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Case: Angelos Pizza


Submitted to: Prof F.A Fareedy

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Muhammad Ali Asim
Sec: B

Question Answers
Q1) My strategy is to expand the number of stores and eventually franchise while focusing
on serving high quality fresh ingredients What are the two specific human resource
implications of my strategy
Ans) The expansion of stores and eventually franchising while focusing on serving only high
quality fresh ingredients should include the following two resource management implications:
(1) JOB ANALYSIS- All organizations need to draw in and keep up great individuals. A job
analysis is the methodology through which you focus the obligations of the positions and the
attributes of the individuals to contract for them. The majority of Angelo's areas must have
equipped workers who can give great customer service. Angelo need to create an arrange that
distinguishes the qualities and abilities that candidates need to have before he can create his staff.
When he knows the sort/sort of individual he needs to select for his business, he needs a far
reaching arrangement for procuring them. A screening methodology for candidates that
incorporate employing rules, past work encounter, and reference and historical verifications
would be valuab
(2) BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS This suggestion speaks to the imperativeness of
the organization's general and competitive environment. Angelo needs a decent business
procedure. A key arrangement is the organization's arrangement for how it will match its inside
strengths and shortcomings with outer open doors and dangers so as to keep up a competitive
advantage. Angelo's initial endeavors demonstrated the pitfalls in surging and making
suppositions about duplicating a reasonable specialty unit. Luckily, Angelo has understood his
absence of fitting arranging and the need to redress his slips before endeavoring to limb out into
more stores and perhaps franchising. The areas of the proposed new stores are central. These
areas must be in territories where fantastic ingredients are promptly accessible. The supply of
fresh ingredients does not help for effective stores. The medium that serves the client pays an
imperative part.
Q2) Identify and briefly discuss five specific HRM errors that Im currently making
ANS) Five Specific Human Resource errors are as follow :
1. Employee turnover
The restaurant business is especially fierce in the matter of the turnover. Numerous
restaurants turn over their workers at a rate of 200% to 300% for every year. Angelo was
losing two or three employees per month.As a consequence, good employee leaves in
frustration and bad ones stay behind
2. Logical error
It was really hard for Angelo to find service oriented courteous people. For example, he
had hired one employee who used profanity several times, including once in front of a
customer. Based on that event, Angelo fired that employee by saying her that she is not
suitable for Pizza store. This indication falls in logical error because Angelo drew an
unwanted conclusion from the facts
Failure to perceive workers' intention
Employee theft is not the only concern to a small business. Sometimes they can steal the
whole business idea, something Angelo learned from painful experience. Angelo was
planning to open a new store through current employees .Instead, it turned out that this
employee was stealing Angelos business idea what Angelo knew about customers,
suppliers, where to buy pizzas raw material, how much everything should cost, how to
furnish the store, where to buy ovens, store layout-everything. This employee soon quit
and opened up his own pizza store.
3. Lack of Training Program
Angelo had no training program in place for teaching his store manager how to run their
stores. He simply assumed that by working with him they would learn how to do things
on the job. But in actual the managers performances were below average when it comes
to how to manage a store.
4. Trouble in hiring right person
It was truly hard for Angelo to discover administration situated polite individuals. Case in
point, he had procured one representative who utilized foulness a few times,
incorporating once before a client. In view of that occasion, Angelo let go that worker by
saying her that she is not suitable for Pizza store. This sign falls in consistent mistake on
the grounds that Angelo made an undesirable inference from the certainties

Q4) Draw an interview form
Ans) There is no screening for aptitudes or qualities that may impact the competitor's execution.
Planning is obliged to improve the candidate in the way that you require them to work inside
your business. Never recognize an agent knows how to perform, or what you need them to do.
Make planning and a plan to study its reasonability. Greatly discriminating, right lacks and
evaluate with positive feedback. Headway obliges standard practice furthermore. Never
acknowledge an individual will be a qualified supervisor just in light of the way that he worked
with you. There are capabilities and planning required to transforming into an expert chief. Some
bit of the aptitudes obliged, he must be fit for setting up the new chairman; without
formalprogram set up. This will promise that the level of preparing is as rich, as any door level

Time consider for traveling
Able to work over time
Working on week ends
Self assessment
Strong points
Weak points

Q3) Based on what you know about Angelos and what you know from having visited,
pizza restaurant write one page outline showing specifically how you think Angelo should
go about selecting employees.
Ans) It is very important for all restaurant owners to know the technique involved in
interviewing potential employees. Recruiting the wrong employee can be very costly for any
restaurant. So, be attentive when hiring an employee. Angelo first needs to start a business
strategy. A business plan will outline his strategic goals and help Angelo to determine the
employees he needs to develop. Certain businesses want to attract and maintain certain people.
Angelo has seen from his previous attempts at rushed hiring. Angelo has to develop a plan that
identifies the characteristics and skills that successful applicants need to possess before he can
begin developing his staff. Once Angelo knows the person he hopes to recruit for his business, he
needs a comprehensive plan for hiring them. Angelo needs to develop a screening process for
applicants that include hiring guidelines, reference checking, extensive interviews and future
skills assessments for the skills the job requires. Training is required to improve the candidate in
the way that you want them to operate within your business. Never accept an employee knows
how to perform, or what you want them to do. Develop training and a plan to assess its