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You never know what you will be asked on an interview. The following management interview question list will
help you prepare. You need to be able to answer all questions truthfully and professionally. Here are the tough
interview questions and answers:
Q. Why are you considering leaving your present job?

A. Regardless of the reason do not bad mouth your !urrent employer. "egativism will always hurt you. #ood
answers in!lude: $There is no room for growth at my !urrent employer. % am looking for a !ompany with long
term growth opportunities&. $'ue to a !ompany restru!turing my entire department is relo!ating to (lorida. %
was give the option of moving but do not wish to relo!ate&. $)y !urrent !ompany is not doing well and has
been laying off employees. There is no *ob se!urity there and more layoffs are e+pe!ted&.
Q. What are your goals for the future?
A. $)y long term goals are to find a !ompany where % !an grow !ontinue to learn take on in!reasing
responsibilities and be a positive !ontributor&.
Q. How do you handle stress and pressure?
A. $% find that % work better under pressure and % en*oy working in an environment that is !hallenging.& $% am
the type of person that diffuses stress. % am used to working in a demanding environment with deadlines and
en*oy the !hallenges.&
Q. What do you know about our company?
A. This question is used to see if you have prepared for the interview. ,andidates that have resear!hed the
!ompany are more appealing. ,ompanies like prepared organi-ed !andidates.
Q. We have met several candidates. Why are you the one we should hire?
A. #ive definite e+amples of your skills and a!!omplishments. .e positive and emphasi-e how your
ba!kground mat!hes the *ob des!ription.
Q. What are your greatest strengths?
A. .e positive and honest. $)y greatest strength is ma+imi-ing the effi!ien!y of my staff. % have su!!essfully
lead numerous teams on diffi!ult pro*e!ts. % have an e+!ellent ability to identify and ma+imi-e ea!h of my staffs
strengths.& #ive e+amples.
Q. Tell me about your greatest weakness?
A. %t is very important to give a strength that !ompensates for your weakness. )ake your weakness into a
positive. $% !onsider myself a /big pi!ture/ person. % sometimes skip the small details. (or this reason % always
have someone on my team that is very detail oriented.& Another good answer: $0ometimes % get so e+!ited and
!aught up in my work that % forget that my family life should be my number one priority.&
Hopefully these interview questions and answers will help you. %t is important to !ustomi-e the answers for
your spe!ifi! ba!kground and e+perien!e.
"ow that we have gone over the tough interview questions and answers you need to be aware of important
resources that !an make your *ob sear!h easier and more thorough.