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Aarons Rod Changed into a Serpent: Aaron is symbolic of Divine

Spiritualized consciousness asserting Divine Power (rod) in material reality (Pharaoh).

Air: A symbol of the Mental State of Consciousness. Mental Plane. Symbolized by
the color Blue.
Alchemy:A name applied by the middle age philosophers who used the terminology
of chemistry to hide Sacred Symbolism from the Inquisitioners. For example, the
turning of silver (passive mental state) into Gold (active meditation into the Light of
God creating Wisdom and Celestial Truth). All middle age writings concerning
alchemy can be translated by using the Dictionary of Sacred Symbols.
Alphabet, Mystical: The Letters of the Latin alphabet used by Mystical
Knights Templar. Each letter was put together in an order that described a
spiritual state of evolution toward becoming a Being of Light.

A - A symbol used to represent a mountain (Higher Meditation),
Pyramid (first contact with the pure Nature of God, while in the Heaven
B - The Feeder, or the activity of God sending down into the Spirit's
Nature Higher Data in order to up-build it. Same as the instinctual
directive powers of God.
C - The Crescent Moon or a symbol relating to the Higher Self/Holy
Spirit, Wisdom Nature of the Mother God half of the Quaternary (full
moon is a symbol of the unawakened soul to her Living Presence). The
crescent moon shape is a symbol for the soul's upbuilding toward
accepting Her Living Presence.
D - The Brilliant Light witnessed in the mind or externally when the
soul is connected to the Radiation of God's Nature.
E - The letter of Apollo (Living God for the Greek Religion) or the Sun
(Energy of God witnessed in the mind or externally), as at Delphi
(evolved mental state of the spiritual soul in the position in evolution
between the lower and Higher natures. The pre-immortal state where
the spiritual-soul is witnessing the Light of God in its mind, but has not
evolved to a point of accepting a visual contact in the Divine Realm.
F - The Fire or Life Force, the Energy of God for the soul's up building
of new data or His Energy destroying old and unnecessary memories.
G - The Self-Existent for reality of the Self as in the Core-Self that
resides in the Heart Chakra, in other words the Central Processing Unit
or God Spark that rules over the Spirit's Nature, integrates all incoming
data into the proper memory matrixes for self expression.
H - A symbol of Twin Pillars, who in turn, are symbolic of the Higher
and Lower Nature of the soul, which when in cooperation with the mind
consciousness allows the soul entrance to the Higher Realms of
I - The "Holy One," God as the Pillar or Focus of the Universe.
L - God, Power, Creativity, Manifestation of Life.
M - A symbol of the twin lower aspects of God's Nature, the Christ/Son
and the Holy Spirit/Daughter. If in an undulation configuration, it is
symbolic of the sea or astral emotions.
N - Symbolic of the Soul, who is wakened through the practice of
Divine Visual Meditation into the Heaven Realm. Also the secret letter
for the Fish (Christ-J esus).
O - A symbol of the Cycle of Life of six stages that a soul passes
through to become an Individualized Being of Light, the Perfected One,
the Pearl of Great Price.
P - A symbol of the Shepherd's Crook or the Symbol of Divine Will,
Christ is associated with this symbol as is Osiris.
R - The Shepherd's Crook in a symbol of activity in the lower self,
where Truth is self expressed by the soul.
S - A symbol of the Serpent or the philosophy of Reincarnation
necessary for the evolution of a spiritual body.
T - A symbol of the Hammer, or Twin Axes the symbol that represents
the Acquisition of Truth that once learned will "beat or ax," out of the
memories that are old and against evolution.
U - A symbol of J upiter's Chain, which in turn is symbolic of the
linking soul attributes and aspects of the personality that initiates the
awakenment of Higher Ideals.
V - A symbol of the Twin Rays, which in turn is symbolic of the
Christ/Son for mental up building and Holy Spirit/Daughter for
evolving the wisdom nature in the evolving soul.
W - A symbol of the higher and lower self within the unawakened
involutionary or mortal soul.
X - A symbol of soul activities acting against that which can be for the
good or against the good.
Y - A symbol of activities from the Christ/Son and Holy
Spirit/Daughter into the human soul, when the soul has entered the
Divine Realm during Divine Mediation for a Living Acquisition of
Their Countenance.
Z - The Omnipresence of God, the Father, also shown as the symbol
By working with the ingredients of mystical symbols and knowing
the definitions, a person can translate most historical documents or
symbols left by the mystical student. For example, the word ZION has
been a word of great mystery in all the current books about Templar.
ZION - The Omnipresence of God (Z), the focus of the Universe (I), in
the Cycle of Life to become an Individualized Being of Light (O),
awakened by Divine Visual Meditation into the Heaven Realm and into
the Fish (Christ-J esus) Presence (N).
Now, you will be able to translate this famous cipher using the above
data and the rest of the dictionary: TO DAGOBERT II, KING, AND

Amen:Symbolic of the soul petitioning God to make apparent to his material
consciousness, the Living Presence His Self.
Historically, Amen is connected to the word "Amon" (Egyptian). Amon refers to the
hidden one (Self) that dwells within the Heart Chakra. And when the soul matures to
accept Divine Meditation Activity, it activates a program that conjoins the Heart and
Crown Chakra allowing transcendence into the Presence of Christ and God (sol).
The Lamb or Self reaps the consequences in life (sacrifice to evolve individuality) in
the World of error, ignorance, and evilness. As he matures he aspires to petition to God
to bring him closer to a Living Experience by stating, "Amen."
Apostles, Twelve:Symbolic of the personality qualities or virtues necessary for a
personality to allow a Visual Meditation to the Living Christ.
Higher Mind Attributes
Names of
1. Hope and Progressiveness
Love of Ideals
2. Perseverance
3. Judgment Judas Iscariot Justice
4. Gentleness and
Simon the
5. Courage and Assertiveness
Philip the
6. Analytical Lower Mind Peter Truth
7. Broad mindedness Judas Alpheus Righteousness
8. Faith and search for truth Andrew Faith
9. Critical Deliberation Matthew Levi Reason
10. Modesty and
11. Intellectual Truth Seeking
12. Love and Philosophy John Zebedee Divine Life

Apples: Emotions derived from Divine Activities, Fruit of the Spirit.
Apples, Blue:Symbolic of mental attributes acquired from Higher Knowledge.
Apron:Symbolic of the work necessary for a soul to transfer from material to Divine
Existence. The mental aspects symbolic of the Apostles activated to release the soul
for Visual Divine Meditation into the Divine Realm.
Arched Gateways:An arched gateway signifies to the soul it has acquired
sufficient mental qualities to gain entrance into Higher Divine Realities.
Ark of the Covenant: A symbol used by God as a Divine Symbol witnessed in the
Kingdom of Heaven. When presented to a Divine Soul, the Son or Daughter chooses
to "Walk into It" or reject it. If the soul chooses to enter, He/She accepts the new
phase of Divine Growth, Assuming Responsibility to the Will of God. He/She feels a
Surge of Gods Energy transforming its Spirit, as well as His/Her Book of Life
reflecting a new destiny design in future lives.
Arrow: A symbolic reminder for the soul-mind-ego to continue his search for Higher
Will Activities, the source for completion to "Become."
Ass: A symbol of the lower nature, stubborn, but capable of direction by a ruling
power or quality of the mind.
Astral Meditation: A symbol of visual meditation that pertains to the material
consciousness activities. It is below the Divine Realm.
Ax: Symbolic of the action that occurs from attained Divine Truth on lower dogmatic
material attributes.
Black Madonna: A symbol of the material soul who worships the mind-faith.
Blood: A symbol of Divine Life acquired from Visual Divine Mediation into the
Spiritual Plane, the Kingdom of God or Divine Sheath.
Blood of Christ: Symbolic of the Spiritual-souls memories acquired when in the
Living Presence of Christ.
Caduceus: A symbol of Divine meditation through the higher mind (Hermes),
resulting from the activities of Wisdom and Desire (the two opposing serpents). The
healers of Hermes period were taught by Master Teachers in the Temples in Heaven
for the most advanced techniques used for healing available in that time. Present
Medical Researchers could have the same privilege.
Chariot of the Sun, With Four Horses :
The Great Chariot: A symbol of the evolutionary path in the development of the
human spirit from material to a Divine Human Spirit, a Son or Daughter of God.
Metaphysical symbolism explains the up building of the spiritual soul through the four
states of consciousness or four elements, earth, air, water and fire.
(1) "Horse of Earth:" The Sacred symbol Earth, physical plane, grass, plants and the
color green represent the process through which the five senses stimulate the emotions
necessary for growth.
(2) "Horse of Air:" Air, mental plane, blue sky, feet, ceiling, the activities of mental
reasoning and intelligence.
(3) "Horse of Water:" Water, flood, rain, serpent, walking upon water, the realization
of truth over untruth, the color yellow, for it this element that prepares the soul for
allowing the activity to become immortal.
(4) "Winged Horse of Fire:" Fire, cloud, Kingdom of God, Love-Energy, the process
of purifying the soul for Divine Life. The Living Visual Meditation into the Presence
of God.
Circle and Square: A symbol of the God-Man or Woman. The soul s
completion of the Cycle of Life (circle) in the four states of consciousness or planes of
existence (square).
Coins, Gold: Acquired Divine Wisdom and Celestial Truth from Service to the Will
of God. The self expression of Divine Truth, Goodness, J ustice, Knowledge and Love
Cross: A symbol of the Great Cycle of Life for the development of the spiritual body
through and in a symbiotic relationship with the material body.
The upper left quadrant - the Heaven Plane or Eden from whence comes the direction
and care of the spiritual soul.
The lower left quadrant is symbolic of the mortal or development of the personality.
The lower right quadrant is symbolic of Faith and Belief in Christ-God existence.
The upper right quadrant is symbolic of the Immortal stage, the Son or Daughter state
of being.
Crown: Acquired when the soul completes supremacy over all stages of evolutionary
requirements, lower and Divine.
Crying, Divine Being or Religious Statue: Symbolic of the soul that contains
within, the three triple powers that separate the soul from Divine Life within - (1)
personification of the religious "Word," (2) love of the material ego and (3) rejection
of a Living Divine Presence in Visual Meditation into the Kingdom of God.
Day and Darkness: Day is symbolic of the Divine Soul awakened to the Kingdom
of God Objectivity. Darkness is the opposite, the material mind without Divine Higher
Diamond: A Holy Teacher that awakens the soul to the Kingdom of God. He/She is
"Gods Facet of Light."
Devil: The "taker of love" activity. Against evolutionary activities.
Door: A symbol of an entrance into a new, or informative awareness.
Dragon: A symbol of the lower emotional and instinctual activities in the soul that
act against Higher Qualities. "Fighting the Dragon" is symbolic of conquering these
lower emotions. In a Higher Sense it is the resolution of all negative memories for
"Their wine is the poison of dragons, And the cruel venom of asps."
Divine Aspirations (wine) subdues the expression of lower emotions
that act against evolution (dragons), which includes the forces for the
express purpose of soul-development that must pass away when their
purpose is out dated.

Eagle: A symbol of the Higher Self/Holy Spirit in an astral plane activity with the
soul. If the soul desires the experience of what the Higher Self can teach the soul,
the soul needs only to fuse with the Eagle.
The "flying within the Eagle" experience can activate remote viewing and
clairvoyance. For instance, "think" of a lost person, and fuse with the Eagle.
Follow with a conscious projection to find the person in question and let go to allow
the Eagle fly you to that persons location. If the person is dead, the Eagle may fly
in circles or fly to Heaven, in which case, fly to Christ for an objective conversation
about the situation at hand.
The "Eagle" scenario briefly means: the Holy Spirit flies from Heaven (Higher
Nature) to the lower soul-Self (Earth) for the purpose of lifting it upward to initiate
the Higher Self/Holy Spirits Nature of Wisdom. The different parts of the Eagles
body represent:
The Eagles body - symbolic of attributes and gifts of the
Higher Self/Holy Spirit ready to be initiated within the lower
Tail - Intellect
Right wing - Justice
Left wing - Truth
Neck and Head - Faith
Legs, Feet, and Talons - lower activity and aspects of the will
exercised for the advancement of the soul.
It is advised to remind the student there is telepathic
communication with the collective personification of the
Eagle, Knight Templar Degree: The Eagle is symbolic of the 6th Degree
Mystical Knight Templar.
a. A Knight who, because of continued Activity to purify his soul, who has Served
the Will of God unselfishly, and without fear of self persecution, self expresses
Truth. He is Knighted by the Templar High Priest that transforms his Spiritual
Countenance for Service in the Celestial Knighthood of God. He is the Sun Hero
for earth and the Heaven Realms.
Egyptian Symbols: An indication that the soul contains within, the memories of
Egyptian life and worship. Each statue represented a lower and higher meaning.
Ra - The Supreme Being or God.
Temu - The Incarnate Self or Self within a material body.
Shu - Divine Life experienced and lived by the soul through the act of
Divine Meditation into the Heaven Realm.
Tefmit - The Form Life or material life to evolve individuality.
Seb - Time or the study of the time allotted for a soul to complete its
material lessons.
Nut - Space or the Great Consciousness of God.
Isis - Buddhi, or Higher Self/Holy Spirit - Wisdom Nature one third
of the Trinity.
Nephthys - The Physical Principle, or the emotional activity
generated from the human five senses.
Horus - The Self Within awakened to the soul.
Hathor - Buddhi reflected on the Astral Plane or spiritual awakening
within the soul.
Hu - Will development, which includes aspects, qualities and acts of
the will evolved through karma.
Sa - Design of the human evolutionary program for the human spirit.
End of the World: The end of one stage of world collective consciousness and the
beginning of a higher.
Excalibur Sword: Symbolic of Divine Truth, while the Stone is symbolic of that
Truth locked up in the Spiritual Self. When the student is ready for the
responsibility of living Truth Reality, the Divine Teacher, while directing the
student in Heaven Activities, requests the Excalibur within a Stone to appear. If
God confirms the students right of passage, the Excalibur and Stone appear. If the
student accepts the accompanying responsibility, he "pulls" the Sword. He then
kneels on his left knee and points the Sword upward to God. Thus confirming his
allegiance to uphold and serve Truth at all costs. Gods Approval comes with a
Lightening Bolt that strikes the Tip of the Blade and runs down the Sword into and
through the body of the soul. A Spiritual Memory transforming Activity. His/Her
spiritual countenance with a new Radiation Signature, the Spirit can enter Temples
of Truth. He is now Divine Truth Embodied in the human form.
Eye of God: The All Knowing Eye of God. When a soul "sees" the "Eye of
God," either in meditation or vision, it signifies the spiritual soul within the person
contains God Reality memories. The Soul has access to the All Knowing Wisdom of
God. If a persons soul is taken into the "Eye of God" and passes through His
Pupil, the soul has entered the Mind of God, Revelry and Bliss.
Mystery Schools taught: the different Aspects of God were symbolized by the
Appearance of Gods Face. The Parts of His Face, the Eye of God represented
matured Divine Awareness; Gods Ear, Divine Interest; Gods Nose, Divine
Vitality; and Gods Mouth, Divine Command.
Eyes, Shedding Tears of Blood: A symbol of sufferings endured in the pursuit
of Ideals and the struggle for the soul to acquire Divine Truth, to acquire Divine
Life within (blood).
Eyes, Blind: A symbol of the mentality immersed in material ritual and existence.
Eucharist:"Jesus (the aspired lower nature) took bread and blessed it (Divine
Visualization to acquire the Nature of God [bread]), and gave it to his disciples (12
Higher Qualities) and said, Take, Eat; this is my body (Acquired Divine Truth-
Goodness from the Radiation of Christs Body while in His Living Presence). And
He took the Cup (Immortal Soul), and gave thanks, and gave it to them (Divine
Life is to be absorbed), saying, Drink ye all of it (Sustenance of the Spirit), for this
is my blood (partaking of Divine Life) of the new testament (Covenant with the
Higher Self/Holy Spirit), which is shed for many of the remission of sins (resolve
and remove past life negative memories [salvation]). Matt: 26
Female: A symbol of emotions for the transmutation process, in order to be
awarded Higher Attributes and Qualities for the soul.
Fire: A symbol of Gods Love-Energy that contains His Nature Aspect. Divine
Fire, when witnessed in both external and inner visions is a promise of Gods Love
and Support. For instance, Moses Burning Bush. The Divine Fire of God will
"burn" out of the soul, old and dead memory that is no longer of use.
Forest: A symbol of meditation necessary for the solitude of the soul; a subjective
state of mind wherein the consciousness is withdrawn from all external attractions
into the higher intellect of his/her spiritual psycho-nature.
Four Living Creatures: Revelation 4:7. And the first creature was like a lion,
and the second creature like a calf, and the third creature had a face as of a man,
and the fourth creature was like a flying eagle.
The scripture is symbolic of the four major aspects of human evolution. The lion is
symbolic of power, strength and courage to meet the requirements in lifes destiny.
The courage to continue forward in evolution of the personality.
The calf is symbolic of the superstition or the following of the dead letter of the
scriptures, the second stage in human evolution.
The face of the man is symbolic of the individualized personality because of
knowledge, reason or mental perception of the human soul.
The flying eagle is symbolic of the union between the human consciousness and
Higher Self/Holy Spirit for Divination of the Human Spirit. The last stage in
human evolution.
Garments (Higher Aspect): White robes or tunics signify a status of purified
Higher Nature. Purification/salvation of a spiritual soul comes from the courageous
act of accessing and witnessing all negative emotions, evils, restraining soul habits,
and traits that God brings forth to the soul-mind. Once faced, Higher Courage is
evolved, and God awards them by His Grace and "burns" them out.
Gold Trim: Symbolic of Acquired Celestial Truth and Wisdom.
Blue: Symbolic of the Stage of "The Rise." The sixth Stage in the
Cycle of Life, or the Sixth Seal in Revelations. The Son or Daughter
of God evolving to become God-Men or Women. The lighter the blue
the closer to being purified.
There is to be no black or silver trim on the Garment of a Templar, for a True
Templar is Purified and Courageous in his Service to God. He is Divine Actuated
Nature. Black trim is a sign of the worship of the mind and against activities of
Divine Evolution.
Gems: A symbol of the transmuted emotions created from the self-expression of
Divine Qualities and Personality aspects. As Gems or Divine Heritage that are
waiting in the Heaven Plane for the Soul to touch and absorb the Higher
Transmuted Data.
God, The Father: The Creator of all and the Human Spirit. Gods Full Reality is
incomprehensible to the human mind, but through arrangements of His Own
Making, all souls have access through the increasing grades of inner Reality to
know Him. He will reveal Himself, first by Light, then the All Knowing Eye of God,
and lastly, a Full Human Figure on a Great Throne. Within every soul is the
mechanism to know the omnipresence of God.
God, the Mother: When a purified soul is Honored by Her Presence, it is a
statement of completion for the Wisdom Nature in the soul.
During Divine Meditation, when both God and the Mother put Gold Rings on the
wedding finger of the left hand of the soul, it is the symbol of The Divine Marriage:
the Union of Wisdom (fem.) and Love (masc.), Truth (masc.) and Goodness (fem.)
as completed Vitures within the Son or Daughters Spiritual Nature.
Gold: A symbol of Divine Wisdom and Celestial Truth. The Divine endowments of
the Immortal Soul as attained by a Life of Service and Idealism for God. The
"Treasures of Heaven."
Golden Fleece, from the Golden or Purple Ram of God: A symbol of the
Spiritual Vesture of the indwelling Spirit, the Incarnate Self, the "Lamb of God,"
who has acquired Divine Wisdom and Celestial Truth.
Golden Light: A symbol of the Divine radiance of Celestial Truth, which radiates
forth to illumine the soul with Gods Celestial Truth Nature.
Golden Staff: Presented to a Son or Daughter of God as a position of Honor to act
as a direct expression of Gods Directive Will.
Grail, Holy: A Golden Wine Cup - an Icon of Celebration for Holy Achievements
and accumulation of Truth, Wisdom and Love of Service to Go. It is presented to a
soul during Holy Meditation into the Heaven Plane at the completion of Higher
Divine Achievements and Service.
The quest of the Grail is the search by the soul-Self to achieve purification of all
memories that act against evolution; who has acquired a level of attained Higher
Knowledge and Truth; and has, without personal care, taught Truth Idealism in
During a Visual Meditating into the Realm of God, the soul is presented the Gold
Grail Cup either by Christ or by God in the Pyramid of Light. When he "drinks"
of the Grail Cup, there will be a surge of Holy Energy that surges through the Son
or Daughters Spiritual Body.
"Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils. Ye
cannot be partakers of the Lords table and the table of devils." 1
Cor. 10:21.
Great Lodge: Symbolic of Divine Teachers, lower and Higher who assist the Sons
and Daughters of God to Acquire the Nature of God, The Great Divination
Program where the Divine Soul, upon completion, fuses with Christ and the Higher
Self/Holy Spirit to become God-Men and Women.

Hades: The name for the last stage in involutionary up building of the human
spiritual soul. Also, the word for human encounters that are outside of
Heaven: A symbol of the dimension between the material plane and the Celestial
Realms. Also known as the Kingdom of God, Divine Sheath, White Cloud and
Heaven Plane.
Hell: A symbol of life destiny or free will choice to worship that which is against
the evolution of Love and Divine Life.
Helmet of Righteousness: The Helmet awarded the Celestial Night necessary
in His Service when He engages in battle with the negative forces of evil. His
Service to Protect the Astral Plane activities for the Will of God. A helmet is
symbolic of Divine Forces of Truth that protect the soul from lower or negative
material activities.
Hiram: Is in reality Khur-om, the same as Hermes, and Her-acles, the
personification of Light and the Sun (Living Christ) in the Son or Daughter of
God. This is why Heracles is thought of as half God and half human.
Higher Self/Holy Spirit: Higher Self/Holy Spirit: The one-half of the
Quaternary - God, the Mother whose lower Aspect is the Higher Self/Holy Spirit.
The Wisdom Nature of the Spirit.
Horse With Two Riders: A horse is symbolic of the aspects of the personalitys
intellect or intelligence. The riders are symbolic of the mental activities needed
for evolution of both the Higher (rider in front) and lower (rider in the back).
Hour: A symbol of the zodiac and the Cycle of Life as a day of twelve hours.
House, Manor or Castle: Symbolic of the Immortal Soul.
Intercourse, Sexual: Male and female intercourse is symbolic of union of two
aspects of lower or Higher Activity. Activity where the mental (man) and
emotional response (female) joined under reason (intercourse) to produce an
action resulting in the formation of wisdom and knowledge.
Iron: A symbol of a willful strong unbending personality.
Isis, Goddess: Symbolic of the Spiritual Principle, or the Wisdom Nature
awakened in the soul. The religion of Isis presented to the world an involutionary
memory She has also been known as the Mother of the Gods, the Divine Mother,
or the bringer forth of the indwelling Self (Horus). She is also aligned with the
Black Virgin, which is symbolic of a soul unawakened to the reality of its Higher
Island: Symbolic of the astral body.
Jewels and Gems: The Souls Divine Heritage of Virtues, Qualities, Traits, and
Attributes that have been transubstantiated by the Higher Self/Holy Spirit. The
Divine Heritage must be claimed personally by the spiritual soul. Upon being
presented them in the Heaven Realm, the soul needs only to touch them and the
Higher Data is downloaded into the Spirits memory matrixes.
Kneeling: Kneeling in the Presence of a Divine Being, or to supplicate is a
symbol of Honoring to do the bidding of the Will of God.
Lamb: Symbolic of the Self, in innocence, who enters the planes of material life
for evolution of its Individuality.
Lamb of God: A symbol of the Gods Sons and Daughters, who leaving
Paradise, sacrifice themselves to attain Individuality by entering the school of
material life forms. Being innocence in nature, Gods children were referred to as
the Lambs of God.
Lamp and Oil: Symbolic of the Immortal Soul (lamp) becomes the Love-
principle of the Higher Planes which attracts the soul upward (oil) in softness,
gentleness, and harmony, the substance wherewith the Spirit feeds the soul and
fills it with the Light of Truth (flame).
Language of the Gods: The hieroglyphic language that Divine Beings use to
communicate with the human mind. Once translated, the definition is a lesson in
the Nature of God.
Le Fauteuil Du Diable: A stone throne. Symbolic of the Sons or Daughters of
God completion of evolution Divine Spiritual Body, the Spiritual Vehicle of God.
Found in the Rennes-les-Bains, the stone throne has been named "the armchair
of the devil" to discredit the Divine Symbol it was originally meant to represent.
Light: The Radiating Nature of God. The Perfect Life Force Energy. When
experienced by the soul, the soul apprehends God-Reality according to relativity
of inner evolved Higher Maturity from past lives.
Lightning: Symbolic of the Omnipotence and Presence of God.
Lion: A symbol of power, might, strength, and courage necessary in the soul in
order to progress through the stages in the Great Cycle of Life.

Male-Female: The sex principle symbolizes the dual aspects of creation: spirit-
matter, life-form, force-matter, love-wisdom, mind-emotion, and intellect-
When a male figure appears in a meditation with a surrounding scenario of a
garden or country scene (not on a cloud), it is symbolic of material mental
aspects, while a female is symbolic of emotions. The type and color of clothes
these figures are wearing informs the meditator about his own soul state of
material maturity.
Higher symbols of the male-female figure means the soul has acquired higher
intellect or wisdom qualities.
Marriage of the Lamb: During Divine Meditation, the soul-body is Lifted Up
by the Hand of the Mother and Father God. While the soul is in the Fathers
Hand, each will place a Gold Ring (Divine Wisdom and Celestial Truth
completed in the Cycle of Life) on the wedding ring finger of the souls hand. The
ceremony honors the soul and completes the human souls Wisdom process. The
Mother God symbolizes - union of Wisdom (fem.) and Love (masc.); and the
Father-God symbolizes Truth (masc.) and Love (fem.). All Aspects indelibly
forged in the souls spiritual psycho-nature.
Masculine/Feminine Principle: This designates the active and positive aspect
of the manifest Duality; that which acts upon the receptive, feminine side of
nature, which is the form side. The Spirit or Life side of manifestation is
masculine; the Matter or Form side is feminine. The Mental and Astral Planes
are masculine; the Buddhic or Spiritual and the Physical are feminine. But it
must be remembered that on all planes both aspects are present in greater or
lesser degrees.
Mast of a Ship: A symbol of aspirations toward Divine Reality. Three masts on
a ship symbolizes the three Higher Planes of collective consciousness influencing
the growth and maturity of the Immortal Soul (ship).
Master Teacher: A Divine Teacher found in the Kingdom of God. They are
attired in Pure White. Each Teacher specializes in an Area of expertise. While in
the presence of the Teacher, the soul must always sit down, a sign of resignation
to acquire Truth. If the student remains standing at the request of the Teacher to
sit, the Teacher will disappear as the student is still to mindful. The Teacher
accepts the student, the student does not accept the Teacher.
Matter: Symbolic of the material side of life. Matter exists for the complement
of the Spirit.
Meditation, Divine Visual: A state of awareness where the consciousness
unites in unison with its spiritual psycho-nature. The inner visual scenarios can
be guided by an outside monitor or prompted by the mind-consciousness. By
using Divine Symbology the spirit's nature can be prompted to transfer one's
consciousness into the "Heaven" plane or White Cloud for access to the Kingdom
of God for acquisition to the Divination Program.
Mental Body: The 'body' of memory matrixes formed by soul through reason,
knowledge and experience. The body of memory matrixes that are linked to, but
'lay' on the outside of the astral body.
Mercury: Symbol of the wise or philosopher who 'knows' all. The indwelling
Spirit without which no transmutation of lower qualities into higher can be
effected. The Higher Self must be born in the soul in order that it dross (inverted
or lower truth) may be turned into pure gold, or higher truths.
Messiah: A symbol of the of a soul who, through salvation, rises to the objective
living Presence of God, and Christ in the Realms of Divine Reality.
Metals: Symbolic of various aspects of material activity: gold symbolic of Divine
Wisdom; silver symbolic of passive activities; iron is symbolic of unbending
strength; and brass, or bronze is symbolic of willed mental activities.
Moon, Blood: A symbol of the souls attitude of passivity (moon) toward
acquiring Divine Life (blood).
Numbers: Numbers are used as symbols or code to represent a sequence of facts
applicable to the internal universes definite and co-ordinate plan.
Oak Tree: A symbol of the Divine Life in the Universe, the producer of the soul.
The "tree of heaven" that grows from an acorn planted by the symbol of Truth,
which, when mature, obscures everything non-creative or against evolution.
Oars of the Boat: Symbolic of the higher emotions, which propel the soul
onward towards its goal.
Obelisk: A symbol denoting inspiration of worship by faith.
Offering or Sacrifice: A symbol of the giving up of the lower for the sake of the
Palm Trees: Symbolic of inspired higher thoughts, responding to intuitions
toward Divine Love and Truth.
Passion of Jesus: A symbol of the agony of the yet imperfect soul as it
approaches perfection.
"My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death: abide ye here,
and watch with me. And he went forward a little, and fell on his
face, and prayed, saying, 'O my Father, it be possible, let this cup
pass away from me: never the less, not as I will, but as thou wilt.'"
Mat. 26:38-9.
As the Spirit is raised in the aspiring soul, so in proportion the personality
(Jesus) can become depressed, and through suffering makes it appear that it
cannot do the things that it would. The soul is filled with a sense of lack of power,
of futility, of soul trial. The Christ-soul could not do then, in his present
condition, which he foresaw would be done by the Higher Self, to strengthened
him. Yet he progressed, and losing sight of the lower, he yearned after union with
the Higher. In the soul there was the alternation between the human and the
spiritual in the struggle for perfection. As the personality grew weaker, the
individuality increased in strength, and the mental depression and suffering
became temporarily the greater in the lower consciousness.
Pearl: A symbol of experience with its outcome - Higher Truths, Qualities, and
Pearl of Great Price: A symbol of the Transmutation Principle. The emotions
generated during life experiences that are transmuted upward as Gems. The
Data within the Gems, when claimed by the soul is again integrated into the soul
creating inner wisdom that is then self-expressed. It is when Higher Wisdom is
shared or expressed by the soul that emotions are generated from the reactions of
friends, co-workers, management or the general public that are again
transmuted upward as Pearls.
Through the entire evolutionary growth process, transmuted emotions evolve
both the Higher Self/Holy Spirit and the Spiritual-Soul. When the Spiritual-Soul
is complete in the acquisition of a multitude of personality attributes through the
Transmutation Principle, the Higher Self/Holy Spirit fuses with the spiritual soul,
represented by the Symbol, the Pearl of Great Price.
Philosophers' Stone: The ancient alchemists or mystics aligned the word
"Absolute" with the Philosopher's Stone. Within its own Divine Temple, the
Great and Powerful Stone Resides. Appearing as a Crystal of Great Size, God
displays within it a "movie" type Scenario that answers the Soul's question.
In order to be awarded this Great and Holy Responsibility, the Son or Daughter
of God must have achieved the following Divine Status: Purified its Spiritual-
Soul of all negative memories that act against its Evolution, removed all karmic
ties between itself and protagonist souls, heal all Chakra dissonant patterns of
memory, as well as the astral body separated out of the Spirit's Body to form the
Pure Divine Spiritual Body.
Phoenix Bird: A symbol of the Human Spiritual Soul that is transformed from
its Objective Encounter with the Living God, Christ and Higher Self. The bird
has feathers partly red (Divine Life) and partly golden (Celestial Truth and
The eternal Spirit (Eagle or Phoenix Bird), which descends at the beginning of
involution followed by Christs Divine Fire that transforms the spiritual nature
into a Son or Daughter of God. Where the soul now ascends back to Divine
Realities in Evolution - the bird has Love (rose-red) and Divine Wisdom and
Celestial Truth (Gold).
Pillars outside of the Temples: A symbol of completed Virtues from Higher
Activities. During Divine Meditation, it is recommended as a soul walks up the
steps of the Temple, that he/she touch each of the Temple Pillars for full
downloading their symbolic meaning. The number of Pillars pertain to Sacred
Number symbology.
Poverty, or Beggar: A symbol of the lack of Divine Reality, therefore a
deficiency of Truth, Wisdom, and Love in the soul. The soul-personality is
without efficient accumulated higher facts to evolve. Given the opportunity, the
"beggar" can change his attitude and accept higher truths; although this is rare.
Prince of Darkness: The personality attributes, traits, and qualities that
promote "against evolution" traits.
Qualities of the Soul: Higher Qualities are derived from the act of acquiring
Higher Aspects of the Trinity's Nature, Temples and in general the experiential
data collected when the soul enters the Kingdom of Heaven during Visual Divine
Meditation. But, it is up to the soul to express higher attributes in life so that the
emotions of them being expressed and the results are then transubstantiated to
the Higher Self. The Higher Self arranges a Scenario for the soul to collect
his/her 3Jewels and Gems2 for downloading into the spiritual soul psycho-
The self expressed lower qualities are: Unselfishness, Gentleness, Sympathy,
compassion, Kindness, Steadfastness, Patience, Faith, Hope, Love, and
Reverence; the downloaded Qualities are Love of Ideals of Truth, Wisdom,
Goodness, Justice, Perfection, Faith, Beauty, Harmony, Knowledge, Truth and
Lower Qualities: It is through the soul's discerned expression of the following
lower qualities that prepare the soul for Divine Reality: Affection, Sociability,
Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Courage, Prudence, Fairness, Truthfulness,
Simplicity, Hope and Progressiveness, Perseverance, Judgment, Gentleness and
Attentiveness, Courage and Assertivenes, Analytical Lower Mind, Broad
Mindedness, Faith and Search for Truth, Critical Deliberation, Modesty and
Receptiveness, Intellectual Truth Seeking, and Love and Philosophy.
Negative Qualities: It is through the soul's chosen activities of negative attributes
that the soul can acquire lower-self wisdom. But, wisdom only comes if the results
of negative qualities are found to be against evolution and the soul's will1 wills
them from its personality expression. It is during the last stages of Divine
Evolution through the acts of access imagery or salvation in God's Presence
during Divine Meditation that the soul can remove all residue of it's lower
material activities: Hate, Greed, Selfishness, Meanness, Anger, Cunning,
Intemperance, Cruelty, Arrogance, Vanity, Pride, Oppression, Deceit, Revenge,
Jealousy, Greed, Malice, and Injustice, to name a few.
The Holy Quarternarian of God consists of the Father, whose lower aspect is the
Christ/Son and the Mother, whose lower aspect is the Holy Spirit/Daughter.
The Father, Christ-Son Circuits supply all necessary experiences for the mental
aspects of human personality evolution, while the Mother, Holy Spirit/Daughter
Circuits supply all necessary experiences to evolve the human spirit1s wisdom
Without their Circuits directing the human spirit, growth of the human spirit1s
psycho-nature is impossible. For example, the intuitive stimulation of sensual
emotions (wisdom/feminine) produce unresolved emotions. In order to resolve
them, the soul must use its present knowledge base (mental/masculine) in order
to reason an action (mental/masculine) for an emotional (wisdom/feminine)
resolution. It is the emotional result of all actions that produce a spiritual-soul1s
wisdom wisdom/feminine) nature.
Also, the Quarternary Powers of God designs and initiate the great stage play for
social activities and the human spirit through the entire Cycle of Life evolution.
Queen of Heaven: A symbol of the Mother God. Highest level of spiritual-soul
Wisdom-nature evolved in the soul.
Quiver of Arrows: A symbol of the potential higher nature out of which comes
forth spiritual energy and truth to dispel evil and ignorance.

Rain: Symbolic of the down pouring of Truth (water) from Spirit (cloud), to dispel
error and illusion.
"That ye may be Sons of your Father, which is in Heaven: for he maketh his Sun
(Divine Light) to rise on the evil and the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the
unjust." Matt. 5:45.
Rain Causing Floods: A symbol of the "flood" of Truth in the soul that
"drowns" inverted and erroneous ideas that envelops the lower mind and
diminishes evolution for completion.
Rainbow: A symbol of the higher mental plane, which forms a bridge, as it were,
between the higher and the lower natures (heaven and earth). The rainbow, symbol
of the "bridge of heaven," is created by the reflection of the sun (God) in the water-
drops (Truth) acquired by the soul while in the Sheath of God (cloud) and
integrated into the lower nature (earth).
Ram of Sacrifice: Term used to symbolize the Divine Spark or Selfs entrance
into the material realms of biological life forms. The school to individualize the Self
through material existence.
Rectangle: A symbol of the soul evolving through the Cycle of Life.
Red, Bright Color: A symbol of assertive activities of ambition and power.
Red, Blood Color: Symbolic of activities for promotion of Divine Life activities.
Riches and Wealth: A symbol of acquired Higher Attributes transmuted from
the emotions of self expression of higher ideals. The accumulation of riches and
wealth comes from the self expression and service to mankind using realized
Higher Truths.
Righteous: A symbol of the exalted mind about to be united to the Higher Self.
He/she is purified, attained Divine Truth and continuing its unfoldment of its
Higher Self, Christ and God.
The righteous man or woman is moral and justified, works for the sake of working,
loves for the sake of loving, and searches for truth for the sake of knowing Truth.
Ring of Gold: A symbol of the soul "married" to Wisdom. Derived from the
transmuted lower emotions as a result of higher reasoned actions, produces
wisdom. The Gold Ring is a symbol of the end of achievement.
Robe of Glory: A symbol of the awarded Divine Sheath at the completion of all
material life. The Robe is placed around the Soul-body during a Divine Meditation.
Usually in the Eternal Pyramid of Light where God announces "It is Done."
Satan: A symbol of the activities of ignorance or qualities against love; activities
that are against or destroyer of Divine evolution; the "taker of love" activity; or the
destroyer of knowledge and creative expression: examples of the profile of evil.
Seal of Solomon: A symbol of a God-Man or Woman. The Christed, God
Sanctioned Spiritual soul who received the Robe of Glory.
Six, Six, Six: Symbolic of three times through the six stages of the Cycle of Life; 6
+ 6 + 6 = 18, a Divine Number symbolizing the Higher Self/Holy Spirit. 18 = 9,
meaning a number of perfection and completeness.
Skull: A symbol of the emptiness of lower affections and concepts, if taken as an
end in themselves, rather than a means of progress.
A skull in Gothic Mysteries is symbolic of the dome of the heavens.
Sky: Symbolic of the Spiritual plane.
Solomon: Sol-om-on, symbolizing Celestial Light (Sol) witnessed in the Glorified
Soul (Son or Daughter of God), Glory (Om), and Truth (On).
Sophia: A symbol of acquired Divine Wisdom, the Feminine Principle, and the
Higher Self/Holy Spirit. The Feminine Aspect of the Holy Spirit of the early
Soul: The word "soul" is the outward expression of the human personality. It
consists of the collective psycho-profile created by the union of the spirits psycho-
profile influencing intrinsically the mind consciousness at any given time in a
spirits cycle of life stage. The soul is considered mortal as it "dies" at the death of
the biological body.
Star: A symbol of the Higher Self/Holy Spirit awakened to the Souls Reality.
The Star Of David: The Star of David in its entirety represent the activities for
lower and Higher Evolution of the Spirits psycho-nature, as well as the Spirits
Completion or "Crown." Made up of two triangles; one, upside down and the
other, right side up. The upside down represents the evolution of memory through
material life. The Right side up triangle represents the evolution of memory
created from religious memories and later, Divine Meditation into the Kingdom of
Early in evolution, the two triangles are symbolically very far apart. As evolution
continues, they grow closer and closer together. The two will touch when the
spiritual soul transfers from a mortal to an immortal. The moment when the soul,
has ventured into the Kingdom of God and into Christs Presence for the third time
and the visiting spiritual bodys memory matrixes are transformed by Christs
Hand, giving Birth to the Immortal or Son or Daughter of God.
The lower or upside Triangles sides are symbolic of the three key human aspects,
knowledge, will, and action to evolve a psycho-identity. Knowledge, will are needed
in the activity to resolve the human five senses - the stimulator for growth of the
souls psycho-nature. Senses, when stimulated demand resolution. The soul
combines its current knowledge, tempered by will to produce an action through
reason for a resolution. The results of that action or resolution produces wisdom.
It is this activity of growth that raises the lower triangle toward the higher.
The Higher, right side up Triangle, symbolizes the Higher or Divine Evolution of
the human spirits nature. Beginning early in evolution, the transmuted attributes
of worship and faith begin to create an exchange of Divine Activities linked to the
Great Triune Divinity - God, Christ and the Higher Self/Holy Spirit. Drawing the
Upper Triangle closer to the lower.
At the birth of the Immortal Stage or Son or Daughter of God Status, the
Upper Triangle touches the lower. But, as the Son or Daughter accumulates Divine
Experience through the Higher Accumulation of Knowledge, Will of God and
Divine Action, life after life, the Triangle slowly drops over the lower upside
triangle until the Son or Daughters completion in the Great Cycle of Life. The
perfect Gold Star of David.
It is following of the Receipt of the God Star of David by the Son or Daughter that
the status of Man or Woman of God Evolution begins. He/She proceeds in Higher
Evolution until the Crown is Awarded, completion of the later Stage. It is in the
graduation of the next stage that the Man or Women becomes God-Man or
Woman, or Received the Robe of Glory that Material Evolution is complete.
Stone: Symbolic of the Spirit that is receptive only to Divine Truth and Will of
god, the opposite of matter, which is receptive and unstable. A stone path in the
Garden of the Soul is a symbol that the Meditation is "the Path" toward Divine
Spiritualization of its nature. If a stone is thrown, it is symbolic of positive power
exercised on the mental plane toward achieving spiritualization.
Stone Bench: Symbolic of indwelling Spiritual Ego, a resting place for the soul.
Stone Throne: Symbolic of the Sons or Daughters of God completion of a their
Divine Spiritual Body, the Spiritual Vehicle of God. When the Throne of God is
displayed to the Meditative Soul, it is stating completion of a process. The soul
completes the Scenario purpose by accepting its own completion and sits upon the
Throne. "He that sitteth upon the throne saith, Behold I make all things new!" The
Energy that surges through its body initiates its next Higher Divine Reality studies.
The Son or Daughter of God is now to be known as Man or Woman of God.
Sulfur: Symbolic of the unwilled desire nature, where self gratification is achieved
by selfishness.
Sun: The great and universal symbol of God, Christ or the Higher Self made
aware in the soul by Their Great Light of Their Living Reality.
Sun-Disk, Winged: A symbol of the Higher Activities into the Divine Realms
(winged), which awake within, the Immortal (Sun-Disk) Soul.
Sun, Moon, and Stars: Symbols of the Individuality (Sun), of Personality
(moon), and mental qualities (stars). Or, of the Higher Self, lower self, and mental
Swan: A symbol of the Higher Self, or the Individuality.
Sword: A symbol of acquired and Intuition of Truth.
Tail Swallowing Snake: A serpent is a symbol of Wisdom acquired from the
completion of the Divination Program, a God-Man or Women.
Temple of Solomon: The Immortal Spirit, Son or Daughter of God in the
Divination Program to become a God-Man or Women. Solomon is a symbol of the
Objectivity of Christ, Sheba is a symbol of the Higher Self/Holy Spirit.
Thirteen, Number: A symbol signifying completeness or infinity. It is a "Holy
Number," as it cannot be divided.
Tomb: A "tomb" signifies the incarnation of the Ego living in the physical body:
the entombment of the spiritual body who is forced to relate to life through the
psycho-nature of its consciousness. It must abide by the laws of third dimension.
Tomb, Poussin: A symbol of evolution through the Cycle of Life. Once the
measurements are translated it represents the first two cycle of life.
For instance, the side contains 18 blocks. Two sides showing equals 18 + 18 = 36. 18
is the symbol of the Higher Self. 36 or 3 + 6 = 9 the number for completion of each
cycle of life, higher and lower. The end contains 10 blocks showing. 10 is a symbol
of completion. 10 + 10 = 20 completion of Higher and lower requirement in
Transmutation: The name for a human spiritual act that transforms lower
emotional attributes into Higher Attributes by the Holy Spirits Activity -known as
the Feminine Principle.
Transubstantiation: Similar to the Transmutation Principle, but activated as
part of the Immortal Stages of Evolution. During the Evolutionary stage the Son or
Daughter of God must assert its own will to seek upward into the Kingdom of God
and claim its own transmuted Higher Aspects. During Divine Meditation into the
Divine Sheath, Higher Aspects for the soul are symbolized by "Jewels" and
absorbed into the spiritual body by touching them. This act is also known as
claiming ones Divine Heritage, or acquiring the "Pearl of Great Price."
When Higher Knowledge is used in a reasoning process for solution to a Higher
Emotion, the lesson from the produced Higher Action results in Higher Wisdom.
Wisdom contains the Higher Qualities that are claimed by the soul as - Nurturing
into Love, Goodness into Grace, Justice into Righteousness, to name only a few.

he Star of David is made up of two triangles, one upside down and the other right
side up, one placed on top of the other, or sometimes shown as intertwined lines. The
Symbol represents the two major aspects of human soul development: material mind-
consciousness or lower self, and the higher self or Divine Spiritual Reality.
Each of the sides of the lower symbolic triangle represent the three key aspects of life
that develops an individual personality: action, will and knowledge. As the central
motivating aspect of human evolution, the senses act as a stimulator to resolve the
emotions they stimulate. The soul has learned to use his mind-mental aspect or its
accumulated knowledge and experience to reason a solution; next, the developing
aspects of the will determines the quality of action. for resolution. The circumstances
and emotions derived by that action evolves wisdom.
The second triangle, symbolic of the Higher or Spiritual evolution represents the Great
Triune Divinity: God, Christ and the Higher Self/Holy Spirit. The second Triangle
represents the School for Divination of the human spiritual soul,The same personality
aspects are needed to motivate Divine Evolution as the lower: Action, Will and
The Star of David, being the symbol of Evolution, the alpha and omega, is an important
icon seen in mystical rituals. There is usually found two Star of David symbols placed
side by side. One represents the completion of involution: the reasoning soul, developed
by the conjoined Higher Self with the Holy Spirit in the transmutation process; and the
second, the transformation of the material body into a Divine Body, or the immortal,
who is now the entitled Son or Daughter of God. The Son or Daughter of God evolves in
the Spiritual Divination Program until completion, at which time the Son or Daughter
achieves the status of Man or Woman of God. A title attained when the lower and
Higher Self fuse into One Being. In other references for the same occurrence, the soul is
said to receive the Robe of Glory, the Golden Fleece, and the Double Crown.

Involution, The First Star of David
In the beginning of material life for the lower self, Divine Spark, or Self, must be
assisted by the instinctual programs initiated by the Holy Spirit. The Self is without
experience, and must therefore be prompted in its actions to sustain life, gathering
memory from its behavior. The Self also learns how to take in its experiential data and
integrate it into its own memory matrixes for future use. As the memories are gathered
into the Self,s psycho nature, the Self gains more and more freedom from the instinctual
program supplied by God. When the evolving animal Self has matured enough to run
the human biological form, it is transferred, by birth, into a human primitive society.
Here it evolves and finally gains enough experience to enter its next major stage of
evolution: the ability to reason for an independent action.
With the ability to reason, the transmutation program is then initiated and continues to
function until the completion of material life. The first reasoning decision ignites the
programed human Heart Chakra to send emotional and reasoned data back to the Holy
Spirit. When this data is first received by the Holy Spirit, it is transmuted into a higher
emotion and held there. This first act of transmutation gives birth to Higher Self/Holy
Spirit aspect of the lower Self. When the lower self is mature enough to activate and use
this new higher attribute, the Higher Self will then place the attribute data into a
corresponding Sacred Symbolic Icon. The Icon is then sent downward to be witnessed in
a dream, vision or during visual meditation. Upon receiving it, the Self integrates it into
the proper system of memory matrixes that pertain to its theme.
Divine Evolution, the Second Star of David
At the end of the involutionary process, as one Star of David is earned, the second
begins. By Divine Promise, souls are presented a choice to enter or not enter the Holy
School for Spiritual Divination. If the soul so chooses to enter the Program it is only
because of its developed Heart Felt desire to Experience the unfoldment of the Living
God and Christ as an Objective Reality. The unfoldment of the Divine Triune,s Nature
to the human spiritual soul over rides the influence of the old and outdated animal
behavior psycho-nature. Life after Life, if Divine Meditation into the Kingdom of God
can be had to be experienced, the Divine Body within the soul grows in magnitude.
Balanced with Divine Reality within are the material requirements of Higher Psycho-
Nature Activities. One cannot evolve, without the other, there must be balance.
Star of David in Metaphysical Christian Terms
The four elements fire, earth, air and water are symbolic of major evolutionary stages of
development and are associated with the Icon, the Star of David. The first right side up
triangle is symbolic of Fire, the involutionary stage of spiritual development through
instinct or the Divine Ray; associated with the first triangle is the second or upside down
triangle symbolic of Earth, the lower self or astral-material life activities. When the
mortal spiritual soul has completed involution, it will see, either in a vision or a dream,
the up side down triangle moving onto the right side up triangle to form a Star of David.
The color is usually yellow in a blue or green background, the symbol for completion of
the lower nature and involution.
The second stage for Divine Education is announced to the soul by its Higher Self/Holy
Spirit in a dream, vision, or the feelings of instinctual emotions to know God, and Christ
personally. The soul experiences Divine Visual Meditation into the Kingdom of God,
where with the help of his material Divine Teacher is guided to drink of the River of
Divine Life and objectively experience Christ,s Presence. When the soul has
accumulated a measure of memory and has demonstrated a sincerity to continue to
Christ,s Satisfaction, Christ will place His Hand on the head of the kneeling soul. Christ
sends Energy into the spiritual body that transforms it into a Divine Potential Body.
Christ then states, Rise my Son/Daughter, thou art Immortal.
Divine Life now begins for the soul as the new Chakra Programs are activated to evolve
the soul. This stage is the beginning of the formation of the second upside triangle, and
symbolic of the Element, Air, or mental intellect. The soul,s involvement in Mystical
Studies and Divine Meditation to find Truth is symbolized by Water or the right side up
triangle. The completion of evolutionary studies is announced, when, in one of the soul
meditation visits to the Great Pyramid of Light, a Star of David, out of the Brilliant
Peak, comes down and is Blazoned into the forehead of the soul. The soul is now a
candidate for fusing with its Higher Self/Holy Spirit to become One Being.
The Numbers Associated with the Star of David
The Star of David has six points. Six is a symbol of accomplishment of growth or
There are 6 small triangles on the outside of the Star of David Icon symbolic of the 6
stages in the Cycle of Life: in Involution - Eden, The Fall, Hades; and Evolution - The
Awakening, The Rise, and Heaven.
The two Star of David,s small triangles add up to 12, symbolizing the completion of the
12 signs of the Zodiac and the Cycle of Life. The 144,000 in Revelations is in reality, 12
X 12 =144, with 1000 a symbol of completion.
The Crown is an alternative Icon for the Star of David. The Double Crown is the same
as the two Star,s of David. A soul, within the Great Pyramid of Light can gain a Crown
in stead of a Blazoned Star of David. The difference depends on the Mystical philosophy
and Icons involved in their Spiritual Divination Program.

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