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Reena Bhatt

8 Unity Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860

8 December 2009

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Dear [Recipient Name]:

Thank you for your consideration of my application for the Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship starting Summer 2011. Please
find attached a copy of my resume and application. My four letters of recommendation will be arriving separately by mail.
If you have questions, please call me at (401) 440-7770. I truly look forward to hearing from you soon.

Reena A. Bhatt

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8 UNITY STREET CELL PHONE • 401.440.7770
PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 PAGER • 401.350.2731


Brown University Plastic Surgery Providence, Rhode Island

Plastic Surgery 2008-present

• Diverse training in plastic surgical skills including maxillofacial

and hand trauma, craniofacial anomalies, Mohs reconstruction,
microsurgical, and cosmetic procedures while at Rhode Island
• Active participant of resident organized patient clinics three
times a week at Rhode Island Hospital

Brown University General Surgery Providence, Rhode Island

General Surgery 2005-2007

• Wide-ranging training in Trauma management and Critical Care

while at Rhode Island Hospital, a busy level I trauma center

Drexel University College of Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doctorate of Medicine, May 2005 2001-2005

• Recipient of the Merck Manual Award for general clinical
• Recipient of the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement
Citation of the American Medical Women’s Association
presented to women students who have achieved academic
• Medical Scholars Program
• Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Program
• USMLE Step 1 score 256, Step II 250, III 235
• Jeffrey M Solomon Award in Pathology - award for best
performance in Pathology
• Elected to American Society of Clinical Pathologists - The
Pathology Honor Society
• Extensive Honors coursework throughout medical school

The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland

Bachelors of Science in Biomedical 1996-2000
Engineering, May 2000

• Electrical Engineering Concentration

• AEMB, Biomedical Engineering Honor Society
• Α Ε ∆ , Pre-Health Professions Honor Society
• Dean's List
• G.P.A. 3.45/4.0 index
• Extensive coursework in developing writing skills, Women’s Studies, and
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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770
BME Design


TABA Outcomes (Transabdominal Breast

Augmentation) Project
Rhode Island Hospital

• Investigated aesthetic outcomes and functional utility of

transabdominal placement of breast implants in patients
concurrently undergoing abdominoplasty. Presented at ASAPS
Scientific Session 2009 and Senior Residents Conference 2009,
accepted at AAPS 2009, submitted to ISAPS 2010. Manuscript
currently being submitted to ASJ.

Impact of Helmets in Craniofacial Trauma in

Motorcyclists Project
Rhode Island Hospital

• Analyzed craniofacial and associated injuries in unhelmeted

versus helmeted motorcyclists. Utilized trauma registry at
Rhode Island Hospital 1999-2008 to delineate morbidity,
mortality, length of stay, and cost. We hope to use the resultant
data to impact preventative strategies to reduce the incidence
and severity of craniofacial trauma in motorcyclists in RI.
Presented at New England Society (NESPRS) long presentation
2009, Annual RIH Hospital Research Day, submitted to AO
Advanced Symposium, PSRC, and AAPS 2010. Currently writing

Chapters “History of Blepharoplasty” and “History of

Aesthetic Surgery of the Face” for the International
Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery
San Francisco

• Invited to write two chapters for the International Textbook of

Aesthetic Surgery, edited by Bryant Toth, MD and Nicolo
Scuderi, MD. The textbook is to be translated into Italian and
English. Work entailed a detailed examination of the past and
present influences in the development of the procedures
Blepharoplasty and Rhytidectomy. Presently in the midst of
revisions for developing book.

The Impact of Rib Fractures on Elderly Trauma

Patients Project
Rhode Island Hospital

• Exploring the outcomes of elderly trauma patients who

sustained rib fractures in coordination with ReCONECT
(Research Consortium of New England Centers for Trauma).
Retrospective review of 1621 patients examined the prognostic
factors including premorbid conditions, associated ISS, age,

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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770
number of rib fractures, level and volume of trauma center,
attending and fellow presence, intubation, tracheostomy, and
delivery of narcotics that influenced the outcomes of trauma
patients older than fifty with multiple rib fractures. Presented at
New England Surgical Society (NESS) 2009, will be presented at
AAST, and will be published in Archives of Surgery.

Employee Advisory Committee

Rhode Island Hospital

• Nominated and elected by GME director Dr. Staci Fischer to be

one of three residents who are part of a hospital-wide
committee which is evaluating the patient care experience at
the hospital to brainstorm about ways to improve it. This
committee meets monthly to improve quality patient care and

Ambulatory Clinic Review Committee

Rhode Island Hospital

• Nominated and elected by GME director Dr. Staci Fischer to be

part of this committee of residents, attendings, and hospital
policy makers to improve resident-run ambulatory clinic care
with regards to access to the clinics for patients, ease of
transition from ER to clinic, increase efficiency, and resource
utility and improvement for procedures in the clinics.

Pediatric Surgery Research

November 2003-
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
• Performed retrospective research and analysis with Dr. Finck,
attending in Pediatric General Surgery. Analysis involved
comparisons of open versus laparoscopic surgical technique for
appendectomies in the pediatric population with regard to
operative time, cost value, days to return to function,
postoperative pain, perforated outcomes, complications, among
other criteria.

Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship

Summer 2002
Drexel Surgery Department

• Awarded paid research fellowship through Drexel University

College of Medicine to become involved in surgical research with
Dr. Ari Brooks, attending in Surgical Oncology. Performed
research and design for the department of Surgery in
conjunction with the department of Robotics of Drexel University
in the utilization of 3-Dimensional Ultrasonographic guidance for
Robotic Needle Biopsy. Extrapolated the use of 3D ultrasound
guidance to be implemented in surgical healthcare delivery,
including such uses as prostate therapy, breast biopsy, liver
biopsy, thyroid biopsy, Chorionic Villous Sampling(CVS), and a

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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770
multitude of other surgical interventions. Presented research at
Drexel University Discovery 2002 research day.

Technology Analyst
Fall 2000-Spring
Accenture Consulting, Boston Office
• Extensive development and management of corporate websites,
including AstraZeneca and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Project
emphasis was on technical skills such as programming, design,
and analysis and their application to a business strategy

Capstone Honors BME Design Project

Fall 1999-May
The Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus
• During senior year at Johns Hopkins University, designed and
executed the manufacture of a biopotential-based wheelchair
control as part of The Capstone Honors BME Design Project
under the guidance of Professor Nitish Thakur. Utilized electrical
potentials from extraocular movements to control lateral and
forward/reverse projections in a motorized wheelchair. Project
emphasized teamwork, strategic planning, research and
development. Presented project and paper to panel of
Biomedical Engineering Faculty.

Independent Study
Summer 1999-Fall
The Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus
• Invited by Dr. Salmun to work with her in the analysis of the
effectiveness of coursework concerning women in science on
the careers of graduates of the class. Extensive research,
analysis, and writing about the inclusion in science curriculums
of courses about the rights and history of women in science. In
addition, collaborated with Dr. Salmun regarding the curriculum
of the Women in Science course.

Research Assistant
Summer 1999
The Applied Physics Laboratory

• Helped to manage project in collaboration with the National

Human Genome Project of the National Institutes of Health
(NIH). Directed small team of researchers in DNA Sequencing
technology, specifically the use of DNA probes.

Research Assistant
Spring 1999
The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

• Evaluated the effects of hormone therapy on postmenopausal

women and hypogonadal men by directing patients in cognitive
and physical tests, analyzing data utilizing spreadsheet
software, retrieving relevant research data utilizing MedLine and
other Internet abstract sites, and aiding in the design of future

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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770
hormone therapy studies.

Research Assistant
The Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus 1997-1998
• Research involved microgravity simulations upon rodents in
order to understand the loss of weight-bearing bone mass in
humans during long term space flight. Laboratory was part of
NASA’s “bone team”, an orthopaedic research division.
Designed and executed the manufacture of various mechanical
structures used in the course of the experiment and performed
in vivo strain gauge implantation surgery.

• Currently editing TABA article to be submitted to Aesthetic Surgery
• Currently editing “History of Blepharoplasty” and “History of Aesthetic
Surgery of the Face”.
• Currently editing manuscript regarding the Impact of Helmets on
Craniofacial Trauma in Motorcyclists.
• Currently editing case report to be submitted regarding a large glomus
• Rib Fractures in Elderly Patients manuscript will be published in Archives
of Surgery.

• Moderate proficiency in the Spanish language.



• President and Website Coordinator of the Surgery Interest Group

• Website Coordinator and President of REMEDY, medical organization
for donating surgical supplies internationally
• Website Coordinator and Financial Director for the Healthcare
Outreach Project (HOP), a project to deliver medical aid to the homeless
• Tutor for Microanatomy, Pathology, ICM, Physiology
• Med Scholar, selected to teach first year students in preparation for
gross anatomy practicals
• Johns Hopkins University Alumni Interviewer
• Stage Assistant for Pediatric AIDS Benefit Concert

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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770
• Coordinator for Medical School Orientation Week at Drexel University
School of Medicine
• Tutor for the Kensington Boys and Girls School-tutored children ages 4-9
in educationally underserved north Philadelphia


• Member of the AOA Society, AMWA

• Member of the PHI MU Sorority (Φ ), Gamma Tau Chapter
• Member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), AE∆, AEMB

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8 UNITY STREET • PAWTUCKET, RI 02860 • PHONE 401.440.7770