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'Lawachara', an hour away from the 'Tea Resort' of 'Bangladesh Tea Board', is a national
park built by the British, the time of their rule in this country. Now, it is a tourist spot
where vast number of soaring trees surrounds the forest. The park occupies an area of
1250ha, and is named after a small narrow tributary, named 'Lawachara'. Its previous
name was 'West Bhanugan'. Birds of different species are rarely found here and anyone
can always trek along the adventurous mud stairs, carved into the hills, while listening to
the continuous chirping of birds. It is also said that in the early mornings, one can be
lucky enough to hear and even see a very rare species of monkey known as 'Ullook' in
Bengali. A group of these monkeys lives in this forest together having their favourite
fruit, 'Chamkathal' or 'Chapalish' in Bengali. Large spiders throw open thin, huge web
and amazingly stay on it. The web is wide, clear and visible as it is attached to the
neighboring trees. The spider beautifully adorns its web and replete the natural view with
its shiny black or scarlet color. It is also known that in the deep, dark places of
Lawachara, animals like leopard, wilebore and even King Cobra settle their presence.

The inhabitants of this area, widely known as 'Khashia', obtain their source of income by
selling 'Panpata', a kind of leaf mostly eaten in South-East Asia. They use natural sources
for healing their injuries; like they use a tree bark from the tree named 'Arjun' as a gastric
medicine. Different types of trees make the natural view of 'Lawachara' more exciting
and interesting. Some of the trees found here are of rare species like the 'Chlorophora
Xsilsa' or 'African Ticock'. This tree is believed to get a person unconscious if they are
around it for too long, but the chemical which made this possible is worn out. Another
tree, the 'Iron Tree' is a very hard one and is often used in rail tracks. This species was
brought to Bangladesh from Myanmar in 1947. 'Lawachara' consists of a huge bamboo
forest. Among the bamboos, 'Jai Bash' is a bamboo which is very thick and very rare.
These bamboos are not used in any purpose; it is kept in 'Lawachara' to its own natural
process and beauty to preserve wildlife. 'Agor' tree is another excellent legend in
'Lawachara'. Perfume is collected from this tree; the perfume is strong but the process of
collection is very hard because only one out of a hundred 'Agor' trees is likely to have
fragrance. Other trees like Raktan, Erythrina Indica, Shegun, Orchid, Fishtail Palm,

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Dhootora, etc. are found in plenty in 'Lawachara'. All these trees combining with
adorable flowers bring forth to the viewers a very good impression of true nature.

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