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Third House Positive Trait Negative Trait Ruling Planet Personality Description

Aries Dynamic Domineering Mars

This placement makes one a risk-taker and an innate resistance to
authority. The rebellious nature of an Aries third house will create conflicts
with associates and in the pursuit of their desires.
Taurus Patient Stubborn Venus
Taurus as the third house is about transforming desires into reality. First
the desire is made pure. However, the follow-through and risk-taking
ability is wishy-washy and irregular.
Gemini Adaptable Restless Mercury
Very rational intellect leading to great problem solving skills. This
placements give an intellectual competitiveness. While you play fair and
abide by the rules, you like have a self-interested pursuit of your desires.
Cancer Nurturing Moody Moon
With Cancer in the 3rd House, you prefer the easy way rather than
exerting yourself or forcing the issues. Oftentimes this placement
indicates gives way to pessimism which leads to non-risk taking and
unfulfilled desires.
Leo Dramatic Proud Sun
Leo in the 3rd House will make ones skills and talents highly
individualized. You will also be self-willed in fulfilling your desires with an
intense focus on the things that are of interest to you. Your bold
determination may alienate you from others.
Virgo Exacting Critical Mercury
Good listeners and curious nature. While you make excellent explorers
and are endowed with the cleverness required to fulfill your desires, you
approach opportunities in an indirect or secretive way.
Libra Diplomatic Indecisive Venus
This person is proud of their talents with a knack for showing-off. Libra in
the 3rd House is good for artistic or acting pursuits. While somewhat self-
centered in your interests, you approach opportunities with diplomacy and
courage which furthers things along.
Intense and
Secretive Perverse Mars
This person will be aggressive and risk-taking in their approach to
opportunities. The results are often less than desired as it will not turn out
helpful for yourself or others. However, through these lessons, you ego
will be purified and spiritual well-being enhanced.
Sagittarius Direct
and Excessive Jupiter
Jupiter in the third house will give one a peaceful, rather than forceful
nature. While your desire may be selfish towards those whom you are
interested in and opportunities to further yourself, you will not be
unscrupulous in fulfilling those desires.
Capricorn Businesslike Inhibited Saturn
This placement is not good for risk-taking or creativity. Saturn in the third
house makes one insecure, both in ego and emotionally. This creates a
neediness around the individual giving way to an overly controlling
Aquarius Independent Opinionated Saturn
This placement will give you a precise intellect and approach to which you
are attached and rigid. You will pass on risky opportunities unless they
exactly coincide with your rigid point of view. There will be little short-term
benefit from any risk taken, but in the long-term, there could be a pay-off.
Pisces Introspective Ungrounded Jupiter
A Pisces third house will make ones intellect to lean toward the spiritual.
In the materialistic world, this often leads to meekness in ones ability to
take risks.

Planet in the 3rd House General Effect Negative Effect
Sun Power and courage.
Appearance of power, but it is an empty
show to hide weakness.
Moon Very artistic and talented with great, catchy enthusiasm. Too emotional and fickle.
Mars Very courageous and adventurous. A leader in artistic endeavors. Younger brother may have difficulty.
Mercury Passionate and artistic.
Mental unsteadiness, difficulty for younger
brother or sister.
Jupiter Creative visionary; great film director.
While positive and talented, artistic work
Venus Risk-taking, fun-loving, charming and into beautiful surroundings.
Unfulfilled desires leading to
Not strong in creativity or risk-taking ability unless they can overcome
shyness and rigidity. Not a good placement for younger siblings.
Rahu Very powerful position. Can lead to great fame.
Brings controversy and trouble for younger
brothers or sisters.
Ketu Wildly and mystically imaginative. Can create some mental imbalance.

Lord of 3rd House is in How your Money Karma will Come to You
1st House Success on your own without help. Courage and adventurous. Some natural artistic talents.
2nd House Through discipline and courage, money will come to you. It will take some effort.
3rd House Skilled in the arts. Very enthusiastic and courageous.
4th House
Success in achieving personal happiness and comforts. Risk-taking is best in real-estate, cars and mother-related
5th House Good for speculative investments and entrepreneurial work. Grace and destiny direct your efforts.
6th House Great for the healing arts, but your siblings may have health issues. Strong and creative in competitive situations.
7th House Partnerships with siblings. Passionate love affairs.
8th House An interest in mysticism and/or sensuality. Caution in acting upon desires. Strained relationship with siblings.
9th House Impulsive decision making. Courage and adventurous in far-away travels or travels with a guru or father-figure.
10th House Strong motivation and career in the arts. Your sibling may be involved in your career.
11th House
Success and profit through entrepreneurial pursuits and risk-taking. You surround yourself with people who can help
you manifest.
12th House Lack of courage, success takes a lot of effort. Excellent placement for personal transformation and spiritual attainment.