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Transmission &

Mott MacDonald Ireland Limited
Mott MacDonald is a global management, engineering and
development consultancy. With annual revenue of 1.2
billion, we combine the skills of over 14,000 staff with a
strong presence in 140 countries. Mott MacDonald provides
essential, multidisciplinary expertise at all stages of power
transfer from generator to consumer. Access is available
to the extensive resources of one of the worlds leading
engineering consultancies through our team of transmission
and distribution specialists. We have T&D offces in the Ireland,
UK, USA, Middle East, Netherlands, Africa, India and China.
Our services
For all projects we provide an integrated team under the direction of an
experienced project manager to address the specifc requirements of any
power system project, offering expertise in:
Due diligence and asset evaluation
Electricity industry restructuring
Electricity market design
Environment and social impact assessment
Feasibility and economic studies
Grid code, QoS, security and performance standards
Lenders engineer
Market analysis
Master plan studies
Mergers and acquisitions
Owners engineer
Power system studies
Project development
Project management, design and implementation
Regulatory advisory services
Reliability, availability and maintainability studies
Risk assessment and monitoring
Such services would be required in projects including:
Overhead lines
Underground cables, submarine cables and cable tunnels
Wind farms

Full engineering design services for
lines, cables and substations including:
Earthing design and studies (CDEGS)
Overhead line design (PLS-CADD)
System studies (EDSA)
Interface engineering
Busbar forces calculations
Protection relay co-ordination studies
Our power transmission and distribution expertise
covers substations, transmission lines, distribution
systems, industrial supplies and traction power
Mannington 400kV substation - New 400kV
underground cable circuits.
Transmission and distribution activities in Ireland
We have been working as lead consultant for EirGrid for many years. This
work involves the feasibility, outline design and preparation and submission of
planning applications for transmission projects. Projects completed include:
Moneypoint 400kV substation Redevelopment of the existing
substation to provide a replacement 400kV GIS substation and new 220kV
and 110kV substations.
Finglas 110kV substation New 30 Bay GIS substation to replace the
existing AIS swicthgear.
Athlone 110kV substation Uprate of the existing AIS busbar.
Millstreet 220kV substation New 220/110kV GIS substation and turn
in of existing overhead lines and cables.
Tarbert 220kV substation New 220/110kV GIS substation and turn in
of existing overhead lines and cables.
Great Island 220kV substation New 220kV GIS substation to replace
the existing substation.
Mott MacDonald Ireland has also undertaken the role of EirGrids client
engineer, reviewing contractors designs and undertaking site inspections for
the following projects:
Glanagow 220kV substation New GIS substation.
Boggeragh 110kV substation New 110kV AIS substation, overhead
line and cable.
Garvagh 110 kV substation New 110kV AIS substation and overhead
Gorman - Louth & Carrickmines - Dunstown 220kV overhead line
refurbishment projects.
Doon, Carlow and Waterford 110kV substations New transformer
Arva and Gortawee 110kV substations Busbar uprates.
Miscellaneous 110kV overhead line uprates Four 110kV line
Other Clients
Mott MacDonald Ireland has provided conceptual and detail design
transmission and distribution services for numerous developers and
contractors in Ireland including AES Kilroot, Oriel Offshore Windfarm, Kirby
Engineering - Cauteen 110kV windfarm substation, Quinn Group - Slieve
Rushen Windfarm and RWE.
Transmission and Distribution activities (UK)
Substation developments for National Grid (UK) include:
Ferryside 400/132kV.
Partington 400kV GIS.
Norwich Main 400/132kV substation.
Walpole 400 and 132kV.
Pyle 275kV AIS.
Lydd 400kV AIS substations.
Willesden 275kV.
Dungeness 275kV.
Elstree 400kV and 132kV substations.
Iver 400/132kV transformer
Walpole 400kV and 132kV substations -
Pre sanction engineering, feasibility, conceptual
design and tender documents.
Garvagh 110kV substation - Client engineer role on
behalf of EirGrid for a new 110kV substation and
overhead line.
Detail design for the 275kV grid connection to Kilroot
275kV substation in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.
Bahamas 132kV Skyline substation - Owners
engineer for new 132kV and 33kV substations and
overhead lines.
Transmission and Distribution activities (International clients)
Mott MacDonald Ireland has provided transmission and distribution
engineering services to many clients in Africa and the Caribbean for over thirty
years, including:
ADWEA, Abu Dhabi.
NNPC, Nigeria.
Shell, Gabon.
PDO, Oman.
SOMELEC, Mauritania and Mauritius.
Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Bahamas.
Guyana Power and Light, Guyana.
St Lucia Electricity Services, West Indies.
British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation, West Indies.
Caribbean Utilities Company, Cayman Islands.
Sample projects
Bahamas Electricity Corporation 132kV transmission line
and substations Feasibility study including load forecasting, fnancial
analysis, site selection and line route evaluation, load fow and dynamic
stability studies, tender documents, tender evaluation, contract award,
project and engineering management and site supervision of construction,
testing and commissioning. The project consists of 44 route km 132kV
steel pole overhead line, 2 x 132/33kV substations, 2 x 33kV substations
at generating stations with generator power, control and protection cabling
diversions, 1 x 33/7.2kV substation and SCADA.
EirGrid Shannon estuary 220/400kV submarine cable
Feasibility, option selection, substation/overhead line/cable design,
environmental impact assessment/reports, and foreshore licence
Guyana Power and Light system development Conceptual
design and tender documents for 115km of 69kV transmission Line & 4 x
New 69kV substations and modifcations to 7 existing substations.
National Grid (UK) Walpole 400kV and 132kV substations
Pre-sanction engineering, including design status report with review of
alternatives, design specifcations, cost estimates, outage programme,
project risk register, safety and environmental plan and construction
support for replacement of an existing 23 bay double busbar AIS substation
with a new 132 kV GIS substation and a 9 bay AIS extension of the existing
400kV substation.
Norwich main substation new 400/132kV SGT bay
Development engineering for SEESA for the extension of an existing 400kV
AIS substation by one bay for a new 240MVA supergrid transformer (SGT)
as well as diversion of the existing four SGTs to connect a new 132kV
Contact us
Tom Keane
T +353 (0) 1 2916700
E tom.keane@mottmac.com
AES Kilroot open cycle gas turbine Detail design for the 275kV grid
connection to Kilroot 275kV substation. Scope included new 275/10/10kV three
winding transformer, 275kV cable and air insulated outdoor switchgear and
Quinn Group - Slieve Rushen windfarm Preparation of earthing study,
collector cable optimisation, protection relay settings and detailed design
drawings and procurement specifcations for all 33kV power distribution
equipment and communications cabling and detailed design of all civil/structural
works for a 20 x 3MW windfarm.
Kirby Engineering - Cauteen 110kV substation Detail design of
110kV busbar substation including earthing design, busbar short circuit forces
calculations and design of busbar system. .
Dungeness decommissioning supplies transformer Detail design
for modifcations to an existing 275kV AIS switchgear bay to connect a new
275/6.6kV transformer. Scope included preparation of all necessary calculations,
drawings and procurement specifcations.
Guinness P7 Engineering Undertook feasibility study for the extension of
the Diageo Brewery medium and low voltage electrical systems as part of the
Guinness Project 7. Subsequently prepared specifcations for implementing the
scheme, which included a turnkey installation contract and separate medium
voltage switchgear and transformers specifcations. Prepared the outline design
of the buildings and coordinated detail design of the civil works. The project
required the upgrade of the existing power supplies to cater for a 50% increase
in brewery production. The solution implemented included the installation of two
new masonry MV/LV substations, including MV switchgear, transformers and
new 10.5kV cable feeders.
Dungeness new 275/6.6kV transformer - Detailed