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1) I won't agree until Tom's apologised.

Only when
2) Please don't use the shower after midnight.
Would you mind
3) I agree he's a good worker but I still don't think he should get the job.
4) The residents get very angry when bicycles are left in the hallway.
The residents all wish bicycles
5) John shouldn't have behaved so badly, said Janet.
Janet objected
6) Anna failed to understand how serious her illness was until she spoke to the doctor.
Not until
7) They set off to climb the mountain in spite of the fog.
8) I do like carrots, but I don't want to eat them every day.
Much as
9) Jack plays football more skilfully than Paul.
Jack is
10) Hand over the bag or Ill shoot you! said the robber to the security guard.
The robber threatened
11) Although Professor Sweet knew a lot about grammar, he couldnt answer the question.
12) Mrs Fielding is too old to make such a journey.
Mrs Fielding is so
13) I am always short of time.
I never
14) I had only just watered the garden when it began to rain.
15) I havent visited any countries in South America except Venezuela.
Venezuela is
16) We cannot exchange tickets in any circumstances.
17) Whenever he passed the prison, Bernard remembered the years he had spent there.
Bernard couldn't
18) If you buy fifteen tickets for the same performance, you can have a 25 per cent discount.
Provided fifteen
19) Our profits this year are higher than they have ever been.
20) It is my opinion that he is the greatest artist of the twentieth century.
I consider him
21) I did not remove the money from the safe, said Peter.
Peter denied
22) Macbeth is the play that I enjoy the most.
23) Nobody remained on the ship after the captain had left it.
The captain
24) The factory seemed to have been damaged by fire.
It looked
25) The controller never looked away from the screen.
At no time
26) Miranda said she was sorry that she had not read my report yet.
Miranda apologised
27) Only the Chairmans firmness and diplomacy prevented a serious argument between the committee

28) You can stay in the flat for free if you pay the bills.
So long as
29) I didnt mean to be impolite.
30) Despite Jacks strange clothes, everybody ignored him.
Nobody took
31) It was more of a business arrangement than a marriage.
It was not
32) You must not communicate in any way with anyone involved in this case.
You must have
33) His father made him study Latin at the age of three.
At the age of three, he
34) I would prefer you to pay in cash.
I'd rather
35) Try as I might, I could not understand the code.
No matter
36) Professor Helsing knows everything about this manuscript.
There is
37) If you trade in your existing answerphone, we will reduce the price of a new one by 100.
38) Norman was sorry he had lost his temper.
Norman regretted
39) Although I respect the law, I cannot accept the courts decision.
40) Is he the only person who knows the secret?
41) These are problems which can only be solved politically.
These are problems to which
42) People say that animals are mistreated in that circus, but I didnt see this.
I didn't see
43) If you practise regularly you will become more skilful.
44) Peters advice to me was to sell the shares immediately.
Peter suggested
45) I am sure the exchange rate will not change.
In my opinion there
46) We can attend the seminar provided we get the managers approval.
The manager's
47) It sounds very much like a song I heard twenty years ago.
It reminds
48) Sarah thought the traffic warden was a policeman.
Sarah mistook
49) He threatened the officers with violence.
He made
50) All the children will receive a prize, whatever their score in the competition.
No matter
51) Except for the inspector, everyone was in uniform.
The inspector was
52) Because of his conviction for fraud, the trainer lost his licence.
His conviction for fraud
53) There has never been a time when the English language was not in a state of change.
At no time
54) Bill found a new job very quickly.
It didn't
55) Youll have to spend at least 500 to get that sort of camera.
You won't
56) Only the managing director and the chief chemist know the details.
57) Whatever the methods used to obtain the results, drugs were definitely not involved.
There was no question
58) It was the ability to incorporate loan words that made English so rich in vocabulary.
English became rich in vocabulary
59) The Chairman insisted that the Sales Director resign.
The Sales Director
60) The report has still not been written.
The report has yet
61) The latest estimate is that there are six million cats in the UK.
There are
62) Harry pays 50 a week for bed and breakfast.
Bed and breakfast
63) The mistake arose because of inaccurate accounting.
It was from
64) The number of people killed in industrial accidents this year is now fifteen.
Already this year
65) Some businessmen spend too much time on their work and alienate themselves from their families.
Some businessmen alienate themselves from their families
66) No one could explain why the money had disappeared.
No one could account
67) 'Press the alarm and Ill shoot! shouted the bank robber to the cashier.
The bank robber
68) The course on marketing appeals to me more than the one on finance.
I'd much prefer
69) Mary plans to finish her novel and then go abroad immediately.
The moment
70) This cough medicine doesnt affect your ability to drive.
This cough medicine has no
71) People became aware of the damage to the ozone layer when an enormous hole was discovered
over the South Pole.
It was the
72) Advanced technology cannot operate without special glass.
Were it not
73) We had to postpone the meeting because of bad weather.
Bad weather led to
74) You cannot make use of this offer after 15 December.
The offer is only
75) Please dont smoke here.
Id rather you
76) Peter remembered and so did Mary.
Peter didn't
77) You really must explain why the Finance Director acted as he did,' said the Chairman.
The Chairman insisted on
78) I had better leave now.
It's time
79) I wasnt the one who falsified the figures, said the clerk.
The clerk denied
80) Is this the only way we can solve the problem?
Isn't there