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(1) To exchange greetings (Untuk bertukar-tukar ucapan salam)

A: Good morning, Tan.
B: Good morning, Kim.

A: Hello, Betty.
B: Hi, Amanda.

(2) To thank someone (Untuk berterima kasih kepada seseorang)

A: Thank you, Mislina.
B: You are welcome, Sarah.

(3) To bid farewell (Untuk mengucap perpisahan)

A: Goodbye, Kamal.
B: Goodbye, Arif.

A: Have a safe trip, Tania.
B: Thanks, Joanne.

(4) To introduce (Untuk memperkenalkan)

A: Hello, I am Nan. Nice to meet you.
B: Hi, I am Zura. Nice to meet you too.

(5) To ask for ones name (Untuk bertanya nama seseorang)

A: What is your name?
B: My name is

(6) To state ones age (Untuk bertanya umur seseorang)

A: How old are you?
B: I am seven years old

(7) To identify members of ones family (Untuk mengenalpasti ahli keluarga)

A: Who is this?
B: This is my father

(8) To answer simple questions (Untuk menjawab soalan mudah)

A: Do you like this story?
B: Yes, I do (or)
B: No, I dont

(9) To refute statements (Untuk menafikan pernyataan)

A: Is it number nine?
B: No, it is number ten.

(10) Asking questions and giving information / To enquire (Untuk bertanya)

A: What is that?
B: It is a

A: Where do you stay?
B: I stay in (or)
B: I stay at No.

A: Who is that?
B: She is my

A: Where are you going?
B: I am going to the

A: When is your birthday?
B: It is in

(11) To Ask Permission (Untuk meminta izin)

A: Teacher, may I go out?
B: Yes, you may. (or)
B: No, you may not.

(12) To request for specific things (Untuk meminta sesuatu)

A: May I have the book, please?
B: Yes, you may. / Sure. Here you are. (or)
C: No, you may not.

(13) Thanking people (Untuk berterima kasih)

A: Thank you, B.
B: You are welcome, A.

(14) Congratulating friends and relatives (Untuk mengucapkan tahniah)

A: Congratulations! Keep up the good work.
B: Thank you.

(15) Taking leave (Untuk meminta izin meninggalkan)

A: I have to go now.
B: See you later.

(16) Expressing good wishes (Untuk mengucapkan ucapan baik)

A: Happy birthday, mum.
B: Thank you, son.

(17) Expressing apology (Untuk mengucapkan maaf)

A: Im sorry, B.
B: its okay. / Thats all right / Dont do it again.

(18) To ask for help and to respond accordingly (Untuk meminta pertolongan)

A: Please help me carry this table?
B: Certainly./ Yes, of couse (or)
C: Sorry, I cannot.

(19) To accept and decline an invitation (Untuk menerima dan menolak pelawaan)

A: Can you come to my party? / Please come to my party. / Would you like to go swimming?
B: Yes, of course. / Sure.
C: I am sorry, I cant. / I would love to but I cant.

(20) To make suggestions and responding to them (Untuk memberi cadangan)

A: Lets go to the playground.
B: Yes/ Okay.
C: No, I cant.

(21) To volunteer (Untuk menawarkan diri)

A: Who want to try?
B: I want to try, teacher.

(22) To show appreciation (Untuk menunjukkan penghargaan)

A: Thank you, B.
B: You are welcome, A.

(23) To encourage (Untuk menggalakkan)

A: Try again, James. You can do it.
B: Alright. Thank you.

(24) To show concern (Untuk menunjukkan perhatian)

A: Are you all right?
B: Yeah.

(25) To ask and give directions (Untuk bertanya dan menunjukkan arah)

A: How do I get to the bookshop?
B: Turn right after this T-junction. It is on your left.

(26) To make and answer telephone calls (Untuk membuat dan menjawab panggilan)

A: May I speak to Lisa, Please?
B: Hold on, please.