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CAP Vector
Quarterl y National Staff Update
October-December 2013

Maj Gen Chuck Carr, National Commander and CEO
Mr. Don Rowland, Chief Operating Officer
Col Russ Chazell, National Chief of Staff

Upcoming Key Dates

November CAP Senior Advisory Group Meeting: 1-2 November, Maxwell AFB AL
Legislative Day and Command Council Meeting: 27 February-1 March, Washington DC
2014 National Conference and Command Council Meeting: 14-16 August, Las Vegas NV

Deputy Director for AE: Dr. Jeff Montgomery jmontgomery@capnhq.gov
National AE Offi cer: Lt Col Mike McArdl e michael.mcardle@att.net
Home School Development Officer: Lt Col Mike Ful tz michael.fultz@comcast.net

Aerospace Education Offi cer (AEO) School s: The national and three regional (GLR, MER, & PCR) AEO
schools held this year provided training, resources, and action plan guidance to the 160 attendees to better
accomplish their AE responsibilities. For future planning, 2014 AEO School Updates are located at

Ai r Force Associ ation (AFA) CyberPatriot Competiti on for CAP Cadets: Registration for the 2014
competition closes 10 October. All CAP cadet and composite squadrons are encouraged to create one
or more teams in the All Service Division AT NO COST to the squadrons or cadets. For more information
and registration, go to www.uscyberpatriot.org. For further support, go to CAPs CyberPatriot page at

STEM Kits: CAPs National Defense Education Program (NDEP) funds have been continued for FY14 to
promote an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers by providing special
STEM Kits to CAP units and educator members, as well as to AFJ ROTC instructors. In FY13, 450 kit
requests were filled, impacting over 45,000 cadets & students. For more information and applications, go to

Aerospace Connecti ons i n Education (ACE) Program: As an introductory program to CAP and its
cadet program, the 2013-2014 Academic Year K-6 ACE registration is open until 30 November. Last
year, over 650 educators in 108 schools across 27 states introduced CAP and STEM education to
approximately 20,000 students. As these students are potential new CAP cadets, CAP units are
encouraged to assist educators in program implementation and introduction to CAP cadet programs.
Funding is needed to provide the team-building and CAP promotional ACE shirts, so if interested in
providing a donation, see the sponsorship page at
http://capmembers.com/media/cms/ACE_Sponsorship_Proposal__2013_71452913BE7E4.pdf with all
program information at www.capmembers.com/ace.

AFA s Aerospace/STEM Education Grants for CAP: The AFA continues to provide $250 grants in
alternating quarterly cycles to CAP units and educator members to help fund aerospace and STEM project
subjects and careers. For information, go to AEO and AEM grant links at www.capmembers.com/ae.


CADET PROGRAMS - cp@capnhq.gov
Deputy Director for Cadet Programs: Curt LaFond clafond@capnhq.gov
National Cadet Programs Officer: Col Craig Treadwell col.t@maine.rr.com
National Cadet Advisory Council (NCAC) Li aison Officer: Lt Col John Erickson
Drug Demand Reduction Officer: Lt Col Jett Mayhew jettm14@aol.com
National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA) Officer: Lt Col Joe Winter winterjoe@msn.com
Home School Development Officer: Lt Col Mike Ful tz michael.fultz@comcast.net

National Cadet Special Activities: Over 1,200 cadets participated in NCSAs during the 2013 summer
Winter NCSAs. Apply now through 15 October for the Civic Leadership Academy in Washington
DC, and the National Character & Leadership Symposium at the USAF Academy. For details,
please see the NCSA homepage at http://www.ncsas.com/.
Summer 14 NCSAs. The menu of NCSAs being offered for Summer 2014 will be available in early
December. Stay tuned to the Cadet Blog (http://www.capmembers.com/cadet_programs/) for
details, including information on the new National Accreditation process
pdf) that will enable wing and region activities to garner the NCSA ribbon.

New Cadet Kit, Cadet NCO Kit, & Cadet Officer Kit: For decades, CAP has provided cadets with their
textbooks via the mail. That program is changing slightly. Now, upon joining, new cadets will receive all six
modules of Aerospace Dimensions and Learn to Lead volume 1 and a few other resources. Then upon
earning the Wright Brothers Award, cadets will receive Learn to Lead volume 2 and the Cadet Staff
Handbook. Upon earning the Mitchell Award, cadets will receive Aerospace: Journey of Flight textbook
and Learn to Lead volume 3. Volume 4 of Learn to Lead will no longer be provided in hard copy except
through Vanguard. All of these resources are also available for free download in the Cadet Library at

New Cadet Guide: As the New Cadet Kit mentioned above is modified, various small documents are
being collected under a single cover. The New Cadet Guide provides step-by-step guidance for brand
new cadets on how to register in eServices, earn promotions, pass the CPFT, learn the chain of command,
wear the uniform, and do basically everything else that new cadets need to do.

Quality Cadet Unit Award: Congratulations to the 272 cadet and composite squadrons that earned the
Quality Cadet Unit Award. Wings will receive the units award materials in October. Any cadet unit that
displays strong fundamentals as reflected in a menu of objective criteria can earn the award and every unit
is automatically entered for the 2013-14 award cycle.

Cadet Protection Policy: Efforts to update the cadet protection policy are under review. A draft regulation
is posted in the Cadet Proving Grounds (http://www.capmembers.com/cadet_programs/library/proving-
grounds/), as are a white paper and executive summary. The proposed policy emphasizes two-deep adult
leadership and a new focus on boundary violations.

Encampment Program: Several wings have field tested the draft encampment curriculum and operational
guidelines. The final edits to the draft materials are being made and the new nation-wide standard for the
Cadet Programs #1 activity (by attendance) will be published by December and will govern the summer
(not spring) encampments of 2014. (Found at Proving Grounds at

Unified Specialty Track: The Cadet Programs Officer specialty track is being updated. The old DDR
officer objectives are integrated with the CP officer objectives. This move represents another step in
making the drug-free ethic an integral part of the cadet experience. Please watch the Cadet Blog for
details. (http://www.capmembers.com/cadet_programs/)


National Cadet Advisory Council: The 2013-2014 National Cadet Advisory Council (NCAC) got off to a
great start in August at the CAP National Conference in Denver, Colorado. Led by this term's NCAC Chair
C/Col Chris Weinzapfel, the NCAC Region Representatives addressed such issues as: SDAs; review
boards; and a standard encampment curriculum. The NCAC meets virtually, on a monthly basis, to address
issues affecting CAP Cadets. Stay abreast of the councils work through the NCAC Facebook page at

Home School Survey: Lt Col Fultz developed and disseminated an online survey to collect information
from current CAP homeschooled families to explore what attracted them to CAP. The over 300 collected
surveys are being evaluated with results to determine an action plan for recruitment of more home school
cadet families. For more information - michael.fultz@comcast.net

Director of Development: Dr. Skip Dotherow jdotherow@capnhq.gov

When Passing Your Assets to Loved Ones Doesnt Pay
For many of us, 401(k)s, IRAs and retirement plans constitute the bulk of our net worth, aside from our
homes. Will these hard-earned dollars provide more comfort for the future of our loved ones? Maybe not.

Smart Ways to Save When Creating Your Estate Pl an
There are no documents more important than those in your estate plan. If you use a downloaded form from
the Internet or purchase a fill-in-the-blank document at a bookstore, the results may have unintended

For more on these topics and other articles related to your estate planning go to Hot Topics at:

Director: Susan Easter - seaster@capnhq.gov

Annual Inventory and Audit: Work has been completed to consolidate the annual inventory and the
annual financial asset validation into a single inventory to be managed between 1 October and 31
December. This eliminates the requirement for a separate inventory cycle for audit purposes.

CAPF 171: The Unit Commanders Financial Disclosure Statement, is now an electronic form available in
the Commanders Corner in eServices. The paper form is no longer required. All Unit Commanders listed
in eServices have access to complete this form for their unit before the 1 November deadline. Members
with access to Member Reports (Wing Staff Directors and above and Wing Administrators) will find a
compliance report listed in the Member Reports section. This report will detail all units for their wing and the
date of completion or that it has not been completed. Reports can be found under the Member Reports

FY14 Funding: Civil Air Patrol will most likely receive funding through a Continuing Resolution for the first
quarter of fiscal 2014 as we have in recent years. During this period funding will be more limited. Updates
regarding CAPs funding will be communicated as additional information is made available.

Director of Government Relations: John Swain dcoffice.cap@verizon.net
National Legi slative Officer: Lt Colonel Lindsay Shipps lshipps@cap.gov
National State Legi slative Officer (East): Lt Colonel Gerald Marketos marketos@cap.gov
National State Legi slative Officer (West): Lt Colonel James Nova jnova@cap.gov

Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) Update: Two congressional bills in the 113
Congress honor CAPs
World War II veterans for their unusual service to the nation. The Senate bill passed in May and the House
bill will be voted on in J anuary 2014. Since the House bill, HR 755, already has 75 percent of the House as
cosponsors, the vote will be successful and the presentation should take place six months to a year later.


In the meantime, HR 755 remains open for additional cosponsors and CAP is pushing for an earlier vote
because of our aging WWII veterans. The more cosponsors the bill has, the more weight it will give to a
House vote earlier than J anuary. Wings are encouraged to gain additional cosponsors and those wings that
have 70 percent or more of their congressional delegation as cosponsors will receive national recognition
including a special certificate and replica medal for their headquarters.

Check the webpage at http://capmembers.com/cap_national_hq/goldmedal/ for the latest CAP CGM
updates including cosponsors.

FY14 CAP Appropri ations: In J uly the House passed the FY14 House Defense Appropriations Act with
increased funding over that in the Presidents Budget. The Act specifies $28.4 million for Operations and
Maintenance, $10.2 million for aircraft and $.9 million for vehicles. The same month the Senate
Appropriations Committee marked up its FY14 Defense Appropriations Act with CAP receiving $28.4 million
for Operations and Maintenance and $10.2 million for aircraft. However, despite these efforts it now appears
there will be a continuing resolution at the start of October 2013, which will likely limit CAPs funding and
operations through December.

2014 Legisl ative Day: The next Legislative Day will be in Washington, DC, on Thursday, February 27,
2014. Due to increased security in Congress, CAP wings may no longer deliver information packets on
Legislative Day to offices with which they do not have a scheduled appointment. In addition, packets must
be handed only to the Member of Congress or staff member in that meeting; not to anyone else in the office.

It is vital that wings make as many appointments as possible with their Congressional state delegation as
early as possible. Please send appointment details to dcoffice.cap@verizon.net as they are confirmed and
no later than Saturday, February 22, 2014. A master list of Legislative Day meetings will be compiled for
each wing to assist their access through security with packets and for the national CAP leadership.

In addition, wing commanders and government relations advisers are reminded that critical event
information will be emailed to them in late J anuary and that there will be mandatory training the night before
Legislative Day (Wednesday, February 26) at the hotel used for the Command Council meeting.

State Legi slative Squadrons: Wing commanders and government relations advisers that need help with
developing or sustaining their state CAP legislative squadron should contact either Lt Colonel Marketos (for
those wings in the eastern U.S.) or Lt Colonel Nova (for wings in the west). Both individuals are part of
CAPs expanding government relations team.

Chief of CAP Health Service: Col Sergio Seoane sbscap@aol.com
CISM Officer: Lt Col Sam Bernard samdbernard@gmail.com

CAP Form 161: Concerns have been raised about some data requested on the CAPF 161. Expect an
updated form to be released this fall to address these issues.

CISM National Training Coordinator: Congratulations on the appointment of Major J ack Arena to be the
new national training coordinator for the CISM program. He brings years of experience to this position, and
we appreciate him taking on this additional duty assignment while also serving as the NER/CIS.

Chi ef Historian: Maj Frank Blazich, Jr., frank.blazich@gmail.com

National Curator and Nati onal Archivist: The National History Program staff is conducting preliminary
examinations of the CAP historical materials housed in Baltimore to facilitate their archival arrangement and
long-term preservation. New policies are being drafted for the CAP National Archives and Historical
Collections that institute formal procedures for the acquisition, organization, management, and use of CAP
records and artifacts possessing broad organizational and historical importance. Other projects that are
ramping up include the creation of a new CAP History Program website to enable the digitization of
historical documents and history program materials.


CAP Hi story E-Journal: Plans are well under way for the new E-J ournal. The first edition will contain
articles of historical interest to CAP historians and members, and standards for submitting articles to the E-
J ournal. The first edition of the E-J ournal will be published during the last quarter of calendar year 2013.

Office of Heraldry: The draft of a heraldry guide has been completed and is going to be discussed at the
upcoming CSAG meeting to see if the concept meets with their approval.

Speci alty Track and Pamphlet Revisions: A committee from the National History Program staff is
currently discussing revisions to the current historian specialty track guidance. Other members of the staff
are working on revisions to CAPP 5 and CAPP 6 as well as drafting new pamphlets to cover preservation
and outreach.

Deputy Director of Information Technology: Joseph Hall, Jr. jhall@capnhq.gov
Information Technology Officer: Lt Col Bill Hughes BillHughes@rochester.rr.com

Member e-mail addresses: Please take a moment to ensure your e-mail address is current in eServices.
To verify/update your email, go to the "My Account link at the top of the eServices homepage.

eServices and New applications now available: We are pleased to announce the addition of a My
Accomplishments tab that can be found in the My Account section of eServices. This new feature
provides an on-demand, broad view of member records. We hope this feature will enhance the accessibility
of member information.

The following applications have been released in eServices: Cadet Duty Assignment, Commander s
Dashboard data availabl e at the subordinate uni ts, Compliance Inspection Tracking Appl ication,
CAPF 171 eForm, Online Certificate Printing, ORMS V.2 and Professional Development Awards and
Training. For more information please visit eServices news.

FY13 Field Computer Buy Update: Computer equipment from the FY13 Field Computer Buy should be
delivered. If you have not received your equipment, please contact J oseph Hall jhall@capnhq.gov .

CAP Inspector General: Col Kenneth W. Parris cap_ig@yahoo.com
Inspector General Support Coordinator: Ms. Missie Derocher-Harri s mderocher-harris@capnhq.gov
CAP IG Website: http://members.gocivilairpatrol.com/cap_national_hq/inspector_general/

New CAP-USAF/IG: We welcome a new CAP-USAF/IG, Lt Col Robert Griffith, who takes over for his
predecessor, Maj Dave Kirby, in October 2013. Thank you Maj Kirby for all of your dedication and support
during the past several years as the CAP-USAF/IG and best wishes in your future endeavors!

Changes to CI Process: At the end of August 2013, the CAP/IG and CAP-USAF/IG conducted a
comprehensive Rapid Improvement Exercise (RIE) to improve our Compliance Inspection processes from
start to finish. As the improvements are rolled out, more information will be provided. To see whats in store,
please see the following CAP press release for details: http://www.capvolunteernow.com/todays-
IG Program Updates: A number of IG program updates and training was provided at the IG Summit,
Command Council and National Conference in Denver. Please speak to your Region IG who should have
attended the IG Summit and refer to the online National Conference learning labs posted to the NHQ
website for specifics: http://www.capmembers.com/events/cap_annual_conference/learning-labs/.

IG Training: The IG Basic Course will only be offered online via the CAP Learning Management System.
This course is a prerequisite for attendance at the IG Senior Level Course. The IG Senior Level Course will
be presented as needed on a regional basis. Region and wing IGs desiring to have an IG Senior Level
Course presented in their respective region or wing should contact Col Larry Stys (CAP/IGT) at


2014 Inspector General College: The 2014 Inspector General College is presently in the planning stages.
The college is planned for 1 7 J une 2014 at the Air Force Inspection Agency (AFIA) at Kirtland AFB, NM. If
you plan to attend, please reserve the dates on your calendar. This training is REQUIRED for all region and
wing IGs. More information will be available as the dates of the college move closer. Questions? Please
contact Col Larry Stys (CAP/IGT) at lwstys@wi.rr.com.

Director of Logisti cs: Gary Schneider gschneider@capnhq.gov
CAP Fl eet Manager: Larry Kauffman lkauff7777@aol.com
National Controll er: Col Ed Phelka ephelka@comcast.net
National Logistics Officer: Maj Christopher Klein cklein@cap.gov

Vehicle Fleet: The total number of new vehicles purchased in the FY13 vehicle buy was 45. These
vehicles will be delivered in the coming months. We continue to replace the oldest vehicles in our fleet, and
thanks to our members diligence in retiring and requesting replacements for vehicles that are no longer
economical to repair, our fleet quality continues to improve. The average age of the fleet is 8.6 years.

Director: John Desmarais jdesmarais@capnhq.gov
Deputy National Chief of Staff - Operations: Col Michael Murrell mmurrell@cap.gov
Chief, Aircraft Operations: Joe Pi ccotti lpiccotti@capnhq.gov
National Stan/Eval Advisor: Col Carlton Sumner sumner.carlton@gmail.com
Chief Communications: Malcolm Kyser mkyser@capnhq.gov
National Communi cations Officer: Lt Col Chuck Bi shop cgbishopjr@gmail.com
National ES Officer: Lt Col Pete Norris icssboss@gmail.com
FEMA Li aison: Col Jim Rushing jrushing@cap.gov
Operational Missions Officer: Col Greg Cortum mutroc@comcast.net
Glider Program Officer: Col Jack Buschmann buschfolk@earthlink.net
Advanced Technology Program Officer: Lt Col Tom Vreeland tvreeland@taconic.net

FY14 Fl ying Operations: It appears that CAP will begin operations in FY14 under limited funding
authorities for a continuing resolution. Personnel should focus on conducting critical operations to maintain
mission capabilities and meet strategic goals. Additional guidance will be provided through commanders
and operations staff officers as details are available.

Communications: The National Technology Center (NTC) is moving to Maxwell AFB. New comm
equipment repairs are temporarily suspended during the move and will start again at the new location
sometime in October. See the Comm webpage for updates.

The Comm Equipment Assessment continues. National Comm Staff is working with each region and wing
individually to help them improve their equipment distribution and documentation.

The rebuilding of the CAP radio message handling capability continues. Training messages known as
Intercom messages are released weekly on the national HF net and are intended to be passed down to
every CAP radio net as a training opportunity.

FEMA Update: Hundreds of personnel were able to participate in Point of Distribution and Shelter Field
Guide courses offered by FEMA to CAP members across the country. We anticipate this program to be
expanded in FY14, and sites that were not able to be supported at the end of FY13 for training will be
considered as soon as funding is available to support them in FY14.

Operational Missions: CAP continues to make great strides in Radar and Cell Phone Forensics support.
Both teams are developing training products for Incident Commanders and critical mission staff. These
products should be available this winter.
Standardization/Evaluation and Flight Operations: A new agreement with the Soaring Society of
America (SSA) was signed at the national conference in Denver, CO. It is posted on the CAP Pilots web

page in the Gliders section or simply visit the following link to go directly to the SSA/CAP MOA.
http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/SSACAPMOU_5769E7CE6E8E5.pdf. The SSA/CAP MOA
defines and establishes procedures and practices for cooperation between the SSA and CAP to promote
soaring, aerospace education, and aviation development in Americas youth.
The CAP Glider-Tow Plane-Launch Instructions have been updated and are posted on the CAP Pilots web
page in the Gliders section at
G500 & GTN 650 courses are available for use to aid with the operation of these systems; they are located
in Ops Quals under Training Material in the TAA Transition Training Courses section, as well as on the
CAP Pilots webpage at www.capmembers.com.

CAPP 212, the Standardization and Evaluation Specialty Officer Track Study Guide, has been updated and
published. CAPP 212 is located online on the CAP Pilots web page in the Stan/Eval Section.

New corporate mission symbols have been released to allow for better tracking of Region Flight Academies
(C22), technically advanced aircraft and upgrade training (C23), and Air Crew Emergency Training (C24).
We anticipate implementing more comprehensive changes to mission symbols soon. Updated mission
symbols are posted and can be found online at

Hangar rash and aircraft ground handling training updates are under review.

Advanced Technology Group - Options were studied, and recommendations were submitted, for camera
technology to replace the Nikon D90 cameras in future CAP procurements. As we continue to fully equip the
fleet, the Nikon D90 end of production necessitates this change. The recommended replacement is the
Nikon D7100. Procedures and operating instructions are being drafted and will be published when the new
kits are available.

Overseas Team Leader: Lt Col Rob Goodreau robert.goodreau@gmail.com

Osan AB: Planning a winter encampment and J apan units have been invited.

Chief of Personnel: Susi e Parker sparker@capnhq.gov
National Personnel Officer: Lt Col Stephen Kohler skohler@new.rr.com
Awards & Promotions Officer: Lt Col Tom Berg berg.tom@att.net

FY14 Membership Dues: Wing and Region Commanders have an opportunity to change their wing/region
dues effective at the beginning of the new fiscal year. This year, six wings elected to make a change (AR,
KY, MS, NC, PR and TX). The FY14 dues chart has been posted on the website at
www.capmembers.com/dues and distributed to all unit commanders. Members due to renew during FY14
will automatically be billed the correct amount. Please ensure your unit commanders are aware of the
changes and check the website for the proper amount before submitting any new member applications on or
after 1 October. For questions or additional information contact Susie Parker at sparker@capnhq.gov.

REMINDER New Senior Member Dues: With the elimination of the $10 fee previously charged for the new
senior member packet there has been some confusion in the field concerning the correct amount of dues
submitted to NHQ. New senior members are no longer charged the additional $10 fee for the packet.
Please encourage unit commanders to check the dues chart at www.capmembers.com/dues for proper
amounts before submitting new senior member applications.

New Online Certificate Pri nting Module: Instead of ordering blank certificates from NHQ, commanders
and certain staff officers are now able to simply select the certificate they need, enter the CAP ID of the

individual earning it, and the appropriate certificate is ready to print locally. This new module is an
administrative program designed to eliminate the lead time required to receive stock certificates through the
mail as well as alleviate the hassle of formatting the required information on pre-printed 11 X 14 certificates.
This program is not an online awards approval module, but simply a convenient way to print certificates
already approved/earned by the members in the field. The certificates previously listed in CAPR 0-9,
Numerical Index of CAP Forms, Tests, and Certificates, paragraph 3, are the ones that have been affected.
For questions or additional information contact Membership Services at membershipservices@capnhq.gov.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - pd@capnhq.gov; elearning@capnhq.gov
Chief of PD: Bobbie Tourville btourville@capnhq.gov
CAP National PD Officer: Col Bryan Cooper Thorgodofthunder@verizon.net
eLearning Program Manager: Ron Olienyk rolienyk@capnhq.gov

Level 1 Ori entation Course Rel ease: The new Level 1 Orientation Course has been published and will
be required for all senior members joining CAP after 30 September 2013. The new course combines the
requirements for the attainment of Level 1 in a single course and can be accessed in the Learning
Management System (LMS) in eServices under Level 1 Orientation.

National Staff Col lege (NSC): The tentative dates for the next National Staff College are 17 24 May
2014. The NSC will be held at Maxwell AFB, AL.

CAP Fami li arization Course: Civil Air Patrol has released a CAP Familiarization course for Air Force and
CAP members. The CAP Familiarization Course provides an understanding of CAP and an overview of
CAPs capabilities that are available to the military and civilian organizations. You are encouraged to take
the course found at http://www.capmembers.com/cap_university/cap-familiarization-course/.

Professional Development Award Module: The PD award module has been released to reduce
paperwork and make it easier for our members. This new module eliminates the faxing and emailing of
most CAP Forms 11 and 24 and allows members to receive timely credit for Professional Development
awards. All Professional Development Officers have received access to the new module which
automatically forwards pending awards to the commander at the appropriate level for final approval. There
have been a few minor issues but overall the new system has been a huge success. If you experience any
problems with credit for accomplishments being accepted by the system or members not receiving credit for
Professional Development awards, please contact prodev@capnhq.gov.

SOS/ACSC/AWC Eli gibi lity: Air University has opened Squadron Officer School (SOS), Air Command
and Staff College (ACSC) and Air War College (AWC) to individuals that hold the appropriate Civil Air
Patrol rank; eligibility is no longer restricted due to military rank. These courses are available to any CAP
member holding the required CAP ranks: SOS (Captain or above); ACSC (Major or above); and AWC (Lt
Col or above). Request enrollment through the On-Line Courses & Exams found at

Deputy Director for Publi c Affairs: J ulie DeBardelaben jdebardelaben@capnhq.gov
Deputy National Chief of Staff/Support: Col Joseph Skip Guimond jguimondjr@verizon.net
National Public Affai rs Officer: Maj Steven Solomon - ssolomon@cap.gov

CAP Branding: A master marketing plan is being formulated that will allow CAP units to market, promote
and create public awareness of CAP (referred to as the CAP brand.) This will include the development of a
brand book and a brand standards guide that will be available online. The documents will empower
members to articulate the brand in a unified and compelling manner in grassroots and local marketing
efforts. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative.

Financial Report: Civil Air Patrols 2012 Financial Report is now available online at
http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/16874web1_689D49FCE91EF.pdf. Wings and Regions can
request copies of the report by emailing scox@capnhq.gov. The publication not only provides a summary of
CAPs financial record for 2012, but it also furnishes a lively, attractive, photo-enriched overview of the
organizations missions and members, designed to interest and inform CAPs stakeholders and national

legislators and also to serve as a valuable marketing tool. Last years version earned top honors from the
Public Relations Council of Alabama, receiving a first-place Medallion Award and the J udges Award.

The Volunteer: The October-December issue of the Civil Air Patrol Volunteer, CAPs premier quarterly
magazine, is available in digital format at http://www.capvolunteernow.com/cap_volunteer/. In addition to the
cover story about CAPs partnership with the Soaring Society of America, there is coverage from the 2013
National Conference in Denver, as well as a feature on CAPs selection for a Public Benefit Flying Award for
its historic response to Hurricane Sandy.
PAO Academy IV: More than 40 Civil Air Patrol public affairs officers took advantage of this national
training opportunity Aug. 13-14 in Denver, before the 2013 National Conference. This preconference
workshop presented PAOs with the opportunity to network with others from across the country as well as to
hear from subject-matter experts. PowerPoints from many of the presentations can be viewed online at
Social Media: CAPs newly increased emphasis on helping raise the organizations profile via social media
continues to show positive results. CAPs Twitter account has continued to increase steadily in followers,
exceeding 3,100 followers a 25.7 increase in six months and Facebook is reaching from 8,500-12,000
visitors per week. VolunteerNow visits are holding steady at an average monthly total of 135,000. Page
views continue to average about 268,000 monthly.

National Chi ef of Safety: Col Alex Kay Akay@cap.gov
National Safety Team Liai son: Axel Kreimeier akreimeier@capnhq.gov

National Safety Staff: The following officers have been appointed as National Assistant Chief of Safety: Lt
Col Eric J . Shappee, Education and Training; Lt Col J ames L. Shaw, Education and Training; Lt Col Melanie
Ann Capehart, Cadet Programs; Lt Col William D. Dillahunty, Operations; Lt Col Dennis R. Bannon,
Operations; Lt Col Sharon L. Williams, Publications (Safety Beacon).

Safety Officer Coll ege: The next Safety Officer College is planned for 9 13 J une 2014.

Vice President, The Spaatz Association: Lt Col J D Ellis ellis.j@natcapwg.cap.gov

The annual Spaatz Association Dinner will be Saturday, 1 March 2014 at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel
in Arlington, VA.. The Spaatz Association will be celebrating 50 years of the Spaatz Award and the modern
day cadet program. Registration will open in November. www.spaatz.org