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Boegger Industrial Limited

Metal conveyor belts for

carrying and transporting
Metal conveyor
belts are general used
as the role of carrying
and transporting
materials. Metal
conveyor belts has
continuous, high
efficiency, large
transportation, security conveyor, and the belt easy to use and repaired, low cost and
shorten transport distance, also reduce cost of project can save manpower and
Boegger Industrial Limited is a well-known manufacturer based in hina providing
the most comprehensive range of wire mesh conveyor belt including the gears for
oven, food, furnace belting and other applications. !e have built up an unrivalled
reputation for "uality and reliability at competitive prices.
!e enjoy advanced e"uipment and technology, scientific management and "uality
control system. !ith established good reputation, we have e#ported wire mesh belts
to $outheast %sia, the Middle-east, &apan, %frica and other countries. !elcome to
contact us.
Our the most popular products'
(igh carbon heavy duty flat wire belt with welded edge.
onveyor oven belt used in the oven up to )*** elcius.
$tainless steel belt width range from ) inch to +.,- inch.
,*.+* cm wide - round or flat woven belt for conveyor based oven.
/p +*0 conveyor belt +)- mm width, overall length )1)*mm, wire diameter ).** mm,
shape of twin spires ellipse 1.** mm 2 0.** mm.
/ubular pipes for the endless splice of flat fle# belts, length 1* mm, outside dia. ,.,* mm,
inside diam. ).1* mm.
$$+*0 3lat 3le# belt with wire dia. ,.4* mm, pitch ),.5* mm, 6o. of meshes )+ 2 5-.**
mm, single loop end, belt width *.1 m to ).* m.
Contact Us
Boegger Industrial Limited
Add: 7ast industrial 8one, %nping, (ebei, hina *-+1**
Int tel: 941-)+:+,44,**1
Fax: 941-+)4-5:4,:14
Email: info;metalconveyorbelts.org
!"L: http'..www.metalconveyorbelts.org
#$ype: sam.cheng.yubo
Flat Wire Conveyor Belt
Flat wire
belts offer a flat
surface and a
ma#imum open
area for free air
flow or water
drainage. /hey
are easy to clean
and are
e#tremely sanitary, especially when manufactured with %shworth-recommended
clinched edges. linched-edge treatment of these belts results in a number of
additional user benefits which are fully outlined in the product technical bulletin.
%ll welded selvage belts over ,0 inches in width feature the resistance welding of
every other connector rod to the flat strip on the ,nd opening in from each edge of the
belt. <n true ).,= 2 ).,= mesh belts this weld is on every +rd connector rod. /his
provides for greater strength and eliminates belt shrinkage under heavy loads without
restricting fle#ibility of the belt. >pon special re"uest, belts ,0= and under can be
supplied with internal welds.
Flat wire conveyor belts Materials available:
?alvani8ed Low arbon $teel @)*)-A.
Bright (igh arbon $teel @)*0-A.
/ype ,*) $tainless $teel.
/ype +*0 $tainless $teel.
/ype +)1L $tainless $teel.
Flat wire conveyor belts Feature:
<pen mesh construction for "uick drainage and free air circulation.
% smooth, flat surface.
$anitary -- easily cleaned.
7asy replacement of damaged or worn sections.
7ndless splicing.
7conomical versus alternative metal conveyor belts.
(igh strength to weight ratio.
Bositive sprocket drive.
Flat wire conveyor belts Application:
anning and food preparation.
Baking and free8ing food.
Barts cleaning.
Barts painting and drying.
Broduct sorting, assembly and packaging.
Barts transfer.
Wire Mesh Belt
CiangDuan %ire Mesh Belt has established themselves as the premier material
available to conveyor applications.
/he uni"ue features of rod network conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that
increase productivity, help contain costs, and improve your overall product "uality.
Largest proportion of open-mesh area available - up to 41E - which improves
efficiency in cooling, coating, draining, heating and drying applications.
$mallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls - mean that even your most delicate
products are handled gently and easily with e#tremely tight transfers.
6o-slip, positive drive - eliminates the need for complicated tracking mechanisms.
Fery low belt mass - means reduced power consumption for lower operating costs.
plus less heat absorption during processing and easier handling.
Fariety of mesh si8es available - choose the e#act degree of openness that provides
both e#cellent strength and minimal contact between product and belt.
Woven Wire Belt
%oven wire belt is constructed of individual wires mounted on cross rods which can
be driven by side chains and sprockets. /he aperture si8e can be altered by fitting
washers or spacing pieces. /he construction allows for easy cleaning, is virtually non-
clogging and has a smooth even top surface allowing articles to move freely.
ompound close mesh woven wire belt has close mesh, firm belt and high tensile
/his type of woven wire belting can use the thickest wire diameter and provides the
highest tension. $mooth belt surface is appropriate for transferring unstable items.
/he parts of highest strength can be used for reinforcing the edge and a net-type
flange can be easily installed.
Features and uses:
/hese wire belts are made up of very close meshes and smooth flat surfaces, making
them ideal for carrying very fine or small articles and especially suitable for
supporting unstable items.
Applications include'
onveying of biscuits, cereals, chemicals, glassware, electrical components,
continuous baking direct on the belt.
Wire Conveyor Belt
!ire Belt for conveyor includes a light-weight, spiral wire belt for tough applications.
It is used to convey glass, metals and industrial products, even food, through furnaces
and ovens in heating or cool environment.
%ire conveyor belt can be manufactured to any width or length, to withstand
temperatures as cold as -,-* centigrade and as high as ),** centigrade. !ire Belt can
be custom designed for all conveying needs and re"uirements.
!ire belting is made from various metals including "uality nickel alloy, stainless
steel or carbon steel.
Wire mesh conveyor belts
7asy to clean and immune to chemical reaction, wire mesh belt is ideal for diverse
applications from metalworking to food and clean-room medical.
Metal &onveyor Belt Manufacturing newest development in modular low-profile
conveyors features a
stainless steel wire mesh belt
with e#ceptional thermal and chemical
resistance, combined with a 1*E =open flow area.= apable of handling part contact
temperatures above )***G3, the belt construction affords both lateral and longitudinal
flow of air or li"uids throughout the entire belt, making it ideal for heating, cooling,
wash down or flush-and-drain applications.
/he conveyorHs open belt construction enables easy and thorough cleaning and
inspection. <dor and flavor absorption are eliminated because the wire mesh belt is
virtually immune to chemical reaction. /he conveyor is highly suitable for clean room
and food, pharmaceutical and medical e"uipment applications because there are no
belt fibers or plastic abrasion particles to cause contamination.
= /he contoured supporting surface of the wire mesh belt affords only minimal
contact with the product, making it perfect for handling many food and drug products,
or for draining parts that are saturated with coolant or other fluids, which can drain
laterally through the belt without contaminating the return side, = said harles
Mitchell, president of onveyor /echnologies.
/he wire mesh belt conveyor is available in widths from ,= to ),=. %ll product
supporting surfaces are round and formed in a single-piece lateral spiral, which
imparts high lateral stiffness to the belt and allows openings in the frame surface for
air or fluid flow. /he belt allows easy replacement of modular sections if damaged.
Internal automatic spray wash can be applied providing )**E belt coverage on the
return side. /his unobstructed reverse flush through the belt provides the most
efficient belt cleansing.
%vailable guide rails include >(M! or high temperature >(M! that can withstand
part temperatures up to -**G3I stainless steel to handle wash down or part
temperatures to )***G3I optional anodi8ed aluminum Jual =/= $lot Kails are
available for attaching accessories.
Both the belt and frame are stainless steel, eliminating the need to compensate for the
thermal e#pansion differential common with plastic belting. % stainless-steel positive-
traction, centering-drive pulley eliminates slippage and tracking problems.
Belt life is e#tended by a flanged, bearing-mounted idler, which reduces sprocket
engagement wear by -*E. %s in all onveyor /echnologies low-profile conveyors,
bearings and drives are sealed for life and re"uire no further lubrication.
/he stainless steel wire mesh belt conveyor joins the onveyor /echnologies line of
low-profile conveyors, engineered for fle#ible, high up-time production, which have
proven ideal for automation of work cells, packaging machines, automation, assembly
and similar operations. % broad selection of modular low-profile conveyor designs
enables close application-tailoring at standard unit economies. Line choices include
end-drive, center-drive, cleated, magnetic, vacuum, high temperature, high speed, self