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Puerto Rico TESOL

Awards and Scholarship Opportunities for 2014

The following are Puerto Rico TESOL-sponsored grants and awards for PRTESOL members. We
support our members efforts of self-improvement and their strides towards academic excellence. These
awards and scholarship opportunities are funded with membership dues and with the generous
sponsorship of many of PRTESOLs friends in the business world who understand our educational
PRTESOLs grants and awards promote the high standards vital to the development of our
profession. PRTESOL invites its members to apply for any of the following awards and scholarship. Just
submit the required documents or contact us via e-mail at tesol@puertoricotesol.org. Current members
on the PRTESOL Board of Directors are not eligible for these awards except lifetime achievement award.
Information on all awards and the application are printed in the PRTESOLGRAM and on our official
PRTESOL web site: www.puertoricotesol.org.

Selection procedure:
PRTESOL Awards Committee will recommend the candidates that should receive these awards to
the PRTESOL Board of Directors for their final approval.

Awards by application:
1. PRTESOL Scholarship Grant to Support Continuing Education in TESOL (for the masters
or doctoral levels)

AWARD: One $300 cash award
PURPOSE: To support advanced studies in the teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages that
will contribute to improving the quality of English language instruction on the island.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The scholarship is open to any current PRTESOL member who is actively
pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in a TESOL or a related program. The candidate must comply with
the following:
provide evidence of having completed at least nine (9) credits towards the degree
have an average of 3.50 or higher
complete the application form and the essay
not be a previous recipient of this award
DUE DATE: The application form must be completed and returned to PR-TESOL by September 30,
2014.The recipient will be presented her/his cash award at the PR-TESOL Annual Convention.

2. PRTESOL Award to Promote Excellence in ESL Teaching Programs

AWARD: One cash award of $300 to be used in the purchase of educational resources for the ESL
Purpose: To strengthen a schools ESL program through the awarding of a $300 gift certificate to be
used in the purchasing of educational materials (such as teaching materials, books, technology tools or
software, and professional readings) to enhance the ESL instruction in the teachers classroom or that
school. The person completing the application must be a PRTESOL member from any public or private
school (K-12).
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The award is open to any PRTESOL member who teaches at the public or
private K-12 level and whose faculty has not been a previous recipient of the award. The applicant will
complete the application form and mail it to the selection committee for its consideration.
DUE DATE: The application must be completed and returned to PR-TESOL by September 30, 2014. The
award will be presented at the Annual PR-TESOL Convention.

3. PRTESOL Award to Recognize Recent Research Contributions to the TESOL Field
AWARD: Certificates of recognition will be given to these colleagues during the Annual PRTESOL
Convention and the abstracts will be published in the PRTESOLGRAM.
PURPOSE: To make public the research studies of PRTESOL members at institutions of higher
education pursuing a masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies and completed between May, 2012 and
August, 2013. Those PRTESOL members who have made such important research findings for the
continued improvement of our area of specialization should fill out the Application Form.
DUE DATE: September 30, 2014.

4. PRTESOL Travel Grant to Attend the TESOL Convention 2015

AWARD: The amount for this cash award is $300 to be paid directly to TESOL toward the convention fee.
PURPOSE: To encourage and support more PRTESOL members to attend the TESOL convention. This
is the most important international event for ESL and EFL educators and an enriching professional event.
Attend the 2015 TESOL convention in Toronto, Canada and present evidence of
Explain why you should receive this award in a 50- 100 word statement.
Help the PRTESOL delegates disseminate information about PRTESOL at the TESOL
Write an article about your experience for the TESOLGRAM after you attend.
DUE DATE: September 30, 2014

Awards by nomination:

1. PRTESOL Award for Lifetime Service in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other
Languages (Dr. Marie E. Aloise Life Time Achievement Award)
AWARD: A plaque, a certificate, and a grant to cover the PRTESOL convention fee for both days.
PURPOSE: To recognize and acknowledge outstanding service throughout the years in the teaching of
English to speakers of other languages, to PRTESOL and to other sister organizations at the local and
international levels.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The recipient of this award is selected under the recommendation of the current
PRTESOL president and the PRTESOL Board of Directors. The recipient is selected according to
evidence of:
a genuine, long-lasting commitment to PRTESOL,
ability to combine professional and/or administrative roles in areas concerning English language
ability and desire to promote what is locally done in the field of English language education on the
island and abroad.

2. PRTESOL Outstanding ESL Educator Award
AWARD: A grant to cover the PRTESOL convention fee for both days and a certificate of recognition.
PURPOSE: This award recognizes the outstanding work of two ESL English educators in Puerto Rico,
one at the K-12 level and one from higher education. Eligibility for this award is achieved via nomination.
CRITERIA: Nominee must have at least five years of experience in the ESL classroom. The materials
submitted should show evidence of the nominee's ability to motivate and encourage students as well as
engage them in productive and challenging learning. Also, it needs to be proven that the nominee has
been involved with:
students outside of the classroom in extracurricular activities,
in the community, and/or
with colleagues.
(1) A letter that tells why the nominee's work is special and worthy of being recognized.
a. The letter should include information that documents the educators effective teaching
(2) Letters from another person who can write about the nominee, giving relevant information.
a. Letters can be from a student, a parent, a colleague, a community person, a professional
in another geographic area who knows the nominee, a current or former supervisor, or an
(3) A recent curriculum vitae of the nominee