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1. Ria has Rp20, 000 and she donates Rp10, 000 of her money for charity. Then his mother gives her Rp15, 000.
How much money does she have now?

2. Two rectangles have an equal area. The size of the first rectangle is 24cm by 20 cm. The size of the width of
other rectangle is 16 cm. how many cm the length of the other rectangle?

3. Find the volume and the surface area of a cube which edge is 25 cm.

4. The length of the side of the square is 17 cm. find the perimeter and area of the square.

5. Find the volume and surface area of the cuboid.


6. Steve has Rp35, 000. He wants to buy a ream of paper cost Rp33, 500 and a pack of notebooks cost Rp28, 350.
How much money does he need to get to pay both items he wants to buy?

7. Franks garden has a parallelogram shape. The size of the sides are 30 m and 25 m. it will be planted trees with
the distance 2 m one another around the garden. How many trees required?

8. Sintas garden has the shape of a square with 40 m length. Ritas garden has the shape of parallelogram with 25
m height. Their gardens have an equal size. How long the width of Ritas garden?

9. The width of the rectangle is 9 cm. the perimeter of the rectangle is 54 cm. find the length and the area of the

10. Stanley buys a shirt for Rp35, 000 and a pair of socks for Rp32, 500. He pays using two bills of Rp 50, 000. How
much change does he get?

11. The perimeter of the square is 96 cm. find the length and the area of the square.

12. In the administration office, there is a stack of chalk boxes. The length of the stack is 24 boxes. The width is 16
boxes. And the height is 10 boxes. How many boxes are there in the stack?

13. Ronald is painting the walls that shaped a rectangle. The length of the walls is 20 m and the width is 14 m. 1 kg
paint enough to paint 8 m
. How many kg of paint is required by Ronald?

14. Find the volume and surface area of the cuboids.

15. Levina buys a can of cookies for Rp53, 750 and a bottle of strawberry syrup for Rp23, 450. Levina pays using
Rp100, 000. How much change does she get?

16. The area of a volleyball court is 240 m
and the width is 15 m. the half of volleyball court was painted yellow.
How many m
the area of the yellow field?

17. Find the volume and surface area of a cube which edge is 21 cm.

18. The area of a square is 225 cm
. Find the length and the perimeter of the square.

19. A badminton player buys a racket for Rp93, 500 and a shuttlecock for Rp13, 325. How much does he have to

20. Rectangle ABCD has the length 27 cm and the width 12 cm. find the perimeter and area of the rectangle.

21. Dina works on the rice field whish shape of a parallelogram. The area of the rice field is 3,024 m
and the height
is 48 m. find the width of the rice field.

22. Danny buys a land which shape is parallelogram with 12 m width and 9 m height. If the price of the land each m

is Rp52, 750. How much the price of all land?