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Newsletter 1

Cooperation between the educational institutions and parents

providing qualitative education of the primary school children

Comenius Regio Project
During 21 st- 25 th October 2009 took place the transnational mobility from the partnership
Comenius Regio Cooperation between the educational institutions and parents providing qualitative
education of the primary school children from Vratsa town, Bulgary.
The project is part of Lifelong Learning Programme, being funded by the European
committee and assisted by the National Agency for Community Programme in Educational and
Proffesional Training Domain- Comenius.
At the project meeting participated 30 people , teachers, headmasters, inspectors, methodist
teachers and parents from the involved institutions from the two partner countries, Romania and
Bulgary. The partners project are: Teacher s training house Prahova, Sf Vasile I-VIII School Ploiesti,
parents Association from Sf Vasile School Ploiesti from Romania, and from Bulgary: Regional
Inspectorate of Education Vratsa, St. Sofronii Vrachanski Primary School, St. Sofronii Vrachanski
Board of the School Trustees.
The activities took place according to the agenda proposed by the institutions from the host
town after their consultations with the partners. During the seminar there were different workshops
with the goal of sharing exchange of experiences and high practices between proffesionists,
regarding learning the English language at primary school, parental education, real ways of parents
implication in these activities.
One of the applied activities regarding learning and teaching English at primary school, which
took place in the second day of the seminar , was to assist at four lessons at St. Sofronii Vrachanski
Primary Vratsa.
These activities had as a result the excange of experience between partners, the completion
of the materials proposed in the project by
each partner and the setting of the project
meeting in Romania between 1 st and 5 th
december 2009.

Octombrie 2009
Numarul 1

Phase 1 . Training phase
Phase 2 Studying the high practice models existing at the European level
Phase 3 Needs analysis at the level of European countries involved in the project
Phase 4 The development of a scholastic movie
Phase 5 Web services The platform of communication and web site
Phase 6. The development and implementation of the established models
Phase7. The development of the good practice guide
Phase 8. The quality and evaluation plan
Phase9. Dissemination
Phase10. Exploitaion

The first research carried out by the partner organizations showed that the two
countries old members of the European Union have a rich experience in parental
education, experience that can be shared to other new countries member of UE.
In this context the 6 th partner organizations propose themselves that beginning from
the previous experiences to offer a valuable advantage to the products that will be
The good practices useful to the project will be chosen according to the established
criteria , according to the projects goals.
During the first year of project the partners will make an analysis of the adults
situations (parents) with an educational disadvantage, from the European countries
partner in the project, but also a direct analysis of the needs of target group, by
implicating them in the workshops that each partner organization will organise during
the outgoing of the project.

The Phases of the project

Next steps in the project

In February 2010
the first variant of
the project site
will be made ,
which will contain
the forum that
allows exchanges
of ideas between
the involved social
factors in the
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