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Musical Theatre

Theatric performances come in numerous forms, and one of the most popular forms is
Musical Theatre. This type of theatric performance incorporates spoken dialogue, songs, dance
and acting in order to deliver a musical story of emotional content. Emotions of anger, humor,
love and pathos are all spoken through the music and words of the musical pieces.
Musical Theatre has been categorized as being one thing- a plain simple musical with just
dancing, singing and funny over expressive costume changes. However after the 20
many realize that Music Theatre can never be compared to plain or simple; it is beyond just a
musical performance it is dance, drama, opera and acting all in one.
Music has been a part of our lives from the beginning of time but few knew of Musical
Theatre. Today it has become quite famous, as seen in New Yorks Broadway. Musical Theatre
is now being performed all over the world in small as well as large settings, from grand stages in
London to small budget musical productions in amateur clubs.
Stephen Sondheim once said that music is an art, which in itself is an attempt to bring
order out of chaos. In Musical Theatre a story is being told during ever performance. Many
people sit to watch and enjoy this art form because it serves as a method of therapy- musical
therapy. It works as intervention for individuals to accomplish personal goals, goals of being
depression free or just to feel alive.
Musical Theater also teaches children personal awareness skills that are needed in our
ever developing technological world. Kids that are cocooned at home in a bubble filled with
gadgets and no personal interactions, get the opportunity to come out from their shells and
connect with the outside world, with people who share the same life experiences.
Parents will do their utmost best they can to navigate their child or children through lifes
ups and downs with high self-esteem. They might arrange play dates with other children who
have similar interests or register them in vocational classes. The best method that parents can use
to boast their childs self-image is enrolling them in musical theatre or art related activities. It is
proven that children who participate in such activities learn to accept praise and criticism as well
as instilling pride. These programs help introduce the children to new people, new
environments as well as encouraging them to come out of their comfort zones.
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