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myVienna travel plan

myVienna travel plan

by Sasa

St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Austria's most eminent Gothic edifice, houses a wealth of art treasures, some of which can
only be seen during a guided tour:

Imperial Burial Vault (Imperial Crypt)

The Imperial Crypt is located beneath the Capuchin Church and is intended for members of Austrias former Habsburg
dynasty, who have been laid to rest in the crypt since 1633.

Church of the Augustinian Friars

In the former Court Church today highly considered because of its church music the 1854 wedding of Emperor
Franz Joseph and his Sisi took place. Today, one regularly hears the great masses by Mozart, Haydn and Schubert at
High Mass at the Church of the Augustinian Friars.

Imperial Palace - Hofburg

For more than seven centuries, the great empire of the Habsburgs was ruled from the Imperial Palace. Today, the
Gothic Imperial Chapel, where the Vienna Boys Choir performs during High Mass on Sunday, is a remnant of the
Imperial Palace during the Middle Ages.

Chapel Imperial, Hofburg

The Vienna Boys Choir and members of the orchestra and choir of the Vienna State Opera are known as
Hofmusikkapelle (Court Music Orchestra) and, as such, perform High Mass in the Chapel of the Imperial Palace on
Sundays and religious holidays.

The most important treasury in the world is reason indeed to be amazed: Here, in the oldest part of the Imperial
Palace (13th century), you find not only the Emperors Crown of the Holy Roman Empire (circa 962) and the Austrian
Emperors Crown (1602), but also the Burgundian Treasure from the fifteenth century and the Treasure of the Order of
the Golden Fleece.

Sisi Museum
Beautiful and celebrated Empress Elisabeth has long since become a cult figure. The Sisi Museum in the Imperial
Apartments of the Imperial Palace compares the myth and the facts. Among the highlights are numerous personal
objects once owned by Elisabeth as well as the most famous portraits of the beautiful empress.

The Imperial Apartments

Today, the former private apartments of the imperial family in the Imperial Palace are open to the public. Immerse
yourself in the daily life of the monarchs.

Enjoy Imperial Ambiance

Cafs and restaurants between the imperial residence and the art palace: enjoy with Arts and Delights ...

Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna with its famous Lipizzan ballet can be experienced live in the baroque ambiance
of the Imperial Palace. Admire riding skills of the highest order from pirouettes to caprioles.

High-caliber from Kohlmarkt

Fans of high-carat luxury will quickly find what they are looking for around Kohlmarkt. The area is home to traditional
Viennese jewelers Wagner, Bucherer and Schullin, as well as resonant international luxury brands. Rare pieces can
also be acquired at the Dorotheum auction house.

Imperial Silver Collection

The exhibited Habsburg dining service and silverware, the centerpieces and glassware shine as much today as they
did in the old days at the Imperial Palace. They mirror the splendor of imperial dining tables ...

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