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Milijan Slavnic

Lyrics 2011.
Collection of Sonnets
Real Feel
Fashion and stories from a big screen
Her life is love and a great imagination
!ea"ty# as never before seen the scene
For loo$ing and admire the last fashion
!"t j"st on a %& screen and bet'een
%'o scenes she is totally breathless
Li$e the ne' life# li$e a never ever seen
Her sense confessing# she dreams a dance
(nd al'ays dreams the ne' life li$e ideal
Far behind the fashion. !"t the real feel
)s the most im*ortant# not j"st the screens
+ide and lo"d# on a %& screens j"st# it seems
Her voice and body is the same# j"st li$e that
Li$e bea"ties of the moment never to forget.
,ay in a -"b
So boring day in a *"b
.rder 'his$ey and a beer
Listen g"itar in that cl"b
%a$e the shoot 'itho"t fear
Listen the m"sic and drin$
Some *retty face is near
%a$e her on yo"r sinner 'ing
(nd ma$e yo"r as$ing clear/
0,o yo" 'ant a dance or b"112
( h"ndred dollars is in my *oc$et
My love# )3ll do anything yo" does
Smooth and fast as the roc$et45
0)3m not a that $ind5# she said
0!"t )3ll be yo"r faithf"l friend54
!ea"ty from the !orn
Little *lace 'ith the ne's*a*ers# cigarettes
Her days are *leasant "ntil ) come# arrive
%han smile and grace on her face# she *retends
(nd my gently voice her choice satisfies
!"t dee* in her hart are another nice boys
.nly one of them thin$s he is so *ossessive
%hat bea"ty belongs to one man he destroys
His jealo"sy day by day and her good dressing
Ma$es "*set in the feelings of the her lover
Her admires not the love b"t *ain discover
-alm on the *retty face# than ) can clearly see
%hat her love is greater and greater# indeed
!"t her smile and to"ch# her love is li$e a storm
6ot j"st a fantasy# b"t the gift from her born.
(lmost a %en
%he city is al'ays nice and 'hen ) 'al$
-retty 'omans faces lead my 'ays
+ell# ) see# it3s almost a ten of cloc$
(nd ) also see 'ell $no'n 'oman face
0+here are yo" all day# my *retty boy5
She sad 0)3m 'aiting for half an o"r
.n this street. ,o yo" 'ant to enjoy5
She said 0let3s come on# don3t be cover45
06o than$s5 7 ) sad briefly that 'ord
0%ime is for a hard 'or$# not for both#
6ot for sinner and a single5 0My cloth
is not li$e yo"rs5 7 she sad 7 0and Lord
Hel*s to sinners 'hose confess love45
08es# b"t 'hy to *ossess j"st me# my dove25
Coffee and Love
-retty smile and *in$ colored li*s
Coffee and a cigarettes# feel and thin$
Her eyes are so f"ll of sins# and ti*s
!e the man# and thin$ 'hat more is *in$
!e the man# and forget all the others
(ll the others in *lace give her gratit"de
9nder the lights# "nder lights the shado's
.f all the others# are not li$e her# my d"de
(nd if yo" see 'hat ) have so'# before
%a$e to a $no'ledge# it3s so hard to say
%o stay 'ith she# near# 'hile trying to obey
Senses and hearth# madness in her mind
%han# j"st than# sim*le game# t'o of a $ind
,on3t tell her name# j"st go from that store.
S*o$en -romise
6e' g"y# ne' to'n and the s*ring
+hile loo$ing aro"nd# in a moment
) sa' the girl she smo$e and drin$
%han ) sa' slightly move of her hand
(nd s"nshine of her gracef"l face
%hen a fe' 'ords and s*o$en *romise
Her *lace is near li$e all the s*ace
!"t j"st for a brave# not for a conformist
6ot for the life lonely man in the clo"ds
She hate thin$ers# 0) don3t 'anna a *ro"d45
6ot the man 'ho thin$s on tomorro'
%hey are so borro'# they are so sorro'
!"t the big jo$er# common h"man sense
Made my choice find another chance.
+al$ing thro"gh the %o'n
+al$ing thro"gh the to'n on the s"n
My eyes so' j"st another *retty girl
(nd her face 'as red her blood has r"n
Maybe that3s all 'hat can do city learn
-"bs are dar$ened *laces 'ith silent tal$
,on3t ta$e her to a s"ch a *lace the *"bs
(re not so 'elcomed the city 'hole along
+ide streets on the s"nny days are for "s
Her red colored hair and her bro'n eyes
So long hair eyes that never gonna cries
!e so smart and ta$e her 'ormy hand
.n another side *lays some a street band
M"sic ma$es her 'ormy *leasant smile
%a$e yo"r life love on boots of seven mile4
%a$e yo"r dinner than go o"tside
%he evening is colored and cool
8o"r *retty baybe is yo"r *ride
( h"ndred b"c$s yo" tric$y fool
M"st be in yo"r *oc$et# yo"r 'allet
,iscothe:"e is far behind from to'n
%a$e yo"r girl in yo"r ne' Chevrolet
Ma$e some jo$es# ma$e some f"n
(nd never forget to say 0so sorry5
)f yo"r li*s can ma$e some tr"e
%he evening is bea"tif"l# so cool
Listen 'hat she tal$ yes# her story
Can be borro'# b"t j"st a little bit
,ream# man# to love her "nderneath4
!ro$en Heart
Hold yo"r breath 'hile $issing
,ar$ night ma$es love to be good
!e caref"l# ma$e nothing to missing
%he candles# red 'ine and food
(nd tell yo"r darling/ yo" are the best
8o"r li*s are for tal$# not only for $iss
(nd not to $iss# and $iss... Ma$e a rest
%he morning is so far in time insist
.n love# to get and to gain the *ain
+ill lead yo" to find love in the heart
)n yo"r big heart# and not in yo"r brain
!"t care yo"r heart bro$en a*art
9seless can be a co"*le ho"rs of sli*
6e;t day ma$es feelings# minds# so dee*...
Love 6ightmare
)3m going thro"gh a nightmare
My loving ma$es me fool and *oor
!"t a real man is a real fighter
%here is nothing so for s"re
For a co"*le days so different tal$
6othing so 'orth b"t different
,ays are for s"ch a different 'or$
8o" mast first hardly earn to s*ent
(nd the ne;t night is nightmare
(gain and again... +itho"t money
So lonely# as$ her ho' she dare
)t3s almost im*ossible to e;*lain
<very morning ma$es feels so lonely
(nd nightmare nights are j"st a *ain.
Rest of ,ay
=oing thro"gh a 'ell $no'n *lace
)n a moment# she steal my loo$
0=ive me coffee and a 'ater# yes25
She sad that she 'ill overtoo$
(fter fifteen min"tes# half an ho"r
-lenty 'ishes came to my mind
Loving feelings# yes# it3s all abo"t
) as$ed her 'here 'e can find
0+here 'e can find each other25
-retty smile ma$es things harder
0!"t if yo" are really good in loving
) can easy find another 'ay to stay
+ith yo"# my love# in the rest of day.5
08es# that3s so c"te# my darling...5
)n the -ar$
S"nny s"mmer day in the *ar$
Came easily# came love my
Senses on her discreet mar$
Fall to madness 7 0+ho am )25
Her :"estion 'as so fast
0My name is yo"r best friend#
(nd no matter on yo"r *ast5
0.*en yo"r heart to the end
Maybe together 'e can go...5
Something abo"t/ 0Ho' 'e $no'
%hat relationshi* is so fine...
Ho' to $no'# are yo" my $ind25
0,on3t 'orry5# ) sad# 0=ood feel
%ells 'e can ma$e love real... ,eal25
-erf"med &isit Card
.nly one time 'e have met
Met each other in a city cro'd
She 'as yo"ng# ) too "*set
Her face 'as bright as clo"d
She sad/ 0(re yo" often aro"nd25
08es#5 ) sad# 0from time to time.5
0)n my bag5 she sad 0) can fo"nd
-erf"med visit card4 >"st fine45
%hen she 'ent on a street again
) 'as lonely in that *assage
-erha*s that card is her only gain
For good bye or for real voyage
(nd if yo" as$ me# 'hat 'as latter
)3ll rather ans'er 'e 'as together4
6ice and Smart
)n the cro'd so noise and so"nd
%he city is al'ays so strange
%a$e yo"r tic$et j"st move aro"nd
%his city is the city of a revenge
(nd on a corner of a h"rry street
-retty face is in my sight a miss
%hat ma$es my heart hard to beat
My mind to imagine gently $iss
-lease do not as$ing 'ho am )
%hat :"estion melts li$e sno'
.nly one thing no' yo" can $no'
(nd that can maybe to satisfy
)3m a single man 'ith o*en heart
-leasant# charmer# nice and smart4
,ay +hen +e !ro$e
,ay 'hen 'e bro$e
+as li$e a nightmare
-lain as$ 0Ho' long25
Hot is li$e flame of fire
Heart needs a loneliness
Love life is in a *ieces
6ice *erf"me on a dress
(nd li*s hot of a $isses
!"t not for long# dear
6o' everything is clear
(nd the ne' life begins
!etter life# as it seems
6o' ) $no' for s"re
6e' love 'ill be my c"re4
Milijan Slavnic# *oet# essayist# novelist in
Serbian and <nglish. Member of the
)nternational Society of -oets.
@AB1 CD 0EDA 110
F Milijan Slavnic 2010. (ll rights reserved.

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