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Per January 2013
Check Rates of: 2013
This rate will apply to all energy services intended exclusively f or domestic use, f or loads that are not considered high consumption in accordance with the provisions of the Tarif f DAC individually
connected to each residence, apartment, condominiumor apartment housing.
These services are supplied at low voltage and should not apply to themany other f ee f or general use.
2. Fees Applicable in the month of
, 2013.
Charges for energy consumed
Consumer Staples $ 0.765 f or each of the f irst 75 (seventy-f ive) kilowatt-hours.
Intermediate consumption $ 0.936 f or each of the f ollowing 65 (sixty-f ive) kilowatt-hours.
Consumer surplus $ 2,736 per kilowatt-hour in addition to the above.
Monthly minimum 3 The equivalent of 25 (twenty f ive) kilowatt-hour.
4. Deposit
The amount obtained by applying the basic charge f or energy consumption of the numeral 2 to the monthly consumption indicated, as appropriate:
Hundred (100) kilowatt-hour f or services provided with 1 thread outlet.
300 (three hundred) kilowatt-hour f or services provided with 2-wire outlet.
350 (three hundred f if ty) kilowatt-hour f or the services supplied with 3-wire outlet.
For bimonthly billing services, the security deposit will be twice the amount that results f romapplying the above.
The application of cumulative monthly adjustment f actor of 1.00327 was established in continuous SECOND ARTICLEagreement
published in the Of f icial Gazette of December 28, 2005 The above is based on the second article of the agreement published in
the Of f icial Journal of Federation on 1 October 2007.
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