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Compiled from the teachings of
Kenneth E. Hagin
Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King
James Version of the Bible.
Scripture quotations marked Amplified are taken from The Amplified Bible,
Old estament cop!right "#$%&, #$'( b! )onder*an +orporation. he
,mplified -ew estament cop!right " #$&', #$'( b! he .ockman
/oundation. Used b! permission.

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Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room
$S%N&13' 9!&0&92!"&#3&" $S%N&10'

Cop(right ) 200! *+E,- %i.le Ch/rch ,K,
0enneth +agin ,inistries1 $nc2 -ll rights
reser3ed2 4rinted in US-

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,B.E O/ +O-E-S

5ore6ord .( *e32 0enneth 72 +agin 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 3
4reface 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 i8

4-*T 1' T+E +O9: S4$*$T -N; TONGUES
#. /our +ommon Ob>ections to Speaking in ongues ............................ 8
1. Sal*ation and the 7nfilling? wo Separate E4periences@ ................. 1(
8. he 7nitial E*idence of Being /illed Aith the Hol! Spirit. . . 6(
6. 9o Bou Ha*e to arr! to =ecei*e the Hol! Spirit@ .............................. %#
&. How 7 Aas /illed Aith the Hol! Spirit .................................................. (#
%. Cod Aill Disit Hungr! Hearts ................................................................. '&
(. Cuidelines to =ecei*ing the Hol! Spirit ................................................ $(
'. 2ore han an 7nitial E4perience .......................................................... ##$

4-*T 2' T+E <-9UE O5 S4E-0$NG 7$T+ TONGUES
$. 3aul Ca*e 3rominence to Speaking in ongues ............................... #8(
#5. , Supernatural 2eans of Speaking to Cod ........................................ #68
##. , 2eans of Spiritual Edification ........................................................... #&$
#1. 3ra!ing in .ine Aith CodEs 3erfect Aill ............................................. #(8
#8. 2ore Scriptural 3urposes for
Speaking Aith Other ongues ............................................................ #$8

4-*T 3' T+E SCO4E O5 S4E-0$NG 7$T+ TONGUES
#6. /i*e +ommon 2isconceptions
,bout Speaking in ongues .............................................................. 11#
#&. +ommon E4cesses =egarding Speaking in ongues ...................... 1&#
#%. he Scriptural Scope of 3ra!ing in ongues ..................................... 1(8
#(. Help to 3ra! ,bout the Unknown ....................................................... 1$#
#'. 3ressing 7nto -ew 9epths of 3ra!er ................................................... 8#&

0enneth E2 +agin=s 4ra(er on %ehalf of the Ch/rch 22222222222222222222222 8&#

0 6 0

$ .elie3e that m( father1 *e32 0enneth E2 +agin1 6as one of the
greatest men of God of this generation2 $ >no6 $=m a little pre?/diced1
./t $=d .elie3e that e3en if $ weren't his son2 $ certainl( >no6 a great
n/m.er of other people 6ho feel the same 6a( $ do2
Thro/gho/t m( life1 $ listened attenti3el( to ;ad1 tr(ing to learn as
m/ch of his 6isdom as $ co/ld2 $ al6a(s stood in a6e of the re3elations
he recei3ed from God=s 7ord o3er the (ears2 $n this .oo>1 ;ad ma>es
the statement that all those re3elations came to him as a res/lt of m/ch
pra(er and st/d(ing the 7ord2 $ can personall( attest to the tr/th of
that statement2
$ ha3e 3i3id memories of m( dad 6hen $ 6as si8 and se3en (ears old
and he 6as pastoring his last ch/rch .efore he 6ent o/t on the field2
,an( times as $ 6ent to .ed at night in that small1 old parsonage1 $=d
loo> o3er at m( dad@a tall1 s>inn( (o/ng man of a.o/t 31 (ears
old@as he sat .o6ed o3er his des> in the corner1 st/d(ing the %i.le .(
the light of a little des> lamp2
Sometimes $=d 6a>e /p and t/rn o3er in the middle of the night1 and
there that (o/ng man 6o/ld .e1 still sitting at that des>2 ,om 6o/ld
6a>e me /p for school the ne8t morning1 and ;ad 6o/ld still .e sitting
there1 6ith .oo>s and open %i.les l(ing all o3er the des> or spread o/t
on the floor aro/nd him2
;ad 6o/ld al6a(s get /p from his des> and sit do6n at the >itchen
ta.le to eat .rea>fast 6ith m( sister 4at and me .efore 6e left for
school2 %/t man( times 6hen $ came home from school in the
afternoon1 $=d see m( dad still sitting at that same des>1 s/rro/nded .(
the same .oo>s and open %i.les2
$ remem.er man( mornings 6hen $=d 6a>e /p and find o/t that m(
dad had pra(ed all night long2 7itho/t e3er ha3ing gone to .ed1 he
6o/ld ta>e a sho6er and clean /pA then he=d go o/t to ta>e care of the
./siness of the ch/rch all da( long2 ;ad 6o/ld simpl( sa(1 B7ell1 the
+ol( Spirit 6ill refresh me2B
So if (o/ ha3e e3er 6ondered ho6 0enneth E2 +agin learned all that
he >ne6 and all that he ta/ght to so man( people o3er his almost !0
(ears of ministr(1 no6 (o/ >no62 +e recei3ed that re3elation
>no6ledge .( st/d(ing the %i.le and other good .oo>s and .( pra(ing
ho/rs /pon ho/rs on end2 ;o (o/ 6ant to get to 6here m( dad 6as in

his spirit/al 6al>C 7ell1 that=s the >ind of price (o/ ha3e to .e 6illing
to pa(2
;/ring the Charismatic *ene6al of the 19"0s and 19!0s1 m( father
spo>e into the li3es of man(1 e8plaining the necessit( of the po6er of
the +ol( Spirit2 God /sed him in a profo/nd 6a( to to/ch that
Then in the 1990s1 it seemed that manifestations of that po6er
6aned2 %/t no6 $ sense in m( spirit a greater mo3e of the +ol( Spirit
on the horiDon2 %eca/se tong/es is so important1 6e ha3e gathered
transcripts of m/ch of ;ad=s teaching on the s/.?ect and compiled a
comprehensi3e st/d( for these da(s2 ;ad spo>e simpl(1 and 6e .elie3e
his 6ords 6ill help others /nderstand these 3ital tr/ths2
$ than> God for the heritage $ ha3e1 and $ am pro/d to introd/ce to
(o/ this po6erf/l .oo> that e8plores the profo/nd 3al/e of spea>ing
6ith other tong/es2 These pages contain the rich and timeless teachings
of one of the foremost prophets of God gi3en to this generation@m(
father1 0enneth E2 +agin2 +e 6ent home to .e 6ith the 9ord in 20031
./t his 6ords and his pra(ers for the %od( of Christ are still important
and helpf/l1 calling .elie3ers to come /p higher in pra(er and to li3e in
the f/llness of their inheritance in Christ2
The last da(s are /pon /s1 and God is loo>ing for those 6ho are
6illing to pa( the price in pra(er2 7e=3e stopped short at the door to
the s/pernat/ral far too long2 5or m( father1 the door 6as pra(ing in
tong/es as pro3ided to him thro/gh the infilling of the +ol( Spirit2
There are 3ario/s e3idences to the f/llness of the Spirit in a person=s life2
%/t it=s important that 6e .egin 6ith and not settle for less than 6hat
the %i.le pro3ides for /s in tong/es2 -s ;ad stated so eloE/entl(1
B4eople are d(ing1 and the end is coming2 The end of all things is at
hand1 and 6hat 6e do1 6e m/st do E/ic>l(2B
So $ /rge (o/ to let m( father=s teaching stir (o/ to the depths of
(o/r .eing to .egin pra(ing in the Spirit li>e ne3er .efore2 $t=s time to
step through the door and .egin to 6al> in the po6er and re3elation of
the +ol( Spirit on a dail( .asis2 -nd as (o/ ma>e (o/rself a3aila.le to
God in pra(er1 +e 6ill .egin to /se (o/ to .ring a.o/t +is p/rposes on
this earth in 6a(s that toda( (o/ can=t e3en imagineF

0 *ii0

Kenneth W. Hagin


O3er the cent/ries1 there has .een m/ch mis/nderstanding in the
Ch/rch concerning the matter of spea>ing 6ith other tong/es1 not onl(
among those 6ho don=t spea> 6ith tong/es1 ./t also among those 6ho
5irst1 there are those o/tside of 4entecostal and Charismatic circles
6ho don=t spea> 6ith tong/es2 The( >no6 nothing at all a.o/t the
s/.?ect1 or the( ha3e 6rong ideas a.o/t tong/es that cannot .e .orn o/t
in Script/re2
Then there are those in 4entecostal and Charismatic circles 6ho also
>no6 3er( little a.o/t this s/.?ect1 e3en tho/gh the( themsel3es spea>
6ith tong/es2 These Christians don=t realiDe the 3al/e deri3ed from
e8ercising that gift1 nor do the( /nderstand the scope@the p/rpose and
the /se@of tong/es2 -s a res/lt1 the( often ta>e tong/es o/t of its
proper setting in the 7ord1 and their ignorance leads them into e8cess
and /nscript/ral practices2 The( go too far1 ta>ing tong/es .e(ond 6hat
the 7ord sa(s2
$n .oth cases1 this lac> of /nderstanding a.o/t tong/es has .ro/ght
m/ch damage to the ca/se of Christ and has ro..ed m/ltit/des of the
.lessings God intended for them to ha3e2
$n the Ch/rch 6orld as a 6hole1 a 6ide 3ariet( of teaching e8ists on
this s/.?ect of the +ol( Spirit and spea>ing in tong/es2 %/t 6e need to
e8amine 6hat 6e .elie3e in the light of God=s 7ord1 not in the light of
o/r e8perience1 nor in the light of 6hat o/r partic/lar ch/rch or
denomination ma( teach2
7e also need to remem.er 6hat the -postle 4a/l said in 5irst
Corinthians 12'1' "Now concerning spiritual gits! "rethren! I would not ha#e
you ignorant." God doesn=t 6ant /s to .e ignorant of things pertaining to
the +ol( Spirit1 (et the fact remains that mis/nderstandings a.o/nd
6hen it comes to this s/.?ect of spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2
+o6e3er1 one thing is s/rel( certain' This is not a s/.?ect to .e cast
lightl( aside or considered to .e /nimportant to the %od( of Christ2 God
does not fill +is %oo> 6ith things of minor importance1 nor does +e
ma>e /nnecessar( statements@and +e has m/ch to sa( a.o/t this
matter in +is 7ord2 That is 6h( $ 6ant /s to do an in&depth st/d( on
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2

:ears ago the 9ord told me that there are some areas of pra(er and
intercession that 6ill .e lost /nless 6e 6ho are e8perienced in pra(er
someho6 get those tr/ths o3er to this present generation2 God needs
more people of pra(er to get the ?o. done on this earth2 $=m in3iting (o/
to .e one of them@ and to start .( learning more a.o/t the tr/e scope
and 3al/e of pra(ing in other tong/es2

This !refa"e was "ompiled from Kenneth #. $agin%s notes on the s&b'e"t of

HE HO.B S37=7
,-9 O-CUES

3,= #

+ H, 3 E = #

/OU= +O22O- OBFE+7O-S O
S3E,K7-C 7- O-CUES

Oftentimes o/r denominational friends 6ho do not spea> 6ith
tong/es as> /s1 B7h( do (o/ fol>s gi3e s/ch prominence to spea>ing
6ith other tong/esCB
7ell1 the ans6er is that 6e don=tF +o6e3er1 there are se3eral reasons
that ma>e it seem li>e 6e do2 One reason is the fact that those o/tside of
5/ll Gospel circles are al6a(s as>ing /s a.o/t the s/.?ect and
compelling /s to disc/ss itF +ere are a fe6 other reasons it seems li>e
6e gi3e prominence to spea>ing in tong/es'
#. Spea>ing 6ith other tong/es is al6a(s manifested 6hen
one is .aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 $t is the s/pernat/ral
e3idence of the +ol( Spirit=s infilling in a personGs life2 H7e=ll
tal> f/rther a.o/t this later2I
1. The spirit/al gifts of tong/es and interpretation of tong/es
are distincti3e of this dispensation in 6hich 6e li3e :# Cor2
32 The -postle 4a/l ga3e prominence to the s/.?ect of
tong/es2 $n fact1 in his first letter to the Corinthian
ch/rch1 he 6rote E/ite a .it a.o/t it2 HSee 5irst
Corinthians 142I 7h( did 4a/l gi3e so m/ch
prominence to tong/esC %eca/se then1 as no61 the
s/.?ect 6as m/ch mis/nderstood2
7e=re going to co3er a lot of gro/nd as 6e e8plore 6hat
God=s 7ord sa(s a.o/t the infilling of the +ol( Spirit 6ith the
e3idence of spea>ing in tong/es2 %/t first1 $ 6ant to address
some of the common o.?ections people ha3e against this s/.?ect
of tong/es2

Ob>ection G#? EFesus didnEt speak in tongues,
so 7 donEt ha*e to either.E
$t=s tr/e that altho/gh (o/ 6ill find all the other se3en gifts of
the Spirit manifested in the earthl( ministr( of Jes/s1 (o/ 6on=t
find tong/es and interpretation operating in +is ministr(2 :o/
also 6on=t find spea>ing 6ith other tong/es or interpretation of
tong/es in demonstration in the Old Testament Haltho/gh (o/
6ill find this gift prophesied a.o/t in $saiah 2'11&12I2 These t6o
gifts of the Spirit are distincti3e of this +ol( Spirit ;ispensation1
or age1 6hich .egan 6ith the o/tpo/ring of the +ol( Ghost on
the ;a( of 4entecost as recorded in -cts 22
Jes/s mentioned this ne6 gift that God 6o/ld gi3e to +is
people /nder the Ne6 Co3enant2 $n ,ar> 1"'1!&11 Jes/s
declared that fi3e s/pernat/ral signs are to follo6 .elie3ers1 and
one of them is that B222 they shall spea$ with new tongues" H32 1!I2
Some fol>s endea3or to e8plain that 3erse a6a( .( sa(ing1 B7ell1
that ?/st means (o/ /sed to c/rse and tell 3/lgar ?o>es .efore (o/ 6ere
sa3ed1 ./t no6 (o/ don=t do that an(more2 Or (o/ /sed to lie1 ./t no6
(o/ don=t lie an(more2B $t=s tr/e that (o/ sho/ldn=t .e doing those
things1 especiall( once (o/=re a child of God1 ./t that is not 6hat this
script/re is tal>ing a.o/t2
-ll fi3e of these signs listed in ,ar> 1"'1!&1 are s/pernat/ral2
%elie3ers shall la( hands on the sic>1 and the( shall reco3er@
s/pernat/rall(2 The( 6ill cast o/t de3ils@.( the s/pernat/ral po6er of
God2 $f the( drin> an( deadl( thing or ta>e /p a serpent1 it 6ill not
harm them@.eca/se of God=s s/pernat/ral protection2
No61 of co/rse1 that doesn=t mean (o/ can handle deadl( serpents
?/st to pro3e something2 %/t (o/ can .e s/pernat/rall( protected li>e
4a/l 6as 6hen he accidentall( pic>ed /p a deadl( 3iper along 6ith an
armf/l of 6ood on the island of ,elita H-cts 2'3&#I2 The serpent .it
4a/l on the hand1 ./t he ?/st shoo> it off into the fire1 and the poison
had no effect on him2
$f fo/r of these fi3e signs mentioned in ,ar> 1" are s/pernat/ral1
does it ma>e sense that God 6o/ld add one more sign and ma>e it
nat/ralC NoF %esides1 Jes/s did not sa(1 "% ew .elie3ers 6ill spea> 6ith
other tong/es2B +e clearl( implied that all .elie3ers sho/ld do so2
7h( is it1 then1 that most .elie3ers do not spea> 6ith other tong/esC
$=m s/re 6e co/ld find a n/m.er of reasons 6h( this is tr/e2 Sometimes

the reason is pertinent to the indi3id/al2 $n other 6ords1 some people
ha3e their o6n personal reasons for not spea>ing in tong/es2
+o6e3er1 $=m also s/re of the n/m.er&one reason' There has
.een 3er( little so/nd1 logical1 and script/ral teaching as to the
scope and the 3al/e of spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 -s a res/lt1 man(
fol>s are not cogniDant of this gift that God has made a3aila.le
to them2 The( ?/st don=t realiDe the 3al/e of spea>ing in
tong/es@.eca/se if the( did1 the( 6o/ld all 6ant to do itF

Ob>ection G1? Eongues are of the de*il.E

7hen $ 6as ?/st a (o/ng .o( preacher1 $ 6o/ld fello6ship
6ith the 4entecostals .eca/se the( .elie3ed in di3ine healing2 $
had .een healed and raised /p from a death.ed .( the po6er of
God1 and it strengthened m( faith in healing to fello6ship 6ith
others of li>e&precio/s faith2 -s a res/lt1 m( denominational
colleag/es 6ere deepl( concerned a.o/t me1 and the( 6o/ld
6arn me a.o/t Bthose 4entecostal people2B The( spo>e in all
sincerit( and honest(1 ./t 6ith minds .ef/ddled 6ith
/nscript/ral theological concepts2
$ remem.er in partic/lar the 6ords of one %i.le teacher1 a
grad/ate of a denominational seminar(2 +e said to me1 B$ admit
that almost e3er(thing those 5/ll Gospel people teach and
preach is f/ndamental and right2 -nd $=ll also admit that the(
li3e .etter li3es than 6e do in o/r ch/rch2 %/t that spea>ing in
tong/es is of the de3ilFB
$ didn=t ans6er this man right then1 ./t $ tho/ght to m(self1
How in the world can people get something rom the de#il that ma$es
them "etter& ' thought it was always the other way around( 'sn't it the
de#il that tries to ma$e people do "ad things and the Holy )host who
helps them to do right&
That /nscript/ral thin>ing reminds me a.o/t something that
happened to a fello6 from east Te8as 6ho 6as wild .efore he got sa3ed
in his earl( thirties2 -s a .o(1 he had attended a denominational ch/rch1
altho/gh he had ne3er gotten sa3ed2 %/t once he hit his teenage (ears1
the (o/ng man 6ent 6ild and .egan to freE/ent .ars e3er( night2
-n( sin (o/ 6ant to mention1 this man did it in his (o/nger (ears1
from drin>ing and c/ssing to .ra6ling and fighting2 $n fact1 there 6ere
some nights 6hen he=d 6hip e3er(one 6ho challenged him and clear

o/t the .arF The(=d ha3e to call in t6o or three sE/ad cars to come and
ta>e him to ?ail2 This (o/ng man 6as tough(
:ears later1 some 5/ll Gospel people started 6itnessing to this man1
and he got sa3ed1 .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost1 and spo>e 6ith other
tong/es2 The ch/rch he=d attended as a child ?/st left him alone d/ring
the more than 20 (ears he=d .een so 6ild2 The pastor hadn=t .othered to
3isit him e3en once2 %/t all of a s/dden1 the pastor 6ho had ignored
him for all those (ears came to 3isit the man 6ith deep
concern@.eca/se he=d Bgotten something from the de3il2B
$t 6o/ld .e f/nn( if it 6eren=t so patheticF
That man told me personall( 6hat happened d/ring the pastor=s
3isit2 +e said1 B$ let the pastor tal> for a 6hile1 ./t 6hen he said1 =That
spea>ing in tong/es is of the de3il1= $ stopped him and said1 =7ait a
min/te1 4astor2 $ >no6 that tong/es isn=t of the de3il1 .eca/se $ had
e3er(thing the de3il co/ld gi3e me 6hen $ 6as a sinner2 $f tong/es
6ere of the de3il1 $ 6o/ld ha3e had it long agoF %/t $ didn=t recei3e this
gift /ntil $ t/rned m( .ac> on the de3il and got sa3ed and filled 6ith
the +ol( GhostF=B
No matter ho6 m/ch the pastor tried1 he co/ldn=t tal> that
man o/t of spea>ing in tong/es2 The man $new he had recei3ed
that gift from God2
-s for me1 the moment $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and
.egan spea>ing 6ith other tong/es1 $ 6ent loo>ing for that %i.le
teacher 6ho had told me that tong/es 6ere of the de3il2 $n times
past1 he 6o/ld al6a(s .ring /p the s/.?ect1 ./t this time $
.ro/ght it /p .eca/se $ 6anted to get something o3er to him2
Once again1 the %i.le teacher 6arned me a.o/t Bthose
4entecostal fol>s2B -gain he told me1 BThat spea>ing 6ith
tong/es is of the de3ilFB
$ replied1 BNo6 6ait a min/te@stop right there2 :o/ sa( that
spea>ing 6ith tong/es is of the de3ilCB
BThat=s rightFB
B7ell1B $ said1 Bif tong/es is of the de3il1 then so is o/r entire
The man=s e(es got as .ig as sa/cers2 +e loo>ed li>e he=d seen
a ghostF 5inall( he sp/ttered1 B7hat are (o/ tal>ing a.o/tCB
$ said1 B:o/ >no6 $=3e .een filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and
spea> 6ith other tong/es2 7ell1 the same +ol( Spirit $ got
acE/ainted 6ith in o/r denomination1 the same Spirit 6ho
recreated m( spirit and 6itnessed to m( spirit that $ am a child
of God@that=s the same +ol( Spirit 6ho ga3e me /tterance in

other tong/es do6n at the 5/ll Gospel ch/rch 6hen $ 6as filled
6ith the SpiritF
BThe 4entecostals don=t ha3e a different +ol( Spirit than 6e
ha3e2 +e isn=t t6ins or triplets or E/adr/plets or E/int/plets2
There is onl( one +ol( GhostF $t=s identicall( the same Spirit@
?/st a different dimension2B
BOh no1 noFB he protested2 BThat isn=t right2B $ said1 B:o/=re a %i.le
scholar1 aren=t (o/CB BOh (es1 $=m a seminar( grad/ate and ha3e ta/ght
the %i.le for 2# (ears2B
BSo let me as> (o/ something1B $ said2 B+a3e (o/ e3er spo>en 6ith
other tong/esCB
BNo1 of co/rse not1B the man said2
BThen ho6 do (o/ >no6 6hat Spirit is .ehind itCB $ as>ed2 B:o/ sa(
(o/ >no6 the %i.le2 Then (o/ m/st >no6 the pro3er. that sa(s a man
6ho ans6ers a matter .efore he hears it is a fool K4ro32 1'13L2
-ccording to that pro3er.1 (o/=re .eing foolish right no6F
B$=m the onl( one E/alified to spea> on the s/.?ect of tong/es in this
con3ersation1B $ contin/ed2 B:o/=re not E/alified to comment /nless
(o/=3e spo>en 6ith tong/es2 $f (o/ had1 (o/ co/ld tell me 6hat Spirit
ga3e (o/ that /tterance2 %/t $ can tell (o/ right no6 that it=s the same
+ol( Ghost2 $ didn=t recei3e an( strange or ne6 spirit2 +e is identicall(
the same Spirit $ had all the time2 7hen $ got filled 6ith the Spirit1 $ ?/st
e8perienced a greater meas/re of the +ol( Ghost2 So if spea>ing 6ith
tong/es is of the de3il1 o/r entire denomination is of the de3ilFB
,( 6ords shoc>ed this %i.le teacher so m/ch that he opened his
mo/th a time or t6o ./t co/ldn=t thin> of an(thing to sa(F
Of co/rse1 that denomination is not of the de3il1 and neither is
spea>ing 6ith tong/esF $t=s all of the +ol( Ghost2 Spea>ing in tong/es
?/st opens (o/ /p to a deeper dimension of the same Spirit2 :o/ can go
deeper in God if (o/ 6ant toF
Bour /ather Aill
Ci*e Bou Ahat Bou
,sk /or
No61 here=s something $ 6ant to get o3er to (o/ along this
line' ' you're a child o )od and as$ to recei#e the inilling o the Holy
*pirit! you're not going to get something else.

$ remem.er a %i.le teacher from another ch/rch 6ho had
come to m( meeting to get filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 %efore $
pra(ed for him1 he said to me1 BNo61 %rother +agin1 $=ll ?/st .e
honest 6ith (o/ ahead of time2 $=3e .een st/d(ing the %i.le1 and
$=3e .eg/n to see that tong/es are not of the de3il2 %/t $=m still
ha3ing tro/.le 6ith it2 $ g/ess it=s the 6a( $=3e .een ta/ght
against tong/es for so long2 Can (o/ tell me ho6 $ can >no6 that
$ 6on=t recei3e the 6rong spirit 6hen 6e pra(CB
This man had heard all >inds of stories a.o/t people
recei3ing false spirits 6hen the( pra(ed for the .aptism in the
+ol( Spirit2 -s a (o/ng denominational preacher1 $ had heard
all those tales m(self .efore $ recei3ed the .aptism in the +ol(
Ghost in 193!2 %/t since then1 in more than "# (ears of preaching
among 5/ll Gospel people1 $ ne3er once sa6 someone recei3e a
6rong spirit 6hen the person as>ed to .e filled 6ith the +ol(
Spirit@not one single time2
No61 don=t mis/nderstand me2 $=3e seen some Spirit&filled
fol>s get in the flesh2 %/t $=d rather ha3e a little 6ildfire 6hile
God is mo3ing than no fire at allF $=d rather ha3e a little disorder
than to ha3e the order of a gra3e(ard 6ith nothing happeningF
This man 6anted to .e s/re he 6o/ld recei3e the +ol( Spirit
and not some other spirit 6hen 6e pra(ed1 so $ simpl( read
9/>e 11'11&13 to him2
LUKE 11:11-13
11 $f a son shall as> .read of an( of (o/ that
is a father1 6ill he gi3e him a stoneC or if he
as> a fish1 6ill he for a fish gi3e him a serpentC
12 Or if he shall as> an egg1 6ill he offer him a
13 $f (e then1 .eing e3il1 >no6 ho6 to gi3e
good gifts /nto (o/r children' ho6 m/ch more
shall (o/r hea3enl( 5ather G$<E T+E +O9:
S4$*$T TO T+E, T+-T -S0 +$,C

$ as>ed the man1 B;o (o/ ha3e an( childrenCB@to 6hich he replied1
B:es2B Then $ as>ed him1 B$f (o/r son as>ed (o/ for a fish1 6o/ld (o/
gi3e him a serpentC Or if he as>ed (o/ for an egg1 6o/ld (o/ offer him
a scorpionCB
The man replied1 BNo1 of co/rse not2B
BNeither 6o/ld God1B $ told him2 B$ 6ant to sho6 (o/ 6hat Jes/s
6as act/all( tal>ing a.o/t in this passage2 7e can find the ans6er one

chapter earlier in 9/>e 10'191 6here it sa(s1 'Behold! ' gi#e unto you power
to tread on serpents and scorpions! and o#er all the power o the enemy.'"
$ contin/ed1 B:o/ see1 Jes/s 6asn=t tal>ing a.o/t literal sna>es or
act/al scorpions here2 +e 6as tal>ing a.o/t the po6er of the enem(F
+e 6as tal>ing a.o/t demons and e3il spirits1 and that=s 6hat +e called
serpents and scorpions2B
This lets /s >no6 that Jes/s 6as act/all( sa(ing1 B$f a son as>s for a
fish1 6ill his father gi3e him a serpent Han e3il spiritIC Or if he as>s for
an egg1 6ill his father offer him a scorpion Han e3il spiritICB
Then $ said to the man1 B:o/=re a child of God1 and that means
God is (o/r 5ather1 rightCB B:es1B he said2
B7ell1B $ said1 BJ/st as (o/ 6o/ld ne3er gi3e something e3il to
your children1 do (o/ thin> (o/r +ea3enl( 5ather 6o/ld gi3e
(o/1 +is child1 an e3il spirit 6hen (o/ as> +im for +is SpiritCB
;o (o/ >no6 6hat that fello6 did 6hen $ said that to himC
+e started la/ghing@and then he immediatel( .egan to spea>
in tong/esF Once he 6as released from his fear1 $ didn=t e3en
ha3e to pra( 6ith him to recei3e the +ol( SpiritF
+e said1 B%rother +agin1 if $=d >no6n 6hat (o/ ?/st told me1 $
co/ld ha3e .een tal>ing in tong/es long agoFB
That man had .een .o/nd /p as a res/lt of 6hat he=d heard1
missing o/t on the .lessings God had for him2 The de3il had
.om.arded his mind 6ith fearf/l tho/ghts that he might get the
6rong spirit if he pra(ed for the +ol( Spirit=s infilling2
That ne3er has to happen to (o/1 friend2 :o/ ne3er ha3e to .e
afraid to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 %/t here is 6hat (o/ m/st
al6a(s >eep in mind' The 7ord of God 6ill always set (o/ freeF

JOHN 8:32
32 -nd (e shall >no6 the tr/th1 and the tr/th shall
ma>e (o/ free2
Jes/s didn=t sa( the tr/th 6ill .ind (o/2 +e said the tr/th of
God=s 7ord 6ill ma$e you ree.
There is a.sol/tel( no danger@none 6hatsoe3er@of a
.elie3er recei3ing the 6rong spirit 6hen he as>s God to fill him
6ith the +ol( Spirit2 $n fact1 $=ll .e e3en plainer a.o/t it and sa(
this' $f an(one claims he recei3ed the 6rong spirit 6hen he
as>ed for the +ol( Ghost1 he lied a.o/t itF

To sa( that Christians can recei3e a 6rong spirit 6hen the( as> for
the +ol( Spirit is sa(ing that Jes/s Christ is a partner to a lie2 -nd $
6o/ld m/ch rather call a person a liar than to call +esus a liar2 -s
*omans 3'4 sa(s1 B 2 2 ,et )od "e true! "ut -.-R/ man a liar. . ."(
Jes/s said1 B 2 2 How much more shall your hea#enly 0ather gi#e the Holy
*pirit to them that as$ him&" H9/>e 11'13I2 $n other 6ords1 if (o/ as> for
the infilling of the +ol( Spirit1 that is e8actl( 6hat (o/ 6ill getF

Ob>ection G8? Eongues ha*e ceased.E

One time a person came to me and said1 B7h(1 don=t (o/ >no6 that
the %i.le said tong/es ha3e ceasedCB
$ ans6ered1 BNo1 $ don=t >no6 that1 and (o/ don=t eitherFB BOh1 (es1 $
read it in the %i.leFB
B-ll right1B $ replied1 Bif (o/ can gi3e me chapter and 3erse1 $=ll gi3e
(o/ a tho/sand&dollar re6ardFB No61 $ didn=t ha3e the tho/sand
dollars1 ./t $ 6asn=t afraid2 $ >ne6 $ 6o/ldn=t ha3e to pa( the mone(1
.eca/se $ >ne6 that person co/ldn=t find an( script/re in the %i.le
sa(ing tong/es ha3e ceasedF
The man loo>ed and loo>ed and loo>ed1 tr(ing to find a 3erse that
pro3ed his point2 5inall(1 he ga3e /p searching1 and $ decided to help
him o/t2 $ said1 BThe 3erse (o/=re h/nting for is 5irst Corinthians 13'2B
BOh1 so $=m right that the %i.le reall( does sa( tong/es ha3e
$ said1 BOh1 no2 9et=s read it1 and $=ll sho6 (o/ 6hat this 3erse
reall( sa(s2B

8 Charit( ne3er faileth' ./t 6hether there .e
prophecies1 the( shall failA 6hether there .e tong/es1
the( shall ceaseA 6hether there .e >no6ledge1 it shall
3anish a6a(2
B7hen (o/ read the 6hole 3erse1B $ told this man1 Bit gi3es a
different /nderstanding to it2 :o/ see1 it sa(s that tong/es shall
cease1 not that the( ha#e ceased2 $t also sa(s that prophecies shall
fail and that >no6ledge shall 3anish a6a(2 -ll of these things are
f/t/re tense2 So tong/es ha3en=t ceased (et an(more than
>no6ledge has 3anished a6a(FB

Then $ sho6ed the man the ne8t fe6 3erses so he co/ld learn
more a.o/t 6hat 4a/l is act/all( sa(ing a.o/t tong/es in this

9 5or 6e >no6 i n part1 and 6e prophes( i n part2
10 %/t 6hen that 6hich is perfect is come1 then that
6hich is i n part shall .e done a6a(2
Some people /se 3erse 10 to tr( to for.id tong/es2 $n error
the( claim1 B7hen 4a/l said1 =6hen that 6hich is perfect is
come1= he 6as tal>ing a.o/t the %i.le2 So no6 that 6e ha3e the
%i.le in its complete form1 6e no longer need the s/pernat/ral gift of
%/t that interpretation of 3erse 10 doesn=t hold 6ater 6hen (o/
com.ine it 6ith 3erse 122

12 5or no6 6e see thro/gh a glass1 dar>l(A
./t then face to face' no6 $ >no6 i n partA ./t
then shall $ >no6 e3en as also $ am >no6n2

$t is o.3io/s that 6e do not (et see face to face and that 6e still do
see Bthro/gh a glass1 dar>l(2B $t is therefore also e3ident that prophecies
ha3e not failed1 that >no6ledge has not 3anished a6a(1 and that
tong/es ha3e not ceasedF
The people 6ho tr( to for.id tong/es .ased on this passage of
Script/re 6o/ld do 6ell to also read 5irst Corinthians 14'39' "Whereore!
"rethren! co#et to prophesy! and 01RB'2 N1T T1 *3-%K W'TH
T1N)U-*." The -postle 4a/l and the Earl( Ch/rch certainl( didn=t
for.id people to spea> in tong/es2 $n fact1 4a/l ga3e a n/m.er of
reasons in this chapter to encourage people to spea> 6ith tong/es1 6hich
is the s/.?ect of a later disc/ssion2

Ob>ection G6? EOnl! the apostles could pra! for people to
recei*e the baptism in the Hol! Spirit.E
Some people /se -cts '14&1! to pro3e that the .aptism in the +ol(
Spirit 6ith the e3idence of spea>ing in tong/es 6as onl( a3aila.le for
the Earl( Ch/rch as long as the original apostles 6ere still ali3e2 These

people mista>enl( maintain that onl( the apostles co/ld minister the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit to people2
+o6e3er1 this passage in -cts pro3es the contrar( is tr/e2
ACTS 8:14-17
14 No6 6hen the apostles 6hich 6ere at Jer/salem
heard that Samaria had recei3ed the 6ord of God1 the(
sent /nto them 4eter and John'
15 7ho1 6hen the( 6ere come do6n1 pra(ed for them1
that the( might recei3e the +ol( Ghost'
16 H5or as (et he 6as fallen /pon none of them' onl(
the( 6ere .aptiDed i n the name of the 9ord Jes/s2I
17 Then laid the( their hands on them1 and the(
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2

4eople 6ho hold to the arg/ment that tong/es ceased 6ith
the last apostle sa(1 BThe apostles recei3ed the +ol( Ghost on the
;a( of 4entecost1 and then the( 6ere a.le to pass on the +ol(
Ghost to others2 %/t those fol>s in t/rn co/ldn=t pass the +ol(
Ghost on to an(one else2
These people contend1 BThat=s the reason 4hilip didn=t tr( to
pass the +ol( Ghost on to the Samaritans after he got them
sa3ed2 4hilip co/ldn=t minister the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit
.eca/se he 6asn=t one of the original apostles2 So 4eter and John
had to come do6n to Samaria to la( hands on the ne6 .elie3ers
to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 %/t 6hen the last apostle died1 the
a.ilit( to minister the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit to others
%/t that arg/ment ?/st isn=t in line 6ith the 7ord2 7e are going to
tal> at length later a.o/t the fi3e recorded instances in the %oo> of -cts
6here people 6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 %/t $ 6ant to ma>e this
partic/lar point here' $n t6o of the fi3e instances 6here .elie3ers
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost1 the( recei3ed 6itho/t the la(ing on of hands2
-nd on one of the other three occasions1 the person 6ho ministered the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit 6asn=t e3en an apostleF $=m tal>ing a.o/t the
Bcertain disciple at ;amasc/sB named -nanias H-cts 9'10I 6ho 6ent to
Sa/l of Tars/s Hsoon to .e called 4a/lI and laid hands on him that he
might .e filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit H-cts 9'1!I2

Once after preaching at a meeting1 $ sat do6n on a chair on the
platform and .egan la(ing hands on fol>s as the( came .( me in a line
to .e healed and to recei3e the +ol( Spirit2
-s $ as>ed each person 6h( he or she had come for6ard for pra(er1
a certain man in the line spo>e /p and as>ed1 B;o (o/ claim to .e an
apostleCB E3er(one co/ld hear this man=s E/estion o3er the
BNo1 $=m not an apostle1B $ replied1 Band $ don=t claim to .e one2 $=m
s/re $ don=t ha3e the E/alifications2B
B7ell1 then1 6hat are (o/ doing la(ing hands on fol>s to recei3e the
+ol( GhostCB the man as>ed me2
Of co/rse1 the min/te the man said that1 $ had him located2 So $ said1
BOh1 $ see that (o/ reall( >no6 (o/r Ne6 Testament2B
BOh1 (esF 7e spea> 6here the Ne6 Testament spea>s1 and 6e are
silent 6here it=s silent2B
B-ll right1B $ said2 BNo61 do (o/ sa( that the Ne6 Testament teaches
that no one ./t the original apostles co/ld minister the infilling of the
+ol( Spirit to peopleC $n other 6ords1 do (o/ .elie3e that onl( the 12
apostles recei3ed the +ol( Ghost on the da( of 4entecost1 and not the
120CB B:esFB the man replied2
B-nd (o/ also .elie3e that these apostles had the po6er to
pass the a.ilit( to minister the +ol( Ghost on to someone else .(
la(ing on of hands@./t that 6hen the last apostle died1 all of
that ceasedCB
B:es1 that=s right2B
B7ell1B $ said1 Bthe onl( difference .et6een me and (o/ is that
(o/ claim to spea> 6here the Ne6 Testament spea>s and to .e
silent 6here it is silent1 ./t (o/=re l(ing a.o/t it2 On the other
hand1 $ do spea> 6here it spea>s1 and $=m silent 6here it is
B7hat do (o/ meanCB the man as>ed2 B7hat a.o/t -nanias in
-cts 9CB $ as>ed2 B-nanias 6asn=t an apostle2B
This man said1 B$ don=t e8actl( >no6 6hat (o/=re tal>ing
$ opened m( %i.le to -cts 9 and read the follo6ing 3erses'
ACTS 9:10-12,17
10 -nd there 6as - CE*T-$N ;$SC$49E at
;amasc/s1 named -naniasA and to h i m said the 9ord

i n a 3ision1 -nanias2 -nd he said1 %ehold1 $ am here1
11 -nd the 9ord said /nto h i m1 -rise1 and go into
the street 6hich is called Straight1 and inE/ire i n the
ho/se of ?/das for one called Sa/l1 of Tars/s' for1
.ehold1 h e pra(eth1
12 -nd hath seen i n a 3ision a man named
-nanias coming i n 1 and 4UTT$NG +$S
+-N; ON +$ ,1 that he might recei3e his
sight2 2 2 2
17 -nd -nanias 6ent his 6a(1 and entered
into the ho/seA and 4UTT$NG +$ S +-N;S
ON +$ , said1 %rother Sa/l1 the 9ord1 e3en
Jes/s1 that appeared /nto thee i n the 6a( as
tho/ earnest1 hath sent me1 that tho/ mightest
recei3e th( sight1 and %E 5$99E; 7$T+ T+E
+O9: G+OST2

BNo6 ans6er me please1B $ said to the man1 B6as -nanias an
B$ didn=t >no6 that 6as in there1B the man said2
B:o/ see1 (o/=d .etter .e caref/l 6hen (o/ sa( that (o/ spea> 6here
the Ne6 Testament spea>sF No6here in the %i.le does it sa( that onl(
apostles can minister the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit2B
-s the man started to 6al> a6a(1 $ said1 B7ait a min/teF %efore (o/
lea3e1 (o/ as>ed me if $ 6as an apostle and tried to pro3e that $ had no
right to la( hands on fol>s to recei3e the +ol( Ghost .eca/se $ am not
an apostle2 %/t $ ?/st pro3ed to (o/ from the 7ord that people 6ho are
not apostles can la( hands on others to recei3e the +ol( Spirit2B
$ contin/ed1 B:o/ 6anted to >no6 .( 6hat a/thorit( $ minister .(
the la(ing on of hands1 and $ 6ant to tell (o/2 $ la( hands on fol>s to
recei3e the +ol( Ghost .( the same a/thorit( .( 6hich the =certain
disciple at ;amasc/s= named -nanias laid hands on Sa/l of Tars/s2 $t
sa(s in 3erse 10'=222 to him K-naniasL said the ,ord in a #ision
The 6ord disciple ?/st means Ba follo6er of the 9ord2B This
man -nanias 6as not an apostle2 +e 6as not a prophet2 +e 6as
not an e3angelist2 +e 6as not a pastor2 +e 6as not a teacher2 +e
6as ?/st 6hat (o/ and $ 6o/ld call a Bla(person1B and he 6as
directed .( the 9ord Jes/s +imself1 the +ead of the Ch/rch1 to
go la( his hands on Sa/l to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2

$ .elie3e God p/t this acco/nt in the %i.le .eca/se +e >ne6
6e=d face this arg/ment from some fol>s@that onl( the apostles
co/ld minister the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit and that 6hen the
last apostle died1 that 6as the end of it2 4eople 6ho arg/e that
6a( are left speechless 6hen the( find o/t 6hat the Ne6
Testament act/all( does sa(F
So $ said to the man1 B$ la( hands on fol>s to recei3e the +ol(
Ghost .eca/se the same Jes/s 6ho appeared to -nanias in
;amasc/s told me1 =$ 6ant (o/ to go la( hands on .elie3ers to
recei3e the +ol( Ghost2=
BThat is the a/thorit( .( 6hich $ minister .( the la(ing on of
hands@the 9ord Jes/s1 the +ead of the Ch/rchF $f (o/ 6ant to
arg/e and f/ss a.o/t it1 $ s/ggest that (o/ go arg/e and f/ss
6ith Jes/s1 .eca/se +e=s the One 6ho told me to do it2B 7ith
that1 $ sent the man on his 6a(2
$ 6ant to ma>e one more point a.o/t 6hat happened 6hen
Jes/s told me that +e had gi3en me the ministr( of la(ing on of
hands for the infilling of the +ol( Spirit2
$ 6asn=t necessaril( happ( a.o/t that ne6s2 $ said to Jes/s1
B;ear 9ord1 $ get eno/gh criticism ?/st from fol>s getting filled
6ith the +ol( Spirit in m( ch/rch2 -s s/re as $ start la(ing
hands on people to recei3e the +ol( Spirit1 $=ll get criticiDed e3en
9ord1 $ don=t .elie3e $ 6ant to do that2 $ ?/st 6ish :o/=d gi3e this
ministr( to someone else2B
7ell1 Jes/s s/re did let me ha3e it on that oneF +e as>ed me1 B7ho
called (o/C ;id $ or did peopleCB
B7ell1B $ said1 B:o/ didFB
Then +e as>ed me1 BTo 6hom shall (o/ gi3e an acco/nt for (o/r
ministr(@/nto ,e or /nto peopleCB B7h(1 /nto :o/1 9ordFB $ said2
Then the 9ord said1 B$t is 6ritten that all m/st stand .efore the
J/dgment Seat of Christ to gi3e an acco/nt of the deeds done in the
.od( K2 Cor2 #'10L2 On that da(1 (o/ 6ill stand .efore ,e and gi3e an
acco/nt /nto 4el -nd all those 6ho ha3e criticiDed (o/r ministr( 6ill
also gi3e an acco/nt /nto ,e for 6hat the( said a.o/t it2 -fter all1 it is
4y ministr(1 and 6hen people criticiDe (o/r ministr( of la(ing on of
hands1 the( are criticiDing ,e2B

Jes/s contin/ed1 BSo (o/ lea3e those people in ,( hands2 The( 6ill
ha3e to gi3e an acco/nt to ,e for 6hat the( said2 ,ean6hile1 $ ha3e
gi3en this ministr( to (o/1 and (o/=re going to ha3e to gi3e an acco/nt
/nto 4e as to 6hether (o/ ha3e or ha3e not f/lfilled this ministr( $
ha3e gi3en to (o/2B
B7ell1 9ord1 $ g/ess $ .etter do something a.o/t it then2B
B:es1 (o/ certainl( had1B Jes/s replied2
B%/t 6hat do $ tell peopleCB $ as>ed2
Jes/s ga3e me the three instances in the %oo> of -cts 6here people
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost thro/gh the la(ing on of hands2 Then +e
simpl( said to me1 BGi3e people the script/res2B
So that=s e8actl( 6hat $=3e doneF Than> God for the 7ord of
GodF $t=s so clear and concise and plain2

9onEt Cet in a 3entecostal E=utE

%efore Jes/s e3er ga3e me the ministr( of the la(ing on of
hands1 +e 6as /sing me to get people filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2
$n 1939 $ 6as ministering at another pastor=s ch/rch1
preaching a message on sal3ation@6hich1 at the time1 6as the
onl( message $ >ne6 ho6 to preach2 *ight in the middle of m(
message1 $ s/ddenl( .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/es2 $ .elie3e
this 6as onl( the second or third time $=d e3er gi3en a message
in tong/es in the p/.lic assem.l(2 $ spo>e 6ith tong/es three
times in s/ccession and interpreted each time2
-ll the interpretations 6ere a.o/t the infilling of the +ol(
Ghost@an entirel( different s/.?ect than 6hat $ 6as preaching
a.o/t2 God 6as tr(ing to direct the ser3ice in another direction2
H7e ministers need to sense 6hich 6a( the +ol( Spirit is going
in o/r ser3ices and ?/st flo6 6ith +imFI
$nspired .( the +ol( Spirit1 $ fo/nd m(self doing something
$=d ne3er done .efore2 $ simpl( said1 BE3er(one 6ho has not
.een filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and 6ants to .e filled1 stand to
(o/r feet2B
$mmediatel( fi3e people leapt to their feet2
Standing in the p/lpit1 $ then said to those fi3e people Hand it
startled me 6hen $ said itFI1 B*ecei3e the +ol( GhostFB -ll ./t
one of the fi3e instantl( .egan spea>ing in tong/es2 7hen one

6oman started spea>ing in tong/es1 she 6as so thrilled that she
came o/t from .et6een the pe6s and started dancing do6n the
The pastor loo>ed at me startled and said1 B,(1 m(1 m(F 7h(1 some
of those people ha3e .een see>ing the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit for
(earsF The(=3e tarried for ho/rs on endF 7e=3e str/ggled 6ith them and
finall( ?/st gi3en /p on them@ partic/larl( this one 6oman 6ho is so
happ(F 7e=d ?/st gi3en /p on her as someone 6ho co/ldn=t recei3e the
+ol( Ghost2 No one 6o/ld e3en pra( 6ith her an(more2B
No 6onder this 6oman 6as dancing do6n the aislesF 4eople had
p/lled and t/gged and >noc>ed and slapped and cried and hollered for
(ears1 tr(ing to drag this 6oman into the .aptism in the +ol(
Ghost@and God filled her in a split secondF
-fter that ser3ice1 the pastor as>ed me to start a 6ee>&long re3i3al
there@./t the re3i3al ended /p lasting for a monthF God ga3e /s s/ch
a po6erf/l re3i3al that the pastor=s S/nda( school and ch/rch
mem.ership do/.led and his finances tripledF $ didn=t do all of
that@)od did2 $ ?/st let the +ol( Spirit mo3e2
$ remem.er one night of that re3i3al in partic/lar2 4eople 6ere
getting filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit e3er( night1 ./t on this one night1 12
people came for6ard to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 That 6as the largest
n/m.er to come /p for pra(er at one time2 $ 6anted to get these 12 o/t
of the spirit/al r/t the( had .een st/c> in1 so $ 6o/ldn=t e3en let them
>neel at the altar2
7e can all get in certain spirit/al r/ts1 e3en 6ith script/ral acts s/ch
as >neeling to pra(2 That doesn=t mean >neeling in pra(er isn=t good to
do2 -fter all1 4a/l said in Ephesians 3'141 "... ' "ow my $nees unto the
0ather o our ,ord +esus 5hrist!" and $ m(self li>e to >neel 6hen $ pra(2
%/t 6e can get in a r/t 6here 6e see> God onl( in a certain 6a(1 /ntil
e3ent/all( 6e might find o/rsel3es no longer ma>ing an( spirit/al
That=s 6hat has happened 6ith man( in the 4entecostal and
Charismatic circles2 -s people see> God to recei3e the +ol(
Spirit1 the( often get /sed to Bdoing it the 6a( o/r ch/rch has
al6a(s done it1B s/ch as >neeling at the altar to pra(2 Then too
often the( start praising God from their heads1 parroting 6hat
the( ha3e heard others sa( rather than praising +im from their
hearts@and that=s as far as the( e3er get2 $ call it the B4entecostal

r/t2B $t=s a r/t man( people ha3e a 3er( diffic/lt time getting o/t
So $ instr/cted these 12 6ho came for6ard to recei3e the
+ol( Spirit to stand in front of the altar2 Then $ told them1
B*ecei3e the +ol( GhostFB@and e3er( one of them started
spea>ing in tong/es all at the same timeF $t happened at the snap
of a fingerA the( all recei3ed2 $ didn=t to/ch them or la( hands on
them at all2
Thro/gho/t the 1940s1 this 6as the primar( 6a( the +ol(
Spirit /sed me to minister the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit Hand
+e=s contin/ed to 6or> 6ith me that 6a( at times thro/gho/t
m( ministr(I2 ,ost of the time $ 6o/ldn=t la( hands on the
people2 $=d ?/st ha3e them come and stand in front of the altar2
Then $=d tell them to recei3e the +ol( Ghost1 and the( 6o/ld
So (o/ can see that .i.licall( and spirit/all(1 (o/ don=t ha3e
to .e one of the earl( apostles to lead someone into the .aptism
in the +ol( Spirit2 :o/ don=t e3en ha3e to .e a minister2 Toda(
.elie3ers all o3er the 6orld are helping people get filled 6ith
the +ol( Spirit1 ?/st as a certain disciple named -nanias did
long agoF
These are ?/st fo/r of the most common o.?ections people /se to
oppose spea>ing 6ith other tong/es .eca/se the( don=t >no6 6hat the
7ord sa(s a.o/t it2 -s 6e go f/rther in o/r disc/ssion on this s/.?ect1
6e=ll address other E/estions and misconceptions that commonl( arise2
%/t here is the .ottom line to remem.er as 6e st/d( this or an( other
area of o/r spirit/al 6al>' The closer we stay with the Word o )od! the
more correct we will "e in whate#er we do.

+ H, 3 E = 1

S,.D,7O- ,-9 HE 7-/7..7-C?
AO SE3,=,E E<3E=7E-+ES@

7hen $ 6as a (o/ng denominational .o( preacher1 $ .egan to see
from the 7ord that altho/gh $ 6as sa3ed and $ >ne6 the +ol( Spirit
thro/gh +is 6or> in the Ne6 %irth1 $ hadn=t (et e8perienced 6hat the
4entecostals called Brecei3ing the +ol( Ghost2B -s $ st/died the Ne6
Testament1 the Spirit of God helped me /nderstand the passages on this
Thro/gh the Script/res $ .ecame con3inced that if $ recei3ed the
same +ol( Ghost the 4entecostals recei3ed1 $=d ha3e the same initial1
s/pernat/ral sign@the e3idence of spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 $ 6asn=t
going to .e satisfied 6ith an(thing lessF
$ had .een sa3ed fo/r (ears and raised /p from a death.ed totall(
healed three (ears .( that time2 $ >ne6 $ had the anointing of the +ol(
Ghost to preach2 $ also >ne6 it 6as the +ol( Spirit 6ho healed people
6hen $ pra(ed for them2 %/t e3ent/all( $ came to see 3er( clearl( that $
needed to recei3e the +ol( Ghost as a separate e8perience from
,an( people don=t /nderstand that tr/th1 ho6e3er2 $n fact1
the distinction .et6een the 6or> of the +ol( Spirit in the Ne6
%irth 3ers/s the infilling of the +ol( Spirit is not clearl( seen .(
the ma?orit( of the Ch/rch 6orld2 :et the Script/res thoro/ghl(
define these as t6o separate e8periences2
Jes/s= 6ords a.o/t the +ol( Spirit in John 14 refer to the
Ne6&%irth e8perience'

JOHN 14:17
17 2 2 2 : e >no6 h i mA for he d6elleth 6ith (o/1 and
shall .e $N (o/2

Then in -cts 1'# and 1 Jes/s spea>s of the +ol( Ghost again1
./t +is 6ords clearl( point to a different e8perience'

ACTS 1:5,8
5 5or John tr/l( .aptiDed 6ith 6aterA ./t (e shall .e
.aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost not man( da(s hence2 2
2 2
8 %/t :E S+-99 *ECE$<E 4O7E*1 after that the
+ol( Ghost is come U4ON (o/ 2 2 2 2
So (o/ can readil( see that Jes/s refers to t6o different
e8periences in these t6o separate 3erses' the +ol( Ghost
d6elling in (o/1 and the +ol( Ghost coming upon (o/ in po6er2

E7 alread! ha*e all
the Hol! Spirit 7 can
The denominational ch/rch $ .elonged to as a (o/ng preacher
ta/ght me that if (o/=re .orn again1 (o/ ha3e all the +ol( Ghost
there is to ha3e@and that=s the end of it2 There is no other
e8perience for (o/ .e(ond the Ne6 %irth2
%/t altho/gh that teaching is partl( tr/e1 it is mostl( false2 The first
part is tr/e .eca/se it is the +ol( Spirit 6ho imparts eternal life to o/r
spirits2 $t is the +ol( Spirit 6ho thro/gh the 7ord ma>es the h/man
spirit a ne6 creat/re in Christ Jes/s2
The pro.lem is1 people are act/all( more 6rong than right 6hen
the( sa(1 B$=m a Christian1 so $ alread( ha3e all the +ol( Spirit $ can
ha3e2B - partial tr/th li>e that can do more damage than a lie2
:o/ see1 the +ol( Spirit is present in the Ne6 %irth to .ear 6itness
6ith (o/r spirit that (o/ are a child of God H*om2 '1411"I2 The %i.le
calls that Ne6&%irth e8perience recei#ing 5hrist HJohn 1'12I1 recei#ing
eternal lie 6 7 John #'11I1 or recei#ing orgi#eness o sins H-cts 2"'1I2
On the other hand1 as (o/ read the %oo> of -cts1 (o/=ll notice that it
sa(s people recei#e the +ol( Ghost1 are illed with the +ol( Ghost1 are
"apti8ed with the +ol( Ghost1 or recei#e the git of the +ol( Ghost2 -ll
fo/r of those terms are /sed in the -cts of the -postles concerning the
same e8perience1 and e3er( time this e8perience comes ater a person is
.orn again2

he Aitness of
Fesus and the
,postle 3eter
9et=s ta>e a loo> at -cts 21 .elie3e this passage helped me more than
an( other script/re to see this tr/th@that sal3ation and the .aptism in
the +ol( Spirit are t6o separate e8periences2
ACTS 8:12-17
12 %/t 7+EN T+E: %E9$E<E; 4hilip preaching the
things concerning the >ingdom of God1 and T+E
N-,E O5 JESUS C+*$ST1 the( 6ere .aptiDed1 .oth
men and 6omen2
13 Then Simon himself .elie3ed also' and 6hen he 6as
.aptiDed1 he contin/ed 6ith 4hilip1 and 6ondered1
.eholding the miracles and signs 6hich 6ere done2
14 No 6 6h e n t h e a p o s t l e s 6h i c h 6ere at
Jer/salem heard that Samaria had *ECE$<E; T+E
7O*; O5 GO;1 the( sent /nto them 4eter and John'
15 7ho1 6hen the( 6ere come do6n1 pra(ed for them1
that the( might *ECE$<E T+E +O9: G+OST'
16 H5or as (et he 6as fallen /pon none of them' onl(
the( 6ere .aptiDed i n the name of the 9ord Jes/s2I
17 Then laid the( their hands on them1 and T+E:
*ECE$<E; T+E +O9: G+OST2

-s $ said earlier1 in m( denominational ch/rch 6here $ .egan
as a (o/ng .o( preacher1 6e 6ere ta/ght that if a person is
sa3ed1 he has all the +ol( Ghost there is2 5or instance1 one
prominent pastor in o/r denomination said1 B7hen (o/=re .orn
again1 (o/=re .orn of the Spirit2 $f (o/ recei3e Christ as Sa3ior
and confess +im as 9ord1 (o/ ha3e the +ol( Ghost2 That=s all
there is to it@periodFB
7ell1 the first part of 6hat that pastor said 6as a tr/e
statement2 7hen (o/=re .orn again1 (o/=re .orn of the Spirit
HJohn 3'3&I2 %/t the rest of 6hat he said 6as /ntr/eF 7hen (o/ get
sa3ed1 (o/ ha#en't recei3ed all there is of the +ol( Spirit2 That=s 6here
fol>s get in tro/.le2
,an( times 6hen people gi3e their opinion1 the( are ?/st
demonstrating their c/rrent state of spirit/al gro6th2 That=s 6h( it=s
important for /s to /nderstand that 6hat man sa(s is not the final
a/thorit(2 4eople can .e 6onderf/l fol>s and mar3elo/s Christians1 (et

still .e 6rong a.o/t a gi3en s/.?ect2 The 7ord of God is al6a(s the
final a/thorit(F
$ learned that lesson earl( in m( Christian 6al>1 ./t $ did get h/ng
/p for a 6hile on 6hat this pastor and other leaders in m(
denomination ta/ght a.o/t the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing
6ith tong/es2 5inall(1 $ decided to ?/st go to the 7ord and let God
straighten me o/t2
That=s 6hen $ read -cts '12&1! and realiDed that this pastor=s
teaching 6asn=t in line 6ith the %i.le2 Those Samaritans got sa3ed 6hen
4hilip preached Christ to them1 ./t the apostles 4eter and John certainl(
didn=t thin> the ne6 con3erts had all the +ol( Ghost the( co/ld ha3eF
$ said to m(self1 -ither the New Testament is wrong or that pastor is
wrong. They "oth can't "e right(
$ read -cts '12 again2 4hilip 6ent to the cit( of Samaria and
preached Christ /nto the people2 The( "elie#ed his preaching concerning
the 0ingdom of God and the Name of Jes/s Christ and were "apti8ed!
.oth men and 6omen2
*ight then $ realiDed that not one minister in o/r entire denomination
6o/ld insist that these people 6eren=t sa3edF To do so 6o/ld .e to call
the 9ord Jes/s Christ@the highest
-/thorit( of all@a liarF -fter all1 Jes/s said in ,ar> 1"'1#&1"'
")o ye into all the world! and preach the gospel to e#ery creature. He
that B-,'-.-TH and is B%3T'9-2 shall "e sa#ed: "ut he that
"elie#eth not shall "e damned"
The Samaritans .elie3ed in Jes/s and 6ere .aptiDed2 So 6ere
the( sa3edC -ccording to the 9ord Jes/s1 the( 6ereF :et this 6as
.efore 4eter and John came do6n to pra( for the Samaritans to
recei3e the +ol( Ghost2
Then $ decided $=d ?/st as> the -postle 4eter' B4eter1 6ere
those Samaritans sa3edC 7ere the( .orn again .efore (o/ and
John 6ent do6n there and laid hands on them to recei3e the
+ol( GhostCB $ mean1 6hat .etter 6itness 6o/ld there .e than
4eter1 since he 6as act/all( sent to Samaria .( the other
So 4eter 6rote me a letter in response to m( E/estion@and
he 6rote (o/ one tooF 7ere the Samaritans .orn again .efore
4eter and John laid hands on them to recei3e the +ol( GhostC
4eter ans6ered this E/estion in 5irst 4eter 1'

1 PETER 1:23
23 %E$NG %O*N -G-$N1 not of corr/pti.le seed1 ./t
of incorr/pti.le1 .( T+E 7O*; O5 GO;1 6hich li3eth
and a.ideth for e3er2
Compare 4eter=s 6ords to 6hat 6e read in -cts '14' "Now
when the apostles which were at +erusalem heard that *%4%R'%
H%2 R-5-'.-2 TH- W1R2 10 )12! they sent unto them 3eter
and +ohn."
$n John 11 Jes/s is called Bthe 7ord of God2B
JOHN 1:1,12,14
1 $n the .eginning 6as the 7ord1 and the
7ord 6as 6ith God1 and the 7ord 6as God2 2
2 2
12 %/t as man( as recei3ed h i m1 to them
ga3e he po6er to .ecome the sons of God1
e3en to them that .elie3e on his name 2 2 2 2
14 -nd the 7ord 6as made flesh1 and d6elt
among /s1 Hand 6e .eheld his glor(1 the glor(
as of the onl( .egotten of the 5ather1I f/ll of
grace and tr/th2

The Samaritans recei3ed the 7ord of God1 meaning the( recei3ed
Jes/s1 the li3ing 7ord2 So according to 4eter1 the people of Samaria were
.orn again@not of corr/pti.le seed1 ./t of incorr/pti.le1 .( the 7ord
of GodF
-ccording to .oth Jes/s and the -postle 4eter1 then1 the Samaritans
6ere sa3ed .efore 4eter and John 6ere e3er sent to Samaria2 Then 6hen
4eter and John came do6n1 the( pra(ed for the Samaritans@not that
the( 6o/ld .e sa3ed or .orn again1 ./t that they would he illed with the
Holy )host.

he Aitness of the Earl! +hurch
-s (o/ go .ac> and read the entire conte8t of -cts ', (o/=ll also
notice this' Until 4eter and John 6ere sent to the Samaritans1 the +ol(
Ghost isn=t e3en mentioned in this chapter2 Christ is mentioned2 7ater
.aptism is mentioned2 %elie3ing is mentioned2 ,iracles are mentioned2
+ealings are mentioned2 Great ?o( in the cit( is mentioned2 %/t the

name of the +ol( Ghost isn=t thereF :et e3en tho/gh the +ol( Ghost
isn=t mentioned1 6e can see +is 6or> thro/gho/t this passage2
-cts '# sa(s that 4hilip 6ent do6n to Samaria and preached
Christ /nto them2 7e >no6 that the +ol( Ghost 6as present as
4hilip preached .eca/se of 6hat 6e read in -cts "'3&#2 $n this
passage1 it sa(s that 4hilip 6as one of the se3en men chosen to
help ser3e the practical needs of the saints2 These se3en men
6ere B2 2 2 men o honest report! 0U,, 10 TH- H1,/ )H1*T and
wisdom..." H-cts "'3I2 Then later on 6hen 4hilip 6as called as an
e3angelist1 6e see the 6or> of the +ol( Spirit again as 4hilip 6as
anointed to preach Christ to the people of Samaria H-cts '4&13I2
$t 6as the +ol( Ghost thro/gh the 7ord 6ho con3icted those
people and .ro/ght them to Christ2 $t 6as the +ol( Ghost
thro/gh the 7ord 6ho recreated their spirits and imparted /nto
them eternal life2 $t 6as the +ol( Ghost 6ho .ore 6itness 6ith
their spirits that the( 6ere children of God2 $t 6as the +ol(
Ghost operating in 4hilip=s ministr( thro/gh the gifts of the
Spirit 6ho healed people1 6or>ed miracles1 and cast o/t demons2
So e3en tho/gh the +ol( Spirit 6asn=t mentioned in those
3erses1 +e 6as the -gent in the Samaritans= Ne6&%irth
e8perience2 No6 let=s loo> at -cts '14&1# 6here the +ol( Spirit
is mentioned2

ACTS 8:14-15
14 No6 6hen the apostles 6hich 6ere at Jer/salem
heard that Samaria had recei3ed the 6ord of God1 the(
sent /nto them 4eter and John'
15 7ho1 6hen the( 6ere come do6n1 pra(ed
for them1 T+-T T+E: ,$G+T *ECE$<E T+E
+O9: G+OST2

;id 4eter and John pra( for the Samaritans that the( might .e
sa3edC No2
;id the( pra( for the Samaritans that the( might accept ChristC No2
;id 4eter and John pra( for them that the( might .e .orn againC No2
;id the( pra( for the Samaritans that the( might recei3e eternal lifeC
The Samaritans 6ere alread( .elie3ers1 (et 4eter and John pra(ed for
them that they might recei#e the Holy )host. E3identl( the apostles and the
Earl( Ch/rch /nderstood that .eing filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost 6as a
separate e8perience from the Ne6 %irthF

he Aitness of Saul of arsus

The -postle 4a/l 6as once called Sa/l of Tars/s1 and his testimon(
also .ears 6itness to the tr/th that sal3ation and the .aptism 6ith the
+ol( Ghost are t6o separate e8periences2
Sa/l 6as con3erted on the road to ;amasc/s 6hen Jes/s appeared to
him in a .linding light Hsee -cts 9'1&9I2 Sa/l as>ed Jes/s in 3erse "1 B 22
,ord! what wilt thou ha#e me to do& %nd the ,ord said unto him! %rise! and go
into the city! and it shall "e told thee what thou must do."
:ears later1 4a/l 6rote a letter to the saints at *ome1 and in that
letter1 he said1 "That i thou shalt coness with thy mouth the
,ord +esus Kthe margin of m( %i.le sa(s1 =or Jes/s as 9ord=L1 and
shalt "elie#e in thine heart that )od hath raised him rom the dead! thou
shalt "e sa#ed" H*om2 10'9I2 7hen 4a/l 6rote that 3erse1 $=m s/re
he loo>ed .ac> to that moment Jes/s appeared to him in a 3ision
on the ;amasc/s road 6hen he 6as still Sa/l of Tars/s and he
.elie3ed that God had raised Jes/s from the dead2 -fter all1 it
6as Jes/s tal>ing to him in that 3isionF
7hen Sa/l as>ed1 B9ord1 6hat 6ilt tho/ ha3e me doCB notice
that he confessed Jes/s as his 9ord2 $n other 6ords1 he p/t
himself into the hands of Jes/s1 confessing Jes/s= 9ordship o3er
his lifeF
Sa/l1 6ho co/ldn=t see after this 3ision1 o.e(ed the 9ord=s
instr/ction to go into the cit(1 6here he spent three sightless
da(s in ;amasc/s1 pra(ing and 6aiting on the 9ord2 Then the
9ord appeared to a disciple named -nanias and instr/cted him
to go to Sa/l and la( hands on him2 Notice 6hat -nanias said to
Sa/l 6hen he first met him'

ACTS 9:17
17 -nd -nanias 6ent his 6a(1 and entered into the
ho/seA and p/tting his hands on him said1 %*OT+E*
S-U91 the 9ord1 e3en Jes/s1 that appeared /nto thee i n
the 6a( as tho/ earnest1 hath sent me1 that tho/
mightest recei3e th( sight1 -N; %E 5$99E; 7$T+ T+E
+O9: G+OST2
-nanias said to Sa/l1 BThe same Jes/s 6ho appeared to (o/
on the 6a( to ;amasc/s appeared to me too2B That indicates that
Sa/l had alread( .ecome acE/ainted 6ith Jes/s2 +e had met
Jes/s on the road to the cit(2 Not onl( that1 ./t -nanias

addressed Sa/l as B.rother1B and people don=t go aro/nd calling
/nregenerate m/rderers B.rotherBF
-nanias came in and said in essence1 B:o/=re m( .rother1 Sa/l1
.eca/se something happened to (o/ o/t there on the road to ;amasc/s2
-nd no6 the same Jes/s (o/ met along the 6a( has sent me to (o/FB
B7h( did Jes/s send (o/ to me1 -naniasCB
B7ell1 for one thing1 that (o/ might recei3e (o/r sight2B
B$s that the onl( reason +e sent (o/ to meCB
BNo1 Jes/s also 6anted me to come and la( hands on (o/ so (o/=d .e
filled 6ith the +ol( GhostFB
Notice that -nanias did not sa(1 BJes/s sent me here to la( hands on
(o/ so (o/ co/ld get sa3ed2B -fter all1 Sa/l had alread( gotten sa3ed on
the road to ;amasc/s 6hen he sa6 Jes/s2 -nd remem.er1 -nanias had
alread( addressed Sa/l as a Christian 6hen he called him B%rother
-ll of this is concl/si3e proof that Sa/l of Tars/s 6as .orn again on
the road to ;amasc/s and that later he 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost
6hen -nanias laid hands on him2 So Sa/l adds his testimon( to confirm
that sal3ation and the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit are t6o separate

CodEs Cift to His +hildren

9et=s go .ac> to -cts for a moment1 .eca/se there=s something else $
6ant to point o/t2 Notice in 3erse # that 6hen 4hillip 6ent do6n to the
cit( of Samaria1 he preached 5hrist /nto the Samaritans2 +e did not
preach the Holy )host to them2
:o/ see1 (o/ don=t preach the +ol( Ghost to the 6orldA (o/
preach 5hrist to the 6orld so the( can recei3e sal3ation2 :o/ can
preach the +ol( Ghost to 5hristians. Jes/s confirms this in 9/>e

LUKE 11:13
13 $f (e then1 .eing e3il1 >no6 ho6 to gi3e good gifts
/nto (o/r children' ho6 m/ch more shall :OU*
+E-<EN9: 5-T+E* G$<E T+E +O9: S4$*$T TO
T+E, T+-T -S0 +$ ,C

Jes/s is telling /s that the +ol( Ghost is God=s gift to +is
children@not to sinnersF
On the other hand1 6e >no6 from the %i.le that the 6orld can
recei3e Christ and get sa3ed2

JOHN 3:16
16 5or God so lo3ed the 6orld that he ga3e his onl(
.egotten son that 6hosoe3er %E9$E<ET+ ON +$ ,
sho/ld not perish ./t ha3e e3erlasting life2
*o +esus is )od's git to the world! and the Holy )host is )od's git
to His children.
No6ada(s (o/ hear a lot a.o/t the .rotherhood of man and
the /ni3ersal fatherhood of God2 That all so/nds good1 ./t
e3er(one is not a child of God1 and altho/gh God is the 5reator of
all1 +e is not the 0ather of all2 +e is onl( the 5ather of those 6ho
ha3e .een .orn again2 -nd the +ol( Spirit is onl( God=s gift to
+is children2
Ehe Spirit of ruth, Ahom the Aorld +annot =ecei*eE
John 14 is another passage of Script/re that tells /s the .aptism or
the infilling 6ith the +ol( Ghost is not for sinners2 - person has to .e
made a ne6 creat/re first .efore he can recei3e the infilling of the +ol(

JOHN 14:16-17
16 -nd $ 6ill pra( the 5ather1 and he shall
gi3e (o/ another Comforter1 that he ma( a.ide
6ith (o/ fore3erA
17 E<EN T+E S4$*$T O5 T*UT+A 7+O,
T+E 7O*9; C-NNOT *ECE$<E2
7hat is Jes/s tal>ing a.o/t hereC +e sa(s that the 6orld cannot
recei3e the Spirit of tr/th2 The B6orldB refers to sinners@ to those 6ho
are o/tside of Christ2 7e=3e ?/st seen in John 3'1" that the 6orld can
recei3e the Ne6 %irth' "0or )od so lo#ed the W1R,2 that He ga#e his only
"egotten son . . . ." Jes/s is sent to sa3e the 6orldF
So 6e >no6 that the 6orld can recei3e sal3ation and that the +ol(
Spirit is the One 6ho recreates the h/man spirit in the Ne6 %irth2 That
means the e8perience in the +ol( Ghost that Jes/s refers to in this
3erse@recei3ing Bthe Spirit of tr/thB@has to .e something different
than sal3ation2 Other6ise1 if a person has all the +ol( Ghost he can

ha3e 6hen he=s .orn again and there is no e8perience .e(ond sal3ation1
(o/=d ha3e to concl/de that Jes/s made a 6rong statement2
%/t Jes/s didn't ma>e a 6rong statement in John 14'1!2 The 6orld
cannot recei3e the Spirit of tr/th@that is1 the +ol( Spirit in +is f/llness2
$n fact1 +e ma>es the same point in ,ar> 2'22 that sinners cannot .e
.aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost2 Jes/s states1 " . . No man putteth new wine
into old "ottles: else the new wine doth "urst the "ottles! and the wine is spilled!
and the "ottles will "e marred: "ut new wine must "e put into new "ottles"
$n this 3erse1 6ine is a t(pe of +ol( Ghost2 $n .i.lical times1
6ine 6as p/t in s>in .ottles2 $f ne6 6ine 6ere p/t in old s>in
.ottles1 the 6ines>in 6o/ldn=t stretch as the 6ine e8panded1 and
it 6o/ld soon ./rst2
So in a sense1 Jes/s 6as sa(ing that if a sinner 6ere to .e filled
6ith the glor( and po6er of the +ol( Ghost1 it 6o/ld ./rst him
6ide openF No1 the sinner has to .e made a ne6 creat/re in
Christ irst H2 Cor2 #'1!I2
That=s the reason in the Ne6 %irth God recreates o/r h/man
spirits@so +e can fill /s 6ith the ne6 6ine of the +ol( SpiritF
Understanding the
9octrine of Baptisms
$t has .een m( ?o( and pri3ilege to get a great n/m.er of
denominational ministers filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit o3er the
(ears2 7hen tal>ing to ministers a.o/t 6hether the Ne6 %irth
and the .aptism 6ith the +ol( Ghost are t6o separate
e8periences1 $ ha3e fo/nd that man( get conf/sed a.o/t that
6ord B.aptism2B The( thin> there is onl( one .aptism a3aila.le
to the .elie3er1 so the( conf/se the .aptism with the +ol( Spirit
H-cts 1'#I 6ith .eing .aptiDed "y the +ol( Spirit into the %od( of
Christ H1 Cor2 12'13I2
ACTS 1:5
5 5or John tr/l( .aptiDed 6ith 6aterA ./t (e
shall .e %-4T$ME; 7$T+ T+E +O9: G+OST
not man( da(s hence2

13 5or .( one Spirit are 6e all %-4T$ME;
$NTO ONE %O;: K i n ChristL1 6hether 6e .e
Je6s or Gentiles1 6hether 6e .e .ond or freeA

and ha3e .een all made to drin> into one

4eople 6ho .elie3e there is onl( one .aptism refer to Ephesians
4'4&#1 6here 4a/l sa(s1 "There is one "ody! and one *pirit! e#en as ye are
called in one hope o your calling: one ,ord! one aith! 1N- B%3T'*4." %/t
in this conte8t1 4a/l is tal>ing a.o/t the one .aptism that sa3es a
person@the .aptism into Christ in the Ne6 %irth2 That=s the same
.aptism into Christ 6e ?/st read a.o/t in 5irst Corinthians 12'13' B 2 2 6e
are all .aptiDed into one .od( Kin ChristL2B
+o6e3er1 in +e.re6s "1 the %i.le tal>s a.o/t .aptisms1 plural:

1 Therefore lea3ing the principles of the
doctrine of Christ1 let /s go on /nto perfectionA
not la(ing again the fo/ndation of repentance
from dead 6or>s1 and of faith to6ard God1
$n this passage1 the 6riter of +e.re6s is tal>ing a.o/t all the
.aptisms made a3aila.le in the Ne6 Co3enant2 5irst1 there is the
.aptism that sa3es2 $n other 6ords1 6hen a person is .orn again1
he is put into! "apti8ed! or immersed .( the +ol( Spirit into the
%od( of Christ2 Then there is 6ater .aptism and the .aptism
6ith the +ol( Ghost2

Aell of Aater *s. =i*ers of .i*ing Aater
%eca/se people get conf/sed a.o/t this matter of B.aptisms1B $
ta>e them right to the -cts of the -postles1 and $ /se the
ill/stration of 6ater to sho6 them there=s more than one
.aptism2 $ tell them1 B-ll right1 (o/ are .orn of the Spirit1 so (o/
ha3e the +ol( Spirit2 :o/=3e had a drin> of 6ater1 so to spea>2
%/t are (o/ ull of 6aterC $s (o/r heart h/ngr(C ;o (o/ 6ant to
"e illed'&" $ don=t remem.er one time 6hen that E/estion didn=t
stir /p a h/nger for more of God in the heart of the people $ 6as
tal>ing toF
7ater is a t(pe of the +ol( Ghost in the Script/res2 There are
t6o passages of Script/re 6here Jes/s /ses the image of 6ater to
.ea/tif/ll( pict/re .oth the +ol( Spirit=s ind6elling 4resence in
the Ne6 %irth and the infilling of the +ol( Ghost2 These

script/res helped me immensel( as $ st/died the %i.le to
/nderstand God=s perspecti3e on this s/.?ect of .aptisms2
5irst1 there is the acco/nt in John 4 of Jes/s= con3ersation 6ith
the 6oman at the 6ell of Samaria2

JOHN 4:10,13-14
10 Jes/s ans6ered and said /nto her1 $f tho/ >ne6est
the gift of God1 and 6ho it is that saith to thee1 Gi3e me
to drin>A tho/ 6o/ldest ha3e
as>ed of h i m1 and he 6o/ld ha3e gi3en thee
9$<$NG 7-TE*
13 2 2 2 7hosoe3er drin>eth of this 6ater shall thirst again'
14 %/t 6hosoe3er drin>eth of the 6ater that $ shall gi3e h i m
shall ne3er thirstA ./t the 6ater that $ shall gi3e h i m shall .e
$ N h i m - 7E99 O5 7-TE* springing / p into e3erlasting
Jes/s is tal>ing here a.o/t recei3ing eternal life@the same thing +e
6as tal>ing a.o/t to Nicodem/s in John 3'1"2 The e8perience Jes/s
called a 6ell of 6ater springing /p in /s is the 6or> of the +ol( Ghost
in the Ne6 %irth1 springing /p into e3erlasting life2 The 6ell of
sal3ation is for o/r indi3id/al .enefit2
Then in John !1 Jes/s spea>s of another e8perience in the +ol( Ghost'

JOHN 7:37-39
37 $ n the last da(1 that great da( of the feast1 Jes/s stood and
cried1 sa(ing1 $f an( man thirst1 let him come /nto me1 and
38 +e that .elie3eth on me1 as the script/re hath said1 o/t of
h i s .ell( shall flo6 *$<E*S O5 9$<$NG 7-TE*2
39 H%/t this spa>e he of the S4$*$T1 6hich the( that .elie3e
o n h i m sho/ld recei3e' for the +ol( Ghost 6as not (et gi3enA
.eca/se that Jes/s 6as not (et glorified2I
Jes/s said1 BO/t of (o/r .ell( shall flo6 ri3ers of li3ing 6ater2B
Notice +e didn=t ?/st sa( a ri#er! ./t ri#ers(
There is 6ater in a 6ell1 and there is 6ater in a ri3er2 The
6ater in essence is the same1 ./t the 6ater in the 6ell is for one
p/rpose and the 6ater in the ri3er is for another p/rpose2
Since 6ater in .oth of these passages represent the +ol(
Spirit1 +esus is simply telling us that there are two e;periences in the
Holy )host.

One e8perience in the +ol( Ghost is to recei3e eternal life1
6here.( the +ol( Spirit imparts eternal life into (o/r spirit and
.ears 6itness 6ith (o/r spirit that (o/ are a child of God H*om2
Then there is another e8perience1 6here.( o/t of (o/r
innermost .eing flo6s ri#ers of li3ing 6ater2 The first e8perience1
the Ne6 %irth1 is primaril( for (o/r o6n good and (o/r o6n
personal .lessing2 %/t the other e8perience1 .eing .aptiDed 6ith
the +ol( Ghost1 ena.les God=s po6er to flo6 o/t of (o/ to .less
9ater in 9/>e 241 Jes/s called this second e8perience an
enduement o power rom on High.

LUKE 24:49
49 -nd1 .ehold1 $ send the promise of m( 5ather /pon
(o/' ./t tarr( (e i n the cit( of Jer/salem1 /ntil (e %E
EN;UE; 7$T+ 4O7E* 5*O, ON +$G+2
Notice Jes/s didn=t sa(1 BTarr( in Jer/salem /ntil (e "e
con#erted or sa#ed'.' No1 this is a different e8perienceA it=s the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit2 -ct/all(1 this is the same e8perience
Jes/s referred to in John ! 6hen +e said ri#ers of li3ing 6ater
6o/ld flo6 from the innermost .eing of those 6ho .elie3e in
+im2 -nd on the ;a( of 4entecost1 Jes/s= 6ords in John ! 6ere f/lfilled2

ACTS 2:2-4
2 -nd s/ddenl( there came a so/nd from
hea3en as of a r/shing might( 6ind1 and it
filled all the ho/se 6here the( 6ere sitting2
3 -nd there appeared /nto them clo3en
tong/es li>e as of fire1 and it sat /pon each of
4 -nd T+E: 7E*E -99 5$99E; 7$T+
T+E +O9: G+OST1 and .egan to spea> 6ith
other tong/es1 as the Spirit ga3e them
-t that moment1 ri3ers of li3ing 6ater .egan to flo6 thro/gh
.elie3ers@those 6ho 6ere .orn again@to ma>e them a .lessing to
others2 This is the infilling of the +ol( Ghost1 and it is the 5ather=s gift to
e#ery one of +is childrenF

+ H , 3 E = 8

HE 7-77,. ED79E-+E O/ BE7-C
/7..E9 A7H HE HO.B S37=7

$f (o/ st/d( the -cts of the -postles1 (o/=ll find o/t that 6hen fol>s
6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 the( .egan to spea> 6ith other
tong/es2 5rom this 6e can gather that tong/es are the initial e3idence of
the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit2 Of co/rse1 there are other e3idences that
follo62 %/t this is the initial e3idence or sign that someone has recei3ed
the infilling of the +ol( Spirit2

he 7nitial Outpouring

9et=s loo> thro/gh the %oo> of -cts and st/d( fi3e instances 6here it
is recorded that people 6ere .aptiDed in the +ol( Spirit2 7e=ll ans6er
the E/estion1 B+o6 man( times do 6e find that spea>ing 6ith tong/es
is the initial e3idence for the infilling of the +ol( GhostCB
7e=ll start 6ith the ;a( of 4entecost1 6hen the +ol( Spirit 6as first
po/red o/t on the Ch/rch2
ACTS 2:1-4
1 -nd 6hen the da( of 4entecost 6as f/ll( come1 the(
6ere all 6ith one accord i n one place2
2 -nd s/ddenl( there came a so/nd from hea3en as of
a r/shing might( 6ind1 and it filled all the ho/se 6here
the( 6ere sitting2
3 -nd there appeared /nto them clo3en tong/es li>e as
of fire1 and it sat /pon each of them2
4 -nd the( 6ere all 5$99E; 7$T+ T+E +O9:
G+OST1 and %EG-N TO S4E-0 7$T+ OT+E*
TONGUES1 as the Spirit ga3e them /tterance2

Notice 6hat happened at the 3er( moment the( 6ere all filled
6ith the +ol( Ghost' The( B 2 2 "egan to spea$ with other tongues! as

the *pirit ga#e them utterance" H32 4I2 No61 if that had happened
?/st one time1 6e might thin>1 Well! that was <ust a phenomenon
that happened at the #ery "eginning when the Holy *pirit was irst
poured out on the 5hurch( %/t as (o/ 6ill see1 this phenomenon
did nor ?/st happen on the ;a( of 4entecost2

,fter 3hilip 3reached
+hrist to the
9et=s mo3e on to -cts and find o/t 6hat happened after
4hilip the e3angelist ministered to the people of Samaria'

ACTS 8:5-8,12,14-17
5 Then 4hilip 6ent do6n to the cit( of Samaria1 and
4*E-C+E; C+*$ST /nto them2
6 -nd the people 6ith one accord ga3e heed /nto those
things 6hich 4hilip spa>e1 hearing and seeing the
miracles 6hich he did2
7 5or /nclean spirits1 cr(ing 6ith lo/d 3oice1
came o/t of man( that 6ere possessed 6ith
them' and man( ta>en 6ith palsies1 and that
6ere lame1 6ere healed2
8 -nd there 6as great ?o( in that cit(2 2 2 2
12 %/t 6hen T+E: %E9$E<E; 4hilip
preaching the things concerning the >ingdom
of God1 and T+E N-,E O5 JESUS C+*$ST
Kthe( 6ere sa3edL1 the( 6ere .aptiDed K i n
6aterL1 .oth men and 6omen2 2 2 2
14 No6 6hen the apostles 6hich 6ere at
Jer/salem heard that Samaria had recei3ed the
6ord of God1 the( sent /nto them 4eter and
15 7ho1 6hen the( 6ere come do6n1
4*-:E; 5O* T+E,1 T+-T T+E: ,$G+T
*ECE$<E T+E +O9: G+OST'
16 H5or as (et he 6as fallen /pon none of
them' onl( the( 6ere .aptiDed i n the name of
the 9ord Jes/s2I
17 Then 9-$; T+E: T+E$* +-N;S ON
T+E,1 and T+E: *ECE$<E; T+E +O9:

Someone might sa(1 B7ell1 it doesn=t sa( in this passage that the
Samaritans spo>e 6ith tong/es1 so that m/st mean a person can recei3e
the infilling of the +ol( Spirit 6itho/t spea>ing 6ith tong/es2B
%/t a person 6ho ma>es that statement hasn=t st/died either the
Script/res or Ch/rch histor( 3er( closel(2 5irst1 a st/dent of Ch/rch
histor( >no6s that Earl( Ch/rch fathers agreed the .elie3ers of Samaria
did spea> 6ith tong/es2 Second1 if (o/ go on reading in chapter 1
(o/=ll learn something 3er( significant a.o/t a fello6 named Simon2
Once called BSimon the sorcerer1B Simon had s/pposedl(
come to .elie3e in Jes/s /nder 4hilip=s ministr( in Samaria and
had .een .aptiDed in 6ater2 9et=s find o/t 6hat happened ne8t2

ACTS 8:18-19
18 -nd 6hen Simon S-7 that thro/gh la(ing on of
the apostle=s hands T+E +O9: G+OST 7-S G$<EN1
he offered them mone(1
19 Sa(ing1 Gi3e me also this po6er1 that on
6homsoe3er $ la( hands1 he ma( *ECE$<E T+E +O9:

$f spea>ing in tong/es did not accompan( the .aptism in the
+ol( Spirit1 ho6 6o/ld Simon ha3e >no6n that the Samaritans
recei3ed the +ol( GhostC No! *imon *%W something. <erse 1
sa(s1 "%nd when *imon *%W that through the laying on o the
apostles' hands the Holy )host was gi#en . . . ." There had to .e some
o/t6ard e3idence that registered on Simon=s ph(sical senses for
him to >no6 that the people had .een filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2
7ell1 Simon certainl( didn=t see the +ol( Ghost2 The +ol(
Spirit is a spirit .eing1 /na.le to .e seen .( the ph(sical e(e2 $f
there hadn=t .een some >ind of s/pernat/ral manifestation that
registered on his ph(sical senses1 Simon co/ldn=t ha3e seen that
the( had recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2
One minister said to me1 B7ell1 ma(.e the Samaritans 6ere
?/st f/ll of ?o(2 ,a(.e that is 6hat Simon sa62B
%/t that co/ldn=t .e the ans6er1 .eca/se Simon had alread( seen ?o(
manifested 6hen the Samaritans had first gotten sa3ed2 *emem.er1
3erse sa(s1 "%nd there was great <oy in that city."
So 6hat do (o/ s/ppose happened in this instanceC The most logical
thing to concl/de is that Simon sa6 the same thing that happened in
-cts 2 6hen the 120 6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit and spo>e 6ith

other tong/es2 -cts 2'" sa(s1 "Now when this Kthe 120 .elie3ers spea>ing
in other tong/esL was noised a"road! the multitude came together2 2 2 2 B Then
4eter stood /p and preached to them and said1 B 2 2 2 Ha#ing recei#ed o
the 0ather the promise o the Holy )host! he KJes/sL hath shed orth TH'*!
which ye now *-- and H-%R" H-cts 2'33I2 Notice those 6ords see and
The people 6ho gathered together on the ;a( of 4entecost sa6 and
heard the 120 ne6l( Spirit&filled .elie3ers spea> 6ith other tong/es2
-nd e3identl( Simon sa6 the same thingF
Earl( Ch/rch fathers agree that the Samaritans spo>e 6ith tong/es2
-nd else6here in the Ne6 Testament1 the %i.le sa(s that .elie3ers
spo>e 6ith other tong/es 6hen the( 6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 So
from all e3idence1 spea>ing 6ith other tong/es 6as the sign that
con3inced Simon that the Samaritans had recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2
Notice 6hat Simon did as soon as he sa6 this phenomenon' He
oered 3eter and +ohn money .eca/se he 6anted the same po6er to
minister the +ol( Ghost to peopleF
Some fol>s sa(1 BSimon tried to ./( the +ol( Ghost2B No1 he didn=t2
+e tried to ./( the authority or the power to la( hands on people so the(
co/ld recei3e the +ol( Spirit2
7o/ld Simon the sorcerer ha3e tried to ./( the po6er to gi3e
something to people if he co/ldn=t discern 6hether or not the(
had recei3ed an(thingC 7o/ld he ha3e tried to ./( something if
there 6as no s/pernat/ral manifestation in connection 6ith itC
-n( sensi.le person 6o/ld concl/de that the ans6er is no.
So Simon offered 4eter and John mone(1 sa(ing in effect1
BGi3e me this po6er so $ can la( hands on people and see them
recei3e the +ol( Ghost2B

ACTS 8:20-21
20 %/t 4eter said /nto h i m1 Th( mone( perish 6ith
thee1 .eca/se tho/ hast tho/ght that the gift of God ma(
.e p/rchased 6ith mone(2
21 Tho/ hast neither part nor lot $N T+$S ,-TTE*' for
th( heart is not right i n the sight of God2
One Gree> scholar points o/t that the root 6ord of the Gree>
6ord translated BmatterB in 3erse 21 is the same root of the 6ord
translated B/tteranceB in -cts 2'41 6here it sa(s1 "%nd they were all
illed with the Holy )host! and "egan to spea$ with other tongues! as
the *pirit ga#e them UTT-R%N5-."

So 6hen 4eter said1 BTho/ hast neither part nor lot in this
matter1B he 6as literall( sa(ing1 BTho/ hast neither part nor lot in
this matter o supernatural utterance@this matter of spea>ing 6ith
other tong/es2B This pro3es concl/si3el( that these Samaritans
spo>e 6ith other tong/es 6hen the( 6ere filled 6ith the +ol(

Saul of arsus
No6 let=s loo> in -cts 9 at 6hat happened to Sa/l of Tars/s1
soon to .e called 4a/l1 6hen he 6as sa3ed and later in a separate
e8perience recei3ed the +ol( Spirit2
Sa/l 6as approaching the cit( of ;amasc/s 6ith letters in his
possession that ga3e him the a/thorit( to p/t in prison an( 6ho 6ere
called Christians2 S/ddenl( a light shone aro/nd a.o/t him1 .righter
than the noonda( s/n1 and he fell to the earth1 .linded .( the light2

ACTS 9:4-6
4 -nd he fell to the earth1 and heard a 3oice
sa(ing /nto him1 Sa/l1 Sa/l1 6h( persec/test
tho/ meC
5 -nd he said1 7ho art tho/1 9O*;C -nd the
9ord said1 $ am Jes/s 6hom tho/ persec/test'
it is hard for thee to >ic> against the pric>s2
6 -nd he trem.ling and astonished said1
9O*;1 6hat 6ilt tho/ ha3e me to doC -nd the
9ord said /nto him1 -rise1 and go into the cit(1
and it shall .e told thee 6hat tho/ m/st do2

-s 6e disc/ssed earlier1 Sa/l changed immediatel( 6hen he sa6
Jes/s in this 3ision and called Jes/s ,ord. 9ater the -postle 4a/l ma(
ha3e had this personal e8perience in mind 6hen he 6rote to the
*omans' "That i thou shalt coness with thy mouth the ,ord +esus! and shalt
"elie#e in thine heart that )od hath raised him rom the dead! thou shalt "e
sa#ed" H*om2 10'9I2
7e can therefore >no6 that on the road to ;amasc/s1 Sa/l of Tars/s
6as .orn again2 +e confessed 6ith his mo/th that Jes/s is 9ord1 and he
certainl( .elie3ed that God raised Jes/s from the dead2 -fter all1 Sa/l
6as on that road to ;amasc/s1 tal>ing to a res/rrected Jes/s ChristF
Then in 3erse "1 Sa/l as>ed1 B222 ,ord! what wilt thou ha#e me to do&..."
Jes/s ans6ered1 B222 %rise! and go into the city! and it shall "e told
thee what thou must do."

No6 letGs read f/rther to find o/t 6hat happened after Jes/s
told -nanias in a 3ision to go la( hands on Sa/l so that Sa/l
co/ld ha3e his sight restored and .e filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2

ACTS 9:10-12,17-18
10 -nd there 6as a certain disciple of ;amasc/s1
named -naniasA and to him said the 9ord in a 3ision1
-nanias2 -nd he said1 %ehold1 $ am here 9ord2
11 -nd the 9ord said /nto him1 -rise1 and go into the
street 6hich is called Straight1 and enE/ire in the ho/se
of ?/das for one called Sa/l of Tars/s' for1 .ehold1 he
12 -nd hath seen in a 3ision a man named -nanias
coming in1 and p/tting his hand on him1 that he might
recei3e his sight2 2 2 2

17 -nd -nanias 6ent his 6a(1 and entered into the
ho/seA and p/tting his hands on him said1 %rother Sa/l1
the 9ord1 e3en Jes/s1 that appeared /nto thee in the 6a(
as tho/ earnest1 hath sent me1 that tho/ mightest recei3e
th( sight1 and .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2
18 -nd immediatel( there fell from his e(es as it had
.een scales' and he recei3ed sight forth6ith1 and arose1
and 6as .aptiDed2

Notice that this passage doesn=t sa( an(thing a.o/t 4a/l
spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 :et later 6e read 6here 4a/l said1 *I
than$ my )od! ' spea$ with tongues more than ye all" H1 Cor2 14'1I2
7hen do (o/ s/ppose 4a/l .egan to spea> 6ith tong/esC The most
logical thing to concl/de is that 4a/l started spea>ing in tong/es 6hen
he 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost@?/st as the 120 .elie3ers did on the
;a( of 4entecostF

+ornelius and His Household

Ten (ears after the ;a( of 4entecost1 the ho/sehold of Corneli/s1 a
de3o/t *oman cent/rion1 6as sa3ed and filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2
Corneli/s 6as pra(ing one da( 6hen an angel appeared to him and
told him to send someone to Joppa to inE/ire at the ho/se of Simon the
tanner for a man named 4eter2 ,ean6hile in Joppa1 4eter had gone o/t
on the ho/setop to pra(2 ;/ring the time of pra(er1 4eter fell into a
trance and had a 3ision2 H5alling into a trance is one t(pe of 3ision in

6hich a personGs ph(sical senses are s/spended as he or she recei3es
re3elation from God2I
$n the 3ision1 4eter sa6 a giant sheet let do6n from +ea3en .( its
fo/r corners2 $n the sheet 6ere all >inds of .easts1 .oth clean and

ACTS 10:13-15
13 -nd there came a 3oice to him1 *ise1 4eterA
>ill1 and eat2
14 %/t 4eter said1 Not so1 9ordA for $ ha3e
ne3er eaten an(thing that is common or
15 -nd the 3oice spa>e /nto him again the
second time1 7hat God hath cleansed1 that call
not tho/ common2
The Je6s loo>ed /pon the Gentiles as .eing /nclean and
therefore 6o/ldn=t ha3e an(thing to do 6ith them2 %/t God 6as
getting 4eter prepared for 6hat 4eter 6o/ld soon 6itness' the
Gospel .eing preached to the Gentiles2 That=s 6hat the 9ord
meant 6hen +e said in the 3ision1 B222 What )od hath cleansed! that
call not thou common."
7hile 4eter pondered the meaning of this 3ision1 the +ol(
Spirit spo>e to him1 sa(ing that three men had come to see him
and that he 6as to go 6ith them2 So 4eter left 6ith the three men
for Corneli/s= ho/se1 along 6ith se3eral Je6ish .rethren2 7hen
the( arri3ed1 4eter preached the Gospel to Corneli/s and his
entire ho/sehold2

ACTS 10:44-46
44 7hile 4eter (et spa>e these 6ords1 T+E +O9:
G+OST 5E99 ON -99 T+E, 6hich heard the 6ord2
45 -nd the( of the circ/mcision 6hich .elie3ed 6ere
astonished1 as man( as came 6ith 4eter1 .eca/se that on
the Gentiles also 6as po/red o/t the gift of the +ol(
46 5or the( heard them spea> 6ith tong/es1 and
magnif( God2 2 2 2
The .elie3ing Je6s 6ere astonished that the +ol( Spirit had
.een po/red o/t on the Gentiles2 :o/ see1 /p to that moment1 it
had .een strictl( a Je6ish ch/rch2 These Je6ish .elie3ers didn=t
thin> an(one co/ld get in on this Ne6 Co3enant e;cept the Je6s2

So 6hat con3inced the Je6ish .rethren 6ho 6ere present that
the door of sal3ation had opened to the GentilesC +o6 did the(
>no6 that these fol>s had recei3ed the +ol( GhostC <erse 4"
tells /s' "0or they heard them *3-%K W'TH T1N)U-*! and
magniy )od NNNN B +earing those Gentiles spea> 6ith tong/es 6as
the thing that con3inced the Je6ish .rethren that Corneli/s and his
ho/sehold had recei3ed the +ol( Spirit ?/st as the( had2

he 9isciples at Ephesus
The last recorded instance 6here fol>s recei3ed the +ol( Spirit is
fo/nd in -cts 192 This incident in the cit( of Ephes/s happened a.o/t
20 (ears after the ;a( of 4entecost2

ACTS 19:1-2
1 2 2 2 K4a/l and his compan( of .elie3ersL
ha3ing passed thro/gh the /pper coasts came
to Ephes/s' and finding certain disciples1
2 +e said /nto them1 +a3e (e recei3ed the
+ol( Ghost since (e .elie3edC -nd the( said
/nto him1 7e ha3e not so m/ch as heard
6hether there .e an( +ol( Ghost2

These 6ere .elie3ers 6ho 6ere 6al>ing in all the light the( had2
The( hadn=t e3en heard that there was a +ol( Spirit /ntil the( met 4a/l2

ACTS 19:3-4
3 -nd he said /nto them1 Unto 6hat then
6ere (e .aptiDedC -nd the( said1 Unto John=s
4 Then said 4a/l1 John 3eril( .aptiDed 6ith
the .aptism of repentance1 sa(ing /nto the
people1 that the( sho/ld .elie3e on him 6hich
sho/ld come after him1 that is1 on Christ Jes/s2
:o/ see1 John the %aptist .aptiDed in 6ater1 teaching people
to .elie3e on the One 7ho 6o/ld come after him2 %/t these
Je6ish .elie3ers li3ed in Ephes/s1 located in -sia ,inor1 and
the( didn=t >no6 all that had happened .ac> in the land of

ACTS 19:5-6
5 7hen the( heard this1 the( 6ere .aptiDed $N T+E
N-,E O5 T+E 9O*; JESUS2

6 -nd 6hen 4a/l had laid his hands /pon them1 T+E
+O9: G+OST C-,E ON T+E,A -N; T+E: S4-0E
7$T+ TONGUES1 and prophesied2

7hat happened the moment the +ol( Ghost came on these
.elie3ersC B222 They spa$e with tongues! and prophesied"
$n -cts 2 the infilling of the +ol( Spirit 6as accompanied .( a
r/shing might( 6ind and tong/es of fire2 $n no other instance of
.elie3ers recei3ing the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost do 6e read
a.o/t either of these manifestations2 5or e8ample1 in -cts 10 the
.elie3ers magnified God after recei3ing the +ol( Spirit1 and 6e
?/st sa6 in -cts 19 that the( prophesied2
Sometimes fol>s do recei3e something .esides tong/es at the
time the( are filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit1 ./t remem.er@tong/es
al6a(s comes first2 The %i.le doesn=t sa( that the( prophesied
and spo>e 6ith tong/es2 $t said the( spo$e with tongues and
7e sho/ldn=t e8pect an( more 6hen 6e initiall( recei3e the
+ol( Ghost than 6hat the 7ord of God teaches2 $f another
spirit/al gift is added1 6ell and good1 ./t these other
manifestations ma( or ma( not follo6 the .aptism in the +ol(
On the other hand1 in three o/t of fi3e recorded instances in -cts
6here people recei3ed the +ol( Ghost1 the %i.le definitel( states that
.elie3ers spo>e 6ith other tong/es2 These three instances occ/rred in
the 20&(ear time period .et6een the ;a( of 4entecost H-cts 2I and
4a/l=s enco/nter 6ith the Ephesian .elie3ers H-cts 19I2 The ma?orit( of
e3idence1 then1 6o/ld .e on the side of tong/es as the initial e3idence
of this e8perience2 -s for the other t6o instances1 the %i.le infers that
.elie3ers spo>e 6ith tong/es1 as 6e alread( disc/ssed2
So $ .elie3e it=s safe to sa( 6e ha3e pro3en concl/si3el( that fi3e
times o/t of fi3e recorded instances in the %oo> of -cts1 .elie3ers 6ho
6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost e8perienced the initial e3idence of
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 This 6o/ld lead /s to .elie3e that an(
person toda( 6ho desires to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost 6ill spea>
6ith other tong/es as 6ellF

+ H , 3 E = 6

9O BOU H,DE O ,==B O
=E+E7DE HE HO.B S37=7@

$n all the script/ral e3idences 6e=3e e8amined so far1 there is no
s/ggestion that the people in the Earl( Ch/rch 6ere e3er ta/ght to tarr(
to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 -nd if 6e 6ant to .e thoro/ghl( Ne6
Testament1 6e sho/ld ne3er teach an(one to tarr( for the .aptism 6ith
the +ol( Spirit either2
:o/ might as>1 B%/t 6hat a.o/t the ;a( of 4entecostC ;idn=t those
120 .elie3ers tarr( in an /pper room in Jer/salem /ntil the( 6ere
end/ed 6ith po6er from on +ighCB HSee 9/>e 24'49A -cts 1 and 22I
$t=s tr/e that this is the onl( instance in the %oo> of -cts 6here
people 6ere .aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost after tarr(ing2 %/t those 120
.elie3ers 6ere 6aiting or tarr(ing for the initial outpouring of the +ol(
Spirit2 Jes/s had commanded them1 B2 2 2 T-**: /- in the city o
+erusalem! until ye "e endued with power rom on high" H9/>e 24'49I2 The(
had to tarr( .eca/se the +ol( Ghost hadn=t (et .een po/red o/t on the
earth to carr( on Jes/s= ministr(F
Then on the ;a( of 4entecost1 the +ol( Spirit came to this
earth li>e a r/shing might( 6ind to carr( on Jes/s= ministr(1 and
the +ol( Spirit has .een here e3er since2 5rom that da( on1 it=s
?/st a matter of recei#ing +im1 not a matter of waiting for +im to

arr!ing for the 7nitial Outpouring
J/st read .ac> thro/gh those fi3e instances of people .eing
filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost in the %oo> of -cts1 and (o/ 6ill
notice that after the initial o/tpo/ring1 people ne3er again
6aited to .e .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost2 Not one single time did

the( 6aitF -fter all1 6h( sho/ld the( 6aitC The +ol( Spirit 6as
alread( hereF
9et=s go .ac> to 6hat Jes/s said to the disciples in John 14'

JOHN 14:16-17
16 -nd $ 6ill pra( the 5ather1 and he shall gi3e (o/
another Comforter1 that he ma( a.ide 6ith (o/ fore3erA
17 E3en the Spirit of tr/thA 6hom the 6orld cannot
recei3e 2 2 2 2
*emem.er 6hat 6e disc/ssed earlier a.o/t this passage of
Script/re2 7e >no6 that the 6orld can recei3e the 6or> of the
+ol( Ghost in the Ne6 %irth2 That means Jes/s is not tal>ing
a.o/t the sal3ation e8perience here2 +e is sa(ing that the 6orld
cannot recei3e the inilling of the Spirit of tr/th@the .aptism in
the +ol( Spirit@.eca/se that is a gift reser3ed for .elie3ers2
9ater in John 1"'131 Jes/s 6ent on to sa(1 "How"eit when he! the
*pirit o truth! is come! he will guide you into all truth: or he shall not
spea$ o himsel: "ut whatsoe#er he shall hear! that shall he spea$: and
he will shew you things to come."
Notice those 6ords1 B222 when he! the *pirit o truth! is come. . . " The
+ol( Ghost in +is f/llness had not (et .een manifested in the sense that
Jes/s 6as tal>ing a.o/t here2
Jes/s= 6ords in this 3erse 6ere f/lfilled on the ;a( of 4entecost1
6hen the +ol( Ghost came li>e a r/shing might( 6ind to this earth and
120 .elie3ers in an /pper room 6ere s/ddenl( .aptiDed 6ith the +ol(
Spirit and .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/es2
7e might e8perience s/pernat/ral manifestations 6hen the +ol(
Ghost is mo3ing1 incl/ding something that seems li>e 6ind2 %/t ne3er
do 6e e8perience the might( o/tpo/ring of the +ol( Ghost as those 120
.elie3ers e8perienced it on that first ;a( of 4entecost more than t6o
tho/sand (ears ago2
Ahat ,bout the Other /our
7nstances in the Book of ,cts@
-s (o/ mo3e on to -cts 1 (o/ 6on=t find the least s/ggestion that
the people of Samaria 6ere ta/ght to tarr( for the +ol( Ghost2 These
people .elie3ed in Jes/s1 got sa3ed1 and 6ere .aptiDed2 Then the
apostles 6ho 6ere in Jer/salem heard that the Samaritans had recei3ed
the 7ord of God and sent /nto them 4eter and John2 7hen 4eter and
John came do6n to Samaria1 the( laid hands on them and pra(ed for

them1 and the Samaritans recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2 There is no mention
6hatsoe3er that the Samaritan .elie3ers tarried .efore the( 6ere a.le to
recei3e the free gift of the +ol( Spirit2
The same is tr/e for Sa/l of Tars/s1 6ho later .ecame the
-postle 4a/l2 7e alread( loo>ed at 6hat happened 6hen Sa/l
6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 %/t let=s loo> again at -cts 9'1!2
7e see -nanias arri3ing at the ho/se 6here Sa/l had .een
6aiting and pra(ing for three da(s1 e3er since his con3ersion on
the road to ;amasc/s2

ACTS 9:17
17 -nd -nanias 6ent his 6a(1 and entered into the
ho/seA and p/tting his hands on him said1 %rother Sa/l1
the 9ord1 e3en Jes/s1 that appeared /nto thee in the
6a( as tho/ earnest1 hath sent me1 that tho/ mightest
recei3e th( sight1 and %E 5$99E; 7$T+ T+E +O9:

-nanias >ne6 nothing at all a.o/t Sa/l=s spirit/al condition
other than the fact that Sa/l had .een pra(ing1 .eca/se the 9ord
had told that to -nanias in a 3ision H-cts 9'11I2 :et it seems that
there 6as no do/.t in -nanias= mind that Sa/l 6o/ld recei3e the
+ol( Spirit at the moment he laid hands on Sa/l2 There is no
s/ggestion of Sa/l needing to tarr( or 6ait to .e filled 6ith the
+ol( Ghost either1 (et Sa/l pro.a.l( didn=t >no6 a thing in the
6orld a.o/t the +ol( Ghost /ntil -nanias came and laid hands
on himF
Then in -cts 101 6e see that Corneli/s and his ho/sehold
didn=t ha3e to tarr( at all to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2

ACTS 10:44-46
44 7+$9E 4eter (et spa>e these 6ords1 T+E +O9:
G+OST 5E99 ON -99 T+E, Kin Corneli/s=
ho/seholdL 6hich heard the 6ord2
45 -nd the( of the circ/mcision 6hich
.elie3ed 6ere astonished1 as man( as came
6ith 4eter1 .eca/se that on the Gentiles also
6as po/red o/t T+E G$5T O5 T+E +O9:
46 5or the( heard them S4E-0 7$T+
TONGUES1 and magnif( God2 2 2 2

Those in attendance at Corneli/s= ho/sehold 6ere all Gentiles2 The(
6ere not sa3ed /ntil 4eter came and preached to them2

ACTS 11:13-14
13 -nd he KCorneli/sL she6ed /s K4eter and
his Je6ish companionsL ho6 he had seen an
angel in his ho/se1 6hich stood and said /nto
him1 Send men to Joppa1 and call for Simon1
6hose s/rname is 4eterA
14 7ho shall tell thee 6ords1 7+E*E%:
T+OU -N; -99 T+: +OUSE S+-99 %E

Corneli/s and his ho/sehold 6ere sa3ed as 4eter preached to them2
That means the( recei3ed sal3ation and 6ere .aptiDed in the +ol(
Ghost almost sim/ltaneo/sl(F 7hen people first get sa3ed is often the
.est and easiest time in the 6orld to get them filled 6ith the +ol(
No one laid hands on the people of Corneli/s= ho/sehold1 (et the( all
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost 3irt/all( at the same time2 Not one in the room
failed to recei3e2
-s 6e noted earlier1 it 6as these Gentiles= spea>ing 6ith other
tong/es that f/ll( con3inced 4eter=s Je6ish compan( that the Gentile
.elie3ers had recei3ed the +ol( Spirit2 The Je6ish .rethren 6ere
astonished that the +ol( Ghost had .een po/red on the Gentiles2 %/t let
me stress again' The fact that these Gentiles immediatel( .egan to spea>
6ith tong/es and magnif( God indicates that these people did not tarr(
or 6ait e3en for a moment to .e filled 6ith the +ol( GhostF
5inall(1 let=s go on to -cts 19 and see if the .elie3ers 4a/l met
in Ephes/s had to tarr( to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2

ACTS 19:1-6
1 -nd it came to pass1 that1 6hile -pollos 6as at
Corinth1 4a/l ha3ing passed thro/gh the /pper coasts
came to Ephes/s' and finding certain disciples1
2 +e said /nto them1 +a3e (e recei3ed the +ol( Ghost
since (e .elie3edC -nd the( said /nto him1 7e ha3e not
so m/ch as heard 6hether there .e an( +ol( Ghost2
3 -nd he said /nto them1 Unto 6hat then 6ere (e
.aptiDedC -nd the( said1 Unto John=s .aptism2
4 Then said 4a/l1 John 3eril( .aptiDed 6ith the
.aptism of repentance1 sa(ing /nto the people1 that the(

sho/ld .elie3e on him 6hich sho/ld come after him1
that is1 on Christ Jes/s2
5 7hen the( heard this1 the( 6ere .aptiDed in the
name of the 9ord Jes/s2
6 -nd 7+EN 4-U9 +-; 9-$; +$S +-N;S U4ON
T+E,1 the +ol( Ghost came on themA and the( spa>e
6ith tong/es1 and prophesied2
-s 6e sa6 earlier1 these 6ere Gentile .elie3ers 6ho 6ere
6al>ing in the little .it of spirit/al light the( had2 Then 4a/l
.aptiDed them in the Name of the 9ord Jes/s2 %/t 4a/l didn=t
stop thereF +e also got them filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2
+ere is the point $ 6ant (o/ to see for this disc/ssion' The moment
4a/l laid his hands /pon these ne6 con3erts1 the +ol( Ghost came
/pon them1 and the( spo>e 6ith tong/es and prophesied2 The( all
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost 6itho/t e8ception and 6itho/t the slightest
s/ggestion of tarr(ingF

2odern09a! E4amples of =ecei*ing Aithout arr!ing

$n a certain meeting after $ had ta/ght along the line of faith1 $ in3ited
fol>s to come and recei3e the +ol( Spirit1 and three people came
for6ard2 -ll three .elonged to denominational ch/rches that didn=t
.elie3e in the .aptism 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing in tong/es2
$ said to these three people1 B:o/ 6ill recei3e the +ol( Ghost right
no6 as soon as $ la( m( hands on (o/2B
Then $ laid hands on them1 and the( 6ere all immediatel( filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost and .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/es2
-fter the ser3ice1 a denominational minister 6ho had recentl( .een
filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit came o3er to me and said1 B%rother +agin1
that 6as amaDingF $ stood right there and listened to (o/ sa( that three
people 6o/ld get filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit@and then the( did in a
matter of secondsF %/t $ 6ant to as> (o/ a E/estion1 %rother +agin2
+o6 did (o/ $now the( 6ere going to recei3e the +ol( GhostCB
B7ell1B $ said1 B$ didn=t act/all( >no6 the( 6ere going to
recei3e@./t there 6asn=t an( do/.t in m( mind that the( could
and that the( should recei3eF So $ ?/st .elie3ed that since the( had
come for6ard 6ith a desire to recei3e the +ol( Ghost1 the(

$ contin/ed1 BThe reason $ co/ld spea> so definitel( is that the
9ord once appeared to me in a 3ision and said to me1 =Go la(
hands on .elie3ers to recei3e the +ol( GhostF= -nd since Jes/s is
the One 6ho sent me to la( hands on .elie3ers to recei3e the
+ol( Ghost1 $ e;pect them to recei3e2 -nd1 than> God1 most of
them doFB
Of co/rse1 once in a 6hile someone doesn=t recei3e the +ol(
Spirit2 Sometimes it ta>es a6hile for fol>s to get their minds
rene6ed 6ith the 7ord of God2 That=s partic/larl( tr/e if the(=3e
gotten conf/sed 6ith different ideas1 s/ch as the teaching that
sa(s it=s necessar( to tarr( to recei3e the +ol( Ghost 6ith the
e3idence of spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2
$t can ta>e some time to reed/cate these people and to help
them get their thin>ing straightened o/t2 $t 6o/ld .e 6onderf/l
if all Christians 6ere simpl( ta/ght from the 3er( .eginning of
their 6al> 6ith God 6hat the Ne6 Testament sa(s a.o/t the
+ol( Spirit and pra(ing in tong/es2 Then the( 6o/ldn=t ha3e
s/ch a str/ggle 6ith itF
$ remem.er holding a three&6ee> meeting in a certain place2
;/ring those three 6ee>s1 6e had 2 fol>s recei3e the +ol(
Ghost2 $n fact1 e3er(one 6ho came for6ard got filled 6ith the
Spirit2 No one failed to recei3e2
,ost of those 2 people instantl( recei3ed the +ol( Spirit2 - fe6 had
to come t6o or three times to get their minds rene6ed .( the 7ord
.efore the( 6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 %/t no one came more than
three times 6itho/t recei3ing2 -nd the onl( reason 6e didn=t ha3e more
people get .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost d/ring that three&6ee> meeting
is that 6e ran o/t of people 6ho hadn=t recei3ed (etF

he 7nfilling of the Hol! Chost 7s a /ree Cift
+o6ard Carter 6as the general s/per3isor of the -ssem.lies of God
in Great %ritain for 19 (ears2 +e 6as also the fo/nder of the oldest
4entecostal %i.le school in the 6orld and a leading teacher in -ssem.l(
of God circles 6orld6ide2 Carter said1 "To teach people to tarry to "e illed
with the Holy )host is nothing in the world "ut a com"ination o wor$s and
un"elie." +o6 tr/e that isF
Thro/gho/t m( almost s !0 (ears of ministr(1 $ ha3e fo/nd that
6hen people come in faith to recei3e the +ol( Ghost1 the( will recei3e if

the( ?/st cooperate 6ith God2 There isn=t e3er a do/.t in m( mind a.o/t
it 6hen $ minister the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost .eca/se $ learned long
ago as a (o/ng denominational preacher 6hat the 7ord sa(s a.o/t it2
That re3elation came as $ 6as 6al>ing do6n the street in m( to6n1
pra(ing a.o/t this iss/e of the .aptism 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 tr(ing to
/nderstand 6hat to .elie3e a.o/t the matter2 S/ddenl( the 9ord spo>e
to m( heart and as>ed me 6hat -cts 2'39 said2 $ E/oted the 3erse to
+im' "0or the promise is unto you! and to your children! and to all that are
aar o! e#en as many as the ,ord our )od shall call"
Then the 9ord as>ed me1 B7hat promise is thatCB
$ said1 B7ell1 the latter part of 3erse 3 sa(s1 F 2 2 and ye shall
recei#e the )'0T o the Holy )host'" $mmediatel( $ sa6 that the
+ol( Ghost is a git. -nd since $ sa6 no reason for 6aiting to
recei3e a gift freel( gi3en to me .( God1 $ ?/st decided to
immediatel( recei3e itF
$ tho/ght1 Well! ' "elie#e ''ll <ust go down to the 0ull )ospel
pastor's house and recei#e the Holy )host right now( 7hen $ got to
the pastor=s ho/se1 the first thing he said 6as1 B%rother 0enneth1
6h( don=t (o/ 6ait /ntil after the ser3ice is o3er tonight and
see> the +ol( Ghost at the altarCB
$ said confidentl(1 BOh1 it 6on=t ta>e me 3er( long to
recei3eB@ and in eight min/tes= time1 $ 6as spea>ing in other
tong/esF 7h( didn=t $ ha3e to 6ait to recei3eC Because we don't
ha#e to tarry or a git )od has reely gi#en to all who "elie#e(

+ H , 3 E = &

HOA 7 A,S /7..E9 A7H HE
HO.B S37=7

9et me tell (o/ in more detail ho6 $ personall( came to /nderstand
6hat God has to sa( a.o/t the .aptism 6ith the +ol( Ghost and
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 $ .elie3e m( stor( ma( help (o/ or
someone (o/ >no6 6ho has .een str/ggling 6ith this s/.?ect2
-s $ mentioned earlier1 6hen $ 6as a (o/ng denominational
preacher1 $ fello6shipped 6ith 5/ll Gospel people .eca/se the(
preached di3ine healing1 and the( strengthened m( faith in healing2
7hen $ first started preaching1 $ didn=t >no6 an(one else 6ho .elie3ed
in di3ine healing e8cept me2 $ tho/ght $=d fo/nd something in the %i.le
that no one else >ne6F $ certainl( >ne6 that no one in my ch/rch >ne6
a.o/t itF

Ahat to 9o Aith Ehat ongues BusinessE@
%/t then in 193#1 someone came to o/r to6n and p/t /p a tent to
hold a 5/ll Gospel re3i3al2 ,( grandmother 6ent to the meetings1 and
she said to me1 B Son1 (o/ o/ght to go to that 5/ll Gospel re3i3al2B
B7h( sho/ld $CB $ as>ed2
BThat 4entecostal fello6 preaches li>e (o/ .elie3e1 or else (o/
.elie3e li>e he preaches@one of the t6o2 $ ne3er heard an(one
so/nd so m/ch li>e (o/ in m( lifeFB
So finall( one night1 $ dropped .( a meeting ?/st as the
preacher .egan preaching2 $ stood o/tside the tent listening1 and
$ en?o(ed e3er( min/te of it2 $ li>ed the 6a( that man preached1
.eca/se he preached li>e $ .elie3edF $ needed fol>s li>e that to
fello6ship 6ith so $ co/ld sta( strong in faith2
%/t1 of co/rse1 $ fo/nd o/t that these 4entecostal fol>s didn=t
?/st .elie3e in sal3ation and di3ine healing and the Second

Coming li>e $ didA the( also .elie3ed in .eing .aptiDed 6ith the
+ol( Ghost and spea>ing 6ith other tong/es as the Spirit of God
gi3es /tterance2 To tell the tr/th a.o/t it1 $ ?/st closed m( ears to
that part2 $ reall( didn=t listen to 6hat the( had to sa( a.o/t
tong/es2 $ let their 6ords go in one ear and o/t the other .eca/se
$ tho/ght m( denomination 6as right on this s/.?ect and the
4entecostals 6ere 6rong2
$ tho/ght to m(self1 ' "elie#e in the Holy )host! all right! and ''m
sure ' could "e more ull o the Holy *pirit than ' am. But ' don't
"elie#e in that tongues "usiness( ''ll <ust put up with that part in order
to ha#e ellowship with people who "elie#e in healing.
,ean6hile God 6as .lessing me as m/ch as +e co/ld in m(
ministr(2 $ 6as la(ing hands on people and the( 6ere getting
healed1 .eca/se $ 6as 6al>ing in all the light $ had at the time2
5or instance1 $ sa6 one of m( S/nda( school teachers@6ho 6as
sched/led for a ma?or operation@get /p o/t of .ed
instantl(&healed as $ anointed him 6ith oil1 laid hands on him1
and pra(ed2
%/t no matter ho6 m/ch $ tried1 $ ?/st co/ldn=t seem to get a6a(
from Bthat tong/es ./sinessBF

1. Receive the
Revelation: The Holy
Ghost Is a Gift
$=ll ne3er forget that da( $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 $t 6as
Th/rsda(1 the eighth da( of -pril1 193!2 $ mentioned earlier 6hat
happened that da( as $ 6al>ed do6n the street in m( hometo6n1
tal>ing to the 9ord in m( heart2 %/t no6 $ 6ant to go into more detail
a.o/t 6hat happened that da(2
$f (o/ had .een 6al>ing .eside me along that street1 (o/ 6o/ld ha3e
.arel( heard me tal>ing to the 9ord .eca/se $ 6as pra(ing in a 6hisper2
$ 6as getting read( to enroll in a denominational seminar( in a fe6
6ee>s1 and $ 6anted to get this iss/e a.o/t the .aptism 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and tong/es settled once and for all2
So $ said1 B9ord1 6ho is right a.o/t this +ol( Ghost ./sinessC One of
the leaders in o/r denomination sa(s that if a person is .orn again1 he
has all the +ol( Ghost there is2

BThen there is another prominent pastor in o/r denomination 6ho
sa(s1 =There is an e8perience s/.seE/ent to sal3ation called the .aptism
in the +ol( Ghost1 ./t $=m con3inced that o/r dear 4entecostal friends
are 6rong in sa(ing a person has to spea> 6ith other tong/es2 -cts 1'
is o/r pattern1 not -cts 2'41 and there is no mention of tong/es in -cts
ACTS 1:8
8 %/t (e shall recei3e po6er1 after that the +ol( Ghost is
come /pon (o/' and (e shall .e 6itnesses /nto me .oth
in Jer/salem1 and in all J/daea1 and in Samaria1 and
/nto the /ttermost part of the earth2

B9ord1B $ contin/ed1 BThis other prominent pastor 6ent on to
sa(1 =:o/ don=t need an( manifestation or e3idence of this
s/.seE/ent e8perience called the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost2 :o/
?/st ha3e to claim it .( faith2 Then the onl( o/t6ard res/lt is that
(o/ go o/t to 6itnessF=
B9ord1B $ contin/ed1 Bthose t6o preachers are .oth
6ell&>no6n pastors in m( denomination1 (et the(=re not sa(ing
the same thing a.o/t tong/es2 -nd then there=s that noted
elderl( professor from o/r seminar( 6ho tells his grad/ating
st/dents' =There is an e8perience s/.seE/ent to sal3ation called
the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost2 $t is an end/ement of po6er from
on +igh1 and don=t (o/ dare go o/t and preach 6itho/t itF= %/t
that=s all this professor e3er sa(s a.o/t the s/.?ectF
B5inall(1 9ord1 there are the 4entecostals1 and the( claim that
-cts 2'4 is the spirit/al pattern for getting filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost' '%nd they were all illed with the Holy )host! and "egan to
spea$ with other tongues! as the *pirit ga#e them utterance.'
BSo 6ho is right a.o/t this1 9ordCB $ as>ed2 B$=m prone to go
the 6a( $=3e .een ta/ght .( m( denomination2 $n fact1 $=m
thin>ing a.o/t going to their seminar( this Septem.er1 and that
means $ ha3e to enroll this month2B
$ had told the 9ord 6hat all the other preachers had said2 $ had told
+im 6hat $ tho/ght a.o/t it2 $ tho/ght $ had finall( made /p m( mind
6hich direction to go2
Then as $ related earlier1 s/ddenl( $ heard the 9ord spea>ing to me
.( +is Spirit on the inside of me ?/st as plain as can .e2 +e as>ed me1
B7hat does -cts 2'39 sa(CB

7ell1 the +ol( Ghost >ne6 that $ >ne6 6hat -cts 2'39 said or +e
6o/ldn=t ha3e as>ed me2 $ immediatel( ans6ered1 still 6al>ing do6n
the street' B$t sa(s1 '0or the promise is unto you! and to your children! and to
all that are aar o! e#en as many as the ,ord our )od shall call("
B7hat promise is thatCB that in6ard <oice as>ed me2
$ tho/ght a.o/t 3erse 3@the 3erse $ had /sed so man( times to
preach the message Brepent1 and .e .aptiDed2B Then the in6ard <oice
said1 B7hat does the latter part of 3erse 3 sa(CB
$ replied1 B$t sa(s1 '. . . and ye shall recei#e the git o the Holy )host.' %/t1
9ord1 $ do .elie3e in the +ol( Ghost1 and $ am .orn of the Spirit2 $
6o/ldn=t sa( ''m illed! ./t at least $ >no6 the +ol( Ghost2 -fter all1 it=s
the +ol( Ghost tal>ing to me right no62 $t=s those tong/es $ don=t >no6
a.o/t1 9ordFB
Then ?/st as plain as an(thing1 the in6ard <oice said1 B7hat does
-cts 2'4 sa(CB
$ >ne6 6hat -cts 2'4 saidA $ co/ld E/ote it2 %/t $ didn=t realiDe that
the +ol( Ghost 6as a.o/t to open /p that 3erse to me in a 6a( $ had
ne3er seen .eforeF
$ ans6ered1 B-cts 2'4 sa(s1 '%nd they were all illed with the Holy )host!
and "egan to spea$ with other tongues . . . '. Oh1 oh1 oh1 $ see itFB $ e8claimed2
"This 6as the gift of the +ol( Ghost that 6as gi3enF 7hen the .elie3ers
6ere all illed! the( .egan to spea$. So if $ get f/ll of the same +ol( Ghost
6ho got me .orn again1 $=m going to .egin to spea$! ?/st li>e the( didF
7ell1 $=ll ?/st go do6n to the 4entecostal preacher=s ho/se right no6 and
get filled 6ith the +ol( GhostFB

E7t wonEt take me *er! long to recei*eE

So $ 6ent to the home of the pastor of the 5/ll Gospel
Ta.ernacle and >noc>ed on his door2 The pastor and the 3isiting
e3angelist ans6ered the door together2 $ told the pastor $ 6anted
to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 +e replied1 B%rother 0enneth1
6e=re in re3i3al right no6 6ith this e3angelist2 7h( don=t (o/
6ait /ntil after the ser3ice is o3er tonight and see> the +ol(
Ghost at the altarCB
$t 6as alread( "'00 in the e3ening1 and the re3i3al ser3ice 6as
going to start at !'302 %/t $ responded1 B$t 6on=t ta>e me 3er(
long to recei3e2B
The pastor said1 B7ell1 come on in then2B

$ 6ent into the li3ing room and >nelt .( a large chair2 The
pastor and the e3angelist didn=t tell me to do itA $ ?/st had an
inner /rge to do it2 $ co/ld hear the so/nd of the t6o men=s
3oices1 ./t $ don=t >no6 one 6ord the( said2 $ ?/st sh/t m( ears
to all o/tside noise2 Then $ remem.ered that 6hen $ got healed1 $
had lifted m( hands2 So $ closed m( e(es1 lifted /p m( hands1
and started pra(ing2
$ said1 BNo61 9ord1 $=3e come here to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2B
$ told the 9ord again in pra(er 6hat the denominational pastors
said1 6hat the 4entecostal people said1 and 6hat the %i.le sa(s
in -cts 22 Then $ said1 B%( faith $ 6as .orn again1 and .( faith $
recei3ed healing2 No6 .( faith $ recei3e the +ol( GhostF
B$ 6ant to than> :o/1 +ea3enl( 5ather1 .eca/se $ am no6 filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost2 -nd no6 $ e;pect to spea> 6ith other tong/es as the
+ol( Ghost gi3es me /tterance1 and $=m not going to .e satisfied /ntil $
doF $ e8pect to spea> 6ith tong/es ?/st li>e the .elie3ers did on the ;a(
of 4entecost and ?/st as the( did thro/gho/t the %oo> of -cts2B Then $
E/oted to +im all the %i.le e3idence on spea>ing in tong/es2
$ contin/ed1 B4raise God1 the +ol( Spirit 6ill gi3e me /tterance1 and
$=ll spea> 6ith tong/es and than> :o/ for itFB Then $ said1 B+allel/?ahB
a.o/t eight or 10 times1 ne3er feeling so dr( and dead in all m( life2 $n
fact1 it seemed li>e $ almost cho>ed on those Bhallel/?ahs2B -fter all1 6e
6eren=t /sed to sa(ing that 6ord in the ch/rch 6here $ 6as raisedF %/t $
didn=t stop ?/st .eca/se $ didn=t feel an(thing2
To tell (o/ the tr/th a.o/t the matter1 $=3e ne3er had m/ch patience
6ith fol>s 6ho sa(1 B7ell1 $ don=t feel an(thing1 so $ g/ess it isn=t
6or>ing for me2B 7hat do feelings ha3e to do 6ith an(thingF
7hat if someone ga3e (o/ a cashier=s chec> for a million dollarsC
7o/ld (o/ sa(1 BNo1 no1 $ ?/st don=t feel li>e recei3ing this chec>2 $ don=t
feel li>e it 6ill 6or> if $ tr( to cash it2B :o/r feelings ha3en=t a thing in
the 6orld to do 6ith the 3alidit( of that cashier=s chec>2 $t=s the
a/thorit( .ehind the cashier=s chec> that co/ntsF
;id (o/ e3er read in the %i.le 6here it sa(s1 B7e 6al> .( feelingsBC
No1 $ g/arantee that (o/ ne3er did read that2 %/t (o/ can read 6here it
sa(s1 "0or we wal$ "y aith! not "y sight"6> Cor2 #'!I2 That means 6e 6al>
.( faith in 6hat God has said in +is 7ordF
So e3en tho/gh $ ne3er felt a thing as $ said m(
Bhallel/?ahsB@ e3en tho/gh $ ne3er felt more dr( in m( 6hole

life@$ ?/st >ept than>ing God for the +ol( Ghost and for gi3ing
me /tterance in tong/es2
No61 $ >no6 e3er(one has his or her o6n e8perience in
regard to recei3ing the +ol( Ghost2 ,an( ha3e no s/pernat/ral
manifestation at all other than the common e8perience of
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 $=3e had more than one preacher
tell me that the( 6ere at the altar pra(ing 6ith their e(es sh/t
6hen it seemed li>e the roof of the ch/rch came off and a h/ge
.all of fire came do6n and ./rst o3er their heads@and the(
started spea>ing in tong/es2 $ e3en heard someone sa( he sa6 a
.eam of light come do6n thro/gh the ceiling and stri>e him in
his e(es@and at that moment1 he started spea>ing in tong/es2
7ell1 $ ne3er sa6 a .eam of light or a .all of fire1 ./t $=ll tell
(o/ 6hat did happen to me2 E3en tho/gh $ had m( e(es sh/t1
s/ddenl( it seemed li>e someone 6as ./ilding a .laDing .onfire
do6n on the inside of me2 7ell1 $ didn=t >no6 6hat to e8pect1 so
$ pra(ed1 B9ord1 if that ./rning doesn=t stop1 $=m going to ha3e to
Then it 6as as if $ co/ld see strange 6ords .oiling /p inside2
$t seemed to me that $=d >no6 6hat those 6ords 6ere if $ ?/st
started spea>ing them o/t2 So $ did1 and tong/es ?/st flo6ed o/t
of meF
$ opened m( e(es and loo>ed at m( 6atch2 H-fter all1 the %i.le sa(s
to 6atch and pra(FI $t 6as eight min/tes past "'002 $=d onl( .een
>neeling there in the 5/ll Gospel pastor=s home for eight min/tesF %/t $
>ept on spea>ing 6ith other tong/es for an ho/r and a half and sang
three songs in tong/es2 Oh1 $ co/ld ha3e E/it if $ had 6anted to@./t $
didn=t 6ant toF
$t doesn=t ta>e long to recei3e the +ol( Ghost 6hen (o/ ta>e God at
+is 7ordF
Should Ae E4pect Other Spiritual
Cifts Besides Fust ongues@
$ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit after $ sa6 6hat the %i.le said and
.elie3ed it2 $ started closel( e8amining God=s 7ord1 and $ sa6 in the
-cts of the -postles that 6hene3er .elie3ers 6ere filled 6ith the +ol(
Spirit1 the( spo>e 6ith tong/es2

7hat asto/nds me is that so man( people ha3e s/ch little confidence
in 6hat the %i.le sa(s1 e3en after the( see it2 That often incl/des
Christian 6or>ers and preachersF
Sometimes people as> me1 BSo sho/ld 6e see> tong/esCB
$ tell them1 BNo1 the %i.le doesn=t sa( 6e=re to see> tong/es2 7e=re to
see> the Gi3er@the +ol( SpiritF $n m( case1 $ didn=t see$ tong/es1 ./t $
e;pected to spea> 6ith tong/es .eca/se that is the %i.le e3idence of
recei3ing the +ol( Ghost in +is f/llnessFB
%/t e3en tho/gh $ >ne6 $ had recei3ed the +ol( Ghost .eca/se $
spo>e 6ith tong/es1 $=ll .e perfectl( honest 6ith (o/@at the time $ felt a
little disappointed2 -fter lea3ing the 5/ll Gospel pastor=s home1 $ said to
m(self as $ 6al>ed do6n the street1 Well! all ' did was tal$ in tongues. ''#e
gotten a "igger "lessing than that many times <ust praying the "est ' could as a
denominational "oy( $=d heard some 4entecostal fol>s testif( of their
e8periences of recei3ing the +ol( Ghost that 6ere ?/st spectac/lar1 so $
g/ess $ 6as e8pecting some >ind of o3er6helming1 emotionall(
e8hilarating e8perience2
$ had (et to learn that the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost is m/ch
more than ?/st recei3ing a .lessing that affects /s ph(sicall( and
emotionall(1 e3en tho/gh 6e can recei3e those >inds of .lessings
.efore1 d/ring1 and after recei3ing the +ol( Spirit2 %/t $ did >no6
m( %i.le1 so as $ 6al>ed do6n the street1 $ said to m(self1 ' don't
care what ' eel or what ' don't eel. ' $now ' am illed with the Holy
)host "ecause ' spo$e with tongues. ' ha#e the Bi"le e#idence(
So $ >ept than>ing and praising the 9ord for filling me 6ith
+is Spirit for the ne8t three or fo/r da(s1 and after the fo/rth
da(1 $ ne3er had another feeling of disappointment2 $n fact1 later $
came to realiDe that the same moment $ recei3ed the +ol( Ghost
and spo>e 6ith other tong/es1 $ also recei3ed another gift of the
Spirit@the 6ord of >no6ledge2 -nd that spirit/al gift .egan to
manifest more and more in the 6ee>s and months that follo6ed2
Sometimes fol>s do recei3e other spirit/al gifts in addition to
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es 6hen the( are filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost2 5or instance1 6e sa6 earlier in -cts 19 that the disciples at
Ephes/s not onl( spo>e 6ith tong/es 6hen the( recei3ed the
+ol( Ghost1 ./t e3identl( some of them also prophesied2
Then man( times other spirit/al gifts are also added later as
fol>s go on 6ith God and learn to 6al> in the Spirit2 The main
thing to remem.er is that spea$ing with tongues always comes irst.

That is the one %i.le e3idence 6e sho/ld e8pect 6hen 6e as> in
faith to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2

Aalking in Aisdom Aith
hose Aho arriedE
-fter $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit1 $ got the left foot of fello6ship
from m( denomination and came o3er to the 4entecostals2 %/t $ had
eno/gh sense to >no6 that it 6asn=t m( place to start tr(ing to
straighten people o/t as soon as $ ?oined them in fello6ship2 - person
6ho does that is acting foolishl(1 and $=m not a foolF
So $ .ecame the pastor of a small 5/ll Gospel ch/rch1 and for t6o
(ears $ 6atched those 4entecostal fol>s come to the altar to tarr( and
pra( for the infilling of the +ol( Ghost2 $=d in3ite the altar 6or>ers to
come to the altar and let them pra( 6ith those 6ho had come for6ard
to get filled2
The altar 6or>ers 6o/ld go on and on and on1 pra(ing and tarr(ing
6ith the people 6ho 6ere see>ing the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost1 and
e3ent/all( one or t6o 6o/ld get filled2 $ >ne6 the altar 6or>ers didn=t
need to do all that to get people to recei3e2 %/t $ >ne6 .etter than to sa(
an(thing at that moment1 so $ >ept m( mo/th sh/t for the time .eing2
-fter all1 $ >ne6 it 6asn=t going to h/rt them1 since fol>s need to pra(
The people 6o/ld sing1 BCome .( here1 9ord1 come .( here2B %/t
according to the %i.le1 the +ol( Ghost is alread( hereF 7e don=t ha3e to
.eg +im to come .(2 Or the(=d sing1 BOh1 9ord1 send the po6er ?/st
no6 and .aptiDe2B %/t the 9ord alread( sent the po6er@the +ol(
Ghost is alread( hereF The +ol( Spirit is the po6er so/rce of God2 +e is
present1 ?/st li>e the rain is alread( present in the clo/ds .efore it falls2
The rain doesn=t s/ddenl( come o/t of no6hereA it=s alread( there in the
$ remem.er one night in 1940 6hen $ started thin>ing a.o/t
these songs the congregation 6o/ld sing in o/r ser3ices2 -
3isiting e3angelist 6as holding a re3i3al in o/r ch/rch at the
time2 ,( 6ife Oretha and $ had gone to .ed1 and she 6as
alread( asleep2 %/t as $ tho/ght a.o/t the a.s/rdit( of it all1 $
started la/ghing and it 6o>e her /p2
,( 6ife as>ed me1 B7hat are (o/ la/ghing a.o/tCB

$ replied1 B$=m la/ghing at /s@at o/r 6hole ch/rchF Tonight
6e as>ed people 6ho ha3e gotten .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost
d/ring this re3i3al to testif(2 So the people testified and said1
=The +ol( Ghost is here2= -fter the( testified a.o/t the +ol(
Spirit=s presence in o/r ser3ice1 the preacher preached a.o/t the
same thing2 Then after his message1 he in3ited people to come to
the altar to .e filled 6ith the Spirit2
BSo for an ho/r and half1 people had .een testif(ing and
preaching a.o/t the +ol( Ghost=s po6er and presence2 7h(1 the
3er( atmosphere 6as charged 6ith the po6er of GodF - person
6ho co/ldn=t feel +is presence m/st ha3e .een deadF
B%/t the min/te 6e called the people 6ho 6anted to recei3e
the +ol( Ghost to the altar1B $ contin/ed1 B6e changed o/r t/neF
Then 6e said1 =No1 +e isn=t here (et2= -nd 6e started singing1
=Oh1 9ord1 send the po6er ?/st no62=B
$ said to m( 6ife1 B7e fooled those peopleF 7e got them to the altar
and then said1 =No1 the +ol( Ghost isn=t here2 7e ha3e to pra( and sing
that God 6ill send +im and +is po6er .eca/se the +ol( Ghost isn=t
here (etFB
%/t that isn=t tr/eF The +ol( Ghost is al6a(s present 6ith /s1 and all
6e ha3e to do is come and recei3e +imF
Ne3ertheless1 $ didn=t tell those 4entecostal fol>s that it 6asn=t
necessar( to go thro/gh all that to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 $f $ had1 the(
6o/ld ha3e risen /p and >ic>ed me o/tF :o/ see1 $ 6o/ld ha3e .een
>noc>ing do6n their spirit/al sand castles1 and a person has to .e
caref/l a.o/t that2
So $ ?/st >ept m( mo/th sh/t and let the altar 6or>ers pra( 6ith the
people 6ho 6anted to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 -t times it 6as almost
li>e a circ/s at that altar2 One fello6 6o/ld .e on one side of a person1
slapping him on the .ac> and hollering1 B+old on1 %rother1 hold onFB
,ean6hile1 another fello6 6o/ld .e on the other side1 hollering1 BT/rn
loose1 %rother1 t/rn looseFB
Someone else 6o/ld .e right .ehind the person1 (elling1 B+oller
lo/der so God 6ill hear (o/FB -nd another fello6 6o/ld .e in front of
the person1 hollering1 BGet (o/r hands higher so God 6ill hear (o/FB
-nd e3er( time the fello6 in front hollered something1 he=d gi3e the
poor person a spit&sho6er .athF

$n spite of all this@not .eca/se of it1 ./t in spite of it@some of these
dear so/ls 6o/ld act/all( get filled 6ith the +ol( GhostF God 6o/ld
see their sincerit( and honest(1 and +e=d honor their pra(ers and their
e3ent/al e8ercise of faith2
%/t the people 6ho 6anted to recei3e the +ol( Ghost didn=t ha3e to
go thro/gh all that1 and $ >ne6 it2 %/t for those first t6o (ears1 $ ?/st
>ept m( mo/th sh/t2 -fter all1 6ho 6as going to listen to a 22&(ear&old
.o( preacherC Some of those 4entecostal fol>s had .een filled 6ith the
+ol( Ghost longer than $ 6as oldF
So 6hat does a person do in a sit/ation li>e thatC +e does
6hat -aron and ,oses did in the Old TestamentF ;o (o/
remem.er 6hat happened 6hen God told -aron and ,oses to
lead $srael o/t of Eg(ptC -aron thre6 do6n his rod1 and it
t/rned into a serpent2 Then the Eg(ptian magicians thre6 do6n
their rods1 and the( t/rned into serpents too2 %/t in the end1
-aron=s serpent s6allo6ed /p all the magicians= serpents HE8od2
So $ ?/st ta/ght them the %i.le e3idence and ga3e them the
testimon( of m( o6n e8perience1 and that grad/all( s6allo6ed
/p all the arg/ments a.o/t tarr(ing to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 $
didn=t let an(thing deter me1 and e3ent/all( $ 6as a.le to lead
most of those 4entecostal fol>s into /nderstanding ho6 to
recei3e the +ol( Spirit the %i.le 6a(F

+ H , 3 E = %

CO9 A7.. D7S7 HU-C=B HE,=S

:o/=ll ne3er reall( .egin to gro6 spirit/all( as (o/ o/ght to gro6
/ntil (o/ are filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and .egin to spea> 6ith other
tong/es2 That=s a.sol/tel( the tr/th2
$ >no6 from personal e8perience that in the heart of e3er(
.orn&again man1 6oman1 and child1 there is a h/nger that cannot .e
satisfied 6itho/t the infilling 6ith the +ol( Spirit 6ith the e3idence of
spea>ing in tong/es2
$n m( case1 $ had alread( .een preaching for fo/r (ears .efore $
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2 $ >ne6 in m( spirit $ 6as a child of God2 $ had
the 6itness of the Spirit that $ 6as sa3ed2 $ preached and sa6 others get
sa3ed2 $ pra(ed for the sic> and sa6 them get healed2 Ne3ertheless1
there 6as a 3oid in m( spirit that 6as ne3er filled /ntil $ recei3ed the
+ol( Ghost and spo>e 6ith other tong/es2

E7 2ust Ha*e +ori

$ remem.er a partic/lar testimon( $ once heard that pro3es this
point1 shared .( a denominational pastor at a 5/ll Gospel
%/sinessmen=s l/ncheon2 J/st a fe6 da(s .efore the l/ncheon1
this pastor had recei3ed the +ol( Spirit in the sanct/ar( of his
o6n ch/rch2 -s 6e all sat there eating o/r meal together1 $
loo>ed o3er at this minister2 $ 6as dra6n to him .eca/se his face
6as all lit /p li>e a neon sign in the dar>F
9ater the minister stood /p and shared his testimon( 6ith /s2
+e said1 B$=m so glad $=m here toda(2 $ heard a lot of negati3e
r/mors a.o/t (o/ 5/ll Gospel fol>s in the past and1 $=m sorr( to
sa(1 $ .elie3ed it2 %/t m( heart 6as ?/st so h/ngr(1 and nothing
seemed to satisf( that h/nger2 There 6as a 3oid and a 3acanc(
6ithin me1 e3en tho/gh $=3e preached for a n/m.er of (ears and
o/r ch/rch had ?/st ./ilt a ne6 ch/rch ./ilding2 The more $ read
the Ne6 Testament1 the more $ 6as con3inced in m( o6n spirit
that $ didn=t ha3e 6hat it ta>es to meet the people=s spirit/al
T O N G U E S ' % E : O N ; T + E U 4 4 E * * O O ,
0 ( 5 0
The denominational pastor then related 6hat had happened
?/st a fe6 da(s earlier as he 6al>ed /p and do6n the aisles in
his ch/rch sanct/ar(1 pra(ing2 +e pra(ed1 B9ord1 as $ read the
Ne6 Testament1 $ see that :o/r earl( disciples had something $
don=t ha3e2 :o/ told :o/r disciples to tarr( in the cit( of
Jer/salem /ntil the( 6ere end/ed 6ith po6er from on +igh2
Some 6a( or another1 there has to .e an end/ement of po6er
that $ can recei3e2
B$ >no6 $=m sa3ed1 ./t if $=m going on in the ministr(1 $ must
ha#e more. $ feel so inadeE/ate2 $ ?/st can=t get .ehind the p/lpit
to preach again 6itho/t recei3ing the something else= that $=m
con3inced :o/ 6ant to gi3e me2 $ can=t face the people feeling so
Then the pastor said to the 9ord1 B$=3e heard a lot a.o/t
4entecostal people and tong/es1 and $ don=t >no6 6hat to thin>
a.o/t that1 9ord2 %/t $ 6ant :o/ to >no6 this' $f tong/es are
in3ol3ed 6ith this =something else= that $ need from :o/1 then $
6ant :o/ to gi3e me tong/esFB
The pastor contin/ed to 6al> /p and do6n the aisles of his ch/rch1
tal>ing to the 9ord2 S/ddenl( he lifted /p his hands and cried o/t in
desperation1 BOh1 God1 hear meF 5ill me 6ith :o/r SpiritFB J/st li>e that1
the +ol( Ghost fell on him1 and he .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/esF
The denominational minister related 6hat he did ne8t' B$ tho/ght1
*urely this is what those 3entecostal ol$s are always tal$ing a"out(
$mmediatel( $ 6anted to fello6ship 6ith someone else 6ho=d had the
same e8perience2 $ remem.ered that $=d once gone fishing 6ith a
4entecostal pastor1 altho/gh the pastor hadn=t said a 6ord a.o/t the
+ol( Ghost or tong/es on the fishing trip2 O/r con3ersation had
centered on %i.le topics that 6eren=t o.?ectiona.le to either of /s2
BSo $ r/shed to m( office1 loo>ed /p the 5/ll Gospel pastor=s
telephone n/m.er1 and called him2 7hen he ans6ered1 $ reminded him
of the fishing trip1 and he remem.ered me2B
Then this denominational minister .l/rted o/t to the 4entecostal
pastor1 B$ thin> $ ?/st got 6hat (o/ fol>s ha3eFB
B7hat do (o/ meanCB the 5/ll Gospel pastor as>ed2
BThe .aptism in the +ol( GhostFB replied the denominational pastor2
Then he started spea>ing in tong/es o3er the phone2

The 4entecostal pastor e8claimed1 BThat=s itF :o/ do ha3e the
.aptism in the +ol( GhostF 4raise the 9ordFB -nd the t6o men re?oiced
This denominational minister=s testimon( is ?/st li>e man(
other people=s testimonies $=3e heard o3er the (ears2 5rom these
testimonies1 from the 7ord1 and from m( o6n personal
e8perience1 $ >no6 for a fact that )od will #isit hungry hearts!
6here3er the( ma( .e2

, =i*er of 3eople Aith Hungr! Hearts

$ also 6ant to relate to (o/ a partic/lar e8perience $ had in the
Spirit in 19"2 that applies to 6hat 6e=re tal>ing a.o/t here1
.eca/se it con3inced me that God 6ants +is people to .e filled
6ith the Spirit2 ;/ring a meeting in Te8as1 $ 6as in the middle of
relating to the congregation a partic/lar 3ision the 9ord had
gi3en me (ears earlier2 S/ddenl( $ realiDed that $=d
misinterpreted part of that 3isionA $=d ne3er recei3ed the 6hole
interpretation /ntil that moment2 O3ercome .( that re3elation1 $
immediatel( stopped spea>ing1 >nelt do6n .ehind the p/lpit1
and started pra(ing2 The congregation .egan to pra( too2
To6ard the end of that time of pra(er1 $ fell into a trance1 and
m( ph(sical senses 6ere s/spended2 $n this trance1 $ s/ddenl(
seemed to .e in a different place1 6al>ing to6ard a .ea/tif/l
garden f/ll of flo6ers in .loom2 The garden had a 6hite pic>et
fence aro/nd it and man( little paths r/nning thro/gh it2 *ight
in the middle of the garden 6as a little .r/sh ar.or1 o3erflo6ing
6ith 3ines and flo6ers1 6ith a mar.le .ench on either side of the
$ came 6al>ing from the east to the gate of this garden1 and
Jes/s stood .( the gate2 -s $ 6al>ed /p to +im1 6e ne3er said a
6ord to each other2 +e ?/st reached o/t +is hand and too> hold
of m( right hand2 Then 6ith +is left hand1 Jes/s opened the
gate1 dre6 me inside1 and sh/t the gate2
Jes/s too> m( right hand in +is hand and led me do6n the path to
this little ar.or in the middle of the garden2 +e sat do6n on the mar.le
.ench and dre6 me do6n to sit ne8t to +im2
Then $ loo>ed to the 6est and sa6 a ri3er flo6ing into the 6est side
of the garden2 The ri3er 6as 3er( narro6 6here it entered the garden2
T O N G U E S ' % E : O N ; T + E U 4 4 E * * O O ,
0 ( 1 0
%/t as $ loo>ed at this ri3er flo6ing to6ard /s1 it got 6ider and 6ider
/ntil it seemed to .e #0 miles 6ideF
S/ddenl( the ri3er 6as no longer a ri3er of 6ater ./t a ri3er of
man(1 man( people2 $ co/ld see them as the( flo6ed to6ard /s li>e a
might( arm(1 coming faster than people co/ld e3er 6al> or march2
$ as>ed Jes/s1 B9ord1 6hat is this ri3er $ seeC 7ho are these peopleCB
Jes/s said1 BThis ri3er flo6ing into the garden are those 6ho shall .e
.ro/ght into the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost and the f/llness of the
4entecostal message from other denominations and other ch/rches2
B$n these da(s1B Jes/s contin/ed1 B$ am 3isiting and will 3isit e3er(
h/ngr( heart1 e3en in some religio/s areas 6here man( might thin> $
6o/ld not 3isit2 :et .eca/se people=s hearts are open and h/ngr(1 $ will
3isit them2 -nd these (o/ see flo6ing into the garden are those 6ho
shall come2B
Than> God1 since that 3ision so man( (ears ago1 6e=3e .een seeing
co/ntless m/ltit/des of h/ngr( hearts come into the f/llness of the
+ol( Ghost@and there is no end to that ri3er (etF
Then in the 3ision $ as>ed1 B9ord1 6hat do all these flo6ers
and that mar3elo/s1 fragrant aroma representCB
Jes/s responded1 BThe .ea/tif/l aroma of these flo6ers is the
praise ascending to ,( throne as incense of the ones 6ho 6ill
come into the f/llness of ,( Spirit2B
The 9ord said to me1 B:o/ m/st pla( a part in this2 :o/ 6ill
6or> 6ith these people in the 3ario/s denominations2 :o/ 6ill
minister to 5/ll Gospel people to help them .e prepared for ,(
coming2 $ 6ill sho6 (o/ ho6 and 6hat to do2B

, .ittle 9eeper and /urther
This tr/th 6as confirmed to me in the 19"0s1 d/ring the mo3e
of God in the denominational ch/rches that 6e call the
Charismatic ,o3ement2 $ 6as one of the spea>ers at a certain
meeting1 along 6ith an Episcopal priest named %rother
4atterson2 7hile teaching on the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost1
%rother 4atterson related an incident that happened in one of his
meetings 6hen a man stood /p in the .ac> of the a/dience
d/ring his teaching and challenged him2
Since not e3er(one co/ld hear the fello6 in the a/dience1
%rother 4atterson1 a 3er( >ind and soft&spo>en man1 said1

B%rother1 if (o/ ha3e something to sa(1 come do6n here 6here
e3er(one can hear it2B
The man1 6ho 6as o.3io/sl( /pset1 came for6ard1 and
%rother 4atterson handed him the microphone2 The man said1 B$
6as sa(ing that $=m a pastor Kand he mentioned his
denominationL1 ./t $ don=t spea> 6ith tong/es2 %/t $=m ?/st as
m/ch filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost as (o/ are or an(one else isF $
don=t spea> 6ith tong/es1 and $ don=t need to spea> 6ith
%rother 4atterson then too> .ac> the microphone and said1 B;ear
%rother1 if (o/=re satisfied 6ith 6hat (o/ ha3e1 that pleases /s ?/st fine2
$f (o/ don=t 6ant an( more of God or if (o/ ha3e all of God (o/ need
BOh1 noFB the pastor interr/pted2 B$ didn=t sa( that $ don=t 6ant more
of God2B
B7ell1B %rother 4atterson said1 Bthe 6a( (o/ tal>ed1 $ tho/ght (o/
had all of God (o/ e3er 6anted2B
BOh1 no1 no1 no1 no1B the man said1 B$=m still h/ngr(2 $=d li>e222B
%efore the pastor co/ld sa( more1 %rother 4atterson laid his hand on
his head and said1 B9ord1 he=s h/ngr(2 J/st gi3e him more2B -nd that
denominational pastor got filled 6ith the Spirit and started spea>ing in
tong/es right then and thereF
That happened .eca/se the man 6as h/ngr(2 +e 6as open to going
on 6ith God@he ?/st didn=t realiDe that getting more of God 6o/ld
in3ol3e spea>ing 6ith other tong/esF This denominational pastor had
alread( .een introd/ced to the +ol( Spirit in the Ne6 %irth1 ./t that
da( he entered a ne6 dimension in his 6al> 6ith God@deeper and
f/rther than he had e3er .een .eforeF

, Cift for the Hungr! Heart
$ read another testimon( ?/st after 7orld 7ar $$ of a denominational
missionar( to -frica2 $n 194" this 6oman missionar( ret/rned to the
United States for the first time after ministering 6itho/t a .rea> for 3!
(ears in the ./sh co/ntr( of -frica2 7hen she first arri3ed in Ne6 :or>
Cit(1 she 6as o3er6helmed .( all the noise1 traffic1 and cro6ds of
She said1 B$ ?/st had to sh/t m(self /p in m( hotel room1 and $
sta(ed there for fi3e da(s a6a( from e3er(thing2 %/t $ did listen
T O N G U E S ' % E : O N ; T + E U 4 4 E * * O O ,
0 ( 6 0
to the radio1 and $ heard a .roadcast from Glad Tidings
Ta.ernacle1 located there in Ne6 :or> Cit(2 $ called the hotel
des> and fo/nd o/t that the ch/rch 6as 6ithin t6o .loc>s of the
hotel 6here $ 6as sta(ing2 $ tho/ght1 Well! ' "elie#e ''ll <ust get out
and go to that church *unday night. ' "elie#e ' can do that. By then ''ll
ha#e "een in the city or se#en days! so ' thin$ ''ll "e ad<usted to city lie
enough to go out in pu"lic.
BSo $ 6ent to the S/nda( night ser3ice2 -fter the pastor=s
message1 he ga3e an altar call and sent the people 6ho came
for6ard to a do6nstairs pra(er room2 Then 6hen the ser3ice
6as o3er1 $ 6ent o3er and introd/ced m(self to the pastor=s 6ife2
$ told her 6hat denomination $ .elonged to and that $=d .een a
missionar( in -frica for 3! (ears2 She and her h/s.and
6elcomed me and sho6ed me aro/nd the ch/rch2B
The pastor and his 6ife too> the missionar( do6nstairs to
their large pra(er room1 6here altar 6or>ers 6ere pra(ing 6ith
the people 6ho had ans6ered the altar call2 Some 6ere pra(ing
for sal3ation1 6hile others 6ere pra(ing to .e filled 6ith the
+ol( Spirit2 -s the missionar( o.ser3ed1 se3eral .elie3ers in the
pra(er room ./rst o/t spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2
The pastor=s 6ife e8plained to the 6oman1 BThose fol>s are
.eing filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2B
The missionar( replied1 B7ell1 $=3e ne3er .een aro/nd 4entecostal
people1 ./t $=3e heard fol>s tal> a.o/t them2 $s that strange lang/age $
hear those people spea>ing 6hat (o/ 4entecostals call the .aptism in
the +ol( GhostCB
B7ell1 (o/=re hearing them spea> in tong/es1 6hich is the e#idence of
the +ol( Spirit=s infilling1B the pastor=s 6ife said2
B7h(1 $=3e had that for the past 3! (earsFB the missionar( 6oman
e8claimed2 B$ >ne6 that God had .lessed me1 ./t $ didn=t >no6 6hat to
call itFB
The missionar( e8plained to the pastors' B7hen $ first arri3ed in
-frica (ears ago as a (o/ng single missionar( 6oman1 $ had all these
glamoro/s ideas a.o/t .eing a missionar(2 %/t 6hen $ got o3er there1 $
fo/nd o/t it 6as tough(
B-fter ?/st a fe6 months1 $ >nelt do6n on m( >nees in m( little
thatched roof grass h/t and pra(ed1 =9ord1 $ .elie3e :o/ called me2 $

.elie3e :o/r hand is on m( life2 %/t $ ?/st don=t ha3e 6hat it ta>es2 $
need more of :o/1 9ordF=
B$ ?/st >ept pra(ing that 6a( 6hene3er $ co/ld2 %/t one da( $ felt
desperate1 and $ cried o/t in pra(er1 =9ord1 $ can=t go onF $ >no6 :o/
sent me1 and $ hate to disappoint the people 6ho are s/pporting me2
%/t /nless $ get more of :o/1 $=m going to ha3e to gi3e /p and go
The missionar( contin/ed1 BS/ddenl( $ started spea>ing
strange&so/nding 6ords1 ?/st li>e these people here are speaking, and
later $ started singing those same strange 6ords2 $ got so ?o(o/s and
happ( doing it that $ tho/ght1 )od ga#e me something to help me along( $
didn=t >no6 it 6as a gift a3aila.le to e3er(oneF %/t e3er( da( since then
for the past 3! (ears1 $=3e gotten alone 6ith God and comm/nicated
6ith +im in that strange lang/age2 -nd $ often sing that 6a( tooF $t ?/st
./ilds me /p and .lesses me so m/chFB
This missionar( 6oman=s testimon( sho6s that it doesn=t
matter so m/ch 6hether a person >no6s 6hat to call the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit and spea>ing in tong/es2 The main
thing is to recei3e this s/pernat/ral .lessingF
$ remem.er hearing another testimon( along that line1 this
time from a 5/ll Gospel missionar(2 +e told me a.o/t a time
6hen he 6as in3ited to preach at a denominational ch/rch in the
capital cit( of an -frican nation2 The elderl( pastor of the ch/rch
6as an -merican 6ho had .een there for 3# (ears 6itho/t e3er
ret/rning to the United States2 The 4entecostal missionar(
decided to preach a sal3ation message instead of a s/.?ect li>e
the +ol( Ghost that might .e contro3ersial2
This ch/rch had one of those old&time Bmo/rner=s .enchesB at
the front of the sanct/ar( 6here people 6o/ld gather aro/nd to
pra(2 -fter the missionar(=s sal3ation message1 se3en people
came for6ard to the altar to pra( for sal3ation2
The 4entecostal missionar( told me1 B$ didn=t e3en pra( 6ith
those se3en indi3id/als2 The ch/rch altar 6or>ers gathered
aro/nd them1 and then the pastor in3ited all the Christians to
come aro/nd the altar and pra( as 6ell2 Then three of the se3en
6ho came to get sa3ed s/ddenl( .egan spea>ing 6ith other
B$ tho/ght1 2ear ,ord! ''#e messed up here( So $ ran o3er to the
pastor and tried to apologiDe2 $ said1 =%rother1 $ didn=t 6ant to
T O N G U E S ' % E : O N ; T + E U 4 4 E * * O O ,
0 ( % 0
create an( pro.lems2 $ ?/st preached a sal3ation messageF $
didn=t mean to start something2=
BThe pastor as>ed me1 =7hat are (o/ tal>ing a.o/tC=
B$ replied1 =7ell1 those three .elie3ers are spea>ing 6ith other
tong/es2 The( got filled 6ith the +ol( GhostF=
BThe denominational pastor e8claimed1 =$s that 6hat (o/ 4entecostal
people call the .aptism in the +ol( GhostC 7h(1 for the past 3# (ears1
all m( con3erts ha3e e8perienced thatF 7e ?/st call it Bgetting
7ell1 whate#er people call the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost1 God has
made this precio/s gift a3aila.le to all 6ho call on +is NameF -n(
.elie3er an(6here ?/st has to .e h/ngr( for more of God and get filled
6ith the SpiritF

+ H , 3 E = (

CU79E.7-ES O =E+E7D7-C HE
HO.B S37=7

9et=s tal> a.o/t 6h( some fol>s ha3e diffic/lt( recei3ing the +ol(
Ghost1 e3en 6hen the( are see>ing to .e filled2 There are man( opinions
and ideas o/t there a.o/t ho6 to get .aptiDed in the +ol( Spirit@./t
the %i.le 6a( is al6a(s the .est 6a(2
$ 6ant to start 6ith an important tr/th that ca/ses man( 6ho see>
the infilling of the Spirit to st/m.le' The Holy *pirit doesn't spea$ in
tongues through you.
9oo> at 6hat 4a/l sa(s in 5irst Corinthians 14'14' "0or i ' pray in an
un$nown tongue! my spirit prayeth! "ut my understanding is unruitul."
Notice that phrase1 Bm( spirit pra(eth2B The %mpliied reads' B2 2 2 ,(
spirit K.( the +ol( Spirit 6ithin meL pra(s 2222B God has pro3ided a 6a(
for o/r spirits to pra( apart from o/r /nderstanding2
$t isn=t the +ol( Ghost doing the pra(ingA it is the +ol( Ghost
helping o/r spirits to pra(2 He gi#es the utterance?we do the praying. The
miracle of tong/es is not 6ho is doing the spea>ing2
7e are the ones doing the spea>ing2 The miracle of tong/es is
where the tongues are coming rom and what is "eing said.
That=s 6here a lot of fol>s miss it2 The( sit aro/nd 6aiting for
the +ol( Ghost to do the tal>ing2 $t is tr/e that the +ol( Ghost is
the One 7ho gi3es the /tterance2 %/t it is not the +ol( Ghost
doing the tal>ing2 There is a difference2
Notice also 6hat -cts 1?6 sa(s a.o/t this' "%nd they were all
illed with the Holy )host! and "egan to spea$ with other tongues! as
the *pirit ga#e them utterance" On the ;a( of 4entecost1 the +ol(
Ghost ga3e the /tterance1 ./t the .elie3ers did the tal>ing2

%The, Began o SpeakE

$ remem.er one con3ersation in partic/lar that $ had 6ith
someone 6ho didn=t /nderstand this principle2 $ 6as holding a

meeting at a ch/rch in Te8as in ;ecem.er 19#01 and a ch/rch
mem.er decided to 6rite and tell her friend a.o/t the meetings2
This friend li3ed f/rther 6est in Te8as and had .een see>ing the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit for man( (ears2 The ch/rch mem.er
6rote to her friend1 BE3er(one do6n here is recei3ing the +ol(
SpiritF 7h( don=t (o/ come 3isit for the 6ee>end and attend the
meetings 6ith meCB
So this lad( dro3e do6n for the 5rida( and Sat/rda( night
ser3ices1 and .oth nights $ laid hands on her to recei3e the +ol(
Ghost 6itho/t an( noticea.le effect2 That S/nda( morning 6as
to .e the 6oman=s last ser3ice .efore she headed .ac> home that
$ preached that S/nda( morning and then t/rned the ser3ice .ac>
o3er to the pastor2 -s he 6as ma>ing anno/ncements1 the ch/rch
mem.er 6ho had 6ritten her friend lifted her hand and interr/pted the
pastor1 sa(ing1 B%rother ,c,/llen2B The pastor stopped and
ac>no6ledged her2
The 6oman then related that she had 6ritten her friend1 6ho 6as
sitting ne8t to her on the front ro61 and as>ed her to come to the
meeting2 The ch/rch mem.er said1 B%rother +agin did la( hands on m(
friend1 ./t $=m 6ondering if he 6o/ld la( hands on her one more time2
She has to go .ac> no61 and she=s so disappointed that she has failed to
recei3e the +ol( Spirit2B
The pastor t/rned to me for m( ans6er1 and $ said1 B:es1 $=ll la(
hands on her2B
So the 6oman=s friend came for6ard1 and $ laid hands on her again2 $
>ne6 the +ol( Ghost came on her1 and $ >ne6 +e ga3e her /tterance1
./t she didn=t spea> 6ith tong/es2 +o6e3er1 $ didn=t ha3e time to
preach her a sermonA it 6as alread( past t6el3e o=cloc> and the pastor
6as read( to end the ser3ice1 so the 6omen 6al>ed .ac> to their pe62
- short time later $ 6as 6al>ing thro/gh the ch/rch par>ing lot1 and
$ 6al>ed .( these 6omen sitting in their car2 -s $ passed the car1 $ co/ld
see the loo> of disappointment on this dear lad(=s face 6ho had .een
see>ing the +ol( Ghost1 and $ felt so sorr( for her2 So $ 6ent .ac> and
>noc>ed on her car 6indo62 The 6oman loo>ed /p at me1 startled1 and
rolled do6n the 6indo62
$ >ne6 e8actl( 6hat this 6oman=s pro.lem 6as2 $ ?/st hadn=t had
time to deal 6ith it in front of e3er(one at the end of the ser3ice2 So $

as>ed her1 BSister1 do (o/ ha3e (o/r %i.le thereCB She nodded2 $ said1
B7ell1 please open it to -cts 2'42B
Then .efore she co/ld get her %i.le1 $ opened mine and
handed it to her2 $ said1 B7o/ld (o/ read that 3erse o/t lo/d for
The 6oman read the 3erse o/t lo/d' "%nd they were all illed
with the Holy )host! and "egan to spea$ with other tongues! as the
*pirit ga#e them utterance&
$ as>ed1 B-ccording to that script/re1 6ho did the spea>ing
6ith tong/esCB
B7h(1B she said1 Bthe +ol( Ghost did2B
$ alread( >ne6 that this 6as the 6oman=s pro.lem2 She 6as
6aiting for the +ol( Ghost to spea> 6ith tong/es for her1 ./t the
+ol( Ghost doesn=t spea> 6ith tong/esF
So $ said to her1 B*ead that 3erse again o/t lo/d2B So she read
it again' B$t sa(s1 %nd they were all illed with the Holy )host! and
"egan to spea$ with other tongues! as the *pirit ga#e them utterance'."
$ said to her a second time1 B7ho did the spea>ing 6ith
tong/es according to that script/reCB
She ans6ered1 B7h(1 it sa(s that the +ol( Ghost didFB
$ said1 B7o/ld (o/ read that 3erse again pleaseCB The 6oman
read it o/t lo/d a third time1 and for the third time $ as>ed her1
B-ccording to that script/re1 6ho did the spea>ing 6ith
She said1 BThe +ol( Ghost did2B
$ said1 B7o/ld (o/ mind reading that 3erse againC *ead it o/t
5or the fo/rth time1 she read' "'%nd they were all illed with the Holy
)host! and "egan to spea$ . . .'@6ait a min/teFB she e8claimed2 B$t sa(s
that they .egan to spea>FB
She reached o3er for her o6n %i.le and chec>ed to see if the 3erse
read an( differentl( in hers2 Then she said1 B$ tho/ght for s/re this 3erse
said the Holy )host spo>e in tong/esF $n fact1 %rother +agin1 if $ had
.een called on to 6itness in co/rt and the ?/dge had s6orn me in and
p/t me on the 6itness stand1 $ 6o/ld ha3e s6orn that m( %i.le said the
+ol( Ghost did the spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 -nd $ 6o/ld ha3e .een

$ said1 B:o/ s/re 6o/ld ha3e2 %/t 6ait a min/te1 Sister2 7e don=t
esta.lish an(thing on one 3erse of Script/re2 The %i.le sa(s1'... 'n the
mouth o two or three witnesses shall e#ery word "e esta"lished' @> Cor2 13'1L2
4lease t/rn in (o/r %i.le to -cts 102B
Then 6e read -cts 10'4#&4" together' ". . . 1n the )entiles also was
poured out the git o the Holy )host. 0or TH-/
H-%R2 TH-4 *3-%K W'TH T1N)U-* NNNNNNNNNNN B 4eter and the
Je6ish .elie3ers 6ho came 6ith him heard Corneli/s and his
ho/sehold@not the +ol( Ghost@spea> 6ith tong/esF
B7ell1B $ said1 Bthat=s t6o 6itnessesA no6 let=s read the third one2
T/rn o3er to -cts 192B $ directed the 6oman to read 3erse "' "%nd when
3aul had laid his hands upon them! the Holy )host came on them: and they
spa$e with tongues! and prophesied('
B-nd they spa>e 6ith tong/es2 :es1 $ see that no6FB she said2
Then $ said1 B$ 6ant (o/ to notice that 6hen 4a/l laid hands on those
disciples in Ephes/s1 it sa(s that =2 2 2 the Holy )host came on them! and
they spa$e with tongues. . . ( No61 ma( $ as> (o/ another E/estionCB
The 6oman said1 B:es1 (o/ ma(2B
B7hen $ laid hands on (o/ a moment ago in ch/rch1 did the
+ol( Ghost come on (o/CB
The 6oman emphaticall( replied1 "/es("
$ as>ed1 B;id (o/r tong/e seem to 6ant to sa( something that
6asn=t EnglishCB
B$t 6as all $ co/ld do to >eep from itFB the 6oman e8claimed2
B:o/=re not s/pposed to >eep (o/rself from it1B $ e8plained2
B:o/=re s/pposed to (ield to that /rge and spea$ in tongues. No61
if $=m 6rong1 tell me $=m 6rong1 ./t $ sense that (o/ ha3e that
same inner /rge right no62 :o/=re ha3ing to hold .ac> and
almost s6allo6 (o/r tong/e to >eep from spea>ingFB
B:es1 (o/=re rightFB she replied2
$ said1 B7ell1 go ahead and (ield to that /rge and spea> it
o/t2B J/st li>e that1 the 6oman started spea>ing fl/entl( in other
That 6oman sat in her car 6ith the 6indo6 rolled do6n1
spea>ing in other tong/es and ha3ing a glorio/s time in the
9ord2 -nd as the other ch/rch mem.ers 6al>ed thro/gh the
par>ing lot to their cars1 the( all heard this 6oman@6ho
s/pposedl( co/ldn=t recei3e the +ol( Ghost1 no matter ho6 hard

she tried@ s/ddenl( spea>ing fl/entl( in tong/es and
magnif(ing GodF
O3er the (ears1 $=3e r/n into this >ind of 6rong thin>ing
again and again 6hen ministering the +ol( Ghost to people2
Some people seem to thin> the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost is li>e
s6allo6ing a little radio' 7hen the +ol( Ghost is read( to spea>
in other tong/es thro/gh a person1 +e ?/st Bt/rns on the radioB
on the inside and the tong/es come o/t of the person=s mo/th
a/tomaticall(F %/t that isn=t the 6a( it 6or>s2
7rong thin>ing in an( area 6ill defeat (o/2 :o/ ha3e to learn to
thin> in line 6ith 6hat Cods Aord sa(s2 -nd 6hen it comes to
spea>ing in tong/es1 (o/ can=t find the e8pression Bthe +ol( Ghost
spo>e thro/gh themB or an( similar e8pression an(6here in the Ne6
Testament2 The e8pression the %i.le /ses e3er( time is "they spo>e2B
There is another script/re that pro3es this point2 $t=s fo/nd in 5irst
Corinthians 14'11 6here 4a/l sa(s1 "' than$ my )od! ' spea$ with tongues
more than ye all(' Notice that 4a/l did not sa(1 B$ than> m( God that the
+ol( Ghost spea>s in tong/es thro/gh me more than an(one else2B No1
he said1 B$ than> m( God that $ spea>222BF

Speak as the Hol! Spirit 3rompts
+ere=s something else $ 6ant to point o/t2 One da( 6hen $ 6as
st/d(ing -cts 2'4 in other translations1 $ noticed that The Twentieth
5entury New Testament translated that last phrase this 6a(' B222 Kthe(L
.egan to spea> with strange 'tongues' as the *pirit prompted their
utterances'.' $n other 6ords1 the .elie3ers had a prompting or an urge to
That=s the reason $ said to that 6oman in the ch/rch par>ing lot1 B;id
(o/r tong/e seem to 6ant to sa( something that 6asn=t EnglishCB That
6as the +ol( Ghost prompting her2
:o/ see1 the +ol( Ghost ne3er ma>es people do an(thing2 $f +e did1
+e=d ma>e e3er(one get sa3ed toda(1 and 6e=d all go together into the
millenni/m tomorro6F No1 the +ol( Ghost leads2 The +ol( Ghost
directs2 The +ol( Ghost gi3es a gentle p/sh2 The +ol( Ghost prompts2
The +ol( Ghost /rges2 %/t de3ils and demons dri#e and orce and ma$e
people do things2
J/st as $ told that 6oman1 6hen (o/ as> to recei3e the +ol(
Ghost and then sense the /rge to spea> 6ords that are not (o/r

nati3e lang/age1 (o/=re not s/pposed to fight that /rge2 :o/=re
s/pposed to yield to the inner prompting of the +ol( Spirit and
.egin to spea$.
$n 19#1 6hile holding a meeting in east Te8as1 $ 6as dri3ing
do6n the street 6ith the pastor1 and he pointed o/t a man 6ho
6as the choir director of the largest 5/ll Gospel ch/rch in that
cit(2 +o6e3er1 this pastor told me that the choir director had
ne3er .een filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 e3en tho/gh he=d
attended a 4entecostal %i.le college and had .een the m/sic
director in that ch/rch for 21 (ears2
$ tho/ght no more a.o/t it1 ./t the 3er( ne8t night1 $ sa6 this
choir director and his 6ife sitting in the ser3ice2 $ preached a.o/t
people getting filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit 6itho/t tarr(ing1 6hich
6as a ne6 message for this congregation2 -fter the message1 $
as>ed for those 6ho 6anted to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost to
come for6ard2
$ loo>ed o3er at the m/sic director2 $ co/ld tell that his 6ife
6as tr(ing to con3ince him to come for6ard and that he 6as
sa(ing1 BOh1 there=s no need for me to go2 $=3e .een see>ing all
these (ears 6itho/t an( s/ccess2B 5inall(1 the 6oman pre3ailed1
and the man came for6ard2 $ co/ld tell he came ?/st to please
$ 6ent do6n the line and tal>ed to each of the 13 indi3id/als in the
pra(er line one .( one .efore $ laid hands on them2 The first fo/r or fi3e
immediatel( .egan to spea> in tong/es after $ laid hands on them2
Then $ came to this man1 6ho stood there 6ith e(es closed and
hands lifted2 7hen $ laid hands on him1 the 6ord of >no6ledge .egan
to operate2 $ >ne6 immediatel( 6hat part of his tro/.le 6as2 $ said to
him1 BOpen (o/r e(es and loo> at me2B Then $ stated to him1 BNothing in
(o/r life 6o/ld >eep (o/ from .eing filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 :o/
ha3e no secret sin that 6o/ld hinder (o/ from recei3ing the +ol(
The man=s e(es opened 6ide as he said1 BOooohhhF ;o (o/ reall(
thin> soCB
$ said1 B$ don=t thin> so@$ $now so2B
9ater $ learned that the de3il had so tormented this man=s mind that
sometimes he co/ldn=t sleep at night and 6o/ld .e left 6ith a .ad
headache for /p to three da(s2 -cc/sing tho/ghts .om.arded his mind1

s/ch as1 /ou would already ha#e the Holy )host i there wasn't something
wrong with you?some secret sin you don't e#en $now a"out.
%/t there is no s/ch thing as a secret sin (o/ don=t >no6 a.o/t2 The
+ol( Ghost or (o/r o6n conscience 6ill tell (o/2 -nd if (o/r
conscience doesn=t tell (o/ an(thing1 don=t tr( to drag something /pF
Then $ said to the man1 B$=ll tell (o/ something else 6hile $=m at it2 $
6ill la( hands on (o/ no more than three times1 and (o/ 6ill .e filled
6ith the +ol( Ghost2B
-gain the man as>ed1 B;o (o/ thin> soCB
$ said1 BNo1 $ don=t thin> so@$ $now so2B
B7ell1 $=ll .e .ac> tomorro6 nightFB he replied2
S/re eno/gh1 the ne8t night the man 6as .ac>2 This time1 his
6ife didn=t ha3e to enco/rage him to come for6ard2 +e 6as one
of the first ones to get in the pra(er lineF
7hen $ reached the man1 he said to me1 B;o (o/ still thin> $=m
going to recei3e the +ol( GhostCB
$ said1 BNo1 $=3e ne3er tho/ght it2 $ $now it2B
B7ell1 (o/ said (o/ 6o/ldn=t la( hands on me more than
three times2 Tonight is the second time2B
BThat=s right1B $ said2
BThe ne8t time is it1 thenCB
BThat=s right1B $ replied2
The ne8t morning1 $ 6as >neeling on the platform in pra(er
d/ring o/r corporate pra(er time2 S/ddenl( $ felt someone tap
me on the sho/lder2 $ loo>ed /p and sa6 the m/sic director
standing there2 +e stooped o3er and said1 B;o (o/ still thin> $=m
going to recei3e the +ol( GhostCB
$ said1 BNo1 no1 $ don=t thin$ (o/=re going to recei3e the +ol(
Ghost2 $ $now it2B
B:o/ said (o/ 6o/ldn=t la( hands on me more than three
times 6itho/t m( getting filled2 This 6ill .e the third time2B
$ said1 B:es1 this is it2B
Then he said1 BG/ess 6hatC $ ?/st told m( emplo(ees1 =Ta>e
o3er at 6or>2 $ ha3e to go see %rother +agin2 +e said he
6o/ldn=t la( hands on me more than three times1 so $=3e decided
there=s no /se in m( 6aiting for tonight2 $=m going o3er there this
$ said1 B7ell1 ?/st >neel do6n here .( m( side2B The man >nelt do6n2 $
laid hands on him and said1 B*ecei3e the +ol( Ghost in the Name of

Jes/s2B The +ol( Ghost came on him1 and he .egan to stammer a little
and spea> a fe6 6ords in other tong/es2 That 6as thoro/ghl(
script/ral1 for the %i.le sa(s in $saiah 2'111 "0or with stammering lips and
another tongue will he spea$ to this people"
$ said to him1 B%rother1 that=s it1 that=s itF That=s the +ol( Ghost gi3ing
(o/ the /tterance2 Gra. it li>e a dog gra.s a .one1 and r/n off 6ith itFB
7hat did $ mean .( thatC $ meant1 BJ/st lift (o/r 3oice and tal> a .l/e
strea> in tong/esFB
So the man lifted his 3oice and .egan to spea> at the top of his 3oice
in other tong/es2 S/ddenl( he co/ld hear himself spea>ing 6ith other
tong/es1 and he got so thrilled that he danced all o3er the platform on
his >neesF
9ater $ as>ed the man1 B7hat did $ do or sa( that helped (o/ more
than an(thing else to .e filled 6ith the SpiritCB
B5irst1 %rother +agin1 (o/ said there=s no secret sin that 6o/ld >eep
me from .eing filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2B Then he told me that the
de3il had tormented him for more than 20 (ears along that line2 H7hen
a person doesn=t >no6 the 7ord1 the de3il 6ill ha3e a he(da( 6ith
B7hat (o/ said released me1B the man said to me2 B$ 6ent home and $
had the .est night=s sleep $=3e had in (earsF -nd the second thing that
helped me 6as the fact that (o/ 6ere so positi3e2 :o/ 6ere so f/ll of
faith1 (o/ con3inced me that $ 6as going to recei3e the +ol( GhostFB
Then the man told me one other thing that helped him2 +e said1 B7hen
$ .egan to stammer a little and sa( a fe6 6ords in tong/es1 $ had .een
to that place at least a tho/sand times in the 20&pl/s (ears $=3e .een
see>ing the +ol( Ghost2 %/t someone 6o/ld al6a(s sa(1 =9et the +ol(
Ghost tal>1= and $=d stop to let +im tal>@and that 6o/ld .e the end of
it2 %/t (o/ didn=t sa( that1 %rother +agin2 :o/ told me to go ahead and
>eep on spea>ingFB
$ told the man that .eca/se the +ol( Ghost 6asn=t the one
spea>ing in tong/es@he 6asF
:o/ aren=t s/pposed to stop and let the +ol( Ghost spea>2
:o/ are to spea> the /tterance +e gi3es (o/F So if (o/=3e pra(ed
to recei3e the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit and ha3e had diffic/lt(
spea>ing 6ith tong/es1 let this man=s testimon( help (o/2
*ealiDe that the +ol( Spirit has alread( gi3en (o/ the

/tterance@no6 it=s /p to (o/ to open (o/r mo/th and spea> it

9rink Until BouEre /ullH

7e sa6 earlier in John ! that Jes/s li>ened recei#ing the Holy
*pirit to drin$ing water:

JOHN 7:37-39
37 $n the last da(1 that great da( of the feast1 Jes/s
stood and cried1 sa(ing1 $f an( man thirst1 9ET +$,
CO,E UNTO ,E1 -N; ;*$N02
38 +e that .elie3eth on me1 as the script/re hath said1
o/t of his .ell( shall flo6 *$<E*S O5 9$<$NG 7-TE*2
39 H%/t T+$S S4-0E +E O5 T+E S4$*$T1 7+$C+
T+E: T+-T %E9$E<E ON +$, S+OU9; *ECE$<E'
for the +ol( Ghost 6as not (et gi3enA .eca/se that Jes/s
6as not (et glorified2I
9ater in -cts 2'41 it sa(s1 "%nd they were all 0',,-2 with the Holy
)host! and "egan to spea$ with other tongues2 2 2 B 7ell1 ho6 do (o/ get
f/ll of 6aterC %( drin>ingF +o6 do (o/ get f/ll of the +ol( GhostC %(
drin>ingF Jes/s in3ites (o/ to Bcome and drin>2B That means to spea>
freel( 6ith other tong/es /ntil (o/r spirit is satisfiedF
$n 5irst Corinthians 12'131 4a/l /ses this same analog( of 6ater' "0or
"y one *pirit are we all "apti8ed into one "ody Kthat=s the Ne6 %irthL1
whether we "e +ews or )entiles! whether we "e "ond or ree: and ha#e "een all
made to 2R'NK 'NT1 1N- *3'R'T"
J/st .eca/se (o/=3e had one drin> of 6ater is no sign (o/ are ull of
6aterF :o/ ha3e 6ater in (o/1 ./t that doesn=t mean (o/=re ull. $n the
same 6a(1 it=s one thing to .e .orn of the Spirit1 ./t it=s another thing to
"e illed 6ith the Spirit2
The %i.le doesn=t tell (o/ to .e halAilled or twoAthirds illed 6ith the
+ol( Ghost2 $t sa(s to "e illed. So if (o/ aren=t f/ll of the +ol( Ghost1
drin> in the +ol( Spirit /ntil (o/ get f/llF +o6 can (o/ tell 6hen (o/=re
f/llC The one clear ans6er $ >no6 of is fo/nd in -cts 2'4' 7hen the(
6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 the( .egan to spea$( 7hile there are
other e3idences1 the one consistentl( fo/nd in Script/re is spea>ing in
tong/es as the Spirit gi3es /tterance2
Jes/s= in3itation is simple' 5ome and drin$@and >eep drin>ing /ntil
(o/ get f/ll2 %/t can (o/ drin> 6ith (o/r mo/th sh/tC No1 ?/st as (o/
can=t drin> 6ater 6ith (o/r mo/th sh/t1 (o/ also can=t Bdrin>B of the
+ol( Spirit 6ith (o/r mo/th sh/t2 :o/ ha3e to open (o/r mo/th and

drin> till (o/=re f/ll2 Then 6hen (o/ get f/ll1 (o/=ll start spea>ing 6ith
other tong/es1 for that is the initial sign or e3idence of the Spirit=s
-nd (o/ can contin/e to drin> a f/ll meas/re of the +ol( Spirit
.( pra(ing in tong/es e3er( da( of (o/r lifeF

Hindrances to =ecei*ing the Hol! Chost

There are some things that can >eep a person from .eing
filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost 6ith the e3idence of spea>ing in
tong/es1 s/ch as a lac$ o aith or a lac$ o yieldedness. *emem.er1
the +ol( Ghost gi3es the /tterance1 ./t the person m/st do the
tal>ing2 That means the person m/st open his mo/th and /se his
o6n 3oice to start spea>ing2
-fter a .elie3er as>s Jes/s to .aptiDe him 6ith the +ol(
Ghost1 he needs to E/iet his mind and see if he senses the +ol(
Spirit gi3ing him s(lla.les or 6ords on the inside2 $f he doesn=t
sense an(thing1 the pro.lem ma( .e a lac> of faith2 7h(C
%eca/se a person m/st first recei#e the gift of the +ol( Spirit he=s
as>ed for .( opening his heart to the Spirit and drin>ing +im in2
7hen he recei#es the +ol( Ghost1 the +ol( Ghost will gi3e him
$n this case1 it 6o/ld .ehoo3e that .elie3er to go .ac> and
st/d( the fi3e recorded instances in the %oo> of -cts 6here
people got filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost Hsee -cts chapters 21 1 91
10119I2 +e sho/ld read those 3erses 3er( caref/ll(1 for faith
comes .( hearing1 and hearing .( the 7ord of God H*om2 10'1!I2
On the other hand1 if that .elie3er does spea> o/t an
/tterance in tong/es@e3en if he spea>s onl( a fe6 s(lla.les@he
needs to hold on to that /tterance and ref/se to gi3e /p on it2
+o6e3er1 he sho/ld also e8pect more to comeF The pro.lem in
this case is a lac> of (ieldedness2 Therefore1 6hen he=s alone and
/ndistracted1 the .elie3er sho/ld pra( in other tong/es2 +e
sho/ld start 6ith the /tterance he has alread( recei3ed ./t
sho/ld determine to (ield more and more to the +ol( Ghost2
Once 6hen $ 6as holding a meeting in a certain ch/rch1 a (o/ng
./sinessman came for6ard one night to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 7hen $
laid hands on the man1 the +ol( Ghost came on him1 ./t all $ heard him
spea> 6ere t6o 6ords in tong/es2

The ne8t night 6hen the pastor as>ed for testimonies from fol>s
6ho=d .een sa3ed1 healed1 or filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost d/ring the
meetings1 this (o/ng man got /p and said1 B$ 6ant to praise God for
filling me 6ith the +ol( Ghost last night2B Then he sat do6n2
The ne8t night the pastor once more as>ed for testimonies2 Once
again this (o/ng man got /p and testified1 B$ 6ant to than> God that
t6o nights ago 6hen %rother +agin laid hands on me1 $ recei3ed the
+ol( Ghost and spo>e 6ith other tong/es2B
-t the ne8t e3ening ser3ice1 the pastor once again as>ed for
testimonies1 and once again the (o/ng man ?/mped /p to testif(2 %/t
this time 6hen he ?/mped /p1 $ tho/ght he 6o/ld go thro/gh the
ceilingF +e said1 B5ol>s1 three nights ago the 9ord .aptiDed me 6ith the
+ol( Ghost1 ./t $ spo>e onl( t6o 6ords2
B%eca/se m( famil( has .een sta(ing /p late e3er( night to attend
the ser3ices1 $=3e .een coming home from m( ./siness at l/nchtime to
ta>e a 30&min/te nap e3er( da( at noon2 %/t these last t6o da(s1 $
ha3en=t .een a.le to ta>e m( nap2B
The (o/ng man 6ent on to e8plain 6h( he hadn=t .een a.le to ta>e
his midda( nap2 The da( after $ ministered to him1 he

- 11 1 6as tr(ing to go to sleep
6hen the de3il started 6hispering
to his mind o3er and o3er again1
"/ou didn't get anything last night
when you as$ed to "e illed with the
Holy *pirit."
The man said o/t lo/d in repl(1 B:es1 $ did2B
The enem( ans6ered1 "But you didn't spea$ with tongues."
So the (o/ng man rose /p1 got his %i.le1 and opened it to -cts
2'42 Then he said1 B,r2 ;e3il1 in case (o/ can=t read1 $=ll read it for
(o/2 $t sa(s here1 '%nd they were all illed with the Holy )host! and
"egan to spea$ with other tongues! as the *pirit ga#e them utterance.'
9ast night $ .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/es1 so $ ha3e
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2 $ spo>e t6o 6ords1 and that is a
The ne8t da( this (o/ng ./sinessman came home at noon
again and ate a little l/nch2 Then he 6ent to his room to la(
do6n for a nap2 %/t once again1 he co/ldn=t sleep .eca/se the
de3il >ept sa(ing to his mind1 "Now you'#e testiied a"out "eing

illed with the Holy )host! "ut you're N1T illed( ,et's hear you tal$ in
The man co/ldn=t spea> more than those t6o 6ords in
tong/es2 Then the de3il said to his mind1 "*ee& /ou didn't get
%/t once again the (o/ng man rose /p and opened his %i.le2
+e said1 B,r2 ;e3il1 in case (o/ can=t read1 $=ll read it to (o/FB
Then after reading -cts 2'4 to the de3il again1 the man said1 B$
>no6 $ spo>e onl( t6o 6ords1 ./t that=s a .eginning2 $ .egan to
spea> 6ith other tong/es1 so $=m filled 6ith the +ol( SpiritFB
Then the (o/ng man said to /s1 B-t noon toda(1 $ tried to ta>e
a nap again1 and the de3il started sa(ing the same thing he=d
.een sa(ing to me for the past t6o da(s2 So $ got /p and opened
m( %i.le and read -cts 2'4 to him again2 $ said again1 =Three
nights ago1 $ .egan to spea> 6ith other tong/es1 so that means
$=m filled= $mmediatel( after $ said that1 $ started la/ghing at the
de3il2 -nd .efore $ >ne6 6hat $ 6as doing1 $ 6as spea>ing
fl/entl( in other tong/esF So $ spent the rest of the time pra(ing
in the +ol( GhostFB
:o/ see1 this (o/ng man had recei#ed the +ol( Ghost2 $t 6as ?/st a
matter of his learning ho6 to yield to the +ol( Ghost2 So1 (o/ see1 6hen
he (ielded to the +ol( Ghost=s prompting to la/gh at the de3il in faith1
that helped him (ield to the +ol( Ghost to pra( in other tong/esF
$t=s so important for a person to sta( in faith as he learns to (ield to
the +ol( Spirit2 Other6ise1 he=ll fall .ac> into /n.elief and thin>1 Well! '
<ust spo$e a couple words! so ' didn't really recei#e anything. The de3il li>es
to /se do/.t&filled arg/ments li>e that to .ind /p a .elie3er so he can=t
en?o( the .enefits of the infilling he=s alread( recei3ed2
''m telling you! you're going to ha#e to learn how to answer the de#il with
the Word i you're e#er going to amount to anything in the ,ord(
Someone might sa(1 B7h(1 $ can=t re./>e the de3ilF $=m scared of
%/t if that=s 6hat you're sa(ing1 (o/=3e alread( let the de3il ta>e (o/
capti3e2 :o/=3e alread( pla(ed into his hands1 for the spirit of fear is of
the enem(2
The de3il 6ill al6a(s .ring /p the same old arg/ments .eca/se he
doesn=t >no6 an( ne6 ones2 +e 6ill tr( to tal> (o/ o/t of 6hat God=s
gi3en (o/1 ./t (o/ can always 6hip him 6ith the 7ordF
So if (o/=3e onl( spo>en a fe6 6ords in tong/es1 hold on to
that /tterance in faith and $eep spea$ing out those words you'#e

recei#ed. Certainl( that=s the +ol( Ghost1 for +e said1 "0or with
stammering lips and another tongue will he spea$ to this people" H$sa2
$ li>e 6hat ;onald Gee1 the famo/s %ritish preacher1 said
a.o/t people 6ho stammer a 6ord or t6o of tong/es 6hen the(
first get filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 +e li>ened this sit/ation to a
6histling tea>ettle2 -s the 6ater in a tea>ettle starts to get hot1
e3er( no6 and then the tea>ettle 6ill let o/t a little 6histle2 %/t
(o/ don=t ta>e the tea>ettle off the sto3e 6hen it ?/st starts to
6histle2 :o/ >eep it on the ./rner /ntil it=s 6histling long and
lo/dl( and gi3ing off a stead( stream of steam2 Onl( then do
(o/ po/r o/t the hot 6ater to ma>e teaF
$n the same 6a(1 if (o/=3e spo>en onl( a fe6 6ords in
tong/es1 it=s important that (o/ don=t stop there2 0eep spea>ing
6ith tong/es /ntil o/t of (o/r innermost .eing a stead( stream
is flo6ing o/t of (o/r mo/th and (o/ enter into the f/llness of
God=s .lessingF

9onEt .ook for Outward ,ctions

Too often 6e tr( to ?/dge spirit/al things .( fleshl(
standards1 deciding 6hat a person has or has not recei3ed from
God according to ho6 the( act o/t6ardl(2 9et=s sa( three people
come for6ard to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 One of them recei3es
and ?/st stands there spea>ing 3er( E/ietl( 6ith other tong/es2
-nother recei3es and also spea>s 6ith tong/es1 ./t he gets so
happ( he r/ns /p and do6n the aisle2 The third one spea>s 6ith
tong/es and dances a little ?ig for ?o(2 Then he cries and h/gs the
people aro/nd him2
The ne8t da( someone as>s those 6ho 6ere present1 B7hat
happened at the ser3ice last nightCB
B7ell1B someone sa(s1 Bthree recei3ed the +ol( Ghost1 ./t t6o of
them really recei3edFB
%/t the tr/th is1 the t6o 6ho sho6ed more o/t6ard emotion didn=t
recei3e an( more of the +ol( Ghost than the person 6ho onl( spo>e
E/ietl( in other tong/es2
$ learned a long time ago that (o/ can=t tell 6hat is in a .oo> .(
loo>ing at the co3er2 :o/ also can=t tell 6hether a person has recei3ed
the +ol( Ghost .( his o/tside actions at the moment@ /nless it=s
spea>ing in other tong/es2

Sometimes people ?/st get stirred /p emotionall(1 sho/ting and
carr(ing on and ma>ing a lot of noise1 and it doesn=t mean a thing in the
6orld2 Of co/rse1 other times a displa( of o/t6ard emotion is a res/lt of
a tr/e spirit/al e8perience2 %/t 6hether or not a person has tr/l(
recei3ed from the 9ord is not determined .( his o/t6ard emotionsA it is
determined .( his heart.

,re Bou ECood EnoughE to =ecei*e the Hol! Chost@

:ears ago $ 6as holding a meeting at %rother and Sister Good6in=s
ch/rch1 6ho 6ere also o/r close friends and fello6 ministers2 -fter one
of the morning ser3ices1 a denominational 6oman came o3er to %rother
Good6in and me and said1 B$ 6ant (o/ to pra( for me2 $=3e come to
/nderstand that $ need to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2B
%rother Good6in replied1 B7ell1 there=s ne3er a .etter time
than no6FB
She said1 BOh1 no1 $ ?/st 6ant (o/ all to pra( for me1 ./t $
co/ldn=t recei3e right no62 $ ha3e some more digging to do2B She
meant that she had more pra(ing and preparing to do .efore she
co/ld .e read( to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2
%rother John Osteen 6as also present at the meeting and 6as
standing near.(2 %rother Osteen came from the same
denominational .ac>gro/nd as this 6oman1 and he >ne6 6here
she 6as missing it in her thin>ing2
B7ell1 no61 Sister1B %rother Osteen said1 Baren=t (o/ sa3edCB
BOh1 (es2B
B-ren=t (o/ a .lood&6ashed1 .orn&again child of GodCB B:es2B
B;o (o/ .elie3e that if (o/ 6ere to die this min/te1 (o/=d go
to +ea3enCB
B7h(1 (esFB she replied2 B$ >no6 $ 6o/ld2B
%rother Osteen said1 B7ell1 then1 Sister1 if you're good enough
to go to Heaven, you're good enough to have a little more
Heaven in you! :o/ don=t ha3e to do an( more pra(ing2 $t=s the
.lood of Jes/s Christ that cleanses (o/ from all sin2 $t=s the .lood
that made (o/ 6orth( to recei3e the +ol( Ghost2 $t isn=t
an(thing (o/ didF $t=s the .lood of Jes/s that made (o/ a ne6

7ell1 this 6oman sa6 6hat %rother Osteen 6as sa(ing to her2
Then %rother Osteen1 %rother Good6in1 and $ pra(ed for that
dear lad(1 and she almost instantl( recei3ed the +ol( Ghost and
.egan to spea> in other tong/esF
Too often Christians ma>e the same mista>e this 6oman made1
thin>ing there is something they ha3e to do to .e 6orth( eno/gh to
recei3e 6hat God alread( promised to gi3e them2 Or the( get on the
negati3e side of .eing filled 6ith tong/es and tal> themsel3es o/t of
6hat the( alread( ha3e2
This is 6hat (o/ ha3e to get esta.lished in (o/r heart' 7hen a child
of God as>s in faith to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 o/r +ea3enl(
5ather is not going to ref/se his reE/est2 -nd 6hen someone recei3es
the +ol( Ghost1 he will recei3e the %i.le e3idence of that gift2 -ll he has
to do is (ield to the +ol( Spirit and .egin to spea> in faith1 not allo6ing
himself to spea> in his o6n nati3e lang/age2 -s he does1 he will spea>
6ith other tong/es as the Spirit gi3es him /tteranceF
So open (o/r mo/th1 and drin> deepl( of the Spirit2 0eep drin>ing
/ntil (o/=re f/ll2 Then spea> o/t the /tterance +e gi3es (o/2 ;on=t let
the de3il or an(one else@incl/ding (o/rself@tal> (o/ o/t of 6hat God
has alread( gi3en (o/2 There is a 6hole ne6 dimension in God to
e8plore after (o/ recei3e the +ol( SpiritF

+ H, 3 E = '

2O=E H,- ,- 7-77,.

*ecei3ing the +ol( Ghost is so m/ch more than ?/st an initial
spirit/al e8perience2 $ .elie3e this is the 6hole cr/8 of the matter@the
point 6here so man( .elie3ers miss it2 The( >eep loo>ing .ac> to the
da( 6hen the( got filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 %/t the .aptism in the
+ol( Ghost is so m/ch more than a one&time e8perience2 The third
4erson of the Godhead act/all( comes to fill .elie3ers 6ith di3ine
po6er that ena.les them to li3e their li3es s/pernat/rall( from that
moment for6ardF
$ told (o/ ho6 $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost in 193! at the 5/ll
Gospel pastor=s ho/se2 On that da(1 $ spo>e 6ith tong/es for an ho/r
and a half and sang three songs in other tong/es2 %/t $ 6ant (o/ to
>no6 this too' That e8perience 6as ?/st the .eginning for meF
Some .elie3ers ma>e a .ig deal a.o/t their initial e8perience of .eing
.aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost2 To hear them tal>1 the da( the( 6ere filled
6ith the +ol( Ghost 6as the greatest thing that e3er happened in their
li3es2 The tro/.le is1 the( ne3er tal> a.o/t an( s/.seE/ent e8periences
in the Spirit2 The( ne3er go on to de3elop themsel3es f/rther spirit/all(2
Or the( >eep tr(ing to ha3e another infilling e8perience ?/st li>e their
first one2
Certainl( the initial e8perience of recei3ing the +ol( Ghost is
important1 ./t it=s ?/st the .eginning2 7e sho/ldn=t ha3e to loo>
.ac> to some e8perience 6e had at the altar (ears ago as o/r
onl( contact 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 The +ol( Ghost sho/ld
.ecome more real to /s e3er( single da(2 +e o/ght to .e more
real to /s no6 than +e e3er 6as on the first da( 6e recei3ed
+im2 $f +e isn=t1 then 6e ha3en=t .een 6al>ing in close
fello6ship 6ith +im2 7e ha3en=t remained conscio/s e3er(
6a>ing moment of +is ind6elling presence2
:o/r greatest e8perience in the 9ord sho/ld .e that of
6al>ing in close fello6ship 6ith +im today. E3er( single da(

(o/ sho/ld .e conscio/s of the Greater One li3ing in (o/ and
empo6ering (o/ to come thro/gh e3er( sit/ation (o/ enco/nter
3ictorio/sl(2 -s (o/ li3e each da( li>e that1 the +ol( Spirit 6ill
.ecome more and more real to (o/1 and (o/ 6ill .egin to f/ll(
en?o( +is empo6ering 4resence in (o/r life2

Bou +an 9well on the 2ountain top
$ remem.er preaching at a partic/lar camp meeting in the
mo/ntains of California in 19##2 Then in the s/mmer of 19#"1 $
ret/rned again to preach at the same ann/al camp meeting2
;/ring the second (ear $ 6as there1 a lad( got /p and testified
a.o/t her e8perience at the pre3io/s (ear=s camp meeting2
She said1 B9ast (ear 6hen $ came /p here on the mo/ntain1 $ didn=t
>no6 a.o/t the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost1 ./t .efore $ left1 $ 6as filled
6ith the SpiritF
BThen after camp meeting 6as o3er1 $ 6ent .ac> to m( home in the
3alle( and started ha3ing a hard time of it2 9ife got reall( ./s(@getting
the >ids read( for school1 se6ing clothes for m( children1 ta>ing care of
ch/rch responsi.ilities1 and so forth2 $ started feeling spirit/all( dr( and
po6erless2 $n fact1 since last s/mmer1 $ ha3en=t had another .lessing li>e
the one $ e8perienced 6hen $ recei3ed the +ol( Ghost2 So $ co/ld hardl(
6ait to get .ac> /p here to recei3e another .lessingFB
7hen $ heard that1 $ tho/ght1 That dear woman missed the whole
thing! She's been dry and bereft of power for 7> months, yet she had the
Powerhouse, the Greater One, on the inside of her all the time!
This 6oman hadn=t .een rightl( ta/ght1 so she tho/ght1 I feel
helpless, powerless, and spiritually dry. If I could just go back up the
mountain and get blessed again like I was last year, it sure would help
That=s the 6a( a lot of fol>s thin>@and that is 6hat defeats them2
$f the +ol( Ghost has come /pon (o/ and (o/=re filled 6ith +is
po6er1 (o/ can en?o( e8periences 6ith +im every da(2 :o/ sho/ldn=t
ha3e ?/st one e8perience and then that=s the end of it2 :o/ don=t ha3e to
6ait /ntil (o/ can get .ac> to a mo/ntain top e8perience2 :o/ can .e /p
on the mo/ntain top spirit/all( e3er( single da( of (o/r lifeF
Ahat 9oes 7t 2ean to =ecei*e owerE@

$f (o/=ll remem.er1 $ said $ 6as act/all( a little disappointed
in m( initial e8perience of getting .aptiDed in the +ol( Spirit2 $
6as E/ite conser3ati3e and reser3ed .efore $ got .aptiDed in the
+ol( Ghost2 So $ 6as ?/st s/re that 6hen $ recei3ed the +ol(
Ghost1 $=d ha3e a lo/d1 emotional1 .oistero/s time in the 9ord2
%/t as it t/rned o/t1 $ didn=t do a thing e8cept spea> 6ith other
tong/es2 HOf co/rse1 that=s all the 120 .elie3ers did on the ;a( of
4entecost tooFI
So $ felt a little deflated2 $=d seen others get .oistero/s and
sho/t 6ith ?o( 6hen the( 6ere filled 6ith the Spirit1 and part of
me 6ished $ co/ld ha3e that >ind of emotional e8perience 6hen
$ got filled2 $ pra(ed1 B9ord1 4entecostal people >eep sa(ing that
6hen the +ol( Ghost comes /pon a person1 he shall recei3e
po6er K-cts 1'L2 So 6here=s the po6erC $f $ ha3e an( more
po6er than $ had .efore1 $ don=t >no6 itFB
,an( times 6e don=t >no6 6hat po6er is2 7e thin> po6er is
something 6e feel1 and that isn=t al6a(s so2 Jes/s didn=t promise
an emotional e8perienceA +e promised an end/ement of
s/pernat/ral a.ilit( 6hen the +ol( Spirit comes /pon /s2

ACTS 1:8
8 %/t (e shall recei3e po6er1 after that the +ol(
Ghost is come /pon (o/' and (e shall .e
6itnesses /nto me .oth in Jer/salem1 and in all
J/daea1 and in Samaria1 and /nto the /ttermost
part of the earth2
E3en tho/gh $ felt disappointed1 $ had eno/gh %i.le in me to
accept m( e8perience of the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost for 6hat
it 6as2 $ said to m(self1 Well, getting filled with the Spirit wasn't
like I thought it would be, but it was scriptural, so I'll stay with
it. As far as I am concerned, I'm filled with the Holy Ghost!
Ne3ertheless1 $ didn=t sa( an(thing a.o/t it to an(one1 nor did $
preach a.o/t that e8perience to m( congregation2 $ 6as still a (o/ng
denominational pastor of a little comm/nit( ch/rch1 so $ decided $ 6as
going to 6ait /ntil $ had some >ind of po6er e8plosion .efore $ tal>ed
to an(one a.o/t it2 $ tho/ght1 $ want people to be able to see the proof
of the power without my having to say anything! %esides that1 some
6a( or another1 $ had a sense in m( spirit@an in6ard int/ition more or
less@that $ sho/ldn=t sa( an(thing a.o/t it2

7ell1 there 6as a man in o/r congregation named ,r2 C/rr(2 +e and
his 6ife had .een a6a( on a trip to E/rope for three months1 and ?/st
.efore the( ret/rned1 $ got filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2
Not long .efore ,r2 C/rr( left for E/rope1 some 4entecostal fol>s
.egan to attend o/r ch/rch .eca/se it 6as the onl( ch/rch in that little
co/ntr( comm/nit(2 These families 6o/ld ha3e had to tra3el for miles
to find a 4entecostal ch/rch to attend1 so the( came to o/r ch/rch
E3en tho/gh people from all >inds of denominations attended o/r
ch/rch1 ,r2 C/rr( 6as not happ( 6hen he learned 4entecostal families
6ere starting to come2 So he 6ent to see ,r2 Co81 another ch/rch
mem.er1 and said1 B$ don=t >no6 6hether 6e o/ght to let those
4entecostal fol>s come or not2B
Of co/rse1 it 6as a p/.lic meeting1 so e3en if 6e=d 6anted to1 6e
co/ldn=t ha3e >ept them from comingF
,r2 C/rr( 6ent on to sa( to ,r2 Co81 B$f that spea>ing in
tong/es gets in here1 $=m going to p/ll m( famil( o/t of this
ch/rchF $ 6on=t >eep going here2B
Then ,r2 C/rr( and his 6ife left for E/rope1 and 6hile the(
6ere gone1 $ recei3ed the +ol( Ghost 6ith the e3idence of
spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 -s $ said1 $ didn=t share this ne6s 6ith
the congregation at that time .eca/se $ 6as a little disappointed
a.o/t it and didn=t Bfeel the po6erB the 6a( $ tho/ght $ o/ght to
feel it2
+o6e3er1 $ did tal> to one person pri3atel( a.o/t m( infilling
e8perience1 and that 6as ,r2 Co82 -ct/all(1 ,r2 Co8 6as a 3er(
spirit/al and .i.lical man1 and he fig/red o/t 6hat had
happened to me .efore $ said an(thing2 +e and his famil( 6ere
the ones 6ho gracio/sl( allo6ed me to sta( 6ith them 6hene3er
$ tra3eled o/t into the co/ntr( to preach on 6ee>ends2
,r2 Co8 told me 6hat ,r2 C/rr( had said .efore he left a.o/t
the 4entecostal fol>s coming to o/r ch/rch2 9ater after ,r2 C/rr(
had .een .ac> for a 6hile1 ,r2 Co8 told me of another
con3ersation he=d had 6ith him2
,r2 C/rr( said to ,r2 Co81 BSomething has happened to o/r
little preacher 6hile $ 6as goneFB
,r2 Co8 tho/ght1 Who told Mr. Curry what happened to our
preacher? I know I didn't tell him! Maybe Brother Kenneth told

someone else, and it leaked out somehow. Then ,r2 Co8 said1
B7hat do (o/ mean1 something happened to himCB
B7ell1B ,r2 C/rr( said1 Bhe=s a .etter preacher than he 6as
,r2 Co8 replied1 B7ell1 ,r2 C/rr(1 $ al6a(s tho/ght %rother
0enneth 6as a prett( po6erf/l preacher2B
BOh1 $ did toFB ,r2 C/rr( ans6ered2 B%/t $=m telling (o/1 he has
something he didn=t /sed to ha3eFB
%( then1 ,r2 Co8 realiDed that no one had told ,r2 C/rr( an(thing2
So to enco/rage ,r2 C/rr( to >eep tal>ing1 ,r2 Co8 said1 BOh1 s/re
eno/gh2 7ell1 6hat is it that o/r preacher hasCB
B7ell1B ,r2 C/rr( said1 B$ don=t >no6 6hat it is2 %/t no6ada(s 6hen
he preaches1 (o/ can feel itF 7hen he tal>s1 he has a po6er he didn=t
/sed to ha3eFB
The ch/rch mem.ers 6ere sensing the e8tra po6er in m( life1 e3en if
$ 6asn=tF
B$=3e al6a(s en?o(ed %rother 0enneth=s preaching1B ,r2 C/rr(
contin/ed2 B%/t $=ll tell (o/1 6hen he preaches no61 it hits (o/2 +is
message has a punch to itF +is 6ords ha3e a/thorit( .ehind them the(
didn=t ha3e .efore2B
,r2 Co8 tho/ght1 Well, I better tell Mr. Curry what really happened
to Brother Kenneth before he hears it from someone else in a negative
context. So ,r2 Co8 said1 B;o (o/ 6ant to >no6 6hat happened to o/r
little preacher 6hile (o/ 6ere goneCB
B:esFB ,r2 C/rr( replied2
B+e 6as .aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spo>e 6ith other
,r2 Co8 told me later1 B7hen $ said that to ,r2 C/rr(1 he dropped
his head and didn=t sa( an(thing for a long time2 $ didn=t >no6 if he 6as
going to loo> /p and sa(1 =7ell1 that=s itF $=m p/lling m( famil( o/t e3en
if it creates di3ision in the ch/rch2= $ didn=t >no6 what he 6as going to
B%/t 6hen ,r2 C/rr( loo>ed /p1 he had tears in his e(es1B ,r2 Co8
told me2 B-nd he said1 =7ell1 $=ll tell (o/ one thing a.o/t it@it ma>es a
.elie3er o/t of me2 $ heard %rother 0enneth preach .efore1 and $=3e
heard him preach since2 There is a po6er1 a depth of spirit/alit( he
didn=t ha3e .efore2B
7hen $ heard 6hat ,r2 C/rr( said1 $ started repenting2 $
pra(ed1 B;ear God1 $ had that po6er all the time1 ./t $ do/.ted

it2 No6 $ /nderstand that this po6er 6asn=t gi3en to me ?/st for
m( indi3id/al .enefit2 $t 6as gi3en to .less others2 That=s 6h(
m( congregation can tell something has happened to me1 e3en if
$ can=tFB
Then $ .egan to notice the difference1 too1 e3en in m( personal
life2 $=d come /p against tests1 trials1 and temptations that /sed to
ta>e e3er(thing $ had to .arel( sE/ea> thro/gh them2 %/t since $
recei3ed the +ol( Ghost1 $ noticed $ had an e8tra BsomethingB
that helped me come thro/gh trials and temptations 6ith a ne6
sense of 3ictor(F
$ pra(ed1 B;ear 9ord1 $ had this 6rong idea in m( mind a.o/t
po6er2 $ tho/ght that some 6a( or another1 po6er 6o/ld .e
something $=d .e a.le to feel ph(sicall(2 $ tho/ght $=d feel li>e $
6as a.o/t to .lo6 /p li>e a ton of d(namiteF -nd .eca/se $
ha3en=t felt that 6a( ph(sicall(1 $ tho/ght $ didn=t ha3e an(
B%/t You said that o/t of m( innermost .eing 6o/ld flo6
ri3ers of li3ing 6ater and that those ri3ers 6o/ld flo6 o/t to
.less others KJohn !'3!&39L2 That's the p/rpose of the po6er $
recei3ed from the +ol( Ghost1 and m( congregation can tell the
Soon it 6asn=t ?/st ,r2 C/rr( 6ho 6as tal>ing a.o/t the
difference in m( preaching2 E3er(one in the ch/rch 6as tal>ing
a.o/t it as 6ellF The( said to each other1 B7hat has happened to
o/r preacherC +e=s got po6erF 7hat=s his secretC 7hate3er it is1 $
6ant itFB
5inall(1 $ decided it 6as time to tell the congregation 6hat had
happened to me2 $ said1 B-ll $ >no6 is that $ got filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and started spea>ing in tong/es2 :o/=ll recei3e po6er1 too1 6hen
(o/ recei3e the +ol( Ghost and spea> 6ith tong/es2B
That di3ine po6er 6asn=t e3ident in m( life /ntil $ 6as filled 6ith
the Spirit1 and m( congregation >ne6 itF -fter all1 the( had .een
hearing me preach for the pre3io/s t6o (ears and hadn=t noticed that
>ind of po6er in m( preachingF
4raise God1 m( testimon( made s/ch an impression on the people
that almost e3er( single one of them e3ent/all( got filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost2 -nd it 6asn=t long .efore 6e=d t/rned that ch/rch into a 5/ll
Gospel ch/rchF 7e ne3er lost a famil(2 E3er(one >ept coming2 $n fact1
the ch/rch gre6 e3en .igger in the (ears that follo6edF

-fter that e8perience1 $ ne3er again do/.ted the .enefits $=d recei3ed
6hen $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 $ /nderstood that it 6asn=t a
matter of BfeelingB po6er2 $t 6as a matter of (ielding to the +ol( Spirit2
$t 6as a matter of releasing the po6er of the Greater One 7ho li3es
6ithin me2

he /ruit of .istening to the Hol! Spirit
%efore $ 6as e3er filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit1 $ en?o(ed man( .lessed
ho/rs in pra(er and comm/nion 6ith the 9ord2 ,an( times $ pra(ed
most of the night in English1 and a fe6 times $ pra(ed all night long2
%/t e3en tho/gh $=d spent ho/rs in God=s presence1 some 6a(
or another $=d lea3e that place of pra(er feeling dissatisfied2 $t
al6a(s seemed li>e $ hadn=t said 6hat $ 6anted to sa( to the
9ord2 $=d /se e3er( descripti3e ad?ecti3e at m( command to tell
the 9ord ho6 6onderf/l +e is1 ./t $=d still go a6a( from m(
pra(er time feeling li>e m( heart hadn=t tr/l( e8pressed itself2
%/t after $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit and .egan to pra( in
other tong/es1 m( pra(er life changed dramaticall(2 5inall(1 m(
spirit co/ld e8press itself1 and $ fo/nd m(self lea3ing m( time of
pra(er feeling satisfied in m( spirit2
Of co/rse1 $ alread( recei3ed the +ol( Spirit in a measure
thro/gh the Ne6 %irth HJohn 3'3&I2 +e had .orne 6itness 6ith
m( spirit that $ 6as a child of God H*om2 '1"I2 -nd as $ la( on
the .ed of affliction as a teenager 6ith t6o serio/s organic heart
pro.lems and an inc/ra.le .lood disease1 the +ol( Spirit spo>e
to m( heart1 tr(ing to direct me to the s/.?ect of di3ine healing in
the 7ord2
$ desperatel( needed the 7ord and the +ol( Spirit to g/ide
me into healing1 .eca/se all $=d e3er heard preached 6as the
sal3ation message2 $=d gone to S/nda( school and ch/rch all m(
life@ne3er missing /ntil $ .ecame .edfast@(et $=d ne3er
recei3ed an( training at all in listening to the +ol( Spirit and
follo6ing +im2
%/t as a 1"&(ear&old .o( on the .ed of affliction1 $ .egan to
hear an in6ard <oice as the +ol( Spirit spo>e to m( spirit2 No
one told me to listen1 ./t $ finall( ?/st said1 B7ell1 $ can=t .e an(
6orse off .( listening than $ am right no62 -fter all1 the doctor

sa(s $=m going to die1 and $ can=t do an(thing more than thatF So
$ thin> $=m going to start listening here on the inside of me2B
-nd as $ listened to the +ol( Ghost 7hom $ >ne6 in a meas/re
thro/gh the Ne6 %irth1 +e led me right into di3ine healingF
The da( came 6hen the +ol( Spirit spo>e to m( heart and said1
BNo6 (o/ .elie3e (o/=re 6ell2B
B$ s/re doFB $ said2
BGet /p then1B the +ol( Spirit said2 B7ell people o/ght to .e /p .(
ten o=cloc> in the morning2B
So there in the .edroom1 all .( m(self1 $ str/ggled to a seated
position and t6isted m( .od( aro/nd on the .ed so $ co/ld p/sh m(
feet off the .ed onto the floor2 Then $ gra..ed ahold of the .edpost and
p/lled m(self /p2 ;raped o3er that .edpost1 $ declared1 B$ 6ant to
anno/nce in the 4resence of -lmight( God1 the hol( angels1 the +ol(
Spirit1 the de3il1 and all his cohorts that according to the 7ord of God1 $
am healed and $ .elie3e itFB
S/ddenl( $ felt a 6arm glo6 of God=s healing 4resence come do6n
all o3er me li>e 6arm hone(1 and $ stood /p straight and started
6al>ing aro/nd that room healedF
+o6 did $ get to that moment of healing after .eing paral(Ded on the
.ed of affliction 6ith a terminal heart condition for 1" monthsC I
listened to the Holy Spirit with Whom Id become acquainted in the New
Birth. Then later $ listened to the same <oice of the +ol( Spirit1 and +e
led me into the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost H-cts 1'#IF
Thin> .ac> to the analog( of drin>ing 6ater2 7hen $ 6as .orn again
on that sic>.ed1 $ had one drin> of 6ater@m( Ne6&
%irth e8perience2 %/t the same +ol( Ghost 7ho made me a ne6
creat/re in Christ also led me into di3ine healing2 Then $
recei3ed the +ol( Spirit1 and $ dran> /ntil $ 6as f/ll2 5rom then
on1 +is ministr( to me and through me and +is dealings with me
6ere amplified man( foldF

2aintaining the ECreater 2easureE of the Hol!
The +ol( Spirit g/ides Christians 6ho >no6 +im thro/gh the
Ne6 %irth as m/ch as +e can2 %/t for those 6ho are filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost and pra( 6ith other tong/es1 the +ol( Spirits
g/idance is a3aila.le in a far greater meas/re2

However, I have found that this extra measure of the Holy
Spirit operates in my life only if I follow the practice of
continually praying daily in tongues.
$=m not tal>ing a.o/t rattling off a fe6 6ords in tong/es2 $f
that=s all (o/ do1 the ministr( of the +ol( Ghost in (o/r life
6on=t differ m/ch from 6hat it 6as .efore (o/ 6ere filled 6ith
the Spirit2 $=m tal>ing a.o/t ta>ing the time to reall( pra( in
tong/es and spend time 6ith God on a dail( .asis2 $f (o/=ll ma>e
an effort to maintain a Spirit&filled life .( pra(ing m/ch in other
tong/es1 the +ol( Spirit will comm/nicate 6ith (o/ thro/gh
(o/r o6n spirit2
5irst Corinthians 14'14 sa(s1 "For if I pray in an unknown
tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful"
$t=s the +ol( Spirit 7ho gi3es (o/r spirit the a.ilit( to pra( to
God2 The +ol( Ghost s/pernat/rall( directs (o/r pra(er as +e
gi3es (o/ the /tterance2 +e pra(s thro/gh (o/ a.o/t things
.efore the( e3er happen2
$=3e fo/nd o/t o3er the (ears that there=s ne3er .een a sic>ness or a
death in m( famil( that $ ha3en=t >no6n a.o/t and pra(ed a.o/t ahead
of time@sometimes e3en t6o (ears ahead of time2 This >ind of
re3elation >no6ledge doesn=t ?/st come thro/gh the re3elation gifts of
the prophet2 $ also operate in that ministr(2 %/t the %i.le sa(s the +ol(
Spirit 6ill sho6 an( .elie3er things to come2

JOHN 16:13
13 +o6.eit 6hen he1 the Spirit of tr/th1 is
come1 he 6ill g/ide (o/ into all tr/th' for he
shall not spea> of himselfA ./t 6hatsoe3er he
shall hear1 that shall he spea>' and +E 7$99

-n( .elie3er can >no6 .( the Spirit a.o/t something ahead of time
as he presses into God2 ,an( times things 6ill .e re3ealed as .elie3ers
pra( in tong/es2
E3er since $ 6as .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost1 $=3e often had this
e8perience as $=3e pra(ed in other tong/es2 The +ol( Spirit sho6ed me
things to come .efore the( e3er happened so $ co/ld pra( thro/gh on
them2 $t 6as simpl( a matter of pra(ing in tong/es and sensing in m(
spirit 6hat $ 6as pra(ing a.o/t2

3ra!ing Out 2!steries
9et me gi3e (o/ an ill/stration from m( o6n life a.o/t the +ol(
Spirit alerting me to pra( a.o/t things in tong/es .efore the( happened2
$ 6as holding a meeting in St2 9o/is in 19#1 and $=d gone .ac> to m(
hotel room after the ser3ice2 $ tried to read a .oo>1 ./t 6ithin me $ >ept
ha3ing an /neas( feeling2 So finall( $ p/t the .oo> do6n and .egan to
pra(2 $ as>ed1 B9ord1 6hat is itCB
*emem.er1 Jes/s said that the +ol( Spirit 6ill not spea> of
+imself1 ./t 6hate3er +e hears1 that shall +e spea> HJohn 1"'13I2
That means (o/ can e8pect the +ol( Spirit to spea> to (o/2
Certainl( +e 6ill spea> thro/gh the 7ord1 .eca/se +e is the
-/thor of the 7ord2 %/t +e 6ill also spea> on the inside of (o/
as (o/ pra( in tong/es2
$ >ept as>ing the 9ord1 B7hat is itCB as $ pra(ed o/t m(steries
in the Spirit2

2 5or he that spea>eth in an /n>no6n tong/e
spea>eth not /nto men1 ./t /nto God' for no man
/nderstandeth himA ho6.eit $N T+E S4$*$T +E
S4E-0ET+ ,:STE*$ES Kdi3ine secretsL2

-fter a 6hile1 $ got the sense that someone in m( famil( 6as
in ph(sical danger1 li>e an attac> of sic>ness2 $ immediatel(
tho/ght of m( 6ife Oretha since $ 6as o/t ministering in another
cit( and she 6as at home2 %/t as $ >ept pra(ing in tong/es1 $
>ne6 on the inside of me it 6asn=t m( 6ife2
Then $ tho/ght of m( t6o children1 0en and 4at2 $ pra(ed for
each one of them in tong/es1 and as $ pra(ed1 $ >ne6 it 6asn=t
either of them in ph(sical danger2
Then $ tho/ght of m( mother2 -s $ .egan to pra( in other
tong/es a.o/t her1 $ >ne6 she 6as the one $ 6as pra(ing for2
-.o/t that time1 the telephone rang2 $t 6as m( 6ife1 and she
said1 B0en1 (o/r mother is in the hospital2B
$ replied1 BThat=s all right2 $ >no6 it2 $=3e alread( .een alerted1 and $
ha3e the ans6er2 The +ol( Spirit told me that she=ll .e fineFB $t=s good to
.e on top of a sit/ation1 isn=t itC
$t is of great .enefit for /s to >no6 the +ol( Ghost thro/gh the Ne6
%irth1 ./t the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit is an addition to this .lessing2
God has also gi3en /s the opport/nit( to e8perience a greater meas/re

of the Spirit thro/gh the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost 6ith the e3idence of
spea>ing in tong/es2
:o/ see1 the Ne6 %irth is God=s introd/ction of +is life and nat/re to
the sinner2 %/t the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost is God=s introd/ction of
+is s/pernat/ral po6er to +is children2

he Creat ,d*enture Has Fust Begun

9et me stress again' -ltho/gh the initial infilling is the .eginning of
something great1 it sho/ldn=t .e the greatest e8perience (o/ e3er ha3e
6ith the 9ord2 In fact, the greatest things that ever happened to me in
my walk with God came as a result of praying with other tongues.
-s $ said1 $ >ne6 the +ol( Spirit in the Ne6 %irth2 Of co/rse1 e3en
.efore $ 6as filled 6ith the Spirit1 $ >ne6 the +ol( Spirit as a (o/ng
denominational .o( preacher2 The +ol( Spirit 6o/ld come on me and
anoint me to preach2 -nd altho/gh $ didn=t hold an( p/.lic healing
ser3ices1 $ 6o/ld p/.licl( preach on healing1 and pri3atel( $=d la( hands
on fol>s and get them healed2
Than> God for the healings and con3ersions that happened in m(
ministr( those first fo/r (ears after $ 6as .orn again2 %/t $ ne3er had
s/pernat/ral manifestations /ntil $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost in the
second 6ee> of -pril 193!@and $=d alread( .een preaching fo/r (earsF
-fter $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit1 $ learned to pra( m/ch
in other tong/es1 and that made all the difference2 No one told
me to do it2 7e didn=t ha3e m/ch teaching on the s/.?ect .ac>
then2 $ didn=t e3en >no6 6hether or not $ 6as s/pposed to pra(
in tong/es 6hene3er $ 6anted to2 %/t $ fo/nd o/t that it 6as
easier to pra( in tong/es than it 6as to pra( in English2 $ also
learned $ co/ld get f/rther spirit/all( in tong/es than $ co/ld an(
other 6a(1 so $ ?/st did it2
5or instance1 the greatest healings $=3e e3er seen in m(
ministr( came after a time of pra(ing in other tong/es2 -s $
pra(ed1 $ sa6 in the Spirit 6hat $ 6as pra(ing a.o/t2 H:o/ see1
6e can pra( in the Spirit a.o/t ph(sical things as 6ell as a.o/t
spirit/al things2I -nd then as $ ?/st o.e(ed and did 6hat $ sa6 in
the Spirit1 the person 6o/ld .e healedF
:es1 the initial infilling of the +ol( Ghost is 6onderf/l2 %/t
that initial e8perience is onl( meant to .e the .eginning2 God has

an entire lifetime of s/pernat/ral ad3ent/res in store for /s as
6e learn ho6 to operate in the realm of +is Spirit2
That=s 6h( $ 6ant to ta>e (o/ f/rther in o/r disc/ssion a.o/t
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 Once (o/ realiDe the tr/e 3al/e
and the infinite scope of comm/nicating s/pernat/rall( 6ith
God1 $ .elie3e (o/=ll 6ant to ta>e ad3antage of this gift more
than e3er .eforeF

HE D,.UE O/ S3E,K7-C

3,= 1

+ H, 3 E = $

3,U. C,DE 3=O27-E-+E O
S3E,K7-C 7- O-CUES

,/ch ignorance e8ists in the Ch/rch toda( a.o/t the 3al/e of
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 ,an( Christians don=t >no6 a thing a.o/t
the s/.?ect2 Others >no6 that tong/es are the initial e3idence of the
.aptism in the +ol( Ghost1 ./t the( don=t /nderstand the man( other
script/ral p/rposes for spea>ing in tong/es2
7e=re going to disc/ss at length the man( reasons God ga3e /s this
s/pernat/ral gift to .enefit and .less /s2 %/t first1 $ 6ant to as> this
E/estion' 7hat 3al/e did the -postle 4a/l p/t on spea>ing in tong/esC
-s (o/ st/d( 4a/l=s Epistles1 (o/ find that he 6rote m/ch a.o/t the
s/.?ect of tong/es1 and apparentl( he practiced 6hat he preached2 -fter
all1 he declared to the Corinthian ch/rch1 "I thank my God, I speak with
tongues more than ye all" H1 Cor2 14'1IF
- 6ell&>no6n Christian leader once 6rote a negati3e letter
regarding tong/es to one of his BstarB con3erts 6ho had gotten filled
6ith the +ol( Ghost2 $ 6as allo6ed to read e8cerpts of that letter2 $n his
letter1 this Christian leader stated that 4a/l too> a 3er( dim 3ie6 of
spea>ing in tong/es and that the apostle tried to disco/rage and for.id
the Corinthians from spea>ing in tong/es2 -nd altho/gh this man
ne3er ga3e chapter or 3erse for his statement1 he tried to pro3e his point
.( claiming that 4a/l said1 B$=d rather spea> fi3e 6ords 6ith m( o6n
/nderstanding than ten tho/sand 6ords in an /n>no6n tong/e2B

9id 3aul ake a 9im Diew of ongues@
%/t 4a/l didn=t sa( that2 That Christian leader too> part of a
3erse o/t of conte8t to ma>e it sa( 6hat he 6anted it to sa(2

9et=s see 6hat 4a/l reall( said2 5irst1 he made the statement
6e alread( mentioned' "I thank my God, I speak with tongues
more than ye all" H1 Cor2 14'1I2
9et=s sa( (o/ got /p one morning and declared at the
.rea>fast ta.le' BThis is the da( the 9ord has made2 $t=s a good
da(1 and $ than> God for itFB :o/=re ma>ing a positi3e statement1
./t according to this fello61 (o/ 6o/ld .e ta>ing a 3er( dim
3ie6 of the da(F
That doesn=t ma>e m/ch sense1 does itC :et this %i.le scholar
follo6ed the same >ind of logic 6hen he said 4a/l too> a dim
3ie6 of tong/es2 -fter all1 4a/l said he than>ed God that he
spo>e 6ith tong/es more than the entire ch/rch at CorinthF
$f 4a/l spo>e 6ith tong/es more than this Corinthian ./nch
did1 then he m/st ha3e done a tremendo/s amo/nt of spea>ing
in tong/es2 -s (o/ read the rest of chapter 141 (o/=ll find that
spea>ing in tong/es 6as a.o/t all the Corinthians 6anted to doF
4a/l e3en had to correct the ch/rch in Corinth along that line
.eca/se man( of the people 6ere spea>ing 6ith tong/es in the
6rong place in 6orship1 and in the 6rong manner2

1 CORINTHIANS 14:22-23
22 7herefore tong/es are for a sign1 not
to them that .elie3e1 ./t to them that
.elie3e not' ./t prophes(ing ser3eth not
for them that .elie3e not1 ./t for them
6hich .elie3e2
23 $f therefore the 6hole ch/rch .e come
together into one place1 and all spea>
6ith tong/es1 and there come in those
that are /nlearned1 or /n.elie3ers1 6ill
the( not sa( that (e are madC

4a/l plainl( said in 3erse 23 that it 6asn=t good for the 6hole ch/rch
to come together into one place and all spea> in tong/es at the same
time2 $f 4a/l had to sa( that1 it m/st mean that the Corinthian .elie3ers
spent m/ch of their time in ch/rch spea>ing 6ith tong/es all at the
same time2 $f that 6as going on and someone 6ho 6as /nlearned in
spirit/al things came to ch/rch1 that person might thin> those .elie3ers
had lost their mindsF
So 4a/l 6asn=t telling these Corinthians that spea>ing in tong/es
6as 6rong1 nor 6as he for.idding them to spea> 6ith tong/es2 +e

didn=t sa(1 B:o/ ha3e the 6rong thingFB Certainl( notF The( had the
right thing1 ./t the( 6ere ?/st so thrilled and e8/.erant 6ith that
s/pernat/ral gift that the( 6o/ld all start spea>ing in tong/es at onceF
4a/l 6as ?/st telling these .elie3ers that in the ch/rch ser3ice1
e3er(thing sho/ld .e done to edif( or ./ild /p those 6ho hear2
Then later in the chapter he ga3e f/rther instr/ctions a.o/t
spea>ing in tong/es in the p/.lic assem.l('

1 CORINTHIANS 14:27-28
27 $f an( man spea> $N -N UN0NO7N
TONGUE1 let it .e .( t6o1 or at the most .(
three1 and that .( co/rseA and let one interpret2
28 %/t if there .e no interpreter1 let him >eep
silence in the ch/rchA and 9ET +$, S4E-0 TO
+$,SE951 -N; TO GO;2

Than> God1 a .elie3er can sit in a ch/rch ser3ice and hear
e3er(thing that is .eing said and still tal> E/ietl( to himself and
to God in tong/es2 -nd in doing so1 he 6ill .e getting edified in
t6o different 6a(s2 One1 he=ll .e edified .( the preaching of the
7ord2 -nd t6o1 he=ll .e edified .( spea>ing E/ietl( to God in
other tong/esF

9ifferent in 3urpose and Use

This is 6hat 4a/l 6as tal>ing a.o/t in 5irst Corinthians 14'191
6hen he said1 "Yet in the church I had rather speak five words
with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others
also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue."
4a/l than>ed God that he spo>e in tong/es more than all the
Corinthian .elie3ers1 e3en tho/gh there 6as a s/per&a./ndance
of spea>ing in tong/es2 Yet in the church, 4a/l said he=d rather
spea> fi3e 6ords 6ith his /nderstanding than ten tho/sand
6ords in tong/es2 7h(C So that by his voice, he might teach
$n other 6ords1 4a/l 6as sa(ing that the p/rpose of tong/es isn=t for
teaching or preaching2 Tongues is primarily for a believer's own
personal spiritual edification. $t=s his o6n personal 6a( to
comm/nicate 6ith God2


4 +E T+-T S4E-0ET+ $N -N
+$,SE95A ./t he that prophesieth
edifieth the ch/rch2

This means that 4a/l primaril( spo>e in tong/es in his pri3ate
pra(er life1 not in ch/rch2 -pparentl(1 4a/l m/st ha3e gotten /p in the
morning spea>ing in tong/es2 +e m/st ha3e spo>en in tong/es
.et6een meals and gone to .ed at night spea>ing in tong/es2
$t also means that 4a/l 3al/ed spea>ing 6ith tong/es2 -fter all1 a
person doesn=t than> God for something he doesn=t 3al/e1 for
something of little importance1 or for something he is opposed toF
So 6e see that tong/es is primaril( a gift for /s to /se in o/r pri3ate
de3otions to pra( and fello6ship 6ith God o/r 5ather2 Of co/rse1 there
is the operation of tong/es 6ith interpretation2 These t6o spirit/al gifts
are gi3en for the ch/rch=s .enefit Hand1 at times1 for an indi3id/al=s
.enefitI and /sed together are eE/i3alent to the gift of prophec(2 7e=ll
tal> a.o/t that later2
%/t this is 6hat 6e need to /nderstand no6' All tongues are the
same in essence because it's the Holy Spirit giving the utterance in
every case. But they are different in purpose and use.
No61 if .elie3ers are all praising God together in ch/rch1 it=s
perfectl( accepta.le for them to praise God in tong/es all at
once2 %/t it certainl( 6o/ld .e 6rong for them to all start
spea>ing in tong/es o/t lo/d 6hile the preacher is tr(ing to
teach the 7ordF -nd it certainl( 6o/ldn=t .e right for the
preacher to spend an ho/r teaching the people in tong/es 6ith
no interpretationF $n that case1 the preacher 6o/ld .e edified1 ./t
the people 6o/ldn=t get an(thing o/t of it2 This is 6hat 4a/l is
tal>ing a.o/t in this passage2

.earning the Dalue of ongues
The 7ord of God is so simple and plainF Some fol>s ha3e
made a mo/ntain o/t of a molehill1 claiming that 4a/l 6as
teaching the Ch/rch that .elie3ers sho/ldn=t spea> 6ith tong/es
at all2 4a/l 6asn=t teaching an( s/ch thing2 +is 6ish and desire
6as that every .elie3er 6o/ld spea> 6ith other tong/es H1 Cor2
14'#I2 +e than>ed God that he spo>e in tong/es more than

an(one else .eca/se he /nderstood the f/ll scope and 3al/e of
this s/pernat/ral gift2
4a/l >ne6 from personal e8perience that there is a .lessing
and a so/rce of po6er for e3er(da( life fo/nd onl( in spea>ing
in other tong/es2 So let=s e8plore f/rther 6hat 4a/l >ne6 a.o/t
this s/.?ect2 $n the process1 6e=ll find o/t 6hat the %i.le sa(s
a.o/t the 3al/e and p/rpose of spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2
The more 6e >no6 why 6e sho/ld spea> 6ith tong/es1 the more
o/r testimon( can stand 6ith 4a/l=s as 6e declare in faith1 B$
than> God that $ spea> much 6ith other tong/esFB

+ H, 3 E = # 5

, SU3E=-,U=,. 2E,-S O/
S3E,K7-C O CO9

7e ha3e alread( co3ered at length the first script/ral p/rpose of
spea>ing in tong/es@that tong/es are the initial e3idence of the
.aptism in the +ol( Ghost2 No6 let=s tal> a.o/t the other .enefits that
are o/rs 6hen 6e ma>e a practice of pra(ing in other tong/es on a
reg/lar .asis2
The second p/rpose of spea>ing in tong/es is fo/nd in 5irst
Corinthians 14'2'

2 5or he that spea>eth in an /n>no6n tong/e
S4E-0ET+ NOT UNTO ,EN1 %UT UNTO GO;' for no
man /nderstandeth himA ho6.eit in the spirit he
spea>eth m(steries2
Notice1 6e are not tal>ing to men 6hen 6e spea> in an /n>no6n
tong/eA 6e are tal>ing to God. $n other 6ords1 God has gi3en /s a
di3ine means .( 6hich 6e can spea> to +im s/pernat/rall(2
Sadl(1 most Christians are not ta>ing ad3antage of this gift
li>e the( sho/ld2 Some e3en as>1 B%/t is that form of
comm/nication necessar(CB $t m/st .e necessar(@after all1 God
pro3ided it for /sF
4a/l goes on to sa(1 B222 In the spirit he speaketh mysteries." $
li>e the Moffatt translation1 6hich sa(s1 B222 +e spea>eth divine
That=s the reason no man can /nderstand (o/ 6hen (o/ pra(
in tong/es@(o/=re tal>ing di3ine secrets 6ith the 5atherF -nd $
6ant to add something else' $=m thoro/ghl( con3inced that
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 ##60
Satan can=t /nderstand (o/ eitherF $ .elie3e that=s the primar(
reason the de3il fights tong/es so hard@.eca/se he can=t get in
on the con3ersationF +e can=t >no6 6hat (o/ are pra(ing a.o/t
6hen (o/=re pra(ing m(steries 6ith the 5ather1 so he fights it
e3er( 6a( he can2
$s there an( 3al/e in spea>ing di3ine secrets 6ith GodC
Emphaticall( (esF Other6ise1 God 6o/ld not ha3e gi3en to the
Ch/rch this di3ine1 s/pernat/ral means of comm/nication 6ith

alking to Cod, -ot to 2an
,( father&in&la61 ,r2 *oo>er1 6as a denominational man1 a
farmer in the .lac>lands of north central Te8as near the little
to6n of Tom %ean2 $ came along in 193 to pastor a small 5/ll
Gospel ch/rch in to6n@and then .egan to co/rt his da/ghterF
$ remem.er ,r2 *oo>er telling me a.o/t the preacher 6ho
came to hold an open&air re3i3al meeting in Tom %ean a fe6
(ears .efore $ arri3ed2 H-fter the re3i3al1 the minister ./ilt the
3er( ch/rch $ 6as pastoring2I
,( father&in&la6 related that in the .eginning of the re3i3al1 the
preacher preached onl( a.o/t the Ne6 %irth2 - fe6 h/ndred farmers
and their families from all aro/nd Tom %ean 6o/ld come in to hear this
preacher1 and man( came for6ard to pra( at the altar and get sa3ed2
The entire comm/nit( 6as stirred .( 6hat 6as happening in those tent
-fter the re3i3al had .een r/nning for se3eral 6ee>s1 the preacher
.egan to preach a.o/t the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing
6ith other tong/es@and people .egan to recei3eF -s (o/ might
imagine1 that created E/ite a f/ror in the little to6n of Tom %ean2
4eople had their theories a.o/t 6hat 6as happening to the local
people 6ho spo>e in strange lang/ages at those tent meetings2 5or
instance1 some decided it had something to do 6ith the gasoline
lanterns that 6ere lit and h/ng on poles to gi3e light in the tent
meetingsF H*emem.er1 these 6ere ;epression da(s1 and there often
6asn=t an( electricit( in co/ntr( open&air meetings2I
Someone said1 BThose gas lanterns thro6 o/t circles of light2 $=m
telling (o/1 the preacher m/st .e p/tting something in the lantern light
that gets on (o/ and ma>es (o/ spea> 6ith tong/esFB :o/ can see the
ignorance a.o/t spirit/al things that 6as common .ac> then2

There 6as also the theor( a.o/t the anointing oil that the preacher
/sed 6hen he pra(ed for the sic>2 The concept of healing and anointing
the sic> 6ith oil 6as ne6 to the people2 So some spec/lated1 BThe
preacher m/st p/t something from that .ottle on people that ca/ses
them to spea> in those strange lang/ages2 ;on=t get too close to the
preacher1 or 6hate3er it is 6ill get on (o/FB
4eople had all >inds of foolish ideasF %/t the( needn=t ha3e
6orried2 The +ol( Spirit 6on=t Bget onB a person if that person
doesn=t 6ant +im2 +e is a perfect Gentleman2
,( father&in&la6 told me1 BThe 6hole comm/nit( 6as
di3ided on one side or the other of this iss/e of the .aptism in
the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing in tong/es2 E3er(one 6as tal>ing
a.o/t it1 and man( people 6ent to the tent meetings ?/st to see
6hat 6o/ld happen2 The c/rio/s onloo>ers 6o/ld stand .ac> in
the shado6s a6a( from the lantern light2 -fter all1 the( certainl(
didn=t 6ant 6hate3er it 6as that ca/sed people to act strangel(
to get on themFB
Then a neigh.oring farmer got sa3ed1 and ,r2 *oo>er said to
me1 B$ >ne6 that man2 +e 6as an /pright citiDen1 a tr/thf/l man2
So another farmer friend and $ said to each other1 =There=s one
thing 6e >no6@if that neigh.or gets that e8perience1 6e=ll
>no6 it is real .eca/se 6e >no6 him. +e 6on=t go in for
an(thing fa>e or false2=B
,r2 *oo>er contin/ed1 B-ll that people >ne6 to do in those
da(s 6as to come to the altar and see> to .e filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost2 So m( friend and $ 6o/ld stand .ac> in the shado6s and
get as close as 6e dared to the altar so 6e co/ld 6atch 6hat
happened to this man2
BOne night this neigh.oring farmer 6as pra(ing all .(
himself at the altar2 E3er(one else had left1 and m( friend and $
6ere closer to him than an(one else2 7e 6atched caref/ll( as
o/r neigh.or >nelt there at the altar pra(ing2 S/ddenl( he lifted
.oth hands1 loo>ed /p to +ea3en1 and started spea>ing in this
strange lang/age@and it happened 6itho/t an(one shining the
lantern light on him or p/tting an( oil on himF
B,( friend 6ho 6as 6atching from the shado6s 6ith me t/rned to
me and as>ed1 =7hat=s he sa(ingC 7hat=s he sa(ingC 7hat=s he sa(ingC=
B$ replied1 =$ don=t >no6@he=s not tal>ing to meF=B ,( father&in&la6
didn=t >no6 ho6 script/ral that statement 6asF ,r2 *oo>er 6as
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 ##%0
spea>ing right in line 6ith 5irst Corinthians 14'21 6hich sa(s1 "For he
that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto
God: for no man understandeth him 2222B This neigh.oring farmer 6asn=t
tal>ing to ,r2 *oo>er or the other man2 +e 6as spea>ing di3ine secrets
to God).

3ra!er ,part /rom Our Understanding
$ 6ant (o/ to notice 3erse 14 in connection 6ith s/pernat/rall(
comm/nicating 6ith God2

14 5or if $ pra( in an /n>no6n tong/e1
m( spirit pra(eth1 ./t m( /nderstanding
KmindL is /nfr/itf/l2

Once again1 the Amplified translation reads1 B2 2 2 ,( spirit K.( the
+ol( Spirit 6ithin meL pra(s 2 2 2 B 0eep in mind that the +ol( Spirit
isn=t the one pra(ing2 +e is helping you pra( .( gi3ing (o/ /tterance in
(o/r spirit2
4a/l is telling /s that God has gi3en /s a means 6here.( o/r spirit
man can pra( apart from o/r /nderstanding2 O/r /nderstanding
doesn=t ha3e an(thing to do 6ith pra(ing in the Spirit2 $s that >ind of
pra(er necessar(C $t m/st .e1 .eca/se God made the s/pernat/ral
pro3ision for itF
Someone once as>ed me1 B7hat good is pra(er 6hen (o/
ha3e no idea 6hat (o/=re sa(ingCB
$ replied1 B%/t $=m not tal>ing to m(self@$=m tal>ing to GodFB
So once again1 6e see that the +ol( Spirit is the One helping
/s pra( in tong/es1 ./t 6e are the ones doing the pra(ing2 7ith
that tho/ght in mind1 let=s loo> again at 5irst Corinthians 14'22

2 5or he that spea>eth in a tong/e spea>eth not
/nto men1 ./t /nto God' for no man
/nderstandeth himA ho6.eit $N T+E S4$*$T he
spea>eth ,:STE*$ES2

7hat does 4a/l mean 6hen he /ses the phrase Bin the SpiritBC
7e >no6 in this 3erse that he is tal>ing a.o/t spea>ing in
tong/es2 %/t 6e don=t ha3e to p/t o/r interpretation on 6hat

4a/l meant2 The %i.le defines 6hat he means .( that phrase1 as
does 4a/l himselfF
9et=s go to the letter that 4a/l 6rote to the Ephesians1 6here
he said1 "Praying always with all prayer and supplication IN
THE SPIRIT, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and
supplication for all saints" HEph2 "'1I2 $f pra(ing in the Spirit in
5irst Corinthians 14'2 refers to pra(ing 6ith tong/es1 6e ha3e
e3er( reason to concl/de that pra(ing in the Spirit in Ephesians
"'1 refers to pra(ing 6ith tong/es as 6ell2
No6 let=s go .ac> to 5irst Corinthians 14 to get a .etter idea of 6hat
4a/l means .( the phrase Bin the Spirit2B

1 CORINTHIANS 14:14-15
14 5or if $ pra( in an UN0NO7N TONGUE1
,: S4$*$T 4*-:ET+1 ./t m( /nderstanding
is /nfr/itf/l2
15 7hat is it thenC $ 6ill pra( 7$T+ T+E
S4$*$T1 and $ 6ill pra( 6ith the
UN;E*ST-N;$NG KmindL also 2 2 2 2

Notice the phrase B6ith the spiritB in 3erse 1#2 ,ost pra(ers that
people pra( are mental pra(ers and don=t ha3e a lot to do 6ith the +ol(
Spirit2 %/t 4a/l said here that he pra(ed .oth 6a(s@6ith the spirit and
6ith his /nderstanding or mind2
-s a (o/ng denominational .o( pastor .efore $ 6as e3er filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost1 $ sa6 these different script/res a.o/t pra(ing with the
spirit and pra(ing in the Spirit2 $ as>ed different ministers in m(
denomination1 B7hat does it mean to pra( with the spirit or to pra( in
the SpiritCB
B7ell1B some of the ministers said1 Bthat ?/st means to pra( 6ith a
little e8tra =spiDDerin>t/m2=B H;o (o/ >no6 6hat the( meant .( thatC
The( meant Bto pra( 6ith a little e8tra energ( or p/nchBFI
Sometimes 6e=d .e singing a h(mn from the ch/rch h(mnal1 and the
song leader 6o/ld sa(1 BNo6 let=s sing this ne8t 3erse 6ith the spirit
and 6ith the /nderstanding2B %/t all he meant .( that 6as1 B9et=s sing
the ne8t 3erse 6ith a little .it more energ(@ a little more
%/t that isn=t 6hat this passage in 5irst Corinthians 14 is
tal>ing a.o/t at all2 $f (o/r spirit 6ere pra(ing in English1 (o/r
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 ##'0
mind 6o/ld /nderstand 6hat (o/ said2 Therefore1 (o/r mind
6o/ldn=t .e /nfr/itf/l2 %/t 4a/l is plainl( tal>ing a.o/t pra(ing
in tong/es in this case1 .eca/se he said1 "For if I pray in an
unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth . . 2BH32 14I2
4a/l 6rote .oth of these letters@one to the Corinthians and
one to the Ephesians2 $n .oth letters1 he /ses the phrase1 Bin the
spirit2B -nd in 5irst Corinthians 14'1#1 he also /ses the phrase
B6ith the spirit2B -s (o/ follo6 4a/l=s 6ritings 6here3er he /ses
these terms1 (o/ find that he is either referring to pra(ing 6ith
other tong/es or he is at least impl(ing pra(ing in other tong/es2
No61 of co/rse1 (o/ co/ld also pra( Bin the SpiritB .( the
spirit of prophec(2 4ra(ing .( the spirit of prophec( occ/rs
6hen the +ol( Ghost ta>es hold together 6ith (o/ as (o/ pra(
in tong/es and (o/ .egin to pra( .( inspiration in (o/r >no6n
-t times $=3e pra(ed 6ith m( /nderstanding in English for an
ho/r or more .( the spirit of prophec(2 $ >ne6 6hat $ 6as
sa(ing1 ./t m( mind didn=t ha3e a thing in the 6orld to do 6ith
it2 The 6ords ?/st came rolling o/t of m( spirit2
:o/ can see e8amples of this >ind of pra(er in the %oo> of
4salms2 The pra(ers of ;a3id1 ,oses1 and other psalmists 6ere
gi3en .( the Spirit of God2 No one spo>e in tong/es /nder the
Old Co3enant2 -s 6e sa6 earlier1 tong/es and interpretation of
tong/es are e8cl/si3e to the Ne6 Co3enant2 :et these men
pra(ed Bin the Spirit1B or .( the +ol( Spirit in the spirit of
7hen (o/ pra( .( the spirit of prophec(1 (o/ get (o/r tong/e
hoo>ed /p 6ith (o/r spirit and pra( .( +ol( Ghost inspiration in (o/r
o6n lang/age1 (et (o/r mind has nothing to do 6ith it2 :o/r pra(ers
are not something (o/=re thin>ing /p on (o/r o6n2 $nstead1 the( come
o/t of (o/r spirit1 inspired entirel( .( the +ol( Ghost2 This is not
mental pra(ing1 or pra(ing o/t of (o/r /nderstanding1 e3en tho/gh
(o/ /nderstand 6hat (o/ are sa(ing2 *ather1 this is another 6a( to
pra( in the Spirit2
9et=s go .ac> to 6hat 4a/l said in Ephesians "'1 and notice one
more thing'

18 4ra(ing al6a(s 6ith all pra(er and
s/pplication $N T+E S4$*$T1 and

6atching there/nto 6ith all perse3erance
and s/pplication 5O* -99 S-$NTS2
7hen 6e pra( 6ith other tong/es1 6e are a.le to not onl( ./ild
o/rsel3es /p1 ./t also to f/lfill God=s command to pra( for all the
saints2 There is no 6a( 6e co/ld pra( for all saints 6ith o/r
/nderstanding .eca/se in the nat/ral 6e don=t >no6 all the saints2 %/t
God has pro3ided this means of s/pernat/ral comm/nication1 apart
from o/r /nderstanding1 to ena.le /s to do ?/st that2

7f Onl! 7 Had Understood
$t 6o/ld .e good to ?/st stop here for a moment and thin> a.o/t the
amaDing thing God has done for /s' +e has pro3ided a 6a( for /s
6here.( o/r spirits ma( pra( apart from o/r minds'
"For if I pray in an unknown tongue, MY SPIRIT PRAYETH. . ."
H1 Cor2 14'14I2 Thro/gh this gift of spea>ing 6ith tong/es1 o/r
spirits can no6 comm/nicate directl( 6ith God1 7ho is a spirit
:o/ see1 once (o/ get filled 6ith the Spirit1 for the first time
(o/r o6n spirit can tal> directl( to God2 %efore that1 (o/ co/ld
tal> to God 6ith (o/r mind and1 of co/rse1 (o/r emotions 6ere
in3ol3ed2 %/t spea>ing in tong/es is a means of spirit&to&Spirit
:o/ ma( remem.er 6hat Jes/s said to the 6oman at the 6ell
of Samaria HJohn 4'4&2"I2 The 6oman said to Jes/s1 BO/r
forefathers 6orshiped God in this mo/ntain1 ./t the Je6s sa(
6e ha3e to 6orship God in Jer/salem2 7hat do You sa( a.o/t
7hen Jes/s ans6ered1 +e didn=t sa( that either of those
3ie6s 6as right2 $nstead1 +e said1 "God is a Spirit: and they that
worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth" H32 24I2 7e
don=t ha3e to 6orship God on a mo/ntain in Samaria1 and 6e
don=t ha3e to 6orship +im in Jer/salem2 God is a spirit .eing1
and 6e can 6orship +im an(6hereF
+o6e3er1 Jes/s said that the time has come 6hen (o/ m/st
6orship God in spirit and in tr/th .eca/se He is Spirit2 This
gi3es (o/ another indication of the 3al/e of spea>ing in tong/es2
7hen (o/ pra( in tong/es1 (o/r spirit man is in direct contact
6ith God1 7ho is a Spirit2 *emem.er1 4a/l said that 6hen
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #150
(o/=re pra(ing in an /n>no6n tong/e1 (o/r spirit pra(s H1 Cor2
14'14I2 :o/=re tal>ing directl( to God in a di3ine1 s/pernat/ral
$ >no6 from m( o6n e8perience the great difference .et6een
pra(ing onl( 6ith the /nderstanding and pra(ing 6ith the
$ remem.er 6hat m( pra(er times 6ere li>e as a (o/ng
denominational .o( pastor2 -t the time1 $ 6as .orn again1 thoro/ghl(
sa3ed1 healed .( the po6er of God1 raised /p from a death.ed1 and the
pastor of a little ch/rch2 $ 6as still li3ing 6ith m( grandparents1 m(
mom1 m( t6o .rothers1 and m( sisters1 6here $=d li3ed e3er since $ 6as
nine (ears old2
Sometimes $=d go do6n to Grandpa=s .arn and clim. /p among the
ha( .ales 6here $ co/ld .e alone 6ith God and pra( for an ho/r or so2
;/ring those times of pra(er1 $=d pra( the onl( 6a( $ >ne6 ho6@6ith
m( /nderstanding2
$ remem.er the times $=d tr( so hard to tell the 9ord in English ho6
m/ch $ lo3ed +im and ho6 6onderf/l +e is2 %/t e3en tho/gh $ 6o/ld
sta( in that place of pra(er for an ho/r or t6o1 it seemed li>e $ ne3er left
feeling satisfied on the inside2 +o6 co/ld $ .e satisfiedC ,( spirit
hadn=t reall( had the chance to e8press itself2 %/t after .eing filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing 6ith other tong/es1 $ noticed that $ ne3er
left that place of pra(er dissatisfied again .eca/se m( spirit 6as finall(
a.le to comm/nicate 6ith GodF
%efore $ 6as filled 6ith the Spirit1 $ remem.er something else that
happened in m( pra(er life2 $t happened on more than one occasion1
./t one incident stands o/t in partic/lar2 -s $ 6as pra(ing and
endea3oring to tell the 9ord ho6 m/ch $ lo3ed +im@/sing all the
6ords in m( 3oca./lar( to tr( to descri.e all +e meant to me@it
seemed li>e m( lips and tong/e 6ere ha3ing certain sensations2 $t 6as
almost as if $ co/ld hardl( ma>e them spea> English 6itho/t sl/rring
m( 6ordsF
No61 it hadn=t .een that long since $=d .een .edfast and
partiall( paral(Ded for more than a (ear2 -t one point 6hen $
6as .edfast1 m( throat and tong/e had .een partiall( paral(Ded
and $ 6asn=t a.le to spea> clearl(2 So /p in Grandpas ha(loft
that da( as $ endea3ored to pra( and m( tong/e felt thic> and

6o..l(1 it reminded me of the time m( tong/e 6as partiall(
paral(Ded2 $ got scared1 so $ got /p and leftF
-fter that1 $ ne3er sta(ed long eno/gh for m( tong/e to feel
that 6a( again2 -s soon as $ started sensing an(thing1 $=d ?/st
stop pra(ing and get /p and lea3eF Then m( tong/e 6o/ld go
.ac> to feeling normal again2
$t 6as onl( after $ got filled 6ith the Spirit that $ realiDed
6hat 6as happening d/ring those times of pra(er in Grandpa=s
.arn2 The +ol( Ghost 6as tr(ing to gi3e me /tterance1 ./t $
didn=t >no6 that .ac> then2 No one had e3er ta/ght me a.o/t
the 4entecostal e8perience2 -nd since $ had no one to tal> to
a.o/t 6hat 6as happening to me d/ring those times of pra(er1 $
6o/ldn=t (ield to the +ol( Spirit2 $ ?/st got /p and ran o/t of
that placeF
9ater 6hen $ did get filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spo>e
6ith other tong/es1 $ realiDed that if $=d (ielded to the +ol(
Spirit .ac> then1 $ co/ld ha3e spo>en 6ith tong/es long .efore $
did2 :o/ see1 the +ol( Ghost 6as in me all the time1 and +e 6as
tr(ing to fill me to o3erflo6ingF
$ said to m(self1 Dear Lord, if I'd only understood, I could
have been praying this way all along! I could have been
edifying myself all this time. I could have been building myself
up. I could have been talking to God supernaturally! %/t1 than>
God1 $=3e ta>en ad3antage of that gift e3er since thenF
/eeling +heated

%ac> 6hen all $ co/ld do 6as pra( 6ith m( /nderstanding1 $=d /se
e3er( ad?ecti3e at m( command to tr( to praise the 9ord and tell +im
ho6 6onderf/l +e is2 %/t some 6a( or another1 deep do6n on the
inside of me1 $ felt cheated2
$ sort of descri.e it li>e this sometimes' -fter m( 6ife and $ left o/r
last ch/rch in 19491 $ tra3eled .( a/tomo.ile for more than t6o decades
to hold meetings all o3er the United States and Canada2 $t=s no
e8aggeration to sa( that $ act/all( tra3eled almost t6o million miles .(
a/tomo.ile d/ring that time period1 tra3eling man( tho/sands of miles
e3er( (ear2
,an( times 6hen $ 6as tra3eling1 $ didn=t >no6 6here to stop to eat
6hen $ 6as in an /nfamiliar to6n2 %/t if $=d dri3en thro/gh the noon
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #110
ho/r and 6as h/ngr(1 $=d settle for a resta/rant that loo>ed good and
stop there to eat2
No61 $ didn=t mind pa(ing for a meal if $ got something for m(
mone(2 %/t $ hated it 6hen $ marched /p to the cash register to la(
do6n hard&earned mone( and all the 6hile m( stomach 6as hollering1
B:o/ cheated meFB H$ imagine (o/ >no6 6hat $=m tal>ing a.o/tFI
7ell1 that=s 3er( similar to 6hat happened e3er( time $ left that
place of pra(er in Grandpa=s .arn2 ,( spirit 6as telling me1 B:o/
cheated meF :o/ cheated meFB %/t at that time $ didn=t >no6 ho6 to
(ield to the +ol( Spirit2 $ didn=t >no6 m( spirit co/ld pra(1 so $ ?/st
tal>ed to God 6ith m( /nderstanding as .est $ co/ld2
%/t e3er since $ got filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and .egan to
spea> in other tong/es1 $=3e ne3er left that place of pra(er
6itho/t m( spirit .eing satisfied2 7h(C %eca/se m( spirit is
no6 a.le to sa( 6hat it 6ants to /nder the inspiration of the
+ol( GhostF

Ae -eed Both Kinds of 3ra!er

:o/ can readil( see ho6 the Ch/rch as a 6hole has fallen so
far short and so far .ehind in pra(er2 ,an( Christians ha3e tried
to get .( on ?/st mental pra(ing1 so it=s no 6onder the( ha3en=t
gotten an( f/rther in their spirit/al progress2 The(=re tr(ing to
get .( on one >ind of pra(ing 6hen God has gi3en +is children
the a.ilit( to pra( 6ith the spirit and pra( 6ith the
4ra(ing onl( one 6a( is li>e tr(ing to ride a t6o&6heeled
.ic(cle 6ith ?/st one 6heel2 $f (o/ do that1 $ g/arantee (o/=re
going to ha3e a pro.lem going 3er( farF
7e can appl( that ill/stration to Bthe t6o 6heelsB Hor t6o
>indsI of pra(er@pra(ing 6ith the /nderstanding and pra(ing
6ith tong/es2 These are the t6o 6heels that propel pra(er
for6ard and prod/ce long&lasting1 spirit/al res/lts2
7hen the ma?orit( of the Ch/rch decided that pra(ing in
tong/es Hthe Bfront 6heelBI died 6ith the apostles1 .elie3ers
6ere left 6ith onl( one 6heel of pra(er and co/ld no longer get
3er( far spirit/all(2 So most Christians p/t their one&6heeled
.ic(cle Hpra(ing 6ith the /nderstandingI on a stationar( .ic(cle

stand and started pedaling2 -nd as a res/lt1 those Christians
ha3e sta(ed in the same spot for (ears1 ne3er ma>ing m/ch
progress2 The( ma( thin> the( are mo3ing for6ard1 ./t
compared to the destination God intended for them to reach1
the( ha3en=t gotten 3er( far at allF
That=s 6h( 4a/l said1 "What is it then? I will pray WITH THE
SPIRIT, and I will pray with the UNDERSTANDING also 222B H1 Cor2
14'1#I2 7e need both B6heelsB of pra(er so 6e can f/lfill God=s highest
and .est in o/r li3esF
,an( fol>s ha3en=t .een ta/ght 6hat the 7ord sa(s a.o/t this iss/e2
Some 6ill still tr( to tell (o/ spea>ing 6ith tong/es is not for .elie3ers
no6ada(s2 %/t if it 6as necessar( for .elie3ers to pra( to God 6ith
their spirits apart from their /nderstanding .ac> then1 it stands to
reason it=s also necessar( for /s to do so now\
7e need to pra( 6ith o/r /nderstanding1 ./t 6e can=t get .( 6ith
onl( that >ind of pra(er for the simple reason that 6e 6o/ldn=t >no6
ho6 to pra( as 6e o/ght2

26 9i>e6ise the Spirit also helpeth o/r
infirmities' 5O* 7E 0NO7 NOT 7+-T 7E
S+OU9; 4*-: 5O* -S 7E OUG+T' ./t the
Spirit itself ma>eth intercession for /s 6ith
groanings 6hich cannot .e /ttered2
On the other hand1 6e co/ld sa( the same thing a.o/t pra(ing 6ith
the spirit2 7e also can=t get .( 6ith pra(ing in tong/es alone2
Sometimes 6e need to artic/late o/r needs to God in o/r >no6n
lang/age2 Therefore1 6e need both >inds of pra(er2
So learn ho6 to de3elop (o/r pra(er life 6ith the help of the
+ol( Spirit2 %( all means1 pra( 6ith (o/r /nderstanding2 %/t if
(o/=re not filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 as> for that priceless gift1
and then learn ho6 to comm/nicate 6ith (o/r +ea3enl( 5ather
.( +is di3ine1 s/pernat/ral means2

+ H, 3 E = # #

, 2E,-S O/ S37=7U,.

$n 6riting to the ch/rch at Corinth and other ch/rches 6here he
preached1 4a/l enco/raged .elie3ers to contin/e to spea> 6ith other
tong/es2 $n 5irst Corinthians 14'41 4a/l e8plained 6h( pra(ing this 6a(
is so 3ital' Tongues is a divine means of spiritual edification.

4 +e that spea>eth in an /n>no6n tong/e E;$5$ET+
+$,SE95 K./ilds himself /pLA ./t he that prophesieth
edifieth the ch/rch2

4a/l enco/raged the Corinthian .elie3ers to contin/e the practice of
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es in their pri3ate 6orship and in their pra(er
life as a means of spirit/al edification2
$n st/d(ing along this line1 $ noted a n/m.er of (ears ago 6hat
Gree> scholars tell /s a.o/t the 6ord Bedif(2B The( sa( 6e ha3e a 6ord
in o/r modern 3ernac/lar that is closer to the original Gree> meaning2
That 6ord is Bcharge2B The 6ord
BchargeB is often /sed in connection 6ith a .atter(2 $f the .atter(
in an a/tomo.ile r/ns do6n1 6e hoo> it /p to a po6er so/rce
and charge it /p2 $n other 6ords1 6e ./ild /p the .atter( /ntil it
has the po6er to do 6hat it 6as made to doF
So 6e co/ld paraphrase 5irst Corinthians 14'4 li>e this' B+e
that spea>eth in an /n>no6n tong/e edifies himself, builds
himself up, or charges himself up like a battery" $n other 6ords1
as 6e pra( in tong/es1 6e are charging /p o/r spirits .( the
po6er of the +ol( SpiritF
The 6ord BedificationB isn=t tal>ing a.o/t mental or ph(sical
edification2 No1 this 3erse is tal>ing a.o/t a 6onderf/l1
s/pernat/ral means of spiritual edification1 and it is a3aila.le to

e3er( single .elie3er2 Of co/rse1 6hate3er edifies or ./ilds /p a
person spirit/all( 6ill also help him mentall( and ph(sicall(2
4a/l >ne6 something a.o/t the fact that spea>ing in tong/es
charges /p and strengthens a .elie3er2 -fter all1 he said1 "I thank
my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all" H1 Cor2 14'1I2 $n
other 6ords1 4a/l 6as sa(ing1 B$ ./ild m(self /p and charge
m(self li>e a .atter( .( spea>ing in tong/es more than all of (o/
$ 6ant to get more than one script/ral 6itness1 so let=s loo> at
6hat J/de said2

20 %/t (e1 .elo3ed1 %U$9;$NG U4 :OU*SE9<ES
on (o/r most hol( faith1 pra(ing in the +ol(
$f (o/r spirit/al .atter( r/ns do6n1 this script/re tells (o/
ho6 to get it charged' :o/ pray in the +ol( Ghost2
Notice that phrase B./ilding /p yourselves" 7hen (o/ pra( in
tong/es1 are (o/ ./ilding /p (o/r neigh.orC No2 -re (o/ ./ilding /p
(o/r fello6 ChristianC No2 Tong/es are a d(namic means of spirit/al
edification that 6or>s for you!
Notice also that J/de didn=t sa(1 B4ra(ing in the +ol( Ghost 6ill give
(o/ faith2B No1 faith comes .( hearing1 and hearing .( the 7ord of God
H*om2 10'1!I2 %/t pra(ing in tong/es 6ill ./ild (o/ /p in (o/r most
hol( faith2
So spea>ing 6ith tong/es is primaril( for (o/r o6n personal1
spirit/al edification2 $t .enefits you as it ./ilds (o/ /p and strengthens
(o/ in (o/r spirit manF
Smith 7iggles6orth 6as an English preacher 6ho e8perienced
re3i3al@o/tstanding mo3es of the +ol( Spirit@ on e3er( inha.ited
continent of the earth2 ,ar3elo/s things happened in 7iggles6orth=s
ministr(2 5or e8ample1 an elderl( 4entecostal minister from England
once told me that he personall( >ne6 a n/m.er of people 6ho had .een
raised from the dead /nder the ministr( of this might( man of God2
7iggles6orth 6ent to 6or> p/lling t/rnips in England 6hen he 6as
?/st si8 (ears old2 9ater he 6or>ed in a factor( in the da(s .efore child
la.or la6s 6ere enacted2 +e 6as a gro6n ad/lt .efore someone ta/ght
him ho6 to sign his o6n nameF 7iggles6orth ne3er read a thing in his

life /ntil after he 6as filled 6ith the Spirit and spo>e in tong/es2 Then
the +ol( Ghost ta/ght him to read the %i.le2
$n his .iograph( of 7iggles6orth1 Stanle( +o6ard 5rodsham 6rote
the follo6ing' BThe gift of tong/es 6as a priceless treas/re to him and
man( times e3er( da( his heart 6ent o/t in lo3e and adoration to God1
not in the defiled lang/ages of earth1 ./t in the +ol(&Spirit&gi3en
lang/age of lo3e that God had gracio/sl( gi3en him2 +e fo/nd that this
spea>ing in tong/es 6as al6a(s a so/rce of spirit/al edification2 +e
li3ed that 3erse in J/de 201 =%elo3ed1 ./ilding /p (o/rsel3es in (o/r
most hol( faith1 praying in the Holy Ghost'
:o/ can=t edif( the people /nless (o/=3e .een edified
(o/rself2 %/t once (o/=3e .een ./ilt /p spirit/all(1 (o/ can then
help others2
Too man( times fol>s 6ant to e8perience the s/ccess of
people li>e 7iggles6orth1 ./t the( don=t 6ant to pa( the price
these great men and 6omen of God paid2 The( 6ant a
shortc/t@an instant Bfast&foodB t(pe of sol/tion2 %/t God doesn=t
deal in Binstant p/ddingBF +e 6or>s the same 6a( +e=s al6a(s
6or>ed@ according to the tr/ths +e=s set forth in +is 7ord2
One of those tr/ths is fo/nd in 5irst Corinthians 14'4 and J/de
202 God pro3ided /s 6ith a di3ine1 s/pernat/ral means of
spirit/al edification2 No6 it=s /p to /s to ./ild o/rsel3es /p on
o/r most hol( faith .( pra(ing m/ch e3er( da( in the +ol(

, 3ersonal E4ample of E+harging 2!self UpE

7hen $ first read that the 6ord BedifiesB carries the meaning
of Bcharging (o/rself /p li>e a .atter(1B $ realiDed that in the past
$=d pra(ed 6itho/t reall( /nderstanding e3er(thing $ 6as doing2
$ had Bcharged m(self /pB .( pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost 6itho/t
>no6ing altogether 6hat God=s 7ord said a.o/t it2 $ ?/st >ne6 it
6as right to do it2
%/t as $ loo>ed .ac>1 $ realiDed that .efore all of m( greatest
e8periences in God@.efore the most spectac/lar healings1 the most
s/pernat/ral financial miracles1 or the most o/tstanding e8periences of
casting o/t demons@$ al6a(s seemed to .e led to set aside time .(
m(self to pra( in tong/es2
:o/ see1 the 9ord >no6s 6hat is ahead of (o/2 :o/ don=t >no6 6hat
is o/t there1 ./t +e does2

$ remem.er a partic/lar e8ample that happened on the first Sat/rda(
of ,a( 19431 6hen m( 6ife and $ 6ere pastors of a little 5/ll Gospel
ch/rch in the .lac>lands of north central Te8as2 Oretha and $ had
nothing planned that da( e8cept getting read( for the S/nda( ser3ices2
-s 6as o/r c/stom1 $ 6ashed the dishes and cleaned the >itchen 6hile
Oretha made the .eds and cleaned the .edrooms2
-s $ 6ent a.o/t m( normal chores that morning1 some 6a( or
another1 $ ?/st co/ldn=t get a6a( from spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 $
didn=t pra( lo/dl(A $ ?/st stood 6ashing dishes and pra(ing E/ietl( in
other tong/es2
Then $ 6ent o3er to the ch/rch ne8t door to ma>e s/re e3er(thing
6as in order2 7e didn=t ha3e a paid ?anitor1 so fol>s 6o/ld 3ol/nteer to
clean the ch/rch2 Sometimes the( didn=t do a 3er( thoro/gh ?o.1 so $
6ent o3er to chec> e3er(thing o/t and to clean 6hat still needed to .e
cleaned2 -nd 6hile $ did that1 $ >ept on pra(ing in tong/es2
-fter $ 6as satisfied that the ch/rch 6as read( for S/nda( ser3ice1 $
sta(ed at the ch/rch another ho/r2 $ 6al>ed /p and do6n the aisles of
the ch/rch1 pra(ing in tong/es2 $ >nelt at the altar and pra(ed in
tong/es2 $ p/rposel( sta(ed at the ch/rch longer than /s/al so $ co/ld
p/t some e8tra time in1 pra(ing in other tong/es2
Then $ 6ent to the post office to get o/r mail2 Since it 6as
springtime1 $ decided to 6al> thro/gh the cit( par> to the post
office1 pra(ing E/ietl( in tong/es all the 6a(2
7hen $ arri3ed at the post office1 $ had to 6ait in the lo..( for
a 6hile /ntil all the mail had .een p/t in e3er(one=s .o8es2 -s $
stood there 6aiting along 6ith se3eral other men1 $ contin/ed to
pra( /nder m( .reath in tong/es2 HThat=s 6hat=s so 6onderf/l
a.o/t pra(ing in other tong/es2 $f (o/=re aro/nd others1 (o/
don=t ha3e to pra( lo/d at all2 No matter ho6 E/ietl( (o/ spea>
to the 9ord1 +e hears (o/2I 5inall(1 $ got m( mail2 Then all the
6a( .ac> to the parsonage1 $ contin/ed to pra( in tong/es2
$ 6o/ld sa( that from '00 in the morning /ntil 2'30 in the
afternoon1 $ 6as pra(ing in other tong/es 90 percent of the
time@for almost si8 ho/rs2 %/t e8cept for the e8tra ho/r $ spent
pra(ing in ch/rch1 $ didn=t stop doing the things $ had to do2
-s $ pra(ed1 it seemed li>e there 6as a great .ig spring on the
inside of me@and the more $ pra(ed in tong/es1 the tighter that
spring 6o/nd /pF $ didn=t >no6 a 6hole lot a.o/t the p/rpose of
tong/es .ac> then1 ./t $ sensed that $ 6as ./ilding m(self /p2 $
6as charging m( spirit/al .atter(2

$ said to m(self1 God must be getting me ready for the service
tomorrow. I guess we're going to have a real "stem-winder" on
Sunday! H$ meant that the ser3ice 6as going to .e a good oneFI
%/t then a.o/t 2'30 that afternoon1 Oretha and $ had
/ne8pected 3isitors2 - lad( .ro/ght her sister to o/r home2
These t6o 6ere also accompanied .( another 6oman2
This sister 6as an inmate of a Te8as mental instit/tion2 She=d
.een there for t6o and a half (ears in solitar( confinement
.eca/se she had .een 3iolentl( insane1 tr(ing to >ill herself1 and
she 6as considered dangero/s to herself and others2
5or more than t6o (ears1 this poor 6oman had .een loc>ed in a
padded cell@no e8ercise1 no s/nshine@/ntil her general health had ?/st
deteriorated2 So the a/thorities of the instit/tion 6rote to her mother
and father' B7e .elie3e it 6o/ld .e good for (o/r da/ghter to come
home on f/rlo/gh for a co/ple of 6ee>s2 She is no longer 3iolentl(
insane1 ./t she is still insane1 and she 6ill al6a(s need instit/tional
care2 +o6e3er1 6e are short on help2 7e don=t ha3e the necessar( staff
to ta>e her o/tside for s/nshine and fresh air2
BCo/ld (o/ come and ta>e her to (o/r home for a fe6 6ee>sC 7atch
her closel(1 ./t go to the cit( par>2 0eep her o/t all da( long in the
s/nshine2 ;o (o/r .est to 6al> 6ith her and let her get some e8ercise1
.eca/se if the change of en3ironment doesn=t impro3e her appetite1 she
isn=t going to li3e m/ch longer2B
So this 6oman 6ent to the instit/tion1 pic>ed /p her insane sister1
and .ro/ght her home2 - fe6 da(s later1 the 6oman .ro/ght her insane
sister to o/r parsonage on that Sat/rda( afternoon2
7ell1 $=d ne3er dealt 6ith an insane person .efore2 4eople had .een
healed in m( ministr(1 ./t $ simpl( did not >no6 ho6 to deal 6ith this
>ind of sit/ation2 Of co/rse1 $ >ne6 that a person co/ld .e sic> in his
head1 ?/st li>e he can .e sic> in his stomach2 $n that case1 $ >ne6 to pra(
and anoint that person 6ith oil so he co/ld .e healed2
:et on the other hand1 $ >ne6 that at times an e3il spirit can get ahold
of a person=s mind2 $n that case1 that e3il spirit has to .e cast o/t1 6hich
means the one ministering to the person has to depend on the Spirit of
God to lead him in each sit/ation2
So the t6o 6omen and their lad( friend came to o/r door that
afternoon1 and 6e in3ited them all in2 The lad( said to her insane

sister1 BThis is %rother and Sister +agin2 This is the minister $
told (o/ a.o/t2B
$mmediatel( after the 6oman spo>e those 6ords1 BThis is the
minister2221B her insane sister started E/oting script/res2 7hole
passages from the 7ord flo6ed o/t of this insane 6oman=s
mo/th ?/st li>e 6ater o/t of a fa/cetF
7ell1 $ didn=t >no6 what to do2 +o6 6as a person s/pposed
to act aro/nd people li>e thatC Then $ opened m( mo/th and
said the 6rong thing2 H$=m going to let an(one 6ho=s ne3er
opened his mo/th and said the 6rong thing thro6 the first roc>
at meFI
$ said1 B-n(one 6ho >no6s the Script/res li>e that m/st
reall( >no6 God2B
$mmediatel( the 6oman reached /p and started p/lling her
hair1 her e(es flashing fire as she screamed1 BOh1 no1 no1 noF $
can=t >no6 God2 No1 no1 $ can't >no6 God2 $=3e committed the
/npardona.le sinFB
The other 6oman gra..ed her insane sister=s sho/lders1
shoo> her1 and finall( slapped her across the face2 9ater the lad(
shared 6ith /s1 B$ hated to do that1 ./t that=s 6hat the doctor
told me to do to .ring m( sister o/t of those fits2B
-fter that the insane 6oman settled do6n1 and 6e 6ere a.le
to get her seated in a li3ing room chair2 There she sat li>e a
stat/e1 ne3er .lin>ing an e(e1 loo>ing straight ahead of her1
ne3er mo3ing2
$ realiDed 6e 6ere going to need some help1 so $ said to the sister of
the insane 6oman1 B:o/ sta( right here2 ,( 6ife and $ 6ill go get Sister
Sister S(l3ia 6as a little red&headed 6oman in o/r ch/rch 6ho co/ld
pra( +ea3en and earth together2 ;o (o/ >no6 6hat $ mean .( thatC
She >ne6 ho6 to reall( get ahold of God and change thingsF Not man(
fol>s can do that1 ./t she 6as one of those 6ho co/ld2 H$ 6o/ld to God
that others 6o/ld learn to do the sameFI
So m( 6ife and $ 6ent to Sister S(l3ias ho/se1 and $ said to Oretha1
B:o/ go and tell Sister S(l3ia 6h( 6e need her2 $=ll ?/st 6ait o/t here in
the car2B
7hile $ sat there 6aiting1 $ too> o/t m( Ne6 Testament and read a
little2 Then $ pra(ed1 B9ord1 $=ll ?/st ha3e to depend on :o/2B

-fter all1 that=s all an( of /s can do an(6a(F 7e ha3e to depend on
+im .eca/se in o/rsel3es1 6e can do nothing2 Than> God1 the +ol(
Ghost 6ho li3es in /s gets /s read( for things to come2 -nd one means
.( 6hich +e does this is 6hen 6e pra( in other tong/esF
So $ said to the 9ord1 B$ >no6 if this 6oman ?/st needs healing1 $ can
anoint her 6ith oil1 la( hands on her1 and e8pect :o/ to heal her2 %/t if
an e3il spirit is in3ol3ed here1 You'll ha3e to help me deal 6ith that2 $
6on=t >no6 6hat to do /nless :o/ sho6 me2B
,( 6ife came .ac> to the car 6ith Sister S(l3ia1 and the three of /s
ret/rned to the parsonage2 The insane 6oman 6as still sitting in a
straight chair in the center of the li3ing room2 She hadn=t mo3ed an inch
since m( 6ife and $ had left2 She ?/st sat there li>e a stat/e1 staring
straight ahead2
,( 6ife1 Sister S(l3ia1 the insane 6oman=s sister1 and the
other lad( 6ho had accompanied the t6o 6omen all >nelt across
the room to the 6est2 $ >nelt in the east corner of the room1 and
6e all .egan to pra(2 $ don=t >no6 e8actl( ho6 long 6e pra(ed1
./t 6e pra(ed E/ite a 6hile2
Then the Spirit of God said to me1 BGo stand in front of her
and sa(1 =Come o/t1 thine /nclean spirit1 in the Name of Jes/sF=B
$=d ne3er done an(thing li>e that .efore in m( life2 To ma>e a
long stor( short1 $ arg/ed a 6hile 6ith the 9ord a.o/t 6hat +e=d
as>ed me to do1 ./t finall( $ o.e(ed2 $ 6al>ed o3er to the insane
6oman1 stood in front of her1 and said1 BCome o/t1 thine /nclean
spirit1 in the Name of Jes/sFB
:o/ might as>1 B7hat happened 6hen (o/ did thatCB $t didn=t
loo> li>e an(thing happened2 The 6oman loo>ed and acted ?/st
as insane as she had .eforeF
%/t $ >ne6 this m/ch' The anointing had come on me 6hen $
said those 6ords2 $ knew that /nder the anointing1 $=d spo>en the
6ord of faith2
So the insane 6oman=s sister ./ndled her /p and too> her
home2 That 6as Sat/rda( afternoon2 On ,onda( afternoon1 the
other lad( 6ho had accompanied the insane 6oman and her
sister that da( came to o/r ho/se all /pset and said1 B%rother and
Sister +agin1 pra(1 pra(1 pray!"
$ as>ed1 B7hat forCB

BThat insane 6oman is ha3ing another attac> li>e she did 6hen she
first lost her mindFB
To m( /tter astonishment1 $ opened m( mo/th to sa( something else1
./t this came o/t of m( mo/th instead' B7hat of itC ;idn=t (o/ e3er
read in the %i.le 6hat happened 6hen Jes/s told an e3il spirit to lea3e
the (o/ng ladC The Script/re sa(s that .efore the spirit left1 it thre6 the
.o( do6n and tore himB H,ar> 9'1!&29I2
Then $ declared1 BThat 6ill .e the last attac> she 6ill e3er ha3eF :o/
see1 $ spo>e the command of faith on Sat/rda( afternoon for that e3il
spirit to lea3e2 -nd it had to o.e(FB
-nd that is e8actl( 6hat happenedF The insane 6oman 6as perfectl(
deli3ered that da(2 The doctors ran all the tests1 prono/nced her 6ell1
and sent her home for goodF
Nineteen (ears later1 m( 6ife and $ 6ere preaching in a certain cit(
6here the sister of this formerl( insane 6oman li3ed1 and 6e 6ent o/t
to l/nch 6ith her2 7e as>ed ho6 her sister had fared o3er the past 19
(ears2 The 6oman said1 BOh1 m( sister=s ?/st fineF +er mind is perfectl(
normal and has .een all these 19 (ears2 She 6or>s in a place of ./siness1
teaches a S/nda( school class in ch/rch1 and she=s on fire for GodFB
The point $ 6anted to ma>e 6ith this acco/nt is this' The Holy Spirit
got me ready for my encounter with this insane woman by prompting
me to pray in tongues more than usual. $ reall( didn=t /nderstand 6hat
6as happening at the time2 %/t no6 $ can loo> .ac> and realiDe that +e
6as preparing me for 6hat 6as to come2 The +ol( Spirit >ne6 6hat
6as coming1 e3en if $ didn=t2 +e >ne6 $ needed to /tiliDe the di3ine
means of spirit/al edification +e=d pro3ided for me thro/gh pra(ing in
-s $ said earlier1 the greatest things that ha3e e3er happened
to me in m( 6al> 6ith God@the greatest healing miracles1
financial .rea>thro/ghs1 and deli3erances@came after $ had
spent a prolonged length of time pra(ing in other tong/es2
Than> God for the pri3ilege of pra(ing in the SpiritF Than>
God for this s/pernat/ral means of ./ilding o/rsel3es /p on o/r
most hol( faithF :es1 6e can .e ./ilt /p .( reading the %i.le2
:es1 6e can .e greatl( helped .( pra(ing other >inds of pra(er
:et this is one primar( 6a( God has gi3en /s to edif( and
./ild /p o/r spirits1 and nothing else 6ill ever ta>e its placeF

=ecei*ing 2ight in the 7nner 2an

7e need the spirit/al edification 6e recei3e from pra(ing in
tong/es2 The -postle 4a/l also ga3e /s a +ol( Spirit pra(er in
Ephesians 3 so these .elie3ers co/ld recei3e might(
strengthening po6er in their inner man to p/t them o3er in life2

14 5or this ca/se $ .o6 m( >nees /nto the 5ather of
o/r 9ord Jes/s Christ1
15 Of 6hom the 6hole famil( in hea3en and earth is
16 That he 6o/ld grant (o/1 according to the riches of
his glor(1 to .e ST*ENGT+ENE; 7$T+ ,$G+T %:
+$S S4$*$T $N T+E $NNE* ,-N2
$ 6ant to call (o/r attention to the fact that 4a/l is 6riting to
Spirit&filled .elie3ers here2 *emem.er1 6e=3e alread( read in -cts 19
a.o/t certain .elie3ers in Ephes/s1 to 6hom 4a/l as>ed1 " . . Have ye
received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?..." H32 2I2 <erse " goes on to
sa(1 "And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost
came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied"
So these .elie3ers in the Ephesian ch/rch had not onl( .een .orn
again and recei3ed the remission of sins in Jes/s1 ./t the(=d also .een
.aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost2 Ne3ertheless1 4a/l pra(ed for them in
Ephesians 3'1" that the( might .e strengthened 6ith might by God's
Spirit in the inner man2
:o/ see1 ?/st .eca/se (o/=re .orn again and Spirit&.aptiDed doesn=t
mean (o/=3e Barri3edB and there=s nothing else (o/ need in (o/r 6al>
6ith GodF :o/ still need to recei3e might .( God=s Spirit in the inner
man1 (o/r spirit man2 -nd one of the primar( 6a(s (o/ do that is .(
pra(ing in other tong/es2
$t=s tr/e that (o/ need to >no6 the 7ord and to E/ote script/res and
ma>e confessions in line 6ith God=s promises2 -ll of these things are
important2 %/t (o/ also need to .e inf/sed 6ith might( po6er in (o/r
inner man by God's Spirit. :o/ need that strengthening in (o/r spirit
man1 for the enem( ne3er stops la/nching attac>s against (o/r faith and
(o/r life2
Than> God1 the enem( can .e rep/lsed 6hen (o/r in6ard man is
strengthened 6ith +ol( Spirit mightF -s 5irst John 4'4 sa(s1B 2 2 Greater

is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!' %/t ho6 do (o/ a3ail
(o/rself of the might( in6ard strength and spirit/al edification that are
(o/rsC %( pra(ing m/ch in other tong/esF

Stanle! Howard /rodsham, Smith -igglesworth: Apostle of .aith :Springfield, 2O?
Cospel 3ublishing House, #$6';, ##8.
/or a further stud! of the different kinds of pra!er, please see Kenneth E. HaginEs book
Bible !ra,er St&d, Co&rse.

+ H, 3 E = # 1

3=,B7-C 7- .7-E A7H
CO9ES 3E=/E+ A7..

9et=s tal> a.o/t another reason that tong/es are of s/ch 3al/e to the
.elie3er' Praying in other tongues is praying in line with God's perfect
will. The +ol( Ghost not onl( >no6s 6hat God=s 6ill is1 ./t +e 6ill
also ne3er lead /s a6a( from the 7ord2 That means as 6e (ield to the
+ol( Spirit and allo6 +im to help /s pra(1 +e 6ill al6a(s lead /s in
line 6ith 6hat God has said2
4a/l tal>s a.o/t this partic/lar role of the +ol( Spirit in o/r li3es to
help /s pra( o/t God=s perfect 6ill2

ROMANS 8:26-27
26 9i>e6ise the Spirit also +E94ET+ OU* $N5$*,$T$ES'
for 6e >no6 not 6hat 6e sho/ld pra( for as 6e o/ght' ./t the
Spirit itself ma>eth intercession for /s 6ith groanings 6hich
cannot .e /ttered2
27 -nd he that searcheth the hearts >no6eth 6hat is the
mind of the Spirit1 .eca/se he ma>eth intercession for the
saints -CCO*;$NG TO T+E 7$99 O5 GO;2
Notice that phrase Bhelpeth o/r infirmitiesB in 3erse 2"2 Often
people mis/nderstand the meaning of this 6ord BinfirmitiesB
thin>ing that it al6a(s means ph(sical sic>ness or disease2 %/t
the 6ord BinfirmitiesB in this case is /sed in connection 6ith o/r
shortcomings. -nd one of o/r infirmities is fo/nd in the ne8t
phrase' Bfor 6e >no6 not 6hat 6e sho/ld pra( for as 6e
o/ght2B O/r pra(er B6ea>nessB is that 6e don=t al6a(s >no6
6hat 6e sho/ld pra( a.o/tF
Sometimes to /nderstand 6hat someone said1 (o/ first ha3e
to find o/t 6hat he didn't sa(2 Notice1 4a/l didn=t sa( 6e don=t
>no6 how to pra(2 7e do >no6 ho6 to pra(2 +o6 do 6e >no6C
7ell1 6e >no6 6e=re to pra( to the 5ather in the Name of Jes/s
.eca/se that=s 6hat Jes/s +imself ta/ght /s2

JOHN 16:23
23 -nd in that da( (e shall as> me nothing2
<eril(1 3eril(1 $ sa( /nto (o/1 7hatsoe3er (e

shall as> the 5ather in m( name1 he 6ill gi3e it

%/t ?/st .eca/se 6e >no6 how to pra( doesn=t mean 6e
>no6 what to pra( for as 6e ought. -ltho/gh 6e do >no6 to
some e8tent ho6 to pra( at times1 6e don=t >no6 ho6 to pra(
as we ought to $now.
7h( notC %eca/se there=s no 6a( in the 6orld for /s to >no6
e3er(thing there is to >no6 a.o/t a gi3en sit/ation2 7e can onl(
o.ser3e circ/mstances from the nat/ral standpoint2 E3en those
people 6e pra( for ma( not >no6 e8actl( ho6 to pra( for their
:o/ don=t e3en >no6 ho6 to pra( for (o/rself the 6a( (o/
o/ght to >no62 Of co/rse1 if (o/=re h/ngr(1 (o/ >no6 to pra(
for something to eat2 $f (o/=re .ehind in pa(ing (o/r rent1 (o/
>no6 to pra( for (o/r finances2 %/t (o/ don=t >no6 the f/t/re2
Sometimes (o/ don=t e3en >no6 /nderl(ing conditions that are
ca/sing (o/r pro.lems2 -nd /nless God sho6s (o/1 (o/ can=t
see into the spirit 6orld and o.ser3e the acti3it( of demons that
ma( .e tr(ing to come against (o/2

12 5or 6e 6restle not against flesh and
.lood1 ./t against principalities1 against
po6ers1 against the r/lers of the dar>ness
of this 6orld1 against spirit/al
6ic>edness in high places2

There are e3il po6ers tr(ing to 6or> .ehind the scene against /s2 So
in order to .e effecti3e1 6e ha3e to deal 6ith those /nseen forces in
These are some of the reasons 6h( 6e don=t >no6 6hat to pra( for
as 6e ought to >no62 5or e8ample1 6e ma( >no6 something a.o/t a
trial a fello6 Christian is going thro/gh1 and 6e ma( >no6 to pra( that
God 6o/ld .less and help that person2 %e(ond that1 ho6e3er1 6e ma(
not reall( >no6 e8actl( ho6 to pra( a.o/t the matter according to
God=s perfect 6ill2 %/t1 than> God1 the +ol( Ghost doesF
9et me gi3e (o/ an e8ample from m( o6n life2 $ 6as holding a
meeting do6n in So/th Carolina at the time of the C/.an missile crisis2
$t 6as also the time 6hen m( son 0en had ?/st entered the militar(2

,( 6ife and $ 6ere greatl( concerned .oth a.o/t o/r son and the
nation d/ring this crisis2 $ remem.er >neeling on the platform of the
ch/rch in So/th Carolina 6here $ 6as holding m( meetings and
pra(ing1 BNo61 9ord1 $=m concerned a.o/t the C/.an crisis2 -re 6e
going to get into 6arC Spirit of God1 $ don=t >no6 ho6 to pra( a.o/t
this1 so please help me2B Then $ .egan to pra( it o/t in other tong/es2
$t 6asn=t long .efore the Spirit of God spo>e to m( heart and
said1 B;on=t .other a.o/t it2 The crisis 6ill .e o3er in a da( or
t6o2 E3er(thing 6ill .e all right2B -nd it did t/rn o/t all right1
praise GodF
So let=s train o/rsel3es to .e sensiti3e to the Spirit of GodF
Then1 6hen things arise that 6e=re ignorant a.o/t1 6e can get
on o/r >nees and tal> to the +ol( Spirit2 7e can sa(1 B+ol(
Spirit1 $ don=t >no6 6hat to pra( for as $ o/ght regarding this
sit/ation1 ./t :o/ do1 so please help me pra(2B -nd +e 6ill .e
faithf/l to do ?/st thatF

he Hol! Spirit 9oesnEt 9o Our 3ra!ing for Us
9et=s go again to *omans '2"&2! and loo> f/rther into ho6
to pra( a.o/t things 6e >no6 nothing a.o/t2

ROMANS 8:26-27
26 2 2 2 The Spirit itself Ka .etter translation
6o/ld .e =+imself=L ma>eth intercession for /s
6ith groanings 6hich cannot .e /ttered2
27 -nd he that searcheth the hearts >no6eth
6hat is the mind of the Spirit1 .eca/se he
ma>eth intercession for the saints according to
the 6ill of God2
$n the earl( da(s of m( ministr(1 42C2 Nelson H6e (o/ng ministers
called him B;ad NelsonBI 6as considered the n/m.er&one a/thorit( on
the Gree> lang/age in -merica2 $ didn=t go to ;ad Nelson=s %i.le
school1 ./t $ heard him preach a n/m.er of times1 and $ collected
almost all the .oo>s he e3er p/.lished2 +e had 12 (ears of higher
ed/cation1 and $ once heard him sa( that he co/ld spea> and 6rite B>
different lang/ages2 HThat .eats me .( 31FI
7hen commenting on this 3erse1 ;ad Nelson said1 B-ct/all(1 the
Gree> literall( sa(s1 =The +ol( Spirit ma>eth intercession for /s in

groanings that cannot be uttered in articulate speech'. B +e 6ent on to
e8plain that Bartic/late speechB refers to o/r reg/lar >ind of speech2
;ad Nelson 6ent on to point o/t that these BgroaningsB also
incl/ded pra(ing in other tong/es2 4a/l is tal>ing a.o/t /tterances or
groanings in pra(er that Bcannot .e /ttered in artic/late speech2B ;ad
Nelson stressed that these groanings are not something the +ol( Ghost
does apart from (o/2 *ather1 the +ol( Spirit helps you pra( in
The Amplified 3ersion of 5irst Corinthians 14'14 sho6s /s more
clearl( o/r relationship 6ith the +ol( Spirit in pra(er' B5or if $ pra( in
an K/n>no6nL tong/e1 m( spirit K.( the +ol( Spirit 6ithin meL pra(s
2222B -gain1 6hen (o/ pra( in tong/es1 it is (o/r spirit .( the +ol( Spirit
6ithin (o/ pra(ing2 The +ol( Spirit 6ithin gi3es (o/ the /tterance1
and (o/ spea> it o/t of (o/r spirit2 :o/ do the tal>ing@+e gi3es the
%( this method1 then1 the +ol( Spirit helps (o/ to pra( according to
the perfect 6ill of God@and to pra( o/t the perfect 6ill of God2 This is
the 6a( things should .e pra(ed forF
27 -nd he that searcheth the hearts >no6eth 6hat is
the mind of the Spirit1 .eca/se he ma>eth intercession
for the saints -CCO*;$NG TO T+E 7$99 O5 GO;2

4ra(ing in the Spirit in groanings is also something the Holy
*pirit does not do apart rom you. Those groanings are prompted
.( the +ol( Ghost1 coming from deep inside (o/2 %/t you allo6
them to escape (o/r lips as (o/ open (o/r mo/th and pra(2
:ears ago1 d/ring a seminar 6e 6ere holding in the earl(
da(s of *+E,- %i.le Training Center1 a 6oman came o3er to
spea> to me as $ 6al>ed off the platform at the end of the
ser3ice2 She 6as a denominational lad( 6ho=d ?/st recentl( .een
filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 She said1 B:o/ >no61 %rother +agin1
since $ fo/nd o/t *omans '2" and 2! sa(s that the +ol( Ghost
does m( pra(ing for me1 $ don=t pra( m/ch an(more2B
9i>e this 6oman1 some fol>s tr( to ./ild a doctrine on this
one isolated te8t in *omans and ma>e it sa( something it
doesn=t sa(2 B7ell1 if the +ol( Ghost is pra(ing for me1B the(
sa(1 B+e >no6s ho6 to get the ?o. done1 so there is no /se for
me to pra(2B
%/t (o/ can readil( see that this statement is /nscript/ral
.eca/se the %i.le constantl( e8horts /s to pra(2 Second1 *omans
'2" is not sa(ing that the +ol( Ghost does o/r pra(ing for /s2

+e helps /s pra( o/t in groanings according to the perfect 6ill
of God2

26 9$0E7$SE T+E S4$*$T -9SO +E94ET+ OU*
$N5$*,$T$ES' for 6e >no6 not 6hat 6e sho/ld pra(
for as 6e o/ght' ./t the Spirit itself K+imselfL ma>eth
intercession for /s 6ith groanings 6hich cannot .e

4a/l starts off .( sa(ing that the +ol( Spirit helps /s to pra(2 Then
4a/l sho6s one 6a( the +ol( Ghost helps /s@in groaningsF
The Spirit of God 6ill alert (o/ to pra(1 ./t (o/ m/st respond2 +e
6on=t ma>e (o/ do something2 +e 6on=t ma>e (o/ pra( ?/st li>e +e
6on=t do (o/r pra(ing for (o/2 That 6o/ld ma>e +im responsi.le for
(o/r pra(er life1 and +e isn=t responsi.le@you are2 +e=s .een sent to
d6ell in (o/ as (o/r $ntercessor and (o/r +elper in pra(er2 No6 it=s /p
to (o/ to cooperate 6ith +im and do the pra(ingF

=esponding to a Burden to 3ra!

$ remem.er a testimon( that ill/strates this point a.o/t the +ol(
Spirit as o/r di3ine +elper in pra(er2 $t 6as told .( a denominational
minister 6ho had gotten filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and come o3er to
4entecostal circles2 7e 6ere .oth g/est spea>ers at se3eral different
5/ll Gospel %/sinessmen=s con3entions2
One da( this minister said to me1 B%rother +agin1 $ sa6 something
6hile (o/ 6ere teaching on spea>ing 6ith tong/es that $ hadn=t
/nderstood .efore2 ,( 6ife and $ are still relati3el( ne6 in this
Spirit&filled life2 %/t right after 6e .oth got filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost
and spo>e in other tong/es1 one of the (o/ng ladies in o/r ch/rch@the
mother of three little children@ needed a heart operation2B
Serio/s operations li>e that 6eren=t al6a(s as s/ccessf/l .ac>
then as the( are toda(2 So in the co/rse of this operation1 some
6a( or another1 this (o/ng 6oman=s heart stopped2 The doctors
finall( got her heart started again1 ./t the 6oman remained
The minister related1 B5inall(1 the doctors told /s that this
6oman=s .rain had .een depri3ed of o8(gen too long2 The( said
that e3en if she regained conscio/sness1 she 6o/ld .e nothing
more than a 3egeta.le and 6o/ldn=t >no6 an(thingA it 6o/ld .e
.etter to ?/st let her die2B

That night1 this minister 6as a6a>ened .( the so/nd of
groaning2 +e reached o3er to the other side of the .ed and
realiDed that his 6ife 6asn=t there2 5inall(1 he fig/red o/t that it
6as the so/nd of her groaning coming from the li3ing room2
-t first the minister tho/ght his 6ife 6as sic>2 So he got o/t
of .ed and 6ent into the li3ing room2 B+one(1 6hat=s the
matterC -re (o/ sic>CB he as>ed2
BOh1 no1B she said2 B$ ?/st ha3e s/ch a hea3iness1 s/ch a
./rden to pra( for this (o/ng mother and her three children2
She=s not old eno/gh to dieF Those children need their mother2B
The minister contin/ed1 B-ll m( 6ife co/ld do 6as go .ac>
to groaning and pra(ing in other tong/es2 $ didn=t /nderstand itA
$ had ne3er seen an(one pra( that 6a(2 $=d gotten filled 6ith the
+ol( Ghost and $ spo>e 6ith tong/es1 ./t that 6as different
than 6hat m( 6ife 6as e8periencing in pra(er that night2 7hen
$ got filled 6ith the Spirit1 there 6as a sense of ?o( and gladness
in me2 %/t this night m( 6ife 6as feeling s/ch a hea3iness1 s/ch
a strong ./rden in her spirit to pra(1 so m/ch so that she 6as
groaning deepl( in pra(er2 So $ decided1 Well! since ' don't
understand what's going on! ''ll <ust lea#e her alone.
B%rother +agin1 $ reall( didn=t /nderstand 6hat happened to m(
6ife that night /ntil (o/ ta/ght on it in the meeting toda(1B the minister
said2 B%/t m( 6ife >ept on pra(ing that 6a( for a.o/t an ho/r and a
half2 5inall(1 she got /p and came to .ed2 She told me1 =7ell1 the ./rden
is gone2 $t=s lifted2= -nd 6hen 6e 6ent to 3isit the (o/ng 6oman the
ne8t morning1 she 6as sitting /p in .ed1 la/ghing and completel(
healedF $t=s .een se3eral (ears no61 and the (o/ng 6oman is still 6ell
and attending ch/rch 6ith her famil(2B
:o/ see1 the +ol( Ghost helped this minister=s 6ife to pra(
effecti3el( that night2 She >ne6 6hat to pra( for1 ./t she didn=t >no6
ho6 to pra( as she o/ght2 %/t the +ol( Ghost came to her resc/e to
help her get the ?o. doneF She pra(ed o/t God=s perfect 6ill in the
sit/ation 6ith groanings and /tterance in other tong/es2
The +ol( Ghost is o/r $ntercessor2 +e helps /s in pra(er1 ?/st as +e
helps /s in e3er( area of o/r li3es2

he Hol! Spirit 7s Our Helper

Jes/s promised +e 6o/ld send the +ol( Ghost to .e (o/r +elper2
The B+elperB is Someone 7ho helps (o/ get the ?o. doneF

JOHN 14:16
16 -nd $ 6ill pra( the 5ather1 and +E
S+-99 G$<E :OU -NOT+E*
CO,5O*TE*1 that he ma( a.ide 6ith
(o/ for e3er2
That 6ord BComforterB is the Gree> 6ord Bparaclete2B The
%mpliied 3ersion gi3es /s the se3enfold meaning of the 6ord
Bparaclete1B 6hich defines the role of the +ol( Ghost in o/r
li3es2 The 6ord BparacleteB means +e=s .een sent to .e o/r
5omorter! 5ounselor! Helper! 'ntercessor! %d#ocate! *trengthener!
and *tand"y. The +ol( Spirit is all of that1 and +e is d6elling
inside /sF
The +ol( Ghost 6as sent to .e o/r 3araclete or o/r +elper in
the area of pra(er2 That means +e=s going to help us pra(
thro/gh to 3ictor( as 6e pra( in tong/es2 +e=ll do the ?o.
through /s1 ./t +e 6on=t do the ?o. or /s2
The tr/th is1 no6here in the %i.le do (o/ e3er find that the
+ol( Ghost comes to do anything for (o/ apart from you.
*egardless 6hat area of life (o/=re tal>ing a.o/t1 +e comes onl(
to help (o/ do it2
Ne3er do (o/ read in the -cts of the -postles that the +ol(
Ghost meets someone on the street and sa3es him2 $t=s al6a(s
people1 assisted .( the +ol( Ghost1 6ho get people sa3ed2
5or instance1 (o/ can read in -cts 6here an angel told
4hilip to go do6n to GaDa2 7hen 4hilip o.e(ed1 he came /pon
an Ethiopian e/n/ch in a chariot 6ho 6as reading the %oo> of
$saiah2 $t 6as 4hilip 6ho led the man to sal3ation1 not the +ol(
Ghost1 nor the angel2 $t 6as the +ol( Ghost 6ho instr/cted
4hilip to go /p to the man=s chariot and tal> to him Hsee -cts
'2"&39I2 4hilip 6as led and aided "y the +ol( Ghost to get this
man sa3ed2
$f the +ol( Ghost sa3ed men1 it 6o/ldn=t .e necessar( to
send missionaries to the mission field2 7e co/ld ?/st send the
+ol( Ghost and let +im 6or> on the /nsa3ed1 preach the
Gospel to them1 and get them sa3ed2 %/t Jes/s told )od's people

to go into all the 6orld and preach the Gospel to e3er( creat/re
H,att2 2'19I2 +e did not tell the +ol( Ghost to do itF
:o/ also ne3er read an(6here in the -cts of the -postles 6here the
+ol( Ghost met someone on the street and healed him2 %/t (o/ will
read 6here people got healed thro/gh the ministr( of Spirit&filled
.elie3ers 6ho allo6ed the +ol( Ghost to 6or> thro/gh themF
-nd1 finall(1 (o/ ne3er read in the %i.le 6here the +ol( Ghost 6ent
an(6here and filled .elie3ers 6ith +is Spirit all on +is o6n2 %/t (o/
will read 6here men1 f/ll of the +ol( Ghost1 preached the Gospel and
the +ol( Ghost fell on the people2 -nd (o/=ll read 6here others laid
their hands on .elie3ers and the +ol( Ghost filled them2
God 6or>s in line 6ith +is spirit/al la6s1 and 6hen 6e /nderstand
those la6s1 6e can 6or> 6ith +im2 That=s 6hat the %i.le calls /s@?oint
heirs or co&la.orers 6ith Christ H*om2 '1!I2 7e are 6or>ers together
with God H2 Cor2 "'1I2
Jes/s told /s one 6a( 6e co&la.or 6ith +im' "%nd they KJes/s=
disciplesL went orth! and preached e#ery where! the ,ord wor$ing with them!
and conirming the word with signs ollowing" H,ar> 1"'20I2 The disciples
6ent preaching1 and the 9ord 6or>ed with them and confirmed 6hat
the( said 6ith accompan(ing signs2
7e=re 6or>ers together 6ith +im1 and +e 6or>s together 6ith /sF
This is tr/e in e3er( area of o/r li3es@most ass/redl( in the arena of
aking Hold ogether Aith Us in 3ra!er

;r2 T2J2 ,cCrossan1 a/thor of Bodily Healing and the
%tonement! 6as a noted Gree> scholar and /ni3ersit( professor2
+e pointed o/t that the 6ord BhelpethB in the phrase Bli>e6ise
the Spirit also helpeth o/r infirmitiesB act/all( comes from three
different Gree> root 6ords2 One root 6ord means to ta$e hold
together: the second means with: and the third means against. So
this phrase co/ld literall( read' Bli>e6ise the Spirit also ta$eth
hold together with us against'.' That means the +ol( Spirit ta>es
hold together 6ith /s in pra(er against the o.stacles and
hindrances 6e enco/nter in life2
9et me gi3e (o/ an e8ample in the nat/ral to ill/strate the
script/ral 6ord Bhelpeth2B S/ppose $ 6ere standing on a ch/rch

platform1 and after the ser3ice $ 6anted the piano to .e mo3ed
off the platform onto the sanct/ar( floor2 $ might tell the
congregation1 B$=d li>e eight of (o/ men to please sta( after 6e
dismiss and help /s mo3e this piano do6n on the floor2B
7hat 6o/ld $ mean .( the 6ord BhelpB in this caseC $=d
mean1 B7e 6ant (o/ eight men to ta$e hold together with us
against the 6eight of that piano and set it do6n there on the
That=s 6hat this 6ord BhelpethB means in 3erse 2"2 The +ol(
Spirit helps /s in o/r infirmities or o/r shortcomings in pra(er2
So if 6e don=t pra(@if 6e don=t ta>e hold first .( starting to
pra(@the +ol( Spirit doesn=t ha3e an(thing to ta$e hold together
with us against! .eca/se +is role is to help /s mo3e o.staclesF
:ears ago in the earl( da(s of *+E,- %i.le Training Center1
$ as>ed the st/dents to come for a special pra(er meeting one
night2 7e 6ere going to pra( for someone 6ho 6as in the
hospital and in critical condition2 $=d ?/st 3isited this person in
the $ntensi3e Care Unit1 and $ felt that /nless 6e 6ere a.le to
pra( s/fficientl( for him1 he 6as going to die2
So that night 6e all pra(ed at length for this person2 The ne8t da(1
6e anno/nced to another class that 6e 6o/ld .e holding a second
special pra(er meeting1 and that night a .ig gro/p of st/dents came2
Then 6e held a third pra(er meeting the ne8t night1 and an e3en larger
cro6d of se3eral h/ndred people attended2
On the third night1 $ 6as >neeling on the platform1 pra(ing in other
tong/es ?/st as $ had the pre3io/s t6o nights2 %/t as $ pra(ed in
tong/es1 $ said in6ardl(1 B+ol( Spirit1 :o/=re not ta>ing hold 6ith me
against this matter2B
Then on the inside of me1 $ heard the still1 small 3oice of the +ol(
Spirit sa( this ?/st as plain as an(thing' BNo1 and $=m not going to
$ replied1 B%/t 6h( 6on=t :o/ ta>e hold 6ith me against sic>ness
and death on .ehalf of this personCB
The +ol( Spirit said1 B%eca/se he=s going to die2B
Of co/rse1 $ didn=t >no6 all the details a.o/t that man=s sit/ation1
./t the +ol( Spirit did2 4erhaps this person had set something into
motion long ago that co/ld not .e re3ersed at this point2 %/t regardless
6hat the sit/ation 6as1 $=d learned earl( in m( ministr( to let the secret
things .elong to the 9ord H;e/t2 29'29I2 -nd in this case since the +ol(

Spirit 6asn=t going to ta>e hold together 6ith me against the pro.lem1
that meant $ had no good reason to >eep pra(ing a.o/t itF
$ rose to m( feet and said1 B9et=s all lift o/r hands and praise
God2B $ didn=t ta>e time to e8plain2 ,an( people 6o/ldn=t ha3e
/nderstood an(6a(1 and it pro.a.l( 6o/ld onl( ha3e created
more conf/sion2 So 6e all 6ent home1 and the ne8t da( the
person 6ent home to .e 6ith the 9ord2
%/t than> God for all those times the +ol( Spirit does ta>e
hold together 6ith /s against a pro.lemF +is di3ine aid and
assistance ma>es all the differenceF

3ra!ing in ongues Eliminates Selfishness in

$f Christians too> the time to anal(De the pra(ers the( pra(
6ith their /nderstanding1 the(=d realiDe a large ma?orit( of those
pra(ers are selfish2 Too often their pra(ers are li>e the old
farmer 6ho al6a(s pra(ed1 BGod1 .less me and m( 6ife1 m(
son John and his 6ife@/s fo/r and no moreFB
Christians ma( not /se those e8act 6ords1 ./t if the( 6o/ld
e8amine the s/m of their pra(ers1 the( ma( see that the old
farmer=s pra(er represents the e8tent of their Bpra(ing 6ith the
/nderstanding2B $n other 6ords1 most of their pra(er time is
de3oted to pra(ing a.o/t matters that concern onl( themsel3es
and their lo3ed ones2
This leads /s to another .enefit or 3al/e of pra(ing in
tong/es according to God=s perfect 6ill2 Since pra(ing in
tong/es is Spirit&directed pra(er1 it eliminates the possi"ility o
selishness entering into our prayers.
7hen (o/ pra( o/t of (o/r o6n mind1 it is possi.le that
(o/r pra(er ma( .e /nscript/ral or selfish2 -nd $ don=t >no6 if
(o/ realiDe this or not1 ./t it is possi.le for (o/ to pra( o/t of
(o/r o6n nat/ral 6a( of thin>ing and act/all( change things
that are not the 6ill of God and not +is .est plan for (o/2
The %i.le sa(s there is a good! an accepta"le! and a perect 6ill of God2

2 -nd .e not conformed to this 6orld' ./t .e (e
transformed .( the rene6ing of (o/r mind1 that
(e ma( pro3e 6hat is that GOO;1 and
-CCE4T-%9E1 and 4E*5ECT1 6ill of God2

$f (o/ persist in pra(ing selfishl( o/t of (o/r o6n carnal thin>ing1
(o/ ma( find (o/rself as>ing for onl( the accepta.le 6ill of God1 not
+is perfect 6ill2 On the other hand1 6e=3e seen that 6hen (o/ pra( in
the Spirit1 (o/ pra( o/t the perect 6ill of God2
$f God=s people pra( and as> for things to .e a certain 6a(@ e3en if
it is not God=s .est for them1 nor +is perfect 6ill@God 6ill often
permit it2 $ 6ant to pro3e that to (o/ from the %i.le1 .eca/se a lot of
fol>s do/.t that statement2 The( claim1 B%/t if God granted something1
it has to .e +is perfect 6ill2B
$=ll gi3e (o/ an ill/stration from the Script/res to sho6 (o/ that God
sometimes ans6ers pra(er that isn=t +is perfect 6ill2 $t=s fo/nd in 5irst
Sam/el 2
God didn=t 6ant the $sraelites to ha3e a >ing li>e all the s/rro/nding
nations2 )od 6anted to .e their 0ing1 ./t the children of $srael 6anted
to .e li>e all the rest of the nations1 and the( >ept persisting in their
petition for a >ing2 5inall(1 God said1 B-ll right1 go ahead2 :o/ ha3e ,(
permission to ha3e a >ing2B %/t from that point on1 the $sraelites 6ere
ne3er in the perfect 6ill of God again1 e3en tho/gh God .lessed them
and helped them as m/ch as +e co/ld2
This is 6here a lot of people ha3e missed it2 ,an( times God
has dealt 6ith them and told them 6hat +is 6ill is for their
li3es2 %/t the( >eep after +im1 pra(ing o/t of their nat/ral
/nderstanding for something they 6ant2 5inall(1 God sa(s1 B-ll
right1 if (o/ 6ant it that 6a(1 go ahead2B
%/t $=d rather .e in God=s perfect 6ill than in +is permissi3e
6ill1 6o/ldn=t (o/C $t=s ?/st so m/ch .etterF
$ remem.er a dear (o/ng lad( 6ho made the same mista>e
the $sraelites did 6hen the( as>ed for something that 6asn=t
God=s perfect 6ill2 She s/ffered greatl( for that mista>e2 This
(o/ng 6oman 6as one of m( ch/rch mem.ers 6hen $ pastored
in Te8as2 She 6as a .ea/tif/l singer 6ith a 6onderf/l a.ilit( to
spea> to (o/th a.o/t God2
%/t this (o/ng 6oman 6as dating a fello6 6ho 6asn=t e3en
sa3ed2 +e=d go to ch/rch occasionall( and he claimed to .e a
Christian1 ./t it 6as E/ite o.3io/s that he 6as not2 She finall(
got engaged to this (o/ng man1 e3en tho/gh she >ne6 all the
time it 6asn=t the 6ill of God2

One night 6hen 6e 6ere all aro/nd the altar pra(ing1 this
(o/ng lad( came do6n to the altar and pra(ed thro/gh a.o/t
the matter2 God spo>e clearl( to her1 telling her not to marr(
that man2 -fter6ard1 she got /p and h/gged all the ladies and
shoo> hands 6ith the men2 B7ell1 that=s settled1B she declared2
B$=m going to .rea> /p 6ith himFB
The (o/ng 6oman did .rea> /p 6ith this fello62 +o6e3er1 o3er the
process of time1 she got .ac> 6ith him and 6o/nd /p marr(ing himF
:o/ might as>1 "Why 6o/ld she do thatCB %eca/se she >ept pra(ing
a.o/t it /ntil the 9ord finall( told her1 BGo ahead and marr( him if
that=s 6hat (o/ 6ant to do2B
:o/ see1 if (o/ ?/st >eep ho/nding God li>e the $sraelites did and
li>e this (o/ng 6oman did1 +e=ll e3ent/all( gi3e (o/ permission to do
6hat (o/ 6ant to do1 e3en tho/gh it isn=t +is perfect 6ill for (o/r life2
That=s 6h( 6hen God tells (o/ to do something@6hether +is
instr/ction comes from the %i.le or the +ol( Spirit spea>s directl( to
(o/r heart@(o/ don=t need to pra( a.o/t it2 :o/ ?/st need to do itF
Since God reall( did tell that (o/ng 6oman not to marr( that man1
she sho/ldn=t ha3e pra(ed a.o/t it an( f/rther2 She sho/ld ha3e ?/st
o.e(ed God2 %/t she >ept pra(ing and pra(ing and pra(ing a.o/t it
/ntil finall( the 9ord told her1 BGo ahead and marr( him if that=s 6hat
(o/ 6ant to do2B
Notice that the 9ord didn't tell her1 B$t=s ,( 6ill for (o/ to marr(
himB or BGo ahead and marr( him@it=s fine 6ith ,eFB
So the (o/ng lad( married this man@and soon she .ecame the most
misera.le person in to6nF 7e didn=t see her for months at a time2 She
didn=t e3en come to ch/rch1 (et she li3ed right there in to6n2
5inall(1 this 6oman 6rote a letter to one of the older ladies in the
congregation 6ho=d .een li>e a mother to her2 The older 6oman called
me and said1 B%rother 0enneth1 $ ha3e to read this to (o/FB
$n the letter1 the (o/ng 6oman 6rote1 B$=3e .een loc>ed /p
for fi3e months2 ,( h/s.and is so ?ealo/s of me that 6hen he
goes to 6or>1 he loc>s me in the ho/se2 $ don=t ha3e a >e(1 and $
don=t dare go o/t alone2 $ don=t go an(6here 6itho/t him2 +e
got ?ealo/s of me and m( g/itar and had a mad fit and .ro>e the
g/itar to smithereens2 Then he got ?ealo/s of me and m( piano1
and he .ro>e that /p too2B

No 6onder God told this (o/ng 6oman not to marr( that
The letter contin/ed1 B$=3e .een a prisoner for fi3e months in
m( o6n ho/se2B She finall( fo/nd a 6a( to sm/ggle this letter
o/t of her ho/se and as>ed a friend to mail it for her2 7hat a
misera.le sit/ationF
This (o/ng 6oman might ha3e tho/ght1 Why did )od e#er put
me in this mess& %/t God isn=t the One 6ho got her in that mess2
$t=s tr/e +e said1 B$f that=s 6hat (o/ 6ant1 go ahead and do it1B
.eca/se she >ept persisting1 as>ing and as>ing +im for it2 %/t
+e ne3er told the 6oman1 BThat is ,( 6ill2 7al> in it1 and .e
.lessed2B No1 +e said1 BO>a(F O>a(F $f that=s 6hat (o/ 6ant1 go
That=s the reason (o/ ha3e to get the 7ord of God in (o/
irst .efore (o/ pra(2 ,a>e s/re the 7ord is a.iding in (o/F -s
Jes/s said1 "' ye a"ide in me! and 4/ W1R2* %B'2- 'N /1U! ye
shall as$ what ye will! and it shall "e done unto you" HJohn ##'!I2
Then ma>e s/re (o/ are setting aside time to pra( e3er( da( in
other tong/es2 7hen God=s 7ord a.ides in (o/ and (o/=re ./ilt
/p in (o/r spirit .( pra(ing in other tong/es1 (o/ 6ill >no6
(o/=re pra(ing in line 6ith God=s 6ill a.o/t e3er( sit/ationF
Ne3er let (o/rself get o/tside of God=s 7ord 6hen (o/ pra(2 %/ild a
strong fo/ndation of the 7ord in (o/r pra(er life2 $f (o/ don=t ha3e
that fo/ndation1 (o/ ma( go off after a desire that=s not God=s 6ill for
(o/2 -nd e3ent/all(1 God ma( ans6er (o/ ?/st as +e ans6ered $srael'
B-ll right1 go ahead2 :o/ can ha3e it1 if that=s 6hat (o/ 6ant2B
$t 6as not God=s highest 6ill for $srael to ha3e a >ing@./t the(
6anted one1 so the( got one2 -nd from that point on1 the( 6ere ne3er
again in the perfect 6ill of God2 That doesn=t mean God didn=t contin/e
to .less them all +e co/ld1 ./t +e co/ldn=t .less them to the f/llest
e8tent +e 6anted to2
$ don=t >no6 a.o/t (o/1 ./t $=m not satisfied 6ith God=s permissi3e
6ill or 6ith +is second .est@$=m going after God=s "estC That=s 6h( $
3al/e so highl( the gift of pra(ing 6ith other tong/es2 7hen $ pra( in
tong/es1 $ am f/ll( ass/red that $=3e left .ehind all possi.ilit( of selfish
pra(ing2 Than> God for the a.ilit( to pra( o/t the perfect 6ill of GodF

+ H, 3 E = # 8

2O=E S+=73U=,. 3U=3OSES
/O= S3E,K7-C A7H OHE=

So far 6e ha3e foc/sed on three primar( p/rposes of spea>ing 6ith
other tong/es2 One1 tong/es pro3ide a di3ine1 s/pernat/ral means of
comm/nicating 6ith God2 T6o1 tong/es pro3ide personal and spirit/al
./ilding /p or edification to the spirit of man2 -nd three1 .( pra(ing in
tong/es1 6e >no6 6e are pra(ing o/t God=s perfect 6ill2
+o6e3er1 man( more mar3elo/s .enefits a6ait /s as 6e (ield
o/rsel3es to the +ol( Ghost and allo6 +im to gi3e /s s/pernat/ral
/tterance2 9et=s loo> at se3eral more .enefits that demonstrate the great
3al/e of tong/es2

ongues? , 2eans of 2agnif!ing Cod
-cts 10 gi3es /s another script/ral p/rpose for spea>ing 6ith other
tong/es' 't is a means "y which we can magniy )od.
9et=s read 6hat happened 6hen Corneli/s and his ho/sehold
recei3ed this s/pernat/ral e8perience2

ACTS 10:45-46
45 -nd the( of the circ/mcision 6hich .elie3ed
6ere astonished1 as man( as came 6ith 4eter1
.eca/se that on the Gentiles also 6as po/red o/t
the G$5T O5 T+E +O9: G+OST2
46 5or the( heard them S4E-0 7$T+ TONGUES1
and ,-GN$5: GO;2

Notice that phrase in 3erse 4"' Bspea> 6ith tong/es1 and
magnif( God2B 7e >no6 that the 6ord Bmagnif(B means to

ma>e something .igger2 %/t can God .e made an( .igger than
6hat +e alread( isC 5rom +is standpoint1 of co/rse1 the ans6er
is no. %/t from o/r standpoint1 God can .e magnified or made
larger in o/r estimation1 and spea>ing 6ith tong/es is one
means 6here.( +e .ecomes .igger to us.
$ noticed this partic/lar p/rpose of spea>ing in tong/es earl(
on in m( ministr(2 %efore $ 6as filled 6ith the Spirit1 $ 6as still a
teenager .et6een the ages of 1 and 201 (et $ 6as alread( a
pastor of a small denominational ch/rch2 -nd1 of co/rse1 $ had
all the tests and temptations of an( (o/ng person2
%/t $ noticed a change after $ 6as filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1
spo>e 6ith other tong/es1 and .egan to pra( in tong/es e3er(
da(2 7hen $=d face those same tests and temptations1 $ had an
added po6er to pass the tests and resist the temptations2 %efore
$ recei3ed the +ol( Ghost and .egan to pra( e3er( da( in
tong/es1 $=d sometimes ?/st Bs>im .(2B %/t after6ard1 it .ecame
m/ch easier to li3e as an o3ercomer in those areas2 7h(C
%eca/se $ 6as magnif(ing God1 +e .ecame .igger in m( life2
$f (o/ remem.er1 $ told (o/ earlier 6hat happened after $ recei3ed
the +ol( Ghost in the little comm/nit( ch/rch 6here $ pastored2 5or
t6o (ears1 $ ne3er e3en mentioned to an(one He8cept pri3atel( to ,r2
Co8I that $ had recei3ed the +ol( Ghost or that $ spo>e 6ith other
tong/es2 %/t after a 6hile1 people in m( congregation .egan to sa( to
me1 BSomething has happened to (o/2 :o/ ha3e more po6er than (o/
/sed to ha3e2 7hen (o/ preach no61 (o/r 6ords are so po6erf/l1 it
almost >noc>s /s off the pe6FB
:o/ see1 after $ recei3ed the +ol( Ghost and started spea>ing 6ith
other tong/es1 Jes/s 6as magnified in m( preaching2 +e .ecame .igger
in m( lifeF
4eople sho/ld sa( the same thing a.o/t (o/ 6hen the( loo> at your
life2 J/st determine to pra( e3er( da( in other tong/es1 and let God .e
magnified more and more in (o/r life2 -s a res/lt1 (o/=ll .egin to 6al>
in +is po6er to an e8tent (o/ ha3e not (et seen2 4eople 6ill .egin to
notice the difference1 and the(=ll 6ant 6hat (o/ ha3eF

Speaking in ongues Helps Us Sta! +onscious of the
Hol! SpiritEs 3resence

+ere is an important fact a.o/t the 3al/e of spea>ing 6ith tong/es'
altho/gh spea>ing 6ith tong/es is the initial sign or e3idence of the
+ol( Spirit=s infilling1 continuing to pray and worship )od in tongues helps
us to "e e#er conscious o His indwelling 3resence. This one .enefit alone is
.o/nd to affect the 6a( 6e li3e2
$n John 141 Jes/s tal>ed a.o/t the +ol( Spirit=s a.iding
4resence in the li3es of .elie3ers2

JOHN 14:16-17
16 -nd $ 6ill pra( the 5ather1 and he shall gi3e (o/
another Comforter1 that he ma( -%$;E 7$T+ :OU for
17 E3en the Spirit of tr/thA 6hom the 6orld cannot
recei3e1 .eca/se it seeth him not1 neither >no6eth him'
./t (e >no6 himA for he d6elleth 7$T+ (o/1 and shall
.e $N (o/2

$t 6o/ld .ehoo3e /s to sta( conscio/s of the +ol( Spirit=s
di3ine1 hol( 4resence in o/r li3es1 for +e is e3er a.iding with /s
and li3ing within /s2
$ heard an e3angelist gi3e a testimonial along this line a
n/m.er of (ears ago that 6as 3er( helpf/l2 $t helped me
/nderstand this partic/lar .enefit of pra(ing in tong/es1 so $=3e
/sed it as an ill/stration e3er since2
The e3angelist related an incident that happened 6hen he
6as sta(ing 6ith a pastor and his famil( in the parsonage 6hile
holding a meeting in their ch/rch2 The e3angelist said1 B$ /s/all(
too> a one&ho/r 6al> after the noon meal to get a little e8ercise2
Then $=d come .ac> and get read( for the e3ening ser3ice2 %/t on
this partic/lar da(1 $ had some letters $ needed to 6rite and mail1
so $ 6ent to m( room first2 ,( plan 6as to ta>e the letters to
mail 6hen $ 6ent for a 6al> later2B
The pastor and his 6ife had onl( one child1 a 12&(ear&old da/ghter2
This da/ghter didn=t >no6 their g/est 6as still in the ho/seA she
tho/ght he 6as o/t ta>ing his afternoon 6al> as he normall( did2 So
6hen something happened to ma>e her angr( 6ith her mother1 the
(o/ng girl thre6 a temper tantr/m and tal>ed /gl( to her mother2
J/st a.o/t that time1 the e3angelist came o/t of the .edroom and into
the li3ing room2 7hen the da/ghter loo>ed /p and sa6 their g/est

standing there listening to her tantr/m1 she t/rned 6hite and started to
cr(2 She 6ept1 BOh1 forgi3e me1 forgi3e meF $=m so sorr( (o/ sa6 me act
this 6a( and heard me spea> li>e thisFB
The e3angelist too> the (o/ng girl .( the hand and led her o3er to a
chair to >neel do6n2 Then he said1 B7ell1 $ forgi3e (o/2 %/t there is a
Greater One on the inside of (o/ 7ho also heard (o/2 -nd if (o/=ll
repent1 the 9ord 6ill forgi3e (o/ too2B
So the girl repented and .egan to 6eep and pra(1 B9ord1 please
forgi3e me2B
-fter a 6hile1 the girl started pra(ing and 6orshiping God in other
tong/es and got o3er into the Spirit2 Then the e3angelist as>ed her1 B;o
(o/ often pra( in other tong/es and 6orship God li>e thatCB
BNo1 not often1B she ans6ered2
B7ell1 $ 6ant (o/ to promise me something2 $ 6ant (o/ to pra( in
other tong/es e3er( da( from this da( for6ard2 $=m not tal>ing a.o/t
rattling off a fe6 6ords in tong/es2 $ 6ant (o/ to ta>e time to 6ait
.efore God and pra( in other tong/es for at least 30 min/tes a da(2
B$f (o/=ll do that1 it 6ill help (o/ .ecome more conscio/s of
the +ol( Spirit=s 4resence on the inside of (o/1 and it 6ill affect
the 6a( (o/ li3e2 7hen (o/=re conscio/s of +is ind6elling
4resence1 (o/=re not going to fl( off the handle and lose (o/r
temper an(more2B The (o/ng girl tearf/ll( agreed to pra( in
tong/es e3er( da(2
Of co/rse1 6e all >no6 .orn&again1 Spirit&filled people 6ho
lose their temper and sa( a lot of things the( sho/ldn=t2 %/t that
doesn=t need to happen2 %elie3ers act in the flesh .eca/se the(=re
not conscio/s of the +ol( Spirit=s a.iding 4resence 6ithin them2
-.o/t t6o and a half (ears later1 the e3angelist ret/rned to
this ch/rch to hold another meeting2 The (o/ng lad( 6as no6
a.o/t 1# (ears old2 -fter the ser3ice1 she too> the e3angelist
aside and as>ed1 B;o (o/ remem.er 6hat (o/ said to me 6hen
(o/ 6ere here a fe6 (ears agoCB
B:es1 $ do2B
B7ell1 $=3e done 6hat (o/ told me to do1B the girl said2 BE3er(
single da( $ pra( at least 30 min/tes in other tong/es2 -nd $
6ant (o/ to >no6 that $ ha3en=t tal>ed /gl( or lost m( temper
one single time since then@not 6ith ,omma or an(one elseFB

4ra(ing in tong/es on a dail( .asis helped this (o/ng girl
.ecome more conscio/s of the +ol( Spirit=s ind6elling 4resence1
and it affected the 6a( she li3ed2
The same thing can happen to /s 6hen 6e ma>e a dail(
practice of pra(ing in tong/es2 There are man( things 6e
6o/ldn=t sa( or do if 6e 6ere more conscio/s of the +ol(
Spirit=s 4resence in /s2
ongues ,id Bou in Aorshiping Cod
Spea>ing 6ith other tong/es 6ill not onl( ma>e (o/ more a6are of
the +ol( Spirit=s 4resence in (o/r life1 ./t it will also aid you in worshiping
)od. $n the process1 (o/r spirit 6ill .ecome more sensiti3e to the things
of God1 and (o/r taste for nat/ral things 6ill .e affected@e3en things
that aren=t necessaril( .ad in themsel3es2
9et me gi3e (o/ an ill/stration2 5or instance1 in the (ears $ 6as a
pastor1 6e onl( had a radioA there 6as no tele3ision in those da(s2 O/r
parsonage 6as ne8t door to the ch/rch1 and $ remem.er coming into
o/r home man( times after spending time at the ch/rch1 6orshiping
God in the Spirit and pra(ing 6ith other tong/es2 Sometimes 6hen $
6al>ed in the door1 m/sic 6o/ld .e pla(ing on the radio1 and $
remem.er ho6 it affected me2
,( 6ife and $ ne3er listened to a ./nch of ?/n> on the radio1 nor did
6e 6atch ?/n> on T< later on1 as far as that is concerned Hand certainl(
there=s a lot of ?/n> on .oth radio and tele3isionFI2 %/t $ disco3ered
something d/ring those (ears a.o/t the effect pra(ing and 6orshiping
God in other tong/es had on me2
Sometimes after a time of intimate fello6ship 6ith God1 $=d come
.ac> home so conscio/s of +is 4resence1 and m( 6ife 6o/ld .e
cleaning the ho/se1 pla(ing so&called Gospel m/sic on the radio in the
.ac>gro/nd2 $t 6asn=t that the m/sic 6as .ad2 That >ind of m/sic is
good1 clean entertainment2 %/t to me1 it so/nded li>e someone 6as
.eating on the lid of a ./c>etF Some of the songs 6eren=t e3en script/ral2
$ co/ldn=t e3en listen to that m/sic .eca/se $=d ?/st .een in the hol(1
hallo6ed 4resence of the +ol( Spirit1 and $ 6as highl( conscio/s of +is
4resence 6ithin me2
4lease /nderstand@$ didn=t sa( that this >ind of
entertainment is 6rong2 $ ?/st 6anted to get the tho/ght o3er to
(o/ that spea>ing 6ith other tong/es is a de3otional gift1 gi3en

to help (o/ 6orship and praise God2 7orshiping God in
tong/es 6ill ma>e (o/ more conscio/s of the +ol( Spirit=s
ind6elling 4resence2 $t 6ill ma>e (o/ h/ngrier for God and less
dra6n to things of this nat/ral realm2
+o6ard Carter 6as a pioneer of the 4entecostal ,o3ement
and the general s/per3isor of the -ssem.lies of God in Great
%ritain for man( (ears2 +e 6as also the fo/nder of the oldest
4entecostal %i.le school in the 6orld and 6as recogniDed in 5/ll
Gospel circles 6orld6ide as an o/tstanding teacher2
Carter once made a statement a.o/t this p/rpose of spea>ing
in other tong/es that $ ne3er forgot2 +e said' B7e m/st not
forget that spea>ing 6ith other tong/es is not onl( the initial
e3idence of the +ol( Spirit=s infilling1 ./t it is a contin/al
e8perience for the rest of one=s life to assist /s in the 6orship of
God2B Then he 6ent on to sa( this' BSpea>ing in tong/es is a
flo6ing stream that sho/ld ne3er dr( /p and that 6ill enrich
one=s life spirit/all(2B
Those of /s 6ho contin/all( pra( and 6orship God in
other tong/es e8perience the spirit/al enrichment pro3ided .(
this s/pernat/ral giftF
ongues Stimulate /aith

:o/=ll also find that pra(ing in tongues stimulates aith.
7e alread( loo>ed at J/de 202 $t sa(s1 "But ye! "elo#ed! BU',2'N) U3
/1UR*-,.-* 1N /1UR 41*T H1,/ 0%'TH! praying in the Holy
)host." -nd 6e=3e esta.lished the fact that pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost or
pra(ing in the Spirit refers1 at least in part1 to pra(ing in other tong/es2
7e can concl/de1 then1 that as 6e pra( in tong/es1 6e stim/late o/r
o6n faith2 +o6e3er1 tong/es 6ill not gi#e /s faith2 -s *omans 10'1!
sa(s1 "0aith cometh "y hearing! and hearing "y the word o )od."
$f (o/=re a .elie3er1 (o/ alread( ha3e faith2 %/t no6 (o/ m/st ./ild
(o/rself /p on (o/r most hol( faith2 Charge (o/rself /p in faithF +o6
do (o/ do thatC %( pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost2
7hen 6e pra( in the Spirit1 the +ol( Ghost s/pernat/rall( directs
the 6ords 6e spea>2 :o/ see1 6e m/st e8ercise o/r faith in order to
spea> in other tong/es2 7e don=t >no6 6hat the ne8t 6ord 6ill .e1 so
6e ?/st ha3e to >eep tr/sting the +ol( Spirit to gi3e it to /s2 7ell1

tr/sting God in one area is going to help /s tr/st +im in other
areas@and that=s going to stim/late o/r faith2
Some people ha3e heard faith teaching for (ears and (ears2 The( tr(
to .elie3e God to meet their needs1 and the( recei3e some res/lts2
+o6e3er1 man( times the( don=t recei3e the res/lts the( o/ght to
.eca/se the(=re not ta>ing the time to ./ild themsel3es /p on their most
hol( faith@stim/lating the faith the( alread( ha3e@pra(ing in the
+ol( Ghost2
:o/ see1 6hen (o/ 6ant to >eep (o/r .od( ph(sicall( fit1 (o/
e8ercise it1 and as a res/lt1 (o/r .od( .ecomes more >een and
alert2 $n the same 6a(1 if (o/ 6ant to >eep (o/r spirit >een and
alert1 (o/ need to e8ercise it as 6ell2 -nd pra(ing in other
tong/es is one of the greatest spirit/al e8ercises there is1 along
6ith feeding (o/r spirit on God=s 7ord2
Since pra(ing in tong/es stim/lates faith1 it also helps (o/
learn to tr/st God more f/ll( in e3er( area2
7hen $ first .egan in the ministr( and pastored that little
co/ntr( ch/rch $ told (o/ a.o/t1 one of the 6omen 6ho 6ent to
the ch/rch s/ffered from se3ere /lcers of the stomach2 She and
her h/s.and had a denominational ch/rch .ac>gro/nd2
This 6oman=s h/s.and told me1 B$ didn=t tell m( 6ife (et1 ./t
the doctors told me that m( 6ife has stomach cancer and there is
nothing f/rther the( can do2 $ ha3e alread( spent more than
O101000 tr(ing to get her healed2B
That doesn=t so/nd li>e m/ch these da(s2 %/t .ac> in the
1930s1 O101000 6as a lot of mone(2 -fter all1 (o/ co/ld ./( a
Cadillac 6ith all the .ells and 6histles for O!#2 :o/ co/ld rent a
three&.edroom ho/se for 10 dollars a month2 :o/r monthl(
electric .ill 6as onl( a.o/t one dollar2 :o/r monthl( gas .ill 6as
a.o/t #0 cents1 and a loaf of .read cost a nic>elF
%ac> d/ring ;epression da(s1 men 6or>ed 30 da(s for 30
dollars1 and a dollar a da( 6as considered good pa(2 So for this
h/s.and to spend O101000 to tr( to c/re his 6ife=s illness
constit/ted a real ortuneC
The h/s.and contin/ed1 B7e=d ?/st a.o/t paid for o/r home1
./t $ had to sell it and /se the eE/it( to pa( m( 6ife=s medical
.ills2 $ also sold m( a/tomo.ile and all of o/r f/rnit/re to pa(
for her medical e8penses2 No6 6e li3e in a little f/rnished

This dear lad( coo>ed meals for her famil( ./t co/ldn=t eat the food
herself .eca/se she ?/st co/ldn=t >eep an( food on her stomach2 She=d
eat a little .a.( food1 ./t e3en that she 6o/ld often 3omit /p2 The
6oman loo>ed li>e s>in and .ones2
Then the famil( .egan to attend the 5/ll Gospel Ta.ernacle1 and $
didn=t see them for a 6hile2 One da( $ decided $=d go 3isit them1 ./t $
didn=t e8pect 6hat $ sa6 6hen $ 6al>ed into their ho/se2 There 6as this
3er( 6oman1 eating greas( foods1 and $ co/ld tell she 6as en?o(ing it
,( e(es got as .ig as sa/cers2 The 6oman loo>ed /p and smiled2 She
said1 B:es1 this is meF $=m eating an(thing $ 6ant2 $n fact1 last night $ had
chili for the first time in nearl( 10 (earsF $t didn=t .other me a .it1 and $
don=t ha3e an( s(mptoms2 ,( stomach is perfectl( healedFB
$=d laid hands on this 6oman and pra(ed for her healing1 and $ >ne6
other ministers had as 6ell2 $=d tried to teach her faith to the e8tent that $
>ne6 it at that time2 %/t remem.er1 $ 6as ?/st a .o( preacher 6hen this
happened2 Nothing seemed to help her2
$ as>ed the 6oman1 B+o6 did (o/ recei3e (o/r healingCB
B$ got .aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost do6n at the 5/ll Gospel ch/rchFB
she e8claimed2 B$ 6as pra(ing and see>ing the +ol( Ghost at the altar
6hen the po6er of God came on me2 $ didn=t e8actl( fall1 ./t it 6as
easier for me ?/st to lie do6n /nder that po6er than it 6as to sta(
/pright2 So 6ith m( e(es sh/t $ ?/st la( do6n .et6een the altar and
platform and >ept praising God in English2B
The 6oman contin/ed1 BE3en tho/gh m( e(es 6ere sh/t1 $
s/ddenl( sa6 a .eam of light a.o/t the 6idth of a pencil come
do6n thro/gh the ceiling and stri>e me in the forehead2 Then $
.egan to spea> in this /n>no6n tong/e@and e3er since then1
$=3e .een 6ellFB
$ sa6 the 6oman again a (ear later1 and she 6as still perfectl(
$ >ept hearing testimonies li>e this 6oman=s2 Then later $ got
.aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost and spo>e in other tong/es m(self2
$n the (ears that follo6ed1 $ sa6 this >ind of healing happen
again and again2 $ don=t mean ?/st one or t6o cases2 $ mean
ph(sical healing at the same time a person got .aptiDed in the
Spirit 6as a freE/ent occ/rrenceF

$ met fol>s 6ho1 li>e this 6oman1 had .een see>ing healing
6itho/t s/ccess for a long time2 ,an( had as>ed e3er( healing
e3angelist 6ho came to to6n to la( hands on them1 (et for some
reason1 the( co/ldn=t seem to get healed2 %/t 6hen the( got
.aptiDed 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 these same people 6ere instantly
$ ?/st co/ldn=t fig/re it o/t1 ./t $ 6as determined to tr(2 $=m
?/st that 6a(2 $t ma( ta>e me da(s1 6ee>s1 or months to find an
ans6er to something $ don=t /nderstand1 ./t e3ent/all(1 $ will
find the ans6erF
So $ >ept st/d(ing and meditating and as>ing E/estions2
5inall(1 $ got a re3elation a.o/t 6hat J/de 20 sa(s' B 2 2 "uilding
up yoursel#es on your most holy aith! praying in the Holy )host."
Spea>ing 6ith tong/es stim/lates a personGs faith1 and .elie3ing God
in one area helps that person .elie3e God in another area2 That=s 6hat
happened to these people 6ho needed healing2 7hen the( got filled
6ith the +ol( Spirit and started spea>ing in tong/es1 it stim/lated their
faith@or stirred /p the faith the( alread( had@and helped them
recei3e the healing the( 6ere /na.le to recei3e .efore2

Ci*es Spiritual =efreshing
+ere=s another 3al/e 6e deri3e from pra(ing in tong/es' *pea$ing
with other tongues gi#es us spiritual rereshing. 7e find this script/ral
p/rpose for tong/es in $saiah 22

ISAIAH 28:11-12
11 5or 6ith ST-,,E*$NG 9$4S and
TONGUE 6ill he spea> to this people2
12 To 6hom he said1 This is the rest
(e ma( ca/se the 6ear( to *ESTA and this
is the

Notice those t6o 6ords BrestB and Brefreshing2B That so/nds good1
doesn=t itC %/t 6hat is the rest and the refreshing this passage of
Script/re refers toC There=s a hint of the ans6er in the 6ords
Bstammering lipsB and Banother tong/eB in 3erse 112 %/t the ans6er is
ully re3ealed in the Ne6 Testament2 7e e8perience God=s rest and

refreshing 6hen we get illed with the *pirit and spea$ with other tongues
H-cts 2'4I2
$n some cases1 a doctor 6ill recommend a rest c/re to someone /nder
his care2 4eople sometimes go on a 3acation for their rest c/re1 ./t 6hen
the( ret/rn home1 the( often need to rest from their 3acation .efore
the( go .ac> to 6or>F
+o6e3er1 $ >no6 the .est rest c/re in the 6orld2 7e can ta>e
this rest c/re e3er( da(1 and it doesn=t cost /s an(thingF B7ith
stammering lips and another tong/eB@this is the rest 6here6ith
(o/ ma( ca/se the 6ear( to restF
-nd $=ll go so far as to sa( this' -n(one 6ho ta>es ad3antage
of God=s rest c/re on a dail( .asis 6ill ne3er ha3e a ner3o/s
.rea>do6n2 :o/ can sa( 6hat (o/ 6ant to@that=s a.sol/tel(
$=ll tell (o/1 in these da(s of t/rmoil1 perple8it(1 and an8iet(1
6e need spirit/al rest and refreshing as ne3er .efore2 -nd God
has pro3ided a means for /s to recei3e the refreshing 6e need .(
spea>ing in other tong/es2 7e need rest and refreshingF -nd1
than> God1 6e can en?o( this spirit/al rest c/re e3er( da( of o/r
li3es2 7hene3er 6e 6ant to1 6e can rest and .e refreshed .(
spea>ing in the +ol( GhostF

he Best Aa! to Ci*e hanks
4a/l gi3es /s another reason 6e sho/ld pra( in tong/es2
Tongues pro#ide the "est way to gi#e than$s.

1 CORINTHIANS 14:14-17
14 5or if $ pra( in an /n>no6n tong/e1 m( spirit
pra(eth1 ./t m( /nderstanding is /nfr/itf/l2
15 7hat is it thenC $ 6ill pra( in the spirit1 and $
6ill pra( 6ith the /nderstanding also' $ 6ill sing
6ith the spirit1 and $ 6ill sing 6ith the
/nderstanding also2
16 Else 6hen tho/ shalt .less 6ith the spirit1
ho6 shall he that occ/pieth the room of the
/nlearned sa( -men at th( gi3ing of than>s1 seeing he
/nderstandeth not 6hat tho/ sa(estC
17 5O* T+OU <E*$9: G$<EST T+-N0S
7E991 ./t the other is not edified2

Notice that 4a/l said1 Bhe that occ/pieth the room of the /nlearnedB
rather than Bthe room of the /nsa3ed2B 7hat did he mean .( that 6ord

B/nlearnedBC +e meant those people who are unlearned in spiritual
things. 4a/l 6as sa(ing that if (o/ gi3e than>s in other tong/es1
someone 6ho is /nlearned in spirit/al things can=t ?oin in 6ith (o/2
5or instance1 s/ppose $ accept (o/r in3itation to come to (o/r ho/se
for dinner and (o/ in3ite se3eral others to come as 6ell2 -t the dinner
ta.le1 (o/ as> me to .less the food1 and $ gi3e than>s 6ith m( spirit .(
pra(ing in other tong/es2
+o6e3er1 the other people 6ho came to dinner are /nlearned 6hen
it comes to the .aptism 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing 6ith other
tong/es2 %eca/se of their lac> of /nderstanding a.o/t these matters1
the( 6o/ldn=t .e a.le to sa( B-menB to m( pra(er of than>s2 7h( notC
%eca/se the( 6o/ldn=t /nderstand a thing $ saidF That=s 6h( it 6o/ld
.e .etter in this setting to gi3e than>s 6ith m( /nderstanding2 Then
those sitting aro/nd me at the ta.le can /nderstand m( pra(er of
than>sgi3ing and agree in their hearts 6ith 6hat $ sa(2
Of co/rse1 it=s still good for /s to gi3e than>s to God .( pra(ing in
tong/es2 $n fact1 3erse 1! sa(s1 "For thou verily givest thanks WELL
2 2 2 B 4a/l is sa(ing here that gi3ing than>s in tong/es provides the
most perfect way to pray and to give thanks, especially when we are by
No61 fol>s 6ho are learned in spirit/al things 6ill
/nderstand if 6e gi3e than>s in other tong/es2 The( ma( not
/nderstand 6hat 6e=re sa(ing1 ./t the( can still sa( B-menB
.eca/se the( /nderstand spirit/al things2 The( >no6 6e=re
gi3ing than>s well 6ith o/r spiritsF
+o6e3er1 in the presence of people 6ho are /nlearned in
spirit/al things1 it 6o/ld .e .est to gi3e than>s 6ith o/r
/nderstanding in o/r o6n 3ernac/lar2 That 6a( others can
/nderstand 6hat 6e sa( and .e edified2 -s Christians1 6e are
commanded to 6al> in lo3e1 and lo3e al6a(s considers the other
person and loo>s for 6a(s to edif( others2
3ra!ing in the Spirit
Brings Bour ongue
Under Sub>ection
7hile 6e=re disc/ssing the man( reasons 6h( 6e sho/ld
spea> 6ith tong/es1 let me incl/de an important one here'
*pea$ing with tongues helps "ring the tongue under su"<ection. -nd $

thin> 6e 6o/ld all agree that o/r tong/es need to .e .ro/ght
/nder s/.?ectionF

8 %/t the tong/e C-N NO ,-N T-,EA it is an
/nr/l( e3il1 f/ll of deadl( poison2
So 6hat does spea>ing in tong/es ha3e to do 6ith this 3erseC
-ccording to this script/re1 the tong/e is the most diffic/lt
mem.er of o/r .odies to control2 Notice it sa(s no man can tame
the tong/e2 %/t )od canF
So 6hen (o/ (ield (o/r tong/e to the +ol( Spirit and spea> 6ith
other tong/es1 (o/ ta>e a giant step to6ard f/ll( (ielding all (o/r
mem.ers to God2 $f (o/ can (ield the most /nr/l( mem.er to God1 (o/
can (ield any mem.er of (o/r .od( to +imF
Thin> a.o/t it@the %i.le calls the tong/e an B/nr/l( e3ilB and a
Bdeadl( poisonBF ,an( Christians ass/me that the se8/al mem.ers of
the .od( are the hardest to control2 -nd the( ma( e3en condemn other
Christians 6ho fail to control their se8/al appetites 6hile the( sin ?/st
as grie3o/sl( or 6orse themsel3es .eca/se of their /ncontrolled tong/eF
Some people are al6a(s r/nning aro/nd tal>ing a.o/t fello6
Christians and r/nning them do6n2 5or instance1 some preacher ma(
fall into immoralit(1 and e3er(one in the ch/rch starts tal>ing a.o/t it2
B;id (o/ hear 6hat the preacher didC 7ell1 let me tell (o/ all the
terri.le detailsFB
%/t p/tting o/t the other fello6=s candle doesn=t light (o/rsF
CriticiDing and gossiping a.o/t others is a grie3o/s sin too2 The %i.le
sa(s the sins of the tong/e are an a.omination to God2

PROVERBS 6:16,19
16 These si8 things doth the 9ord +-TE'
(ea1 se3en are an -%O,$N-T$ON /nto
him 2 2 2 2
19 - false 6itness that spea>eth lies1 and
he that so6eth discord among .rethren2

The .ottom line is this' :o/ ha3e the potential to do more damage
and more sinning 6ith (o/r tong/e than 6ith an( other mem.er of
(o/r .od(2 %/t the more (o/ pra( in tong/es1 the more (o/ 6ill learn to
(ield (o/r tong/e to the +ol( Ghost@ and the easier it 6ill .ecome to
spea> onl( 6ords that edif( others in e3er( sit/ation2

3ra!ing in ongues 3rotects
Bou /rom the +ontamination
of the Aorld
+ere is another reason 6h( e3er( Christian o/ght to spea>
6ith tong/es' 't's a means o $eeping us ree rom the contamination
o the 6orld@the /ngodl(1 the profane1 and all the 3/lgar tal>
that s/rro/nds /s1 6hether on the ?o. or in different p/.lic
+o6 can pra(ing in tong/es >eep /s spirit/all( clean from
6orldl( contaminationC 7ell1 let=s first go .ac> to 6hat 4a/l said
a.o/t the proper /se of pra(ing in tong/es in the p/.lic
assem.l(2 - .elie3er is to B2 2 2 $eep silence in the church: and let him
spea$ to himsel and to )od" H1 Cor2 14'2I2
The same principle can .e applied to an( p/.lic setting2 :o/
are spea>ing to (o/rself and to God 6hen (o/ spea> in tong/es2
So ?/st as (o/ can spea> to (o/rself and to God in a ch/rch
ser3ice1 (o/ can also do so in other p/.lic settings .eca/se
(o/=re not spea>ing o/t lo/d@(o/ are B>eeping silence2B
:o/ can pra( this 6a( on the ?o.2 :o/ can pra( in the Spirit
riding on a s/.6a(1 in a ./s1 or on an airplane2 :o/ 6on=t
dist/r. an(one .eca/se (o/=re spea>ing E/ietl( to (o/rself and
to God1 ./ilding (o/rself /p and at the same time >eeping
(o/rself clean from 6orldl( contamination2
:ears ago 6hen $ 6as a (o/ng pastor1 $=d ha3e to go to the
.ar.ershop to get m( hair c/t1 and sometimes $=d ha3e to sit and
6ait for m( t/rn2 ,ean6hile1 the .ar.ershop 6o/ld .e f/ll of
men engaged in all >inds of con3ersations1 man( of 6hich
incl/ded 3/lgar ?o>es and profane lang/age2 %/t $=d ?/st sit there
and spea> /nder m( .reath to m(self and to God in tong/es
6hile $ 6aited1 and $ didn=t stop spea>ing in tong/es e3en 6hen
$ 6as in the .ar.er chair2 -s a res/lt1 all that carnalit( and
3/lgar tal> that s/rro/nded me ne3er registered on m( spirit2 $
sta(ed free of the contamination of the 6orld as $ pra(ed in
:o/ can do the same thing2 Thro/gho/t the da(1 6here3er (o/ go1
(o/ can spea> E/ietl( in tong/es to (o/rself and to God2 -s (o/ do1
(o/ 6ill .e strengthened .( the +ol( Spirit=s po6er in (o/r spirit man
to >eep (o/ free from all 6orldl( contaminationF

3ra!ing in ongues 7s
the 7ntroduction to
the Cifts of the Spirit
To .e filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and to spea> 6ith other tong/es is
also the introduction to the gits o the *pirit H1 Cor2 12'1&11I2 $ often sa( it
this 6a(' *pea$ing with other tongues is the doorway into the supernatural
realm o )od. $n other 6ords1 the infilling 6ith the +ol( Ghost and the
practice of pra(ing in other tong/es on a reg/lar .asis is the door6a( to
all the other .enefits and spirit/al eE/ipment that are o/rs2
%efore 6e go on1 ho6e3er1 $ need to clarif( something2 Tong/es are
not the door6a( into the ruit of the spirit in a .elie3er=s life HGal2
&'22&23I2 $ need to point this o/t .eca/se man( times1 people ha3e said
to me1 B$ >no6 a lot of 5/ll Gospel fol>s 6ho spea> 6ith tong/es ./t
don=t ha3e the fr/it of the spirit the 6a( the( o/ght to2B
Others ha3e said1 B$ >no6 6onderf/l Christians 6ho don=t
spea> 6ith tong/es1 and the( mar3elo/sl( e8hi.it the fr/it of the
Certainl(1 .oth statements are tr/e2 %/t let me call (o/r
attention to the fact that the fr/it of the spirit tal>ed a.o/t in
Galatians #'22&23 are not the fr/it of the +ol( Spirit2 The +ol(
Spirit doesn=t prod/ce fr/it2
Jes/s said1 B$ am the <ine1 and (o/ are the .ranchesB Hsee John
1#'1&I2 5r/it gro6 on the .ranches1 and we are the .ranches2
Therefore1 the fr/it of the spirit refers to the fr/it that gro6s in
o/r li3es .eca/se of the life of Christ 6ithinF

22 %/t T+E 5*U$T O5 T+E S4$*$T is lo3e1 ?o(1 peace1
longs/ffering1 gentleness1 goodness1 faith1
23 ,ee>ness1 temperance' against s/ch there is no la62

Someone might sa(1 B:es1 ./t in the King +ames %i.le of
Galatians #'221 the 6ord *pirit is capitaliDed1 so it m/st refer to
the +ol( Spirit2B
%/t there is onl( one Gree> 6ord for spirit! so if the 6ord
B+ol(B isn=t in front of the 6ord spirit! (o/ ha3e to determine .(
the te8t 6hether it refers to the h/man spirit or to the +ol(
Spirit2 4a/l is primaril( tal>ing a.o/t the human spirit here2

4a/l is dra6ing a distinction .et6een the fr/it of the flesh
and the fr/it of the spirit1 that is1 the recreated h/man spirit2
The fr/it of the spirit sho/ld .e de3eloped in the life of e3er( Christian2
%/t remem.er1 the fr/it of the spirit has nothing to do 6ith the .aptism
in the +ol( Ghost or the gifts of the Spirit2
$ can pro3e that .( the Script/res2 5or instance1 the first fr/it of the
spirit listed is lo#e. 5irst John 3'14 states1 "We $now that we ha#e passed
rom death unto lie! "ecause we lo#e the "rethren." 9o3e is the first e3idence
of a person .eing .orn again2 -nother fr/it of the spirit is peace. *omans
#'1 sa(s1 "Thereore "eing <ustiied "y aith! we ha#e peace . . . ." This 3erse
tells /s that peace is the res/lt or the fr/it of .eing ?/stified so 6e can
stand righteo/s .efore God2
$ co/ld go do6n the list of the nine fr/it of the spirit and find chapter
and 3erse to pro3e that each of these fr/it is the fr/it of the recreated
h/man spirit2 5r/it gro6s on .ranches2 %elie3ers are the .ranches1 and
Jes/s is the <ine2 %ranches prod/ce fr/it as the( dra6 their life from the
<ine HJohn 1#'1&!I2 The fr/it is gi3en for the p/rpose of holiness and
character. Gifts are gi3en for the p/rpose of power.
:o/ can .e hol( and not .e po6erf/l1 and (o/ can .e po6erf/l and
not .e hol(2 Of co/rse1 God=s ideal is for (o/ to .e .oth hol( and
This is 6hat 4a/l 6as sa(ing to the Corinthians a.o/t 6al>ing in
lo3e' "Though ' spea$ with the tongues o men and o angels! and ha#e not
charity! ' am "ecome as sounding "rass! or a tin$ling cym"al" H1 Cor2 13'1I2
4a/l 6as sa(ing in essence1 "/ou ha#e spiritual gits! "ut the gits are or
power and the ruit is or holiness and character."
$ >no6 some 6onderf/l saints of God@consecrated1
dedicated Christians@6ho ha3e the fr/it of the spirit in
a./ndance ./t no po6er in their li3es 6hatsoe3er2 $=3e ne3er
seen an( s/pernat/ral gifts in manifestation in their li3es
6hatsoe3er2 On the other hand1 $ >no6 people 6ho are
po6erho/ses for God and ha3e mar3elo/s manifestations of
spirit/al gifts2 %/t the( failed to gro6 /p spirit/all(1 and it=s 3er(
o.3io/s that the( need to gro6 more fr/it of the spirit in their
:o/ see1 spirit/al .a.es can ha3e spirit/al gifts2 - person
doesn=t ha3e to .e a mat/re Christian for the +ol( Spirit to
operate thro/gh him in the gifts of the Spirit2 $ can easil( pro3e

this .( the Script/res as 6ell2 4a/l told the Corinthian .elie3ers
that the( came .ehind in no gift H1 Cor2 1'!I2 :et later 4a/l called
these same Christians spirit/al .a.es H1 Cor2 3'1I2
Thin> a.o/t it' 7e don=t e8pect .a.( trees to prod/ce fr/it2
7e >no6 that it ta>es time for a tree to mat/re eno/gh to .ear
fr/it on its .ranches2
7ell1 the same is tr/e for .a.( Christians2 $t ta>es a6hile for
.a.( Christians to start e8hi.iting the fr/it of the spirit to an(
great meas/re2 :et .a.( Christians can .e filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and ha3e di3ine po6er operating in their li3esF
$f 6e 6o/ld .e honest1 $ .elie3e 6e 6o/ld all ha3e to admit
that 6e are not f/ll( mat/re in the fr/it of the spirit1 no matter
ho6 long 6e=3e .een 6al>ing 6ith the 9ord2 7e ma( ha3e .een
good1 Spirit&filled1 tong/e&tal>ing Christians for man( (ears2 %/t
?/st a.o/t the time 6e thin>1 4an( ''m doing really well( ''#e <ust
a"out got my lesh under control(@some less&than&desira.le
circ/mstance arises1 and 6e find o/t 6e=re not nearl( as
sanctified as 6e tho/ghtF Those are the times 6e realiDe all o3er
again that 6e are still li3ing in the flesh and 6e still ha3e the
.od( to contend 6ith2

27 %/t $ 0EE4 UN;E* ,: %O;:1 -N;
%*$NG $T $NTO SU%JECT$ON' lest that
.( an( means1 6hen $ ha3e preached to
others1 $ m(self sho/ld .e a casta6a(2

:o/ see1 sanctification is a process1 and 6e ha3e to learn to >eep the
.od( /nder2 7hen 4a/l said1 "But ' $eep under my "ody. . . " he 6as
referring to >eeping his .od( /nder s/.?ection to the in6ard man2 $n
other 6ords1 4a/l 6as sa(ing1 B$nstead of letting m( flesh dominate me1
my spirit m/st dominate m( flesh2B
On the other hand1 carnal Christians 6ho don't allo6 their spirits to
dominate their flesh can still .e filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 -nd to tell
the tr/th1 the( need to .e filled 6ith the Spirit more than an(oneF
:o/ see1 tong/es are the .eginning of it all@the entr( 6a( into a
ne6 realm of po6er in (o/r 6al> 6ith God2 %/t once (o/ go thro/gh
that door into God=s s/pernat/ral po6er1 are (o/ going to de3elop in
the things of the SpiritC Or are (o/ ?/st going to stop on the other side of
the door and stop (o/r spirit/al gro6th1 as so man( people doC

4ersonall(1 o3er the (ears $=3e fo/nd in m( o6n life and ministr(
that the more $ pra( and 6orship God in tong/es1 the more
manifestation of the other spirit/al gifts $ e8perience in m( life2 -nd $=3e
fo/nd that the opposite is tr/e as 6ell' The less
$ spea> in tong/es1 the fe6er manifestations of spirit/al gifts $
4a/l teaches .elie3ers to .e desiro/s of spirit/al gifts and to
co3et earnestl( the .est gifts H1 Cor2 12'31I2 %/t remem.er@
those 6ords 6ere 6ritten to people 6ho alread( spo>e 6ith
$n concl/sion1 let me repeat2 *pea$ing with tongues is the
entrance into all the spiritual gits and the supernatural eDuipment
)od has or you. %/t don=t ?/st stop at the entranceF Go on to
de3elop (o/rself f/ll( in God=s might( spirit/al eE/ipment as
(o/ press e3er deeper in pra(erF

he 7nestimable Dalue of Speaking Aith ongues

$n light of all these p/rposes for spea>ing 6ith other tong/es
that are set forth in the Script/res1 6e can readil( see that each
one is designed for o/r .enefit and o/r gain2 Therefore1 it is
amaDing to me that people as>1 B7hat good does a person get
o/t of spea>ing 6ith other tong/esCB
$s there an( 3al/e in tal>ing to God s/pernat/rall(C
Emphaticall( (esF There m/st .e1 or God 6o/ldn=t ha3e
pro3ided the means to do soF
$f God sa(s tong/es are a s/pernat/ral means of
comm/nication 6ith +im1 then 6e emphaticall( need this
s/pernat/ral means of comm/nication 6ith +imF
$f God sa(s tong/es edif( the one 6ho spea>s1 then the one
6ho spea>s needs this s/pernat/ral a.ilit( to empo6er him in
the +ol( Ghost2 No matter 6hat a .elie3er feels or does not feel1
6hen he spea>s in tong/es1 he is .eing ./ilt /pF
-nd if God sa(s tong/es are of 3al/e1 then the( are of great and
mar3elo/s 3al/e@.e(ond the scope of an(thing 6e ha3e (et imagined
or e8perienced in +imF

HE S+O3E O/ S3E,K7-C

3,= 3

+ H , 3 E = # 6

/7DE +O22O-
27S+O-+E37O-S ,BOU
S3E,K7-C 7- O-CUES

-t the .eginning of this .oo>1 $ stated that e3en .elie3ers 6ho are
filled 6ith the Spirit and spea> 6ith tong/es are often ignorant
concerning not onl( the #alue! ./t also the scope of tong/es2 Some
.elie3ers don=t >no6 6hat God=s 7ord sa(s a.o/t spea>ing 6ith
tong/es2 -s a res/lt1 the( are ro..ed of all the .enefits God intends for
them to en?o( thro/gh this s/pernat/ral gift2
$n the follo6ing chapters1 $ 6ant to help (o/ /nderstand the true
scope of spea>ing 6ith tong/es1 .oth as it is presented in the 7ord and
as it has .een pro3en o/t in the po6erf/l pra(er li3es of godl( men and
6omen thro/gh the (ears2 %/t first1 $ .elie3e 6e need to clear /p some
misconceptions and /nscript/ral e8cesses that man( .elie3ers ha3e
em.raced as tr/th o3er the (ears concerning this s/.?ect of tong/es2
7e=ll deal 6ith misconceptions first2
2isconception G#? EBou arenEt sa*ed unless
!ouEre baptiIed in the Hol! Spirit and speak
with tongues.E

$n the Ch/rch 6orld as a 6hole1 there are those 6ho sa( no
one is reall( sa3ed /nless he or she is .aptiDed 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and spea>s 6ith other tong/es2 These fol>s also /s/all(
p/t great emphasis on the .elief that a person m/st .e .aptiDed
.( a certain .aptismal form/la2
%/t according to the 6ords of Jes/s in John 141 that doesn=t
.ear /p /nder script/ral e8amination2 $n fact1 if people aren=t
sa3ed /ntil the( recei3e the +ol( Ghost and spea> 6ith other
tong/es1 then Jes/s told a lie in this passage .eca/se +e

emphaticall( declared the /nsa3ed co/ld not recei3e the +ol(

JOHN 14:16-17
16 -nd $ 6ill pra( the 5ather1 and he shall gi3e (o/
another CO,5O*TE*1 that he ma( a.ide 6ith (o/ for
17 E3en T+E S4$*$T O5 T*UT+A 7+O, T+E
7O*9; C-NNOT *ECE$<E1 .eca/se it seeth him not1
neither >no6eth him' ./t (e >no6 him for he d6elleth
6ith (o/1 and shall .e in (o/2

Jes/s said the 6orld or /nsa3ed people cannot recei3e the
Comforter1 the Spirit of Tr/th@the +ol( Spirit in +is f/llness2
7h( can=t the 6orld recei3e the +ol( GhostC "Because it Kthe
6orldL seeth him not! neither $noweth him . . . ." :o/ see1 an
/nsa3ed person is recreated .( the +ol( Spirit in the Ne6 %irth
6hen he accepts Jes/s2 %/t the 6orld@those 6ho are /nsa3ed@
cannot recei3e the +ol( Ghost .eca/se the( don=t >no6 Jes/s2
$f an /nsa3ed person pra(s to recei3e the infilling of the +ol( Spirit
6itho/t accepting Jes/s first1 he ma( recei3e an( >ind of spirit1 .eca/se
there is more than one spirit in the spirit realm2
There are e3il spirits as 6ellF
One of the most dangero/s things in the 6orld is to con3ince sinners
to start see>ing the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost2 Sinners don=t >no6 one
spirit from another2 -nd .( 3iolating the 7ord of God and not
accepting Jes/s first1 the( ma( (ield to a wrong spirit2
O3er the (ears1 $=3e 6itnessed this happen to se3eral people2 Since
the( didn=t first accept Jes/s and get .orn again1 the( act/all( recei3ed
an e3il spirit1 and $ had to cast that e3il spirit o/t of them2 -fter6ard1 $
led them to the 9ord1 the( 6ere .orn again1 and then the( 6ere filled
6ith the +ol( SpiritF
5or instance1 $ remem.er one meeting 6here se3eral people came
for6ard to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 +o6e3er1 $ sensed in m( spirit
that a certain 6oman in the pra(er line had an e3il spirit in her2 -s $ laid
hands on her1 $ as>ed her1 B-re (o/ a ChristianCB
She said1 B$ am2 7h(1 $ e3en ha3e the +ol( Ghost2 ;o (o/ 6ant to
hear me spea> in tong/esCB %efore $ co/ld sa( an(thing1 she started
rattling off something1 ./t it 6as ?/st gi..erish2 $ >ne6 it 6asn=t
:o/ >no61 it scares some people to tal> a.o/t demons or e3il spirits2
%/t .elie3ers don=t ha3e to .e afraidA the( ?/st need to read their %i.leF

The %i.le tells /s ho6 to identif( e3il spirits' "%nd e#ery spirit that
conesseth not that +esus 5hrist is come in the lesh is not o )od: and this is
that spirit o antichrist. . ." H1 John 4'3I2 Than> God1 +e doesn=t lea3e /s in
the dar> a.o/t 6hich spirits are not of GodF
$f $ had dealt 6ith this 6oman 6hen the e3il spirit 6asn=t in
manifestation1 she co/ld ha3e said from her mind1 BChrist has
come in the flesh2B That=s 6h( $ >ne6 $ had to deal 6ith it right
then1 6hile the e3il spirit 6as in manifestation2
So $ said to her1 BSa( this pra(er after me1 Sister2B $ pra(ed1
B+ea3enl( 5ather2B She follo6ed me and said1 B+ea3enl(
Then $ said1 B$ ac>no6ledge that :o/ are God2B
She repeated after me1 B$ ac>no6ledge that :o/ are God2B
Then $ said1 B-nd that the 9ord Jes/s Christ is :o/r Son1 and
+e has come in the flesh2B
The 6oman said1 BJes/s Christ is not (o/r Son1 and +e has
not come in the flesh2B Notice she didn't sa( Bthe ,ord Jes/s
Christ2B She co/ld not confess that Jes/s Christ is God=s Son1 that
+e is 9ord1 and that +e had come in the flesh2
$t 6as E/ite o.3io/s that this 6oman hadn=t recei3ed the
right spirit2 She had associated 6ith those 6ho sa( a person isn=t
reall( sa3ed /nless he is filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spea>s
6ith tong/es2 These people led this 6oman1 still a sinner1 into
see>ing the .aptism in the +ol( Ghost1 and instead she recei3ed
the 6rong spiritF
5inall( this 6oman said to me1 BSomething here on the inside
of me 6on=t let me sa( 6hat (o/ said2B
$ said1 B$ >no6 it2 ;o (o/ 6ant to .e freeCB
She said1 B$ do2B So $ cast that e3il spirit o/t of her1 and .efore
the ser3ice 6as o3er1 she 6as .orn again and spea>ing 6ith
other tong/es as the +ol( Spirit ga3e her /tteranceF
9et me sa( this one more time' $t is dangero/s for sinners to
see> to .e filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit2 The( need to .e made ne6
creat/res in Christ Jes/s first2 Onl( then can the( .e filled 6ith
the +ol( Ghost2
On the other hand1 as $ said earlier1 6hen (o/ >no6 the 9ord Jes/s
as (o/r Sa3ior1 and God .ecomes (o/r 5ather in the Ne6 %irth1 (o/
don=t ha3e to .e concerned at all a.o/t as>ing the 9ord for the infilling
of the +ol( Spirit2 :o/ can >no6 .e(ond an( do/.t that 6hen (o/ as>1
(o/ a.sol/tel( cannot recei3e the 6rong spiritF

, +onfirming 9ream

$ 6as holding a meeting in a large ch/rch and had a sermon all read(
to preach for the S/nda( morning ser3ice2 %/t ?/st .efore $ a6o>e that
S/nda( morning1 $ had a dream that changed m( message2
$ sa6 m(self standing in the p/lpit1 and $ heard m(self sa(1 B:o/
>no61 some people sa( (o/=re not .orn again /nless (o/=re f/ll of the
+ol( Spirit and spea> 6ith other tong/es2 %/t that isn=t right2B
Then $ heard m(self E/ote John 14'1"&1!2 $ said1 B:o/ see1 the %i.le
sa(s1 '-#en the *pirit o truth: whom the world cannot recei#e . . . .' God does
ha3e a gift for the 6orld2 -ccording to John 3'1"1 that gift is eternal life2
%/t for +is children1 God=s gift is the .aptism in the +ol( SpiritB H-cts
1'#I2 Then in the dream1 $ E/oted 9/>e 11'13' "' ye then! "eing e#il! $now
how to gi#e good gits unto your children: how much more shall your hea#enly
0ather gi#e the Holy *pirit to them that as$ him&"
That=s all $ sa6 in m( dream2 7hen $ 6o>e /p1 $ tho/ght1 Well!
that wasn't what ' was going to preach a"out! "ut it wouldn't hurt or
me to tal$ a"out what ' said in my dream.
So 6hen it 6as time for me to preach that morning1 $ told the
congregation1 B$ ha3e a sermon $=m going to preach1 ./t $ 6ant to
tell (o/ 6hat $ heard m(self sa( from the p/lpit in a dream $ had
last night2 $t might help someone2B Then $ related 6hat $ said in
the dream2
-fter the ser3ice1 m( 6ife and $ 6ent o/t to eat 6ith the
pastor1 and he said1 B%rother +agin1 6hat (o/ told the
congregation a.o/t (o/r dream 6as of GodF This morning a
(o/ng man in o/r congregation came o3er to tal> to me .efore
the ser3ice2 +e=s a fine (o/ng man1 a h/s.and and father of
three1 6ho got sa3ed and filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit here at the
ch/rch fi3e (ears ago and has .een a part of o/r congregation
e3er since2
BThis morning this man said to me1 =4astor1 this 6ill .e m(
last S/nda( here2 $ 6ill .e going to another ch/rch1 ./t $ 6anted
to .e fair a.o/t it and let (o/ >no61 so $ came this morning2 ,(
mother is a mem.er of S/ch&and&s/ch ch/rch1 and she has
con3inced me that no one is reall( sa3ed /nless he or she is filled
6ith the +ol( Ghost and spea>s 6ith other tong/es2=B

The pastor contin/ed1 B%/t after the ser3ice1 that same (o/ng
man came to me and said1 =4astor1 m( famil( and $ are not
lea3ingF %rother +agin=s dream 6as e3identl( for me1 and $ see
6hat God is tr(ing to tell me2=
BThen the (o/ng man told me1 -fter %rother +agin said 6hat
he did1 $ starting thin>ing1 Why! ' got sa#ed right there at that altar!
and it was months later "eore ' was illed with the *pirit(
When ' got "apti8ed in the Holy )host! ' KN-W ' was already sa#ed. ' had the
witness o the Holy *pirit all that time. 4astor1 $ >no6 that m( mother is a
good 6oman and that she=s sa3ed2 %/t e3en tho/gh she=s right in her
heart1 she is 6rong in her headF=B
That (o/ng man 6as e8actl( right2 There is a .ig difference .et6een
God=s gift to the 6orld@the gift of eternal life .( accepting Jes/s
Christ@and the infilling of the +ol( Ghost1 6hich is +is gift to +is

2isconception G1? Eongues arenEt for e*er!one.E

-nother misconception is the idea that .elie3ers can recei3e the
.aptism in the +ol( Ghost 6itho/t the e3idence of spea>ing in tong/es2
Spea>ing 6ith tong/es is not the infilling of the +ol( Ghost1 and the
infilling of the +ol( Ghost is not spea>ing 6ith tong/es@ "ut they go
hand in hand. :o/ are not recei3ing tong/es 6hen (o/ get filled 6ith the
Spirit2 :o/ are recei3ing the f/llness of the Third 4erson of the
Godhead1 the +ol( Spirit2
Some people erroneo/sl( sa(1 B:o/ can ha3e the infilling of the +ol(
Ghost 6ith or 6itho/t tong/es2B %/t that=s not .i.licalF 7e sa6 earlier
the .i.lical pattern for recei3ing the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit in the
%oo> of -cts2 Those .elie3ers 6ere filled 6ith the +ol( Spirit and spo>e
in tong/es H-cts 2'1&4I2 -nd if you recei3e the infilling of the +ol(
Ghost1 (o/ can and sho/ld e8pect to also ha3e the %i.le e3idence that
goes along 6ith itF
*ecei3ing the +ol( Ghost with the e3idence of spea>ing in tong/es is
>ind of li>e the tong/e in a man=s shoe2 $f $ .o/ght a pair of shoes1 $
6o/ldn=t ./( a pair 6itho/t an( tong/es in them2 %/t at the same time1
$=d ne3er ./( ?/st the tong/es of the shoes eitherF $=d ./( shoes! ./t $
certainl( 6o/ldn=t accept them 6itho/t the tongues in them@e3en if
the( 6ere the most e8pensi3e pair of shoes in the storeF

Other people sa(1 B7ell1 $ .elie3e in spea$ing in tong/es1 ./t
tong/es aren=t for e3er(one2B Then the( point to 5irst
Corinthians 12'29&30 for their s/pposed script/ral proof'

1 CORINTHIANS 12:29-30
29 -re all apostlesC are all prophetsC are all
teachersC are all 6or>ers of miraclesC
30 +a3e all the gifts of healingC do all spea>
6ith tong/esC do all interpretC

Since the implied ans6er to all the other E/estions in 3erses
29 and 30 is no! these people concl/de1 BSince all are not apostles1
prophets1 teachers1 or 6or>ers of miracles1 then it is also tr/e
that all do not spea> 6ith tong/es2 Therefore1 tong/es are not
for e3er(one2B
%/t (o/ can ta>e one 3erse or a part of a 3erse o/t of conte8t
and p/t it 6ith another 3erse in the %i.le to pro3e an(thing in
the 6orld (o/ ma( 6ant to pro3e2
So let=s read the whole conte8t of these 3erses and see 6hat
4a/l is act/all( tal>ing a.o/t2

1 CORINTHIANS 12:27-30
27 No6 (e are the .od( of Christ1 and mem.ers
in partic/lar2
28 -nd God hath set some in the ch/rch1 first
apostles1 secondaril( prophets1 thirdl( teachers1
after that miracles1 then gifts of healings1 helps1
go3ernments1 di3ersities of tong/es2
29 -re all apostlesC are all prophetsC are all
teachersC are all 6or>ers of miraclesC
30 +a3e all the gifts of healingC do all spea>
6ith tong/esC do all interpretC
Someone might sa(1 BSeeC 4a/l is sa(ing that not e3er(one spea>s
6ith tong/esFB
%/t 4a/l isn=t tal>ing a.o/t spirit/al gifts here2 +e alread( tal>ed
a.o/t that in 5irst Corinthians 12'1&112 +e=s tal>ing a.o/t ministry gifts1
not gifts of the Spirit2 ,inistr( gifts are people 6ho are called to the
fi3efold ministr( and eDuipped 6ith gifts of the Spirit HEph2 4'11&12I2 5or
e8ample1 an apostle is a ministr( gift2 - prophet is a ministr( gift2
-#angelists! pastors! and teachers are ministr( gifts2 4eople 6ho are called
and eE/ipped to stand in a ministr( gift office carr( a specific calling
/pon their li3es 6here.( the( can minister and .less others2

4a/l then goes on to sa(1 B2 2 2 %ter that miracles! then gits o healings . .
." H1 Cor2 12'2I2 No61 4a/l doesn=t change his mind and start tal>ing
a.o/t something else in the middle of this 3erse2 +e isn=t illogical2 This
phrase Bmiracles1 then gifts of healingsB is reall( referring to the office of
the e#angelist.
7e can see the office of the e3angelist in 4hilip=s ministr( in the cit(
of Samaria2

ACTS 8:5-7
5 Then 4hilip 6ent do6n to the cit( of
Samaria1 and 4*E-C+E; C+*$ST /nto them2
6 -nd the people 6ith one accord ga3e heed
/nto those things 6hich 4hilip spa>e1 hearing
and seeing the ,$*-C9ES 6hich he did2
7 5or /nclean spirits1 cr(ing 6ith lo/d 3oice1
came o/t of man( that 6ere possessed 6ith them'
and man( ta>en 6ith palsies1 and that 6ere lame1
7E*E +E-9E;2

The e3angelist=s ministr( consists of preaching Christ to the
people for their sal3ationA 6or>ing of miraclesA and gifts of
healings in operation2
Ne8t comes the helps ministr(2 The ministr( of helps incl/des
those people called .( God to assist ministers called to the
fi3efold ministr(2 The ministr( of go#ernments refers to the
pastoral office1 .eca/se the pastoral office leads the go3ernment
of the local ch/rch2 5inall(1 4a/l mentions another ministr(@
di#ersities o tongues.
So in this passage in 5irst Corinthians 12'2!&301 4a/l is not
tal>ing a.o/t .eing filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost and spea>ing
6ith other tong/es as the +ol( Spirit gi3es /tterance2 +e is also
not tal>ing a.o/t a person magnif(ing the 9ord in tong/es and
spea>ing di3ine m(steries to +im2 +e is also not referring to a
la(man 6ho occasionall( gi3es a message in tong/es in the
p/.lic assem.l( to edif( the ch/rch2
Than> God for each one of these applications and /ses of the
gift of spea>ing in tong/es1 ./t 4a/l isn=t tal>ing a.o/t an( of
them in this passage2 Notice that Bdi3ersit( of tong/esB is listed
along 6ith the rest of the ministr( offices1 .eca/se it is also a
ministr( giftF 4a/l is sa(ing that God set some@that is1 specific

people@in the Ch/rch 6ho ha3e a ministry of di3ersities of
The ministr( gift of di3ersit( of tong/es appro8imates the office of
the prophet2 $t refers to one 6ho is called to minister in the p/.lic
assem.l( in tong/es and interpretation2
4a/l goes on to as>1 B-re all apostlesCB No2 B-re all prophetsCB No2
B-re all teachersCB No2 B-re all 6or>ers of miraclesC +a3e all the gifts of
healingsCB $n other 6ords1 Bare all e3angelistsCB No2 B;o all spea> 6ith
tong/esC ;o all interpretCB $n other 6ords1 B;o all stand in the prophets
office 6ith the ministr( of di3ersit( of tong/esCB 7ell1 of co/rse1 the
ans6er is noF
So don=t ta>e that E/estion o/t of its script/ral conte8t and concl/de1
B$t is readil( apparent from this 3erse that not e3er(one 6ill spea> in
tong/es2B This passage isn=t tal>ing a.o/t spirit/al gifts s/ch as
spea>ing in tong/es gi3en to indi3id/al people2 No1 it=s tal>ing a.o/t
ministr( gifts gi3en to the 5hurch. -nd in 5irst Corinthians 12'301 it=s
tal>ing a.o/t people called to the prophet=s office as ministr( gifts
thro/gh the di3ersit( of tong/es and interpretation2
The first people $ e3er sa6 ministering in di3ersit( of tong/es and
interpretation 6ere %rother and Sister Good6in2 The Good6inGs 6ere
t6o of the dearest friends and fello6 ministers m( 6ife and $=3e e3er
had the honor of >no6ing2 The( had a remar>a.le ministr( in this area
of tong/es and interpretation2
5or instance1 $ remem.er the time m( 6ife and $ held a meeting in a
so/th Te8as cit(2 $n times past1 6e had fello6shipped 6ith a certain
famil( that li3ed in that cit(1 ./t $ noticed that the h/s.and ne3er came
to an( of the ch/rch ser3ices2
That man=s 6ife as>ed to go to l/nch 6ith /s one da(2 ;/ring o/r
time together1 she told /s1 B$ don=t mean to r/n m( h/s.and do6n
.eca/se he=s a fine man2 %/t something happened at the ch/rch that
offended him1 and he stopped going2 +e ref/ses to go there an(more2B
7ell1 6hen a person gets o/t of ch/rch1 he gets o/t of
fello6ship 6ith God1 .eca/se a .elie3er 6ho doesn=t fello6ship
6ith other .elie3ers isn=t 6al>ing in the light of God=s 7ord H 1
John 1'!I2 This man needed pra(er1 and1 of co/rse1 6e pra(ed for
him 6ith his 6ife that da(2
7e closed that meeting and tra3eled a h/ndred miles a6a(
to minister in another to6n2 %rother and Sister Good6in 6ere in
attendance at this meeting2

This time the man sho6ed /p1 along 6ith his 6ife and three
carloads of people2 +e 6o/ldn=t come to the local meetings1 ./t
he dro3e a h/ndred miles to get to these other ser3icesF
-t one of these meetings1 the 9ord said to me1 B,inister to
that man and his 6ife1B so $ called them for6ard2 S/ddenl( $ had
6hat $ call a mini&3ision flash in front of me2 $ sa6 the co/ple
6al>ing along1 and the 6ife 6as loo>ing do6n2
$n the 3ision1 the h/s.and as>ed1 B7hat=s 6rongCB
The 6ife ans6ered1 B7ell1 no61 $ >no6 %rother +agin said
all that to me propheticall(1 ./t he >ne6 part of the sit/ation
.eca/se $ told him2B
Then the 9ord said to me1 B:o/ co/ld minister to this
h/s.and and 6ife1 ./t it 6ill .e .etter if %rother and Sister
Good6in came and ministered to them2 Then the de3il 6on=t .e
a.le to ta>e ad3antage of them .eca/se the( >no6 the
Good6inGs don=t >no6 an(thing a.o/t them2B
So 6hile the 6orship leader led the congregation in singing1 $
as>ed the Good6inGs to come /p and minister to them2 Sister
Good6in spo>e in tong/es to this co/ple and %rother Good6in
interpreted2 :o/ 6o/ld ha3e tho/ght $=d told the Good6inGs all a.o/t
their e8act sit/ationF %rother and Sister Good6in told this h/s.and and
6ife 6ord for 6ord 6hat the 6ife had told Oretha and me at l/nch that
da(2 The Good6inGs told the co/ple 6hat their pro.lem 6as and 6here
the( had missed it 6ith one another2 Then the( ga3e the co/ple God=s
ans6er for their sit/ation2
$ sa6 the Good6inGs minister li>e that o3er and o3er again thro/gh
the (ears2 :o/ see1 6hen la(men gi3e a message in tong/es in the
p/.lic assem.l(1 the n/m.er is to .e limited to at least t6o or three
people H1 Cor2 14'2!I2 %/t in the ministr( of di3ersities of tong/es
mentioned in 5irst Corinthians 12'301 there is no end to its operation as
the minister is led and anointed .( the +ol( Spirit2
,an( times in m( o6n meetings people 6o/ld come for6ard to .e
ministered to1 and the 9ord 6o/ld sa(1 B+a3e %rother and Sister
Good6in minister to them2B Then the Good6inGs 6o/ld minister to
e3er( one of them in tong/es and interpretation2 The( 6o/ldn=t >no6
an(thing a.o/t the people1 ./t the( 6o/ld tell each one e8actl( 6hat
6as 6rong and gi3e the person God=s e8act ans6er from +ea3en2
So there are those 6ho are called to minister in di3ersit( of tong/es
and interpretation in the p/.lic assem.l(2 E3er(one isn=t called to that

ministr(A )od is the One 6ho chooses and sets people into this ministr(
gift office2
+o6e3er1 e#ery .elie3er should! could! and ought to .e filled 6ith the
+ol( Ghost and spea> 6ith other tong/es as the Spirit of God gi3es him
or her /tterance2 These tong/es are not for

p/.lic interpretation in the ch/rchA rather1 the( are to .e /sed in the
.elie3er=s pri3ate de3otional life .efore God2

2isconception G8? EBou canEt pra! in tongues at willE

-s a (o/ng denominational .o( preacher1 $ recei3ed the .aptism
6ith the +ol( Ghost on the eighth da( of -pril H6hich 6as a Th/rsda(I
at "'0 p2m2 in the parsonage of the 5/ll Gospel Ta.ernacle at 309 North
Chestn/t Street in ,c0inne(1 Te8as2 5rom that da( on1 $ made it a ha.it
to get alone and 6ait .efore God1 pra(ing and singing in tong/es as $
6orshiped and fello6shipped 6ith the 9ord2
-s $ said earlier1 the 4entecostals didn=t teach me to do that2 $n fact1
people had little or no teaching on 6hat the( 6ere s/pposed to do 6ith
the pra(er lang/age the( recei3ed in the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit2 So $
reall( didn=t >no6 6hether pra(ing in tong/es on a reg/lar .asis 6as
right or not2
$=d hear the 4entecostal fol>s sa(1 B:o/ can=t spea> in tong/es at 6ill2
:o/ ha3e to 6ait for a spirit of ecstas(2 :o/ ha3e to get all 6or>ed /pFB
%/t that 6asn=t my e8perience2 7hen $ got alone 6ith God to pra( and
sing in tong/es1 $ didn=t get all 6or>ed /p2 There 6as no one there ./t
me2 %esides1 $ co/ldn=t find that an(6here in the %i.le2
So $ al6a(s had this nagging do/.t in the .ac> of m( mind' 's it right
to pray in tongues whene#er ' want to& $ contin/ed to str/ggle for se3eral
(ears 6ith this iss/e2
H$ .elie3e that=s one reason God led me to start *+E,- %i.le
Training Center in the mid&19!0s2 God 6ants these .i.lical tr/ths to .e
ta/ght to (o/ng men and 6omen 6ho are called to the ministr( so the(
don=t ha3e to str/ggle 6ith some of these same iss/es the 6a( man( of
/s did for so man( (ears2 No6 o/r st/dents can st/d( and start at the
le3el of /nction and anointing man( of /s older ministers reached after
years in the ministr(FI
0 #(' 0
%eca/se no one ta/ght the script/ral /se of tong/es and $ didn=t
>no6 the %i.le on the s/.?ect1 the de3il harassed m( mind 6ith
acc/sing tho/ghts2 +e=d 6hisper to m( mind1 "/ou're out o step with all
those other people( They can't pray in tongues unless they're in a spirit o
ecstasy! "ut you <ust pray at will. /ou're wrong( 'n act! you ha#e a wrong
spirit( /ou don't ha#e the same spirit they ha#e"
$ didn=t stop pra(ing pri3atel( in tong/es1 ./t $ 6as still .othered
6hen 4entecostal fol>s told me1 B7e can=t pra( in tong/es at 6ill2 7e
can onl( pra( in tong/es on special occasions 6hen the spirit of ecstas(
lifts /s to a higher realm in the Spirit2B So $ >ept as>ing m(self 6hether
or not $ 6as right2 5or the ne8t se3eral (ears1 $ 6a3ered in m( pra(er
life 6hene3er $ 6aited .efore the 9ord1 pra(ing and singing in other
$ don=t >no6 6h( 6e=re li>e that1 .less o/r darling hearts and st/pid
heads1 ./t sometimes 6e are2 7e see> the opinion of man and tr( to
find o/t 6hat this one or that one has to sa( a.o/t an iss/e1 and
e3er(one offers a different opinion2 7h( don=t 6e ?/st go to God=s
7ord in the first place to find o/r ans6erF
Then finall( in 5e.r/ar( 194311 fo/nd m( ans6er2 $ had .een
Spirit&filled for si8 (ears and 6as the pastor of a little 5/ll Gospel
ch/rch in Greggton1 an east Te8as to6n2 One da( $ 6as st/d(ing at m(
des>1 and $ decided1 ''m <ust going to settle this Duestion

with the Word. ''m going to <ust orget what e#eryone else says a"out praying
in tongues at will and ind out what )12 says(
So $ opened m( %i.le to 5irst Corinthians 142 $ read 6here 4a/l said'
"0or he that spea$eth in an un$nown tongue2 2 2 B The first thing $ noticed
6as that 4a/l did not sa(1 B5or he that the +ol( Ghost spea>eth through
in an /n>no6n tong/e 222BF
2 5or +E T+-T S4E-0ET+ $N -N UN0NO7N
TONGUE spea>eth not /nto men1 ./t /nto God' for no
man /nderstandeth himA ho6.eit in the spirit he
spea>eth m(steries2

$ loo>ed /p this 3erse in the 4oat translation and sa6 that it
translated the 6ord Bm(steriesB as Bdi3ine secrets2B Then $ read 3erse 41
6hich .egins1 "He that spea$eth . . . ." Once again1 $ noticed that it is the
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #($0
person 6ho spea>s1 not the +ol( Ghost2 The 3erse goes on to sa(1 "He
that spea$eth in an un$nown tongue ediieth H'4*-,0. . . . " That
immediatel( got m( attention2 The person 6ho spea>s in an /n>no6n
tong/e edifies himsel.
Ne8t1 $ read 5irst Corinthians 14'14&1#2 This passage 6as the clincher
for meF

1 CORINTHIANS 14:14-15
14 5or if $ pra( in an /n>no6n tong/e1 ,: S4$*$T
4*-:ET+1 ./t m( /nderstanding is /nfr/itf/l2
15 7hat is it thenC $ 7$99 pra( 6ith the spirit1 and $
6ill pra( 6ith the /nderstanding also' $ 7$99 sing
6ith the spirit1 and $ 6ill sing 6ith the /nderstanding
7ho pra(sC ;oes the +ol( Ghost pra(C NoF ;oes the +ol( Ghost pra(
thro/gh meC NoF +e helps me pra(2
<erse 1# helped me2 4a/l sa(s1 "' will pray with the spirit! and
' will pray with the understanding also NNNNNNNNNN B So $ said to m(self1
B7ait a min/teF 4a/l said1 =$ 6ill pra( 6ith m( /nderstanding2= Can $ pra( 6ith
m( mind@m( /nderstanding@an(time $ 6ant to pra(C :esF
$ concl/ded1 B-n(time $ 6ant to $ can sa(1 =No6 $=m going to pra( for 10
min/tes and ?/st start o/t pra(ing 6ith m( /nderstanding' ;ear 5ather1 $ .o6
.efore :o/ in the Name of Jes/s2 $ lift m( 3oice to Thee1 the 5ather of o/r 9ord
Jes/s Christ1 the 5ather of glor(2 $ than> :o/ for :o/r great plan of
redemption22 22= $ co/ld >eep on pra(ing to God for that entire time@?/st
.eca/se $ 6illed to do soFB
Then $ read the .eginning of 3erse 1# again2 4a/l said1 B$ will pra( 6ith the
spirit2B $n other 6ords1 he 6as sa(ing1 B$ can will to pra( 6ith m( spirit ?/st as
m/ch as $ can will to pra( 6ith m( /nderstandingFB $ ne3er sa6 that in the
%i.le .efore that da(1 ./t $ realiDed then that $=d .een right all along to pra( in
the Spirit an(time $ 6anted to2
So $ said1 B$ >no6 6hat $=m going to do2 $=m going to >neel do6n right here
and pra( an ho/r in other tong/es2 $=m going to will to do it2 $ will pra( 6ith m(
No61 here=s 6hat (o/ ha3e to /nderstand a.o/t pra(ing in other tong/es'
The de#il will ight you. +e doesn=t 6ant (o/ to enter this realm of pra(ing in
tong/es in the Spirit 6hene3er (o/ 6ant to2 9et me tell (o/@he=ll ight (o/F
+o6 does he do itC +e does it in a n/m.er of different 6a(s2 %/t since this
>ind of pra(ing is separate from (o/r mind1 one of the de3il=s fa3orite
strategies is to ca/se disco/raging tho/ghts to come to (o/r mind to get (o/
off trac>2
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #'50
That=s 6hat happened to me the moment $ started to >neel do6n to
pra( an ho/r in tong/es2 The tho/ght came to m( mind Hand 7 >ne6 it
6as the de3ilI1 "What i someone were to come in and as$ what you're
doing& /ou'd ha#e to say! '' don't $now("
B7ait a min/te1 ,r2 ;e3il1B $ said2 $ gra..ed m( %i.le and opened it
to 5irst Corinthians 142 B$f someone comes in and hears me pra(ing in
other tong/es and as>s1 =7hat are (o/ doingC= $=ll ?/st sa(1 =$=m tal>ing
to the 5ather and edif(ing m(selfF=B
$mmediatel( the ne8t tho/ght from the enem( came2 "2o you e#en $now
what you're saying&" BNo1 $=m tal>ing di3ine secretsFB
"But do you eel any dierent than you did "eore you started praying&"
B$ don=t 6al> .( feelings1 ,r2 ;e3il2 $ 6al> .( 6hat the %i.le sa(sF
-nd .esides1 it=s spiritual edification1 not ph(sical edification2 So in case
(o/ can=t read1 $=ll ?/st read these script/res to (o/2B Then $ read to him
3ario/s 3erses that ans6ered all the de3il=s acc/sations2 7hen $
finished1 $ said1 BNo61 then1 ,r2 ;e3il1 (o/ might as 6ell go (o/r 6a(1
.eca/se $=m going to pra( an ho/r in other tong/esFB
Then $ sh/t m( e(es and started to pra( and pra( and pray in other
tong/es2 There 6as no /nction or anointing to m( pra(erA $ 6as ?/st
pra(ing 6ith m( spirit2
-fter a 6hile1 $ ?/st $new $=d .een pra(ing for more than an ho/r2 $t seemed
li>e it had .een a #ery long timeF So $ opened m( e(es and loo>ed at m( 6atch1
and $=d onl( .een pra(ing for 10 min/tesF
So $ 6ent after it again and ?/st >ept on plo6ing thro/gh1 pra(ing in
tong/es2 Time slo6l( passed1 and after a 6hile1 $ ?/st $new $=d pra(ed in
tong/es for an ho/r@pro.a.l( for e3en an ho/r and a halfF $ loo>ed at m(
6atch2 Onl( 20 min/tes had passed2 Oh1 dear 9ordF
$ plo6ed on2 $t seemed li>e $ 6o/ld ne#er get thro/gh that ho/r of pra(ing
in tong/es2 $ had no idea one ho/r co/ld seem so longF
Someho6 $ str/ggled thro/gh that ho/r2 -s $ got /p and sat do6n in m(
chair1 a 3oice from the o/tside said to m( mind1 "Well! you <ust wasted an hour(
/ou could ha#e "een wor$ing on your *unday sermon. /ou could ha#e "een out
#isiting people. But instead! you <ust wasted a whole hour. That's what you'#e done("
$ said1 B,r2 ;e3il1 $ ha3e not 6asted an ho/r2 9et me read it to (o/ again2B
,( %i.le 6as still open to 5irst Corinthians 1421 said1 B$=3e .een tal>ing secrets
6ith m( 5ather2 :o/=re mad .eca/se (o/ can=t get in on the secretsFB
"But you don't e#en $now what you're saying("
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #'#0
BNo1B $ said1 B./t $ 6asn=t pra(ing to m(self2 $ 6as tal>ing to GodF +e
/nderstood e3er(thing $ 6as sa(ing1 and that=s all that=s necessar(2 %esides1 $
6as ./ilding /p m( spirit2
BJ/st for that1 ,r2 ;e3il1 $=m going to get .ac> do6n on m( >nees and pra(
two more hours in tong/es2 -nd if (o/ sa( an(thing else to me 6hen $ get
thro/gh 6ith those t6o ho/rs1 $=m going to dou"le the time2 $=ll ma>e it our
hours the ne8t timeFB

So $ got do6n on m( >nees again and started pra(ing in tong/es2
This time it 6as a little easier1 and $ made it thro/gh the ne8t t6o ho/rs
6itho/t e3er sa(ing a 6ord in English2 $ ne3er felt the least .it of
/nction or anointing1 ./t $ still p/t in m( t6o e8tra ho/rs of pra(ing in
tong/es2 7hen $ got /p and sat do6n in the chair again1 $=d pra(ed in
tong/es for three ho/rs2 $=d ne3er pra(ed in the Spirit that long .efore2
Once again1 a 3oice from the o/tside said to m( mind1 "Well! you'#e
<ust wasted two more hours now?three hours altogether. What good did that
do you& 2o you eel any "etter than you did "eore you started&"
$ said1 B$ don=t 6al> .( feelings or sight2 $ 6al> .( faith2B
"/es! "ut do you $now anything you said&"
BNo1B $ said2 B%/t $ 6asn=t pra(ing to meA $ 6as spea>ing m(steries to
"What good did it do or you to pray in tongues i you don't $now what you
B$=3e .een edif(ing m(self@./ilding m(self /p on m( most hol(
"/es! "ut you could ha#e used that time to inish your sermons. Now the
time is gone! and you ha#en't accomplished anything."
$ said1 B,r2 ;e3il1 $ 6arned (o/1 didn=t $C $ told (o/ that if (o/ said
an(thing to me1 $ 6as going to do/.le m( time pra(ing in tong/es2 So
$=m going to get .ac> do6n on m( >nees and pra( another fo/r ho/rs in
So $ >nelt do6n and 6ent after it again in tong/es2 $ had pra(ed for
another ho/r and 4# min/tes 6hen s/ddenl( $ hit a gusherC That is the
.est 6a( $ >no6 ho6 to descri.e it2 $n other 6ords1 $ .egan to pra( .oth
6ith m( spirit and 6ith m( /nderstanding /nder the anointing2
*e3elation ?/st came rolling o/t of me as the +ol( Ghost sho6ed me
things to come HJohn 1"'13I2 H9ater 6e=ll tal> more a.o/t 6hat +e
sho6ed me d/ring this time of pra(er2I
Until that moment1 $ 6as spea>ing in tong/es 6ith no /nction or
anointing1 ./ilding m(self /p on m( most hol( faith2 %/t 6hen $ hit
that g/sher1 re3elation ?/st started rolling o/t of me2 $t didn=t seem li>e $
had a thing in the 6orld to do 6ith it2 But i ' hadn't started praying in
tongues as an act o my own will! that "gusher" ne#er would ha#e cornel
4ra(ing in tong/es li>e that is ?/st li>e drilling an oil 6ell2 $f the
oilman ne3er p/t forth the effort to drill the 6ell1 all that oil 6o/ld ?/st
sta( in the gro/nd2 The potential of hitting a g/sher 6o/ld still e8ist1
./t /nless the oilman drilled for oil1 no one 6o/ld e3er see the e3idence
of it2
:o/ ma( as>1 B7as it right for (o/ to pra( in tong/es for those fo/r
ho/rs and 4# min/tes 6ith no /nction or anointingCB
-.sol/tel(2 Co/ntless times o3er the (ears1 $=3e pra(ed in tong/es
?/st .eca/se $ 6anted to2 %/t it is important to /nderstand that there is a
difference .et6een pra(ing 6ith tong/es as an act of (o/r 6ill and
pra(ing 6ith the anointing2
7hen 6e get o3er into that deeper realm of pra(er1 pra(ing .( the
anointing of the +ol( Ghost1 that=s 6hen miracles happen and
re3elation comesF Than> God for pra(ing in the SpiritF
That da( it too> me almost fi3e ho/rs to get into that deeper realm of
pra(er2 %/t as $ >ept on pra(ing e3er( da( in other tong/es1 $ came to
the place 6here $ co/ld get into that place in the Spirit in 10 min/tes2

$f (o/=ll start doing the same thing@pra(ing in tong/es e3er( da(
for e8tended periods of time@(o/ 6ill also learn ho6 to E/ic>l( enter
that deeper realm of pra(er2
$ remem.er a time 6hen $ 6as holding a meeting in +o/ston1 Te8as1
and a spirit of pra(er s/ddenl( fell /pon e3er(one in the a/ditori/m2
%( the time m( >nees hit the floor1 $ 6as pra(ing li>e a ./DD sa6 in
other tong/esF $ co/ld hardl( catch m( .reath as $ pra(ed that 6a( for
an ho/r and 4# min/tes2 Then the +ol( Spirit ga3e me the
interpretation of 6hat $ 6as pra(ing Hnot e3er(thing $ 6as pra(ing
a.o/t1 .eca/se $ didn=t need to >no6 all of itI2
$n that interpretation1 God told me 6hat o/treaches m( f/t/re
ministr( sho/ld incl/de2 -fter that time of pra(er1 $ changed m(
ministr( completel( and immediatel( .egan to head in a different
direction2 Step .( step1 $ did 6hat the 9ord instr/cted me to do that
da(2 -nd each time $ .ro>e into another one of those areas of ministr(1
F i v e C o m m o n M i s c o n c e p t i o n s A b o u t S p e a k i n g i n T o n g u e s
0#'8 0
e3er(thing 6or>ed so 6ell1 it seemed li>e Someone .ehind the scenes
g/ided the 6hole operation@ and +e didF
So >eep on pra(ing in tong/es e3er( da( in (o/r pri3ate pra(er
time2 %/t don=t stop there2 0eep pra(ing /ntil (o/ .egin to pra( /nder
the anointing of the +ol( Ghost@/ntil that s/pernat/ral lang/age
.egins to flo6 o/t of (o/ li>e a might( ri3erF

2isconception G6? E,ll tongues are pra!erE
-t times (o/ ma( hear someone in 5/ll Gospel circles sa( that all
tong/es are a form of pra(er2 The( sa(1 B7hen a person spea>s 6ith
tong/es1 he=s reall( pra(ing2 Then 6hen someone interprets the
tong/es1 he=s reall( prophes(ing2B
%/t all tong/es are not pra(er1 and all tong/es are not gi3en for the p/rpose
of pra(er2 $ >no6 .etter than that .eca/se $=3e spo>en in tong/es in p/.lic
assem.l( man( times1 and se3eral times people came /p to me after6ard 6ho
>ne6 the lang/age $ 6as spea>ing and /nderstood e8actl( 6hat $ said2
$ spo>e in German one time1 and $ don=t >no6 German2 $=3e also spo>en in
Spanish and in -ra.ic2 Se3eral times people in the congregation came to me
6ho /nderstood the lang/age $ spo>e2 -nd sometimes 6hen $ as>ed them if $
6as pra(ing1 the( said1 BNo1 (o/ 6ere addressing the congregation2B
5or instance1 one time a man came /p to me after a ser3ice and said1 B$
6ondered 6hat (o/ 6ere going to do 6hen it came to translating 6hat (o/
$ as>ed1 B7h( is thatCB
+e replied1 B:o/ made a statement in -ra.ic2B
7ell1 $ had no idea $ had .een spea>ing in -ra.icF
Then this man said1 B-ra.ic is m( mother tong/e2 :o/ made a statement in
-ra.ic that a person 6o/ld normall( ne3er hear1 and $ 6ondered 6hat (o/
6ere going to do 6hen (o/ translated it2B HThis man 6as not a Christian and
didn=t /nderstand an(thing a.o/t the gifts of the Spirit2 +e tho/ght $ >ne6
ho6 to spea> -ra.ic and 6as translating 6hat $ said in EnglishFI
$ said1 B+o6 did $ doCB
BOh1 e8cellentl(FB he said2
B7ell1 that=s good1B $ said2 B4raise the 9ordF $=m s/re glad $ did all right1
.eca/se $ don=t >no6 -ra.ic2B

The man loo>ed at me1 d/m.fo/nded1 and said1 B7hatF ;o (o/ mean
to tell me that (o/=3e ne3er spo>en -ra.ic .eforeCB $ said1 BThat=s right2B
The man stared at me in dis.elief2 +e said1 B:o/ can=t spea> -ra.icCB
Then he said something in -ra.ic to me2 $ recogniDed $=d said those
same 6ords1 ./t the man co/ld see .( the loo> on m( face $ didn=t
>no6 6hat he 6as sa(ing2
Then the man as>ed1 B+o6 co/ld (o/ spea> perfect -ra.ic 6itho/t
>no6ing 6hat (o/ saidCB So $ opened m( %i.le to 5irst Corinthians 12
and 14 and e8plained the gifts of tong/es and interpretation to him2
No61 6hen this man had first entered the sanct/ar( that night1 he
did not .elie3e that Jes/s Christ is the ,essiah2 %/t .( the time 6e
finished tal>ing after the ser3ice1 something had changed in him2 +e
said to me1 B:o/ >no61 Christ co/ld .e the ,essiahFB
$ replied1 BThan> God1 +e isFB
7hen $ 6as spea>ing in -ra.ic1 the +ol( Ghost tal>ed to this man
a.o/t Jes/s .eing the ,essiahF $ 6asn=t pra(ing2 $ 6as spea>ing a
specific message from God to this man that he needed to hear2 $=3e had
this happen a n/m.er of times in m( ministr(2
So not all tong/es are pra(er2 Some areA some are not2 *emem.er1 all
tong/es are the same in essence! ./t the( can .e different in purpose and
in use. That=s one reason God calls it "di#ers >inds of tong/es2B
2isconception G&? Eongues are >ust the
abilit! to speak in a foreign
-s $ said1 sometimes 6hen (o/ spea> p/.licl( in tong/es1 someone
ma( /nderstand (o/2 %/t 6hen (o/ spea> m(steries in other tong/es to
God1 no man can /nderstand it H1 Cor2 14'2I2 -nd $ 6ant to add
something else' Satan can=t /nderstand (o/ eitherF That=s 6h( the de3il
hates tong/es so m/ch and fights it so hard@.eca/se he doesn=t >no6
6hat (o/=re pra(ing2 :o/=re spea>ing di3ine secrets 6ith the 5ather1
and Satan=s completel( in the dar> concerning 6hat (o/ t6o are tal>ing
:ears ago at a 5/ll Gospel %/siness ,en=s 5ello6ship con3ention1 6e
in3ited ministerial st/dents to a .anE/et2 St/dents from 14 different
/ni3ersities attended the .anE/et1 as 6ell as man( denominational
;/ring the .anE/et1 6e cond/cted a panel disc/ssion2 Se3eral of /s
ministers 6ere on the panel1 as 6ell as a ps(chiatrist and a medical
doctor2 $ ans6ered the E/estions on tong/es that the a/dience
presented2 %rother Oral *o.erts ans6ered the E/estions on healing2
-nd some of the other ministers ans6ered E/estions on other topics2
The E/estions a.o/t tong/es acco/nted for nearl( !0 percent of all the
E/estions s/.mitted2
Some of the seminar( st/dents 6ere preparing for the mission field1
and the( as>ed this E/estion' B7h( m/st 6e attend school to learn the
nati3e lang/age of the co/ntr( God called /s toC Co/ldn=t +e ?/st gi3e
/s their foreign lang/age thro/gh the gift of tong/esFB

These st/dents mis/nderstood the script/ral /se of tong/es2 The(
6rongl( ass/med spea>ing in tong/es is al6a(s spea>ing in someone=s
nati3e lang/age2
%/t that=s not the script/ral p/rpose for tong/es at all2 Tong/es are
not a s/.stit/te for missionaries learning foreign lang/ages2 Tong/es
are a s/pernat/ral lang/age gi3en to /s .( the +ol( Spirit so 6e can
tal> to GodF
No61 it=s tr/e that at times the +ol( Spirit ma( gi3e (o/ an /n>no6n
lang/age in tong/es to spea>2 That is1 it=s an /n>no6n lang/age to you.

14 5or if $ pra( in an /n>no6n tong/e1 m( spirit pra(eth1 ./t
,: UN;E*ST-N;$NG $S UN5*U$T5U92

That 6ord un$nown is italiciDed in the King +ames .ersion of the %i.le2
This means it 6asn=t in the original Script/res2 The translators added it
for clarit(2 The original man/script said1 B5or if $ pra( in a tong/e1 m(
spirit pra(eth2 2 2 B The translators added the 6ord un$nown to clarif(
that some tong/es (o/ spea> ma( not .e /n>no6n to others1 ./t it is
/n>no6n to you.
4a/l specificall( refers to tong/es of men1 6hich can mean foreign
lang/ages2 +e sa(s1 "Though ' spea$ with the tongues o men and o angels .
. 2BH1 Cor2 13'1I2 ,ost often 6e spea> in hea3enl( lang/ages 6hen 6e
spea> di3ine secrets to God2 %/t it is also possi.le to spea> in the
tong/es of men2
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #'% 0
$ remem.er the time a 5o/rsE/are pastor told me a.o/t a
memora.le e8perience he=d had along this line2 :ears earlier1 he=d
tra3eled do6n to a 5o/rsE/are mission station in ,e8ico to .ring
pro3isions2 ;/ring his 6ee>&long sta(1 this pastor preached e3er( da(2
-fter he preached1 the people came aro/nd the altar and pra(ed2
B;/ring a time of pra(er aro/nd the altar1B the pastor told me1 B$ 6itnessed
one of the most glorio/s sights $=3e e3er seenF - dear little old ,e8ican 6oman
6ho didn=t ha3e a tooth in her head got filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost2 +er face lit
/p li>e a neon sign in the dar>1 and she .egan to praise God fl/entl( in EnglishF
B-t first 6hen $ heard the old 6oman spea> in fl/ent English1 $ tho/ght she
>ne6 the lang/age2 %/t then $ learned that she=d ne3er .een to school a da( in
her lifeF $t 6as s/ch a thrill to listen to her magnif(1 6orship1 and praise God in
a lang/age >no6n to me ./t completel( /n>no6n to herFB
Se3eral -merican missionaries ha3e told me similar testimonies2 5or
e8ample1 sometimes in ministering the .aptism in the +ol( Spirit to people on
the mission field1 the(=d hear them spea> in English as their B/n>no6n tong/e2B
-s $ said1 $=3e personall( spo>en a n/m.er of different lang/ages of men as $
6as pra(ing or gi3ing a message in tong/es2 $ didn=t >no6 $ 6as doing so at the
time1 ./t someone else /nderstood 6hat $ said and told me after6ard2
5or instance1 in 19#4 $ 6as holding a meeting in Ne6 Jerse( for -2 -2 S6ift1
an old&time 4entecostal minister2 %rother S6ift 6as !2 (ears old at the time2 +e
and his 6ife had gone to China in 1911 as missionaries2 $ ministered freE/entl(
in %rother S6ift=s ch/rch1 and 6hene3er $ spo>e a message in tong/es1 he=d
%rother S6ift had de3eloped the gift of interpretation of tong/es
.e(ond an(one $=3e e3er seen2 $n all m( (ears of ministr(1 his
interpretation of tong/es 6as the most .ea/tif/l displa( of that gift $=3e
e3er 6itnessed2
:o/ see1 spirit/al gifts can .e de3eloped thro/gh /se2 Certainl( a
person can de3elop his ministr( as he learns to 6ait .efore God and
(ield to the +ol( Spirit2 -nd so it is 6ith the gifts of the Spirit2
You can learn to be more yielded to the Spirit of God in the
operation of spiritual gifts.
;/ring that ser3ice at %rother S6ift=s ch/rch1 $ ga3e a message in
tong/es1 and $ >ne6 $ 6as spea>ing some >ind of oriental lang/age2
-fter the ser3ice1 6e 6ent ne8t door to the parsonage to ha3e a .ite to
eat2 -s 6e sat there1 %rother S6ift said to his 6ife1 B,other1 did (o/
/nderstand 6hat %rother +agin said 6hen he spo>e in Chinese
T O N G U E S ' B E Y O N D T H E U P P E R R O O M
0 #'( 0
Sister S6ift replied1 B:es1 $ did2B
The co/ple sat there and tal>ed .ac> and forth to one another in
Chinese for a fe6 min/tes2 -s $ listened1 $ noticed a n/m.er of 6ords
$=d /sed 6hen $ spo>e 6ith tong/es2 %rother S6ift said1 B$t=s .een man(
(ears since 6e 6ere there1 ./t (o/ spo>e in a dialect of a near.( region1
not a dialect 6here 6e li3ed2 $ /nderstood a.o/t #0 percent of 6hat (o/
7ell1 $ didn=t >no6 $ 6as spea>ing a Chinese dialect2 $ ?/st >ne6 $
6as (ielding to the +ol( Ghost as +e ga3e me s/pernat/ral /tterance in
$t doesn=t ma>e an( difference 6hether (o/ spea> in a tong/e that is
a lang/age of men or of angels2 7hen (o/ spea> in other tong/es1 6hat
matters is that (o/=re spea>ing an inspired&/tterance2

ongues Used as a Sign
So at times1 people can spea> in an /n>no6n tong/e that someone in the
congregation /nderstands .eca/se it=s gi3en in his nati3e lang/age2 Or
sometimes the message in tong/es is directed specificall( to a certain person in
his >no6n lang/age1 ./t /n>no6n to the one gi3ing a message2 +o6e3er1 in
these cases1 the message in tong/es is gi3en or a sign.
Consider 6hat happened on the ;a( of 4entecost 6hen the +ol( Ghost 6as
po/red o/t on the 120 in that /pper room2 $=m s/re some of those people
6eren=t spea>ing in lang/ages that co/ld .e /nderstood .( man2 Ne3ertheless1
3ario/s people 6ho 6ere present in that cro6d did hear their o6n lang/age
%/t notice that e3en 6hen all those people gathered to see 6hat 6as going
on1 not one got sa3ed /ntil 4eter got /p and preachedF Not a single person got
sa3ed as a res/lt of hearing fol>s spea> 6ith tong/esF
The gifts of the Spirit1 incl/ding the gift of tong/es1 don=t sa3e people2 That
isn=t their p/rpose2 No1 the p/rpose of these s/pernat/ral gifts is to .e a sign to
get people=s attentionF Once God has someone=s attention1 that person is more
open to the GospelF
7e=3e ?/st loo>ed at fi3e common misconceptions a.o/t spea>ing in
tong/es2 No6 let=s loo> at e8cesses that go "eyond the limits of God=s 7ord2

+ H , 3 E = # &

+O22O- E<+ESSES =EC,=97-C
S3E,K7-C 7- O-CUES

Spirit&filled .elie3ers often do not realiDe the tr/e scope or 3al/e of
spea>ing 6ith other tong/es2 Thro/gho/t the (ears1 man( mis/ses and
a./ses of tong/es ha3e ca/sed pro.lems in the %od( of Christ1 as 6ell
as 6ith those o/tside the Ch/rch2 %/t doctrinal error a.o/t spea>ing in
tong/es doesn=t do a6a( 6ith the realit(2 7e ?/st ha3e to sta( 6ith
6hat the Script/res sa(2

E4cess G#? /ighting the 9e*il in ongues

5or instance1 (o/ don=t find an(6here in the Script/res 6here
an(one e3er dealt 6ith the de3il in other tong/es2 Some people call this
BtormentingB the de3il in tong/es2 There is no script/re for that2 No61
that doesn=t r/le o/t the possi.ilit( that 6hen (o/=re pra(ing in the
Spirit1 (o/ ma( deal 6ith the de3il2 +o6e3er1 (o/ sho/ld li3e .( the
principles presented in the 7ord of God and not form a doctrine o/t of
a personal e8perience2
Since there is no script/re to stand on for fighting the de3il in
tong/es1 (o/ need to .e caref/l a.o/t ./ilding a doctrine on that
practice or tr(ing to enco/rage other people to do so as 6ell2 The
+ol( Ghost ma( gi3e them an /nction in pra(er to deal 6ith the
de3il1 and then again +e ma( not2
$ don=t li>e to do an(thing $ don=t ha3e script/ral e3idence
for1 especiall( if there=s no script/ral e8ample2 7hen 6e get
a6a( from the 7ord1 6e p/t o/rsel3es in a position 6here
Satan can mislead /s2
*emem.er 6hat 4a/l sa(s in 5irst Corinthians 14'2' "0or he
that spea$eth in an un$nown tongue spea$eth not unto men Then to
6hom is the person tal>ingC $t goes on to sa(1 B222 unto )od . . . ."

Of co/rse1 the .elie3er ma( .e tal>ing to God a.o/t Satan=s
acti3ities2 That co/ld 3er( 6ell .e part of the m(steries he is
spea>ing to God2 %/t here is m( point' 4a/l sa(s here that God
has gi3en to the Ch/rch spea>ing in tong/es as a di3ine
s/pernat/ral means of comm/nication 6ith Himsel. The %i.le
doesn=t mention dealing 6ith the de3il in tong/es2
7e=3e alread( esta.lished that tong/es are primaril( a
de3otional gift@not a 6eapon to fight the de3il 6ith2 :et some
fol>s are hea3il( into 6hat the( call Bspirit/al 6arfareB in
tong/es or B6arringB tong/es2 The( Bfight the de3ilB at the top of
their 3oices in other tong/es1 sometimes for se3eral ho/rsF
%/t (o/ don=t e8ert more po6er o3er the de3il .( sho/ting in
tong/es at an ear&deafening pitch2 %uthority is not attached to the
#olume o one's #oice. The de3il is not afraid of noise2 :o/ can see
that ?/st .( listening to some 6orldl( m/sicF
$ often /se the ill/stration of a policeman 6ho stands in the
middle of the street and directs traffic2 +e doesn=t e3en ha3e to
lift his 3oice2 +e ?/st lifts /p his hand1 and cars stop .eca/se his
/niform and .adge sho6 that he is a/thoriDed or has a/thorit(2
-ll (o/ ha3e to do is tell the de3il1 BThat=s as far as (o/ goF Stop right
there in the Name of Jes/s2B :o/ don=t e3en ha3e to .e lo/d a.o/t it2
The de3il recogniDes a/thorit(2
The 6hole idea .ehind so&called B6arring tong/esB is that the
hea3ens a.o3e /s are filled 6ith demon spirits and that some 6a( or
another 6e ha3e to plo6 thro/gh them in tong/es2 %/t these people are
/sing an /nscript/ral method in an effort to do a spirit/al ?o.2
$ certainl( .elie3e in spirit/al 6arfare1 ./t onl( as it is in line 6ith
the 7ord2 $ once as>ed a leader of a so&called B6arring tong/esB pra(er
gro/p1 B;o (o/ ha3e an( script/re for 6hat (o/=re doingCB
+e had onl( one script/re he co/ld offer me2 +e said1 B7ell1 5irst
Corinthians 12'10 does sa( there are di3ers >inds of tong/es2B
5rom that one script/re1 this man and other Christians li>e him
ass/me that there is a B6arringB tong/e to spea> to the de3il2 %/t that
script/re no more sa(s di3ers tong/es is addressing the de3il than it
sa(s (o/=re an astrona/t and landed on ,ars the da( .efore (esterda(F
%esides1 the %i.le sa(s1 B 2 2 'n the mouth o two or three witnesses e#ery
word may he esta"lished" H,att2 1'1"I2 This one 3erse H1 Cor2 12'10I 6as
the onl( script/re the man had to ?/stif( his position2
Some people ha3e a spirit/al e8perience and then ass/me that
e3er(one o/ght to ha3e an e8perience ?/st li>e theirs and .ase it as

script/ral doctrine2 -s a res/lt1 m/ch that goes on among Christians is
in the flesh2 $t=s fleshl( to tr( to imitate other people=s spirit/al
manifestations or to esta.lish doctrine on a spirit/al manifestation2 -nd
did (o/ e3er notice that those 6ho do imitate others= manifestations
6ear themsel3es o/t E/ic>l(C
There is a tendenc( for people to get in a ditch .( fighting the
de3il in tong/es2 :et on the other hand1 if fol>s aren=t caref/l1
the( can get in a ditch on the other side and stop pra(ing in
tong/es altogether or stop ministering the 6a( God 6ants them
to2 $=ll tell (o/ 6hat@let=s ?/st sta( in the middle of the road and
.e .lessedF

E4cess G1? 3ra!ing .oudl! in
ongues Brings 2ore 3ower
Other fol>s get the idea that the(=re going to .e heard .( God
.eca/se the( get lo/d 6hen the( pra( in tong/es2 %/t the most
o/tstanding1 spectac/lar e8periences $ e3er had in the 9ord
came as $ 6as pra(ing in tong/es E/ietl(1 spea>ing to m(self
and to God2
$=3e heard people tell others 6ho 6ere ne6 at pra(ing in
tong/es1 B+oller lo/der so God 6ill hear (o/2B 7ell1 if it 6ere
tr/e that God can onl( hear lo/d pra(ers1 a person sho/ld ?/st
get a microphone and t/rn it /p as lo/d as he co/ld e3er( time
he pra(edF :o/ see1 that=s all in the flesh2 )od hears aith! not
noise( -nd .esides1 +e isn=t hard of hearingF
No61 don=t mis/nderstand me@that doesn=t mean (o/ 6ill
ne3er get lo/d as (o/ pra(2 %/t if (o/ do sense a leading to pra(
that 6a(1 (o/ need to >eep in mind that God doesn=t hear (o/
"ecause (o/ are lo/dF
+ere is something else to consider' 7hen Jes/s 6as teaching on
pra(er1 +e said in effect1 B;on=t .e as the h(pocrites 6ho li>e to pra(
o/t lo/d and in p/.lic so the( can .e heard2 7hen (o/ pra(1 go into
(o/r closet and pra( in secret to the 5atherB Hsee ,att2 "'"I2 %/t Jes/s
6asn=t sa(ing that 6e are al6a(s s/pposed to pra( in a closet2 +e 6as
sa(ing that 6e are not to pra( to "e heard o men. Certainl( this principle
also applies to pra(ing in other tong/es2 7e are to spea> to o/rsel3es
and to God in ch/rch and in other p/.lic settings2

E4cess G8? Era*ailing 3ra!erE in the /lesh

Se3eral (ears ago1 it 6as all the rage to attend 6hat some people
called Bgroaning meetings2B $t 6as nothing in the 6orld ./t people
getting together and tr(ing to con?/re /p groanings in the flesh@there
6as no anointing to it2
$f God 6ants to gi3e .irth to a mo3e of +is Spirit thro/gh people=s
pra(ers1 the( are going to >no6 it2 The +ol( Spirit 6ill ta>e hold
together 6ith them as the( pra( in tong/es1 and the( ma( 3er( 6ell go
into groanings in pra(er2 %/t it=s a ./nch of nonsense for someone to
anno/nce1 BTonight 6e=re going to gi3e .irth to the ne8t mo3e of God1
so let=s all start groaningFB
$t=s tr/e that the +ol( Ghost helps .elie3ers pra( 6ith groanings that
cannot .e /ttered in artic/late lang/age2 %/t that does not mean the(
can anno/nce 6hene3er the( 6ant to1 B7e=re going to ha3e a groaning
meeting2 No6 on c/e@e3er(one groan(" No1 that isn=t the 6a( it 6or>s2
The Holy )host has to ta$e hold with "elie#ers as they pray in the *pirit:
other6ise1 their groanings are nothing more than a fleshl( displa(2
9et=s loo> at 6hat the prophet $saiah had to sa( a.o/t this
s/.?ect of tra3ail2

8 7ho hath heard s/ch a thingC 6ho hath seen s/ch
thingsC Shall the earth .e made to .ring forth in one
da(C or shall a nation .e .orn at onceC 5O* -S SOON
-S M$ON T*-<-$9E;1 S+E %*OUG+T 5O*T+ +E*

:o/ 6ill find that Old Testament prophecies often ha3e
m/ltiple applications2 5irst1 there is the nat/ral one2 Second1
there is the spirit/al applications2 $n this case1 3erse does tal>
a.o/t $srael as a nation .eing B.orn at once1B so to spea>1 in these
last da(s2 $ .elie3e that happened in 194 6hen $srael .ecame a
so3ereign nation2
%/t 6hen the %i.le tal>s a.o/t Mion1 it is not necessaril(
al6a(s tal>ing a.o/t $srael2 5or e8ample1 in the follo6ing
passage1 6hat is God tal>ing a.o/t 6hen +e refers to B,o/nt

HEBREWS 12:22-23
22 %/t (e are come /nto ,OUNT S$ON1 and /nto the
cit( of the li3ing God1 the hea3enl( Jer/salem1 and to an
inn/mera.le compan( of angels1
23 TO T+E GENE*-9 -SSE,%9: -N; C+U*C+
O5 T+E 5$*ST%O*N1 6hich are 6ritten in hea3en1 and

to God the J/dge of all1 and to the spirits of ?/st men
made perfect2
Notice that phrase Bto the general assem.l( and ch/rch of the
first.orn2B That refers to /s@the Ch/rchF Under the Ne6
Co3enant1 we are MionF
That p/ts a 6hole ne6 perspecti3e on $saiah ""'1 6here it sa(s1 B2 2 2
0or as soon as 9ion tra#ailed! she "rought orth her children." 7hen the
Ch/rch tra3ails1 she=ll .ring forth her spirit/al childrenF
7hat else does the Ne6 Testament sa( a.o/t tra3ailC 4a/l made a
statement that 6ill help clarif( tra3ail in the Spirit e3en more2

19 ,( little children1 O5 7+O, $ T*-<-$9 in
.irth again /ntil Christ .e formed in (o/2

There is that 6ord Btra3ailB again2 4a/l 6as impl(ing that he
tra3ailed in pra(er for these .elie3ers 6hen he first led them to the 9ord
./t that the( hadn=t reall( gro6n /p in Christ the 6a( the( sho/ld
ha3e2 -s a res/lt1 4a/l said he contin/ed to tra3ail in pra(er for them so
the( 6o/ld de3elop f/ll( in their spirit/al 6al>2
The tra3ail 4a/l tal>ed a.o/t here is li>e the tra3ail of a 6oman 6ho
is .ringing forth a child in .irth2 $n the nat/ral1 .ringing forth a .a.(
in3ol3es at least some discomfort for the mother2 Something similar
happens in the Spirit 6hen the +ol( Spirit ta>es hold 6ith a person and
gi3es him the /nction to tra3ail and intercede for the lost2
-n intercessor is one 6ho ta>es the place of another2 So 6hen
.elie3ers stand in the gap and .egin to tra3ail in pra(er for someone
6ho is lost1 sometimes the( can feel lost as 6ell2
$ remem.er this happening to me more than once1 ./t $=ll share the
most o/tstanding e8perience $=3e had along this line2 $n Jan/ar( 19391 $
6as holding a re3i3al meeting in a 5/ll Gospel

ch/rch in the .lac>lands of north central Te8as2 7e onl( had an e3ening
ser3ice1 ./t a.o/t ten o=cloc> e3er( morning in the parsonage li3ing
room1 the pastor and his 6ife 6o/ld pra( 6ith me and m( 6ife
concerning the /pcoming ser3ices2

On this partic/lar morning1 $ 6as >neeling .( the sofa and pra(ing
6hen s/ddenl( a strong ./rden of intercession came o3er me2 -t this
time1 $ had onl( .een .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost for 1 months1 so the
things of the Spirit 6ere ne6 to me2 Not >no6ing 6hat to do 6ith this
./rden1 $ ?/st (ielded to the +ol( Spirit=s direct /nction to groan and to
pra( in tong/es2 On the inside of me1 in m( inner man1 $ had the
sensation of .eing lost and a sinner2 $ >ne6 6hat that felt li>e .eca/se $
had .een lost onl( a fe6 (ears .efore thatF
$ fo/nd m(self cr(ing o/t1 B9ostF 9ostF 9ostF $=m lostF $=m lostFB Of
co/rse1 $ >ne6 ' 6asn=t lost1 ./t $ 6as ta>ing the place of people 6ho
6ere lost2 $ felt ?/st li>e the( felt1 and $ 6as tra3ailing in pra(er for
them2 B$=m lostF 9ostFB $ cried o/t as $ contin/ed to pra( in tong/es2 $
don=t >no6 ho6 long $ pra(ed that 6a( .eca/se $ 6as ta>en /p in the
Spirit1 and time has no meaning in that realm of pra(er2 $ ?/st >no6 that
this time of pra(er lasted for E/ite some time2
Then that e3ening in the ch/rch ser3ice1 $ had onl( .een preaching
for 1# min/tes 6hen right in the middle of m( sermon1 the po6er of
God fell2 E3er( single sinner in the ho/se got sa3ed1 and e3er(
.ac>slider recommitted his life that night2 Not a single one of them 6as
left o/tF
That=s 6hat $ had .een pra(ing a.o/t earlier that da(2 $ had .een
interceding for those /nsa3ed people2
+ere is something 6e need to /nderstand' Ch/rches set /p all sorts
of programs to 6in the lost1 ./t man( times fol>s are not .orn again
.eca/se there 6as no tra3ail .eforehand2 Of co/rse1 people can get .orn
again ?/st .( hearing and .elie3ing the Gospel2 :et too often people
/ndergo a mental Bcon3ersionB that sa(s1 B:es1 $ .elie3e Jes/s is the Son
of God2 :es1 $ accept Jes/s2B %/t the(=re ?/st sa(ing it mentall(1 so a real
commitment to Christ doesn=t occ/r do6n in their spirits2
O3er the (ears1 $ ha3e fo/nd that this pro.lem of Bmental
con3ersionsB is greatl( red/ced .( this higher le3el of intercession
referred to in $saiah ""'' "%s soon as 9ion tra#ailed! she "rought orth her
children." 7hen the +ol( Ghost ta>es hold 6ith (o/ to intercede in the
Spirit for lost so/ls1 might( po6er is made a3aila.le to (o/ to .ring
forth fr/it that lasts for God=s 0ingdom2
*emem.er@the closer 6e pattern o/r pra(er life to the 7ord of
God1 the greater res/lts 6e 6ill e8perience in e3er( area of lifeF

There 6on=t .e an( children .orn into a home 6itho/t some tra3ail2
$n the same 6a(1 there 6on=t .e an( children .orn into the famil( of
God 6itho/t some spirit/al tra3ail2 But you can't con<ure up tra#ail
without the help o the Holy *pirit an( more than (o/ can gi3e .irth to a
child if (o/=re not pregnantF $n either case1 (o/ can groan and tra3ail all
(o/ 6ant to1 ./t nothing 6ill e3er .e .irthed2
Scriptural 3ra!er Under the ,nointing

Of co/rse1 (o/ can pra( and sing in tong/es 6hene3er (o/
6ant to1 fello6shipping 6ith God as (o/ comm/nicate di3ine
m(steries 6ith +im H1 Cor2 14' 2I2 %/t (o/ sho/ld come to the
place 6here (o/ can disting/ish the difference .et6een pra(ing
in tong/es for (o/r o6n personal edification and interceding for
others in the Spirit as the +ol( Ghost ta>es hold together 6ith
(o/ in pra(er2
Notice 6hat the -postle John sa(s a.o/t the +ol( Ghost 7ho
li3es in (o/2

1 JOHN 2:20,27
20 %/t (e ha3e an UNCT$ON from the +ol( One1
and (e >no6 all things2 2 2 2
27 %/t the -NO$NT$NG 6hich (e ha3e recei3ed
of him a.ideth in (o/ 2 2 2 2

+ere John sa(s that (o/ ha3e an B/nctionB or an BanointingB
from the +ol( Ghost2 +e sa(s that /nction or anointing is in
7hen (o/ get .aptiDed and filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 (o/
.egin to spea> 6ith tong/es o/t of (o/r o6n spirit2 -nd ?/st as
a .a.( in the nat/ral e3ent/all( learns to spea> its mother
lang/age1 (o/ .ecome more fl/ent in (o/r s/pernat/ral
lang/age the more (o/ practice spea>ing in tong/es2
,an( times $ 6a>e /p in the night and .egin to praise God
and spea> 6ith tong/es ?/st .eca/se $ 6ant to2 $n those times1
$=m not necessaril( anointedA $=m ?/st spea>ing to God o/t of m(
%/t then there are other times 6hen $ spea> 6ith tong/es /nder the
direct anointing and leading of the +ol( Spirit2 7hen $ enter that realm

of pra(er1 tong/es ?/st flo6 o/t of me and $ don=t ha3e an(thing to do
6ith it2 The( ?/st ./..le o/t of m( spirit .( the /nction or the anointing
of the +ol( Ghost 6ithin1 and all $ do is spea> o/t the 6ords2
Spea>ing .( the /nction of the Spirit 6ith groanings is an e8perience
in pra(er man( Spirit&filled .elie3ers are lac>ing2 Too often .elie3ers get
filled 6ith the Spirit and spea> in tong/es ./t ne3er de3elop f/rther in
the s/pernat/ral realm of the Spirit2 So ho6 can .elie3ers mo3e /p
higher in GodC The( need to pra( long eno/gh in other tong/es to get
o3er in that realm of pra(er 6here the anointing starts flo6ing .( the
/nction of the +ol( GhostF
9et=s tal> a.o/t ho6 pra(ing in tong/es /nder the anointing applies
to intercession2 Certainl( (o/ can .egin .( ma>ing the decision to pra(
in tong/es a.o/t someone (o/ >no6 6ho needs pra(er2 Of co/rse1 (o/
still don=t >no6 6hat to pra( for that person as (o/ o/ght .eca/se (o/
don=t >no6 all the details regarding his sit/ation2
,an( times $ ?/st sa( to the +ol( Ghost 7ho li3es in me' B$ don=t
>no6 6hat to pra( for as $ o/ght in this sit/ation1 +ol( Spirit2 $=m going
to .egin to pra( in tong/es and tr/st :o/ to gi3e me the /tterance to
intercede for this2B :o/ see1 (o/ don=t pra( to the +ol( Spirit2 :o/ don=t
ma>e petition or s/pplication to +im2 :o/ pra( to the 5ather in the
Name of Jes/s2 %/t (o/ can tal> to the +ol( Spirit .eca/se +e is a
di3ine 4ersonalit(1 and +e is li3ing in (o/2 Then $ .egin to pra( in other
tong/es1 and sometimes it=s almost a la.or to pra(2 $n a sense1 $ ha3e to
Bp/sh o/tB the /tterance1 ma>ing m(self pra( in tong/es ?/st as $ 6o/ld
ma>e a deli.erate effort to tal> to someone in m( o6n lang/age2
%/t then after a 6hile1 $ Bstri>e fire1B so to spea>1 and .egin to
pra( 6ith the anointing2 That=s 6hen tong/es .egin to roll o/t of
me 6itho/t effort2 That=s also 6hen the 3ictor( comesF
Then again1 sometimes a spirit of pra(er 6ill ?/st fall /pon
(o/1 and (o/=ll sense a strong ./rden to pra( in the +ol( Ghost
for someone or something2 7hen that happens1 the /nction is
present and so strong (o/ feel impelled to pra(F Of co/rse1 if
(o/ are aro/nd other people 6ho don=t /nderstand the things of
the Spirit1 (o/ sho/ld e8c/se (o/rself and find a place 6here
(o/ can .e alone to pra( o/t that ./rden2 7e=ll tal> more a.o/t
that later2

Thro/gh the (ears1 there ha3e .een times 6hen $=3e sensed
that strong ./rden to pra(2 The moment $ >nelt do6n1 $ 6as in
the Spirit2 $t 6as as if $ >nelt do6n in a 6hite clo/d that
immediatel( en3eloped me2 $ had m( e(es 6ide open1 ./t $
co/ldn=t see an( of m( s/rro/ndings2 Tong/es .egan to flo6 o/t
of me as $ pra(ed 6ith a strong +ol( Ghost /nction2 ;/ring
those times of pra(er1 it seemed li>e $ didn=t ha3e a thing in the
6orld to do 6ith it@(et of co/rse $ did to .egin 6ith2 The +ol(
Ghost didn=t ?/st ta>e me o3er2 $t 6as a matter of m( (ielding to
+im to pra( o/t +is perfect 6ill 6ith that stronger anointing2
:o/ see1 the +ol( Spirit isn=t going to come /pon (o/ and flo6
thro/gh (o/ 6itho/t (o/r permission2 %/t as (o/ (ield to +im1 (o/ gi#e
+im permission to gi3e (o/ that stronger /nction to pra(2 That=s 6hen
(o/ enter into that deeper realm of pra(er 6here tong/es ?/st .egin to
roll o/t of (o/ 6ith po6er2
7hen that stronger anointing comes /pon me1 $ pra( in tong/es as
hard and fast as $ can2 $ >eep pra(ing that 6a( /ntil the ./rden lifts and
$ sense a note of 3ictor(2 -s a res/lt of (ielding to the +ol( Spirit to
pra( this 6a(1 $=3e seen man( people .orn again and s/pernat/rall(
healed1 and $=3e 6itnessed co/ntless needs mirac/lo/sl( met
thro/gho/t the (ears2
-ct/all(1 6hen (o/ get o/t into the realm of the Spirit li>e this1 it
ma( e3en seem li>e (o/r spirit is some6here else ministering to
someone1 or (o/ see certain sit/ations God 6ants (o/ to see2 $t isn=t a
matter of God ph(sicall( translating (o/r .od( to another ph(sical
location1 altho/gh ph(sical translation .( the po6er of the Spirit is also
a script/ral e8perience2 -fter all1 4hilip 6as ca/ght a6a( .( the Spirit
and .odil( fo/nd himself in another place H-cts '39&40I2 %/t that isn=t
6hat $=m tal>ing a.o/t here2
:o/ see1 there is time and distance in this nat/ral realm2 %/t as (o/
pra( in tong/es and (o/ get o3er into the realm of the Spirit1 there is no
s/ch thing as time or distance2 That means the possi.ilities of 6hat God
can do thro/gh (o/ in pra(er are /nlimitedF
E4cess G6? 9oing Ahat 9oes -ot Edif! in
the 3resence of the Unlearned

7e .riefl( loo>ed at 5irst Corinthians 14'1"&1! earlier1 ./t $
6ant to re3isit these 3erses2 7e need to tal> a.o/t a common
mista>e some .elie3ers ma>e to the spirit/al detriment of people
aro/nd them2

1 CORINTHIANS 14:16-17
16 Else 6hen tho/ shalt .less 6ith the spirit1 ho6
shall he that occ/pieth the room of the /nlearned sa(
-men at th( gi3ing of than>s1 seeing he /nderstandeth
not 6hat tho/ sa(estC
17 5or tho/ 3eril( gi3est than>s 6ell1 ./t the other is
not edified2

-s 6e disc/ssed .efore1 6hen 4a/l tal>ed a.o/t Bhe that
occ/pieth the room of the /nlearned1B he 6as referring to those
6ho are /nlearned in spirit/al things2 Unfort/natel(1 this
description applies to man( .elie3ers in the %od( of Christ2 $n
some cases1 m/ch damage is done to the ca/se of Christ .eca/se
people go into e8cess and error in this area of pra(ing in tong/es
in front of the spirit/all( /ntrained2 $n other 6ords1 some
.elie3ers don=t ta>e into acco/nt the fact that the(=re in the
presence of the /nlearned 6hen the( spea> 6ith other tong/es2
The sit/ation is made e3en 6orse 6hen a .elie3er spea>s in
tong/es .efore the /nlearned in an especiall( distracting
5irst Corinthians 14'1# tells /s that 6e are to pra( .oth 6ith
the spirit and 6ith o/r /nderstanding or minds2 7e are to pra(
.oth 6a(s1 ./t on the other hand1 6e need to >no6 6hen to
pra( in tong/es or 6hen to pra( 6ith o/r minds2 <erses 1"&1!
gi3e /s a 3ital factor 6e m/st consider' 7hen 6e=re in the
presence of others1 6e 6ant to do 6hat ediies them(
$ ha3e al6a(s endea3ored to o.e( that di3ine instr/ction2 5or
instance1 $ remem.er (ears ago 6hen $ held an eight&6ee> re3i3al in
O>lahoma and se3eral of /s 6ere in3ited o3er to a local dentist=s home
for a meal2 E3er(one 6ho came to dinner that night 6as Spirit&filled2 $n
other 6ords1 $ 6as not in the presence of the /nlearned in spirit/al
things2 So 6hen the( as>ed me to pra(1 $ started in English@./t .efore
$ >ne6 it1 $ 6as pra(ing in other tong/es1 and e3er(one else ?oined meF

7e had a 6onderf/l spirit/al time pra(ing together that night2
+o6e3er1 if someone /nlearned had .een present1 $ 6o/ld not ha3e
done that2 $ 6o/ld ha3e onl( spo>en in English2
-s the %i.le sa(s1 B2 2 2 ,et all things "e done unto ediying" H1 Cor2
14'2"I2 :o/ see1 6e spea> in tong/es .( the inspiration of the Spirit1 ./t
6e can choose to pra( or not to pra(2 %/t if someone is present 6ho
6on=t .e edified1 it 6o/ld .e selfish on o/r part to spea> 6ith tong/es
.eca/se it 6o/ld create conf/sion2
-nother time $ held a re3i3al meeting in -riDona1 and $ sta(ed in the
home of an older co/ple named %rother and Sister 5isher2 One night
after the e3ening ser3ice1 the co/ple=s three ad/lt da/ghters and
sons&in&la6 came o3er to eat a meal 6ith /s2 The 6omen 6ere
preparing the food1 and 6e men 6ere in the li3ing room tal>ing1 6hen
s/ddenl( a ./rden@an e8ceptionall( strong /rge to pra(@came o3er
E3er(one present 6as 5/ll Gospel1 so the( /nderstood 6hen
$ said to o/r host1 B%rother 5isher1 $ ha3e to pra(1 and $ ha3e to
pra( no6FB %rother 5isher called the ladies into the li3ing room
and said1 B%rother +agin has to pra( right no62B So 6e all got on
o/r >nees and started pra(ing in tong/es2
No61 /nderstand this' $f there had .een people present 6ho
6ere /nlearned1 $ 6o/ld not ha3e pra(ed in tong/es li>e that in
front of them2 $ 6o/ld ha3e fo/nd a pri3ate place to pra( o/t the
./rden .( m(self2 7e need to /nderstand some of these things
so 6e can >eep from .eing a st/m.ling .loc> to fol>s2
The moment m( >nees hit the floor1 $ 6as in the Spirit1
pra(ing /p a storm in other tong/es2 $ pra(ed as hard and fast as
$ co/ld pra( in other tong/es for a.o/t an ho/r2 $t seemed as if $
didn=t ha3e an(thing to do 6ith it2 7hat $ mean .( that is
tong/es ?/st flo6ed o/t of me li>e a ri3er2 $ >ne6 from the 6a( $
6as pra(ing that $ 6as tra3ailing in the Spirit for someone 6ho
6as lost2
-t the end of o/r pra(er1 the ./rden lifted1 and $ e8perienced
a spirit of lightness2 $ .egan to la/gh and sing in tong/es2 Then $
had a 3ision2 This 6as on 5rida( night1 and in the 3ision1 $ sa6
o/r /pcoming S/nda( night ser3ice2 $ sa6 m(self in the p/lpit
and heard m(self preaching2 $ finished m( sermon and ga3e an
in3itation2 Then $ sa6 m(self lean o3er the p/lpit and point to
an elderl( man in the second pe62

$n the 3ision1 $ told the man1 BThe 9ord sho6s me that (o/=re
past !0 (ears of age and that (o/ 6ere raised .( parents 6ho
did not .elie3e there is a hell2 %/t the 9ord told me to tell (o/
that (o/ ha3e one foot in hell and the other one is slipping in2B
Then $ sa6 him come and >neel at the altar2
The moment $ came into the ch/rch on S/nda( night1 $ loo>ed
aro/nd1 and s/re eno/gh1 there sat the elderl( man in the second pe61
?/st as $=d seen in m( 3ision2
So $ preached m( sermon H6hich 6as a .rand&ne6 message $=d ne3er
e3en tho/ght of /ntil $ heard m(self preach it in the 3isionFI2 -fter6ard1
$ spo>e those 6ords $=d heard m(self sa( to the man in the 3ision2 +e
came to the altarA then others came2 -fter the ser3ice1 the elderl( man
6as tal>ing to the pastor 6hen $ 6al>ed .(2 +e stopped me and shoo>
hands 6ith me2 Then he said to the pastor1 BThis preacher said $ 6as
raised to .elie3e there is no hell2 ,( parents 6ere /ni3ersalists1 and
the( ta/ght me there is no hell2 This is the first time $=3e e3er .een
inside a ch/rch ./ilding in m( life2B
The man 6ent on to e8plain that he 6as a motel o6ner2 Some of the
motel g/ests 6ho=d sta(ed for the re3i3al finall( con3inced him to come
6ith them on the last night of the meetings2 The man tho/ght1 ' guess ''ll
go with these people this one time <ust to get them o my "ac$.
No one in the congregation that night >ne6 to pra( for this man2 No
one e3en >ne6 he 6as /nsa3ed2 $ certainl( didn=t >no6 to pra( for
him@./t the +ol( Ghost didF
Then the man said to the pastor1 BThis man said $ ha3e one foot in
hell and the other one is slipping in2 $ >ne6 e8actl( 6hat he meant2 $=3e
had a se3ere heart attac>2 $n fact1 the doctor said $ co/ld die at an(
min/te2B Then 6ith tears of ?o( r/nning do6n his chee>s1 the man said1
BOh1 $=m so glad $ came tonight2 $=m so glad $ came2B
There are t6o things to see in this acco/nt2 5irst1 the +ol( Ghost
>no6s 6ho 6e sho/ld pra( for2 $n this case1 the 9ord >ne6 tra3ail in
pra(er 6as necessar( to .ring this man to a place of repentance so he
co/ld .e sa3ed2
Second1 $ would not ha#e prayed in tongues that way i there had
"een unlearned people present. 5or one thing1 it 6o/ld ha3e done
damage .( ca/sing conf/sion2 4erhaps it co/ld ha3e dri3en
them a6a( from see>ing the infilling of the Spirit1 the 3er( thing
the( needed to gro6 spirit/all( in their 6al> 6ith God2

9et me gi3e (o/ an e8ample of a 6oman 6ho did not heed
this script/re regarding the /nlearned' B 2 2 when thou shalt "less
with the spirit! how shall he that occupieth the room o the unlearned
say %men at thy gi#ing o than$s! seeing he understandeth not what
thou sayest&" H1 Cor2 14'1"I2 -s a res/lt1 this 6oman fell into
e8cess that did damage to people .eca/se the( didn=t
/nderstand 6hat 6as going on2
- Spirit&filled minister and his 6ife 6ere in3ited .( another
Spirit&filled minister to ta>e part in his relati3e=s 6edding
ceremon(2 -ll three of them had a role in the ceremon(2 ,ost of
the people present at the 6edding 6ere denominational people2
5irst1 the minister 6ho 6as a relati3e of the groom read his
part of the ceremon(1 follo6ed .( the g/est minister2 Then the
g/est minister=s 6ife1 also a minister1 6as s/pposed to read her
part2 %/t instead1 right in the middle of the 6edding ceremon(
in front of all those sa3ed and /nsa3ed people1 the 6oman
s/ddenl( fell to the floor1 moaning and groaning and acting li>e
she 6as gi3ing .irth to a .a.(2 She 6as s/pposedl( tra3ailing in
pra(er for someone2
No61 as (o/ remem.er1 $ tra3ailed in the Spirit at the 5ishers=
ho/se for that elderl( man2 %/t there=s a h/ge difference
.et6een these t6o incidents2 $n m( case1 $ 6as in a pri3ate
home in the presence of Spirit&filled people 6ho >ne6 e8actl(
6hat that >ind of tra3ailing pra(er 6as all a.o/t2 -lso1 $ 6as in
the Spirit2 %/t this 6oman tra3ailed 6ith groanings in a p/.lic
setting@and in the middle of someone=s 6edding no lessF
%esides that1 she pra(ed li>e that in the presence of a.o/t 200
people 6ho 6ere B/nlearnedB in spirit/al things2 4l/s1 she 6as
in the fleshF
The minister 6ho had in3ited this co/ple to participate in the
ceremon( later told me1 B$ 6as so em.arrassed2 $ didn=t >no6 6hat to
do1 so $ ?/st stood there2 B
7ell1 ' 6o/ld ha3e >no6n e8actl( 6hat to do2 $ 6o/ld ha3e gotten
this 6oman=s attention and demanded1 BStand /p and act li>e (o/ ha3e
some mat/rit(2 7hat (o/=re doing isn=t script/ralF $t=s foolishF $t isn=t
God@(o/=re in the fleshFB
4eople started getting /p and lea3ing the 6edding .( the dro3es1
and (o/ can /nderstand 6h(2 The( 6ere scared .eca/se the( 6ere
B/nlearnedB in spirit/al things2 -nd as the people left the 6edding1 the(
said1 B$ $new those ignoram/ses 6ho tal> in tong/es 6ere craD(FB

,/ch damage has .een done to the %od( of Christ .( people acting
foolishl( li>e that 6oman did2 So man( ha3e .een ro..ed of the
.lessings God 6ants them to ha3eF
7hen someone acts foolishl( in the presence of people /ned/cated in
spirit/al things li>e this 6oman did1 someone in spirit/al leadership
ma( ha3e to ta>e a stand and spea> o/t for 6hat=s right2 The 6oman=s
actions 6eren=t right .eca/se 6hat she did didn=t edif( the
congregation2 -gain1 the %i.le clearl( sa(s1 "let all things "e done unto
ediying" H1 Cor2 14'2"I2 That means ediying to e#eryone present! not ?/st to
the person pra(ing in tong/esF 5/rthermore1 the %i.le also sa(s1 ",et all
things "e done decently and in order" H1 Cor2 14'40I2
$f (o/ do get a ./rden to pra( in tong/es 6hen (o/=re 6ith
people 6ho 6o/ldn=t /nderstand1 get /p and e8c/se (o/rselfF
Go pra( .( (o/rself 6here (o/ 6on=t disr/pt others2 7hile the
+ol( Spirit might gi3e someone an /tterance or prompting to
pra(1 that does not remo3e o/r script/ral responsi.ilit( to see>
to edif( others in an orderl( and decent manner H1 Cor2 14'23I2
-t pra(er meetings 6here e3er(one is pra(ing o/t lo/d in
the Spirit1 it=s all right to pra( in tong/es 6ith e3er(one else2 %/t
no matter 6hat the p/.lic setting1 ma>e s/re (o/ don=t distract
others2 ;on=t pra( in an( 6a( that 6o/ld dra6 attention to
$ once heard an acco/nt a.o/t a 6oman 6ho serio/sl(
3iolated this principle2 - fello6 minister 6as preaching in a
meeting1 and right in the middle of his sermon1 she got /p and
.egan prophes(ing2 She declared1 BThe 9ord told me to pra( for
(o/2B She laid hands on the minister and started pra(ing in other
tong/es2 Then she p/shed him do6n and la( on top of him1 still
pra(ing in tong/esF
7ell1 $ g/arantee (o/@that 6as not done decentl( and in
orderF 4eople got /p and left .( dro3es2 Of co/rse1 the( 6ere
offendedF Those 6ho 6ere /nlearned in spirit/al things didn=t
/nderstand 6hat 6as going on2 5/ll Gospel people didn=t e3en
/nderstand it2 -nd the ne8t night the cro6d 6as greatl(
$f this 6oman=s ./rden 6as reall( from the 9ord1 6hat sho/ld she ha3e
doneC $nterr/pting the sermon 6asn=t doing things Bdecentl( and in
order2B She certainl( dre6 attention to herself 6hen she got /p on the
platform and pra(ed for the minister the 6a( she did2 She sho/ld ha3e

left the p/.lic meeting and fo/nd a place to pra( in tong/es .( herself
/ntil the ./rden lifted2
%/t this 6oman 6anted to .e seenF She acted in the flesh and ca/sed
damage to the ca/se of Christ and e3er(one in attendance2
,is/se of tong/es is reall( /nedif(ing2 %/t if people 6o/ld al6a(s
endea3or to 6al> in lo3e1 it 6o/ld sol3e the pro.lemF 9o3e al6a(s p/ts
others first H1 Cor2 13'4&I2
Therefore1 to sta( o/t of a ditch in this area of tong/es1 as> (o/rself
this E/estion in each sit/ation' $ may ediy mysel! "ut is what ''m a"out to
do going to ediy the people around me&
7e=3e disc/ssed ?/st a fe6 of the common BditchesB that .elie3ers
can fall into regarding spea>ing in tong/es2 $=3e endea3ored to sho6
(o/ the script/ral perspecti3e on each of these e8cesses2 %eca/se the
.elie3ers in these e8amples 6ent .e(ond the script/ral scope of
tong/es1 the( got into error2
No6 let=s tal> a.o/t the scriptural scope of spea>ing 6ith tong/es2
5or the most part1 5/ll Gospel .elie3ers ha3e onl( scratched the s/rface
of 6hat is possi.le to e8perience in this realm of pra(er2 %/t God is
calling +is people to mo#e up higher( These are the last da(s1 and there=s
so m/ch to pra( a.o/t according to +is perfect 6illF

+ H , 3 E = # %

HE S+=73U=,. S+O3E O/
3=,B7-C 7- O-CUES

One reason man( Christians don=t gro6 f/rther in spirit/al things is
that the( are afraid to progress in spirit/al gifts for fear of getting into
error and e8cess2 -s a res/lt1 the( don=t attain 6hat the %i.le teaches
a.o/t spirit/al gifts2 The %i.le sa(s1 B 2 .desire spiritual gits" H1 Cor2 14'1I2
%elie3ers can miss o/t on tremendo/s .lessings .eca/se the( interpret
the %i.le in light of 6hat the( don't see operating in their o6n ch/rches1
not 6hat the %i.le act/all( sa(s2
Christians can also limit their spirit/al gro6th .( not doing their
part to gro6 spirit/all(2 5or e8ample1 6hen the +ol( Spirit prompts
them to spend time pra(ing in tong/es1 the( often o3erride that leading
and go on a.o/t their dail( li3es2 Therefore1 the( ne3er learn to de3elop
in the script/ral scope of spea>ing in other tong/es as God intends2
7hat is (o/r part in de3eloping and gro6ing spirit/all(C The tr/th
is1 the %i.le plainl( tells (o/ to do some things that 6ill a.sol/tel(
impact (o/r life in God2 $f (o/=ll ?/st o.e( God and do (o/r part1 (o/=ll
disco3er the depth1 .readth1 height1 and scope of the s/pernat/ral
po6er pra(ing in tong/es affordsF ;i3ine comm/nication 6ith God
./ilds (o/ /p greatl( in +is SpiritF

Speaking to Boursel*es in 3salms and Spiritual

7e=3e loo>ed at length at 5irst Corinthians 14'1#1 6here 4a/l
tells /s that 6e can pra( in tong/es and 6e can pra( 6ith o/r

15 7hat is it thenC $ 6ill pra( 6ith the spirit1
and $ 6ill pra( 6ith the /nderstanding also' $

6ill sing 6ith the spirit1 and $ 6ill sing 6ith the
/nderstanding also2

4a/l also mentions another script/ral 6a( to comm/nicate
6ith God in this 3erse2 +e tal>s a.o/t the importance of singing
6ith the spirit2
:o/ might sa(1 B7ell1 $ ne3er get to the place 6here $ can sing
in tong/es2B :et 4a/l said to sing .oth 6a(s@6ith (o/r spirit
and 6ith (o/r /nderstanding2
Colossians 3'1" gi3es /s an added dimension a.o/t the 3al/e
of singing in tong/es'

16 9et the 6ord of Christ d6ell in (o/ richl( in
6isdomA teaching and admonishing one another
in psalms and h(mns and spirit/al songs1 singing
6ith grace in (o/r hearts TO T+E 9O*;2
To 6hom do (o/ singC To the 9ord2 The pro.lem 6ith man(
ch/rches is that m/ch of the time people are not singing to the 9ord1 ./t
to one another in the local congregation2
The follo6ing passage of Script/re tells /s 6h( 6e are to sing to the

18 -nd .e not dr/n> 6ith 6ine1 6herein
is e8cessA ./t %E 5$99E; 7$T+ T+E
19 S4E-0$NG to (o/rsel3es in psalms
and h(mns and spirit/al songs1 S$NG$NG
and ma>ing melod( in (o/r heart TO
T+E 9O*;2

T6o >e( 6ords immediatel( follo6 the phrase1 B.e filled 6ith the
SpiritB@spea$ing and singing. 7e get filled to o3erflo6ing 6ith the
Spirit .( spea>ing and singing@to o/rsel3es and to God2 Then once
6e=re filled 6ith the +ol( Ghost1 6e stay filled .( contin/ing to spea>
or sing o/t of o/r spirits to the 9ordF
-n aspect of di3ine comm/nication is to sing and ma>e melod( in
o/r hearts .( the Spirit to the 9ord2 7e see the spirit/al 3al/e of this
practice in -cts 1"2

ACTS 16:25

25 -nd at midnight 4a/l and Silas
4*-:E;1 -N; S-NG 4*-$SES /nto
God' and the prisoners heard them2
4a/l and Silas 6ere in ?ail2 Their .ac>s 6ere .leeding2 Their feet 6ere
in stoc>s2 %/t notice 6hat the( did at the midnight ho/r 6hen all
loo>ed dar> aro/nd them2 ;id the( pra( and sing praises to the
prisonersC No1 the( pra(ed and sang praises /nto )od and .ro/ght
might( +ol( Ghost po6er on the sceneF

ACTS 16:26
26 -nd s/ddenl( there 6as a great earthE/a>e1 so that
the fo/ndations of the prison 6ere sha>en' and
immediatel( all the doors 6ere opened1 and e3er( one=s
.ands 6ere loosed2

,/ch of o/r singing in o/r ch/rches is not reall( patterned
after Colossians 3'1" and Ephesians #'192 7e reall( >no6 so little
a.o/t spea>ing to o/rsel3es in psalms1 h(mns1 and spirit/al
songs2 :et the script/ral scope of spea>ing in tong/es m/st
incl/de singing and ma>ing melod( to the 9ord .( the
inspiration of the +ol( Ghost2 This is tr/e Ne6 Testament
6orship and sho/ld .e a common1 e3er(da( occ/rrence in o/r
li3es and in o/r ch/rches2
No61 some .elie3ers are more gi3en to spea>ing than to
singing psalms .( the inspiration of the +ol( Ghost2 +o6e3er1
the end res/lt is the same2
$n m( o6n personal 6al> 6ith God1 $ spea> 6ith psalms
E/ite freE/entl(2 $ dri3e do6n the road in m( car1 spea>ing in
psalms2 $ lie on m( .ed in the nighttime1 spea>ing in psalms2
Sometimes in ser3ices1 the +ol( Ghost inspires me to spea> in
psalms2 Spea>ing or singing psalms .( the Spirit in the p/.lic
assem.l( is a demonstration of B 2 2 teaching and admonishing
1N- %N1TH-R in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. . 2B HCol2
O3er the (ears1 $=3e also noticed another spirit/al pattern in
m( o6n life' 7hene3er the BheatB 6as t/rned on@6hen the
enem( 6as attac>ing and $ 6as /nder a great amo/nt of
press/re@$=d spea> more in psalms as inspired .( the +ol(
Ghost2 Some nights $=d go to sleep spea>ing in psalms and 6a>e

/p spea>ing in psalms2 Some nights $=d sleep 3er( little2 $=d ?/st
spea> all night long in psalms one after anotherF
Spea>ing or singing in psalms .( the inspiration of the +ol( Spirit
?/st ./ilds /p (o/r spirit li>e nothing else can do2 $t lifts (o/ a.o3e the
clo/ds of nat/ral circ/mstances right into the higher realms of
s/pernat/ral peace and ?o( in the +ol( GhostF
:o/ need to maintain this practice as a 6a( of life@spea>ing and
singing to (o/rself and to God in psalms1 h(mns1 and spirit/al songs .(
the inspiration of the +ol( Spirit2 Sing and praise God .oth 6ith (o/r
spirit and 6ith (o/r /nderstanding2
:o/ ma( sa(1 B%/t $=3e ne3er done that2B 7ell1 determine to de3elop
(o/rself in this 6onderf/l means of spirit/al edification2 0eep on
pra(ing in other tong/es /ntil (o/ get o3er into the Spirit2 Then start
singing in tong/es and in psalms as (o/=re inspired .( the +ol( GhostF
The 4entecostals /sed to sing a little chor/s that 6ent li>e this' B$t=s
./..ling1 it=s ./..ling1 it=s ./..ling in m( so/l2 2 2 2B That=s e8actl( 6hat
inspired /tterance does in (o/r spirit2 $f (o/=ll ?/st >eep pra(ing in
tong/es1 inspired /tterance 6ill >eep ./..ling /p /ntil psalms1 h(mns1
and spirit/al songs flo6 freel( from (o/r spiritF
So >eep pra(ing /ntil (o/ get to that place of +ol( Ghost&inspired
/tterance2 9earn to o.e( the +ol( Ghost 6ithin (o/2 Tap into (o/r
spiritF Sing or spea> o/t 6hat=s on the inside of (o/F
-n(time (o/ 6ant1 (o/ can ma>e the decision to spea> or
sing 6ith tong/es2 %/t as (o/ press into God in tong/es1
inspiration 6ill come from the +ol( Spirit2 +e 6ill ta>e hold
6ith (o/1 and the inspired /tterance 6ill ?/st start rolling o/t of
(o/2 :o/=ll thin>1 ' didn't $now ' had that in my spirit( 't <ust lowed
out o me! and "eore ' $new it! ' was spea$ing it out(
S/pernat/ral /tterance in psalms1 h(mns1 and spirit/al songs
o/ght to .e an e3er(da( occ/rrence in (o/r pri3ate de3otional
life2 $n certain settings1 it is also script/ral to spea> or sing in
psalms and spirit/al h(mns p/.licl(2 So if (o/ ha3en=t
de3eloped (et in this area of s/pernat/ral /tterance1 ?/st >eep on
pra(ing m/ch in other tong/es2 :o/=ll soon come to that
s/pernat/ral place in pra(er 6here +ol( Ghost&inspired
/tterance is a so/rce of contin/al edificationF

+ontinual =enewals of Bour Spirit

-nother >e( to de3eloping o/rsel3es spirit/all( is fo/nd in
Second Corinthians 4'1"2

16 5or 6hich ca/se 6e faint notA ./t tho/gh o/r
o/t6ard man perish1 (et T+E $N7-*; ,-N $S
*ENE7E; ;-: %: ;-:2

$f (o/=re fainting spirit/all(@getting tired and 6orn o/t in
(o/r spirit@(o/=re not rene6ing (o/r inner manF
:o/ see1 e3er(thing (o/ recei3ed at the moment (o/ 6ere
.orn again came .( the Spirit of God2 Of co/rse1 (o/ 6ere not
f/ll( de3eloped at the moment of (o/r con3ersion2 %/t the same
+ol( Spirit at 6or> in the Ne6 %irth is the One 7ho helps (o/
de3elop and gro6 spirit/all(2 +o6 does that spirit/al
de3elopment ta>e placeC $t happens as (o/ get (o/r in6ard man
rene6ed dail(F
7e are to see> God for constant rene6als of o/r spirit man2 $n the
follo6ing passage 6e are sho6n ho6 to do this2

ISAIAH 40:28-31
28 +ast tho/ not >no6nC hast tho/ not
heard1 that the e3erlasting God1 the 9ord1 the
Creator of the ends of the earth1 fainteth not1
neither is 6ear(C there is no searching of his
29 +e gi3eth 4O7E* TO T+E 5-$NTA -N;
TO T+E, T+-T +-<E NO ,$G+T +E
30 E3en the (o/ths shall faint and .e 6ear(1
and the (o/ng men shall /tterl( fall'
31 %/t T+E: T+-T 7-$T U4ON T+E
9O*; S+-99 *ENE7 T+E$* ST*ENGT+A
the( shall mo/nt /p 6ith 6ings as eaglesA the(
shall r/n1 and not .e 6ear(A and the( shall
6al>1 and not faint2

Contin/al rene6als of (o/r spirit come .( spending time .efore God
in pra(er2 7hen (o/ 6ait .efore God1 pra(ing in the Spirit1 (o/=ll not
onl( .e refreshed and rene6ed in (o/r inner man1 ./t that spirit/al
rene6al 6ill also affect (o/r mind and (o/r ph(sical .eing2
+o6e3er1 notice that this >ind of rene6al comes a.o/t .( waiting
"eore )od. -ct/all(1 the 6ord B6aitB carries the idea of .eing intertwined
6ith the 9ord2

$ .elie3e in 6aiting meetings1 6hether it in3ol3es 6aiting
.efore God in one=s pri3ate de3otions or 6aiting .efore +im
collecti3el( as a .od( of .elie3ers2 %/t these >inds of meetings
ha3e .ecome rare in the modern&da( Ch/rch1 e3en among
4entecostals and Charismatics2
Those of /s in the Bfaith campB ha3e emphasiDed faith .ased
on God=s 7ord1 and rightl( so2 +o6e3er1 man( fol>s ha3e
6rongl( come to the concl/sion1 Well! ''m wal$ing "y aith and
maintaining the right conessions! so that's all that is necessary.
$t is right to feed on God=s 7ord and to maintain one=s
confession according to the 7ord2 %/t as important as these are1
the( 6ill not ta>e the place of 6aiting .efore the 9ord2 7e need
all of them2 The %i.le sa(s that those who wait upon the ,ord shall
rene6 their strengthF
There 6as a great amo/nt of .lessing and tr/th in the
old&time 4entecostal tarr(ing1 or 6aiting1 meetings2 +o6e3er1
the( missed it in one important area' the( 6ere 6aiting on the
6rong thingF The( tho/ght the( had to tarr( to .e filled 6ith the
Spirit according to Jes/s= command to +is disciples' B2 2 2 tarry ye
in the city o +erusalem! until ye "e endued with power rom on high"
H9/>e 24'49I2 %/t as 6e=3e seen1 since the initial o/tpo/ring on
the ;a( of 4entecost1 .elie3ers don=t ha3e to tarr( for the
.aptism in the +ol( Spirit2 The( can recei3e .( faithF
The pro.lem 6ith man( old&time 4entecostal fol>s 6as that
once the( recei3ed the +ol( Ghost for 6hom the( had .een
tarr(ing1 the( E/it tarr(ingF %/t the tr/th is1 .elie3ers o/ght to
first .e end/ed 6ith po6er from on +ighA then the( can start
tarr(ing or 6aiting .efore God in pra(er1 e8ercising their
s/pernat/ral means of comm/nication 6ith +imF
,/ch .lessing came o/t of those tarr(ing meetings@and to tell (o/
the tr/th a.o/t it1 6e need to get .ac> to those >inds of 6aiting
meetings2 7e need to spend time 6aiting .efore the 9ord@not so 6e
can .e .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost1 ./t so 6e can rene6 o/r strength in
o/r inner man ater 6e ha3e .een filled 6ith the Spirit H$sa2 40'31IF
This idea of contin/al spirit/al rene6als can also .e fo/nd in 4a/l=s
pra(er for the Ephesian ch/rch'

16 That he KGodL 6o/ld grant (o/1
according to the riches of his glor(1 TO
%E ST*ENGT+ENE; 7$T+ ,$G+T %:
+$S S4$*$T $N T+E $NNE* ,-N2

Thro/gh times of 6aiting .efore the 9ord pra(ing in tong/es1 o/r
in6ard man is rene6ed and strengthened .( the po6er of the +ol(
Ghost2 Oh1 (es1 6e need 6aiting meetings in o/r da(F

imes of =efreshing

7aiting .efore God in pra(er 6ill not onl( rene6 (o/r strength1 ./t
it 6ill also .ring a great refreshing to (o/r spirit2 $n fact1 the 6ords
Brene6B and BrefreshingB are similar in meaning2 4eter /ses the 6ord
BrefreshingB to descri.e 6hat occ/rs in the 4resence of the 9ord2

ACTS 3:19
19 *epent (e therefore1 and .e con3erted1
that (o/r sins ma( .e .lotted o/t1 6hen
the T$,ES O5 *E5*ES+$NG S+-99
Notice that e8pression Btimes of refreshing2B 7e don=t get ?/st
one time of refreshing in o/r 6al> 6ith God2 7e can ha3e
contin/al times of refreshing as 6e set aside time to spend in
God=s 4resence1 pra(ing and 6orshiping +im in the Spirit2 7e
m/st need these times of refreshing and rene6al1 or God
6o/ldn=t ha3e pro3ided them for /sF
:ears ago $ 6as pra(ing in tong/es on the platform of the
*+E,- a/ditori/m d/ring one of o/r ,onda( night pra(er
meetings2 -t that time1 the st/dents and staff 6ere meeting t6ice
a 6ee> at these e3ening pra(er meetings for the 3er( p/rpose of
e8periencing times of refreshing that come from the 4resence of
the 9ord2
-s $ >nelt .( a chair and pra(ed in other tong/es1 the 9ord
.egan to spea> to m( spirit2 H-s people pra( together in /nit(1
the( create the >ind of atmosphere 6here the +ol( Ghost li>es
to spea>2I The +ol( Ghost said to me1 B$ 6ant (o/ to close do6n
the *+E,- Co/nseling Center2 $ ne3er told (o/ to get into
co/nseling an(6a(2 :o/ ?/st sort of =fell into= it2 -ll $ told (o/ to
esta.lish 6as a 4ra(er and +ealing School2B
Then the 9ord said to me1 B,ost Christians don=t need
co/nseling an(6a(2 7hat the( need to do is pray through"
$ remem.er 6hat one 4entecostal pastor once said to me2 This
man 6as the pastor of one of the largest ch/rches in his
denomination and had .een in the 4entecostal ,o3ement all his
life2 +e said1 BOn ,onda(1 o/r ch/rch sched/les co/nseling

sessions to tr( to help people2 7e were hoping these sessions
6o/ld ta>e the place of the altar ser3ices 6e /sed to ha3e@./t
the( 6on=t2 $f those fol>s 6o/ld onl( come to the altar and 6ait
on God1 the( 6o/ldn=t need an( co/nselingFB
The pastor 6as right2 -fter all1 the 7ord of God tells /s that the +ol(
Ghost is o/r Co/nselor@and +e d6ells 6ithin /sF 7e ?/st need the
time to 6ait .efore +im1 pra(ing and 6orshiping +im in tong/es and
6ith o/r /nderstanding2 -s 6e do1 +e 6ill ans6er the cr( of o/r hearts
and grant /s contin/al rene6als@ spirit1 so/l1 and .od(F
Too man( Christians are r/nning aro/nd loo>ing for someone to
co/nsel them and tell them 6hat to do2 %/t for most people1 all the(
reall( need to do is get on their >nees and pra( thro/ghF $f the( 6ill
ta>e time to 6ait .efore God1 their inner man 6ill .e rene6ed1 and the(
6ill recei3e the 6isdom from On +igh the( need2
$=3e often tho/ght that if $ e3er pastored another ch/rch1 $ 6o/ld
ha3e reg/lar pra(er B6aitingB meetings2 Then $=d tell all the people 6ho
6anted co/nseling1 B:o/ all come on Th/rsda( night1 and 6e=ll 6ait
.efore God in pra(er from eight o=cloc> /ntil midnightFB Of co/rse1 not
man( of them 6o/ld sho6 /p .eca/se most people are loo>ing for
something eas(F
Unfort/natel(1 some 6ho see> co/nsel are act/all( loo>ing for
someone to condone their sin and tell them that the( are right 6hen
the( are 6rong2 5or instance1 one fello6 came to o/r Co/nseling
Center@sa3ed1 .aptiDed in the +ol( Ghost1 and a h/s.and and father
of three children@claiming that the 9ord had told him to lea3e his 6ife
and start li3ing 6ith another (o/ng 6omanF The man said the +ol(
Ghost 6as leading him to do it ./t that he 6anted someone to co/nsel
him a.o/t the sit/ation2
That man didn=t need to .e co/nseled@he needed to get right
6ith GodF +e needed to heed 4eter=s 6ords in -cts 3'19 and
The 9ord also said this to me d/ring that time of 6aiting on
+im and pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost' B$f fol>s need co/nseling1
the( need to go to their o6n sheepfold and their o6n pastor for
help2 :o/ ?/st tend to (o/r o6n sheepfoldB H6hich to me1 meant
ta>ing care of the st/dents at o/r training centerI2
+o6 6ere 6e going to help the rest of the people 6ho
6anted someone to co/nsel themC %( teaching them to pra( and

to 6ait .efore God in +is 4resenceF 7e co/ldn=t ha3e ta/ght
them that 6ith a little co/nseling session2 $f o/r co/nselors had
said to these people1 B9et=s get do6n on o/r >nees and pra( in
the Spirit for an ho/r1B most 6o/ld ha3e ans6ered1 BOh1 noF $
6ant to get some ans6ers from you" The tro/.le is1 man(
.elie3ers 6ant a co/nselor to do the 6or> of hearing from God
for them instead of ta>ing time to pra( to hear for themsel3es2
%/t for the most part1 co/nseling isn=t the 6a( God 6ants
.elie3ers to recei3e the ans6ers the( need2 The( 6ill find their
ans6ers as the( 6ait .efore +im and en?o( times of refreshing
in +is 4resenceF
$ almost get aggra3ated 6ith Christians 6ho are al6a(s
loo>ing for someone to co/nsel 6ith them2 -fter all1 the 6hole
time the(=re loo>ing for someone1 the(=re carr(ing the tr/e
Co/nselor aro/nd on the inside of themF The +ol( Spirit is not
?/st a spirit/al hitchhi>er2 +e=s their di3ine Teacher and G/ideF
$f the(=d ?/st get do6n on their >nees and pra( thro/gh in other
tong/es1 the(=d recei3e 6isdom from the Co/nselor 6ithin1
6hich 6o/ld pro3ide the direction for sol3ing their pro.lems2
No61 $ don=t sa( this in an egotistical 6a(1 ./t $ ne3er 6ent to an(one
for co/nseling in m( entire life2 $ al6a(s got do6n on m( >nees and
pra(ed in tong/es to m( +ea3enl( 5ather2 -nd as $ loo>ed to the
Co/nselor on the inside of me1 +e al6a(s ga3e me direction2
:o/ see1 there are simply no shortcuts to waiting "eore )od in prayer.
$ thin> man( .elie3ers are 6aiting for God to ha3e a B99&cent saleB on
ans6ered pra(er2 These people 6ant their ans6ers1 ./t the( 6ant them
cheapl( and fast2
No1 getting (o/r ans6er ma( reE/ire 6aiting all night .efore God2 $t
ma( mean missing a fe6 meals2 $t ma( e3en mean t/rning off that
Bone&e(ed monsterB in (o/r li3ing room for a 6hileF
Get alone 6ith God1 and pra( in the Spirit for (o/r personal
edification2 Get some things straightened o/t on the inside of (o/2 5ind
o/t 6hat (o/r priorities are and 6hat God 6ants (o/ to do2
Than> God for the help of the +ol( GhostF +e is o/r +elper and o/r
$ntercessor in time of needF

.earning the Doice of Bour Cuide Aithin
-nother .enefit of 6aiting on the 9ord is that (o/ 6ill .egin to
discern the <oice of the Spirit more and more2 -s (o/ 6ait in the

4resence of God1 pra(ing in other tong/es1 +e 6ill spea> to (o/r spirit
and let (o/ >no6 ho6 to sta( in +is perfect 6ill in e3er( area2
The +ol( Ghost1 the Spirit of tr/th1 is a G/ide1 and +e is in
(o/2 :o/r +ea3enl( G/ide 6ill spea> a s/re 6ord for (o/ to

ISAIAH 30:21
21 -nd T+$NE E-*S S+-99 +E-* - 7O*; .ehind
thee1 sa(ing1 This is the 6a(1 6al> (e in it1 6hen (e
t/rn to the right hand1 and 6hen (e t/rn to the left2

4eople often sa( to me1 B$ need (o/ to tell me ho6 $ can >no6
the <oice of the +ol( Spirit2B
This is m( ans6er' B$ can=t do that2 :o/=ll ha3e to learn the
<oice of the +ol( Spirit for (o/rself@6hich (o/ can do .eca/se
+e d6ells in (o/2 %/t if (o/=re not going to ta>e the time to 6ait
in the 9ord=s 4resence to learn to listen to +im1 all $ or an(one
else co/ld teach (o/ 6o/ld .e in 3ain2B
B%/t ho6 can $ tell if it=s reall( the +ol( Spirit tal>ing to meCB
The fact that a person as>s me that E/estion lets me >no6 he
hasn=t .ecome acE/ainted 6ith the One 7ho li3es in him2 +e
doesn=t >no6 +is <oice2 That person ?/st needs to spend time
6aiting .efore God2 $f he 6ill sta( in God=s 4resence long
eno/gh1 he 6on=t ha3e to as> an(one to tell him ho6 to discern
the +ol( Spirit=s <oiceF
%/t if a person ref/ses to spend time in God=s 4resence on a
dail( .asis1 it 6o/ldn=t do me a .it of good to tell that person
e3er(thing $ >no6 a.o/t the s/.?ect2 +e 6o/ld still miss 6hat
the +ol( Spirit is tr(ing to tell himF
3ra!ing Out the 3lan of Cod for Bour .ife

-s for me1 $ ha3e the G/ide 6ithin me1 and $=m not going to miss
6hat +e=s endea3oring to tell me .eca/se $ listen to +im2 +e >no6s
6hat=s o/t in front of me1 and +e=s faithf/l to sho6 me things to come
HJohn 1"'13I2
Sometimes o/r staff gets aggra3ated 6ith me 6hen the( ha3e
deadlines to meet and the(=re 6aiting for an ans6er from me2 %/t $
don=t mo3e /ntil $ get the ans6er from God in m( spirit2 $ li3e .( 4salm
12!'1' "-;cept the ,ord "uild the house! they la"our in #ain that "uild it. . . ."

7e ma( ./ild the ho/se1 ./t it is all in 3ain if the 9ord isn=t ./ilding it2
That=s 6h( $ don=t mo3e /ntil $ get the +ol( Spirit=s direction clear in
m( spirit2
:o/ see1 (o/ can do a lot of good things@e3en right things@ that are
not 6hat God 6ants (o/ to do1 and1 as a res/lt1 (o/ can get into tro/.le2
E3en if 6hat (o/ did is good and helps h/manit(1 it ma( not .e 6hat
God 6anted you to do2 :o/ ha3e to find o/t 6hat +is plan is for you.
Then (o/ ha3e to follo6 6hat +e tells (o/ to doF
:o/ might as>1 B%/t how am $ going to find o/t God=s plan for meCB
The +ol( Spirit 6ill lead (o/ as (o/ 6ait .efore God1 pra(ing in other
tong/es2 -s Jes/s promised /s1 ". . . He Kthe +ol( SpiritL will shew you
things to come" HJohn 1"'13I2 %esides1 God promised /s that B2 2 2 as many
as are led "y the *pirit o )od! they are the sons o )od" H*om2 '14I2 That
means you can .e ledF
:o/ >no61 $ ha3e al6a(s .een 3er( st/dio/s1 ./t almost e3er(thing $
>no6 a.o/t the things of God and +is 7ord1 $ didn=t get from st/d(ing
.oo>s2 No61 please don=t mis/nderstand me2 -ltho/gh $ didn=t go to
%i.le school1 $ p/rchased .oo>s /sed .( se3eral different %i.le schools
and st/died them diligentl(2 $n fact1 on man( occasions1 $ read those
te8t.oo>s all night long2
%/t do (o/ >no6 the primar( 6a( $ learned the %i.leC 1n my
$nees! praying in other tongues. That=s ho6 the re3elation of the
%i.le came to me2 Sometimes as $ pra(ed in tong/es1 the Spirit of
God 6o/ld ta>e me thro/gh se3eral chapters of the %i.le and in
the process change me and change m( ministr(F $=d get
re3elation from the Co/nselor 6ithin that 6o/ld ca/se me to
start mo3ing in another direction2
$n addition1 6ith e3er( ne6 direction $=3e e3er ta>en thro/gh
the (ears in the ministr(@radio ministr(1 p/.lication ministr(1
*+E,- %i.le Training Center1 and so forth@$ recei3ed di3ine
g/idance for that specific direction 6hile $ 6as pra(ing in
That=s the reason a lot of people ne3er recei3e an( re3elation
a.o/t God=s plan for their li3es2 The( simpl( don=t spend
eno/gh time pra(ing in tong/es2 The( ne3er get into the Spirit
to o.tain their ans6ers from God2 -s a res/lt1 all their reasoning
and planning is in the mental realm1 and in the end their
man&made plans fail2

That=s 6h( (o/ need contin/al times of refreshing from the
4resence of the 9ord2 :o/r part is to set aside time to 6ait .efore
+im2 Get into God=s 4resence and pra( in the +ol( Ghost1 and
(o/ 6ill recei3e all the ans6ers (o/ need2 -nd as (o/ 6ait on
the 9ord1 times of refreshing and di3ine g/idance 6ill
come@.oth of 6hich are a.sol/tel( necessar( for correct
spirit/al gro6th2
So c/lti3ate (o/r spirit/al life .( feeding on God=s 7ord2 Spend time
fello6shipping 6ith the 5ather1 pra(ing m/ch in other tong/es2 9earn
to follo6 6hat (o/r spirit is sa(ing to (o/2 E3er( da( the +ol( Spirit
6ill /se (o/r spirit to enlighten (o/ to God=s 6ill2 *emem.er1 God 6ill
direct (o/ thro/gh (o/r o6n spirit1 for the %i.le sa(s1 "The spirit o man
is the candle o the ,ord. 2 2B H4ro32 20'2!I2
9earn to 6al> in this ne6 realm of +ol( Ghost po6er2 E3er(thing
starts .( determining to get .efore the 9ord e3er( da(1 allo6ing +im to
lead (o/1 to teach (o/1 and to contin/all( rene6 (o/r spirit/al strength2

+ H, 3 E = # (

HE.3 O 3=,B ,BOU

7h( sho/ld .elie3ers pra( 6ith other tong/esC %eca/se it ena.les
them to pra( for the /n>no6n concerning things their nat/ral minds
don=t >no6 a.o/t2
7e to/ched on this .enefit of spea>ing 6ith tong/es earlier in
Chapter 122 %/t $ 6ant to go f/rther in o/r disc/ssion a.o/t pra(ing for
the /n>no6n .eca/se it=s so cr/cial to operating in the f/ll scope of
pra(ing in the Spirit2
4ra(ing in tong/es pro3ides a 6a( to pra( for things that (o/ are
not a6are of and that (o/ 6o/ld ne3er thin> to pra( on (o/r o6n2 This
is 6h( pra(ing in tong/es is one of the most important 6a(s for (o/ to
pra(2 :o/ ?/st don=t >no6 6hat to pra( for as (o/ o/ght H*om2 '2"I2
Therefore1 (o/ need the +ol( Spirit to help (o/ pra( o/t the perfect
6ill of God concerning people and sit/ations (o/r nat/ral mind >no6s
nothing a.o/t2
he Unknown Becomes Known
Ahen Bou =ecei*e the
9et=s loo> again at 5irst Corinthians 14'1# for a moment2 1
15 7hat is it thenC $ 6ill pra( 6ith the spirit1 and
$ 6ill pra( 6ith the /nderstanding also' $ 6ill
sing 6ith the spirit1 and $ 6ill sing 6ith the
/nderstanding also2B

4ersonall(1 $ thin> this 3erse has a t6ofold application2 5irst1
it literall( means 6hat it sa(s' B$ 6ill pra( .oth 6a(s@6ith m(
/nderstanding and also 6ith m( spirit2B %/t $ .elie3e this 3erse
has a f/rther application as 6ell2 Of co/rse1 (o/ don=t need to
>no6 the meaning of e3er(thing (o/ sa( 6hen pra(ing or
singing in tong/es2 +o6e3er1 6hen it=s necessar(1 the +ol(
Ghost 6ill gi3e (o/ the interpretation of 6hat (o/ said in
tong/es2 Then (o/ 6ill .e a.le to pra( .( inspiration of the
+ol( Spirit 6ith the spirit and 6ith the /nderstandingF
$=3e often recei3ed the interpretation as $ pra(ed in tong/es
in the past1 ./t it doesn=t al6a(s happen2 ,an( other times $=3e
pra(ed at length in tong/es 6itho/t e3er >no6ing one thing $
pra(ed for2 That=s part of the rest and refreshing $saiah 2'11&12
tal>s a.o/t2 Sometimes it=s refreshing and restf/l not to >no6@
?/st to entr/st the matter to God2
%/t sometimes 6hen $ pra( in the Spirit1 the +ol( Ghost does
gi3e me the interpretation so $ can >no6 6hat $ pra(ed a.o/t2
One e8ample partic/larl( stands o/t in m( mind2 $n 19#"1 m(
6ife and $ 6ere holding a meeting in California2 7e=d dri3en
o/t 7est p/lling o/r large trailer and had .ro/ght 6ith /s o/r
teenage son and da/ghter1 0en and 4at2
7e 6ere all sleeping so/ndl( one night 6hen $ 6as s/ddenl(
a6a>ened and sat straight /p in .ed2 $t 6as ?/st li>e someone had
n/dged me in the ri.s2 $ tho/ght $ heard a door slam2 Then it so/nded
li>e someone came into the trailer2 $ got /p and 6al>ed thro/gh the
trailer2 $ chec>ed the doors1 ./t the( 6ere all closed and loc>ed2 No one
co/ld ha3e come in2 $ listened at the .edroom door2 4at 6as .reathing
e3enl(1 so/nd asleep2 So 6as 0en1 sleeping on the hidea6a( co/ch in
the li3ing room2 $ didn=t 6ant to dist/r. m( 6ife1 so $ la( .ac> do6n
and pra(ed1 B9ord1 6h( 6as $ a6a>enedCB
$ started p/tting /p m( spirit/al antenna2 H;o (o/ >no6 6hat $
mean .( thatC $ simpl( mean that1 in m( spirit1 $ .egan to reach o/t
to6ard God2I ,ean6hile1 $ >ept as>ing the 9ord1 B7hat=s 6rongC
7hat=s 6rongCB $ felt a hea3iness inside meA then re3elation .egan to
come2 $ as>ed1 B7hat is this a.o/t1 9ordCB -s $ got a little f/rther into
the realm of the Spirit1 $ realiDed it concerned some of m( >infol>s2
$ said1 B$t=s one of m( >infol>2 +is life is in danger2 +e is near death2
9ord1 6ho is itCB

$ co/ldn=t get that part1 so $ said1 B+ol( Spirit1 $ don=t >no6 6hose
life is in danger1 ./t :o/ >no62 $ co/ld pra( for each of m( >infol>1 one
.( one1 6ith m( /nderstanding1 ./t $=m loo>ing to :o/ to gi3e me
/tterance and to help me pra(2B
So $ started pra(ing in tong/es the 6a( Smith 7iggles6orth once
descri.ed it2 +e said1 B$ .egan in the flesh and 6o/nd /p in the Spirit2B
$n other 6ords1 $ .egan to pra( in tong/es 6itho/t an( /nction or
anointing1 and it 6asn=t 3er( long .efore the tong/es 6ere ?/st flo6ing
o/t of me as $ la( there in .ed2 Thro/gho/t all of this1 $ ne3er dist/r.ed
m( 6ife1 6ho 6as sleeping ne8t to me2
$ m/st ha3e pra(ed for an ho/r and a half in other tong/es2 $
>ept on pra(ing /ntil $=d pra(ed thro/gh2
+o6 do (o/ >no6 6hen (o/=3e pra(ed thro/gh on a specific
matterC The sense of hea3iness lifts1 and (o/ ha3e a note of
3ictor( in (o/r spirit2 :o/=ll either la/gh or sing in the Spirit2 H$f
(o/ ne3er seem to get to the place 6here (o/ ha3e that note of
3ictor( in (o/r spirit1 perhaps (o/ ha3en=t pra(ed long eno/gh
in tong/esFI
$ .egan to sing 3er( E/ietl( to m(self and to la/gh in the
Spirit2 $ tho/ght1 Well! whate#er it is or whoe#er it is! ' got the
answer( That person is all right. Then $ 6ent to sleep2
7hat happened ne8t doesn=t happen 6ith me 3er( often1 ./t
it did that night2 7hen $ 6ent to sleep1 $ had a spirit/al dream2
Sometimes God 6ill spea> to (o/ in a dream2 %/t let me help
(o/ along that line2 The min/te $ 6o>e /p from this dream1 $
>ne6 e8actl( 6hat it meant2 $f (o/ ha3e 6hat (o/ thin> is a
spirit/al dream1 ./t (o/ don=t >no6 6hat it meant1 ?/st forget it2
God didn=t spea> to (o/ thro/gh that dream2 ;on=t tr( to come
/p 6ith some meaning o/t of (o/r head2 This is a mista>e man(
people ma>e and1 as a res/lt1 the( go off on a tangent in their
6al> 6ith God2
$n m( dream1 $ 6as in Shre3eport1 9o/isiana2 $ 6as standing
across the street1 and $ co/ld see a hotel sign on the other side2 $
>ne6 that m( (o/ngest .rother1 4at1 6ho had >no6n God ./t
6as .ac>slidden at the time1 6as sta(ing at that hotel and had
ta>en sic> in the nighttime2
Then $ sa6 m( .rother in his room2 $ sa6 him pic> /p the telephone
and tr( to dial to get the hotel operatorA then he passed o/t2 -s $ stood
there in m( dream1 $ sa6 the flashing red light of the am./lance and

6atched the paramedics ta>e m( .rother to the hospital2 Then $ 6as
standing in the corridor of the hospital 6ith m( .ac> /p against the
6all1 loo>ing across the hall at a closed door2 $ >ne6 4at 6as in the
room .ehind that door2
-s $ stood there1 a doctor came o/t2 +e p/lled the door closed
.ehind him and 6al>ed o3er to me2 7itho/t lifting his head or loo>ing
/p at me1 the doctor said1 B+e is gone2B
$ said1 BNo1 doctor1 he is not gone2B
Then the doctor loo>ed /p and said1 B;idn=t (o/ /nderstand meC
+e=s dead2B
$ said1 BNo1 he isn=t dead2B
B7hat ma>es (o/ sa( thatCB the doctor as>ed2
BJes/s told me that he 6asn=t2B
BOh1B he said2 B:o/=re one of them2B
B:es1B $ replied in the dream2
The doctor 6hirled aro/nd1 opened the door1 and said1 BCome here2
$=ll ?/st sho6 (o/FB
So 6e 6al>ed into the room2 There 6as a .od( l(ing there on a .ed
6ith a sheet p/lled /p o3er the head2 The doctor ?er>ed do6n the sheet
and said to me1 B9oo>FB
-s 6e loo>ed do6n at 4at1 he opened his e(es and .lin>ed a fe6
times2 The doctor loo>ed at meA then he loo>ed at m( .rother and said1
B:o/ m/st ha3e >no6n something $ didn=t >no62B
$ said1 B$ told (o/ $ did2B
Then $ 6o>e /p1 and $ >ne6 $=d .een pra(ing for m(
(o/ngest .rother2 That 6as the month of ,a(2 $n -/g/st1 6e
ret/rned to o/r home in Garland1 Te8as2
0en and $ started getting o/r trailer sit/ated in the .ac>(ard2
7e hadn=t .een 6or>ing on it for more than 1# min/tes 6hen
4at p/lled in the dri3e6a( and 6al>ed .ac> to tal> to /s2
-fter 6e had tal>ed a little 6hile1 4at said1 B$ almost died
6hile (o/ all 6ere gone2B
$ ans6ered1 B:es1 $ >no62 :o/ 6ere do6n in Shre3eport2 :o/
too> sic> in the nighttime2 The paramedics r/shed (o/ to the
hospital2 The doctor told (o/ after6ard that he didn=t thin> (o/
6ere going to ma>e it2B
B:eahFB he e8claimed2 B7ho told (o/@,ommaCB
BNo1B $ replied2 B7e ha3en=t seen ,omma (et2 7e ha3en=t
.een .ac> here for more than 1# min/tes2B Then $ told him a.o/t
m( e8perience in ,a(2

4at said1 B7ell1 that=s e8actl( the 6a( it happened2B Than>
God for the +ol( GhostF
$ co/ld tell (o/ e8perience after e8perience along this same
line2 Thro/gh the (ears 6hen o/r e8tended famil( mem.ers
6ere (o/nger1 $ pra(ed nearl( e3er( one of them o/t of death at
one time or another2 HOf co/rse1 after a 6hile1 God e8pected
them to /se their o6n faith1 so $ co/ldn=t carr( them the 6a( $
had .efore2I -lso1 no crisis 6o/ld happen to one of m( famil(
mem.ers 6itho/t the +ol( Spirit alerting me to pra( ahead of
time2 Then as $ (ielded to that /rge to pra(1 at times +e 6o/ld
let me >no6 6hat $ 6as pra(ing a.o/t in tong/es so $ co/ld
pra( 6ith m( /nderstanding as 6ell2
Supplicating for All Saints as Ae 3ra! in the Spirit

There is a life in the Spirit and a realm of pra(er in the Spirit@a
realm of a/thorit( and s/pplication for all saints@ that the ma?orit( of
Christians >no6 nothing a.o/t and the rest ha3e .arel( to/ched2 $t is
onl( in this realm of the Spirit that 6e can f/lfill God=s command'
"3raying always with all prayer and supplication in the *pirit! and watching
thereunto with all perse#erance and supplication or all saints" HEph2 "'1I2
7e don=t >no6 all saints1 so there is no 6a( 6e co/ld pra( for all saints
if 6e didn=t pra( in the Spirit or 6ith other tong/es2
So man( o/tstanding e8amples of operating in this realm of pra(er
stand o/t to me1 ./t $ 6ill mention ?/st a fe6 from m( o6n life2 One
incident happened (ears ago 6hen 6e had ?/st started 4ra(er and
+ealing School on the *+E,- camp/s2 One da( as $ 6as ministering
the 7ord1 $ had a s/dden1 /rgent ./rden to pra(1 ./t $ didn=t >no6
6hat to pra( a.o/t2 $ as>ed1 B7hat is it1 9ordC 7hat is itCB
Then $ realiDed that someone=s life 6as in danger2 Someone 6as near
death@not .eca/se of sic>ness or disease1 ./t .eca/se of some >ind of
So $ got /p and said to the cro6d1 B5ol>s1 $ ha3e to pra(1 and $ ha3e
to pra( no62 $=m in3iting (o/ to help me pra(2 $ don=t >no6 6ho it is1
./t someone=s life is in danger." $ >nelt down and .egan to pra(2 $
pra(ed hard and fast in other tong/es and in groanings for a.o/t 4#
min/tes2 Then $ had a note of 3ictor( that let me >no6 $=d pra(ed
thro/gh2 $ sang and la/ghed in the Spirit1 and that hea3( ./rden to
pra( lifted2
$ said1 B7ell1 $ don=t >no6 6ho it is2 Sometimes the +ol(
Spirit 6ill sho6 me the person or people $=m pra(ing for2 This

time +e didn=t2 %/t 6hoe3er it is1 $ got the ans6er1 glor( to
That e3ening m( 6ife and $ in3ited o/r ministr( singing
gro/p1 5aith=s Creation1 o3er to o/r ho/se so 6e co/ld pra(
a.o/t certain matters2 7hile 6e 6ere pra(ing1 the telephone
rang and m( 6ife ans6ered it2 $t 6as a (o/ng lad(1 a st/dent at
Oral *o.erts Uni3ersit(2 She and her famil( 6ere personal
friends of o/rs2
The (o/ng 6oman said1 B,omma ?/st called from o/r home
in Te8as2 She told me to call (o/ and as> (o/ to pra(F There 6as
an e8plosion this afternoon in the Te8aco *efiner( in 4ort
-rth/r1 Te8asFB
That 6as the di3ision 6here the girl=s stepfather 6or>ed2 ;/e
to the intensit( of the fire1 no one had .een a.le to get into the
refiner( since the e8plosion1 and E/ite a .it of time had passed2
H7e fig/red o/t later that $ got the ./rden to pra( in the Spirit
for someone in danger ?/st a.o/t the time the e8plosion
occ/rred that afternoon2I There 6ere 1! men trapped in the
refiner(1 and the resc/e 6or>ers didn=t >no6 ho6 man( 6ere
in?/red or possi.l( dead2
7hen Oretha related to the rest of /s 6hat the (o/ng 6oman
had said1 $ told m( 6ife1 BTell her that 6e=3e alread( gotten the
ans6er2 +er stepfather is all right2 The Spirit of God alerted /s
this afternoon to pra(2 Tell her 6e pra(ed thro/gh a.o/t it1 and
he is safe2B
:o/ ma( as>1 B+o6 did (o/ >no6 that this man and his
co6or>ers 6ere the people (o/ 6ere pra(ing for in tong/esCB
The +ol( Spirit simpl( let me >no6 thro/gh the in6ard 6itness as
soon as $ heard 6hat had happened2
So m( 6ife and $ and the mem.ers of 5aiths Creation 6ent on 6ith
o/r ./siness of pra(ing a.o/t other matters2 7hen Oretha and $ finall(
got to .ed1 it 6as after midnight2 -.o/t 1'301 the phone rang2 $t 6as the
same (o/ng lad( calling again2 She told /s1 B,omma ?/st called and
said1 =The( finall( got the fire p/t o/t@and 6hen the( 6ent into the
refiner(1 the( disco3ered that not one person 6as h/rtF The( can=t
.elie3e itF E3er( single person=s life 6as sparedF ;add(=s fineF=B
Than> God1 the +ol( Ghost >no6s 6hat 6e are to pra( for1 and +e
helps /s pra( for the /n>no6nF

9ater on1 this (o/ng lad( and her parents all grad/ated from
*+E,- and are in the ministr( toda(2 These fol>s in Te8as had .een
friends and s/pporters of this ministr( for man( (ears1 and the moment
the( had an /rgent need1 the +ol( Spirit alerted /s to pra( miles a6a(
in T/lsa2 There is no distance in the Spirit2 The +ol( Spirit can help (o/
pra( a.o/t an(one1 an(6hereF

Cod .ooks for ,*ailable Dessels to Use in 3ra!er
+ere is something else to /nderstand' The +ol( Spirit 6ill often alert
(o/ to pra( a.o/t a specific need or sit/ation in other tong/es1 as +e
did 6ith me concerning this man and his 1" co6or>ers at the Te8as
refiner(2 %/t then once (o/ (ield (o/rself to +im and get o3er into the
realm of the Spirit1 +e ma( gi3e (o/ other things to pra( for2
This happened to me that afternoon in 4ra(er School 6hen $
pra(ed for someone 6hose life 6as in danger2 $=d ?/st gotten that
note of 3ictor( after pra(ing 4# min/tes2 Then as $ >ept pra(ing1
the face of a pastor $ >ne6 >ept coming .efore me@a man 6ho
li3ed 11200 miles a6a(2 $ ass/med $ 6as pra(ing for him at that
$n the midst of m( pra(ing in tong/es1 $ heard m(self sa( a
fe6 6ords in English o3er and o3er again' B;on=t lea3e (et2
;on=t lea3e (et2 Sta( there a little 6hile longer2B Then $=d go
right .ac> to pra(ing in tong/es2 $n m( mind1 $ tho/ght1 Well! '
guess this pastor is thin$ing a"out lea#ing his church. +o6e3er1 $
didn=t >no6 an(thing a.o/t the sit/ation in the nat/ral2
- fe6 da(s later1 $ happened to go into a staff mem.er=s
office 6hile he 6as tal>ing on the telephone to this partic/lar
pastor2 $ said1 B%efore (o/ hang /p1 let me tal> to him2B
7hen $ got on the phone1 $ said to this pastor1 B$ don=t >no6
6hether this 6ill mean an(thing to (o/ or not2 $f it doesn=t1 ?/st
forget it2B
:o/ see1 (o/ sho/ld ne3er accept a B6ord from the 9ordB ?/st
.eca/se someone sa(s it1 .eca/se people can miss it2 The +ol(
Ghost is perfect1 ./t +e is manifested thro/gh imperfect
$ contin/ed1 B$ 6as pra(ing the other da( in the Spirit1 and
(o/r face >ept coming /p .efore me2 Then a fe6 6ords in

English came o/t of m( mo/th2 $ >ept sa(ing1 =;on=t lea3e (et2
;on=t lea3e (et2 Sta( a little 6hile longer2=B
The pastor said1 B7ell1 (es1 %rother +agin1 $=3e alread( gi3en m(
resignation to the ch/rch .oard2 $ .elie3e it=s time for me to mo3e on2B
$ replied1 B%/t God seems to .e telling (o/1 =Sta( a little 6hile
B7ell1B the pastor said1 B$=ll pra( a.o/t it1 %rother +agin2B
$ fo/nd o/t later that this pastor sta(ed three more months at that
ch/rch2 +e met 6ith the .oard again1 and the .oard mem.ers agreed to
dela( his resignation2
9ater that pastor came o3er to me at one of m( cr/sade meetings and
said1 BThan> God for the +ol( GhostFB
The pastor contin/ed' B7hen $ resigned and told the .oard $ 6as
lea3ing1 $ 6as s/pposed to lea3e 6ithin the ne8t t6o 6ee>s2 +o6e3er1 $
didn=t ha3e a dime2 $ said to m( 6ife1 =$ don=t >no6 6here 6e=re going2
7e ha3e to mo3e o/t of the parsonage1 and $ don=t >no6 6hat 6e=ll do
6ith o/r f/rnit/re2 $ don=t ha3e eno/gh mone( to store it2=
B%/t .( sta(ing three e8tra months1B the pastor said1 B$ 6as a.le to
sa3e O31!#0 .( the time 6e left the ch/rch2 $ 6o/ld ha3e .een O31!#0
short if $ hadn=t sta(ed ?/st a little 6hile longerFB
$ replied1 B7ell1 that=s good to >no6F $ didn=t >no6 6hether those
6ords1 =;on=t lea3e (et= meant an(thing or not2B %/t the +ol( Ghost
>ne61 and +e prompted me to pra( a.o/t 6hat 6as /n>no6n to me
for the .enefit of that pastor2
:o/ ma( tr( to fig/re o/t in (o/r head 6hat (o/ sho/ld .e pra(ing
a.o/t and ho6 (o/ sho/ld .e pra(ing@./t (o/ 6on=t e3er .e a.le to
do itF Than> God1 the +ol( Spirit >no6s the perfect 6ill of God
concerning e3er( sit/ation1 and +e 6ill /se (o/ to .ring a.o/t God=s
6ill in specific sit/ations and in people=s li3es as (o/ (ield to +im1
pra(ing in other tong/es2

Supernatural 9eli*erance on the 2ission /ield

$ co/ld tal> to (o/ all da( long1 gi3ing (o/ ill/stration after
ill/stration of miracles that occ/rred as the +ol( Spirit /sed me
to pra( in tong/es for a sit/ation /n>no6n to me2 %/t
mar3elo/s testimonies ha3e also happened in the li3es of others
$ >no6@man( of 6hom 6ere missionaries on the foreign field1
tho/sands of miles a6a( from home2

5or instance1 (ears ago a missionar( friend of mine shared a
testimon( 6ith me along this line2 +e and his 6ife %lanche 6ere
missionaries to -frica d/ring the (ears leading /p to 7orld 7ar
$2 Of co/rse1 the( tra3eled o3er to -frica .( .oat and didn=t ha3e
an( means of E/ic> comm/nication the 6a( 6e do no62 $t
6o/ld ta>e a month for their parents in -merica to recei3e a
letter from them2
%lanche=s father and mother had .een old&time 4entecostal
dair( farmers all their li3es and at this time 6ere in their 0s2
E3en tho/gh %lanche=s father didn=t operate the dair( an(
longer1 he did still >eep three co6s1 6hich he 6o/ld mil> e3er(
da( and then sell the cream2
One morning1 %lanche=s elderl( father got /p at da6n1 as he
al6a(s did1 and started o/t to6ard the .arn to mil> the co6s2
%/t half6a( .et6een the ho/se and the .arn1 he 6as arrested in
his spirit 6ith a strong inner impression that something 6as
wrong. Some 6a( or another1 the farmer >ne6 it 6as a.o/t his
da/ghter %lanche1 so he set do6n the mil> pails and ret/rned to
the ho/se2
%lanche=s mother had ?/st started to ma>e .rea>fast on the old 6ood
sto3e2 7hen her h/s.and 6al>ed in the .ac> door1 she loo>ed at him
and e8claimed1 B:o/ loo> li>e (o/ ?/st sa6 a ghostF 7hat is the
B$ don=t >no61B the farmer ans6ered1 B./t something=s 6rong 6ith
%lanche2 She=s in tro/.le1 near death2 +er ph(sical life is in danger2 7e
ha3e to pra(FB
B+o6 do (o/ >no6CB his 6ife as>ed2
B$ can=t tell (o/ ho6 $ >no62 $ ?/st >no6 it on the inside of me2B That
6as the Spirit of God letting this farmer >no6 something a.o/t the
So the elderl( father and mother got do6n on their >nees right there
on that >itchen floor1 and the man said to the +ol( Spirit1 B$ don=t >no6
6hat=s 6rong1 ./t something is 6rong 6ith %lanche2 -nd 6e don=t
>no6 6hat to pra( for as 6e o/ght1 ./t /ou do1 +ol( Spirit2 So please
help /s ma>e intercession for o/r da/ghter2B Then the( .egan to pra(
6ith other tong/es2
That 6as at a.o/t #'30 in the morning2 +o/rs passed2 Noon came
and 6ent2 The co6s 6ere lo6ingA the( hadn=t .een mil>ed2 The hogs

6ere sE/ealing and the chic>ens 6ere cl/c>ingA the( hadn=t .een fed2
%/t still the farmer and his 6ife pra(ed on in other tong/es for their
Then at a.o/t t6o o=cloc> in the afternoon1 the elderl( man .egan to
la/gh and sing in tong/es2 +e said to his 6ife1 B%lanche is going to .e
all rightFB
No61 let me stress this one more time' 1nce you "egin to pray
this way! $eep on praying until you get a note o #ictory. 7hate3er it
is (o/=re pra(ing a.o/t1 (o/=ll >no6 in (o/r spirit 6hen (o/
ha3e (o/r ans6er2 :o/=ll ha3e an /rge to la/gh1 to 6orship1 or
to sing in tong/es1 and (o/=ll >no6 (o/ pra(ed that ./rden
$t 6as nearl( si8 6ee>s later that %lanche=s parents recei3ed a
letter from their son&in&la62 $n that letter to his in&la6s1 the
missionar( e8plained1 BSe3eral 6ee>s ago1 %lanche contracted
one of the deadl( fe3ers that are common o3er here2 The people
told /s there 6as no c/re for her2B
*emem.er1 this 6as .et6een 1910 and 19202 ,edical
practices in this part of -frica 6ere e8tremel( primiti3e2 %ac> in
those da(s1 once a person in -frica contracted this terri.le fe3er1
that person died@end of stor(F
The son&in&la6 6rote1 B%lanche s/n> to the edge of death2 $n
fact1 as far as 6e co/ld tell1 she died2 7e co/ldn=t detect an( life
in her2 %/t then all of a s/dden1 %lanche rose /p 6ellFB
The parents 6rote .ac> and as>ed1 B7hat da( and time did
%lanche rise /p 6ellCB The( didn=t tell their da/ghter and her
h/s.and 6h( the( 6ere as>ing2 7hen the( recei3ed a letter in
response1 the( compared notes 6ith the date and time of their
/rgent need to pra( for %lanche2 +er parents fo/nd o/t that the
ho/rs 6hen she had s/n> close to death 6ere the 3er( ho/rs
6hen the(=d .een pra(ing for her2 -nd 6hen the( fig/red in the
difference in time Dones1 the( realiDed that the moment their
da/ghter rose /p healed in -frica 6as the same moment@t6o
o=cloc> their time@that her father 6as la/ghing in the Spirit and
singing in tong/esF
Those old&time 4entecostals >ne6 something a.o/t pra(ing thro/gh
in the +ol( GhostF 7e=d do 6ell to learn from themF
O3er the (ears1 $=3e read man( testimonies in 4entecostal
p/.lications that 6ere similar to the one $ ?/st related2 ,issionaries on

the foreign field fo/nd themsel3es in a crisis1 ./t someone at home
o.e(ed a s/dden /rge to pra( in other tong/es2 -s a res/lt1 the
missionar( 6as deli3ered2 Often the person 6ho pra(ed didn=t e3en
>no6 the missionar(@./t the +ol( Spirit didF
5or instance1 $ read a.o/t one %ritish missionar( to -frica 6ho
de3eloped a serio/s case of cancer2 This missionar( 6as an older man
6ho had pioneered the 4entecostal message in that area2 +is associates
transported him to a modern hospital in So/th -frica to /ndergo
s/rger(2 %/t 6hen the doctors opened him /p1 the cancer had spread
thro/gho/t so m/ch of his .od( that the( ?/st se6ed him .ac> /p and
rolled him o/t of s/rger(2 The case 6as hopeless2 The man 6as going to
dieA there 6as nothing an( medical doctor co/ld do a.o/t it2
%/t a.o/t this time1 se3eral tho/sand miles a6a( in -/stralia1 a dear
old saint of God sa6 this man=s pict/re in a 4entecostal p/.lication
6here he 6as listed as a missionar( from England2 S/ddenl( this
elderl( 6oman sensed a strong ./rden to pra( and spent the .iggest
part of the night pra(ing in other tong/es2 Then in a 3ision1 God
sho6ed this 6oman 6hat she=d .een pra(ing a.o/t2 She sa6 this fello6
l(ing sic> in .ed2 She >ne6 6ho he 6as .eca/se she=d ?/st seen his
pict/re1 and she >ne6 he had cancer2 $n the 3ision1 she sa6 him rise /p
$n the process of time1 this missionar( 6as a g/est spea>er in
the cit( 6here this 6oman li3ed1 so she attended the meeting
and 6ent /p to the man after the ser3ice2 The 6oman related
her e8perience in pra(er to the missionar(2 -fter the( compared
dates and too> into acco/nt the time Done differences1 the
missionar( said to her1 B-t that 3er( moment1 $ la( d(ing on the
hospital .ed2 The doctors had gi3en /p on me after the
operation1 and $ 6as so far gone $ co/ldn=t do an(thing for
m(self2 %/t then s/ddenl(1 $ ?/st rose /p 6ellF The doctors ran
e3er( >ind of test the( co/ld thin> of on me1 ./t all traces of the
cancer had disappearedFB
$ 6ant to share t6o more testimonies of spectac/lar
deli3erance on the mission field that a missionar( named
%rother %ole( e8perienced .eca/se of someone=s o.edience to
pra(2 %rother %ole( 6as a missionar( in the -frican ./sh
co/ntr( .ac> at the t/rn of the t6entieth cent/r(2 $ 6as a (o/ng

minister at that time1 and $ attended a meeting 6here %rother
%ole( related these t6o e8periences2
On one occasion1 a ri3al hostile tri.e stole a little si8&(ear&old
girl from the 3illage 6here %rother %ole( 6as preaching and
nearl( e3er(one had gotten sa3ed2 %rother %ole( said1 B7e
>ne6 from e8perience that if 6e didn=t get the little girl .ac>
.efore nightfall1 she 6o/ld ne3er .e reco3ered2B
These t6o tri.es spo>e different dialects1 so %rother %ole(
left for the ri3al tri.e=s 3illage 6ith one of the nati3es@a
Christian con3ert@6ho co/ld spea> their dialect2 %ole( hoped
to .arter 6ith the chieftain1 trading the child for .eads and
,iles .efore the t6o men reached the 3illage1 the( smelled the odor
of p/trid1 rotting meat2 This partic/lar tri.e 6o/ld select three or fo/r
6omen to prepare and coo> an animal that 6o/ld then .e h/ng on a
post ?/st o/tside the 3illage2 The animal 6o/ld hang there for da(s and
e3en 6ee>s1 rotting in the s/n2 E3er(one 6ho came to the 3illage had to
c/t off a ch/n> and eat it@incl/ding %rother %ole( and his companion2
%rother %ole( said1 B:o/ might thin> (o/ .elie3e God@./t (o/
reall( find o/t 6hether or not (o/ .elie3e +im 6hen (o/ go to some of
those e8treme areas on the mission fieldF $n this case1 each one of /s had
to c/t off a .ig ch/n> of that rotting meat and eat it2 %/t1 than> God1 it
ne3er did affect /sFB
%rother %ole( and his companion finall( reached the chieftain and
traded a ./nch of trin>ets and .eads for the girl2 -t that point1
ho6e3er1 nighttime o3ertoo> them1 6hich 6as a pro.lem .eca/se it
6as impossi.le to tra3el in the dense ?/ngle at night2
The t6o men 6ere led to the Bg/est E/artersB of the 3illage@ a
primiti3e1 thatched&roof h/t2 ;ar>ness fell1 and the( had nothing left to
do ./t la( do6n on the hard gro/nd and go to sleep2 +o/rs later 6hen
it 6as near midnight1 the( 6o>e /p to the so/nd of dr/ms rolling2
%ole( as>ed his companion1 B7hat does the so/nd of those dr/ms
+is nati3e companion replied1 BThat is the death sentence the( ha3e
passed on /s2 $t has finall( dawned on the chief that he=s alread( gotten
o/r trin>ets1 so no6 he can >ill /s and still >eep the girlF The dr/ms are
signaling the tri.e=s intention to come and >ill /s2 The( are coming 6ith
.olo >ni3es that 6ith one slice can c/t off o/r headsFB

%rother %ole( and the nati3e interpreter co/ld hear the
approaching enem( r/stling o/tside their thatched&roof h/t2 So
%ole( said to the other man1 B9et=s >neel do6n and commit
o/rsel3es into the hands of God2 Then 6e 6on=t 6ait for them to
come in and get /s2 9et=s go o/t first2 $=ll lead the 6a(2B
%rother %ole( related 6hat happened ne8t' B-fter 6e pra(ed1
$ sh/t m( e(es1 p/lled .ac> the grass&thatch entrance co3ering1
and stepped o/t of the h/t2 $ stood in front of the h/t for 6hat
seemed li>e a long time1 altho/gh it 6as pro.a.l( onl( a fe6
seconds2B HOf co/rse1 at a time li>e that1 a fe6 seconds 6o/ld
seem li>e a 3er( long timeFI
%rother %ole( contin/ed1 BS/ddenl( $ realiDed that no one
had c/t off m( headF $ co/ld hear the so/nd of these 6arriors
sa(ing something1 so $ opened m( e(es and loo>ed aro/nd at
the circle of tri.al 6arriors s/rro/nding me2 The( 6ere all on
their >nees 6ith their faces .o6ed to the gro/nd and their .olo
>ni3es l(ing on the gro/nd .eside themFB
J/st then the interpreter stepped o/t of the h/t1 and %ole(
as>ed him1 B7hat are these 6arriors sa(ingCB
BThe( are 6orshiping (o/ as GodFB he e8claimed2
%rother %ole( as>ed his interpreter to find o/t 6hat had
happened2 The 3illage 6arriors told the interpreter1 B7hen this
foreigner stepped o/t of the h/t1 t6o giant men in shining 6hite
apparel@nine feet tall and 6ith h/ge s6ords@stepped o/t on
either side of himFB
Then the 6arriors fell do6n .efore the missionar( and
contin/ed to 6orship him2 Of co/rse1 %ole( retrie3ed the little
girl and too> her .ac> home and ret/rned her safel( to her
parents and to her tri.e2
T6o 6ee>s later1 %rother %ole( 6as planning another mission trip1
and he fo/nd o/t that the staff at the mission station 6as short&handed2
Someone told him1 B7e ha3e a (o/ng lad( at the mission station alone
6ith no help2 $ chec> on her e3er( co/ple of 6ee>s to see ho6 she=s
doing1 ./t she al6a(s seems to .e doing fine2B
So %rother %ole( 6ent to see this (o/ng 6oman 6ho 6as operating
the mission station all .( herself2 7hile he 6as there1 she as>ed him1
B%rother %ole(1 did something happen to (o/ sometime aro/nd
midnight on ,onda( nightC 7as (o/r life in dangerCB
B7h( do (o/ as>CB

B7ell1 $ 6or> here .( m(self .et6een 10 to 12 ho/rs a da(1B she said2
BOne night $ 6as 3er( tired and 6ent to sleep almost immediatel( after
going to .ed2 Then at a.o/t 10'30 that night1 $ 6as a6a>ened 6ith a
3er( hea3( ./rden to pra(2 So $ got o/t of .ed1 s/n> to m( >nees1 and
.egan to pra( in other tong/es2B
The 6oman contin/ed to pra( from 10'30 /ntil midnight2 BThat
6hole time1B she said1 Bit seemed li>e your face >ept flashing .efore me
as $ pra(ed2 Then $ had a note of 3ictor( and .egan to sing in tong/es
and to la/gh in the +ol( GhostFB
%rother %ole( said1 BSister1 ?/st a.o/t the time (o/ .egan to la/gh is
6hen $ stepped o/t of m( thatched&roof h/t to meet a gro/p of hostile
6arriors@and their attac> 6as stopped .( the t6o shining1 gigantic
men the( sa6 on either side of meFB
+ere is the E/estion to serio/sl( consider' What i this young woman
hadn't yielded to the Holy *pirit's leading to pray&
%rother %ole( shared one more amaDing testimon( that $
6ant to share 6ith (o/ so (o/ can see ho6 great the scope of
pra(ing in tong/es reall( is2 HOf co/rse1 ha3ing ser3ed for so
man( (ears as a missionar( in the primiti3e -frican ./sh
co/ntr(1 he co/ld ha3e told /s man( more e8periences of
s/pernat/ral deli3eranceFI
Off the 6est coast of -frica 6as an island 6hose inha.itants
had ne3er (et .een reached for Jes/s2 So %rother %ole( leased a
nati3e sail.oat and cre6 and too> a Spirit&filled nati3e
interpreter 6ith him to the island each 6ee> to preach the
Gospel and minister to the people2
Then one ,onda(1 a s/dden storm arose late in the afternoon
as %rother %ole( and his companions 6ere ret/rning to the
mainland after their 6ee>l( 3isit to the island2 The(=d .een
tr(ing to get home .efore dar>1 since their .oat had no lights or
na3igation instr/ments2 %/t as the cre6 fo/ght to sta( afloat in
the storm1 nighttime o3ertoo> them and the sit/ation .ecame
e3en more desperate2
+o/rs passed1 and the storm contin/ed to rage in the .lac>
dar>ness of night2 5inall( a.o/t midnight1 the .oat captain said
to %ole(1 B$ don=t >no6 6here 6e are in relation to the har.or 6e
ha3e to enter2 There is onl( one narro6 space into the har.or
that is safe2 The rest is 3er( dangero/s .eca/se of hidden reefs2 $f

6e ma>e a r/n for it1 6e=ll pro.a.l( .e dashed to pieces on the
roc>s2 %/t if 6e sta( o/t here in the open ocean1 6e=re going to
sin> and e3er(one=s life 6ill certainl( .e lost2B
%rother %ole( replied1 B7ell1 $ don=t >no6 an(thing a.o/t
na3igation2 :o/=re the captain2 7hat do you thin> 6e sho/ld
The captain ans6ered1 BO/r onl( chance is to tr( to ma>e a r/n for
%ole( said1 BThen .efore 6e do1 let=s pra(2B
The captain and his cre6 6ere not Christians1 ./t 6hen people are
facing death1 e3er(one gets re3erent in a h/rr(F So the( all got do6n on
their >nees 6ith %rother %ole( and the interpreter and committed their
li3es into the hands of God2 Then %ole( got /p and said1 B7ell1 ?/st let
the .oat goFB
*elating his testimon(1 %rother %ole( said1 B-s God is m(
6itness@not to mention the 6itness of all those fol>s on the .oat@the
moment the captain pointed that sail.oat to6ard the har.or and let it
go1 it ?/st too> off in the air li>e an airplane and sailed right o3er the
reef1 landing in the har.or 6here the 6ater 6as calm and peacef/lFB
Of co/rse1 there 6as a./ndant re?oicing going on in that .oat o3er
their mirac/lo/s deli3eranceF
- fe6 da(s later1 %rother %ole( 6ent to 3isit one of the mission
stations he o3ersa62 -t this time1 one 6oman 6as sta(ing at this
mission station .( herself2 HThis 6as a different 6oman than the one
6ho pra(ed for %rother %ole( in the first testimon( he related2I
;/ring %ole(=s 3isit1 the 6oman as>ed him1 B%rother %ole(1 did
an(thing happen to (o/ in partic/lar last ,onda( nightCB
B7ell1 no61 6hat do (o/ meanCB %ole( as>ed2 HOf co/rse1 he
definitel( remem.ered something happening that nightFI
B7ellB she said1 B$ 6ent to .ed earl( that night and had .een asleep
for se3eral ho/rs2 -.o/t ten o=cloc> $ 6as s/ddenl( a6a>ened and
.olted /pright in .ed2 $ said1 =9ord 6hat is itC Something is 6rong here2=
B$ .egan to pra( ?/st l(ing there in .ed2 %/t $=d 6or>ed so
hard and 6as so tired that $ >ept drifting .ac> to sleep2 So $ got
o/t of .ed and got do6n on m( >nees2 $ pra(ed1 =9ord1 $ don=t
>no6 6hat it is2 %/t 6hate3er it is1 the +ol( Ghost >no6s2 $=m
going to tr/st +im to help me2=
BSo $ started pra(ing in other tong/es1 and the +ol( Ghost
.egan to help me2 $ spent the ne8t t6o ho/rs@from 10 till

midnight@pra(ing in other tong/es2 $ didn=t >no6 6hat $ 6as
pra(ing a.o/t or 6hom $ 6as pra(ing for2
B%/t at the end of that time $ >ne6 that 6hate3er it 6as1 $=d
gotten the 3ictor( .eca/se that hea3( ./rden lifted and $ felt a
spirit of lightness2 $ .egan to sing and la/gh in the Spirit2 *ight
then (o/r face flashed .efore me1 so $ tho/ght ma(.e $ 6as
pra(ing for (o/2 ;id an(thing happen to (o/ last ,onda( night
a.o/t midnightCB
BSister1 midnight on ,onda( night 6as the 3er( moment 6e
6ere mirac/lo/sl( deli3ered from certain deathFB %ole(
7hile that missionar( 6oman 6as la/ghing and praising
God in the Spirit1 that sail.oat ?/st too> off and sailed right o3er
the reef1 landing in the har.or 6ith e3er(one on .oard safe and
So 6h( don=t 6e ha3e more s/pernat/ral testimonies li>e this
happeningC $=ll tell (o/ 6h(@"ecause more ol$s are not praying in
other tongues. No61 the( ma( pra( a little in other tong/es to
>eep themsel3es in .asic fello6ship 6ith God2 %/t the( don=t
ta>e an e8tended amo/nt of time to 6ait in +is 4resence@an
ho/r or t6o or e3en longer2 That=s 6hen the +ol( Ghost can
ta>e hold 6ith them to pra( thro/gh on matters that desperatel(
need to .e pra(ed a.o/t2
There=s no do/.t in m( mind that the +ol( Spirit is contin/all(
searching for those 6hom +e can /se in pra(er2 7hen +e finds
.elie3ers 6illing to (ield to +im and to pra( for as long as it ta>es in
other tong/es1 +e ta>es hold together 6ith them1 helping them pra(
o/t God=s perfect 6ill a.o/t matters the( often >no6 nothing a.o/t2
$=3e read man( other s/ch reports as the ones $ ?/st related1 and $=3e
personall( heard man( missionaries relate similar testimonies of
s/pernat/ral deli3erance as a res/lt of someone pra(ing in the Spirit2
E3en so1 $ .elie3e that the large ma?orit( of Spirit&filled Christians
ha3en=t (et realiDed the profo/nd effecti3eness of this >ind of pra(ing2
$f the( had1 the( 6o/ld .e doing m/ch more of itF
The +ol( Ghost >no6s 6hat 6e sho/ld pra( for as 6e o/ght@6e
don=t2 :et so man( times 6hen 6e get a ./rden or an in6ard 6itness to
pra( in o/r spirits1 6e go right on a.o/t o/r dail( ./siness instead of
stopping to pra(2 $f 6e 6o/ld onl( (ield more to the +ol( Ghost and
ma>e o/rsel3es a3aila.le to pra( in other tong/es1 e3en 6hen 6e ha3e

no idea 6hat 6e are pra(ing a.o/t1 6e=d see more 3ictories in o/r o6n
li3es2 7e=d also see man( more dramatic deli3erances in the li3es of
those for 6hom 6e pra(2
This is one of the greatest areas in 6hich the +ol( Spirit is a +elper
to /s@o/r pra(er life2 Of co/rse1 +e helps /s in all realms of life2 %/t
one of the most prod/cti3e1 most fr/itf/l1 most o/tstanding1 and most
mirac/lo/s areas +e helps /s in is pra(ing o/t Gods perfect 6ill in
other tong/es for 6hat is /n>no6n to o/r nat/ral minds2

+ H, 3 E = # '

3=ESS7-C 7-O -EA
9E3HS O/ 3=,BE=

God is calling /s to a deeper realm of pra(er in these last da(s2 That
means 6e need to train o/rsel3es to .e sensiti3e to the Spirit of God so
6e can learn to (ield to +im2 -s 6e do1 +e 6ill help /s pra( o/t God=s
6ill in sit/ations that arise1 e3en 6hen 6e >no6 nothing a.o/t the
circ/mstances or the people 6ho are in3ol3ed2 7e can get on o/r >nees
and sa(1 B+ol( Spirit1 $ don=t >no6 6hat to pra( for as $ o/ght1 ./t :o/
7e 6on=t >no6 /ntil 6e get to +ea3en ho6 man( great miracles
ha3e .een 6ro/ght and ho6 man( co/ntless li3es ha3e .een sa3ed
.eca/se .elie3ers ha3e .een 6illing to do ?/st that2 7hen the( sensed a
./rden to pra(1 the( o.e(ed2 -nd as the( pra(ed in other tong/es1 the
+ol( Ghost too> hold together 6ith them1 gi3ing them the /nction and
anointing to pra( o/t /n>no6n sit/ations according to the 6ill of God2
, .ife Spared hrough SomeoneEs Obedience to

$ remem.er an o/tstanding e8ample of this that happened to
%rother and Sister Good6in d/ring the 7orld 7ar $$ (ears2 -t
the time1 the( 6ere pastors of an east Te8as 4entecostal ch/rch2
One S/nda( night after %rother Good6in had alread( gone to
sleep1 Sister Good6in got a strong ./rden to pra(2 She tried not
to dist/r. her h/s.and as she pra(ed in tong/es and in deep
groanings1 ./t her groanings .ecame so lo/d that she a6a>ened

7hen %rother Good6in 6o>e /p and heard his 6ife
groaning1 he tho/ght at first that she 6as sic>2 B7hat=s the
matterCB he as>ed her2
B$ ha3e a ./rden to pra(1B Sister Good6in said2 BSome of o/r
ch/rch fol>s are in danger2B B7ho is itCB
B$ don=t >no61B she said1 B./t someone=s life is in danger2B
The Good6inGs tried to thin> of 6ho it might .e1 ./t all the(
co/ld come /p 6ith 6ere the fo/r families from ch/rch 6ho
6ere on 3acation and dri3ing all night long to get .ac> home2 So
the( pra(ed and claimed di3ine protection for all the families2
Then %rother Good6in fell .ac> to sleep2
Sister Good6in tried to go to sleep as 6ell1 ./t that ./rden to
pra( 6as still there2 She started pra(ing once more in tong/es
and in deep groanings2 5inall(1 she 6o>e /p %rother Good6in
Sister Good6in told her h/s.and1 BThat 6asn=t it@it=s
someone else in o/r congregation2B She ?/st had a spirit/al
discernment1 a spirit/al sense1 that someone=s life 6as in danger
6ho attended their ch/rch2
So the Good6inGs pra(ed together again and recei3ed some sense of
relief in their spirits2 %rother Good6in 6ent .ac> to sleep1 and Sister
Good6in tried to do the same2 %/t she ?/st couldn=t sha>e that ./rden
to pra(2 She started pra(ing in tong/es and groaning again1 and after a
6hile1 she once more a6a>ened her h/s.and2 This time he said1 B7ell1
let=s ?/st get o/t of .ed and pra(2B
-s the Good6inGs pra(ed together in other tong/es1 Sister Good6in
co/ldn=t seem to get relief from that sense of hea3iness in her spirit2
5inall(1 %rother Good6in said1 B9et=s ?/st pra( in agreement that the
9ord 6ill gi3e the person1 6hoe3er it is1 a dream or a 3ision that sho6s
him the danger that=s ahead2B
So the Good6inGs agreed in pra(er and then pra(ed in the Spirit
a6hile longer2 %( the time the( finall( got .ac> to .ed1 it 6as fo/r
o=cloc> in the morning2 ConseE/entl(1 the( 6ere still sleeping later that
morning 6hen the phone rang2 $t 6as one of the men in their
ch/rch@their S/nda( school s/perintendent@ and he had E/ite a stor(
to tellF
This man 6or>ed in the oil fields as a mem.er of a gang of
Bro/ghnec>sB Hthe name for 6or>ers emplo(ed on the oil 6ellsI2 That
morning 6hen he sho6ed /p at 6or>1 the gang p/sher1 his foreman1
told him that %ill1 the man 6ho 6or>ed the drilling to6er1 hadn=t

sho6n /p that da(2 Then the gang p/sher said to the Good6inGs=
S/nda( school s/perintendent1 B:o/ 6or> the to6er toda(2B
The man started to clim. /p the ladder to the to6er@./t after
clim.ing /p a.o/t 14 r/ngs1 he re3ersed direction and clim.ed .ac>
do6n2 On the gro/nd again1 the man told the gang p/sher1 B$=m not
going to do it2B
B7h( notCB the gang p/sher as>ed2
B7ell1 $=ll tell (o/1B the S/nda( school s/perintendent said1 B$
had a dream at fo/r o=cloc> this morning2 $ >no6 the time
.eca/se the dream 6o>e me /p and $ 6ent to the >itchen to get
a drin> of 6ater and loo>ed at the cloc>2 $n the dream1 %ill didn=t
sho6 /p1 and $ clim.ed /p there to 6or> that to6er2 Then all of
a s/dden1 a h/ge ca.le .ro>e and c/t off m( headF $ act/all( sa6
m( head fall do6n to the gro/nd in the dream@so $=m not
going to clim. /p there toda(FB
-nother 6or>er on the gang 6as also present2 +e 6as a
Christian man and a mem.er of a near.( denominational
ch/rch2 This man la/ghed and said1 B7ell1 $=m not s/perstitio/s2
$=ll do it2B
The gang p/sher agreed1 and the man clim.ed /p the ladder
to the drilling to6er2 The gang started 6or>ing1 p/lling one of
the massi3e drill&rig pipes o/t of the gro/nd2 %/t the man hadn=t
.een /p on the to6er for more than 10 min/tes 6hen a h/ge
ca.le .ro>e and c/t off his head1 ?/st as the 4entecostal man had
seen in his dreamF
:o/ might as>1 B%/t the man 6ho died 6as a Christian2 7h(
didn=t the 9ord 6arn him tooCB
*emem.er1 dear friend1 that 6hen (o/ get o3er into this
realm of pra(er thro/gh spea>ing 6ith other tong/es1 (o/ are in
a different and deeper dimension of pra(er2 $n this realm1 (o/
can pra( o/t a matter (o/ don=t >no6 ho6 to pra( for as (o/
o/ght2 The +ol( Ghost helps (o/ pra( it thro/gh2
The ch/rch 6here this denominational man attended
.elie3ed in pra(er1 ./t their 6a( of pra(ing 6ent something
li>e this' B9ord1 help those 6ho need help1 and .less those 6ho
need .lessing2 ;o 6hat :o/ can1 9ord2 -men2B
On the other hand1 those 6ho pra( in other tong/es can spea>
s/pernat/rall( to God and th/s pra( o/t those things that need to .e
pra(ed for2 The +ol( Ghost >no6s the 6ill of God and helps .elie3ers

pra( according to God=s 6ill so that +is plans and p/rposes can .e
.ro/ght forth on this earth2
That=s 6hat happened as Sister Good6in pra(ed that night for
someone in her ch/rch 6hose life 6as in danger2 She didn=t >no6 6hat
the sit/ation 6as or 6ho 6as in3ol3ed2 %/t the +ol( Ghost >ne61 and
+e helped Sister Good6in pra( o/t the sit/ation on .ehalf of her
ch/rch mem.er2 $n the end1 the S/nda( school s/perintendent=s life 6as
spared .eca/se Sister Good6in made herself a3aila.le to pra( o/t that
./rden and .eca/se the man acted on the di3ine 6arning in his dream2

Cod 7s .imited b! Our 3ra!er .ife

,an( times 6hen fol>s hear an acco/nt li>e the one $ ?/st related1
the( as>1 B%/t 6h( does it ha3e to .e that 6a(C 7h( co/ldn=t God sa3e
that S/nda( school s/perintendent 6itho/t someone pra(ingC -nd
6hat if Sister Good6in hadn't pra(edCB
$f someone hadn=t pra(ed in that sit/ation1 that man=s life pro.a.l(
6o/ld ha3e .een lost2
Someone might as>1 B%/t if God 6anted to deli3er that man1 6h(
didn=t +e ?/st go ahead and do it an(6a(C -fter all1 6hen Jes/s 6as
raised from the dead1 didn=t +e sa(1 -ll po6er and a/thorit( is gi3en
/nto ,e .oth in +ea3en and on earth=C
;oesn=t that mean the +ead of the Ch/rch has a/thorit( on
earth to do 6hate3er +e 6ants to doCB
5irst1 as soon as Jes/s said1 B2 2 2 %ll power Kor a/thorit(L is
gi#en unto me in hea#en and in earth" +e immediatel( delegated
that a/thorit( on earth to the Ch/rch 6hen +e said1 ")o /-
thereore . . 2B H,att2 2'1&19I2
-gain and again1 the Ne6 Testament script/res /se the
analog( of the h/man .od( to descri.e the relationship .et6een
Jes/s and the Ch/rch2 +e is the +ead1 and 6e are +is %od(1 and
the +ead doesn=t act apart from the %od(2
5or e8ample1 consider (o/r o6n .od( for a moment2 :o/r
head cannot e8ercise an( a/thorit( e8cept thro/gh (o/r .od(2 $f
(o/ don=t .elie3e me1 ?/st tr( to tell (o/r head to get /p and
6al> o/t of the room 6itho/t the rest of (o/r .od(F
Often people 6ill tr( to so/nd h/m.le .( sa(ing something
li>e this' B7ell1 the 9ord doesn=t need me1 ./t $ need +im2B

That 6o/ld .e li>e sa(ing1 B,( head doesn=t need m( .od(1
./t m( .od( needs m( head2B No1 the head and the .od( .oth
need one another in order to f/nction2 The same thing is tr/e
regarding the +ead of the Ch/rch and the %od( of Christ2 Jes/s
needs +is %od( in order to perform +is 6ill in this 6orld1 and
the %od( of Christ s/re needs Jes/sF
Second1 $ am reminded of a statement $ read earl( on in m(
ministr( from the 6ritings of John 7esle(1 the fo/nder of the
,ethodist Ch/rch2 7esle( made this statement' B$t seems that
God is limited .( o/r pra(er life2 +e can do nothing for
h/manit( /nless someone as>s +im to do it2B
7hen $ read that1 $ didn=t >no6 6hether or not it 6as so2 $ e8amined
the Script/res ./t co/ldn=t find an ans6er that satisfied me2 Ten (ears
later1 $ 6as reading another a/thor on the s/.?ect of pra(er and faith1
and he made almost the same statement2 This a/thor said1 B$t seems that
God is limited .( o/r pra(er life2 +e can do nothing for h/manit(
/nless someone as>s +im2B Then this a/thor added this aftertho/ght'
B7h( this is1 6e don=t >no62B
That last statement .othered me2 $ tho/ght1 Well! i what this author
says is true! we ought to $now why(
$ >ne6 there 6as onl( one 6a( $ 6as going to find the ans6er' .(
getting in the 7ord2 The ans6er had to .e there2 -s $ st/died and
pra(ed1 the 9ord spo>e to m( heart1 BGo .ac> to the %oo> of
.eginnings2B $ >ne6 +e meant the %oo> of Genesis2
So $ started to st/d( Genesis1 and $ sa6 that God made the 6orld
and the f/llness thereof2 Then +e made +is man -dam and said1
B-dam1 $ gi3e (o/ dominion o3er all the 6or> of ,( hands2B :o/ co/ld
sa( that -dam .ecame1 in a sense1 Bthe god of this 6orld2B $n other
6ords1 God p/t -dam in a position of r/ling and ha3ing dominion
o3er this nat/ral 6orld HGen2 1'2"&2A 4s2 I2
%/t then -dam committed high treason against God .( diso.e(ing
+im and sold o/t to Satan2 -dam didn=t ha3e a moral right to do that1
./t he had a legal right to do it2 The Script/res tell /s that Satan then
.ecame the god of this 6orld2 $n other 6ords1 Satan .ecame the r/ler of
this fallen 6orld s(stem H2 Cor2 4'4I2

Then in Ephesians "'121 4a/l descri.es Satan=s fallen
>ingdom2 4a/l also lists Satan=s hierarch( of demonic forces'

12 5or 6e 6restle not against flesh and .lood1 ./t
against principalities1 against po6ers1 against the
*U9E*S O5 T+E ;-*0NESS O5 T+$S 7O*9;1
against spirit/al 6ic>edness in high places2

-lso1 the -postle John confirmed that Satan is the god of this
6orld s(stem' B 2 2 The whole world lieth in wic$edness" H1 John
#'19I2 The de3il has a right to sta( here /ntil -dam=s lease r/ns
o/t2 -nd it=s getting closer and closer to the time 6hen that 6ill
The first -dam 6ho sold /s o/t to Satan=s dominion 6as a
man2 Therefore1 ?/stice reE/ired that a 4an pa( the price of
man's sin2 That means God1 7ho is a spirit .eing1 co/ldn=t mo3e
in and r/n Satan o/t .eca/se -dam had gi3en Satan legal
dominion o3er the earth2 That=s 6h( Satan co/ld sa( to Jes/s1
B-ll the >ingdoms of the 6orld $=ll gi3e to :o/ if :o/=ll ?/st .o6
do6n to meB H,att2 4'&9I2
That=s the reason God sent Jes/s to .e .orn as a ,an@to
redeem man .ac> from Satan=s capti3it(2 :es1 Jes/s is also the
di3ine Son of God1 ./t +e laid aside +is might( po6er and
glor( to .e .orn as a h/man .eing H4hil2 2'!I2 $t 6as as a h/man
.eing that Jes/s defeated Satan and redeemed /s from the hand
of the enem(2 Jes/s 6as tempted in all points li>e as 6e are1 (et
6itho/t sin H+e.2 4'1#I2 +e died not as God1 ./t as a ,an2 +e
ne3er .ecame a sinner1 ./t +e 6as made to "e sin 6hen o/r sin
6as laid on +im that 6e might .e made the righteo/sness of
God in +im H2 Cor2 #'21I2
7hen the first -dam sinned1 Satan legall( too> o3er -dam=s lease
on the earth1 and therefore Satan has a right to .e here2 That means God
can=t ?/st mo3e in on him2 $f +e did1 Satan co/ld acc/se God of .eing
/n?/st1 and God has to stand as a ?/st God .efore all the creation of
three 6orlds@+ea3en1 earth1 and hell2 That=s 6h( +e sent the Second
-dam1 Jes/s Christ1 to earth as a ,an to p/rchase .ac> the a/thorit(
that the first -dam ga3e a6a(F
Once redemption 6as complete thro/gh Jes/s= death1 ./rial1 and
res/rrection1 +e delegated the a/thorit( +e=d 6on .ac> from Satan to

+is %od(1 the Ch/rch2 No6 as man pra(s and as>s God in faith a.o/t
matters pertaining to this life1 God inter3enes to perform +is 6ill on
the earth2
Jes/s +imself declared +e=d gi3en man s/ch great a/thorit(' "%nd '
will gi#e unto thee the $eys o the $ingdom o hea#en: and whatsoe#er thou
shalt "ind on earth shall "e "ound in hea#en: and whatsoe#er thou shalt loose
on earth shall "e loosed in hea#en" H,att2 1"'19I2 Notice that something is
done a.o/t B6hatsoe3erB on earth first .efore an(thing is done in
+ea3enF Today's -nglish .ersion reads1 B$ 6ill gi3e (o/ the >e(s of the
0ingdom of hea3enA 6hat (o/ prohi.it on earth 6ill .e prohi.ited in
hea3en1 and 6hat (o/ permit on earth 6ill .e permitted in hea3en2B
So Jes/s is the +ead1 and 6e are +is %od(2 +is a/thorit( is thro/gh
/s1 +is Ch/rch1 as 6e ta>e our a/thorit( on this earth2 J/st as o/r head
doesn=t ha3e an e8perience apart from o/r .od(1 so Jes/s1 o/r +ead1
does not e8ercise +is a/thorit( on this earth apart from +is %od(1 the
$=m 6ell satisfied that 6e as the Ch/rch of the 9ord Jes/s
Christ ha3e ne3er f/ll( realiDed the e8tent of o/r a/thorit(2 Once
in a 6hile 6e get a glimpse of it and .( the Spirit step into a
greater re3elation of 6ho 6e are in Christ1 ./t not one of /s has
e3er (et 6al>ed consistentl( in o/r f/ll realm of a/thorit(2
+o6e3er1 in these last da(s1 God desires to raise /p a compan(
of .elie3ers 6ho 6ill do e8actl( thatF

3lead Bour +ase Aith the /ather

7ith this /nderstanding of o/r a/thorit( in mind1 let=s loo>
at a 3ital passage of Script/re in this disc/ssion on pra(ing in
the Spirit2 9earning to act on the follo6ing 3erses from the %oo>
of $saiah sho/ld .e an integral part of o/r pra(er life as 6e pra(
.oth 6ith the spirit and 6ith o/r /nderstanding2

ISAIAH 43:25-26
25 $1 e3en $1 am he that .lotteth o/t th(
transgressions for mine o6n sa>e1 and 6ill not
remem.er th( sins2
26 4UT ,E $N *E,E,%*-NCE' 9ET US
49E-; TOGET+E*' declare tho/1 that tho/
ma(est .e ?/stified2

7hat does God mean .( that phrase Blet /s plead togetherBC
7e are to remind +im of 6hat +e said in regard to o/r sin2 The
de3il 6ill tr( to condemn /s1 ./t 6e can la/gh at him2 7e can
p/t .oth God and the de3il in remem.rance that God has
forgi3en o/r iniE/ities and 6ill not remem.er o/r sins2 Once 6e
confess o/r sins and as> God=s forgi3eness1 +e doesn=t
remem.er that 6e ha3e e3er done an(thing 6rong2 7ith that
confidence1 6e can come into God=s 4resence 6ith great
.oldness and confidence2
That same principle is tr/e regarding anything (o/ ma( .e pra(ing
a.o/t2 *emind God in pra(er 6hat +e=s said in +is 7ord a.o/t (o/r
need2 4lead (o/r case 6ith +im1 setting forth (o/r ca/se that (o/ ma(
.e ?/stified2
;on=t let those 3erses get .( (o/ 6itho/t acting on them2 4lant them
in (o/r heart and use them2 The( are there for (o/r .enefit2 God said1
B9et=s plead together2B God is the One 7ho in3ites to do so2 :o/ plead
(o/r case 6ith +im1 and +e 6ill plead +is case 6ith (o/2
Of co/rse1 6hen (o/ plead (o/r case1 (o/ 6on=t al6a(s .e a.le to
recei3e the ans6er (o/ 6ant2 -fter (o/ plead (o/r side1 God ma(
plead +is side2 *emem.er1 +e said1 B9et us plead together2B
$ remem.er one time in partic/lar 6hen $ applied these script/res to
a diffic/lt sit/ation in m( o6n life2 $=ll share this e8ample 6ith (o/
.eca/se it sho6s the connection .et6een pra(ing in tong/es and
pleading o/r case 6ith the 5ather /sing 6ords that o/r minds
/nderstand2 H*emem.er the Bt6o&6heeled .ic(cleB analog( $ shared
6ith (o/ earlier2 7e need .oth B6heelsB in pra(er to get 6here 6e need
to goFI2
,( 6ife and $ 6ere preaching /p in Oregon 6hen m( sister called to
tell me that m( mother1 " (ears old1 6as in critical condition2 ,( sister
didn=t >no6 6hat to do2 $ called m( mother=s pastor1 %rother 7ood1 to
tal> to him a.o/t the sit/ation2 +e said to me1 B%rother +agin1 4at=s
,omma Kthat=s 6hat 6e all called m( motherL is calling for (o/2 $f $
6ere (o/1 $ .elie3e $=d come home2 The sit/ation is serio/s2B
$ tal>ed to the pastor of the ch/rch 6here $ 6as holding the
meeting1 and he said1 B$t 6ill .e fine if (o/ 6ant to close the
meeting and go home to .e 6ith (o/r mother2B
So $ closed the meeting that night2 %/t 6hile the ser3ice 6as
still going on1 $ spent some time in a (o/th hall .eside the
a/ditori/m@6al>ing /p and do6n the room1 pra(ing in other

tong/es2 $ 6as ./ilding m(self /p on m( most hol( faith1
preparing m( heart to plead m( mother=s case 6ith the 9ord2
$ realiDed from 6hat %rother 7ood said that ,omma=s
condition 6as critical and that she co/ld 3er( easil( die2 So after
pra(ing for a 6hile in tong/es1 $ said1 B9ord1 $ 6ant to plead m(
case 6ith :o/ concerning ,omma2 $ ?/st can=t gi3e her /p1 9ord2
,omma did so m/ch for /s .ac> 6hen $ 6as onl( si8 and o/r
dadd( forsoo> /s2 She sta(ed 6ith /s and tried to ma>e a li3ing
for all fo/r of /s children /ntil she had a complete ner3o/s1
mental1 and ph(sical .rea>do6n2
B%esides that1 9ord1 $=m closer to ,omma than all the rest of
her children1 .eca/se $ 6as sic> and afflicted in m( (o/nger life
and 6asn=t a.le to r/n and pla( li>e the others2 -nd after ;add(
left /s1 $ onl( had her to foc/s all m( lo3e on as her son2
B9ord1 ,omma has done so m/ch for me and the rest of her
children1 and $=3e finall( gotten to the place 6here $ can do
something for her2 $ >no6 it=s selfish of me1 9ord1 ./t $ can=t gi3e
her /p2 She=s onl( " (ears old1 and :o/ promised /s at least !0
or 0 (ears2 $ ?/st can=t let her go2B
-s $ >ept pra(ing in tong/es1 $ got o3er in the realm of the Spirit2
Then the 9ord .egan to plead +is case 6ith me as the +ol( Spirit
permitted me to interpret 6hat $=d pra(ed in tong/es2 *emem.er1 God
said1 B9et /s plead together"
The 9ord said to me1 B4a/l said1 =5or me to die is gain K4hil2 1'21L and
=$ ha3e a desire to depart and .e 6ith Christ1 6hich is far .etter= K4hil2
1'23L2 -nd in Second Corinthians #'1 4a/l said1 'We are conident! ' say!
and willing rather to "e a"sent rom the "ody! and to "e present with the
Then the 9ord said1 B:o/r mother 6ill .e .etter off if (o/=ll let her
come on home2 She=s ne3er heard (o/ preach1 and she doesn=t e3en
ha3e a glimpse of the faith message2 She is a spirit/al .a.( 6ho doesn=t
>no6 ho6 to .elie3e1 and she 6ill s/ffer a great deal2 She 6o/ld .e
.etter off if (o/ 6o/ld ?/st let her come on home2B
The 9ord pled +is side2 No6 it 6as m( t/rn to plead m( case again2
7ith tears1 $ said1 B9ord1 $ realiDe it=s selfish1 ./t some 6a( or
another on the inside of me1 $ ?/st can=t do it2 $ lo3e ,omma so m/ch1
and :o/ promised /s at least !0 or 0 (ears2 So if ,omma dies no61 $
6ant :o/ to >no6 $=m not going to .e mad at :o/1 ./t $=m not going to
feel good a.o/t it either2 $=m going to >eep ser3ing :o/ and doing :o/r

6ill2 %/t the longest da( $ li3e1 e3er( time $ thin> of it1 $'m going to
remind You that You let ,omma go home earl(2 -nd 6hen $ get /p to
+ea3en1 e3er( time $ thin> of it1 $=m going to remind :o/2B
;o (o/ >no6 6hat the 9ord said to me thenC +e said1 "%ll right. ''ll
do whate#er you say."
$ said1 BGi3e her at least 0 (ears2B
B-ll right1 $=ll gi3e her 0 (ears1B the 9ord ans6ered2
7ell1 6hen ,omma t/rned 01 she started d(ing2 7ithin t6o
6ee>s1 she had gone home to .e 6ith the 9ord2 %/t she had
li3ed long eno/gh for /s to see her get filled 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and spea> in other tong/es1 and she had a good
Than> God for the a/thorit( of the .elie3erF 7e=re ma>ing
head6a( in learning ho6 to 6al> in that a/thorit(1 ./t it starts
6ith learning ho6 to pra( in the Spirit according to +is 7ordF
Oh1 there are depths in pra(er that 6e >no6 so little a.o/tF
There is a place in pra(er that so fe6 ha3e attained2 %/t if 6e
6ill listen to the +elper and follo6 +im1 +e 6ill .e faithf/l to
lead /s into that greater dimension of pra(er2
$ can tell (o/ this' $=m not satisfied 6ith 6here 6e are as a
%od( in this area of pra(er2 7e are no6here near 6here 6e
o/ght to .e2 %/t1 than> God1 $ .elie3e man( are ma>ing some
giant stepsF 7e=re .eginning to mo3e on into that deeper realm
of pra(er and intercession 6ith the help of the +ol( Ghost

ECod -e*er Uses 2eE

-s $ said earlier1 $ co/ld tell (o/ a n/m.er of different
e8periences 6here $ 6as led to pra( in other tong/es and1 as a
res/lt1 God 6as a.le to inter3ene s/pernat/rall( to perform a
miracle in someone=s life2 %/t this t(pe of e8perience isn=t
pec/liar to me2 $t o/ght to .e tr/e concerning e#ery .elie3er=s
life2 -nd it would .e tr/e if Christians 6o/ld gi3e more of their
time to the 9ord in pra(er2
:o/ might sa(1 BGod doesn=t e3er /se me2B 5irst1 if (o/=re going to .e
/sed of God1 (o/ ha3e to ma>e (o/rself a3aila.le to +im2 Second1 (o/
m/st (ield to the +ol( Spirit 6hen (o/ sense +is prompting to pra( in
the Spirit2

Or (o/ ma( sa(1 B$ don=t thin> God e3er spea>s to me2B The +ol(
Spirit is contin/all( comm/nicating 6ith (o/r spirit1 ./t (o/ ma( not
recogniDe +is 3oice 6hen +e spea>s2 ,a(.e (o/ aren=t 6al>ing in close
eno/gh fello6ship 6ith the 9ord to /nderstand 6hat +e=s sa(ing2 %/t
as (o/ get .etter acE/ainted 6ith +im thro/gh the s/pernat/ral means
of comm/nication +e=s gi3en (o/@pra(ing in tong/es@(o/ 6ill get
.etter at hearing +im 6hen +e spea>sF
:o/ see1 the +ol( Spirit isn=t going to force (o/ to do an(thing2 +e=ll
gi3e (o/ a "urden! a prompting! or an inward urge to pra(2 %/t if (o/
>eep o3erriding those inner promptings or /rges1 at some point (o/
6on=t e8perience them an( longer2
The tro/.le 6ith a lot of Spirit&filled Christians is that the( sa( a fe6
6ords in tong/es and then that=s the end of it2 The( lea3e their place of
pra(er and go on a.o/t their da(2 %/t if .elie3ers are 6illing to pra(
long eno/gh in tong/es1 God will .e a.le to /se them2
So spend some e8tra time ?/st fello6shipping 6ith the
9ord@glorif(ing +im1 magnif(ing +im1 and 6orshiping +im 6ith
(o/r spirit and 6ith (o/r /nderstanding2 -s (o/ do that1 (o/ 6ill
ma>e (o/rself more and more a3aila.le to God so +e can /se (o/2
Then 6hen +e=s loo>ing for someone to pra( a.o/t a partic/lar person
or sit/ation1 +e=ll choose (o/F
=e*elation +omes b, the Spirit
God has prepared so m/ch 6isdom for /s to recei3e for o/r
.enefit and enlightenment@./t 6e miss o/t on that di3ine
6isdom /nless 6e 6al> in the Spirit2 +o6 are 6e going to do
thatC The %i.le tells /s in 5irst Corinthians 22

9 %/t as it is 6ritten1 E(e hath not seen1 nor ear
heard1 neither ha3e entered into the heart of
man1 the things 6hich God hath prepared for
them that lo3e him2

Often people ta>e this script/re o/t of its conte8t and gi3e it a
meaning that1 altho/gh partiall( tr/e1 does a great in?/stice to its
f/ll meaning2 The( sa(1 BSeeC 7hen 6e all get to +ea3en1 it 6ill
.e so 6onderf/lF E(e has not seen1 nor has ear heard 6hat God
has prepared for /s 6ho lo3e +imFB

:es1 it=s tr/e that one da( 6e=ll en?o( 6hat God has prepared
for /s /p in +ea3en2 %/t that isn=t 6hat this te8t is tal>ing a.o/t2
7e >no6 that .eca/se of 6hat the ne8t 3erse sa(s'

10 %/t God hath re3ealed them /nto /s %: +$S
S4$*$T' for the Spirit searcheth all things1 (ea1
the deep things of God2
4a/l is sa(ing that 6e cannot >no6 the things of God .( o/r
nat/ral senses2 O/r nat/ral e(es ha3e not seen1 nor ha3e o/r
nat/ral ears heard 6hat God has prepared for those of /s 6ho
lo3e +im2
%/t to those of /s 6ho 6ill c/lti3ate fello6ship thro/gh pra(er1 the
re3elation of the deep things of God 6ill .e gi3en to /s .( the +ol(
$t 6as the +ol( Ghost 7ho ga3e 4a/l re3elation of the great plan of
redemption2 $t 6as the +ol( Ghost 6ho re3ealed to 4a/l the m(ster(
that 6as hidden and that has no6 .een made manifest Hsee Eph2 3'3&"I2
:o/ see1 (o/ can st/d( God=s 7ord and recei3e head >no6ledge
a.o/t 6hat it sa(s2 %/t ?/st .eca/se (o/ can E/ote script/res doesn=t
mean the( ha3e .een made real to (o/r spirit2 $n order for (o/ to enter
into the realit( of a tr/th1 (o/ ha3e to recei3e it .( re3elation of the
+ol( Spirit2
$ >no6 this from personal e8perience2 -t one time1 $ co/ld E/ote
three&E/arters of the Ne6 TestamentF $=d ?/st rattle off script/res as
hard and fast as $ co/ld go 6hen $ first started preaching as a (o/ng
denominational .o( preacher2 The congregation 6o/ld sa( to me1
BSlo6 do6nF 7e don=t get half of 6hat (o/ sa(FB
-fter fo/r (ears of preaching that 6a(1 $ 6as .aptiDed 6ith the +ol(
Ghost and spo>e 6ith other tong/es2 Then the +ol( Spirit slo6ed me
do6n and .egan to tal> to me2 $ started pra(ing in other tong/es on a
dail( .asis2
-s $ pra(ed in other tong/es and fello6shipped 6ith the 5ather in
pra(er1 almost immediatel( the %i.le .ecame li>e a ne6 %oo> to me2
E3er( page and e3er( line seemed different2 The re3elation of the
s/pernat/ral in the 7ord leapt off the pages as $ read2
4a/l sho6s /s ho6 the +ol( Spirit searches the deep things
of God so +e can re3eal tr/th to man'

10 %/t God hath re3ealed them K6hat +e has prepared
for /sL /nto /s .( his Spirit' for the Spirit searcheth all
things1 (ea1 the deep things of God2
10 5or 6hat man >no6eth the things of a man1
sa3e the spirit of man 6hich is in himC e3en so
the things of God >no6eth no man1 ./t the
Spirit of God2
12 No6 6e ha3e recei3ed1 not the spirit of the 6orld1
./t the spirit 6hich is of GodA that 6e might >no6 the
things that are freel( gi3en to /s of God2
13 7hich things also 6e spea>1 not in the 6ords 6hich
man=s 6isdom teacheth1 ./t 6hich the +ol( Ghost
teachethA comparing spirit/al things 6ith spirit/al2

So man( times this passage of Script/re 6as f/lfilled in m(
o6n life2 -s $=d 6ait on the 9ord and pra( in other tong/es1 the
+ol( Spirit 6o/ld ta>e me thro/gh t6o or three chapters of the
%i.le1 3erse .( 3erse2 %( the time $=d get /p off m( >nees1 $=d see
those chapters in an entirel( different light .eca/se of all the
re3elation the +ol( Ghost re3ealed to me d/ring that time2
$=ll sa( it again@the primar( >no6ledge $=3e gained from the
%i.le1 $ didn=t get .( reading someone=s .oo>2 The deeper things
of the 7ord of God $ learned on m( >nees pra(ing in other
tong/es2 $n fact1 the greatest things that e3er happened to me in
m( 6al> 6ith God came as a res/lt of pra(ing 6ith other
5or instance1 it 6as 6hile $ 6as pra(ing in other tong/es as a (o/ng
single preacher that $ recei3ed the re3elation of .eing married2 $ also
>ne6 .( the same in6ard re3elation that $ 6o/ld ha3e t6o children'
The oldest 6o/ld .e a .o( and the second child 6o/ld .e a girl2
9ater 6hen $ met Oretha and 6e got married1 $ related to her 6hat
God had told me a.o/t o/r children2 So 6hen she 6as pregnant 6ith
o/r first child1 6e onl( pic>ed o/t a .o(=s name2 5or the second child1
6e didn=t pic> o/t an(thing ./t a girl=s name2
$ >ept telling famil( mem.ers1 BThis first child is a .o(2B
The(=d sa(1 BOh1 ./t 6hat if the child isn't a .o(C $ mean1 ?/st
$=d repl(1 B$=m not li3ing on =s/pposings2=B

:o/ don=t ha3e to li3e on Bs/pposingsB either2 J/st stop tr(ing to
fig/re e3er(thing o/t in (o/r head and start ta>ing time to pra( o/t
God=s plan for (o/r life in tong/esF
So $ recei3ed the re3elation a.o/t m( f/t/re 6ife and children@part
of God=s plan for m( life@as $ pra(ed in other tong/es2 $=d ne3er e3en
concei3ed s/ch a tho/ght .efore that moment2 $ hadn=t e3en fo/nd m(
6ife&to&.e (etF
That happened to me again and again o3er the (ears a.o/t 3ario/s
sit/ations2 The +ol( Spirit 6o/ld re3eal different steps in God=s plan
for m( life and ministr( as $ too> the time to pra( in the Spirit and
fello6ship 6ith the 5ather2
%rother Oral *o.erts and $ ha3e great respect for one another1
and man( times 6e=3e en?o(ed great fello6ship together2 :o/
tal> a.o/t a fello6 >no6ing ho6 to pra(@that definitel(
descri.es Oral *o.ertsF That man >no6s ho6 to get in the
4resence of GodF $=3e .een there 6ith him more than once and
ha3e .een .lessed tremendo/sl( .( those e8periences2
;/ring o/r times of fello6ship1 %rother *o.erts and $ 6o/ld
tal> a.o/t an( n/m.er of different s/.?ects2 7hen it came to this
area of pra(ing in other tong/es1 6e disco3ered that 6e had a
great deal in common2 $n comparing notes1 6e realiDed that the
direction o/r ministries ha3e ta>en o3er the (ears came to /s
identicall( the same 6a( and .( the same Spirit2 7e pra(ed in
other tong/es o3er a long period of time and then .egan to
interpret .( the Spirit 6hat 6e 6ere pra(ing2
The re3elation of God=s 7ord also came to me as $ pra(ed in
the Spirit o3er an e8tended period of time2 $=ll share e8actl( ho6
it happened2
$=d .een a pastor for almost 12 (ears and 6as going along
prett( 6ell in m( ministr(1 follo6ing and reading after other
ministers $ respected1 ?/st as all (o/ng ministers do2 %/t
something changed 6hile $ 6as at the last ch/rch $ pastored in
east Te8as2 $ had e3er( reason in the 6orld to .e satisfied at that
ch/rch2 7e 6ere li3ing in the .est parsonage 6e had e3er li3ed
in2 7e 6ere more comforta.le1 6ell&fed1 and 6ell clothed as a
famil( than 6e had e3er .een2
;/ring the time $ 6as the pastor1 that ch/rch 6as .etter off
financiall( than it had e3er .een .efore2 7e had the .iggest

S/nda( school attendance the ch/rch had e3er had2 On S/nda(
night1 o/r sanct/ar( 6as filled /p most of the time2 5rom the
nat/ral standpoint1 6e had e3er( reason in the 6orld to .e
satisfied2 7e had no pro.lems1 and the congregation 6anted me
to sta( and contin/e pastoring2
$n those da(s1 it 6as the c/stom for the ch/rch to 3ote on the pastor
e3er( (ear2 %/t the congregation told me1 B%rother +agin1 if (o/=d li>e1
6e=ll ?/st 3ote (o/ in indefinitel(2 Sta( as long as (o/ 6ant to2B That
6as /nheard of in those da(sF
%/t $ co/ldn=t get rid of a deep sense of dissatisfaction inside me2 $
tho/ght to m(self1 What is wrong with me& ' ha#e it so good. ' ought to "e
re<oicing( $=d pra(1 B9ord1 6hat is the matter 6ith meC E3er(thing is so
good here1 (et $ can=t sha>e that feeling of dissatisfaction on the insideFB
5inall(1 $ decided to 6ait on God in earnest a.o/t the matter2 $ said
to m( 6ife1 B$f ch/rch mem.ers stop .(1 tell them $ don=t 6ant to .e
dist/r.ed /nless it=s an emergenc(2B 0en and 4at 6ere in the first and
second grades at the time1 and the(=d /s/all( come o3er to the ch/rch
st/d( 6hen it 6as dinnertime to tell me s/pper 6as read(2 %/t $ told
Oretha1 B$ >no6 6hen 6e eat2 $f $ don=t come home1 don=t send the
children to get me2 $t 6ill mean $=m going to s>ip that meal2B
$ did a lot of fasting d/ring that time2 Once in a 6hile1 $=d fast a
6hole da(1 ./t most of the time1 $=d s>ip one or t6o meals a da( and
spend that e8tra time 6aiting on God2
$ also spent a lot of time pra(ing in the Spirit and pra(ing 4a/l=s
pra(ers in Ephesians 1 and 3 for m(self o3er and o3er again Hsee
Ephesians 1'1#&23A 3'14&21I2 $ >ept m( %i.le open on the altar all the
time1 and e3er( time $=d 6al> into the ch/rch for an( reason1 the first
thing $=d do is get on m( >nees and pra( those t6o pra(ers1 inserting
m( name in them2 Then $=d 6ait in +is presence1 sometimes in silence1
sometimes pra(ing in other tong/es@tr(ing to identif( that sense of
dissatisfaction deep inside of me2
Sometimes it=s diffic/lt to e8plain spirit/al things 6ith
nat/ral 6ords1 ./t $ 6ill tr(2 -s $=d 6ait on God at that ch/rch
altar1 at times $ 6o/ld mo3e o3er into the realm of the Spirit and
almost lose conscio/sness of m( nat/ral s/rro/ndings2 $=m not
tal>ing a.o/t falling into a trance1 6here a person=s ph(sical
senses are temporaril( s/spended and he isn=t e3en conscio/s he
has a .od(2 $ simpl( mean that as $ 6aited on God1 $ 6o/ld get
o3er in the realm of the Spirit1 and it 6o/ld seem as if $ co/ld
see m(self reaching deep do6n inside m( inner man to p/ll
things o/t and la( them on the altar .efore me2

Why am ' not satisied& $ laid that E/estion on the altar and
reached do6n into m( spirit again2 Then the ans6er came2 The
reason ''m not satisied is that there is something else ' should do. $
laid that re3elation on the altar and reached do6n again2 What
else should ' do& $ p/lled o/t that E/estion and laid it on the altar2
-s $ contin/ed to 6ait on God in pra(er in the da(s and
6ee>s that follo6ed1 it 6asn=t long .efore $ had things l(ing on
that altar from one end to the otherF
5inall(1 it seemed li>e $ had gotten do6n to the .ottom of m(
spirit1 and $ p/lled something /p2 $t loo>ed to me li>e an old1
.lac> shoe that had .een rained on@all dar> and 6rin>led@
e8cept that it had tentacles stic>ing o/t of it li>e an octop/sF $
held it /p and as>ed1 B;ear 9ord1 6hat in the 6orld is this
BOh1B said the 9ord1 Bthat=s some of (o/r old denominational
B7h(1 9ordFB $ e8claimed2 B$ tho/ght $ got rid of that a long time
B7ell1B the 9ord replied1 B(o/ didn=t2B
$ didn=t la( that thing on the altar@$ thre6 it a6a(F :o/ see1 there
are some things (o/=re s/pposed to la( on the altar in s/rrender to
God@and other things (o/=re s/pposed to get rid of fore3erF
$ncidentall(1 that 6asn=t the onl( thing $ had to thro6 a6a( d/ring
those times of pra(er2 $ also p/lled something else o/t of m( spirit that
didn=t loo> .ad1 (et it didn=t loo> E/ite right2 $ as>ed God1 B7hat in the
6orld is thatCB
BThat1B said the 9ord1 Bis some of the 4entecostal tradition (o/=3e
adopted as (o/r o6n since (o/=3e .een among the 4entecostals2B
O.3io/sl(1 that 6as something else that had to goF
One da( the 9ord said to me as $ 6as >neeling at the ch/rch altar
pra(ing in other tong/es' "''m going to ta$e you on to re#elations and
#isions." $ ran .ac> in m( st/d( and 6rote that do6n2
That 6as the 6inter of 194! and 1942 $n si8 months= time1 re3elation
regarding God=s 7ord .egan to come to m( spirit in s/ch 6a3es that $
finall( said to m( 6ife1 B7hat in the 6orld ha3e $ .een preaching all
these (earsC $=3e .een so ignorant1 it=s a 6onder to me that the deacons
didn=t ha3e to come and tell me to get in o/t of the rainFB
%( the end of 1941 $=d learned more a.o/t the %i.le and the deeper
things of God than $ had learned in all the 14 (ears of ministr( .efore

that com.inedF Then in 19#01 the 3isions .egan to come2 %et6een 19#0
and 19"21 the 9ord Jes/s +imself appeared to me eight times2 On t6o of
those occasions1 +e tal>ed to me for an ho/r and a half2
%/t all that didn=t happen .eca/se $ 6hiled a6a( the ho/rs1
doing 6hate3er m( flesh 6anted to do2 The re3elations and the
3isions came "y the *pirit as $ 6aited .efore God in pra(er1 ho/r
after ho/r1 ho/r after ho/r1 ho/r after ho/r@fello6shipping
6ith +im and pra(ing in other tong/es2
:es1 (o/ 6ill recei3e some re3elation of the 7ord as (o/ feed
on it1 and it=s cr/cial that (o/ do feed on the 7ord contin/all( to
get it planted deepl( in (o/r heart2 %/t re3elation of things to
come1 re3elation of God=s plan and p/rpose for (o/r o6n life1
and re3elation of the deeper things of the 7ord all come .(
fello6shipping 6ith God thro/gh the s/pernat/ral
comm/nication of pra(ing in tong/es2

=e*elation =egarding a /uture 2o*e of CodEs
$ fo/nd o/t earl( on in m( ministr( that .( pra(ing 6ith
other tong/es1 the +ol( Spirit 6o/ld prepare me for things to
come2 5or instance1 $ made mention earlier a.o/t the time in
1943 6hen $ 6as alone in m( st/d( in Greggton1 Te8as1 and $
made a decision to pra( in tong/es for an ho/r2 Then .eca/se
the de3il >ept telling me $ 6as 6asting m( time1 $ determined to
pra( t6o more ho/rs@and after that1 another fo/r ho/rsF %/t as
$ neared m( fifth ho/r of pra(ing in tong/es1 $ hit a gusher and
started pra(ing /nder a strong anointing in the +ol( Ghost2
,ost fol>s ne3er pra( in tong/es long eno/gh to hit a g/sher2 The(
drill do6n right .elo6 the s/rface and hope to hit BoilB 6ith as little
time and effort as possi.leF
7hen $ hit that g/sher in 5e.r/ar( 19431 re3elation of things to come
s/ddenl( started flo6ing o/t of me2 The 9ord said1 "%t the close o World
War ''! there will come a re#i#al o di#ine healing to %merica." $ 6rote those
6ords do6n and dated the paper2
- (ear and a half later in Septem.er 19441 $ 6as preaching at a
4entecostal (o/th rall( in east Te8as1 and in the middle of m( sermon1 $
sa6 that paper in m( %i.le 6here $ had 6ritten do6n the 6ords the
9ord had spo>en to me2 So $ said to the people1 B9et me read to (o/

something the Spirit of God said to me 6hile $ 6as pra(ing a6hile
.ac>2B Then $ read those 6ords' B-t the close of 7orld 7ar $$1 there 6ill
come a re3i3al of di3ine healing to -merica2B
-s God is m( 6itness1 the moment $ read those 6ords1 the po6er of
God fell on that cro6dF The Spirit of God mo3ed in li>e a 6ind1 and
e3er( minister in the room ran do6n the aisle and fell on the altar2
E3er(one else hit the floor1 and e3er(one started pra(ing in tong/es2
$ didn=t tell them to do that@$ 6as right in the middle of m( sermonF
%/t 6hen $ loo>ed aro/nd and sa6 e3er(one on the floor1 $ ?/st got
do6n on the floor and pra(ed 6ith themF 7e pra(ed /p a storm for a
good 6hile2 7hen 6e finall( got thro/gh pra(ing1 $ ?/st pic>ed /p
6here $ left off and finished m( sermonF
7e need more of those >inds of ser3ices1 6here God=s po6er
manifests 6hile the preacher is preaching2 $f toda(=s Spirit&filled
.elie3ers 6o/ld start .elie3ing God for the mo3e of +is Spirit
and pra( in the +ol( Ghost the 6a( 4entecostal .elie3ers did in
those da(s1 the same might( po6er 6o/ld .e in manifestation
toda( as it 6as then2 That +ol( Ghost po6er ma( fall li>e rain2
$t ma( mo3e in li>e a clo/d2 Or it ma( .lo6 thro/gh li>e a 6ind
and s6eep e3er(one off the pe6s and onto the floor1 ?/st li>e it
did in that meeting in Septem.er 1944 6hen God confirmed the
6ord +e=d gi3en me2

E+atching the Aa*eE of 9i*ine Healing

The re3i3al of di3ine healing .egan in 194!1 s6eeping the
nation 6ith the force of God=s healing po6er and lasting
thro/gh 19#2
:o/ see1 mo3es of God on this earth are li>e 6a3es of the sea
coming in to shore2 -nd 6hen those 6a3es start coming in1
.lo6n .( the 6ind of the Spirit1 an(one can ?/mp on them and
5or instance1 one 4entecostal minister told me1 B%efore this
re3i3al started1 m( 6ife and $ had ministered for 3# (ears
together and had ne3er pra(ed for the sic> or had a healing
ministr(2 7e=d minister in song1 and m( 6ife 6o/ld minister a
short message from the 7ord2 Then 6e=d e8hort sinners to get
sa3ed and gi3e an altar call1 and people 6o/ld get sa3ed2 %/t

6hen that 6a3e of di3ine healing came1 6e ?/st got on the 6a3e
and rode itF 7e started pra(ing for the sic>1 and to o/r /tter
astonishment1 people started getting healed e3er(6hereF One
completel( .lind 6oman 6as instantl( healed /nder o/r
ministr(2 $t 6as the easiest thing in the 6orld to get people
Others told me the same thing2 The( got on the 6a3e and rode it into
shoreF No61 it=s fine to do that1 ./t people need to .e caref/l that the(
don=t ride the 6a3e 6hen God=s Spirit is mo3ing 6hile neglecting their
o6n time of personal fello6ship 6ith the 5ather2 $f the( do that1 the(
6ill miss the +ol( Spirit=s c/e 6hen it=s time to get off that 6a3e and
get on another one2 -nd as a res/lt1 the(=ll .e 6ashed /p on the shore
and left there to sit and .ell(ache a.o/t ho6 dr( it isF
4ersonall(1 $ determined ne3er to ma>e that mista>e1 and $ >ne6
ho6 to ma>e s/re $ didn=t2
;/ring that might( mo3e of God=s healing po6er1 an organiDation
6as formed among the healing e3angelists called the B<oice of
+ealing1B and $ 6as one of the ministers in that organiDation2 One da( a
fello6 B<oice of +ealingB minister as>ed me1 B0enneth1 ho6 did (o/r
ministr( s/ddenl( ?/st .lossom o/tC 7hat did (o/ do to ma>e that
Some fol>s are al6a(s loo>ing for something Bthe(B can do to reach
their goal or find s/ccess2 %/t the ans6er isn=t fo/nd in man=s nat/ral
strength or reasoning po6ers2
$ simpl( replied1 B$=ll tell (o/ 6hat $ did2 $t 6as a matter of 6aiting
on God and spending ho/rs pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost2 That=s ho6 $
ha3e recei3ed direction and re3elation for e3er( step and e3er( stage of
m( ministr(2B
he -e4t wo Aa*es of CodEs Spirit

$n 19#1 $ 6as preaching at a ch/rch in ;allas1 6hen
s/ddenl( .( re3elation1 $ spo>e o/t1 "The ne;t re#i#al is in the
The congregation tho/ght $ meant in the 4entecostal ch/rch2
%/t $ didn=t mean that at all2 $n fact1 the ne8t 6a3e of God=s Spirit
almost missed the 4entecostal ch/rches entirel(2 $ meant the
ne8t re3i3al 6o/ld .e in the denominational church world.

-fter that1 it 6asn=t long .efore the Charismatic re3i3al
.egan2 7e rode that 6onderf/l 6a3e for E/ite a fe6 (ears1 and
man( ch/rch people=s li3es 6ere dramaticall( changed as the(
recei3ed the infilling of the +ol( Spirit2 Then that re3i3al ran its
co/rse and has 3irt/all( s/.sided1 altho/gh there are certainl(
people in the denominational ch/rch 6orld 6ho contin/e to
recei3e the +ol( Ghost and spea> in tong/es2
Then 6e had a great re3i3al of teaching God=s 7ord@6hat
some fol>s call the Bfaith message2B $ don=t li>e that term2 $
simpl( call it Bfaith in the 7ord of God2B 7e=re not tal>ing a.o/t
tr(ing to .elie3e something that=s 6a( o/t in left field2 7e ?/st
accept and .elie3e 6hat God has said in +is 7ord2
This teaching re3i3al had its .eginnings in the mandate the
9ord ga3e me (ears ago 6hen +e said to me1 BGo teach ,(
people faith2B -s a res/lt of so6ing the 7ord into God=s people1
a great har3est has .een reaped2 $ tried to .e faithf/l 6ith that
message o3er the (ears1 ./t the da( came 6hen the 9ord said to
me1 BToda( there are man( other good teachers of faith in ,(
%od(2B H5or a long time1 it seemed li>e $ 6as the onl( 3oice o/t
thereFI "Now you must go teach 4y people a"out the Holy )host("
The 9ord 6ent on to sa(1 BCharismatic .elie3ers >no6 ho6 to praise
,e1 ./t there is a mo3e of the Spirit the( >no6 little or nothing a.o/t2
-nd sho/ld $ tarr( ,( coming1 that /nderstanding 6ill .e lost to f/t/re
generations if (o/ don=t teach them2B
Of co/rse1 6e 6ill ne3er lea3e .ehind the teaching of God=s 7ord2
%/t God 6ants to com.ine a mo3e of +is Spirit 6ith the solid
fo/ndation of %i.le teaching that=s .een ./ilt o3er the past fe6 decades
in the %od( of Christ2 The com.ination 6ill ca/se the ne8t mo3e of the
+ol( Ghost to .e the .iggest one (etF

he -e4t Aa*e of CodEs Spirit 7s +oming
7hen (o/=3e preached as long as $ ha3e Halmost se3en decadesFI1
(o/ can start to see some things come in 6a3es2 -nd $ can sense it in
m( spirit@there is another 6a3e coming2 Get read( for it2 $t isn=t
coming ?/st .eca/se God said it=s coming2 7e are going to ha3e to enter
into the deeper realm of pra(er 6e ha3e .een tal>ing a.o/t and gi3e
.irth to that 6hich God 6ants to do2

$f (o/=3e e3er gone do6n to the ocean and 6atched the 6a3es come
in1 (o/ >no6 that .efore a 6a3e e3er .rea>s on the shore1 it has its
.eginnings 6a( o/t in the deeper 6aters of the ocean2 The potential
energ( of the 6a3e .egins long .efore (o/ e3er see the final res/lt
6ashing /p on the shore2
7ell1 that=s 6hat pra(ing in tong/es accomplishes in the spirit/al
realm2 7hen (o/ pra( in tong/es1 (o/ gi3e impet/s to the ne8t mo3e of
God=s Spirit .efore that spirit/al B6a3eB is e3er seen 6ith (o/r nat/ral
7hen $ tal> to other ministers1 $ realiDe 6e all ha3e the same
thing in o/r spirits2 7e ha3en=t necessaril( comm/nicated in the
nat/ral 6ith one another2 There is ?/st something in o/r spirits
that tells /s another 6a3e is comingF
So 6hat do 6e do a.o/t itC 7ell1 6e determine that 6e=re not
going to sta( 6ith the old 6a3e and ride it into the shore1 onl(
to .e left high and dr( on the sandF $nstead1 6e t/rn aro/nd and
start s6imming .ac> o/t to the deep part of the ocean so 6e can
get on the ne8t 6a3e@the ne8t might( mo3e of God=s Spirit on
this earth2 -nd ho6 do 6e s6im .ac> o/t to the deepC By setting
aside time and dedicating oursel#es to ellowship with the 0ather and
to pray in the Holy )host(
%/t if 6e are going to /sher in the ne8t might( mo3e of God=s
Spirit in these last da(s1 ?/dgment m/st .egin at the ho/se of
God2 There is so m/ch more God 6ants to do for +is people2
%/t +e can't do 6hat +e 6ants to do /ntil Christians h/m.le
themsel3es1 forget their pett( little differences1 and come
together in /nit( to enter the realm of the Spirit in pra(er2
God is calling /s to ans6er +is call to pray in these last da(s2
Jes/s is coming soon@./t .efore +e comes1 there is something
+e 6ants to do2 -nd 6hat +e does on this earth1 +e 6ill do
thro/gh /s1 +is %od(2
The %od( has no coordination 6hen half of its mem.ers are
going one 6a( and the other half are going the other 6a(2 So
God is getting /s read(2 +e is calling /s to a common goal@ to
(ield to the prompting of the +ol( Ghost to pra( in other
tong/esF The ne8t 6a3e is a.o/t to ./rst /pon /s in all of its
glor(1 and e3er( one of /s sho/ld .e determined not to miss itF
7e ha3e seen the 6a3e called the healing re3i3al2 7e ha3e seen the
6a3e called the Charismatic ,o3ement2 7e ha3e seen the 6a3e of faith

and of the teaching of God=s 7ord2 %/t no6 another 6a3e is comingF
$t=s the 6a3e of the +ol( GhostF
Oh1 (es1 6e=3e seen the po6er of the +ol( Ghost in a limited
fashion1 ./t a 6a3e is coming that 6ill .ring +is po6er on a higher
le3el and in a far greater meas/re than 6e ha3e e3er seen heretofore2 $
can see that 6a3e 6a( o/t (onder in the deep 6aters2 $t=s comingF The
6a3es of +ol( Ghost po6er are ./ilding higherF
;on=t sta( on the old 6a3e of (esterda(=s mo3e of the Spirit2 S6im
o/t to the deep 6aters of the Spirit realm .( pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost1
and get on the ne;t 6a3e of God=s p/rposes for this ho/r2 Then >eep on
pra(ing so (o/ can ride that ne6 6a3e as it ./ilds and ./ilds in di3ine
po6er and glor(2
$=m con3inced the 6a3e that is coming 6ill .e t6ice as high as the
healing 6a3e1 the Charismatic 6a3e1 or the faith 6a3e2 $n fact1 it 6ill .e
t6ice as high as all of them p/t togetherF $ .elie3e it is going to .e the
6a3e that s6eeps /s right on in to the shores of the Glor( 7orldF

,nswering CodEs +all to 3ra!er
The 9ord told me that there is a depth of pra(er and intercession in
the Spirit that 6ill .e lost /nless 6e 6ho are e8perienced in pra(er
someho6 get those tr/ths o3er to this present generation of .elie3ers2
$=3e >no6n a fe6 fol>s o3er the (ears 6ho 6ere great intercessors and
6ho .ecame e8perts in this deeper realm of pra(ing in the +ol( Ghost2
%/t God 6ants more 6ho can pra( li>e those fe62 +e must ha3e more
.elie3ers 6ho >no6 ho6 to pra( in that deeper realm1 .eca/se there is
a ?o. to get done in these last da(s2 $f +is plans and p/rposes are to .e
f/lfilled in this late ho/r1 more and more of +is people m/st sa( no to
their flesh and spend time pra(ing o/t di3ine m(steries to God2
:o/ >no61 se3eral decades ago1 6e all got concerned 6hen
the */ssians p/t the first Sp/tni> satellite /p in space2 7e spent
.illions of dollars to get ahead of them in the space race and to
p/t the first astrona/ts /p there2 +o6e3er1 6hen o/r first
astrona/ts 6ent /p into space1 the( didn=t get 3er( far2 The(
.arel( got o/t of the earth=s atmosphere1 entering onl( into the
3er( edge of space2 7h( didn=t the( go fartherC 7h( didn=t the(
go to the moon on the first tr(C %eca/se the( hadn=t .een o/t
there .efore2 They didn't $now how to maneu#er in space.

$n the same 6a(1 some of /s ha3e onl( gotten the edge of the
Spirit realm in pra(er2 7e don=t >no6 ho6 to mane/3er o/t
there1 so 6e ha3e to ta>e it a little at a time2 Ne3ertheless1 as 6e
contin/e to ma>e o/rsel3es a3aila.le to God1 pra(ing in other
tong/es1 +e 6ill lead /s f/rther into that deeper realm of pra(er
6here miracles are 6ro/ght and di3ine re3elation is granted2
$=m going to .e honest and ma>e a confession a.o/t this' $=3e
.een so far o/t there a fe6 times1 $ got scaredF $ don=t mean $ got
scared the 6a( (o/ are scared of a tornado or a rattlesna>e2 $=m
tal>ing a.o/t a hol( fear2 5or one thing1 $ 6as afraid $ co/ldn=t
get .ac>2 $ .elie3e that ma( .e 6hat happened to Enoch2 +e got
so far o/t in the realm of the Spirit that he co/ldn=t get .ac>F
There is a mo3ing o/t .e(ond time and .e(ond space into the realm
of the Spirit that is .e(ond m( a.ilit( to descri.e2 Some ha3e 6al>ed
o/t into that realm of pra(er onl( far eno/gh to get their feet 6et2 9i>e
children 6ading in the 6ater1 the( tal> a.o/t 6hat the( e8perienced1
sa(ing1 BThat 6as so 6onderf/lF $t 6as the /ltimate in pra(ing in the
SpiritFB %/t in realit(1 their e8perience in pra(er 6as .arel( the
These people ha3e onl( touched the realm of the Spirit2 The( need to
6ade on o/t into the deep 6aters of the Spirit /ntil it isn=t onl( >nee
deep or loin deep1 ./t so deep the( can=t possi.l( to/ch the ocean
.ottomF Then the( can s6im on o/t and en?o( the f/llness of 6hat God
has for them in pra(er Hsee EDe>iel 4!I2
+o6e3er1 it is important to /nderstand that these things 6ill not
al6a(s come eas(2 5or one thing1 the flesh 6ill do e3er(thing possi.le
to hold /s .ac>2 That=s the reason the 7ord of God teaches /s to cr/cif(
the flesh2 The mind 6ill also hold /s .ac>1 tr(ing to ma>e /s foc/s on
the realm of the ph(sical senses and 6hat can .e seen2 That=s one reason
God tells /s to get o/r minds rene6ed 6ith +is 7ord H*om2 12'1&2I2
Once o/r minds are rene6ed1 6e=ll .e a.le to mo3e f/rther into the
realm of +is Spirit thro/gh pra(er2
%/t as more and more of /s respond to God=s call to pra(1 there 6ill
.egin to .e greater and greater manifestations of +is po6er and glor(
on this earth2 The manifestation and demonstration of God=s Spirit 6ill
.ecome as common and as real as e3er(da( nat/ral things are to /s2
This is 6hat o/r hearts ha3e longed for and 6hat intercessors ha3e
pra(ed for so man( (ears2

:o/ see1 the realm of the Spirit is act/all( the nat/ral realm
for /s 6ho are .orn of the Spirit2 Of co/rse1 it is necessar( that
6e 6al> in the nat/ral realm to a certain e8tent .eca/se o/r
.odies are nat/ral and ha3e nat/ral f/nctions2 7e m/st li3e in
that realm2 %/t on the other hand1 6e can let o/r spirits ha3e the
contin/al pri3ilege of comm/nicating 6ith the 5ather of spirits2
7e can let o/r spirits mo3e o/t .e(ond the nat/ral on a dail(
So don=t ta>e /p all (o/r time 6ith nat/ral things2 Some of
those things are legitimate1 and it=s all right to ta>e a certain
amo/nt of time p/rs/ing them2 %/t see to it that (o/ gi3e heed
to (o/r spirit2
Gi3e (o/r spirit opport/nit( to feed /pon the 7ord and to
comm/ne 6ith (o/r +ea3enl( 5ather2 %/ild (o/rself /p on (o/r
most hol( faith .( ma>ing a practice of pra(ing in other
tong/es2 $t doesn=t ta>e a lot of time2 -s (o/ do that1 (o/r o6n
life 6ill .e changed and empo6ered1 and (o/r pra(er life 6ill
.ecome a might( force1 helping to f/lfill God=s p/rposes in these
last da(s2
God 6ants /s to mo3e o/t f/rther in the Spirit and learn ho6
to mane/3er in that greater realm of pra(er2 -s 6e are faithf/l
to o.e( +is call to pra(1 the da( 6ill come 6hen 6e mo3e
.e(ond the edge of space@f/rther on o/t into the Spirit@and
reach the f/llness of God=s glor(F
$=ll tell (o/ this m/ch' Jes/s is coming2 There is no /se
splitting hairs a.o/t that tr/th1 .eca/se it will happen1 6hether
(o/ .elie3e it or notF So let /s commit o/rsel3es to pra(ing in
the Spirit so a great har3est of so/ls can .e reaped in these last
da(s2 3eople are dying! and the end is coming. The end o all things is
at hand! and what we do! we must do Duic$ly.
The 9ord is calling /s to pra(er1 and $1 for one1 am determined to
ans6er that call2
;o (o/ 6ant to go 6ith meC J/st declare1 BCo/nt me inFB Then 6al>
thro/gh the door6a( to the s/pernat/ral and enter a 6hole ne6 realm
of pra(er in the Spirit2 $t=s a realm 6here re3elation1 direction1 and
s/pernat/ral comm/nication 6ith God are contin/all( pro3ided to
help (o/ f/lfill all +e=s called (o/ to do in this ho/r2

Kenneth E. HaginEs 3ra!er on
Behalf of the +hurch

5orgi3e /s1 O 9ord2 7e=3e fallen and come so far short of the pra(er
life :o/ intended /s to ha3e2 7e ha3e settled for s/ch a lo6 grade of
fello6ship 6ith :o/1 /ntil the things of the Spirit are so /nreal to /s1
6hile mental and ph(sical things are so 3er( real and dominate /s2
,a( 6e do ?/st 6hat the %i.le commands /s to do' 4resent o/r
.odies a li3ing sacrifice1 hol( and accepta.le /nto :o/1 6hich is o/r
reasona.le ser3ice2 -nd ma( 6e not .e conformed to this 6orld1 ./t .e
transformed .( the rene6ing of o/r minds@/ntil the things of the
Spirit .ecome more real to /s1 and /ntil Tho/1 O 5ather1 .ecome ?/st as
real in o/r spirits as the clothes 6e 6ear and the a/tomo.iles 6e dri3e2
Then 6e 6ill mo3e o/t into the realm of the Spirit to pra(1 for Tho/
art the 5ather of all spirits@./t especiall( of o/r spirits1 for 6e ha3e
.een .orn again and are .orn of :o/2 -nd Tho/ hast gi3en to /s a
means of s/pernat/ral comm/nication 6here.( o/r spirits can .e in
direct contact 6ith the 5ather of spirits1 for as 4a/l said1 B$f $ pra( in an
/n>no6n tong/e1 m( spirit pra(eth2B
%/t 6e ha3e ta>en so little ad3antage of this means of pra(er1 and
:o/ ha3e not .een a.le to do 6hat :o/ 6anted to do 6ith /s1 and for
/s1 and in /s1 and thro/gh /s in the past2 7e 6eren=t read(2 7e 6eren=t
in place2
No6 6e are read( to some e8tent1 and :o/ are a.le to mo3e /s
for6ard2 %/t ma( 6e not stop here1 9ord2 ,a( 6e not .e satisfied2 ,a(
6e .e li>e Smith 7iggles6orth of old 6ho said1 B$ am satisfied onl(
6ith the dissatisfaction that has to .e satisfied again and again2B
,a( 6e mo3e on from glor( to glor(2 ,a( 6e /nderstand 6hat
:o/=re sa(ing a.o/t these last da(s2 ,a( 6e1 thro/gh intercession and
tra3ail1 gi3e .irth to that 6a3e and to that mo3e of God in the earth that
:o/ desire2 ,a( 6e /nderstand 6hat :o/ are sa(ing to o/r spirits2
7e sense the /rgenc( of it2 7e sense the need of it2 7e sense the
necessit( of it2
,a( 6e respond /nto it1 O God1 that :o/r hol( 6ill ma( .e 6ro/ght
in this ho/r and that 6e ma( rise /p in faith and1 in the po6er of the
Spirit1 .e the giants in the earth :o/ al6a(s intended /s to .e2

,a( 6e .e sensiti3e to the Spirit2 ,a( 6e .e sensiti3e to +is to/ch
6hen +e arrests o/r attention2 ,a( 6e >no6 6hat +e 6ants2 ,a( 6e
respond to +is prompting that +e ma( manifest +imself thro/gh /s
and demonstrate +imself among /s thro/gh signs and 6onders and
thro/gh di3erse miracles and distri./tions of the +ol( Ghost2
,a( 6e respond in the crisis of the ho/r and in the crisis of the da(2
-nd so shall 6e .e read( for 6hate3er arises2 7e 6ill flo6 6ith the
Spirit1 and o/t of o/r innermost .eing shall flo6 ri3ers of li3ing 6ater2
Then the dr( places shall spring forth in .ea/t(1 and those 6ho are
thirst( shall find 6ater to drin>2 The spirit/all( dead shall .e raised and
re3i3ed1 and life shall .e made manifest e3er(6here2 -nd 6e shall
re?oice and .e glad and declare that :o/ ha3e done it2 -ll praise and
honor and glor( 6ill .e gi3en /nto :o/1 for :o/ deser3e it and :o/ are
,a( 6e .e so dead to the flesh1 so dead to selfishness1 ./t so (ielded
/nto the Spirit as 6e do the 6or>s of righteo/sness and perform the
6or>s of God so that the acts of God are made manifest in /s2 5or 6e
are in the end times2 7e face the last da(s 6hen armies shall gather at
That da( 6ill come2 %/t there 6ill also come a s6eeping har3est that
s6eeps across the 6orld and aro/nd the glo.e .eca/se 6e
pra(ed@.eca/se 6e dared to stand in that place of pra(er2 7e dared to
stand in the gap1 to ma>e /p the hedge1 and to intercede for the land2
Th/s1 the 6or> of God shall .e accomplished1 and that 6hich the
9ord desires for the last da(s shall come to pass2 -nd the har3est shall
.e reaped1 the angels shall re?oice1 men shall .e .lessed1 and the glor(
of the 9ord shall shine ro/nd a.o/t /s .righter than the noonda( s/n2
$n the Name of Jes/s1 amen2

,bout the ,uthor

0enneth E2 +agin ministered for almost !0 (ears after God
mirac/lo/sl( healed him of a deformed heart and an inc/ra.le .lood
disease at the age of 1!2 E3en tho/gh *e32 +agin 6ent home to .e 6ith
the 9ord in 20031 the ministr( he fo/nded contin/es to .less m/ltit/des
aro/nd the glo.e2
0enneth +agin ,inistries= radio program1 Rhema or Today! is heard
on more than 1#0 stations nation6ide and on the $nternet 6orld6ide2
Other o/treaches incl/de The Word o 0aith! a free monthl( magaDineA
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%i.le SchoolA *+E,- %i.le Training CenterA *+E,- -l/mni
-ssociationA *+E,- ,inisterial -ssociation $nternationalA and the
*+E,- 4rison ,inistr(2

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