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How to Import Multiple vCard Files in MS Outlook

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You can import multiple vCard files, the ones with the extension .vcf, in the Microsoft
Office Outlook using a VBA macro !ust follow the steps "elow#
$ Create a folder on the root of the C: drive and name it VCARDS
% Cop& all &our individual vCard files 'vcf( to this newl& created folder
) Open Outlook and click ALT F!! to open the VBA editor
* Click TOOLS ""# R$F$R$%C$S and then select Mi&roso't S&riptin(
Runtime and )indows S&ript Host O*+e&t Model from the list and place
checks in the "ox next to each and click O+
, Click I%S$RT ""# MOD,L$ and cop& and paste the code "elow into the "lank
module and save it
Sub OpenSaveVCard()
Dim objWSHShell As IWshRuntimeLibrar!IWshShell
Dim objOL As Outloo"!Appli#ation
Dim #olInsp As Outloo"!Inspe#tors
Dim strVC$ame As Strin%
Dim &so As S#riptin%!'ileSstemObje#t
Dim &sDir As S#riptin%!'older
Dim &s'ile As S#riptin%!'ile
Dim vCounter As Inte%er
Set &so ( $e) S#riptin%!'ileSstemObje#t
Set &sDir ( &so!*et'older(+C,-VCARDS+)
'or .a#h &s'ile In &sDir!'iles
strVC$ame ( +C,-VCARDS-+ / &s'ile!$ame
Set objOL ( CreateObje#t(+Outloo"!Appli#ation+)
Set #olInsp ( objOL!Inspe#tors
I& #olInsp!Count ( 0 1hen
Set objWSHShell ( CreateObje#t(+WS#ript!Shell+)
objWSHShell!Run Chr(23) / strVC$ame / Chr(23)
Set #olInsp ( objOL!Inspe#tors
I& .rr ( 0 1hen
Do 4ntil #olInsp!Count ( 5
#olInsp!Item(5)!Close olDis#ard
Set #olInsp ( $othin%
Set objOL ( $othin%
Set objWSHShell ( $othin%
.nd I&
.nd I&
.nd Sub
- .inall&, run the macro to automaticall& import and save all the individual files into
But *e'ore runnin( the macro /ust ensure the following#
a 0hether Outlook is the default program to open -.v&' files You can check this "&
right1clicking the file and choosing 2/roperties3 4he /roperties Dialo( 0o1 will
open 5o to the 2eneral Ta* and check whether Opens )it3 has Mi&roso't
O''i&e Outlook written "esides it 6f it3s not so, then click on the C3an(e "utton
and select 2Microsoft Office Outlook3 from the list of programs 6n the
2/roperties Dialo( 0o13 click Appl4 and O5
" Check Macro Securit& Settings in MS Outlook 5o to Tools"#Ma&ro17Se&urit4
Set it to 2%o Se&urit4 C3e&k 'or Ma&ros38 run the macro and after finishing reset
&our previous Macro Setting
c 6For m4 use onl47 Delete all previousl4 saved &onta&ts in Outlook *e'ore
runnin( t3e ma&ro.
And do the following a'ter macro 'inis3es the import#
a Change "ack the default program to open -.v&' files from Outlook to the
previousl& set default program 'in m& case its 9otepad::(
" Change "ack the Macro Securit& settings from 2%o Se&urit4 C3e&k 'or Ma&ros3
to &our previousl& set one 'in m& case ;)arnin( 'or si(ned ma&ros and disa*le
all unsi(ned ma&ros<(
/.S. 6t will take some time to complete the operation 'mine took around ) minutes for -=>
vcf files(, depending upon the no of vCards &ou are importing, as it opens the individual
files and saves it in Outlook
.urther, &ou cannot do an&thing else on &our s&stem in the meanwhile 6t works fine in
Microsoft Office Outlook %>>) and %>>=8 not sure a"out others