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... through Bertha Dudde

Bear death in mind ....
The Lord will destroy whateer o!!oses "im# and resurre$t those
who remain in the Lord .... %y dear $hild# it is the Lord&s will that
you # who lies in a$$ordan$e with the Lord on earth# shall
re$eie now and 'oreer# 'or His Word shall be taught again
on earth, in the way it is given to you all from the Lord.
"umanity must not waer in its 'aith# it shall (e guided (a$) to
the !ure tea$hing o' *hrist# and ways will (e shown to you# whi$h
would (e im!ossi(le 'or you to trael on your own .... (ut guided
(y God you will oer$ome all o(sta$les.
Behold# mind'ul o' "is su''ering on earth# the +aiour adises
you to a$$e!t eerything "e im!oses u!on you and what "e has
destined 'or you .... "e will always stand (y your side# and in
eery adersity you will 'eel "is $loseness and neer (e
a(andoned, neertheless# you must ma)e an e''ort to gain 'irm
'aith in God# then eerything will (e easy 'or you and 'or loe o'
the +aiour you will (e strong and a(le to endure eerything
"is diine loe o''ers you relia(le !rote$tion# een i' it sometimes
seems as i' you are at ris) o' (eing harmed# you are neertheless
so 'aith'ully sheltered under "is guard that you must not worry.
There'ore struggle and !ray in$essantly 'or 'irm 'aith and
!ro'ound trust in God# so that you will (e a(le to resist
eerything that threatens you 'rom outside ....
-nd with $om!lete $on'iden$e write this down today. Bear death
in mind .... yet this thought should neer s$are you ....
'or the hour o' death $an (e sha!ed (y yourseles into a time o'
immense ha!!iness i' it merely signi'ies to you the transition
'rom this li'e into a radiantly (right (eyond .... /n that $ase# what
is there to 'ear0 1ou will leae all earthly su''ering (ehind and
enter a )ingdom where all tri(ulations are ta)en 'rom you and
where eternal li'e $lose to the +aiour is !re!ared 'or you ....
But woe to you i' the hour o' death does not mean your release
'rom earthly anguish .... /' you leae the alley o' earth only to
wander a(out in the dar) .... (urdened (y your earthly guilt and
in$a!a(le o' leaing this dar)ness .... There'ore (e warned
(e'ore this hour arries ....
Bear the hour in mind and realise that you alone $reate this or
that state on earth .... that your li'e on earth is the de$isie
'a$tor as to whether the hour o' death is the gate into eternal
ha!!iness or the entran$e into dar)ness.
*onsider how mu$h more di''i$ult it then will (e 'or you to turn
towards the light# and how many o!!ortunities you still hae on
earth now to easily attain the state through whi$h you will (e
granted a (liss'ul death ....
-nd i'# 'or on$e# you s!end some thought on the 'a$t that you
don&t )now how mu$h time you are still granted on earth# then
(e grate'ul to the heaenly Father 'or eery warning "e $oneys
to you time a'ter time through his messengers. *onsider this and
strie .... $onstantly strie# (ut only towards the goal o' liing
your earthly li'e 'or the (ene'it o' your soul .... and $ondu$t
yourseles on earth su$h that you are ready at any hour to (e
re$alled (y the Father.
1ou will enter a new li'e .... ma)e sure that it will radiate 'or you
in heaenly (eauty# that you may re$eie 'rom the Father&s hand
eerything the Father has !re!ared 'or you in eternity .... (ut
woe# i' you e2$hange your li'e on earth with an e2isten$e in the
(eyond whi$h will re3uire an immense e''ort to leae and where
you# in sorrow and sel' in'li$ted agony# remorse'ully remem(er
the unused time on earth ....
There'ore# !ay attention to the admonitions whi$h are sent to
you and always (ear death in mind# whi$h $an a!!roa$h you any
time .... and sin$erely a!!eal to the Father that "e may ta)e
mer$y u!on you and enlighten you (e'ore it is too late .... and "e
will answer your !rayer.
4u(lished (y 'riends o' new reelations o' God 5 /n'ormation#
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