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I am applying to ABCDEF University for admission to the Masters program in electronics. My research interests lies
in the field of VLSI and Digital Signal Processing. And specifically, I am interested in the Computer Aided Design and
Synthesis of VLSI circuits and systems, which focuses on Electronic Design Automation (EDA) of digital and analogue
circuits, as well as VLSI design.I have always been fascinated by devices that run on the basis of electronics and
related technology. It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in
Electronics leading to a Masters Degree. My ultimate professional ambition is to pursue a research career, either in
the field of teaching, or in a Research & Development Wing of the Electronics industry. Considering my academic
background, the areas of my interest and career goals, I know that, moving ahead, pursuing an MS would be the
ideal step.
My interest in Electronics goes back to the time I was at school. Being a student of St. Josephs School, provided me
with ample opportunities to pursue my scientific temper. I represented my school at the state level Science
Olympiads on two occasions. The intensive training programs we were put through for the Olympiads have given me
a lot of confidence in dealing with abstract science and mathematical problems. This experience I believe would be
of quintessential importance in the areas of Digital Signal Processing and VLSI, which are exclusive areas of interest.
My wonderful maths teacher inculcated in me a love for Mathematics right from my early days at school. On the
other hand, I entered school in the same year in which the personal computer revolution began in India; therefore
I have, in a sense, ``grown up with computers and early electronics''. My interest in Electronics is the combined
result of these two influences. Not only has this interest grown over the years from school to high school through to
undergrad-college, but it has culminated into a learning curve during my Engineering, where I learnt more specific
and finer details of the subject.
Gitam University is a much sought after undergraduate college. After standing in the top 10% of the Gitam
Admission Entrance Test. I entered GITAM University where my exposure to Electronics, VLSI, and DSP began. The
state-of-art facilities, courses and faculty have given me a firm background of the fundamentals in Electronics and
Communications. I have thorough knowledge of fundamentals of Electrical Engineering especially in the fields of
Very Large Scale Integration and Digital Signal Processing, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Linear Integrated Circuits,
Semiconductor Devices and Microprocessors (8085, 8086 I also have affair grip of programming languages C & C++,
XILINX-ISE simulator.
I have always balanced my academics and extra-curricular activities. The moral values imparted to me
during my schooling have taught me about social service and responsibility. As such I believe in giving back
to the society. I have been an active National Service Scheme Volunteer of GITAM NSS (Unit V) and over
the last three years I actively participated in various medical relief camps, blood donation camps. I also
took part in various beach clean-up programs held in conjunction with Indian Navy (Eastern Naval
Command). I have been an active member of IETE, and ISTE, both of which are technical bodies that encourage
scientific contribution from the students. This association had enabled me to participate in several paper
presentations and present seminars on host of topics and thereby increasing my technical know-how about a wide
variety of ideas and concepts and also put my communication skills to test.
We are living in a world technology innovates every single day. To gain an edge in this competitive and unforgiving
world, I need functionalistic training beyond my undergraduate. A Masters degree will give me the in-depth
knowledge and required exposure to flourish in my career. I believe that only after an intensive study and
comprehensive research work in my field of interest, will I be able to achieve my career goal. After completing my
graduate degree I would like to be a part of a research team and help bring about innovation in the field of interest
that would also help to serve the society.
Though my experiences at GITAM University have provided me with a strong foundation in the fields of my interest,
a good graduate program is necessary to increase my knowledge in these fields and help me to mould myself into a
good researcher. My primary research interests lie in the fields of VLSI and DSP, But I would like to broaden my base
by exploring logic synthesis, layout synthesis, modelling, testing, design for manufacturability,
hardware/software co-design, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and System-on-Silicon
(SOC), and hardware acceleration of EDA algorithms.
After a careful study of the ABCDEF department's brochures and upon the advice of my counsellor at Gitam
University I have realized that your university can provide me with the perfect environment for focusing my energies
towards independent research. I am confident of living up to the high standards of ABCDEF; my active involvement
and enthusiasm in my undergraduate studies, which is amply reflected in my being ranked {\bf first in the institute},
should serve as proof of my possessing the necessary qualities.
I am aware of the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve that is needed for a fruitful career in research and
teaching. I believe my background has not only qualified me technically but also has given me the right mind-set for
such a career. I look forward to joining as a graduate student in your department and having a long and mutually
profitable association with ABCDEF University.
Thank you for considering my candidature.
(Buddharaju Praneeth Varma)
Graduate Applicant, Fall 2014
MS in Electrical Engineering