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Breaking the spell; the sorcery of mind control

It has been stated that one must have an accurate knowledge of the facts of history in order to have an
understanding of the future because history repeats itself when it is not thoroughly paid attention to.
And people these days seem to forget rather easily the many scandals, deceptions, and corruption that
actually are reported on (amazingly) occurring within the precipices of Government, religion and
How easily we forgot that Bill Clinton was impeached yet he was responsible for a huge part of Barack
Obamas support.
How easily we forgot that Al Gore invented the internet yet he was taken seriously on the climate
change movie An Inconvenient Truth, which led to him being awarded the noble peace prize.
http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/monckton/goreerrors.html And apparently Gore was hard at it
inventing the climate change industry.
In light of this understanding, humanity is currently and has been stuck in a proverbial hamster wheel
running after the cheese.
George Orwell, writing in his novel 1984 stated, He who
controls the past controls the future. He who
controls the present controls the past.

The above quote is very profound and can be broken down like this: The Victors, the winners, the most
psychopathically inclined, ruthless, and manipulative control the present. The present is being
controlled. A system is established that we refer to as status quo and this status quo has many
tentacles all ensconced within the same paradigm, or worldview, concurrently working together to
secure the future. The status quo is a direct effect, consequence, of the monopolization of the banking
industry. Though it appears that the banking industry is subservient to Government, upon closer
examination, both Government and banking are metaphorically married to each other. They both feed
off of each other and enjoy a symbiotic relationship so long as they have plenty of willing dupes
mesmerized by their power.
Now were getting into the story of the vampire.

When history becomes forgotten due to the present struggle to survive mentality, the future is
destined to be a train wreck. Liberty, expansion of consciousness, and prosperity cannot flourish in a
society that enshrines the social tenets of Darwinism. We say we want liberty. We say we want
prosperity, but ultimately we wish in one hand and shit in the other. In order to break this cyclic rhythm
of misery, requirements exist. There are REQUIREMENTS to getting the things we say we truly want.
that we are not being told about. We are not leads to working all week, which leads to working the great
majority of our life. And for what exactly? I would suggest, for the great many, it would be just to get by;
to survive. And in order to keep up with what advertisers and big corporate monopolies keep convincing
us we need to buy if we want to feel better about our lives, that means going into some major debt just
to live the dream.
The Ten Commandments in reference to