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International Society

For Organ Donation

and Procurement a section of


JULY 24, 2006

Dr. Valter Duro Garcia, Brazil (President)
Dr. Hakan Gäbel, Sweden (Immediate Past President)
Dr. Bernard Cohen, Netherlands (Treasurer)
Howard M. Nathan, United States, (Secretary and President Elect)
Dr. Conrad Muller, Switzerland
Dr. Mario Abbud-Filho, Brazil
Dr. Hernán Pinto, Barcelona
Ms. Filomena Picciano
Dr. Günter Kirste, German
Dr. S.A. Anwar Naqvi, Pakistan
Dr. Frank L. Delmonico, United States

Pam Ballinger (Association Headquarters)
Theresa Daly (Gift of Life Institute)
Roger W. Evans, Ph.D. (Healthcare Consultant)
Richard D. Hasz (Gift of Life Donor Program)
Kevin O’Connor (New England Organ Bank)
Meredith Weiner (Association Headquarters)

The meeting of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP) council was held
at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts during the 2006 World Transplant Congress
pursuant to prior written notice to each ISODP councilor. Those in attendance were welcomed and the
meeting was called to order at 11:35 a.m.

Secretary and President Elect Howard M. Nathan apologized for the delay in sending the Minutes to the
December 6, 2005 meeting. A motion was made, seconded and those in favor approved the minutes to
the December 6, 2005 meeting as presented.

Dr. Frank Delmonico noted that a section of The Transplantation Society, Global Alliance for
Transplantation, is participating in the 10th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation
MESOT, in Kuwait, November 26-29, 2006, and feel that there should be ISODP leadership present at the
meeting to discuss how deceased donation can be propelled.

Dr. Kirste expressed his desire to host the next meeting in Germany. Dr. Gäbel noted that Portugal has
also expressed interest in hosting a meeting and that there is a formal process for bidding on hosting the
meetings and that process will begin at a later date.

Dr. Cohen gave a Treasurer’s Report noting that the 2006 interim report reflects that the there is a slight
increase in income. He also noted that the external accountants approved the 2005 report. There was a
transfer of $2,366 from the Netherlands; unfortunately there was a slight loss on the transfer of funds
due to the exchange rate. The total amount of assets for the Society is $24,000. Dr. Cohen noted that
the group can maintain and equity position and this money can serve as a buffer for extreme situations.
However, it is imperative that membership be increased and maintained in order to keep financial
stability. A motion was made, seconded and those in favor approved the budget as presented.
Dr. Garcia thanked Dr. Cohen for his service as Treasurer and is appreciative that he is willing to continue
as Treasurer for another year.

Mr. Nathan echoed Dr. Cohen’s comments about increasing and maintaining membership, especially
beyond just the next meeting. He suggested that the website contain more information on what is
happening with regards to organ donation around the world, transplantation laws not only within each
country, but also cultural aspects surrounding donation. It was suggested that better electronic mail list
be built for communications.

Mr. Nathan commits to the group that he will try to increase U.S. membership and ask others to do the
same within their countries.

There was a lengthy discussion about the difficulties with communication between the ISODP office and
council members due to firewalls. Ms. Picciano asked that if you have difficulties, please telephone her
so she can work with you to eliminate the problem.

Ms. Picciano also suggested that the ISODP create its own website that is not part of The Transplantation
Society. She also noted that the site needs to be updated with current officers, 2007 meeting details
information and other important information that will attract people to the site.

Mr. Nathan directed everyone to the “Save-the-Date” card for the 9th ISODP Congress being held
November 11-14, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Nathan requested that if any members are
attending European meetings, please let Fil Picciano know and she will work to get you cards for
distribution at those meetings.

Mr. Nathan updated the Council on negotiations for the meeting:

• Currently negotiating with Marathon Multimedia to manage the on-line abstract
submission and grading (this is the same group managing the World Transplant Congress
• Since the meeting has not been held in the United States in more than ten years, it is
anticipated that 700-800 people will attend.
• Attempted to coordinate the meeting with the national learning collaborative held in the
United States but there was no venue large enough to handle the 2,000+ attendees and
15-20 breakout sessions.

Mr. Nathan requested that the group start thinking about individuals they think should be speakers or
committee members.

Dr. Cohen noted that the abstract submission site must be attractive to encourage submissions. Mr.
Nathan agreed and noted his confidence in Marathon Multimedia.

It was asked if the Society would offer travel grants, because they are great promotion tools for
submission and if we plan now, the costs could be built into the budget. It was noted that another
option would be a complimentary registration.

Dr. Gäbel said that there should be $10,000 for travel grants from The Transplantation Society. Ms.
Picciano will bring this up to the leadership for approval.

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Ms. Ballinger suggested five to 10 complimentary registration and ten $1,000 travel grants.

Dr. Gäbel inquired about young investigator’s awards. There was discussion that other meetings award
these to those within two years of training or post doctoral. Mr. Nathan noted this would be detrimental
to those from the United States. It was then suggested that perhaps a separate category for transplant

Dr. Abbud-Filho asked if a pharmaceutical company could fund the young investigators award. He
suggested that each Society member contact his or her local transplant society to determine if it would
sponsor a travel grant or something similar.

Mr. Nathan will obtain sample letters to request grants from pharmaceutical companies for the meeting
and will contact the Alonzo Mourning Foundation, American Liver Foundation, and National Kidney

Mr. Nathan noted that UNOS, AOPO and many organ procurement organizations in the United States
have already offered their support of the meeting.

Mr. Nathan suggested that the invited speakers receive complimentary registration and expenses for
travel with guidelines depending upon origination.

Mr. Nathan asked the Council to brainstorm for topics, speakers and program committee members.
Ideas generated are listed below:

• Joint session sponsored by different societies

• Dr. Cohen – wants info from China, India, Latin America, Brazil; Good speakers on essentials,
NOT DATA, San Paulo; what is behind data? speakers who can unravel the story
• Dr. Gäbel – WHO – Global Alliance for Transplantation (Dr. Delmonico)
• Cadaveric
• Living Donation – non-related – so many models (Blood group O recipients); pair exchanges
• NHBD defect – substitution affect
• Donor availability studies
• Ethics
o Donor pre-treatment
o Procurement techniques
• Non-resident transplantation (transplant tourism)
• Legislation models on organ donation
• Economics of organ donation (non-U.S., #’s needed); government support
• Overuse of donors – need more and more from every donor
o Tissues and Cells

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• Educational activities – professional and public
• Media Campaigns
• Organ Sharing/Exchange
• Donor Registries – outcomes
o Medical card
o Driver’s license

• Religious aspects
• Organ Preservation
o Heart
o Liver
o Lung
o Pancreas

• Techniques in Procurement
o Organization
o Who does it?

Mr. Nathan was asked if he knows what ITCS is doing concerning the 2007 meeting? Mr. Nathan is
unsure. He anticipates that they will use ½ of one day and then a joint meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

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