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myAT&T customer
Donna Olson
Account Number: 107688152
SAN JOSE CA 95127-2409
Contact Number: 408.258.9054
Generated on: 05/14/2014
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U-verse TV
Monthly Charges:
Plan Details: U-verse TV U300 $92.00
Services/Products: $36.00
Equipment Lease Charges:
Subtotal $144.00
Discounts: -$15.00
Total Charges $129.00
U-verse High Speed Internet
Monthly Charges:
Plan Details: U-verse High Speed Internet
Max Plus $56.00
High Speed Internet Equipment Fee $7.00
Total Charges $63.00
U-verse Voice
Monthly Charges:
Plan Details: U-verse Voice Unlimited $35.00
Total Charges $35.00
Total Monthly U-verse Charges $227.00
Today's Activity: U-verse TV package changed
The following applies to customers who are installing their
service & equipment on their own:

visit www.att.com/uversewelcome for easy access to

everything you need to know about U-verse, including:
checking your order status, changing your Service
Activation or Installation Date, prepping for
installation , using U-verse features, learning about
your first bill, and more

IMPORTANT: A telephone jack is required near your

modem or wireless gateway to ensure your Internet
services work properly. A jack must be installed prior
to installation. An AT&T professional technician can
install the jack; contact Customer Service to schedule
an appointment.

you will receive your Self Installation Kit one to two

days prior to your Service Activation Date (a notice
will be sent when your kit has shipped)

service activation details are enclosed in the Self

Installation Kit with your new equipment. Please
follow the instructions in the self installation guide in
the box with your new equipment.

your Internet service will be active by 8 PM on your

Service Activation Date

if you are a current AT&T customer, you will

experience an interruption in your Internet and phone
service on your service date. Your phone service and
your Internet connection will be restored after you
install your new equipment

your voice service will be active on your Service

Activation Date; you may then install your equipment

you can only connect to the Internet after your

service has been activated

for Wireless Receiver(s), you must supply the cable,

HDMI, composite, or other, used to connect the
Wireless Receiver to your TV

wait until after installation before cancelling your old


have your Account Number and four-digit Passcode

ready when you install your service. Your Passcode
will be mailed to you separately
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Total Monthly Charges $242.00
Total Discounts/Promotions -$15.00
Monthly Recurring Charges $227.00 Monthly Charges + Discounts/Promotions
Total One-Time Charges/Credits $0.00
First Bill $227.00 Monthly Recurring + One-Time Chgs/Crdts exclusive of standard taxes/fees
I want to...
Manage my account online
Visit www.att.com/MyAccounts to manage your
accounts/profiles, view/pay your bills, shop, and
even interact with other customers.
Go paperless
View and pay your AT&T bill securely online to save
time and postage. Enroll today.
Contact Customer Service and Support.
Visit www.att.com/Support to gain access to many
commonly asked questions, as well as help on all
your AT&T products and services, available 24/7 or
call 1.800.288.2020 or 611 from your AT&T mobile
Know more about my bill charges
Go to www.att.com/uversebill to learn about
receiving a personalized video explanation of your
exact bill.
All promotional offers may not be reflected on your Bill
Estimate. See your monthly bill for promotional pricing.
My Next Bill Estimate
Billing Cycle: 17th through 16th
First Bill(s) =
prorated charges + 1 month advanced service
U-verse Billing Start Date: 05/13/2014
U-verse Proration: 4 days
The proration in your bill estimate may be based on a projected activation/installation date for some of your services. Changes
to these dates will affect the actual amount billed. Above is an indication of the number of days of proration for each of your
services. Billing for your services may all be reflected on your next bill but may also affect the subsequent bill depending on your
activation/installation date in relation to your bill cycle date. Billing begins on the activation/installation date. Please see
policies section for additional billing information. To learn more about your bill visit att.com/billing. This bill estimation is not
a part of your contract.
Bill Estimate
Prorated Charges - May 13 thru May 16
U-verse TV U300 Promotion -$2.00
The Movie Package -$2.67
Total Prorated Charges -$4.67
Monthly Charges - May 17 thru June 16
U-verse TV U300 $92.00
U-verse TV U300 Promotion -$15.00
HBO/Cinemax $26.00
Equipment Lease: RECEIVERS $16.00
HD Technology Fee $10.00
Total Monthly Charges $129.00
Other Charges and Credits
One-Time Charges and Credits
Surcharges and Other Fees $9.60
Government Fees and Taxes $24.44
Total Additional Charges $34.04
Total U-verse TV $158.37
Monthly Charges - May 17 thru June 16
U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus $56.00
High Speed Internet Equipment Fee $7.00
Total Monthly Charges $63.00
Other Charges and Credits
One-Time Charges and Credits
Surcharges and Other Fees $0.00
Government Fees and Taxes $0.00
Total Additional Charges $0.00
Total High Speed Internet $63.00
Monthly Charges - May 17 thru June 16
U-verse Voice Unlimited $35.00
Total Monthly Charges $35.00
Other Charges and Credits
One-Time Charges and Credits
Surcharges and Other Fees $6.02
Government Fees and Taxes $10.55
Total Additional Charges $16.57
Total U-verse Voice $51.57
Bill Estimate (continued)
Total Bundle Charges $272.94
In addition to the monthly cost of the rate plan and any selected features, AT&T imposes the following other charges, on a per line basis: (1) federal and
state universal service charges, (2) a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray its cost incurred in complying with obligations and
charges imposed by state and federal telecom regulations, (3) an Administrative Fee on consumer and Individual Responsibility User (IRU) lines, and (4)
other government assessments, including without limitation a gross receipts surcharge and a Property Tax Allotment surcharge of $0.20 - $0.45 applied
per Corporate Responsibility User's assigned number. These fees are not taxes or government-required charges. Above estimates based on highest
tax/fee/surcharge rates assessed in your state; actual charges may vary. See att.com/AdditionalCharges. To prevent unauthorized charges, notify AT&T
immediately if your phone is lost/stolen. Your rate plan brochure/contract controls if inconsistent w/this document.
Important Policies and Information
The rate plan(s) and other details about the U-verse TV, U-verse High Speed Internet and U-verse Voice services are set
forth in this Customer Service Summary. Prices, programming, and offers subject to change. Pricing excludes taxes, fees
and other charges, including city video cost-recovery fees, where applicable, and will include a Broadcast TV Surcharge of
up to $2.99/mo. Separate purchase of adapter may be required for wireless networking. Acceptance of Terms of Service
is required. Some promotional rewards may not be available if you cancel the service within 30 days of activation or
before your redemption is processed. AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet speed claim(s) represent maximum downstream
speed capabilities. Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors can affect actual speeds including the use of
other U-verse services. Installing new outlets or wiring for more than three receivers and/or additional PC(s) may result in
installation charges ($55 per outlet + $20 if a wall drop is required). If you do not own your premises, prior to installation,
you must obtain permission from the owner (or authorized representative) to allow AT&T to use the premises' inside
wiring and to make required alterations to the property. A $5.00 fee will be applied if you downgrade a Premium Package
within the first 30 days of ordering. AT&T U-verse Voice service only: Battery backup power is required for service,
including 911 dialing, in the event of a power outage. Rarely, installation of AT&T U-verse may not be possible at your
address. Some customers may not be able to view and/or record multiple channels of live HD programming.
Billing begins on your Service Activation Date.
For more information about AT&T Broadband Internet access services, please visit att.com/broadbandinfo.
U-verse price includes 250 GB of data/mo. For more information go to att.com/internet-usage.
Our Privacy Policy - Your Choices and Controls
We're happy to share details about the information we collect and how we use it. You have choices about how we use
your information. Review a Policy summary at www.att.com/privacy, or the full Policy at www.att.com/privacyFAQ. Then,
check out your choices at www.att.com/yourchoices.