchitecture 7%.-8 Delivery Readiness
Ievel BD ? 5tilities /lo"al 2usiness 5nit 75/258 Delivery Readiness
Ievel BD ? 4e"Center Delivery Readiness
.PN Diamond, Platinum, and /old Partners are a"le to access the .5M
method pac, trainin! courses, and collateral :rom the .PN Portal at no
additional cost$
/o to the .PN Portal at partner#oracle#com#
%elect the NPartners 7Io!in ReLuired8N ta"#
%elect the N1n!a!e with .racleN ta"#
From the 1n!a!e with .racle pa!e, locate the N-pplicationsN headin!#
From the -pplications headin!, locate and select the N.racle 5ni6ed
MethodN lin#
From the .racle 5ni6ed Method Onowled!e Pone, select the NImplementN
From the Implement ta", select the NTools and ResourcesN lin#
Iocate and select the N.racle 5ni6ed Method 7.5M8N lin#
For more in:ormation a"out .5M, contact omin:oEusDoracle#com, visit
"lo!s#oracle#com'oum, 3oin .racle 5ni6ed Method !roup on IinedIn#com,
:ollow oumEin:o on Twitter#com#
.racle Corporation
Copyri!ht Q (*+(, .racle and'or its a@liates#
-ll ri!hts reserved#
Contact 5s < Ie!al Notices and Terms o: 5se < Privacy %tatement

.racle Corporation = 4orldwide HeadLuarters, &** .racle Parway, .PI = 1=
mail %ervices, Redwood %hores, C- )B*>&, 5nited %tates
Mour privacy is important to us# Mou can lo!in to your account to update your
e=mail su"scriptions or you can opt=out o: all .racle Maretin! e=mails at any
Please note that optin!=out o: Maretin! communications does not aRect your
receipt o: important "usiness communications related to your current
relationship with .racle such as %ecurity 5pdates, 1vent Re!istration notices,
-ccount Mana!ement and %upport'%ervice communications#

This email 7includin! any attachments8 is intended :or the sole use o: the
intended recipient's and may contain material that is C.NFID1NTI-I -ND
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or distri"ution or :orwardin! o: any or all o: the contents in this messa!e is
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