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July 6, 2012
Quezon Science High School/Queen Margarette Hotel, Lucena City



The forum was attended by the Provincial/City/Municipal Nutrition Action Officers
(P/C/MNAOs), Social Welfare and Development Officers (SWDOs), Municipal Mayors, Barangay
Chairmen, Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs), Representatives from Regional Line Agencies
and NNC Region IV staffs.

Local Chief Executives

1. Hon. David Suarez Jr.
Represented by:
Mr. Rommel Edao


Quezon Province

2. Hon. Ruby C. Talaga
Represented by:
Dra. Amelita O. Balagtas

Executive Assistant II

Lucena City
3. Hon. Rodelo T. Tena Municipal Mayor Jomalig, Quezon
4. Hon. Danteo M. Eusebio Municipal Mayor Patnanungan, Quezon
5. Hon. Crispin S. Clacio Municipal Mayor Quezon, Quezon
6. Hon. Santiago T. Evangelista Municipal Mayor Perez, Quezon
7. Hon. Fernando Q. Llamas Municipal Mayor Mauban, Quezon
8. Hon. Jose Stevenson M. Sangalang Municipal Mayor General Luna, Quezon
9. Hon. Eleanor U. Uy Municipal Mayor San Narciso, Quezon
10. Hon. Ma. Remedios Rivera and
Hon. Melissa P. Encomienda
Municipal Mayor
and Vice Mayor
Burdeos, Quezon
11. Hon. Monchito Alindo ABC President Macalelon, Quezon
12. Hon. Isagani Balirio ABC President Jomalig, Quezon
13. Hon. Sonia DL. Emprese ABC President San Andres, Quezon

Provincial/City/Municipal Nutrition Officers and
Barangay Nutrition Scholar Federation Presidents

1. Dr. Agripino P. Tullas PNAO Quezon Province
2. Dr. Mario Cuento Assistant PHO Quezon Province
3. Ms. Emma F. Coronado ND II Quezon Province
4. Ms. Geraldine S. Moreno ND II Quezon Province
5. Ms. Milagros I. Flavier NO I Quezon Province
Regional Sub-Committee on Nutrition (RSCN)
Nutrition Month Celebration

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6. Dr. Victorino Araa MNAO Lucban, Quezon
7. Ms. Loreto P. Yulde MNAO General Luna, Quezon
8. Ms. Remedios C. Gonzalez MNAO Patnanungan, Quezon
9. Ms. Marlene H. Chan MNAO Lopez, Quezon
10. Ms. Mildred Alzola MNAO Sampaloc, Quezon
11. Ms. Erlinda E. Portillo MNAO Infanta, Quezon
12. Ms. Perciveranda G. Galang MNAO Unisan, Quezon
13. Dra. Melissa Vargas MNAO General Nakar, Quezon
14. Ms. Carmelita Pablo MNAO Dolores, Quezon
15. Ms. Leovilla A. Marasigan MNAO Macalelon, Quezon
16. Ms. Sarah Benosa MNAO Guinyangan, Quezon
17. Dra. Rosella Chua Cheng MNAO Alabat, Quezon
18. Ms. Lydia R. Ayuso MNAO Jomalig, Quezon
19. Ms, Isabelita A. Evangelista MNAO Perez, Quezon
20. Dr. Mark Acmad Mangotara MNAO San Narciso
21. Ms. Peafrancia R. Tan MNAO Burdeos, Quezon
22. Dra. Wilma T. Larroza MNAO San Antonio, Quezon
23. Ms. Princesita O. Villafria MNAO Gumaca, Quezon
24. Ms. Evelyn Isaguirre MNAO Pagbilao, Quezon
25. Ms. Evangeline F. Paril MNAO Real, Quezon
26. Ms. Herdeliza A. Garin MNAO Agdangan, Quezon
27. Mr. Michael G. Fernandez MNAO San Francisco, Quezon
28. Dr. Herminigildo T. Siat MNAO Buenavista, Quezon
29. Ms. Nancy R. Morillo MNAO Panukulan, Quezon
30. Ms. Ma. Regina P. Cabaysa MNAO MAuban, Quezon
31. Dr. Clemente Alcala Jr. MNAO Candelaria, Quezon
32. Ms. Ayra Diana Dael-Lanios RHN Quezon, Quezon
33. Mr. Romualdo De Leon RHN Catanuan, Quezon
34. Ms. Ma. Theresa Ibarra RHN Pitogo, Quezon
35. Ms. Honorata C. Dayo CNAO Tayabas City, Quezon
36. Ms. Azenith A. Ramos CNAO Lucena City, Quezon
37. Ms. Vessia P. Vinluan BNS President Lucban, Quezon
38. Ms. Edna Lazaro BNS President Agdangan, Quezon
39. Ms. Lilia D. Erandio BNS President Lopez, Quezon
40. Ms. Nerissa S. Tubeles BNS President Sampaloc, Quezon
41. Ms. Deliza T. Atienza BNS President Infanta, Quezon
42. Ms. Danalyn L. Magno BNS President Quezon, Quezon
43. Ms. Emilyn E. Vergara BNS President Sariaya, Quezon
44. Ms. Sharon May Arzaga BNS President Unisan, Quezon
45. Ms. Ana Marie O. Enriquez BNS President Catanauan, Quezon
46. Ms. Glenda Jennifer Calayag BNS President Dolores, Quezon
47. Ms. Olive B. Caagbay BNS President Tayabas City
48. Ms. Jennifer Bernardo BNS President Jomalig, Quezon
49. Ms. Jeana Duarbe BNS President Perez, Quezon
50. Ms. Estrela B. Adano BNS President San Narciso, Quezon
51. Ms. Maribel Daui BNS President San Andres, Quezon
52. Ms. Prisiosa B. Bargo BNS President Burdeos, Quezon
53. Ms. Marivic G. Coral BNS President Gumaca, Quezon
54. Ms. Lourdes M. Mandin BNS President Pagbilao, Quezon
55. Ms. Rhoda D. Escarda BNS President Real, Quezon
56. Ms. Eva N. Lorica BNS President Pitogo, Quezon
57. Ms. Edna A. Lazaro BNS President Agdangan, Quezon
58. Ms. Teresita B. Portales BNS President Polilio, Quezon

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59. Ms. Josephine Briones BNS President Mulanay, Quezon
60. Ms. Josephine S. Prudento BNS President Panukulan, Quezon
61. Ms. Lihiosa R. Santos BNS President Mauban, Quezon

Provincial/City/Municipal Social Welfare Officers

1. Ms. Lucia Almeda PSWDO Quezon Province
2. Ms. Libranda Edan MSWDO Lucban, Quezon
3. Ms. Maria Cristina Rejazo MSWDO Patnanungan, Quezon
4. Ms. Alma Arceo MSWDO Sampaloc, Quezon
5. Ms. Melanie G. Virrey MSWDO Infanta, Quezon
6. Ms. Inna Baretto MSWDO Quezon, Quezon
7. Ms. Antonia Calatrava MSWDO Sariaya, Quezon
8. Ms. Lourdes Almaydor MSWDO Atimonan, Quezon
9. Mr. Jerwin Navarro MSWDO Calauag, Quezon
10. Ms. Althea Santiago MSWDO Catanauan, Quezon
11. Ms. Cipriana Montalban MSWDO Dolores, Quezon
12. Mr. Consejo David MSWDO Alabat, Quezon
13. Ms. Arlene A. Bayo MSWDO San Antonio, Quezon
14. Ms. Celedonia J. Anacia MSWDO Gumaca, Quezon
15. Ms. Belen E. Hutalla MSWDO Pagbilao, Quezon
16. Ms. Nora F. Sallestre MSWDO Real, Quezon
17. Ms. Maribel Darus MSWDO Pitogo, Quezon
18. Ms. Edeliza R. Aguilar MSWDO Agdangan, Quezon
19. Mr. Dalmafid Ojastro MSWDO San Francisco, Quezon
20. Ms. Emeilnda S. Quinsanos CSWDO Lucena City
21. Ms. Asuncion Gardin MSWDO Candelaria, Quezon
22. Ms. Alice A. Aman DCW President Patnanungan, Quezon
23. Ms. Geronima Caparandua DCW President Lopez, Quezon
24. Ms. Paz C. Aguilar DCW President Infanta, Quezon
25. Ms. Julia M. Manalo DCW President Sariaya, Quezon
26. Ms. Angelina Llanado DCW President Tayabas City
27. Ms. Consueto Padilla DCW President Alabat, Quezon
28. Ms. Mary Joy Ongcico DCW President Perez, Quezon
29. Ms. Juliana N. Aurin DCW President San Narciso, Quezon
30. Ms. Fe Lacerna DCW President San Antonio, Quezon
31. Ms. Emilia Preda DCW President Gumaca, Quezon
32. Ms. Geraldine M. Porte DCW President Pagbilao, Quezon
33. Mr. Frederick D. Avia DCW President Pitogo, Quezon
34. Ms. Juliet G. Francia DCW President Lucena City
35. Ms. Luzviminda V. Altabano DCW President Polilio, Quezon
36. Ms. Amor V. Endiape DCW President Mulanay, Quezon
37. Ms. Annie A. Gianan DCW President Buenavista, Quezon


1. RD Vilma M. Dimaculangan
Represented by:
Ms. Rosalinda B. Alonsozana

Chief IDU

2. RD Edgardo M. Gonzaga
Represented by:
Dr. Ramir D. Cruz



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3. RD Lorna Dig Dino, CESO IV
Represented by:
Dra. Analiza Araojo


DepEd IV-A
4. RD Wilma D. Naviamos
Represented by:
Ms. Precilla S. Escalante
5. RD Marilou Q. Toledo
Represented by:
Ms. Teresita F. Tawingan
6. RD Emelita P. Bagsit
Represented by:
Ms. Jane Olivares
7. RD Agnes M. Espina
Represented by:
Mr. Tony Robles
8. RD Josefina C. Go, CESO III
Represented by:
Mr. Tomas E. Tamayor
9. RD Roberto L. Almonte
Represented by:
Dra. Saniata Milagros Sumangil


TID Analyst

Senior SDS











1. Ms. Ma. Eileen B. Blanco OIC-RNPC NNC RO IV
2. Ms. Lourdes B. Bulante NO II NNC RO IV
3. Ms. Jennifer A. Taag ND IV CHD RO IV-A
4. Ms. Lucia Almeda OIC- Division Chief PSWD IV-A


The activity aimed to create awareness among Local Chief Executives on the nutrition
situation of Quezon Province and specifically to:

1. launch the 2012 Nutrition Month celebration through vegetable planting as kick-off
activity by the Regional/Provincial/City Nutrition Committee (R/P/CNC).
2. promote and increase awareness on the consumption of vegetables and fruits.
3. share the latest results on the nutritional status of pre-school children and nutrition
situation of the province
4. share the updates on Supplementary Feeding Program for Day Care Children in Day
Care Centers of the province
5. orient participants on Micronutrient Powder as a supplement for micronutrient


A. Vegetable Planting
Quezon Science High School
Lucena City

As a kick-off activity for the 2012 Nutrition Month Celebration, a vegetable planting
was done at the Quezon Science High School in Lucena City with a short program. It

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was started with an invocation followed by the
singing of the national anthem led by QSHS students
Mr. Glen O. Cuya and Ms. Gemma Rose E. Bernardo.

School Division Superintendent Mr. Tolentino G.
Aquino gave his welcome remarks to all students,
RSCN members and staffs from the Provincial
Nutrition Office (PNO), Provincial Social Welfare
Development Office (PSWDO) and National Nutrition
Council Regional Office IV (NNC RO-IV) who were
present in the said activity. It was followed by nutrition
message from the Provincial Administrator Mr. Rommel
Edao in behalf of the Quezon Province first lady Mrs. Anna V. Suarez who has an
equally important commitment to attend to.

While, OIC-RNPC Ma. Eileen B. Blanco gave a short talk on the 2012 Nutrition Month
Celebration theme which is Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain. The
Grade VII students gave an intermission number and Ms. Jennifer M. Taag, of CHD IV-
A gave her closing remarks in behalf of RD Edgardo M. Gonzaga.

Quezon Science High School
Lucena City, Quezon
(From left to right) QSHS studens Mr. Glen O. Cuya, for the invocation, Ms Gemma Rose E.
Bernardo, leading the singing of the national anthem and Schools Division Superintendent
Mr. Tolentino Aquino giving his welcome message.
OIC-RNPC Ma. Eileen B.
Blanco of NNC giving her
nutrition message and Ms.
Jennifer M. Taag of CHD
giving her closing remarks
for the nutrition month
celebration activity

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Thereafter participants all proceeded to the vegetable planting proper led by the
Provincial Agriculturist Mr. Roberto D. Gajo.

Mr. Gajo gave a brief talk on how to plant the seedlings. The provincial nutrition
committee initiated the planting and followed by the RSCN member agencies together
with the NNC Regional Office staffs and the QSHS students.

B. Nutrition Forum

The Nutrition Forum started at around 9:00 in the morning with a doxology followed by
the singing of the national anthem led by the Sining Kalilayan of Quezon Province. A
welcome message was given by the Dr. Amelita O. Balagtas, Executive Assistant II of the
Hon. Mayor Ruby C. Talaga of Lucena City. And an inspirational message was given by
the Provincial Administrator Mr. Rommel Edao, representative of Governor David C.
Suarez Jr.

The members of Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) and Regional Sub-Committee on
Nutrition (RSCN) during vegetable planting in Quezon Science High School (QSHS)
The Sining Kalilayan of
Quezon Province during
the doxology and
singing of the national
anthem, Dra. Amelita
O. Balagtas of Lucena
City and Mr. Rommel
Edao, representative
of Governor David
Suarez delivering their

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Ms. Lourdes B. Bulante
Nutrition Officer II, NNC RO-IV

Ma. Eileen B. Blanco

1. 2012 Nutrition Month Celebration

Ms. Lourdes B. Bulante, Nutrition Officer II of the National
Nutrition Council, Calabarzon Region presented the 2012
Nutrition Month Celebration Theme- Pagkain ng gulay
ugaliin, araw-araw itong Ihain! which is focused on
vegetables. The 38
NM theme aimed at increasing vegetable
consumption to prevent micronutrient deficiencies,
non-communicable diseases and to help our local vegetable
farmers. Vegetable gardening is also being promoted to
increase availability of vegetables and increase family
income. She also discussed why there is a need to promote
vegetable consumption and mentioned the recommended
intake per day for vegetables and fruits based on the WHO.

NO II Bulante also cited the reasons why other Filipinos do not consume vegetable
according to the 2005 FNRI updating survey results. She also shared some ways on
how to prepare vegetables and tips to encourage children to eat vegetables. She also
showed different gardening technologies which could help to make vegetable readily
available at home and thus increasing every familys vegetable consumption.

2. Nutritional Status of Quezon Province

OIC-RNPC Ma. Eileen B. Blanco of NNC, Regional Office IV
the nutrition situation of Calabarzon focusing on the province
of Quezon, based on the OPT results of 2010-2011. She gave a
brief background on the reporting scheme being used in
processing the data gathered from the barangay level to the
municipal, provincial, regional and lastly to the national level to
come up with the final OPT results.

OIC Blanco mentioned that the forum was called to address the
current nutrition situation of the province and to create
awareness among local chief executives on the nutritional status of
preschoolers in their respective municipalities and to gain more
support in the implementation of nutrition programs,
activities and projects among their localities.

She discussed that the malnutrition prevalence rate (MPR) of Quezon province is
consistently high and is the highest among provinces in Calabarzon for the past seven
years (2005-2011). And among cities, Lucena City ranked first with the highest MPR
and Tayabas City ranking fourth in all 16 cities in the region.

She also presented the alarming situation of the province at the national level which
showed inclusion of the 12 municipalities of Quezon at the top 100 municipalities with
the highest MPR and with the municipality of Jomalig ranking first. She reiterated the
need for the LCEs to work hard at alleviating the malnutrition situation in their
respective areas.

OIC Blanco also cited recommendations which can help in the current nutrition
situation of the province which includes: a) creating a City/Municipal Nutrition Office

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Ms. Lucia Almeda
OIC Division Chief, PSWDO

Ms. Jennifer A. Taag

with staff and full time C/MNAO; b) hiring of Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNSs) in
areas with no BNSs; c) purchasing of equipment such as salter scale and height board;
d) identifying convergence areas and conduct a caravan to identified area and; e)
advocating to stronger support from LGU on nutrition programs, activities and

3. Updates on Supplementary Feeding

Ms. Lucia Almeda, OIC Division Chief of the PSWDO presented
the updates on the Supplementary Feeding Program for Day
Care Children (DCC) in Quezon province.

She said that the DSWDs Supplementary Feeding Program
(SFP) is being done through the provision of food in addtion to
the regular meals to target children, 3-4 years old and 5 years
old children who were not catered in the DepEd but are
enrolled in the Day Care Centers. She added that the food
supplement is given in the form of hot meals which is served to
DCC during break time everyday for five (5) days.

She also mentioned that SFP aims to: a) provide augmentation
support feeding program for children in LGU managed DCCs using local foods
equivalent to 1/3 or 470 kilocalories of the RENI; b) improve and sustain the
nutritional status of the target children; c) improve knowledge, attitude and practice
of children enrolled in DCC and; d) ensure accessibility of any appropriate health unit
to children.

Ms. Almeda also discussed the requirements for fund transfer which includes: a)
project proposal; b) master list of DCC and DCCs with corresponding nutritional
status, summary of DCC and DCW with contact number and; c) summary of nutritional
status upon entry using the standard form. She also mentioned that each DCC has a
fund allocation of Php 12.50 per day for 120 days hot meal feeding for SY 2011-2012 in
which Php 2.50 for rice allocation and Php 10.00 for the viand.

For the SFP in Quezon Province, the total beneficiaries of the program for SY 2011-
2012 includes 39 municipalities and 2 cities covering 1.303 Day Care Centers with 37,
021 Day Care Children. She also mentioned that the total amount transferred for the
whole province is Php 55,864,951.58 including rice, eating and cooking utensils.

4. Overview on Micronutrient Powder

Ms. Jennifer A. Taag gave an overview on the Micronutrient
Powder (MNP) for children 6-23 months old. She mentioned that
MNP aims at improving the micronutrient status and reducing
anemia among 6-23 months of age through home fortification of
complementary foods.

She discussed the benefits of MNP and the proper administration
and utilization. She also mentioned the MNP distribution scheme
from the DOH Central Office down to the barangay level.

Lastly, Ms. Taag presented the status of allocation of micronutrient supplements for
Quezon Province for the year including: a) MNP; b) Vitamin A capsule; c) Ferrous
Sulfate and Folic Acid tab; d) Zinc drops and syrup and; e) Ferrous Sulfate drops.

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During the open forum, the following issues and concerns were raised.

From Issues and Concerns Commitments
Committee (PNC)
Strengthen communication flow
from NNC Regional Office -
To identify the actual root cause of
malnutrition problem in Quezon
Need to create a provincial nutrition
office with full time PNAO
PNO to validate accuracy of
weights of PSC in OPT
PNO to process submitted list
of weighing scales for
calibration of DOST
Nutrition Action
Officers (MNAOs)
To intensify vegetable backyard
gardening other than Supplementary
Feeding Program (Calauag)
Lead agencies to provide a
comprehensive plan specifically
NNC and the RNC (Candelaria)
To use of Bio-Intensive Gardening
BIG technology that uses
natural fertilizers, and to make
resolution to ensure sustainability of
the project
To provide for separate budget for
nutrition alone which was addressed
to Prov. Administrator
Conduct public-private
partnership ; improve working
attitude and emphasize
importance of commitment
(General Nakar)
Commits for continuous
support to all nutrition
programs (San Antonio)
To push through good
programs such as 4Ps (Lopez)
To provide counseling to
couples who plan to get
married integrating aspects on
responsible parenthood,
nutrition and health. (Real)
Scholars (BNSs)
Requested for financial and logistics
support from Mayors for all the BNSs
(BNS from Sariaya)
Suggested increasing the number of
BNS per Barangay (BNS from
Requested the LCEs to provide them
with weighing scales so that they can
provide accurate data.

LGUs To involve SK in the nutrition
programs for the additional funds
Committed to have a sit-down
meeting with OPA Gajo to plan
regarding nutrition
interventions for their
(Mayor Tena of Jomalig)
To convene the PNC and
formulate a strategic plan in
addressing the problems on
(Mr. Edao, Provincial
To support BNS and include as
one of the agenda in their
regular session the results of
the nutrition forum
(ABC President of Gen. Nakar)
Others NGO emphasized good parenting

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An exit conference was done after the nutrition forum headed by PNAO Agripino R.
Tullas together with the Nutrition Action Officers (NAOs) and NNC RO staff. The
agreements are presented below.
1. PNAO Tullas sought assistance from the NNC Regional office for partnership in the
implementation of their nutrition programs.
2. Dra. Vargas (General Nakar) shared that she has partnered with BTESDA (NGO) for
her nutrition programs and said that the assistance is open for all provided that
the municipality will give a project proposal. PNAO Tullas suggested convening a
meeting with the said NGO.
3. Dr. Cuento suggested identifying specific nutrition program for children ages 2-3
since program for the 0-2 years old is focused on exclusive breastfeeding and
provision of complementary foods, while programs for children 3 years and above
were already catered by the DCC through DSWD.
4. Dr. Siat (Buenavista) suggested strengthening the identification of pregnant
women who are in their 1
trimester to ensure full implementation of appropriate
programs for them with the help of the Community Health Team (CHT).
5. CNAO Ramos (Lucena City) shared names of NGO who partnered with their
nutrition programs since they do not have enough budget for the implementation
of their program. She mentioned that one of their partners is the Jollibee
Foundation and Mrs. Christine Francisco who sponsored their feeding program for
6 months through the provision of Manna Pack.
6. PNAO Tullas assigned Dra. Vargas (General Nakar) as the consultant for the Bio-
Intensive Gardening (BIG) since the said municipality is already using the said
7. Dra. Vargas suggested educating not just the poor families but also the rich
families who are identified having malnourished child/children.
8. PNAO Tullas reiterated the importance of improving the reporting system of
DSWD. He said the reports must be relayed properly and copy must be furnished
to the respective P/C/MNAOs. While, Mrs. Escalante (DSWD RO) recommended
coordinating with the MSWs since they are members of the council.
9. PNAO Tullas directed all C/MNAOs to draft their strategic plans for 3 years. He said
that the province should aim at decreasing the MPR from 2 digits to 1 digit only
along with nutrition programs/projects that the city/municipality planned,
considering its sustainability. He also mentioned that if there were existing 2012
plans, try to re-visit and include the vegetable concerns. Submission of the said
plan will be on the first week of August. C/MNAOs must be ready with the plan
once the PNC called for a meeting.

RSCN members, LCEs, NAOs and BNSes actively participating during the open forum

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10. PNAO Tullas asked the PNO to update the list of municipalities who need
assistance in the calibration of salter scales. Dr. Araa (of Lucban) asked when
salter scales should be calibrated. Dr. Cuento suggested NAOs to borrow test
weights to their respective city/municipal treasurers to check if their scales are
still; calibrated and credible to use.
11. Dr. Cuento suggested giving incentive to municipality with the highest reduction of
MPR to increase motivation of NAOs. BNSes, BHW, etc.

Nutrition Action Officers of Quezon Province together with RSCN-RTWG members and
NNC Regional Office IV staffs

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Launching of Nutrition
Month Celebration
Antipolo City - launched NM celebration in Dimasalang Park on 9 July
2012. Vice-Chair of CNC Hon. Alexander Marquez delivered the nutrition message in
behalf of Mayor Danilo Leyble and the Day Care children from Saarland Day Care
Center in Barangay San Isidro gave an intermission number
The Quezon Provincial Nutrition Committee, Regional Sub-Committee on Nutrition IV-A
(RSCN IV-A) and students from Quezon Science High School in Lucena City launched the
nutrition month celebration through vegetable planting, held on 6 July 2012

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Lipa City
launching on 2 July at
City Hall Grounds,
CNAO Dra. Avelyn M.
Garcia discussed NM
talking points;
message from Hon.
Meynardo A. Sabile

Launching of Nutrition
Month Celebration
Quezon Province-
The Provincial Government thru the
Provincial Nutrition Council launched
the celebration last 2 July 2012 at the
Provincial Capitol compound
anchored on the theme Pagkain ng
Gulay Ugaliin, Araw araw Itong
Ihain. Dr. Agripino P. Tullas,
Provincial Health Officer/Provincial
Nutrition Action Officer and Hon.
Governor David Jayjay C. Suarez
delivered their inspiring messages in
line with nutrition month celebration.

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Launching of Nutrition
Month Celebration
Tanauan City- hanging of streamers was done on 29June 2012 in different
strategic places in Tanauan City including four school districts and the NM celebration was
launched on 2 July 2012 after the flag raising ceremony. City Nutrition Action Officer Mary
Mylene Matienzo briefly discussed the Nutrition Month 2012 talking points as well as the
long month planned activities to all City Officials and City Employees

Tayabas City -
Posted Nutrition Month
tarpaulins in City Hall and 15
BHS of Tayabas City on 29 June
2012 in preparation for the NM
celebration and on 2 July 2012,
the City Nutrition Committee
launched the Nutrition Month
2012 at Parke Rizal during flag
raising ceremony.

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Launching of Nutrition
Month Celebration
Calamba City - Nutrition Month launching on 2 July 2012 with
the City Nutrition Council headed by Hon. Mayor Joaquin Chipeco and CNAO
Aleli Catalina Jimenez
Batangas City as part of the Nutrition Month celebration, NM streamer was hanged
in front of the City Health Office, City Hall in Batangas City. Mr. Felipe M. Baroja, City Administrator
and Vice-Chairman of the CNC, and Mrs. Leticia Delgado, Nutrition Coordinator of DepEd give a short
nutrition message last July 12, 2012, at the Peoples Quadrangle, City Hall Complex.

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Tayabas City - Headed by PNP together with the Tayabas East District Lyre Band
and the day Care children and parents during the nutrition month foot parade

participated in by the Lipa City Youth and
Cultural Center, CNC members, CHO staff,
Volunteer Health Workers and Medical
Representatives from different
pharmaceuticals/ companies.

General Nakar, Quezon
- Foot parade joined by the Municipal Nutrition
Committee and the volunteer workers.
Nutrition Month Celebration Parades

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Tagaytay City -
Nutri Parade headed by the
City Nutrition Committee and
was participated in by all
Barangays in the City
Nutrition Month Celebration Parades

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Nutrition Month Celebration Parades
Cabuyao City Nutri- Foot Parade was held by the City
Nutrition Committee of Cabuyao and was participated in by the Day
Care students in 24 Day Care Centers in line with the Nutrition Month
Batangas City
Parade of Day Care Children with
their parents last July 27, 2012 at
Plaza Mabini. Each pupil has
nutritious basket of fruits and

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Vegetable Planting
Dasmarias City - PWD Gardening Contest was formally launched on 25July
2012 and was conducted as one way of promoting vegetable gardening activity as a source of
additional food and income to the community. The contest was opened to all the interested PWD
(Persons with Disability) group of every barangay.
Quezon province - Vegetable planting at the Quezon
Science High School together with the Provincial Agriculturist, Mr. Robert Gajo
and the PNC, RSCN IV-A and students of QSHS held last 6 July 2012

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Best Gulayan sa Barangay
Tanauan City - Gulayan sa Barangay Contest was a successful contest participated by
the barangays in Tanauan City. Objectives of the said contest were: a) to intensify organic backyard
gardening system; b) to promote vegetable consumption and c) to increase supply of vegetables.
Barangay winners received cash prize, certificate of recognition and a token from the City Government
of Tanauan.

Tagaytay City had a
contest on Biggest Fruits and
Vegetables which was participated
in by all puroks. Seen in the picture
are products of Barangay San

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Green Revolution Gardening
Cabuyao City a Green Revolution Gardening was held at Barangay
Mamatid in Cabuyao City. SK Federation President Jervis R. Himpisao gave a nutrition
message and some information on the benefits of vegetable gardening. The SK Chaiman
of the 17 barangays of the city was grouped according to the vegetable seedlings that
they will plant. The activity aims to involve youth in the vegetable planting and to take
part in the Nutrition Month celebration.

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Feeding Program
Lucena City launched their
Busog,Lusog, Talino School Feeding
Program as part of the Nutrition Month
celebration. The said program was
sponsored by city government of Lucena and
in partnership with Jollibee foundation

Tagaytay City -
Massive feeding program for children
under-five simultaneously in all puroks
of the city.

Page | 23

Feeding Program
Tayabas City -
Nutrition office ordered 8
balde of taho used for
feeding day care children
estimated at 1,300 children.
The total amount spent for
Taho was Php 5,040.00 (Php
630.00/balde). Mrs. Baby
Llamado was the person in
charge, who also assisted the
magtataho in distributing
taho (1 balde/cluster)

Page | 24

Cooking Contest
Lucena City - Gulay Masterchef- Battle of Barangays as part of the culminating
activity for the nutrition month celebration. Seven (7) barangays participated in the said contest
which required the use of vegetables as the main ingredient of the recipe-the more vegetables the

Antipolo City - The City Government of Antipolo thru the City Health Office-Nutrition
Services conducted a Vegetable Cooking Demonstration. Chef Ronald Lacra demonstrated and showed
vegetable cooking techniques to benefit the front liner - namely the BNS, Day Care Teachers, DEPED
Nutrition Coordinators in delivering basic nutrition services in the community especially during the conduct
of a Supplementary Feeding Program. There were five vegetable recipes showcased by Chef Ronald Lacra.
Mayor Danilo O. Leyble and the First Lady Atty. Menchie Leyble also participated in the cooking demo.

Page | 25

Cooking Contest
Tayabas City had a Vegetable Cooking Contest with the following criteria: Palatability -
20%; Nutritious -40%; Presentation - 20% and; Originality-20%. Menu must be organic, has no taste
enhancers and has a100 % vegetable ingredient. Dra. Ruby Tangonan and Ms. Eden Elisan from AUP and
Chef Marvin Aritrangco served as Judges in the said event

Dasmarias City
Recipe Making and Cooking Contest was
designed to develop low-cost, easy to
prepare and nutritious vegetable dishes in
three categories vegetable dish, snacks and
juices for children and adult. The contest was
participated by all the mothers or group of
mothers of the Day Care Centers (in clusters).
Vegetable items should come from the
commonly grown crops in the city with the
specific cost of not more than P300 for the
three item recipes and other details were
listed in the mechanics. Winners received
cash prize and plaque; consolation prize and
certificate of participation for the non-
winners. Actual cooking and announcement
of judges evaluation was held last July 25 at
the City Quadrangle and awarding on August
06 at the Penthouse Pavilion

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Cooking Contest
Tanauan City - Cooking Contest - July 25, 2012; Tanauan City Livelihood and
Training Center. It was participated by Day Care parents from 10 barangay clusters. Menu entries
were all experimental vegetable dishes. Objective of this contest was to create awareness among
parents on providing their children a food which is nutritious at lowest affordable cost thru
experimental cooking. Winners from this contest received cash prize, certificates of recognition and
gift packs from the City Government of Tanauan

Tagaytay City Cooking Contest was done in different barangays of the city which
is focused on the nutrition month theme. Contestants made use of various vegetables grown in
their areas. Sample menu seen above is from Barangay Maharlika East Tortang Kangkong

Page | 27

Cooking Contest
Calamba City Calambulilit Kusina Master held at the City Hall lobby which was
participated in by elementary students aged 8-10 years old. The said competition required the use
of not less than 5 vegetables as ingredient to their winning recipe. The activity was supported by
the Hon. Mayor Chipeco.

Batangas City
Mrs. Lucy Manalo CNAO and Mrs. Flor
Alvarez Home Management Specialist
judged in the Cooking Contest of Day
Care Workers with Tagalog or native
chicken and eggs as the main
ingredient. It was held at EBD I Day
Care Center last july 27, 2012

Page | 28

Nutri- Quiz
Cabuyao City
Nutri-Quiz Bee was held at the Pulo
Elementary School on July 27,
2013. Judges in the said contest are
the school teachers from different

Batangas City A Nutri- Quiz competition was held last July 18, 2012
at the Peoples Quadrangle, city Hall Complex. Mr. Felipe M. Borja, City Administrator
and Vice-Chairman of the CNC, Act as the Quiz Master of the 21 Pairs of contestants
from public and private high schools of Batangas City.

Page | 29

Food Festivals
Batangas Province - District Vegetable and Fruit Fair - conducted by the
Provincial Nutrition Committee in partnership with the Municipal Nutrition Committees. This
successful activity, in support to the advocacy of the theme was participated in by the 31 Municipal
Nutrition Action Officers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars and LGU partner stakeholders. It was
conducted in the four districts of Batangas and one municipality per district served as the venue of
the activity. The participating municipalities displayed their native fruits and vegetables in simple
booths they designed. Each booth with the interesting display of fruits and vegetables and has an
original recipe cooked vegetables will be declared winner.

Page | 30

Food Festivals
Tagaytay City Annual Food Fair joined by all barangays in the city, where the
most festive and nutritious food were exhibited at the Tagaytay International Convention Center

Page | 31

Lectures, Fora, Symposia
Antipolo City conducted series of advocacy lectures on the Nutrition Month
theme in private Schools in Antipolo City with CNAO Epiphany Villones
Tanauan City - Nutrition Symposium was held on July 20, 2012; at selected public
elementary schools. Students were taught about the importance of vegetable in the diet as well as
the significance of urban and organic vegetable garden establishment in schools and in their
respective houses

Page | 32

Lectures, Fora, Symposia
Quezon Province DNPC Emma F. Coronado of PHO served as guest speaker at the
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City during their nutrition month celebration

Rizal Province and
Antipolo City - BNS
Convention - 26 July 2012; Ynares Center, Rizal
Capitol in Antipolo City. With Governor Jun Ynares
and Congressman Jack Duavit in attendance.

Laguna Province
Fathers Congress - PNAO Silo invited Mr.
Marlon Tobias from ER Farm and discussed
vegetable gardening techniques to participants.

Page | 33

Lectures, Fora, Symposia
Cabuyao City -
In line with the 2012 Nutrition
Month celebration, the city
Cabuyao and the City Agriculture
Office held a Seminar on the Urban
Vegetable production and
Vegetable Processing. They also
distributed vegetable seedlings to
the Local Council for Women last
July 23, 2012.

The City Nutrition Committee
together with CNAO Benivencia
Elazegui conducted lectures on
Proper Nutrition focusing on the
Infant and Young Child Feeding for
mothers with preschool children as
well as the pregnant mothers.

Simultaneously, they also
conducted seminars on Plant-
Based Foods vs Lifestyle Diseases
and on Meat Processing.

Page | 34

Search for Mr. & Ms. Nutrition
Tanauan City Done on July 25, 2012 at Tanauan City Livelihood and Training
Center. It was participated by Day Care Children. Participants were screened for physical
appearance, mental ability and talent. The contest aims to portray how proper nutrition is being
practiced at home as well as to show to the public the importance of good nutrition in our daily
living. Winners received cash prizes, certificate of recognition and gift packs from the City
Government of Tanauan

Tagaytay City Search for Nutri Little Bambol and Agnes

Page | 35

Search for Mr. & Ms. Nutrition
Batangas City Had the Search for 2012 Ginoo at Binibining Nutrisyon of
Batangas City with their nutrition related costume. 15 pairs of contestants competed in the said
contest and the following were declared as winners: Fatima Mae Banaag Binibining Nutrisyon, Gian
Karlo Bagui Ginoong Nutrisyon; Kim Vincent Barte and Chelo Ann Perez First Runner-up; Elizabeth
Lagrizola and Carl John Villena Second Runner-up; John Paulin Ramirez and Rochele Gaspar Third
Runner-up and; Rhasia Noilos and King Alberic Upo Fourth Runner-up.

Page | 36

On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest
and Slogan Making Contest
Tanauan City - Done on July 25, 2012 at Tanauan City Livelihood and Training
Center. The activity aims to promote good nutrition by interpreting its nutrition message through
drawing. Winners from this contest received cash prizes, certificate of recognition and gift packs
from the City Government of Tanauan

Quezon Province elementary students exhibited
their nutrition month slogans during their foot parade

Page | 37

On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest
and Slogan Making Contest
Cabuyao City had their Sustansya ng Gulay, Iguhit at Ikulay for the out-
of-school youth aged 13 to 16 years old. The poster and slogan making contest is in line
with the NM theme of Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain.Winners in the
said contest were given gift prizes.

Page | 38

On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest
and Slogan Making Contest
Calamba City had their Nutrilympics which included
an on-the spot poster making and slogan writing contest in line with the
theme of the 2012 nutrition month celebration.

Page | 39

Biggest Loser and Biggest Gainer
Dasmarias City Biggest Loser Contest is a diet and fitness program, no diet pills
just plenty of exercise and increase consumption of vegetables for the obese adult residents of Dasmarias
to create an impact on health and healthy lifestyle of Dasmarineos was launched. Actual body
measurements of participants were done to record their initial body mass index, FBS screening test, short
lecture and orientation of the program and monthly weight monitoring schedules.The said contest started
on the day of registration, July 16 and will end/evaluated on December 2012 and shall be given plaque and
cash prizes same with the PWD organic vegetable gardening contest

Dasmarias City Biggest Gainer Contest, a weight gain plan for severely
wasted school children and severely underweight preschool children to create an impact on
vegetable consumption as part of healthy diet to maintain normal growth was launched. There were
two categories for the contest: for severely wasted school children, 6-10 years old must be endorsed
by the school principal; and severely underweight preschool children endorsed by the barangay
midwife or nurse. Anthropometric measurements of children were done to validate their nutritional
status. The contest started on the day of registration, July 18 and 19 and will be evaluated on
December 2012

Page | 40

Search for Best Breastfeeding Mom
Tagaytay City had a Search for the Best Breastfeeding Mom

Nutri-Hat Contest
Tayabas City had their Search for Best Nutri-Hat for the Day Care
pupils with the following criteria: creativity-40%; relativity to the theme- 30% and;
originality- 30%

Page | 41

Local Media Campaign
Quezon Province
Dr. Agripino Tullas, PHO II and PNAO and Ms. Emma F. Coronado, ND II guested in radio
program of Kiss FM and Radyo ng Bayan on 3 and 4 July 2012 and discussed the
importance of vegetables in the diet and the nutrients found in vegetables

Page | 42

2012 Nutrition Month Celebration

List of Reported Activities done by the LGUs

1. Cavite Province

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Announcement of Nutrition Month Activities and
theme during flag raising ceremony and distribution of
vegetable seeds to encourage e3veryone to have a
vegetable garden in their backyard and instill the
importance of eating vegetable and its availability in
every home.
July 2, 2012 Provincial Health
2. Nutrition Counseling to OPD ward patients of Gen.
Aguinaldo Hospital the pregnant women specially
Tuesday of the month.
July, 3, 10, 17, 24
and 31, 2012
Gen. E. Aguinaldo
3. Vegetable Trade Fair was done to showcase various
fruits and vegetable produced by local farmers from
different municipalities and attended by MNAOs, PNC
members and BNSs.
July 23, 2012
4. Nutrition Forum for students of Amore College in
Trece Martires City and Olivares College, Tagaytay City
July 27, 2012;
July 30, 2012
Amore College, TMC
Olivares College
5. NM Activities simultaneously undertaken by
municipalities of the province such as:
Slogan/Poster Making Contest
Cook Fest
Day Care Feeding Program
Chefs on Parade Cooking Contest
Nutrition Forum
Distribution of Seeds and Rice
Nutrition Parade
Distribution of Hygiene Kits
Food Expo 2012
July 2-31, 2012 Alfonso, Carmona,
Gen. Trias, Gen.
Mariano Alvarez,
Magallanes, Mendez,
Silang and Tanza

2. Laguna Province

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Hanging of Nutrition Month tarpaulin and streamers June 25, 2012 Strategic areas of the
Provincial highways
2. Launching of Nutrition Month celebration during the
Monday Flag raising ceremony and Motorcade
July 2, 2012 Cultural Center of
Laguna, Sta. Cruz,
Laguna and its
surrounding streets
3. Nutrition Trivia July 2, 2012 Cultural Center of
Laguna, Sta. Cruz,
4. Cooking Demo July 2, 2012 Cultural Center of
Laguna, Sta. Cruz,
Laguna and its
surrounding streets
5. Fitness Exercise Whole month of
July- every
Provincial Capitol
6. Attended the 65
Annual PAN Convention July 9 and 10,
Dusit Thani, Makati

Page | 43

7. Mothers Congress VI July 19, 2012 Cultural Center of
Laguna, Sta. Cruz,
8. Fathers Congress IV July 20, 2012 -do-
9. BNS Convention July 18, 2012 -do-
10. Gawad Parangal August 6, 2012 -do-

3. Batangas Province

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. District Vegetable and Fruits Food Fair
2. Grand Culminating Activity and Awarding Ceremony
Provincial Outstanding Municipal Nutrition
Provincial Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar
July 30, 2012 Batangas Provincial

4. Rizal Province

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Nutrition Parade July 2, 2012 Rizal Provincial
2. Distribution of seeds, seedlings and planting materials
and gardening tools in the community

3. Lectures on the importance of vegetables
4. Cooking Contests
5. Poster-Making Contest
6. 2
Barangay Nutrition Scholar Convention July 26, 2012

5. Quezon Province

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Dr. Tullas, PHO II and PNAO and Ms. Emma F.
Coronado, ND II guested in radio programs to
advocate for the importance of vegetables in the diet
and the nutrients found in vegetables.
July 3-4, 2012 Kiss FM and Radyo ng
2. To promote vegetable gardening as a source of
additional food and income, vegetable planting was
done. This was a joint effort of the Regional Sub-
Committee on Nutrition CALABARZON and the
Provincial Government of Quezon thru the Provincial
Nutrition Council.
July 6, 2012 Quezon Science
High School
3. A Nutrition Forum was held after the vegetable
planting activity at. Participants were Municipal
Mayors, Municipal Nutrition Action Officers, Barangay
Nutrition Scholars and Day Care Workers from
different municipalities of Quezon. Members of the
Provincial Nutrition Council and Regional Nutrition
Committee members were also present.
July 6, 2012 Queen Margarette
Hotel Lucena City
4. Nutri-Parade July 2012 Simultaneously done
in some
5. Poster Making Contest July 2012 Simultaneously done
in some
6. Slogan Making Contest July 2012 Simultaneously done
in some

Page | 44

7. Vegetable Cooking Contest July 2012 Simultaneously done
in some
8. Healthy Baby Contest July 2012 Simultaneously done
in some

6. Antipolo City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Nutrition Month celebration Launching July 2012 Antipolo City Hall
2. Seed Distribution July 2012 Antipolo City Hall
3. BNS Convention July 26, 2012 Ynares Center, Rizal
Capitol, Antipolo City
4. Vegetable Cooking Demo w/ Chef Ronald Lacra July 27, 2012 Juan Sumulong Elem.
School Covered Court
5. BNS Meeting with Hon. Mayor Nilo O. Leyble July 27, 2012 Antipolo City Hall
6. Lectures - Antipolo City Hall

7. Batangas City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Launching of Nutrition Month celebration July 2, 2012 Batangas City Hall
2. Search for the Most Functional Barangay Nutrition
July 5-28, 2012 12 selected Barangays
3. Talent Contest of Ginoo at Binibining Nutrisyon July 12, 2012 Peoples Quadrangle
4. Malunggayan Fiesta season 2 July 18, 2012 Peoples Quadrangle
5. Nutri-Quiz July 18, 2012 Peoples Quadrangle
6. Nutrition Parade July 23, 2012 Peoples Quadrangle
7. NM celebration of Day Care children July 27, 2012 City Social Welfare

8. Bian City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Attended the 38
FNRI Seminar Series on Food and
Nutrition Researches
July 5-6, 2012 DOST, Taguig City
2. Distribution of Orange Card (Health card) to indigent
families of the City
July 5, 2012 City Hall
3. Attended the 65
Annual PAN Convention July 9-10, 2012 Dusit Thani, Makati
4. Launching Parade and Distribution of books, bags and
school supplies for Day Care Children
July 11, 2012 Binan Town Plaza
5. Attended the 2
national conference of Nutrition
Action Officers
July 12-13, 2012 PICC, Pasay City
6. Supplementary Feeding July 14, 2012 Different barangays
7. Talentadong Day Care Child July 16, 2012 Function Room, Binan
City Hall
8. Cook Fest 2012 July 23, 2012 Binan City hall

9. Cabuyao City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Provincial launching of Nutrition Month July 2, 2012 Laguna Cultural
Center, Sta. Cruz,
2. Attended the 38
FNRI Seminar Series and Distribution July 5-6, 2012 FNRI-DOST

Page | 45

of Vegetable Seeds to the Local Council for Women 18 Barangays
3. Simultaneous Parade of All Schools July 6, 2013 Poblacion/Barangays
4. Attended the 65
PAN Annual Convention July 9-10, 2012 Dusit Thani Hotel,
Makati City

5. NM Activities such as:
Quiz Bee
Poster Making Contest
July 9-26, 2012 Cabuyao Central
6. Simultaneous Foot Parade July 13, 2012 All Day Care Centers
7. Fish Processing Seminar July 14-15, 2012 Cabuyao Livelihood
and Training Center
8. Gardening by the SK Federation July 15, 2012 Brgy. Mamatid,
Cabuya City
9. Foot Parade/launching Hakbang para sa Malusog na
July 16, 2012 St. Polycarp Parish
Church, Cabuyao City
10. BNS Convention July 18, 2012 Laguna Cultural
Center, Sta. Cruz,
11. Seminar on Urban Vegetable production and Vegetable
Oral Health Education, Distribution of Toothpaste and
Toothbrush and Mothers Class (RHU I);
Mothers Congress VI
July 19, 2012 Municipal AVR

Southville Maninig,
Cabuyao City
Laguna Cultural
Center, Sta. Cruz,
12. Lecture on proper Nutrition;
Fathers Congress IV and;

Simultaneous Supplementary Feeding Program to All
day Care Children
July 20, 2013 Pulo Elem. School
Laguna Cultural
Center, Sta. Cruz,
All Day Care Centers
13. Fun Run 2012 July 22, 2012 NIA Road
14. Cooking Contest Gulay ni Inday, Ihain sa Bawat Bahay
Oral Health Education, Distribution of Toothpaste and
Toothbrush and Mothers Class (RHUI I)
July 23, 2012 RHU I Compound

Southville Banay-
Banay, Cabuyao City
15. Plant-Based Foods vs. Lifestyle Disease and
Lecture on Proper Nutrition
July 24, 2012 Bigaa
Baclaran Health
16. Poster and Slogan Making Contest Sustansya ng
Gulay, Iguhit at ikulay
July 25, 2013 RHU I Conference
17. Pangkabuhayan Trade Fair 2012 July 25-31, 2012 Municipal Grounds
18. Lecture on Proper Nutrition (RHU II) July 26, 2012 Mamatid Health
19. Culminating Activity/Awarding Ceremony;
Lecture on Proper Nutrition (RHU II) and;
Healthy Day Care Child Contest
July 27, 2012 Cabuyao Central
Pulo Elem. School
20. Awarding Ceremony July 31, 2012 Municipal AVR

10. Calamba City

Activity Time Frame Venue
2. Hanging of tarpaulin in strategic places July 1, 2012 Calamba City Hall
and other strategic

Page | 46

3. Launching of Nutrition Month
Fitness Dance Exercise
Free Blood Chemistry Test
Weight Management and Diet counseling
Market Day-Selling of Freshly Harvest Organic
Fruits and Vegetables
Unveiling of Nutrition Center Marker
Blessing of Nutrition Building and NNC Extension
Radio interview at Radyo Natin on the Importance
of eating veggies
July 2, 2012 Calamba City Hall
4. Veggie Puppet show by the BNS July 11-13, 2012

July 24-25,2012
Uwisan Elem. School,
San Juan elem. School
and Laguerat Elem.
Brgy. 3 Day Care
Center and San Jose
Day Care Center
5. UTI Screening (Urinalysis) July 14, 18, and
21, 2012
Barangay Pansol ,
Uwisan, Camp
Vicente Lim Elem.
School, Brgy.
Palingon & LINGGA.
6. Blood Letting July 16, 2012 Nutrition Building
7. Nutri-Lympics:
Poster Making Contest
Slogan Writing Contest
July 19, 2012 Nutrition Building
8. Kiddie Lympics:
July 20, 2012 Calamba City Hall
9. Calambulilit Kusina Master July 27, 2012 Calamba City Hall
10. Veggie Carving Contest July 27, 2012 Calamba City Hall
11. Gawad Parangal sa Nutrisyon 2012 July 31, 2012 Calamba City Hall

11. Cavite City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Parade and Launching of Nutrition Month celebration July 2, 2012 Cavite City hall
2. Conduct of simultaneous vegetable gardening July 2, 2012 Cavite City hall
3. Mothers Class and Launching of Feeding of
malnourished children on selected barangays for 6
July 7, 2012 Cavite City hall
4. Election of BNS Officers July 9, 2012 Cavite City hall
5. Cook Fest and Draw and Tell July 16, 2012 Cavite City hall
6. Evaluation of Nutritional status of selected
malnourished children for feeding program
July 20, 2012 Cavite City hall
7. Bulletin Board Display Contest July 25, 2012 DepEd
8. Induction of BNS Officers and Closing of NM
July 31, 2012 Cavite City Hall

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12. Dasmarias City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Recipe Making and Cooking Contest July 25, 2012 Dasmarias City
2. Organic Vegetable Gardening July 2, 2012 -
3. PWD Gardening Contest Launching July 2, 2012 Dasmarias City
4. Biggest Loser Contest July 16, 2012 -do-
5. Biggest Gainer Contest July 18-19, 2012 -do-

13. Lipa City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. NM Launching July 2, 2012 Lipa City Hall
2. NM Motorcade July 2, 2012 Lipa City Hall
3. Kids Sports Fest July 2, 2012 Lipa City Youth and
Cultural Center
4. Buntis Party July 4, 11 and
18, 2012
Lipa City Youth and
Cultural Center
5. Wellness- Fitness sa Gulay Na Makulay July 31, 2012 Lipa City Main Health

14. Lucena City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Radio Broadcasting July 2012 -
2. Simultaneous NMC launching in different schools July 2012 -
3. Launching of NMC during flag raising ceremony July 2012 -
4. Vegetable planting July 2012 -
5. Launching of Busog, Lusog, Talino School Feeding
July 9, 2012 Lucena East 1,
Elementary School
6. Gulay Masterchef- Battle of Barangays 2012 July 24, 2012 Pacific Mall
7. Awarding of Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholars
for CY 2011
July 27, 2012 Event Theater, Pacific
8. Awarding of Outstanding Barangays for Nutrition
Program CY 2011
July 27, 2012 -do-
9. Garantisadong Pambata (GP) Champ July 27, 2012 -do-
10. City Health Got Talent! Gulay Edition July 27, 2012 -do-
11. NMC Celebrations in Different barangays
12. PABASA sa Nutrisyon

15. San Pablo City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Foot Parade July 2. 2012 City Hall Compound
2. NM Launching during the Flag ceremony and
dissemination of NM talking points
July 7, 2012 One-Stop Processing
3. Seminar on Malunggay July 12, 2012 Bamboo demo farm,
Brgy. San Marcos
4. Parend and Child Cooking Contest July 13, 2012 Pamana Hall, City hall
5. Drawing Making Contest July 18, 2012 -do-
6. Nutri- Quiz Contest July 25, 2012 -do-

Page | 48

16. Sta. Rosa City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Healthiest Baby Contest (9-11 months old baby,
breastfed and fully immunized)
July 16. 2012 CHO I Bldg.
2. Cooking Contest July 17, 2012 Covered Court,
Central 3, Elem.
3. Drama Dance Contest July 20, 2012 Covered Court,
Central 3, Elem.
4. Nutri-Quiz July 23, 2012 Function Hall, New
City Hall
5. PABASA SA NUTRISYON June 25 - July 13,
18 Barangays
6. Grand Graduation of PABASA SA NUTRISYON,
Raffle Draw and Awarding
July 26, 2012 Covered Court,
Central 3, Elem.

17. Tagaytay City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Hanging and Posting of Nutrition Month Theme
July 2, 2012 City Nutrition Office
and City Hall
2. Nutri- Parade
July 2012 -
3. Broadcasting
July 2012 -
4. Operation Linis
July 2012 -
5. Vegetable Gardening and tree planting
July 2012 -
6. Conduct different Contest:
Healthy Baby Contest
Nutri Bibo
On the spot painting Contest
Nutri Mom contest
Best Fruits and Vegetables Contest
Cook Fest Contest
Recipe making contest
Father and Son cooking contest
Best in Breastfeeding Contest
Nutri Costume Contest
Best Purok in Vegetable Gardening
July 2012 -
7. Medical and Dental Mission
July 2012 -
8. Massive Feeding sponsored by different sponsors
July 2012 -
9. Fund Raising Program:
Best in Breastfeeding Contest
Nutri Costume Contest
Best Purok in Vegetable Gardening
Little Prince and Princess Nutrition
Fun Run
Wheel of Nutrition
Signature for Nutrition
Cake Raffle/ Nutri Raffle Ticket
July 2012 -

Page | 49

18. Tayabas City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Hanging of NM streamers and Launching of NM
July 9, 2012 Tayabas City Hall
2. Motorcade and Foot Parade July 20, 2012 Parke Rizal
3. Taho Feeding July 20, 2012 Parke Rizal
4. Nutri-Hat Contest July 20, 2012 Parke Rizal
5. Food Festival July 20, 2012 Silungang Bayan
6. Awarding of Best Barangay July 20, 2012 Silungang Bayan

19. Tanauan City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. Hanging of NM streamers June 29, 2012 Strategic places and 4
school districts
2. NM celebration launching July 2, 2012 Tanauan City
Livelihood Training
3. Nutrition Symposium July 20,2012 -do-
4. Search for Mr. and Ms. Nutrition July 25, 2012 -do-
5. On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest July 25, 2012 -do-
6. Cooking Contest July 25, 2012 -do-
7. Search for Best Gulayan sa Barangay July 25, 2012 -do-
8. Grand Culminating Activity-Awarding Ceremony August 1, 2012 -do-

19. Trece Martires City

Activity Time Frame Venue
1. NM celebration launching June 2, 2012 Trece Martires City
2. Nutri Booth Competition (among 13 Barangays) July 2012 -
3. Little Mr. and Ms. Nutrition (for 3-6 years old PSC) July 2012 -
4. Poster and Slogan Making Contest (for elementary
and high school students)
July 2012 -
5. Cook fest July 2012 -
6. Awarding for:
Best Barangay
Best Barangay Nutrition Scholar
Most Cooperative BNC
Most Improved BNS
Most Supportive SB for Nutrition
Best Community Garden
Most Supportive Barangay Captain
July 2012 -