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Disney II Magnet School

CME Project Algebra I (9

Syllabus 2014-2015
Mr. Mijajlovic smijajlovic@cps.edu

CME Project is a four-year, NSF-funded, comprehensive high school mathematics program that is problem-based,
student-centered, and organized around the familiar themes of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus. In
this course, we explore eight main topics or units: 1) Arithmetic to Algebra, 2) Expressions and Equations, 3) Graphs, 4)
Lines, 5) Intro to Functions, 6) Exponents and Radicals, 7) Polynomials, and 8) Quadratics.
Required Text: CME Project Algebra I Textbook (provided)

Daily Supplies: Supplies will be provided Graphing notebooks, binder, writing utensil(s), grading pen (red, purple,
green, etc. Recommended calculator TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84.

Classroom Expectations, Procedures, and Policies
You are expected to follow all Disney II Rules and Policies. The following policies will be consistently enforced to ensure
that every student receives the instructional time and atmosphere that he/she deserves.
1. BE PRESENT Mentally and physically. Be in your seat ready to work before the bell rings.
2. BE RESPECTFUL Value each others opinions, personal space, and right to learn.
3. BE PREPARED Bring ALL required materials to class every day.
4. BE INVOLVED Actively participate in classroom activities (note taking, exercises, discussion etc.).
5. BE AWARE Cell phones, i-Pods, and other inappropriate electronic equipment will NOT be tolerated. Use
is limited to explicit consent from your teacher. Wear your ID at all times. No eating in the classroom. Clear
and re-sealable bottles only.

Grading Policy:
Your grade will be computed using the following categories and point system:
Type Category Percentage
Quizzes, Labs, Mini-Projects, Written Reflections,
Mid-Unit Assignments, iXL Skill Work, etc.
A 90 100
B 80 89
Summative Unit Exams and Unit Projects 45%
C 79 70
D 69 60
Final Exam Final Exam 10%
F 59 and below

Total 100%

How to be successful with assignments: It is expected that students put forth 100% effort in every assignment. Each
assignment has a purpose and in order to be successful students must read and write carefully and thoughtfully
complete every assignment in the appropriate time frame.
Attendance/ Tardiness: We will utilize every minute of our class periods therefore, it is imperative that all students
arrive to class on time and ready to work.
Leaving the Classroom: Students may only leave the classroom with expressed permission from the teacher. All
students who leave the class will be required to have a pass.
Calculator Policy: A calculator will be used in this class at various times. In addition to performing calculations with a
calculator, students will be expected to perform calculations mentally and with paper and pencil. All three methods of
Disney II Magnet School
CME Project Algebra I (9
Syllabus 2014-2015
Mr. Mijajlovic smijajlovic@cps.edu

calculation are important, and students will learn to make good decisions when to use each method. Students will be
allowed to use their own calculators in class, however, a calculator will be provided when necessary.
Academic Dishonesty: Any form of cheating WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Academic dishonesty will result in a zero for the
assignment and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.
Assessments: Quizzes/Weekly Checks will be given on a weekly basis at the beginning of the week. Many of the quiz
problems will be taken from the previous weeks homework problems reinforcing the importance of homework practice.
There will be no quiz re-takes, however, the two lowest scores will be dropped (denoted by dropped in Gradebook).
Exams will be given at the end of each unit. There will no exam re-takes of dropping of exam scores, however, test
corrections can be made (outside of class time specific directions will be given for this procedure) for credit back.
For example, Jalen earns a 72% on his exam. That means he missed 28 percentage points ( ). He can
earn back half, 14, of the missed points ( of 28 is 14). If Jalen answers all the questions he missed correctly during the
test corrections, he can earn a new score of 86% ( . Students will be allowed to use notes, any
other class material, and ask questions during test corrections.
Please sign below to indicate that you have read the syllabus and return it signed the following class period.

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Disney II Magnet School
CME Project Algebra I (9
Syllabus 2014-2015
Mr. Mijajlovic smijajlovic@cps.edu

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