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For each of the statements below, please indicate to what extent the

statement is characteristic of you:

Extremely uncharacteristic | Somewhat uncharacteristic | Uncertain |
Somewhat characteristic | Extremely characteristic
1) I would prefer complex to simple problems
!) I li"e to ha#e the responsibility of handlin$ a situation that re%uires a lot of
&) 'hin"in$ is not my idea of fun(
)) I would rather do somethin$ that re%uires little thou$ht than somethin$
that is sure to challen$e my thin"in$ abilities(
*) I try to anticipate and a#oid situations where there is li"ely a chance I will
ha#e to thin" in depth about somethin$(
+) I ,nd satisfaction in deliberatin$ hard and for lon$ hours
-) I only thin" as hard as I ha#e to(
.) I prefer to thin" about small, daily pro/ects to lon$0term ones(
1) I li"e tas"s that re%uire little thou$ht once I2#e learned them(
13) 'he idea of relyin$ on thou$ht to ma"e my way to the top appeals to me
11) I really en/oy a tas" that in#ol#es comin$ up with new solutions to
1!) 4earnin$ new ways to thin" doesn2t excite me #ery much(
1&) I prefer my life to be ,lled with pu55les that I must sol#e
1)) 'he notion of thin"in$ abstractly is appealin$ to me
1*) I would prefer a tas" that is intellectual, di6cult, and important to one
that is somewhat important but does not re%uire much thou$ht
1+) I feel relief rather than satisfaction after completin$ a tas" that re%uired a
lot of mental e7ort(
1-) It2s enou$h for me that somethin$ $ets the /ob done8 I don2t care how or
why it wor"s(
1.) I usually end up deliberatin$ about issues e#en when they do not a7ect
me personally

add scores 91 for Extremely uncharacteristic, ! for Somewhat
uncharacteristic, & for Uncertain, ) for Somewhat characteristic, * for
Extremely characteristic) from %uestions
1, !, +, 13, 11, 1&, 1), 1* and 1.
add scores in re#ersed order 9meanin$ * for Extremely uncharacteristic, ) for
Somewhat uncharacteristic, & for Uncertain, ! for Somewhat characteristic, 1
for Extremely characteristic) from %uestions 9those with a little star)
&, ), *, -, ., 1, 1!, 1+ and 1-
the sum of all those points is your :);0score
<i$ * Sur#ey
=ow well do the followin$ statements describe your personality> 9?lease rate
on a scale of Stron$ly @isa$ree to Stron$ly A$ree) I see myself as someone
Stron$ly @isa$ree | @isa$ree a little | :either A$ree nor @isa$ree | A$ree a
little | Stron$ly A$ree
1)is reser#ed
!)is $enerally trustin$
&)tends to be la5y
))is relaxed, handles stress well
*)has few artistic interests
+)is out$oin$, sociable
-)tends to ,nd fault with others
.)does a thorou$h /ob
1)$ets ner#ous easily
13)has an acti#e ima$ination

Add scores from correspondin$ %uestion as follows:
Stron$ly @isa$ree B 1 point, @isa$ree a little B ! points, :either A$ree nor
@isa$ree B & points, A$ree a little B ) points, Stron$ly A$ree B * points
For re#ersed %uestions, it is Stron$ly @isa$ree B * points, @isa$ree a little B )
points, :either A$ree nor @isa$ree B & points, A$ree a little B ! points,
Stron$ly A$ree B 1 point
for E9extra#ersion): 1 9re#ersed), +
for A9a$reeableness): !, - 9re#ersed)
for ;9conscientiousness): & 9re#ersed), .
for :9neuroticism): ) 9re#ersed), 1
for C9openness): * 9re#ersed), 13
DES Sur#ey
'his scale assesses peopleFs $lobal moti#ation toward beha#in$ in $eneral in
their life as a whole 'here are - constructs: intrinsic moti#ation toward
"nowled$e, accomplishment and stimulation, as well as external, intro/ected
and identi,ed re$ulations and amoti#ation 'here are !. items 9) items for
each of the - subscales) assessed on a -0point scale 1 0 @oes not correspond
accordin$ly ) 0 ;orresponds moderately - 0 ;orresponds completely
Indicate to what extent each of the followin$ statements corresponds
$enerally to the reasons why you do di7erent thin$s
1 | ! | & | ) | * | + | -
1) in order to feel pleasant emotions
!) because I do not want to disappoint certain people
&) in order to help myself become the person I aim to be
)) because I li"e ma"in$ interestin$ disco#eries
*) because I would beat myself up for not doin$ them
+) because of the pleasure I feel as I become more and more s"illed
-)althou$h I do not see the bene,t in what I am doin$
.) because of the sense of well0bein$ I feel while I am doin$ them
1) because I want to be #iewed more positi#ely by certain people
13) because I chose them as means to attain my ob/ecti#es
11) for the pleasure of ac%uirin$ new "nowled$e
1!) because otherwise I would feel $uilty for not doin$ them
1&) for the pleasure I feel masterin$ what I am doin$
1)) althou$h it does not ma"e a di7erence whether I do them or not
1*) for the pleasant sensations I feel while I am doin$ them
1+) in order to show others what I am capable of
1-) because I chose them in order to attain what I desire
1.) for the pleasure of learnin$ new, interestin$ thin$s
11) because I force myself to do them
!3) because of the satisfaction I feel in tryin$ to excel in what I do
!1) e#en thou$h I do not ha#e a $ood reason for doin$ them
!!) for the en/oyable feelin$s I experience
!&) in order to attain presti$e
!)) because I choose to in#est myself in what is important to me
!*) for the pleasure of learnin$ di7erent interestin$ facts
!+) because I would feel bad if I do not do them
!-) because of the pleasure I feel outdoin$ myself
!.) e#en thou$h I belie#e they are not worth the trouble

no re#ersed scores this time, /ust add the scores from the correspondin$
%uestion as follows 91 B 1 point, ! B ! points, & B & points, ) B ) points, * B
* points, + B + points, - B - points)
IE to "now B ), 11, 1., !*
IE to accomplish B +, 1&, !3, !-
IE to experience B 1, ., 1*, !!
EE External B !, 1, 1+, !&
EE intro/ected B *, 1!, 11, !+
EE identi,ed B &, 13, 1-, !)
Amoti#ation B -, 1), !1, !.