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This portfolio will not be completed without the help of those people who care for me
and those who believe I can finish this. In effect I would like to extend my eepest a\gratitude to:
The Almighty God, who continue to guide and protect vme;
To my family for the love, support, encouragement, and for unforgettable memories
weve shared during our ups and downs.
To my loving husband Jeff and to my son Chawyne, who are always there for me, for the
love and patience youve showed during the time that I want to give up. I love you so much!
To Dr. Edna A. Pante, for her untiring support and valuable criticism to make my
ambition fulfilled, and who with patience and denoting guided me to reach my ambition;
To Mr. Bienvinido O. Tulod, School Principal II in Viga Central Elementary School, to
Mrs. ______ our FS coordinator and to my mentor Mrs. Ma. Corazon O. Ermino, for being
patient and accommodating, who also help me to fulfill this portfolio and share their talents that
inspired me so much;
To my classmates and friends, for the company while this portfolio is still in the process
of completion; and
To the pupils, who have been very nice to me.


Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this portfolio is to present the learning and evidences that I have gained in
Field Study 5: Learning Assessment Strategies which is collecting, constructing and evaluating
Conventional and Authentic Assessment Tools and launching them in different learning
environment of the classroom based in the Principles of teaching.
Assessment Tools Classification Sheet
Authentic Assessment Tools
This type of authentic assessment is done by answering question asked by the teacher
orally in front of the class. This is done to test the mastery of the lesson.
This assessment tools is used to measure the growth of the learner or the improvement on
the different learning areas. In this assessment, the learners are required to perform task s
where they reflect upon their actions and work and compile it. The highlight of this
assessment is the reflection of the learners.
An assessment tools used to measure the progress of the learner in a periodical basis by
recording their learning questions and opinions.
This is used to measure the mastery of the learner as well as the speech and oral skills.
Art works:
In this assessment tool, the teachers were able to measure the learners artistic ability as
well as the ability to put their ideas into figures.
A performance-based assessment tool which could be measured by using a checklist or a
A learner conduct experiments to conceptualize or to test the truth or falsity of their
generalization. The teacher could measure the learners skills through a rubric if the
steps are followed and the quality of output.
Essay along with the portfolio is a very versatile assessment tool. The learner writes
paragraph on what is asked by the teacher to describe, define or differentiate. This could
be measured using a rubrics.

Traditional assessment tools
Multiple choice type of test

A type of test which is composed of an item and options. The item provides the sentence
to be completed or question asked whose answer should be found in the option. There
should only be once correct answer in the options. The other option which is not the
correct answer are called disruptors.
Matching Type of test
A type of test which is used in assessing the learners knowledge of different relationships
found in the lesson being discussed. This type of test is presented in two columns. The
first column serve as clue and the second column contains the options where the test
takes will choose which among the option is the pair from the first column.
True or False/Alternative Type of Test
The type of test is used to assess the understanding of the learners on the topic being
discussed. In this type of test, the teacher provides sentences which some items one or
more altered for it to become false or true. The test takes chooses only in two options
which is why it is called alternative type of test.