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0933 -624-9233 http://mariz.ph
Blk 215 Lot 7 Zone 10 Bulihan, Silang, Cavite, Philippines, 4118
Seeking for a challenging position as a Website Designer/I.T & Office Staff/ Technical Support
that will provides an opportunity to contribute y educational skills! background and abilities
for career and copany advanceent.
Qualifcations Summary
Planning, Designing, Developing, Testing and Maintaining Websites Using HTML, CSS, PHP,
CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Et!,"
#dministering, supporting, troubles$ooting, penetration testing and maintaining o% omputer
$ard&are and so%t&are speiall' Databases!
(ualit' %oused )T pro%essional as s'stem developer * programmer and so%t&are * $ard&are
support speialist * )T Consultant * t$at an serve to seure s'stem vulnerabilities!
MarissaL'nn +! Para'no $ttp,**mari-!p$ iam.mari-!p$
Education: /001 2 /03/ #nive$sit% o& Pe$petual 'elp S%ste( )onelta
4eneral Mariano #lvare-, Cavite
5a$elor o% Siene in )n%ormation Te$nolog'
Best Thesis Presenter 2012
Portfolios: $ttp,**mari-!p$*villaristinaresort
Working Experience
*illenniu( League +eb ,esigns, *akati Cit%, )une 2012
+eb -$aphi!s ,esigne$
Created Web 5anners, Web La'out, Produt Label and Web #dvertisement (&&&!mari-!p$*port%olio"
.i/al, Co((e$!ial Banking Co$po$ation, *a%0Septe(be$ 2011
1n!o2e$, O&&i!e Sta&& 3 4e!hni!al Suppo$t 5O)46
#dministering, maintaining, supporting and troubles$ooting &or6stations inluding des6top units,
printers, and ot$er ommuniation devies assoiated &it$ all des6top $ard&are!
Enode ne& aounts and veri%ied $e6s
Handle telep$one in7uiries
Miroso%t 8%%ie (Word, E9el,
Po&erPoint, #ess Et,!"
Windo&s (Server /001, :P, ;"
Linu9 (Ubuntu"
S(L and M'S(L Databases
Miroso%t +isual Studio (C<
<, +isual 5asi,"
#dobe (Dream&eaver,
=las$ 5uilder, #%ter E%%et,
P$otos$op and Lig$troom"
8S (Windo&s, Linu9"
Seminars Attended:
'a$27a$e 3 So&t7a$e 8nte$&a!ing Mar$ 3>, /03/
UPHS2 4'mnasium
,$upal Ca(p *anila =ebruar' /?, /03/
Ca$ee$ +o$kshop =ebruar' >, /03/
UPHS2 4'mnasium
*i!$oso&t Philippines Mar$ @, /033
UPHS2 4'mnasium
Lea2e$ship 3 Pat$iotis( Mar$ A, /033
UPHS2 4'mnasium
Co(guil2 2
9nnual Con&e$en!e Bovember /1, /030
#=P T$eater, (ue-on Cit'
,igital Photog$aph% =ebruar' 3>, /030
UPHS2 #uditorium
9$ti&i!ial 8ntelligen!e September >, /001
UPHS2 4'mnasium
MarissaL'nn +! Para'no $ttp,**mari-!p$ iam.mari-!p$
Character References:
*s: ,aiv% *ae ;: 4apia CC5C, CC8 <>AD//113>?D
*$: )oseph S: -allego CC5C, 5M <>AD/1?D>;D;@
*s: Lani L: 4ungol CC5C, SCC8 <0D3;?DA@1?/
*$: 9lvin 1: Ca(a!ho UPHS, C$airperson <>AD/DD>>D>>@
) $ereb' erti%' t$at t$e in%ormation above is true and orret to t$e best o% m'
6no&ledge and belie%s!
Marissal'nn +! Para'no
MarissaL'nn +! Para'no $ttp,**mari-!p$ iam.mari-!p$