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Date : 15 August 2014

Time : 0900 AM 1100 AM

Session :
Facilitator : Savo Ana
Enrolment : 13 Residents
Level : Mixed Abilities (Intermediate)
Theme : Health Issues
Topic : Jaundice
Learning Objectives : By the end of the session, residents should be able to:
i) define jaundice
ii) recognise the symptoms
iii) list down the home remedies
Prior knowledge : They have learned about pregnancy and several issues on it.
Teaching-learning resources (TM) : Video clip, PowerPoint slides, mahjong papers, marker pens, double-tape.
Thinking Skills (CCTS) : Deducing, associating, formulating, analyzing, categorizing, expressing feeling, giving opinion, describing
Noble/Moral Value(s) (NV) : Compassion, love for life, spirit of brotherhood, pro-active, responsible, honesty.

Stage/ Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Rationale Remarks
Set Induction
( min)
1. Video on Jaundice

2. Q & A, e.g:
Do you have any
experience with

How did you deal with
1. The facilitator shows a video.

2. The residents are asked about

3. The residents share their
experiences about the disease.

1. To arouse interest.

2. To help creating
mental images.
NV: compassion
TM: video clip.
CCTS: deducing
( min)
1. PowerPoint Slides
on Jaundice
1. The facilitator shows PowerPoint
slides on Jaundice.
2. She asks questions to ensure
maximal learning and comprehension.

1. To promote

2. To embed
awareness on
NV: love for life

TM: powerpoint

CCTS: Associating
( min)
1. Game: Time Bomb

2. Random Q & As by
residents, e.g:
What will you do if
you won the lottery?

What are the three
words to describe
you? etc.

3. Questions asked by
the facilitator, e.g:
What is jaundice?

Can you give me two
symptoms of
jaundice? etc.

1. The residents are asked to sit in
2. A phone with a timer will be passed
3. Before the phone is passed from a
resident to another, a question needs to
be asked in rapid-succession.
4. The phone can only be passed if the
question is answered.
5. If the timer goes off in a hand of a
resident, that particular resident will be
asked a question about jaundice by the
6. She is eliminated if she fails to
answer or giving wrong answer.
7. The last man standing receives a
1. To serve a good
way to let them get to
know each other

2. To enhance

3. To promote social

NV: spirit of

TM: cell phone
CCTS: formulating

( min)
1. Brainstorming

2. Group Presentation
1. The facilitator groups the residents
into 3 heterogeneous groups.

2. Each group is given a station and
each station is given a mahjong paper
and marker pens.

3. Each station is given a topic to be
brainstormed of.

4. They are given 50 seconds to write
as many words as they able to about
the particular topic.

1. To enhance
creative and critical
thinking skills.

2.To promote
NV: spirit of
brotherhood, pro-
active, responsible

TM: mahjong paper,
marker pens, double

CCTS: associating,

5. After the 50 seconds end, they
change station.

6. The steps continue to a point that
every group has brainstormed in every

7. They present the topic at their last

8. The facilitator and other groups ask
questions to the particular group that is

( min)
1. Ranking

2. Reflection session.

1. The facilitator asks the residents to
close their eyes and asking them to
rank the session today by showing their
fingers, from one finger if they like it the
least up to five fingers if they find it
useful and interesting.

2. Residents are called randomly for
reflection session.
1. To encourages
speaking skills.
NV: honesty

TM: -

CCTS: expressing
feeling, giving
opinion, describing.