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Special Corner - Richard Rowley A week at Camp Chesterfield, Indiana: Materializations

with Lula a!er - "#$" %anuary "&, '("(

For your interest, here is a report of a visit to Camp Chesterfield by Colleen Owen
Britt [an ordained minister] in August 191, whi!h also mentions "obert Chaney#
$his was %ust four months before the &'A %oined (orld (ar )) after the *apanese
atta!+ed ,earl -arbor on .th /e!ember of that year# "i!hard "#
,Chesterfield Spiritualist Camp is a !eautiful place* he -rounds are like a lo.ely restful
picture* As one walks in the cool shade of the ma/estic maples, the sturdy oaks, and the
friendly e.er-reens, he !ecomes aware of his nearness and his at-one-ment with 0ature*
he chimes of the Chapel harmonize with the natural charms and !rin- the needed uplift
to cheer the soul of man* 1ere it is so easy and so wonderful to cast off the trou!les and
woes of the world and !ecome conscious of the realm of spirit, realizin- that continuous
life is the herita-e of e.ery man*
,here2s a !eautiful spot in 3od2s wonderful world,
1IS presence we all may feel,
If we pause for a time !y the 3arden of 4rayer
50eath the Chimes of Chesterfield*
here are comfortin- words each heart may hear
6y his own lo.ed ones re.ealed,
As he talks and sin-s with his spirit friends
50eath the Chimes of Chesterfield*,
A -reat ma/ority of spiritualists ha.e !een !rou-ht to the realization of the truth of spirit
phenomena !y the loss of lo.ed ones, which loss has caused so many tortured souls to
seek further rather than accept the cemetery as the end of life2s way*
7or this reason most of the folks who attend Chesterfield meet on a common -round*
6ecause of this, sympathy, kindness, tolerance, lo.e, helpfulness and friendliness are the
out standin- characteristics of the men and women, youn- and old, who -ather in this
hallowed place year after year* 7rom all part of the 8nited States they come, to en/oy a
reunion with the lo.ed ones*
%ust inside the arch of the entrance to Chesterfield Camp stand the two Camp hotels, the
Lily and the Sunflower* Man-made !eauty spots of the Camp are the Amerindian, a fine
statue of the American Indian desi-ned accordin- to spirit direction9 the Stone 4ulpit
where the -ro.e messa-e ser.ices and lectures are held, and the 3arden of 4rayer, a truly
!eautiful spot sym!olic of the 3arden of 3ethsemane where Christ went to commune
with the spirit throu-h prayer* Inside the :uiet, restful room in the hillside are dainty
statues and .ases of roses artistically arran-ed a!out the altar* Seats are found !efore the
altar for those who wish to tarry there for meditation*
he acti.ities of a day at Chesterfield conform to a -eneral plan, as follows:
;*(( a*m*, ,powwows, or s<ances held mostly with Indian -uides, which any one may
attend9 "(*=( a*m* Class work, -i.en in the Chapel9 '*=( p*m*, Lecture and messa-e
ser.ice in the auditorium9 $*(( o2clock e.ery day Ro!ert Chaney holds a healin- ser.ice
at the Chapel* Mr* Chaney is a nice person whose talks and personality are inspirational*
Mr* Chaney is a spirit photo-rapher and produces some remarka!le pictures*
>e arri.ed at Chesterfield on Au-ust =rd, "#$"* this was desi-nated as ?tta 6ledsoe
Sunday due to the fact that she had promised to -i.e a lecture throu-h the mediumship of
%ames Lau-hton* 1er talk to the audience was .ery interestin- and her use of %ames as a
medium was a mar.elous e+ample of spirit power and spirit a!ility* here were o.er
",;(( people present to hear ?tta 6ledsoe lecture* o sit with hundreds of other listeners
and hear the !eautiful melody of Chererfield2s pipe or-an in.ade this lo.ely place seemed
a fittin- prelude to the pri.ile-e of hearin- the messa-e of lo.e and understandin- from
?tta 6ledsoe on the spirit side of life* Many present had known and lo.ed her while she
was here* I had not, !ut I had seen and heard her in my own home throu-h the
mediumship of Re.* a!er* >e appreciated her comin- to our home and hope she will do
so a-ain soon*
he pro-ram for our -roup durin- the week we spend at Chesterfield was appro+imately
as I shall record* he s<ances I shall mention were attended !y two or more of us on each
occasion* >e attended all work mentioned a!o.e, under the pro-ram schedule for the day*
Mr* 6ias2 class work was .ery interestin- and well presented* It was entirely of an
informati.e and educational nature* If such work was a.aila!le to all, the truth of
spiritualism could pro-ress much faster than is possi!le under present conditions*
0onday, August th, 191# 0ateriali1ation 2 0edium3 4ula $aber#
here were o.er twenty persons present at this meetin-, amon- whom were Mr* and Mrs*
Ralph 4ressin-, pu!lishers of 4sychic @!ser.er* hey were interested in seein- 6yron2s
.iolin and in hearin- his music so we were .ery pleased when he materialized and
played* A6yron was the 6ritt2s son, who had passed in "#=# from influenza at the a-e of
si+teenB* >hen he had finished he held his .iolin out at arms len-th and asked the
4ressin-s if they could see it well* Mrs* 4ressin- then stepped up to the ca!inet and talked
with him* he followin- is an e+cerpt from the 0o.em!er tenth issue of 4sychic
@!ser.er wherein 3race 4* Schafer, feature writer for the @!ser.er, wrote an article on
5he Mediumship of Re.* Lula a!er*, Cuote: - ,>hat I like a!out Mrs* a!er2s
materializations is: there is no :uestion a!out the spirits who come throu-h* >hen they
make an entr<e they announce their full names and the names of the ones they ha.e come
to .isit* I was deeply impressed !y the spirit who announced his name, 56yron 6ritt*2 1e
called for his parents* hey asked him if he could play somethin- on the .iolin for them*
6efore our eyes we saw the form of a .iolin and !ow assem!le* As the !ow was drawn
across the -auze-like strin-s, we heard music*****.iolin music**** @nly sweeter **** more
hea.enly than an earthly instrument could produce* he selection played was 5Sweet
Mystery of Life*2 1ow appropriateD,
An interestin- incident was when a soldier materialized to Mr* Morris, -a.e a military
salute, and said, 5Ma/or, I salute you* I am 1arry Atkins* I ser.ed under you*2 Mr* Morris
saluted in return, sayin-, 5I remem!er you well*2 Later he told us that Mr* Atkins had !een
killed in 7rance durin- the 7irst >orld >ar*
At this same s<ance Mr* %* Lan-worthy aylor, 4rofessor-?meritus of the 8ni.ersity of
0e!raska, materialized and talked with Altinas ullis, Instructor in Chorus at the
8ni.ersity of 0e!raska* 1e said, 5ell all the world we do not die* here is no death, only
life* I want e.eryone to know that I am learnin- all a!out this thin- called spirit return
and it2s true, true, R8?D2 >hen the 4ressin-s heard Mr* aylor -i.e his name they were
surprised and pleased, sayin- that they had tra.eled a!road to-ether some years a-o*
hey, too, had an interestin- .isit with their old friend*
Ao !e continuedB
Ahese materializations are interestin- to study* As we ha.e !een discussin- recently, the
powers of thou-ht and emotion are multiplied many times o.er in the spirit worlds, to
create the su!stance and en.ironment o.er there* 4hysical mediumship is a wonderful
precursor of powers we shall all de.elop when our time comes* Richard RB
he standard of writin- a!out mediumship and Spiritualism which we can find in the !est
/ournals and ma-azines is ideally what we would like to read also in the newspapers and
hear in the !roadcast media* 8nfortunately it is not so* Instead, we -et all this flippant
off-hand derision from youn- fled-lin- writers* @ne useful pro/ect for our Spiritualist
societies, unions and or-anizations would !e to offer persistently and consistently
authoritati.e and interestin- articles to the press, and really inform pu!lic opinion* Many
of the writers and mediums who ha.e presented their articles here on the List mi-ht well
contri!ute in this* Already their articles appear in the 4sychic >orld, 4sychic 0ews, wo
>orlds, Summit Li-hthouse, the now defunct Ark Re.iew, 7ate Ma-azine, the A?E4
0ewsletter, the 4arapsychic %ournal and similar places* hey need wider circulation*
Meantime, I thou-ht I2d di- another item out of the archi.es, and offer an e+ample of the
!est standard of reportin-* ?.en thou-h this is &F years a-o, the writin- !rin-s the e.ents
to life as if they happened yesterday* Richard R
My Son Li.es
6y Coleen @wen 6ritt
Arti!le in the ,sy!hi! Observer, *une 56th, 191#
Materialization is a scientific phenomenon which -i.es the thinkin- indi.idual the factual
!asis for a li.a!le and !elie.a!le reli-ion* Materialization -i.es a!solute proof of life
after what we call death*
Spiritualism, throu-h materialization and direct .oice and trumpet s<ances, is a reli-ion
which in.ites each one of us to see and !elie.e, rather than to !elie.e !lindly* Reasona!le
and !elie.a!le reli-ious truths are what people today need, !ut ha.e !een una!le to find*
he truths ha.e !een there all of the time !ut due to superstition and the lack of proper
understandin-, these truths ha.e not reached the ma/ority of the people* 7rom the
e+periences of my hus!and and myself we know the a!o.e statement to !e fact* >e were
raised in a church en.ironment, each takin- an acti.e part for years* >e did so for the
same reason that thousands of others did9 !ecause we had !een tau-ht that it was the
proper thin- to do* 1owe.er, also like thousands of others, we did not -et the uplift or
help that one should -et from his reli-ion* 6ecause some conscientious, or am!itious,
minister -a.e !eautiful rose-colored pictures of 1ea.en - if we were -ood, and dark
painful stories of hell - if we were !ad, the thou-ht of reli-ion did not seem to impress us
definitely* In our hearts we did not !elie.e the 6i!le as usually presented, and after due
in.esti-ation we found out that there were many more indi.iduals who felt /ust as we did*
>e felt a need for reli-ion, !ut reli-ion as we could find it in no way satisfied that need*
Reli-ion as it has !een, and is, widely preached, is no comfort at the time of the death of
our lo.ed ones, at the .ery time we need its comfort most* It takes us to the -ra.e where
we are forced to say farewell in the deepest despair with no hoe of e.er seein- or hearin-
the one we lo.e a-ain* 1ow different the chan-e we call death !ecomes, throu-h
Spiritualism* >e know that our lo.ed ones are not dead !ut ha.e only left the physical
!ody, and that they in their spiritual !ody are now free to ad.ance to un!ounded hei-hts,
no lon-er hindered !y the ills and pains and the -riefs of earth life* Spiritualists not only
!elie.e this, they know it is true*
>hen our son 6yron went o.er to the spirit side of life, at the a-e of si+teen, I almost
went insane* I !ecame an atheist* I searched !ut could find no source of comfort* A week
after his passin- his father and I were ridin- o.er a :uiet road in the @zarks when to our
ears came clearly the sound of the Morse code* >e were !oth startled and my hus!and
stopped the car so that we could !e sure as to whether or not we were really hearin-
somethin-* he code continued for what seemed se.eral minutes, after which we dro.e
on* >onderin-* 6yron was an amateur radio operator and we talked o.er the fact that the
code he was always sendin- sounded /ust like what we had heard* 1owe.er, we soon cast
the incident aside as a product of our ima-ination9 yet in my heart I knew it was real* A
year later, in despair, I consulted a medium* She was kind and sympathetic, and told me
of a materializin- medium Re.* Lula a!er, of St* Louis, Missouri, who was to !e in our
city soon* 4aul and I talked it o.er and decided to attend a s<ance* >e were not !elie.ers
!ut we were seekers after truth* >e knew no one in the -roup which -athered that
e.enin-* >e had made no appointment* >e had told no one we were -oin- to attend*
here were si+teen men and women -athered in a semicircle In front of the medium, who
sat !ehind li-ht-wei-ht !lack curtains durin- the s<ance* 6efore -oin- !ehind the curtain
she e+plained !riefly a!out the phenomena* he li-hts were dimmed to a dull red -low*
>e all /oined in repeatin- the Lord2s prayer and in sin-in- a few son-s* In a few minutes
a pretty little -irl stepped out from !etween the curtains and told us that her name was
Star 6ri-ht, the medium2s -uide, and that she would do her !est to ha.e a -ood meetin-
for us*
0umerous spirit folks appeared and talked that ni-ht, !ut when 6yron, our son, came to
us, said his name, kissed us and said that he was happy, we felt the first mental relief we
had e+perienced since he passed from earth life* Most of my time had !een spent in tears
and mor!id e+istence9 - now I could e.en sin- son-s, and that was somethin- I had ne.er
!een a!le to do since I last san- them with him* >e attended practically all of the s<ances
which Mrs* a!er held* After seekin- 6yron many times, and hearin- him many more
times in trumpet s<ances, I am con.inced that the only -rief one should e+perience at the
passin- of a lo.ed one is loneliness* here should !e no sorrow for the one who has
passed to the spirit side for there they can !e far happier than they e.er could !e here*
hey can do many more thin-s, -o many more places, and li.e a more interestin- and
satisfyin- life than we* 6yron, and many others, tell us of so many wonderful thin-s that
we are an+ious to try the e+perience oursel.es*
6yron has played the .iolin for us many times Athe .iolin and !ow was materialized as
well as 6yron, in addition to the other instruments he played at other timesB* At another
time he san- me a Mother son- unlike any I ha.e e.er heard* I do wish that I could ha.e
remem!ered the words* At a later meetin- I asked him a!out repeatin- it !ut he said that
he had /ust made up the son- as he san- it and that he did not remem!er /ust what the
words were* Recently he told us of his sweet-heart Mar-aret* She has talked to us now,
callin- us mother and father* 1e says that she is !lond, dances and sin-s !eautifully, and
that they do many interestin- thin-s to-ether*
@ne of 6yron2s materializations especially impressed us* 1e came .ery close, tipped his
head o.er toward us and said, ,4ut your hand on my head and feel my hair*, >e !oth did*
It was com!ed strai-ht !ack neat and shiny as he has always worn it* 1is head was firm
and the hair felt and looked as natural as yours or mine* 1e stayed with us se.eral
minutes, touched e.eryone in the room and talked in his naturally pleasin- manner*
@ne should ne.er touch the materialized forms unless they way that you may, !ut 6yron
has touched us and asked that we touch him, many many times* 1e always acts so happy
when he has materialized plainly and completely* >hen we talked with him concernin-
the code we had heard months !efore, he said, ,>ell Mother, you were con.inced !ut
Gaddy wasn2t*,
I could write for hours a!out the wonderful comforts and the interestin- e+periences
found throu-h a study of spiritualism* Since meetin- Mrs* a!er we ha.e found her to !e
not only a wonderful medium, !ut also a lo.a!le lady, and a de.oted mother* his article
has !een written !ecause of our feelin- of thankfulness to Re.* a!or for !rin-in- !ack
our son to us, and for makin- it possi!le for us to a-ain find some satisfaction in li.in-*
6yron has told us that in spirit we ad.ance !y our own merits* >hat fairer method could
we earth folk desireH >hat more wonderful fact need one know as an incenti.e to li.e
one2s !estH
"e!ords of ,hysi!al 0ediumship 758 A wee+ at Camp Chesterfield, )ndiana 3
0ateriali1ations with 4ula $aber 2 191#
I2m continuin- with this report on e.ents at Camp Chesterfield and elsewhere in "#$",
since it discusses amon- other thin-s the remarka!le physical mediumship of Re.* Lula
a!er, whose a!ilities were compara!le with those of 1elen Guncan and Minnie 1arrison
in ?n-land* As the writer Coleen 6ritt stated, these demonstrations were -enuine and
!eyond fraud, since she witnessed them in her home, and at other locations as well as in
the pu!lic appearances at Camp Chesterfield* It is interestin- to compare these accounts
from &F years a-o with what is !ein- presented at the camps this summer of '((;*
Richard R*
'ean!es with 0edium 4ula $aber, 0ay 55256, 191#
>e had a series of .ery fine meetin-s* I shall try to record the outstandin- incidents !ut
there are always so many wonderful thin-s happen that cannot !e e+plained !y the
written word, it seems*
he seances were held in our home here in @maha, and at three different homes in
Lincoln, 0e!raska* I was pri.ile-ed to !e ca!inet attendant at all of these
materializations* I am always happy to help* 6ein- near the curtain I can always see and
hear all that is said and done !y the spirit friends, at a closer ran-e than is possi!le for
those sittin- in the circle* I am thankful for this as I feel that it makes my reports
a!solutely accurate, as each incident I mention is a personal e+perience*
At one of the seances in our home the medium was sittin- in trance in a corner in
which was a door* It had not !een latched well and so came open and was lettin- in some
li-ht* @rdinarily no one is allowed !ehind the curtain when Mrs* a!er is in trance so I
asked Star 6ri-ht, her -uide, what I should do* She said that I had !etter shut it* I went
!ehind the curtain and fastened the door* >hile there I could see the medium in deep
trance, and !eside her was a materialized form* I was sorry for the interruption of the
meetin- !ut was thankful for the e+perience of seein- and !ein- !ehind the curtain with
Lula in trance*
@ne lady said, ,I do not !elie.e it was my hus!and who came to me !efore !ecause I
ha.e ne.er heard him sin- the son- which he then san-*, he medium did not hear the
con.ersation* A !it later at materialization a man materialized to this lady and asked for
her !y name* 1e had a .ery dark hea.y mustache and the lady said at once said, ,@hD It
is you*, 1e replied, ,@f course it is* I heard what you said !ut now you know it is
true*, hat mustache was .ery definite proof to her, and she says that she will ne.er
dou!t a-ain*
6yron Iour son in spiritJ played his trumpet, .iolin, and cello .ery !eautifully at
se.eral of the meetin-s* hose attendin- are always appreciati.e of his playin- as they
all know that the instruments are not in the room, and that therefore they must !e
materialized, and also !ecause the music is sweet to hear* @ne con.ersation with 6yron
was of interest to all who heard, and I !elie.e will !e to all who read* A friend of ours
had se.eral !ou:uets of flowers and so she asked me if we couldn2t take them out to the
cemetery the ne+t mornin-* he medium was not present at the time of the con.ersation
and nothin- was said to her concernin- the matter* >hen she came in we at once started
the trumpet s<ance* 6yron spoke to Mrs* emple, and then she said, ,6yron, what do you
think of the trip we planned for in the mornin-H, 1e replied, ,@h, it2s all ri-ht I -uess*,
She then said, ,Go you know what I am talkin- a!outH, 1e said, ,Sure* Kou mean
a!out the flowers*, She then told him he was ri-ht and also asked, ,Gon2t you want us
toH, 1is answer was, ,I do not care, only why do somethin- to make Mother feel
!adlyH >hy not let Mother take the flowers home* I will !e there and we can all en/oy
them*, - hat, to me, and I know to others, was a .ery lo.ely and !eautiful answer*
I ha.e often !een told that there was some one like a 1indu standin- near me* At last
I know who it is for Romania materialized to me, sayin- he was a -uide for me* 1e -a.e
a fine messa-e and then paraphrased the Lord2s prayer* 1e said he was a 6uddhist priest
while on this plane* I am happy to ha.e him for a helper*
?tta 6ledsoe materialized to the -roup at two different times, -i.in- us some of her
characteristic inspirational messa-es* She has only recently passed to spirit side* She
was a fine medium while here* >e appreciated her appearin- to us*
@ne spirit lady materialized with lon- hair which hun- far !elow her waist* She took
first one side and then the other and put it in a roll on the top of her head* I did not know
the lady to whom she came, !ut she remarked, ,Kes, that is /ust the way she did it*, I am
always so -lad when the lo.ed ones come to the friends and relati.es who are so an+ious
to see them* he spirit ones are so happy to !rin- the messa-e dear to the hearts of all of
us, that is, that they are not dead, !ut e.en more ali.e than we* I ha.e repeatedly heard
the remark, ,Spiritualism has completely chan-ed my outlook on life, and death*, o
hear intelli-ent thinkin- men and women make this statement is a source of -reat
satisfaction to me, and to others who are also .ery an+ious to see the cause of
Spiritualism -row*
$uesday August 6th, 191# Camp Chesterfield
;*(( a*m* All of us attended a s<ance with Medium Maude 7o+ and her sister, Mrs*
Smith* It is a fascinatin- demonstration of power from the spirit side of life* he Indians
sin- and dance and -i.e war calls* 8sually an Indian -uide or helper comes to each one
who is present and the spirit artists draw his picture on a sheet of paper* he sheet is then
placed in the lar-e end of the trumpet !y the spirits and deli.ered to the correct person !y
the trumpet* Sheets of white paper and crayons are placed on the ta!le at the !e-innin-
of the s<ance* he meetin- is in total darkness so e.eryone is surprised to find a really
nice picture on his sheet of paper* ?ach of us has ours framed*
;*(( p*m* >e attended Mr* %ames Lau-hton2s trumpet circle* 1e is a mar.elous
medium and we had a wonderful e.enin-* 6yron lo.es to talk and demonstrate throu-h
him* Mr* Lau-hton does not trance for his trumpet work thou-h he does for independent
An outstandin- feature of his trumpet work is that one not only hears the .oice of
those to whom he talks !ut can also hear the .oices of other spirits as they con.erse
amon- themsel.es* 7or e+ample, I record the followin-* he son Ro!ert of the folks
sittin- ne+t to us, came and talked to them* After that 6yron talked to us, and /ust after he
said -ood-ni-ht to us we heard him say ,@h you are Ro!ert, aren2t you*, As I talked to
my mother in spirit we could still hear !its of the con.ersation of the two !oys* Soon
6yron said, ,3randma @wen, come o.er here9 I want you to meet Ro!ert*, As the
meetin- continued we could hear them talkin- a little distance away* Later 6yron -a.e a
.ery realistic demonstration of the short wa.e radio sendin- of Morse code* As he did so,
he said ,estin-, testin-, callin- Mother* his is station 1-?-A-E-?-0 - 6yron* Si-nin-
off*, he code was rapped on the trumpet and the whole demonstration was natural and
.ery fine*
hose who read this please remem!er that we had ne.er met the medium !efore and had
had no con.ersation !efore the s<ance* here were twenty-one in the room* 0o one
knew that we had a son 6yron, and certainly no one could ha.e known that he was an
amateur radio operator* Some Indians usually come in at Mr* Lau-hton2s trumpet* hey
-i.e uni:ue demonstrations of ridin- up on their ponies* @ne can hear the sound of the
hoo.es away in the distance as they come, as they lea.e, and on se.eral occasions the
ponies would snort in a perfectly natural earth manner* >hile all of this is -oin- on the
medium sits and talks and en/oys the phenomena with the rest of those present*
Ato !e continuedB
Camp Chesterfield 2 ,hysi!al 0ediumship 798# (ednesday August :th, 191#
In the mornin- we attended a s<ance held !y Medium Mary Lan-ley 6eatte* here
was a -roup of twenty people* @n a ta!le in the center of the room was a pile of slates*
>e were in.ited to e+amine the slates /ust !efore the s<ance started in order to satisfy
oursel.es that they had no writin- on them* he slates were dou!le, and a!out ei-ht !y
ten inches* here was also a -uitar on the floor !eside the ta!le* he seance was
conducted as usual, with the -roup sittin- in a circle, and the room in darkness* Mrs*
6eatte sat in the circle also* A!out two feet !ehind the medium was her ca!inet wherein
she sits for re-ular materializations seances, !ut durin- this session she was not in it* Kou
mi-ht say ,1ow do you know that she was not in itH, My reason would !e that on
numerous occasions durin- the seance different folks, includin- oursel.es, spoke to her
and she at once answered, always from the same location* She was not in trance at any
he seance was held in total darkness* As the seance continued a -reat many Indians
materialized, comin- from out the ca!inet* hey showed their feathers shiny and !ri-ht,
and the stripes in their !lankets and each article of dress was plainly .isi!le* heir
features were not as plain as the features of those who materialize in an ordinary
materialization, !ut the clothin- was .ery .i.id* @ne Indian came o.er into the circle and
-a.e a healin- treatment to a lady* 1e knelt down so he could treat her from head to
foot* he Indian calls, son-s and dances are .ery fascinatin- and .ery pretty*

I was especially pleased at this seance !ecause my Gr* Summer was the first to speak*
1e told me that he had !een -i.en the honor of openin- the meetin-* 7or me, of course,
this was a real thrill* As the meetin- proceeded the slates were !rou-ht to us and placed
on our laps or in our hands* hey were -i.en to us !y some of our spirit .isitors* he
medium told us to hold our slates !y !oth hands, one on each side of the slate* his I did,
and at no time was the slate out of my hand or opened up* Later the trumpet came near
each slate and the scratchin- of writin- could !e heard for /ust a few seconds* I e+pected
the writin- to !e on the outside of the slate !ut when the li-hts were put on I found the
inside of my slate was where the writin- occurred* My messa-e was si-ned ,6yron, and
said, ,If you only knew how I like to come inD Anyway, I am so happy to !rin- you this
messa-e* I am interested in all of your earth pro!lems and I do lin-er
close and impress you a lot*, 4aul2s messa-e was from his father and read as follows,
,3reetin-s from us all* I am pro-ressin- nicely and come close to you e.ery day* %oseph
6ritt*, Mr* Morris2 slate contained the followin-, ,My darlin- !oy I am so happy to
come like this and will help in e.ery way I can* All is well* Mother %ennie*, Mrs* -----
also had a nice messa-e, as did e.eryone in the room* ?.eryone kept his slate if he cared
to, which I !elie.e e.eryone did* o you who dou!t, I want to say that the appointment
for this seance was made !y one of our -roup, for four people, !ut only one name -i.en*
he names of the sitters were not mentioned !efore the seance at any time* %ust !efore
the close of this interestin- seance the -uitar was le.itated hi-h in the room and a tune
played on it for us*
In the e.enin- our second seance with Mr* Lau-hton was /ust as remarka!le as the
first on uesday e.enin-* As my lady friend and I met at the door on our way to the
second of Mr* Lau-hton2s seances, she handed me a copper Indian Ifi-ureJ, as a
sou.enir* I took it out of its !o+ and since it was so pretty I set it on a .acant chair !eside
me, sayin-, ,>ell, we will let him attend the seance too*, Later, in the meetin-, Red
7eather came to me* I heard the trumpet -ently !umpin- a-ainst my copper Indian, and
then Red 7eather spoke, ,I !elie.e I can pick this Indian up*, 0o sooner said than done
and then he asked me to hold out my hand* I did so and found that my Indian was
han-in- from the end of the trumpet* 1e held the copper Indian there some time while I
felt all around the end of the trumpet* I tried to take the Indian in my hand !ut found that
it was held securely to the end of the trumpet* Red 7eather said, ,>ait a minute* I want
take this o.er to the little -irl so she can feel it*, In a few seconds the -irl o.er on the
other side of the circle said, ,@hD 1e !rou-ht it to me*, After a while Red 7eather
!rou-ht it !ack to me and placed it in my hand*
Mr* Lau-hton has partial materialization in his seances* ?ach of our -roup had a
demonstration of this and it was an e+perience which we shall ne.er for-et* It is a
difficult phenomenon to e+plain to those who ha.e not e+perienced the thrill of it* In the
total darkness while 6yron was talkin- to his Gad, he asked him to hold out his hand*
4aul did so and 6yron -rasped it accurately and firmly and wa.ed it a!out* Ri-ht after
this 6yron took my hand -ently in his own, raised it to his lips and kissed it .ery
fer.ently, yet .ery definitely* he kiss was sli-htly damp and warm and the caress was
one of the most deli-htful and satisfyin- Spirit manifestations I ha.e e+perienced* he
others had e+periences which were similar !ut I shall not attempt to tell of those since
one must actually !e the recei.er to !e a!le to speak positi.ely concernin- such
demonstrations* Coleen @wen 6ritt*
"e!ords of ,hysi!al 0ediumship 78 A wee+ at Camp Chesterfield 2 $hursday#
Apports and $rumpet wor+#
$hursday August .th, 191#
At ei-ht in the mornin- we attended another apport seance* he seance was conducted
much in the same manner as the pow-wow mentioned* Re.* %ohn 6anker of ?aton
Rapids, Michi-an, is a .ery fine apport medium* 1is meetin-s demonstrate a .ery hi-h
type of mediumship* he messa-es and teachin-s of his ser.ices are inspirational,
spiritual and educational* Mr* 6unker is in complete trance durin- his apport seances
which usually last for two hours or more* histle is an interestin- and efficient trumpet
control, and she has an amazin- memory* She is a personality one does not for-et*
Apport phenomena are fascinatin- to all who come in contact with them* Mr* 6unker
said that he !elie.ed the Indians -i.e the needed stren-th for the work, althou-h the lo.ed
ones Ain spiritB are present and take an acti.e part* All present do not always recei.e
apports !ut e.eryone did at the three seances we attended* he -roups a.era-ed from
twel.e to twenty persons*
At the start of the meetin- lo.ed ones come to those present and tell them who is -oin-
to try to !rin- the apport to each indi.idual* he first day Iearlier in the weekJ 6yron our
son in spirit went for 4aul2s apport, and Mother in spirit went for mine* he second day
Mar-aret went for my -ift, 4aul2s father in spirit for his* he third day IhursdayJ 6yron
went in search of somethin- he thou-ht I would like, and 4aul2s Mother told him she was
-oin- to !rin- him somethin- to wear* o 4aul, 6yron !rou-ht a piece of !eautiful
crystal, his father !rou-ht an arrow head a!out two inches lon-, and his mother !rou-ht
him a .ery pretty Me+ican opal suita!le for a set in a rin-* o me Mother !rou-ht two
tiny white shells which she said she found !eside the ocean to the west and that she
wanted me to ha.e them made into earrin-s* hey are almost identical and are .ery
dainty* Mar-aret !rou-ht me some crystal from a ca.e, similar to that which 6yron
!rou-ht to 4aul* 6yron placed in my hand a tiny arrow similar to the ones for which we
had spent hours searchin- and were ne.er a!le to find* he arrow is a!out a half inch in
len-th, .ery thin and nearly perfect* It is needless to say that we prize these apports
hi-hly* >hen 6yron told us that he secured the crystal from a ca.e in Switzerland it
made me realize anew how interestin- and wonderful the other side of life must !e* I feel
sure that the e+perience which we in our shortsi-htedness look upon as death, is in reality
far more en/oya!le and satisfyin- than any acti.ities in which we take part here* At the
seance mentioned a!o.e Ion hursdayJ Mrs* ullis recei.ed an arrow head, a !lue
sapphire and two shells which are entirely different than those which were -i.en to me*
Amon- other thin-s Mr* Morris was -i.en an ancient coin* 1is !rother Charlie !rou-ht it
to him, tellin- him that it was a 1indu coin at least two thousand years old* he
stones a!o.e mentioned ha.e !een shown to a /eweler, Mr* Stastny, of Lincoln, 0e!raska,
and he told us the same as we had !een told at the seance in re-ard as to what kind of
stones they are* >e did not dou!t what we had !een told !ut for the sake of the record
we wished to .erify our information !y a -ood /eweler*
I do not pretend to !e an authority on the phenomenon of apport work !ut I do want to
tell you what Mr* 6unker told us* 1e recei.ed what information he has throu-h spirit
communication and personal e+perience* Mr* 6unker says that he feels sure that the
apports come throu-h his solar ple+us re-ion* he articles are chan-ed into a -aseous
state so they can !e transported throu-h solids, and throu-h the air at a -reat rate of
speed* >hen Mr* 6unker was de.elopin- his mediumship all the apports which came
were flowers* Since then he has had a -reat .ariety of o!/ects* he lar-est apport e.er
!rou-ht was a tomahawk of stone, a!out fi.e inches in len-th* Mr* 6unker was ill for two
days after this e+perience* Most of the apported articles are small* Some of the apports
are articles found /ust as we recei.e them !ut others are manufactured !y the spirit
chemists* Mr* 6unker told us that he had asked that he mi-ht ha.e an apport for himself
that one day he was shocked !y a force similar to the force comin- from a near!y
e+plosion* 1e stopped suddenly, saw a cloudy mass in front of him a!out the location of
his solar ple+us, and an arrowhead fell on the floor at his feet* his happened in the li-ht
and when he was not in trance*
histle the control told us that they ne.er apport articles of any intrinsic .alue !ecause if
they did people would for-et the spiritual side of the work, and that is the part in which
she and the other workers are most interested*
hursday e.enin- we attended a trumpet seance !y Re.* Clifford 6ias* Mr* 6ias is a
fine youn- minister of a!out twenty-fi.e years of a-e* his winter he is to work at the
1otel Statler, 6uffalo, 0ew Kork* 1is control Syl.ia is .ery efficient in takin- char-e of
the seance while her medium is in trance* >e had a pleasant surprise at this meetin- as
6yron played for us on his mandolin* >e had ne.er heard him play on this instrument
!efore and the sweetness of the music was appreciated !y all who were present* @ne of
the characteristics of Mr* 6ias2 seances is that at nearly e.ery one Syl.ia !rin-s a lo.ely
sweet perfume which permeates the whole room* She names the different scents %oy or
7aith, or some similar name* My Gr* Summer came with an encoura-in- messa-e and
said that he would show me what would lead me* As he said this a perfect illuminated
cross formed in the lar-e end of the trumpet* I was -lad that each one could see the cross
and thus more keenly appreciate the power and lo.e !ein- manifested to us from the
spirit plane*
Ato !e continued* e+cerpted !y Richard R* from reports written and collected in ,6yron,
Station to Station, !y the Re.* Coleen @wen 6ritt and pu!lished in "#$'B*
,hysi!al 0ediumship at Camp Chesterfield in 191 768 Friday# ;eneral review of
the Camp
7riday ;*(( a*m* >e attended another pow-wow, findin- that unlike other seances, the
more people there are present, the !etter the demonstrations* >e could hear se.eral
Indians talkin- o.er which colors to use on certain pictures* he colors they say they are
usin- are the ones found on the finished picture* 7or instance, Red Maple said, ,Make me
red* Make me all red* I Red Maple*, >hen the li-hts were turned on I found that his
picture was all red* @ther touches of color had !een used !ut for the most part the artist
had used red, and with .ery fine results, too*
At one-o-clock we attended another pow-wow held !y mediums Maude 7o+ and Loretta
Smith* 3reatly to my surprise and satisfaction my -uide Romania came to me, and the
Indian artists drew his picture for me to keep* I appreciated the fact that Romania could
and would come to me* I had !een told that I should not worry a!out it if my -uides did
not come to me at Chesterfield as it would !e a new .i!ration for them and for me*
Conse:uently I had made up my mind that I would !e happy a!out whoe.er was kind
enou-h to contact me* At the same time, howe.er, my constant prayer was that I could
ha.e nice .isits with 6yron* 0ow after the lo.ely week of reunion with those who ha.e
pro-ressed further alon- life2s pathway than I, my appreciation of -ood mediumship is
e.en -reater than !efore* At e.ery seance which I attended on the -rounds of
Chesterfield, 6yron and my -uide, Gr* Summer, !oth came and talked with me* Red
7eather came often to !oth 4aul and
me, and Romania materialized and .isited me se.eral times* 4aul2s Gr* 6rown was also in
at e.ery seance* Gr* 6rown and Gr* Summer work to-ether with 4aul and me and they
often come to us at near the same time* It amused us at one of the Lau-hton seances when
Gr* 6rown spoke to me and -a.e me a messa-e for 4aul, who was a!sent* hen Gr*
6rown spoke, sayin-, ,Gr* Summer is here too*, In a sort of aside, he continued plainly,
,Kou may -o in now, Gr* Summer*, Gr* Summer replied, in rather a competiti.e manner,
,>ell, that2s mi-hty white of you, 6rownD,
;eneral impression of the whole wee+<s visit#
he children of the mediums ser.in- the Camp ha.e their own Lyceum while Camp is in
session* hey assem!le at the Chapel each mornin- and are there tau-ht the fundamentals
of Spiritualism* hey are taken to the 3arden of 4rayer and tau-ht the .alue of prayer and
communion* hey attend the seances and there .isit with relati.es and friends and recei.e
.alua!le teachin-s from their -uides and helpers* Such wonderful teachin- for children is
an e+cellent asset to their education* Children !rou-ht up in such an atmosphere will
ne.er ha.e the fear of death that you or I e+perienced, for they will know that there is no
death* hey will know from their own mother2s teachin- that the phenomena at which we
mar.el are natural and !eautiful* hey will understand how to recei.e the !est and -i.e
the most, when attendin- seances* his trainin- of the children at the Spiritualist camps
would pro.e to me, e.en when nothin- else could, that the
mediums are sincere* A few mothers mi-ht teach a child to !elie.e in somethin- which
she knew was false, !ut no one could make me !elie.e that thousands of parents all o.er
the 8nited States would do so*
>e attended seances of the mediums mentioned, other than I ha.e recorded specifically*
In this report I ha.e attempted to mention only the most pertinent incidents, which I hope
will !e of interest to all*
he auditorium ser.ices, ordinarily consistin- of a lecture, selected musical num!ers,
messa-e hour, and se.eral inspirational pipe-or-an solos, are always .ery fine* here are
many e+cellent messa-e !earers workin- from the platform* he most satisfyin- of those
whom we had the pleasure of hearin- were Clifford 6ias, Mary 6eatte, %ohn 6unker,
Maude 7o+, Clara Lnost, %ames Lau-hton, Lula a!er, Ma!el Riffle, Mamie Schultz,
Loretta Smith, @scar hrondsen, ?dith Stillwell, 0ellie Curry and Ro!ert Chaney* hese
messa-es !rin- much comfort to those who recei.e them* he mediums -i.e the first and
last names of the person to whom the messa-es come, and the full name of the spirit
-i.in- the messa-e, the names of .arious mem!ers of the family, and many other
interestin- items pertainin- to health, !usiness or other topics of interest* 4art of the
mediums work !lindfolded, thou-h most of them do not* Some read sealed :uestions*
Many of the mediums
/ust stand !efore their audience and -i.e remarka!le e.idence as it is recei.ed !y them
from spirit* he mana-ement of Chesterfield tries to ha.e e.ery known phase of
mediumship demonstrated on the -rounds*
?.ery afternoon there was a ser.ice at the Stone 4ulpit similar to the one held in the
auditorium* his ser.ice is always held one hour !efore sundown* he pulpit is made of
natural rock and stands in a !eautiful clearin- under hu-e trees* Seats are placed in a
semicircle around the pulpit* 6ecause of the natural settin- this ser.ice is of -reat
inspirational .alue to most people* It makes one happy at any time to recei.e words from
a lo.ed one, !ut it is especially pleasant to !e a part of this wonderful hour at the close of
the day* Coleen @wen 6ritt*
Ato !e concluded, followed !y further physical mediumship seances with Lula a!er* I am
postin- these reports from many years a-o to counter the impressions made in !ooks like
,he 4sychic Mafia*, >e should of course !rin- all cases of fraud out into the li-ht of
day, !ut not there!y re-ard all mediumship, and e.ery Spiritualist Camp, as likely to !e
fraudulent* his is certainly not the case, althou-h the attitude of /ournalists and the
media, -enerally, remains ton-ue-in-cheek, unfortunatelyD Also, confessions of former
cheats and scoundrels pretendin- to !e mediums are likely to !e suspect* hey may /ust
wish to make a fast !uck out of an e+a--erated and sensational re.elation, /ust as some
professional de!unkers do todayD Richard R*B
Another demonstration that wee+#
Mary Lan-ley 6eatte -a.e a wonderful demonstration of precipitated writin-, on plain
white cards, in the full li-ht of day* Mr* Clark assisted her !y passin- the cards around
throu-h the audience so that all mi-ht see for themsel.es that no writin- was on the cards
at the time the demonstration started* he cards were of the dime store .ariety often used
in recipe files* Mary 6eatte carried a !ou:uet of petunias in her hand and when Mr*
Clark came to the platform with the cards she took them and placed the petunias at
random !etween the cards* She then put ru!!er !ands around the cards, which she had
di.ided into two packa-es* wo people from the audience were asked to come to the
platform and sit in the two chairs which were placed side !y side, facin- the auditoriium*
A lady and then a -entleman went up from the audience* She -a.e each one a packa-e of
the cards, askin- that they !e held in the ri-ht hand and allowed to rest on the left
shoulder of the one holdin- them* Mrs* 6eatte stood !ehind the chairs with her hands
restin- li-htly on each pack of cards* After a short time the scratchin- of writin- could !e
heard* >e waited, attenti.ely, for si+ or ei-ht minutes !efore the two who had -one up
from the audience said that they no lon-er heard any sound of writin-* Mary 6eatte then
took the cards, and startin- at the top, read the name appearin- on the card* In answer to
his name each person went up and claimed his card* I read the messa-es on :uite a
num!er of the cards and no two were e.en similar, either in writin- or in the content of
the messa-e*
Some were written in !lue, some red or another color taken from the .arie-ated
!ou:uet of petunias* Mary 6eatte told us that her spirit helpers had told her how to
secure the writin- !y this method, the flowers !ein- the source of the chemicals used in
this fascinatin- demonstration !y our spirit lo.ed ones* Mr* Morris, Mrs* ullis and
myself were present at this demonstration* Mrs* ullis recei.ed no messa-e* Mr* Morris
had one written in !lue which said, ,%ohn Morris - Gear ones of earth, how nice it is to
come and tell you we are to-ether and watchin- o.er you* Sister Mary*, I recei.ed no
card personally, !ut one was addressed to 4aul* 4aul had intended comin- to the meetin-
!ut at the last minute he had to -o on an errand for Lula* I went up and recei.ed the card,
which amazed me when I read it* he card said, ,4aul - >e are all ha.in- a -lorious
e+perience and I am so -lad to S?0G a card to you* 3o on* All is well* Gr* 6rown*,
he medium could not possi!ly ha.e known that 4aul was not -oin- to !e a!le to !e
present at the seance as he did not know it himself until the last minute* I thou-ht it was
so .ery thou-htful that since I had !een pri.ile-ed to see and hear the demonstation that
4aul could ha.e a messa-e sent to him* rue mediumship is a !eautiful de.elopment*
Mr* Morris, Mr* 6ritt, Mrs* ullis and myself spent another wonderful week at
Chesterfield durin- Au-ust, "#$'* he contacts were e.en more satisfyin- than the
pre.ious summer, if possi!le*

A0ow, does anyone ha.e any reports from 1IS year2s camps to share with us- '((;H
hat would !e an interestin- comparison and contrast* Richard R*B
,hysi!al 0ediumship 7:8 4ula $aber#
o continue with physical demonstrations, here are some further seances with Lula a!er
from @cto!er " to #, "#$"* Coleen 6ritt is reportin-*
,As I think !ack o.er the wonderful meetin-s that ha.e taken place I realise that Mr* 6ritt
and I ha.e !een especially pri.ile-ed to ha.e !een a!le to hold these meetin-s in our own
home* >e en/oy the seances, and the medium, so much that we are ne.er ready for her to
lea.e our home*
he second day Re.* a!er was here she completely lost her .oice and did not re-ain
it until the day !efore she left* o those who wonder a!out the source of the .oices this
incident should !e a complete proof that the medium is not doin- the talkin-* She could
only whisper, and weakly at that, yet it did not affect the .oices of our spirit friends*
hey talked to us /ust as plainly as e.er* he followin- day Lula de.eloped a !ad cou-h*
Gurin- the time she was sittin- in trance the cou-h !ecame a nuisance due to the fact that
it caused her to stran-le AchokeB and come out of the trance condition for a time* >hen
this occurred, we had to sin- until Lula went into trance a-ain and Star 6ri-ht could -o
on with her work* After a few seances where the cou-hin- interfered, Star 6ri-ht !ecame
out of patience* >hen Lula came out of trance Star 6ri-ht kept ri-ht on talkin- to her so
we all could hear* She told her that if she could not do somethin-
to help her cou-h she had !etter -o home !ecause she was not doin- -ood* Lula lau-hed
while Star 6ri-ht talked and then said, ,>ell, I -uess that2s ri-ht*,
,At this same time I also had a .ery !ad cold and could not sin- without !ecomin-
.ery hoarse* Star 6ri-ht does not usually come out of the ca!inet while the seance is in
pro-ress so I was much surprised when she came out and said, ,Coleen, I !rou-ht you
somethin-*, I looked down at her and to the amusement of all she handed me an
inhaler* he inhaler was one which we had !een usin- that day and it had !een placed on
the !uffet !efore the seance !e-an* Star 6ri-ht said that Gr* 6urkett had told her to -i.e
it to me* he incident was so interestin- to all of us that !efore the seance !e-an the
followin- e.enin- I purposely asked Lula to place the inhaler on the !uffet !ehind the
curtain* Gurin- the seance I asked Star !ri-ht if she could !rin- the inhaler out to me as
she had done !efore, as I wished the folks present to see her carry it out* In a few
seconds here she came, not only with the inhaler, !ut also carryin- a !ottle of pills much
lar-er than the inhaler, !oth articles wrapped in two kleene+* Lula had /ust put the items
all down to-ether so Star 6ri-ht !rou-ht them all out* Star 6ri-ht is a darlin- and can !e
appreciated !est after one has known her a lon- time* I ha.e seen and talked to her in
o.er one hundred seances and ne.er has there !een any difference in her appearance, in
her .oice, or in her personality*,
Ao !e continued**** 6yron plays on his materialized cello*B
,hysi!al 0ediumship 7.8 O!tober 1 2 9, 191 7!ontinued8
,@n another e.enin-, two sisters in their teens were present* hey seemed so happy
a!out the contacts they had e+perienced and since they had ne.er attended a seance
!efore I thou-ht they would en/oy seein- Star 6ri-ht a-ain* 6ehind the curtain I had a
whatnot shelf in the corner, on which were a!out a dozen articles* Remem!erin- a little
dancin- doll which was on the shelf, I asked Star 6ri-ht if she could !rin- the little doll
out to one of the -irls* She did so, handlin- the doll carefully to one of the sisters* >hen
the -irl thanked her, Star 6ri-ht replied, true to form, ,Kou is welcome much*, I am sure
the -irl will treasure the doll as a keepsake of her first seance*
At the last -roup of seances some unusual thin-s occurred* 4erhaps I should say
thin-s which were new to me, rather than that they were unusual* @ne e.enin- a little
white do- trotted into the room from !ehind the curtain, !arked se.eral times, ran a!out
wa--in- its tail for a few seconds and then ran !ack !ehind the curtain* he do- was
lon- haired, a!out a foot hi-h, and had a tail which curled up o.er its !ack* >e did not
know to whom the little do- came* If Star 6ri-ht knew, she did not tell us*
An Indian healer materialized with a !lack snake* 1e said his name was Chief 6lack
Snake* he Chief held the snake in his hands* It measured at least four feet in len-th and
was a!out the size of a !room handle in circumference, thou-h I would /ud-e a little !it
lar-er* he snake2s eyes were plainly .isi!le to me as was also the forked ton-ue, which
mo.ed rapidly in the usual snake fashion* he Chief said he wanted to touch the snake2s
head to my face, so of course I let him do so* I am not a lo.er of reptiles in -eneral !ut I
knew that Star 6ri-ht and Gr* 6urkett ILula a!er2s control and -uideJ would not ha.e let
the snake !e !rou-ht into the seance if it had !een other than a helpful .i!ration* he
Chief -a.e a healin- messa-e as he -ently held the snake a-ainst my cheek* 1e touched
at least two others with his !lack snake !efore he and the snake dematerialized* >hen
Re.* a!er was out of trance I told her of what had happened and she was
not sure if she liked such a demonstration* I assured her that Star 6ri-ht had told us
definitely that the Chief used the snake for his healin- work and that it was all a .ery
-ood influence* Re.* a!er had ne.er known of the materialization of a snake in her, or
any other2s materialization*
Little 6ri-ht ?yes, -uide of Mr* Morris, materialized for the first time* She has ne.er
spoken ?n-lish !ut she sin-s Indian son-s to us* In this seance she danced and san- at
the same time* She materializes only a!out ei-hteen inches in hei-ht and seems to dance
6yron has often played his cello !ut has ne.er materialized it until this e.enin-* he
instrument was taller than he and he said it had !een :uite a /o! to !rin- it out where we
could see it and so he was not -oin- to attempt to play it too* he cello was .ery plain
and one could see the strin-s and e.ery detail of it as 6yron stood there holdin- it
upri-ht* %ust !efore the cello was materialized we plainly heard the sound of the sendin-
of AMorseB code* A6yron had !een an amateur I,ham,J wireless operatorB* Later 6yron
told us that what we had heard was him sendin- a code messa-e for help in materializin-
the cello* >hat a little we know concernin- the forces of natureD
4aul or I ha.e ne.er attended a materialization seance that 6yron did not appear* hat
is, we ne.er had until the other e.enin- when Lula and I were !oth a!out sick* At the
close of the meetin- I asked Star 6ri-ht to tell him that we missed him* She said, ,I will,
!ut 6yron has !een helpin- me*, 6yron then spoke from !ehind the curtain and told us
that since the medium and I were neither one ,-i.in-, as much as we usually did, he was
helpin- Star 6ri-ht !uild up the ectoplasm !ut that he could help with the medium so that
was what he had !een doin-* 6yron could not lea.e the medium so it was impossi!le for
him to materialize* he wonderful and amazin- thin-s which they tell us are e.er a
source of interest and satisfaction to me and to the many others who are seekin- a
knowled-e of the ways of a life into which we all shall so soon enter* hat side of life is
-oin- to !e a mar.elous e+perience and I am ready any day to take that step of
pro-ression* ?ach day while here, I want to search into the truths of psychic research
and so !e !etter a!le to help others who -rie.e as I did in hopeless maddenin- despair*
he other e.enin- I had the thrill of seein- a tiny !a!y materialize* he mother also
materialized and carried the infant into our .iew* >e were told !y this spirit mother2s
friend that the mother and !a!e passed to spirit a!out a year a-o, when the !a!y was only
a few days old* >hile the mother and !a!e were materialized, Star 6ri-ht asked the other
lady and myself to hold hands securely, across in front of the ca!inet* >e did so and at
once the spirit mother laid her tiny child in our arms and then stepped !ack, apparently
entirely away from it* @f course there was a connection !ut we did not see it* After a !it
the !a!y cried lustily and the mother reached out and carefully picked it up, cuddlin- it
close in her arms* he !a!y had a sweet face and had dark hair all o.er its tiny little
head* his demonstration seemed a lo.ely one to me* It was a fascinatin- picture of
de.otion from life2s finer side*
>hile I attend the ca!inet I do not really e+pect anythin- to materialize to me9 only
6yron, of course* Seein- him is a satisfyin- !it of hea.en* If others do come I am .ery
happy, howe.er* 6ut since I was not e+pectin- anyone I did not pay personal attention
when a lady stepped in and said ,7rances,* 0o one in the circle claimed a friend !y the
name of 7rances, so I turned to speak to her, then realized she was comin- to me* 6efore
I could speak she said, ,McIntosh* 7rances McIntosh* @hD I thou-ht I would surprise
you, Coleen*, She certainly had, .ery pleasantly, !ecause I had not had the chance to
.isit with her for nearly three months Aand hadn2t heard of her passin-B*,
Re.* Lula a!er li.ed in St* Louis, and came to stay with the 6ritt2s for this series of
seances, and was to return on other occasions* here were also seances with other
physical mediums, includin- trumpet mediumship, apports and the le.itation of o!/ects*
hese are included in Coleen @wen 6ritt2s !ook, ,6yron, Station to Station, self-
pu!lished in "#$' !y Re.* 6ritt* It is well worth trackin- down a copy of these interestin-
accounts of physical mediumship at the time* May!e the 0SAC 6ookstore at Lily Gale
still has copies* It was ori-inally on sale there !ack in the "#$(s, where my copy came
from, circulated throu-h the Lily Gale 0ews*
Richard R*