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Harmony Morkve

207 A Main Street | Gorham, ME 04038 | morkhr11@wfu.edu | 207.400.1536

Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, minor in Film Studies August 2011-May 2015
GPA: 3.5
Brunette Scholarship in Film Studies, 2013-2014
Casa Artom Venice Campus Spring 2013
Completed Italian Renaissance Art, Modern Italian Art, Modern Italian Cinema, Italian literature in translation and
Native Italian literature courses which were taught by native Venetian scholars.
Helped organize trips to Southern Italy and Northern Spain by booking hostels, planes and other transportation

Crew/Casting, 4Gosh film, Winston-Salem, NC December 2012
Reviewed and edited the script during pre-production and casting
Transcribed and organized props from script based on scene, act, and character
Assisted the director in the casting process by reviewing auditions and credentials

Actor/Writer, Through Her Eyes Documentary film, Winston-Salem, NC October 2012
Interviewed women with a prepared questions related to womens identity in relation to a person and society
Prepared and organized skits that integrated the womens interviews into a cohesive story for the audience
Memorized and acted out skits for an audience of over 100 people for 3 nights

Videographer, Wake N Shake Dance Marathon, Wake Forest University October 2013- March 2014
Produced informational and fun videos for event promotion
Recorded clips of dance marathon and created a recap video
Videotaped and edited stories of each Champion represented at the event

Marketing Intern, Student Union, Wake Forest University Fall 2013- Present
Brainstormed marketing ideas and execute them
Wrote and posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
Painted and Developed posters, flyers, and banners to market both large and weekly events

Program Host, Wake Radio, Wake Forest University Fall 2011 Present
Produced a weekly one-hour radio program highlighting YouTube artists and movie soundtracks
Entertained Wake Forest and online listeners with popular and promotional music

Video Journalist, Wake TV, Wake Forest University Spring 2012-Fall 2012
Filmed, edited and produced bi-weekly video news pieces
Acted in front of camera as a Wake TV correspondent in studio and out in the field
Researched and interviewed persons of interest

Festival Volunteer, River Run International Film Festival, Winston-Salem, NC April 2012
Sold tickets and merchandise to patrons of the festival
Distributed both promotional material and information about the festival
Administered cash and credit card transactions to complete customer point of sale process

Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Final Cut Pro X
Language: Elementary proficiency in Italian (oral and written)
Other: Social Media Outlets, Digital and Film Cameras, and Operation of radio soundboards and studio equipment