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Computer Battery
A wnRHtner
lmproper installation 0tlhis or any ollier bike
compuler can result in an a.cident. Read
Instructions ctref ully.
Call 1 -800-456'BELL if you have any questions
Cable Ties (4)
Check mounting hardwaae & transnitter installation
befo.e each ride for adjustment and secure tit.
lhis computer will notfit all bikes. lf you cannot gel a
secure inslallation per the instruction manual, do not
use this computer
STEPl: Inslall the Ballery- Remove the battery coverfrom the bottom ol ihe computer using a small coin
(Figure 1). Install the computer battery (3.0V/CF2032) with the positive
pole faclng up. Seplace the battery
cover and iighien. l{ote: Replaclng lhe battery will erase all stored informatlon. When installing a new battery
alter having med the computef, make sure to wrile down the odometer value betore changing the battery s0
you can later re-enler il in lhe computer.
STEP 2: lnstall tfte Magnet to the Wheel- Clamp the magnet to a spoke 0n fte right side 0f the front
wheel (Figun 2). Make sure that the magnet is tacing 8E outside of the wheel so lhatlhe flat side 0f the
magnet passes in fronl 0f lhe sensor.
STEP 3: Atbci the Sensoi to ll|e F0*- Atlach the c0mputer sensor t0 the right f0rk leg using iwo 0f the
cable lies pmvided, Make sure the metal side oflhe sensor lstaciro the wheel.00 ootiully secure the cable
ties yet, as the sensor location may require fu.ther adjustment (Figure 3).Adjustthe sensor and magnei loca"
ti0n s0 lhat clearance between the two is n0 greater than 2mm. (Figun 4).The magnel should now pas by
the tip 0t the sens0r when the wheel mlates.
STEP4: Install lhe Mounlirg Bracket & Compuler-Attach the m0unting brackel t0 lhe handlebar by
using the remaining 2 cable ties as shown in (Figrre 4), Make sure the mounting bracket is clamped ti0htly
and will nol slip on lhe nafldlebar Insrt the computer inlo the mourting bracket (Figure 5).
Compuler U.i'l
STEP 1: Setthe Wheel Value- First, using the
table provided, determine the c0rect,4-digit, wheel
value basd on the size ofyour tlre,The wheel mlue
isthe distance an millimeters perone revoluiion oJ
the wheel. Next, p.ess and h0ld the left and right
button for two seconds. The 0reset value "21 24"
should appearwifi tf digit "4'flashing. Press the
right button t0 modify lhe digit to the conect setting.
Once ffiect digit is shown, pres ths lefi button to
m0ve 10 lf next digit. Rspeat unlil all four digits are
set t0 the corecl wheel value lor vouf bike.
STEP 2: Set KM or Mile Selection-Afte. settjng the wheel vatue, tie
seteclion wifl apoear
RIGHT bulton to choose kilOmeler or mile slection. Press the LEFT butt0n t0 conUrm.
STEP 3: Set Age and Weight- After seltjag lhe lort/M selection, two numbes will appeal Entef your age as
the large number above the horizontal line. Pres lhe RIGflT button t0 modify the
djgt to the conect settjng
Pressthe LEFI butlon to confim. Bepeat fo. the'lens" digit. Enter your weigfrt as lhe smaller number below the
horizontal line following lhe same steps.
STEP 4: Set Dislance for Maintomnce Remindor- Alier setting age and weigtrt, the presel number 0f 600
km (0r miles) will flasi. Press the RIGHT button t0 select 200, 400,600 0r 800 km (or mile) maintename interyal,
then pres the LEFT button to connm. Wten your odometer {000) reaches the selected diskrce intetral, &e
wrerch icon
{ ,/ )
will flash, reminding you t0 sryie you bicycle
tires and other pai6 fur mar, lubricate
chain, elc. ..). Press lhe LEFri bltton to stop the werch imn (
from flashing.
STEP 5: Set the Ctock- The clock function will apDar atthe bottom ofthe screen. Press and hold he LEFT
buflonJor 3 seconds t0 get allashing "24H" symbol, Prssthe RIGHT button t0 select between 12 and 24 hour
format. Pres th LEFT button to confirm. Next, the hour digits will start t0 flash. llse the RIGHT button to select the
hour and preslho LEFT button 10 confirm. Repeatfor minutes digi8. Pfe$ihe LEFT button once more to sellhe
clock Press the RIGHT button to enter 0D0 mdde.
STEP 6: Testto Ensure Proper Installation- Now thal the computer is programmed, insed it into the
bracket. Spin the fronl wheel.fte speed tendensy icon in lhe upper lefi mrner0f the sreen should be lurning as
the computer starts recording data (Reter to Troublssh0otlng ln cas of problems).
Road Bike
24" 1596
22', 1759
24" 1916
26" 2Q73
27'.17cf6 2124
Mountain Bike
24' , .' 1888
26', 2045
27', 2155
28' 2237
0DoMEIER (000)- Total distance lraveled is indicated by
0n the boltom line. T0 resel 0D0, press both RIGHT and LEFT buttons for 3 sec0nds
0r remove and replace lhe battBry Now press the RIGHT butt0n to advarce to the
DST mode.
TRIP METEB (DST)- Trip dishnce is indicated by DSTand is disptayed 0n the
bottom line. The Trip Metr is activated automaiically witfl spedometer input {corns
0n auhmatically when you begin riding, tums ofi when you stop).T0 reset DST to zero,
press and hold fie RIGHT and Lff buttons for 3 seconds. Note that Tl\4
&AVS (Average Speed) wjll also be rest at thaltime. Now press Ste RIGHT builon t0
advance to he MXS mode.
IIAXIMUM SPEED (irXS)- Milimum sped as indicaled by MXS and is disptayed
0n the botlom line. Maximum speed is str3red in memory and updales only when a
higherspeed is reached.To resel MXS, press and hold the LEFI button for 3 seconds"
Now press RIGH| button to advance t0 Average Speed {AVS) mode.
AVERAGE SPEED (AV$)- Aremge speed is indicated byAVS and is disptayed on
the bottom line.Al,lS uil(s in coniunction with the Trip Timer [fM) b calculate fte
average speed for a specific !rip. Now press the RIGHT button to advane to tp Trio
Iimer{IM) mode.
TRIP TlllER (Itil)- lrip lirner is indicated byTM and
disptayed on he botbm
line. Ihe Trip ljmer is activated automatically with computer input {comes on
automtcdly when you begin riding, tums off Mlen you stop). lt recotds ody he time
actually spent riding. To resel TM t0 zero, retum lo 0ST 0rip Mete0 mode and reset
t0 zero per he instruclions above. Refum to Tl, mode and press RIGHT button to
advance !0 IEMPEBATURE fIEMP) mode.
OEMP)- Your compute, ias a thermometerto measure outdoor
temperature. To select between Cetsius (C) and Fahrenheit (R readout, press and
hold the |""Eff button br 3 smds unll yoil sm a flashing
,,F,,. pross
LEFT button
t0 csdim Fah,enneit
{D readout. If you prefer Cetsius readout, pross RTGHT buthn
b switch to Celsius (C) aM then pross LEFT butbn t0 confirm. Now press the RIGHT
buthn to advance t0 Calode (CAU rnode
CALoRIES BURiIED (CAL)- This function estimates the number 0J mtories burned
while riding, based 0n the age and weight inputed by ths user t0 ressl CAL, press
and h0ld the LEF| butlon lor 2 sec0rds. Now pres the RIGHT button io advance t0 Fat
Bumed (FAI
IAT BURiIED (FAT)-This function estjmates th number oJJat onms burned while
riding. bmed 0n the age and weighl inputed by the user. To reset iAT. press and
hold the LFFI butt0n tor 2 seconds. Now press RTGHT button t0 advance to the SCAN
{SCAN) mode.
SCAI'I- Tne Scan mode conveniently rotates DST, MXS, AVS, ild TM readings on the
comflJter screen withoul the need t0 pre$ any buttons. Now press lhe RIGHT brtton
to return lo the Clock mode.
FREEZE FRAME MEM0RY- Pre$the LEff bddon, Fmeze Frame Mernoru can tock
the display at the end of a ride segmenl and inlormation Tlvi, DST and AVS wtricn witt
be flashing, mn k read ata latertime bythe RTGHT key.To release the memory pres
the LEFI key ufllil lhe display digil is static again.This is particltady usetlt when
crossing lie finish lin 0fatime kial, since lhe TM cannot be stopped manually.
0D0MErEB SAVE R ltCTloil- The SAVE funciion allows you l0 ksep the impots
lant data 0f total didance
{0D0) even after battry feptacemefi. T0 set oDO, afier
battery replacemer* ild wheet size setting, pre$s RI6HT button to 0D0 mode and
then hold LEFI button for 2 seconds lntil the last digilflickering, To adjust number,
press the RIGHI tutton and then press ilte LEFT button i0 confirm and select dioit to
be inpul. Bepeat this sequence to reach the desired odometer vatue.
the LEFT
button again to rsturn t0 normal 0D0 m0de.
AUTo SToP/STAII- T0 preserve batteries, tfie cycte complter will aLrtomatimlly
switch off if the unil is left unused fof over S to 6 minutes. Display will reappear with a
pres$ 0n eiiher buttm or input from the sensor
I nnnnf n
t uuul t yt
SPTEDoMETEF- lmtantaneous Speed is indicated on the top line.The nge of
measurement is from 0 l0 99 KMlhr (0 t0 99 [ll/hr) and accuracy is 10.5 KM/hr (M/h0.
SPEEDoMETER C0I'PABAT0R-A "+" 0r "-" sign appears t0 the right 0f the
speed. " + " indicates you are lraveling tasler lhan your average speed (AVS). A " - "
indicates you are ridiflg slower thtr your average speed.
SPIfD TtNOEilCY- A cydist symbol appearc l0 the istt oflhe speed. The wheel tums
forward to indicate acceleration. The whel furns backward to indicate deceleraton.
ELECTRoLUMINESCEilT BACIGIGHT-The backiight illuminales the mmputer screen for easier viewing in
dark or low light seltings. lt can be turned on in two ways:
1) Hold the RIGHT button for 2 seconds. The electroluminescBnt backlight will illuminale for 8 seconds and then
the computerwill go into Scan mOde.
2) Press $e Leff button.The electroluminescerd backllghtwill illuminate for 4 seconds.
ilo speedotneter
dsplay andor no
dah reading
Slow display
Dlsplay shows
i{teoulal faiurss
kible interf ereme lrom ebctrical soucss
Itrpi0per mgnevscniir all gnmelt
t .
Poor batbrv mnuct or lowidead battery
Temperature outside ot opemtional
limits {0-60"C or 32-140'F}
Poor battofy codact 0r,oMdead baltery
Tempenture lo0 hol 0r display exposd
to sunlight loo long
Computer damaqed or drcpped
lmproper snsor/nqOnet ali gnmert
Uole compllbr & dil.ferenl area,
Endum spmdohebr sestr and magnel
are prcpeity in$lbd and allgnod
Replace Batery
only use computer when temperature is
within operational limits
ReBlacr battery
only use computer wtnn tmptrat$e is
wihin 0peralional llmils. Remoye trom
Computer is broken
Ensure prweraligtrment No th daStance