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Effective Strategies That Counteract Questionable

Tactics Used By Overbearing Alpha Males

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As you may remember from
grammar school or the Animal
Channel on television, a group
of lions in the jungle is called
a pride. There is a leader
among every pride. After the
male, dominant leader has
established himself as such, the
other less-dominant lions follow
in a sequential pecking order or
chain of command, so to speak.
How this leader is established and
agreed upon by the rest of the pride and how the other lions fall into place is
based on their individual animalistic instincts, intelligence, social skills, and
desire for certain positioning.
If an ambitious lion wants to become the leader or at least improve his
current position in the pride, he must use his animalistic instincts to their
fullest; he must become smarter, improve his social skills, and increase
his desire to move higher up the ranks.
Fortunately or unfortunately,
depending on where you
currently rank, it works the
same way for us men. All you
have to do is watch one of the
Italian mafa movies like The
Godfather or Goodfellas to
see a clear demonstration of
how power and infuence are
established in their most basic,
animalistic form. Make no

mistake about it, the same human social dynamics take place among groups
of men in every city across the world; every culture; every social circle; every
age range; every single day; and in even more obvious and less obvious
ways. From the boardroom to the crime infested street corner in the ghetto,
men are determining their pecking order among their own peer groups.
For more MANformation Alpha Leadership strategies,
visit the MANformation web site at www.MANformation.com.

Power and infuence among menthe foremost qualities of the true Alpha
Maleare very similar to that of a pride of lions. Where do you currently rank
in your pride and how badly do you want to improve your position?
Whether you want to realize it or not, where you rank in society is determining
your level of opportunity in life, happiness, fnancial and material wealth, and
freedomor lack thereof. Its like the television show of Survivorbut it is for
real, big dog! And, whether you choose to play along with the game or not,
make no mistake that the game is still in playand you are still a part of it.
Your lack of animalistic instincts, intelligence, social skills, and desire for certain
positioning has determined your placement among all of the peoplenot just
the menaround you at work, home, and play.
The good news is that you can improve your social standing as a dominant
male immediately by applying the powerful information I am sharing with you.
The Need for Approval
Most people seek love, approval, and validation from other people to some
extent. Thats just being a human being. Obviously, some people need these
things more than others do. Knowing this element of human nature can work
for you or against youdepending on how you use this powerful information.
This is a key element to remember throughout the entire MANformation
One important organizing principle to becoming a true Alpha Male is to
either not need love, approval, and validation from other peopleor do an
awesome job of giving other people the impression that you dont need those
things from them. Most people do need love, approval, and validation from
other people beside themselves. The true Alpha Male of any group needs
themor reveals that he needs themless than any other person in his
In the book Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan and James Speakman,
the authors write about how the children who are considered social misfts
or geeks in school want to be considered average. The average children
want to be considered the more popular or cool ones. The authors conclude
that most peopleno matter where they stack up in the social orderwant
to elevate just a single level higher than where they currently are. Those
children at lower levels actually harbor a deep resentment for the children
who they perceived are too much higher above them on the social ladder.
In other words, the misfts are okay with the average peoplebut resent
the popular students. This might explain why the outcast, social misfts at
Columbine High School started on their deadly massacre back in 1999.
So how does this relate to disarming the Alpha Male or even your
MANformation? The goal to elevating your status is to subtly make the other
people in the group feel just a tad below you on the social ladder. If you
accomplish this feat, you will establish yourself as a powerful, infuential, and
respected Alpha Male. If you push the strategies that Ive outlined for you too
far, youll be a disliked jerk that eventually gets thrown even further down the
pecking order.
Proceed with caution. You have been properly warned. Take full responsibility
for your success or failure. Use my advice wisely and it can change the
quality of your life forever. And, use this information at your own risk!
Disarming the Alpha Male
Dont get confused as you read
these disarming techniques.
You must remember that hating,
disapproving, disrespecting,
cutting down, or showing any
sort of distain for another
person is NOT an effective way
to disarm the targeted Alpha
Male. Being neutral or indifferent
is the most effective and subtle
way to lower someone elses status as the dominate person in the group
and the most tactful.
The opposite of love is NOT hate. The opposite of love is indifference.
Indifference is when you dont even care enough to hate, disapprove,
disrespect, cut down, or show any sort of distain for another person.
The true Alpha Male is the most infuential when he can make another
person love, admire, and respect him and what he has to say. Although its
not his intended outcome usually, a true Alpha Male has power over others
even when they may feel dislike or even hate towards him.
Having someones respect is far more important to a true Alpha Male. You
can still be powerful and infuential over others when you are respected
even if you arent liked. The strategies that I will share with you will make
other people work hard for your approval. However, your approval will only
be important to them if they respect you.
Quite often, some emotion is always better than no emotion when it comes
to infuence. (This is especially true with women because a woman will do
just about anything to protect an investment she has madeeven if its a
bad investment. A woman who is investing the emotion of hate in you is still
making an investmentand its a big one for her. You should start worrying

when she becomes indifferent. But I digress. Well save that topic for another
The Keys to Disarming the Alpha Male
The man who feels he must earn validation from any other person in the
group relinquishes his power. The true Alpha Male never worries about
getting the validation of the other people in the group or working for the
approval. The true Alpha Male will get validation and approval without trying.
The male who needs the relationship more than another male in the group
relinquishes their crown as the Alpha Male to the male who doesnt.
Another key is to be able to walk away from your relationship with the
targeted Alpha Male at any timewithout any concern, loss, or disruption
in your life. Your life will be wonderful with or without the target being a part
of it. Even if you would experience loss or disruption if your relationship were
to end, you absolutely must act is if you wouldnt.
Disarming Strategy
Disarm the person who establishes himself as the Alpha Male by subtly
making him work for your validation and approval.
1. Dont give the targeted
Alpha Male any momentum
when he thinks hes on
a roll. If the target is saying
something especially insightful,
intelligent, or funny, be sure
your face stays neutral. Dont
give the target any verbal or
nonverbal indicators that hes
being insightful, intelligent,
or funnybut dont act like he is not either. Always remain neutral.
People instinctively look for the verbal and nonverbal approval of the
other people in the groupespecially when they think theyve just said
something they feel is exceptionally profound or humorous. The obvious
and subtle group approval helps an Alpha Male gain momentum and
confdence. Even the most powerful Alpha Male isnt confdent 100
percent of the time. You want the target to subconsciously notice you
as different and start working hard to earn your approval.

2. Subtly look away from the targeted Alpha Male when he
is talking from time to time. People know when they have your
full attention and approval when your eyes are fxated on them while
they are talking. You must be subtle when looking away from the target
or youll be perceived as being disrespectful. Every once in awhile, look
at another person in the group while the targeted Alpha Male is talking.
If theres no one else around, look over his shoulder, through him
blankly, or off to the side of him for a split second every so often.

3. Blow his foundational points that arent 100 percent
accurate out of the water. Sometimes Alpha Males get
presumptuous and assumes that everyone automatically knows where
hes going when hes talking. Foundational points in a conversation

are those statements that are made merely to establish a foundation
for agreement to a much larger and more important point. These
statements are oftentimes undeniable facts or general observations
that any person who is being infuenced by the Alpha Male would have
very little trouble agreeing with. Sometimes these foundational points
are liberal generalizations and some of them make absolutely no sense
at all. It really doesnt matter though because these are statements
to set the stage for the bigger picture anyway. You can agree with the
foundational point even if its not accurate and still get the major point
hes trying to make without any diffculty whatsoeverif you wanted to
do so. By calling him on his foundational points that arent 100 percent
accurate, youll knock him back on his heels and disrupt his momentum.
You may get him so distracted; he may never get to his real point. Hell
have to work much harder to make his point and thereby work for your
validation and approval. Hell! How can he get angry at you? Hes the
one who misspoke, right?

4. Make him explain his foundational points againjust to
slow him down. Even though you may completely understand the
targets foundational points, his foundational points are 100 percent
accurate, or you realize those points arent really all that critical to the
major point he is making, make him repeat or explain one or two of
the foundational points again anyway. Youll slow his momentum down
and lower his confdence. Hell have to work harder for your approval
and validation. Hey! All you did was ask to repeat what he said. Act
like youre the slow personnot him. In fact, you might want to say
something like, Forgive me. I may be a little slow here. Could you
please explain what you just said one more time?

5. When the targeted Alpha Male thinks he made a strong
point, ask him to repeat what he said as if you didnt
understand it. Most people give the highly-infuential Alpha Male a
pass when he makes points that he thinks are important and insightful.
Just because his physiology is so strong and theres so much certainty
in his voice, people become easily infuenced. Even when the rest of
the group ooohs and ahhs, make him repeat his big breakthrough
point over again. After he repeats the point again, look him straight
and the eyes and give him a neutral look. Remember, this is not a look
of disapproval or misunderstandingbut its certainly not a look of
approval or enlightenment either. Your look is neutral. Mastering this
look will take practice. You must understand that the rest of the world
is easily enamored by the charisma, intellect and brilliance of the Alpha
Male. You want him to work harder to gain your approval than he has
to with most other people. Youll accomplish this objective in these very
subtle ways.

6. When the targeted Alpha Male tells a funny joke, ask
him to repeat the punch line as if you didnt understand
it. Again, because the highly-infuential Alpha Male has such a strong
physiology and a tonality of certainty in his voice, many people will
laugh at his jokes even when they arent all that funny. Even when he
does make a funny joke, ask him to repeat the punch line. And, just
as youd do when he makes a strong point, give him a neutral look
afterwards. If youve already heard the joke, make sure you let him
know in a neutral, crisp, and direct manner. Oh, yeah. I heard Chris
Rock do that bit on HBO.

7. Assure the targeted Alpha male that you heard and
understood exactly what he was saying. Infuential Alpha
Males are used to having people agree with them and laugh at their
jokes. The target may ask if you understood what was saideven
after you had him repeat his point or punch line. Your neutral look has
made him seek validation from you that his joke was funny. Assure him
that you indeed didand still give a neutral response. You may even
want to explain the point or joke back to himwith a neutral look, of
course. This will let him know that his point or joke wasnt so witty or
clever that it went over your head.

8. Dont be emotionally moved by everything the targeted
Alpha male has to say. You should never let yourself go on
emotional rides or journeys that the charismatic target puts the majority
of people on with his stories. A good storyteller gauges the quality of his
delivery by the body language and facial expressions of his audience.
You shouldnt be doing a lot of reacting at all. You should always be in
control of your emotions. Neutrality is the objective.

9. Be neutral with your verbal and nonverbal feedback. When
an Alpha Male gets on a roll, he usually gets verbal and nonverbal
signs of affrmations from the other people in the group. This creates
momentum for him. The target builds confdence. One tactic that you
can use to disarm the targeted Alpha Male is to refrain from bobbing
your head in agreement and verbalizing a lot of uh-huhs. Stay neutral.

10. Let the targeted Alpha Male know that it really doesnt
matter what you think. If you are ever asked if you agree by the
target, you should nicely communicate that the he should not really
care what you think. Let him know that you respect his strong opinions
or his willingness to try to be funny. Give him a subtle spanking that
communicates that a true Alpha Male wouldnt care what another
person thinks. You dont actually say this, of course. How can he get
mad at you? He already knows that a truly strong, confdent individual
would never even ask such a questionand you are simply reminding
him of what he already knows.

11. Dont let the targeted Alpha Male force you into a yes
or no. Whenever possible, give non answers when pressured for
a commitment of either Yes, I agree or No, I dont agree. Creatively
fnd ways to nether agree or disagree. The target isnt used to this
subtle kind of non-conformity and will start trying harder to get you to
commit. The more he tries to get your validation, the more he loses his
Alpha Male status.

12. Have a stronger posture and physical presence than the
targeted Alpha Male. When a true Alpha Male is addressing a
group of people, youll notice that both men and women will actually
lower their physical posture to the dominant male almost as if they are
slightly bowing down to him. One way to subtly disarm the target is to
always stand taller and prouder than he does. Your head should be
up and your shoulders should be back. Your hands should be still and
comfortably at your sides. Your feet should be shoulder width apart.
You should even silently remind yourself with the words Stand tall and
proud to make sure that you do. You should stand at a 45 degree angle
to the target. You dont want to square off and position your body face-
to-face. Otherwise, he will instinctively sense you as a threat. You never
want to pose as an obvious threat to the target. You always want to be
neutral. You can disarm the target by subtly patronizing the areas of his
life that are inferior to your own. Toss a few back handed compliments
his way. Back handed compliments on the surface seem to be a form
of fattery, respect, or admirationbut are actually quite the opposite.
Saying something like, I admire the fact that making a lot of money
isnt important to you, is really not a compliment at all. A mans earning
potential and fnancial productivity are universally accepted indicators of
his statuswhether they should be or not. This is especially true if you
make a lot more money than the target. If you really admired those men
who do NOT make a lot of money (as much as you say you do), than
you would make different choices in your life that caused you to earn
less money too. People will subconsciously get your true meaning. You
can also say things like, Its cool that you feel so comfortable in casual
clothes in this semiformal setting, or Being so busy that you cant fnd
the time to stay in shape must mean that business must be really good.
Thats awesome!
For more MANformation Alpha Leadership strategies,
visit the MANformation web site at www.MANformation.com.

13. Demonstrate indicators of higher social status than the
targeted Alpha Male. Anytime you can show that you have more
money, more or better material possessions, more or better education,
a more ft body, are more attractive to women (Trust me. Men do
measure each other this way), have a better game going, or have more
respect from other men for whatever reasonsAND DO SO WITHOUT
TRYINGyou will gain respect from the target and subsequently
disarm him as the dominant male in the group. Let your lifestyle and
essence do the talking in this casenot your words.

14. Ask the targeted Alpha Male to speak up. Even a true Alpha
Male realizes he doesnt speak loud enough 100 percent of the time.
Make him work a little harder to communicate effectively every once in
awhile by asking him to speak a little loudereven when you can hear
him just fne. Im having a little trouble hearing you is a subtle way to
go about this. This is also a subtle way for him to start taking directives
from youinstead of you taking directives from him.

15. Ask the targeted Alpha Male to repeat what he said
because he mumbled. Even the most eloquent speaking Alpha
Male realizes that he will mumbled from time to time. Every once
in awhile, ask him to repeat what he said because you had trouble
understanding him because he mumbled. You might want to say
something like, Wait. I want to make sure I heard you right. Say that
again because you mumbled a little. Notice that a little always
softens what you say. Again, you are subtly getting him to start taking
directives from you.

16. Ask the target to slow down what hes saying because
hes excited and rambling a little. Even a true Alpha Male
will present his thoughts in an unstructured manner from time to time.
When he does, say something like, Whoa! I know you are excited but
Im not following everything you are saying. You are rambling a little.
Slow down his momentum and get him to work harder to make you
understand him. Again, get him used to taking directives from you.

17. Hesitate to let the targeted Alpha Male know when he
isnt making sense. You might want to use this tactic sparingly but
it can be quite effective at knocking down the target a notch or two.
No one is that confdent and thinks they make sense 100 percent of
the time. Make sure that you only use this when he isnt being 100
percent articulate while communicatingor YOULL look like a passive
aggressive idiot.

18. Ask the targeted Alpha Male to move over a couple
of feet or move to another location close byand then
continue the conversation there. Break the targets momentum,
change his powerful state of mind, and get him to take directives from
you by innocently having him change locations. This is whats known
as a pattern interrupt.

19. Cut your conversation with the targeted Alpha Male
short. Tell the target that you must do something else in a few
minutes. By doing so you demonstrate that your time is important
and you are willing to walk away from the conversation no matter how
well or poorly it is going. You also communicate that you are a very
important person, that you know that you are an important person, and
that your time is valuable. Youll subtly let the target know that you are
the person who has control of the framework of your relationship.

20. If the targeted Alpha Male wants to schedule time with
you, choose an alternate time. Communicate in an innocent and
subtle way that your time is important, you have a full life, and you have
control over the framework of your relationship. Disarm the target by
changing his suggestion by 30 minutes or a day or two. Subtly get him
to take directives from youeven when hes trying to give them to you.
How can he possibly argue? You are complying with his request, arent
you? Maybe not exactly when he wantsbut you are. You can also
suggest a different location to meet other than what he offers and have
the same disarming affect. Dont feel obligated to immediately respond
to every phone call, e-mail, instant message, or text message. You
always gently control the framework of your relationshipnot the target.

21.. Dont be hesitant about poking a little fun at him when
he makes obvious blunders. Deep inside, every true Alpha Male
knows hes only human. Despite his high level of confdence, he is
very well aware of the fact that he puts his pants on one leg at a time
just like everyone else. He actually expects other people to notice his
small blunders, but because of the way he commands respect from
others, his blunders will usually slide by without anyone making any
comments. In fact, most people will pretend these slip-ups never even
happened. So, when he spills his coffee on his shirt, has a piece of toilet
paper on the bottom of his shoe that he dragged out of the bathroom, or
mispronounces a word like a goofball, make sure you chide him gently.

22. Execute better voice qualities than the targeted Alpha
Male. Talk slightly louder; talk in a lower, more powerful voice; use a
more controlled voice; talk with more confdence, and enunciate more
clearly and distinctly than the target. These are obvious indicators of
social status. You dont need to go to a voice coach right off the bat.
Youll discover that just being aware that you must do this to disarm the
target will have you doing so. The chances are pretty good that a strong
Alpha Male will be pretty good at using his voiceso youll have to have
your A game on. Most people will naturally speak softer and with less
confdence when they are under the infuence of a true Alpha Male.

23. If the target ever reveals his shortcomings in a group
setting, ask him to repeat them a little louder because
you didnt hear what he said. If the target is willing to expose his
shortcomings to the group and potentially lower his status to the group,
be sure you take advantage and draw even more attention to them.
What was that you said? I didnt hear you very well. You got in trouble
with your distributor for doing what?

24. Have a little playful fun when the targeted Alpha
Male uses a poor choice of words. Even the most powerful
and infuencial Alpha Male communicators will choose an odd or
inappropriate word from time to time. Playfully and subtly disarm the
target with innocent banter like Groovy, huh? Okay, go ahead when
he uses that word in a serious business setting. Or say Ostentatious,
huh? Okay, go ahead. when he chooses that word when you are
having fun among the boys. How can he get upset or offended? He
knows he used the wrong word. Although he isnt used to having
anyone point things out when he fubs up, that doesnt mean he doesnt
think he deserves a harmless little jab for it.

25. Dont feel you need to explain yourself to the targeted
Alpha Male. Dont let the target assert his power and infuence over
you by making you explain something he is already clear about. Instead
turn it around on him. What exactly didnt you understand about what
I said? Im not sure what you are asking me.; Is it that you didnt
understand meor is it that you dont agree with me? Im not sure
what you are asking. Tell me why you disagree. Dont let him give you
directives when they arent necessary. Turn the framework around on
him and give him the directive.
For more MANformation Alpha Leadership strategies,
visit the MANformation web site at www.MANformation.com.

26. Dont ever lose your cool with the targeted Alpha Male.
This should go without saying, but you should never lose your cool
with the target. Remember, if he gets you to show emotion, he has
power over you. If you are indifferent, hell have to work harder to get
a response from you. Dont ever, ever get into a physical altercation.
There is always a way to get out of a fst fght. Look for a way to avoid
a fghtand youll fnd a respectful way that will keep your Alpha Male
status intact.

27. Match the seemingly harmless physical contact the
targeted Alpha Male gives you. The Alpha Male often uses
physical contact and gestures to gain control of other men in the group.
This physical contact may seem like its affectionate but make no mistake
about the fact that its message is mixedand with purpose. Remember
the Italian Mafa movies when the family boss frmly pats the cheek of
a subordinate? Do you really think thats just a sign of affection? Or, is
it a subtle way of reminding the subordinate whos the man in charge of
the relationship? Who usually initiates the frm slap on the back between
two men? The man who believes he is the more dominant? Or the one
who believes he is less dominant? Who usually gives the light punch to
the shoulder or chest? Of course, its usually the man who believes he
is more dominant. When the target uses this type of physical contact
on you, take on a strong and confdent posture and attitude. When
appropriate, return the favor and give the target the same type of physical
contact that he gave youwith a light-hearted smile and attitude, of
course. Thats all thats needed to disarm this Alpha Male tactic when
used on you.

28. Jokinglyand assertivelychallenge the harmless and
humorous comments the targeted Alpha Male makes
about your appearance. Another tactic that the target will use to
gain control of your relationship is poking harmless fun at what he
singles out as your physical faws. When he does this, immediately
repeat back to him what he said. You will subtly and effectively let him
know that this is not acceptable. Vertically challenged, huh? Not bad.
Not bad is how you can respond to his comments. Its really not all
that important what you say. You just want to make sure the comments
arent said without being challenged. Make sure you are light-hearted
with your response. Thats all you need to get your message across.
You certainly dont want to come across as being overly sensitive. You
never want the target to think that he has affected your strong mental

29. Jokinglyand assertivelychallenge the harmless
and humorous nicknames the targeted Alpha Male
gives you. The target will sometimes assign you with less-than-
fattering nicknames. Remember in the Seinfeld episode when George
Costanza was tagged with the Koko (the monkey) nickname by his
boss? Chrome Dome, huh? Not bad. Not bad. Or Sonny Boy, huh?
Interesting are effective ways you can respond to the Alpha Males
nicknames. Again, you want your response to be effective and light-
hearted at the same time. You never want the target to think that he
has affected your strong mental state.

30. Let the targeted Alpha Male know that you certainly
are NOT the only person who isnt up to speed or in on
the joke. The target will often use language patterns that try to make
you feel that you are the only one in the group who doesnt understand
whats going on or get the joke. This is a not-so-subtle way to put you
in what he feels is your place. Dont let this happen without letting him
know you know what hes trying to do. I know exactly what you are
saying and I get it, big guy are your assertive responses.

31. Never allow the targeted Alpha Male to get you to
agree, sign up for, or identify with a certain personality
type that will get you to do what he wants. The Alpha Male
can be very clever in setting you up for compliance. For example, the
target will ask you something like, Are you the type of person who
thinks outside of the box? Then, he will ask you to do something that
would be considered outside of the box. This is usually all it takes to
infuence most people. Most people will hold on tightly to the identity
that theyve established in their own minds. Surprisingly, this happens
subconsciously whether or not its really in their best interest. If you
resist or even hesitate, the Alpha Male will chide you with, Hey! I
thought you think outside the box? So, when you are asked Are you
the type of person who thinks outside the box?; Are you the kind of
person who works hard to get what you want in life? or Are you an
adventurous person? respond with I certainly amunder the right
conditions. What exactly do you have in mind?

32. Dont be concerned with how the targeted Alpha Male
feels about a particular situation, his opinion of you, or
how he can possibly harm you. The best way to disarm the
target is to truly not care about the outcome of your conversation and/or
relationship with him. You can hang out with other friends. You can fnd
another way to make money. Youll fnd that the less you care about any
outcome, the more infuential youll become. The less validation you need
from others, the more you will get.

33. Never qualify yourself to the targeted Alpha Maleeven
when directly asked. The less subtle targets will ask you directly
to qualify yourself. So why should we listen to you? is something he
might say. Never, ever qualify yourself unless it is absolutely necessary
(like to the police or IRS)! You seem like a man who trusts his instincts.
What do your instincts tell you? or My record speaks for itself are
appropriate, respectful and confdent responses.
Remember, you must be
extremely subtle in the way
you communicate these
disarming tactics. You certainly
dont want to come across
like a jerk. A true Alpha Male
will crush you if he perceives
you as a jerk. You will also
alienate yourself from the rest
of the group because, even
if they secretly admire you,
they will more than likely align
themselves with the most powerful male for self-preservation purposes.
Staying in rapport is critical! You must constantly assess if you are staying
in rapport. You must make sure that you dont push disarming too far. You
dont have to use these tactics all at the same time or at every chance
you get! In fact, I encourage you to be patient and spread these tactics
over an extended period of time.
Practice. Practice. Practice. A true Alpha Male has a well thought-out and
practiced game. A jerk has no game. Dont be a jerk!
For more MANformation Alpha Leadership strategies,
visit the MANformation web site at www.MANformation.com.

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the morning.
Even if you get bored with this process, promise yourself to stick with it for
30 days. Many times, we are getting positive results in our lives and we have
no idea where to credit the cause of those positive results. These MAPS may
be just one of those instances. Remember that when things are going well for
you in your lifeand you dont feel like listening to the MAPS anymore.
Click here download the mp3 fle.
Good luck!
Skip La Cour
Creator of the MANformation Personal Development Program for Men
P. S. I want your feedback within 30 days of taking on this challenge.
Learn How to START Leading and STOP
Following with Skip La Cours . . .
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Hello Men!
Its Skip La Cour, the creator of the
MANformation mens personal
development program.
I just wrapped up the MANformation The Mindset and Actions of a
Powerful Alpha Male Leader Seminars series and it was AWESOME!
This audio seminar course is 11 hours and 30 minutes!

Why Nice Guys Finish Last
Session One (1 hour; 57 minutes)
The reason why you are not getting what you want in life-at the level
you really want-may be in how you are defning the word nice in critical
situations in your life. Alpha Leaders interpret being nice as mature,
productive MEN. Conversely, Passive Followers who struggle to get what
they want in life still think and act like the obedient little BOYS that they were
expected to be when they were young.
Learn seventeen (17) of the most-insightful SPECIFIC differences in the way
an Alpha Leader interprets being nice and fair compared to less-dominant
men and Passive Followers. Adopt this Alpha Leader mindset, even the
playing feld, and FINALLY begin to win at the level you want to win.
Skip La Cours messages in The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful
Alpha Male Leader are insightful, poignant, and thought provoking.
I fnd myself listening to each session multiple times for fear of missing
something and the internal desire to drive home these life-changing
concepts. The frst session alone was worth the price of admission!
Greg Phelps, CFP, CLU, AAMS
Las Vegas, NV
The Body Language of a Powerful Alpha Leader
Session Two (2 hours; 1 minute)
You can spot a powerful and charismatic Alpha Leader the moment he walks
into a room, cant you? Why do you think it is so obvious to everyone that he
is the man without knowing a thing about him?
Learn forty-three (43) of the most-intriguing, SPECIFIC things an Alpha
Leader does with his body language, facial expressions, eye movements,
and voice qualities in certain situations that transmits his strength, certainty,
and confdence. Also, learn what he will NEVER do in other situations
because doing so will take away from his powerful presence. Adopt this body
language at the appropriate time and become more infuential, persuasive,
and charismatic to those people around you.
I am killing the New York City corporate world with the implementation of
my MANformation strategies. Most of all I am empowered because
I am aware. Thanks for your unique contribution to the few of us who want
Craig Ariano
Richmond Hill, NY
The Specifc Infuence, Persuasion, Charismatic Skills
of an Alpha Leader
Session Three (2 hours; 4 minutes)
The Alpha Leader has the amazing ability to get other people to willingly,
joyfully, and enthusiastically help him get what he wants in his life. Learn
twenty (20) of the most infuential, persuasive, and charismatic skills of an
Alpha Leader. Adopt these winning skills and you, too, will get people excited
to help you get what YOU want.
The Structured Thoughts, Actions, and Lifestyle of
a Powerful Alpha Leader
Session Four (2 hours; 11 minutes)
Learn thirty-one (31) SPECIFIC ways an Alpha Leader structures his day
and gets himself to follow through with what he knows he needs to do to get
what he wants in life. Adopt this structure and youll start leading your own life
more effectively-and leading others too.
I just turned 50 but Ive been dragging along for years this lingering
baggage of not being as ft as I would like. Plus, I had lost that powerful
male swagger that had served me so well in the past. So, I stepped up to
the plate. I made up my mind that these failings of mine had to stop now
and signed up for Skip La Cours The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful
Alpha Male Leader seminar. Now, Im thinking, feeling and acting like a
man 20 years younger, getting strong and lean, and even my business
relationships have stepped up big time. This is already becoming one of
the best years of my life!
Greg Prickett
Bakersfeld, CA
Goal-Setting Workshop - Alpha Leader-Style
Session Five (1 hour; 58 minutes)
An Alpha Leader wins in life at an incredible level because of his outrageous
standards, tremendously high expectations, and lofty goals. With what youve
learned during the previous four Seminar sessions, you will NOW be ready
to start going for what you REALLY want out of your life-instead of only what
youve been settling for in the past. This goal-setting session will make you
more assertive, create an Alpha Leader model to aspire toward, and get you
to enthusiastically work toward it.
I want to thank you for helping me start my own MANFormation into
the powerful Alpha Male that I always dreamed I could be. After years of
frustration and being put down by my peers, I realized that my life was
that of a beta-male. I lacked the confdence to take charge and be a
leader. Enter your Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader
seminar. I diligently followed your instructions and practiced them on a
consistent basis. Already, my life is turning around for the bettereven in
the face of harsh challenges. I would never have the mindset nor the drive
and confdence to make my life better without you opening the doors to
being an Alpha Male. Thank you very much!
Troy Bennett
Chicago, IL
Successfully Integrating the Thoughts and Actions of
an Alpha Leader Into Your Lifestyle
Session Six (1 hour; 33 minutes)
Learn thirty-seven (37) of the most-effective, SPECIFIC strategies an
Alpha Leader executes for CONTINUAL mental, emotional, psychological,
and physical growth. When you execute these powerful and charismatic
leadership strategies, you will enjoy CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT in your
Alpha Leader thoughts and actions.
Your investment is only $99.97
Get the fles emailed to you NOW and begin your
MANformation TODAY!
I was extremely impressed at all the information Skip La Cour has shared
in The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader and the
way in which it is presented! I will tell you that what Skip offers will have
you really think about your perceptions of what an Alpha Male really
is, allowing yourself new possibilities to grow and enrich your life, and
the lives of those you love. I highly recommend this program to anyone
looking to improve upon being the best MAN they can be in all aspects
of your life!
Tom Anthony Roehl
Greenfeld, WI
The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader is a
powerful course that challenges men to reevaluate both the way they see
themselves and the way they relate to other people. It lays out strategies
and exercises that empower men to step up, assert themselves, take
responsibility, and direct their energies toward pursuing what they really
want in life. I highly recommend it to anyone striving to reach that next
T. Kareem Powell
Dayton, OH
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In his passionate effort to propel training, nutrition,
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Competitive Bodybuilding Career
Skip La Cour has been training for more than 20 years and
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bodybuilding show around the world. At 5 11, La Cours
competition weight ranges from 205 to 220 well-conditioned
Skip La Cour has won the NPC (National Physique
Committee) Team Universe Overall titles twice (in 1998 and
2002). He was the very frst man to win two overall titles. He
has won the heavyweight class fve different times (1995,

1998, 2000, 2002, and 2003). Those fve victories are the most class wins in
the history of the NPC Team Universe contest. He is also the only man who
has competed in all of the frst 10 of the NPCs top drug-tested annual amateur
Skip La Cour is also the frst man to win the overall titles at both the NPC Team
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most competitive and most recognized drug-tested shows in the United States.
The Academy of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports Awards named La Cour
Natural Bodybuilder of the Year in 1998 for his outstanding efforts.
Drug-free for life, La Cour frst appeared on the national scene in 1994, when
he won the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships, which aired
on ESPN television. Two years earlier in 1992, he became the frst man in the
history of the AAU to win the Mr. California and Mr. Natural California in the
same year.
Featured Magazine Writer
Skip La Cour is an accomplished bodybuilding writer. He has written hundreds
of articles that have been published in bodybuilding and ftness magazines
around the globe and translated into many different languages.
La Cour is a contributing writer for Iron Man Magazine. He is also a regular
contributor to Natural Muscle, a monthly bodybuilding and ftness magazine.

La Cours eBooks, DVDs, and Audio Seminar Courses
Skip La Cours information products have successfully guided
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His eBooks include: Thinking Big, Thinking Big: The Next
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La Cours DVDs include: Skip La Cours Mass Machine Hardcore, Skip La
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His audio seminar courses include: Bodybuilding & Training MASTERY:
Step-By-Step The Mindset and Actions of a Champion; Skip La Cours
ULTIMATE Bodybuilding Contest Preparation; The Business of Bodybuilding
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Male Leadership Skills The Mindset and Actions of the Most Powerful Alpha
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Male Leadership Skills MANformation II:
Get Your Swagger Back!
Skip La Cours Mass Machine
Skip La Cour Skip La Cour owns and
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Mass Machine Nutrition is engineered for dedicated bodybuilders and
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MANformation Nutrition is specifcally designed for men who are striving to
improve their overall level of health and ftness, look and feel great, and do so
in the context of a well-balanced life.
Skip La Cour is the creator of the
MANformation personal development
program for men. MANformation
teaches men of all ages the qualities,
characteristics, and actions of the most powerful, charismatic, and infuential
Alpha males in the world. MANformation outlines Alpha Leadership strategies
that transform you into the MAN you really want to be.
When you become more aware of these Alpha male characteristics; appreciate
how they can affect the quality of your life; learn how to adopt them into your
own personality; and practice these skills, youll have more options in life.
Options are all the things in life you REALLY wantand they are far more
than all of those things in life that you merely settle for. Money, power, and sex
are examples of the options in life many that men want, want more of, or a
better quality what they already have.
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