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Raw metallic materials:
- lead Lead oxides (red minium Pb3O4 or yellow litharge PbO)
- mercury red oxide (Mercuric - HgO)
- silver oxide powder (Ag2O)
- copper technical grade black oxide (cupric CuO)
- iron technical grade red oxide (ferric Fe2O3)
Extraction liquids:
- sulfuric ether, such as stabilized diethyloxide (ethyl ether).
- absolute alcohol, distilled three times.
For the metal quicksilver, place into an air-tight flask 35 grams (1.23oz..) of mercuric
oxide and 70 grams (2.46oz.) of ether. Close the flask quickly and make it air-tight.
Beware, let macerate at a low temperature (below 30 C) otherwise the ether boils and
there is a risk of explosion.
A maceration for one moon cycle gives a lightly orange tincture; we obtained an emerald
green tincture after 7 to 8 moon cycles. The ether must then be filtered with a funnel and
cotton or filter paper, at least three times; this, of course must be done with a covered
funnel and a closed flask to avoid any evaporation. There should be no solid sediment
remaining in the ether for the mercuric oxide is a violent poison. The last filtration is
made into a retort. After evaporation of the ether, since the retort is not closed, there is a
very small quantity left of an orange-colored oil (or blue in the case of a 7 months
Then, we attempt the distillation of the oil taking several precautions to prevent the oil
from burning. At the end of the distillation, the result is the following: there is nothing in
the receiving round bottom flask. A few drops of oil shine at the top and in the spout of
the retort. At the bottom a dry residue remains.
With caution, pour a few drops of absolute alcohol in the spout of the retort; this time the
retort should be made air-tight. Attempt to dissolve the few drops of oil, in such a way
that the alcohol does not make contact with the solid residue which is .left in the retort.
The alcohol is collected in a flask and slowly evaporated without boiling. In this manner,
we obtain a small volume of pure oil;
Note that the alchemical medication is optimum for the three principles when we have:
Sulfur 1/3 Mercury 1/3 Salt 1/3
and in the case of a tincture:
Sulfur 1/3 Mercury 1/3
We then add a quantity of alcohol equal to that of the oil (1/3).
The process is similar for other metals.
They are unfixed tinctures; therefore they are tinctures with a Vivifying and energetic
effect. The correct dosage is one drop.
Tin and gold will be treated separately. The oil of gold can only be obtained through a
Philosophic Mercury or Alkahest.
Example: vinegar of antimony.