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Grammar I
! Underline all the nominal groups.
! Describe the nominal groups in terms of their Logical and experiential
! Analyze nominal groups. Identify their heads, pre-modifiers and post-
modifiers. Analyze them also in terms of deictics, numerals, epithets,
! Analyze the pre-modifiers as describers, numerals, describers and
! Analyze the post-modifiers. Identify them as P.P, finite clause or non-
finite clause. Indicate the type of relative clause present in the NG.


Scientists at CERN have today announced that theyre 99.99% sure that theyve found a new sub-atomic
particle, and that it is likely to be the elusive Higgs boson often referred to as the God Particle. Thats
all well and good, but what does it all mean? Lets break it down
The Higgs boson is a type of particle which is a part of whats called The Standard Model of particle
physics. This is a set of rules that lays out our understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the
Dr. Andreas Krassnigg, a physicist with the University of Graz in Austria, explains: This Standard
Model describes a set of particles from which we can attempt to build the universe as we know it. In
addition, it helps us understand what happens in the universe by having a precise picture of the smallest
building blocks of matter and their interactions.
However, one glaring problem to date has been the lack of proof of the existence of the Higgs boson this
is a key part of the Standard Model and scientists have simply had to assume it exists. If this new particle is
the Higgs boson, it will help explain why particles have mass and validate the Standard Model as a true
explanation for how the universe is put together.
This video by PHD Comics does a good job to explain the basics of what the Higgs boson is, how its been
looked for it using CERNs Large Hadron Collider, and why physicists care so much.


Essentially because it proves that our understanding of the basic workings of the
universe is correct. If the Higgs boson didnt exist, the Standard Model would be proved
incorrect. Its importance led to the God Particle nickname. Physicist-cum-startup
entrepreneur at PeerReach, Nico Schoonderwoerd says that its A major milestone for
the standard model, as it validates all the work done, and all the money poured into its

Krassnigg elaborates: Picture the Standard Model as a car. Then you could imagine the
Higgs boson to be, or provide, the wheels of that car. It had to be
decided experimentally whether or not the car (our view of particle physics) actually is
as we expected it to be, i.e., whether it actually does have wheels or not.

For our car this is a question of central importance, since it determines what the car
can do and how. While not having wheels would not have been a bad thing automatically
there are other fancier ways to move a car around -, it has now turned out that the
wheels seem to be there and that this is the way the car moves.


A slave named Androcles once escaped from his master and fled to the forest. As
he was wandering about there he came upon a Lion lying down moaning and
groaning. At first he turned to flee, but finding that the Lion did not pursue him, he
turned back and went up to him. As he came near, the Lion put out his paw, which
was all swollen and bleeding, and Androcles found that a huge thorn had got into it,
and was causing all the pain. He pulled out the thorn and bound up the paw of the
Lion, who was soon able to rise and lick the hand of Androcles like a dog. Then the
Lion took Androcles to his cave, and every day used to bring him meat from which
to live. But shortly afterwards both Androcles and the Lion were captured, and the
slave was sentenced to be thrown to the Lion, after the latter had been kept
without food for several days. The Emperor and all his Court came to see the
spectacle, and Androcles was led out into the middle of the arena. Soon the Lion
was let loose from his den, and rushed bounding and roaring towards his victim.
But as soon as he came near to Androcles he recognised his friend, and fawned
upon him, and licked his hands like a friendly dog. The Emperor, surprised at this,
summoned Androcles to him, who told him the whole story. Whereup- on the
slave was pardoned and freed, and the Lion let loose to his native forest.
__ Aesops Fables