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Man meets Woman through Nature's pleasure.

Their relationship is lustful and violent; Man holds Woman accountable for his emotions and Woman does not allow Man into
her heart.
Nature tells Man to leave Woman because Man lacks headship.
Man and Woman leave each other, but hold onto a spiritual keepsake.
Nature tells Woman to mourn and shed the heaviness in her heart, because Nature requires only that which is clear and
Nature - in Her wisdom - brings them back together.
Man - invigorated by Nature - comes back to Woman and she is able to receive him because she attained an open heart. And
they become closer to each other.
Nature then tells Man to leave Woman again in order to receive more of Nature's teachings. And so that Nature may help
Woman mourn her deep seated sorrows in privacy.
Before they leave, they exchange another keepsake, still holding onto the previous one.
Nature performs this cycle continuously until Man and Woman are like one body. Man with the knowledge of Nature's focus,
and Woman with an open heart to receive it.
Nature builds a proper home for them, with a warm sun and a heavy door. Nature then advises Man to not give Woman too
much nor too little of his presence, so as to avoid overwhelming or neglecting her.
Man and Woman fix their attention towards each other and wish to procreate.
Nature sees this and denies them from doing so, observing them patiently.
Man and Woman understand Nature's meaning by this and continue to pray and receive their blessings as the sun gradually
Slowly they start to comprehend the awe-ful beauty of their union, putrefying together before Nature.
The night finally arrives and Nature smiles. She sees that Man and Woman were of true virtue and were ready to make the
ultimate sacrifice for what they believed in.
Nature remembers the sincere prayers of Man and Woman and allows summer to begin; causing Man to separate from
Woman by day and only allowing him to come back by night.
Woman is no longer fearful and allows herself to be purified by the absence of her partner, passively observing all the colorful
emotions in the process.
From the purification, a bright lightness appears. Man and Woman are reconciled, and they no longer need anything, realizing
it was Nature who wanted offspring all along.
With all resistance gone, their heart opens and is able to receive Nature's instruction directly.
Nature casts Her salt upon them so that they may be preserved, and their flavor exposed.
As summer peaks, the heat becomes stronger, and the salt permeates through their soul; consummating the marriage.
Fall begins and marks the end of the work. The salted flesh forms a Daughter, and then a Son.
Nature is fulfilled and tells Her children that they are destined to lead anyone they meet towards victory (for Nature's pleasure).