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1)Choose the correct alternative:

1-You MUSTN'T / NEEDN'T go to all the skiing classes, but you'll improve quicker if
you do.
2-You SHOULD / HAVE TO take some snowboarding lessons and then you won't fall
over so often.
3-The mountain is dangerous in bad weather, so you MUSTN'T / DON'T HAVE TO
climb it.
4-You HAVE TO / OUGHT TO try a new sport, then you won't be bored in the
5-You MUST / HAD BETTER go to a few classes, then you won't feel so nervous
when it's your turn to do the sky-dive.
6-All racing drivers SHOULD / HAVE TO wear crash helmets in this competition.
7-You MUST / CAN'T be tired if you didn't sleep last night.
8-He hasn't got a ring, so he CAN'T / MUSTN'T be married.
9-James isn't here. He CAN / COULD be in his room. I'm not sure.
10-Dan MIGHT NOT / CAN'T get the job. He hasn't got much experience.
11-I don't believe in the paranormal. Ghosts CAN'T / MIGHT NOT exist, it's
12-Everyone is laughing! The film MUST / MIGHT be really funny.
13-You MUST / CAN'T be hungry again. We've just eaten.

2)Complete the sentences with the modals below.

shouldn’t ■ mustn’t ■ might ■ ought to ■ must ■

could ■ can’t ■ have to

1. That ..........be Mary. She’s away on holiday. But that girl really resembles her.

2. Remember – you .........use your mobile phone on the plane. It’s not allowed.

3. ............ I have a glass of water, please?

4. In my opinion, she ........... leave her job. She hates it.

5. We .......... give the dog so much food. I think he’s getting a bit fat.

6. They ..........share a flat again next year but they’re still not certain.

7. She was glad that she didn’t ............do all the work on her own.

8. You ........... be so hungry! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be eating these disgusting

3)Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the original

meaning of the sentences:

1.There’s a possibility that Tom will be in London tomorrow. (might)

2. Is it possible for me to borrow this book? (could)

3. She is undoubtedly a great football player, because three teams want to sign
her. (must)

4. It would be a good idea for you to go to bed early tonight. (should)

5. It’s impossible for me to buy a moped this year. (can’t)

6. Is it necessary for you to go to the meeting today? (need to)

7. He isn’t obligated to tell Miranda where he was last night. (not have to)

8. Are we required to wear school uniforms? (have to)

4)Rewrite these sentences. Use the correct modal verbs.

1-It is prohibited to drive if you drink.

You mustn't drive if you drink.
2-It's a good idea to take warm clothes with you if you go hiking.

3-It's necessary for pilots to have a licence.

4-It's not a good idea to do bungee jumping if you're scared of heights.

5-Alex has the ability to run a marathon.

6-It's unnecessary for you to come if you don't want to.