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1 Complete Reviews and Tests booklet Anatomy Worksheet
1. Read Let’s Be Healthy pp. 8-11
2 Complete Anatomy Worksheet 2, front side only. Read Let’s
Be Healthy pp. 12-15
3 Read text pp. 15-17. Review text chapter 1 by highlighting
the answers to the Quick Checkup questions
4 Read text pp. 19-21 and study chapter 1, the Medical
Meanings and Quick Checkups throughout the chapter, and
the worksheets for a quiz
5 Complete Anatomy Worksheet 3. Read text pp. 22-25
6 Start thinking about a science project topic and
investigation. Read pp. 26-29 and answer p. 24, Quick
Checkup questions 1-4
7 Read text pp. 31-34 and study chapter 2, the Medical
Meanings and worksheets, for a quiz
8 Science project topics and experiment ideas are due in
lesson 12 (L12). Read text pp. 35-38. Complete Anatomy
Worksheet 4. Bring A Science Project for the next lesson
9 Study Chapter 3, the Medical Meanings and Quick
Checkups throughout the chapter, and worksheets for a
quiz. Science project topics are due in L12
10 Continue to look for a science experiment that can be
developed into an investigation for the science project. Plan
for a work day in the next lesson to find a science project
investigation topic. Bring any books you might have
11 Bring in your science project investigation topic and a brief
description of what you plan to do
12 Read pp. 65-70 and answer p. 76, Unit 1 Comprehension
Checkup questions 1-7 on loose-leaf paper
13 Answer text p. 76, Unit 1 Comprehension Checkup
questions 8-20
14 Complete p. 77, Unit 1 Comprehension Checkup. Bring the
Fitness Checksheet. Test 1 over Unit 1 will be in L16. The
first draft of the research plan is due in L18. (This should be
about one written page.)
15 Study Unit 1, pp. 76-77 Unit 1 Comprehension Checkup,
Quick Checkups, and Medical Meanings throughout the unit
for Test 1 in the next lesson
16 Work on research—plan first draft due in L18. The research
plan should include three bibliography sources. Follow the
bibliography form in A Science Project p. 7
17 Bring the first draft of your research plan. It should be
handwritten on loose-leaf paper. Remember to include the
question, hypothesis, method, control, variables, constants,
and method of analyzing results
18 Trace and label p. 42, digestive system
19 Read pp. 91-95 and work on the revised research plan due
in L21. Remember to include the three bibliography sources
in your revised research plan. Study for a quiz in the next
20 Read pp. 96-99. Complete the Quick Checkups on pp. 96
and 99. Bring your revised research plan