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China Advertising Industry Report,

China Advertising Industry Report,

Published by : Sino Market Insight
Published : Dec-2012
102 Pages Report
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Report Revie'
As of 2011, there were 296,000 advertising business firms in China, a 21.8% year-on-year rise, with the
advertising worfor!e of 1.6"# mi$$ion and advertising revenue of %&'#12.(6 bi$$ion, u) 1#.0#% and ##.(*%
res)e!tive$y from the same )eriod of $ast year.
+n ,une, 2012, the -tate Administration for +ndustry . Commer!e of the /eo)$e0s %e)ub$i! of China re$eased
the 1we$fth 2ive-3ear /$an for the 4eve$o)ment of Advertising +ndustry, whi!h )ut forward that during the 12th
2ive-3ear /$an )eriod 52011-201(6 China0s advertising turnover shou$d ee) an annua$ growth rate of around
12%. +n 201(, there wi$$ emerge ten or more $arge ba!bone advertising !om)anies with annua$ advertising
revenue of over %&'( bi$$ion7 more than (0 advertising !om)anies with annua$ advertising turnover of more
than %&'1 bi$$ion7 and in e8!ess of 100 advertising !om)anies with annua$ advertising turnover of over
%&'100 mi$$ion.
Report Revie'
Additiona$$y, the 1we$fth 2ive-3ear /$an a$so en!ourages !onstru!tion of advertisement industria$ )ar areas, and it is
e8)e!ted that, ti$$ 201(, at $east 1( nationa$ advertisement industry )ars wi$$ be bui$t. 'y A)ri$, 2012, China had
issued the $i!enses for the first bat!h of 9 nationa$ advertisement industry )ars !onsisting of 'ei9ing Advertisement
+ndustry /ar, -hanghai Advertisement +ndustry /ar, :an9ing Advertisement +ndustry /ar, ;ingdao Advertisement
+ndustry /ar, <uangdong Advertisement +ndustry /ar, et!.
1his re)ort by -ino&aret+nsight main$y !overs seven !ha)ters and high$ights the fo$$owings= the )o$iti!a$, e!onomi!
and internationa$ environments for the deve$o)ment of Chinese advertising industry, industria$ !hains, maret si>e
and fore!ast, !om)etition )attern, !onsumer maret and hot events as we$$ as the maret si>e and )redi!tion of
advertising industry segments in China, the o)eration of si8 g$oba$ $eading advertisng grou)s, the business
deve$o)ment and o)erationa$ ana$ysis of ey !om)anies in Chinese advertisng industry, and the advertising industry
deve$o)ment tenden!ies during 2012-201(.
(et Detais )n: htt)=??www.resear!hbeam.!om?!hina-advertising-maret
Ta$e o* Content
1& +acro-econo%ic ,nviron%ent in China, 2011--1 2012
1.1 China@s <4/
1.2 2i8ed +nvestment
1.# +ndustria$ 4eve$o)ment
1.* +m)ort and A8)ort Anvironments
1.( /er Ca)ita 4is)osab$e +n!ome of Brban and %ura$ Couseho$ds
1.6 Ange$ Coeffi!ient
1." &a!roe!onomi! 2ore!ast, 2012-201#A
2& )vervie' o* Advertising Industry
2.1 4efinition
2.2 C$assifi!ation
.& )peration o* Chinese Advertising Industry
#.1 +ndustria$ /o$i!y
#.2 &aret -i>e
#.# Com)etitive Dands!a)e
#.#.1 1o) #0 &edia Com)anies by Advertising 1urnover
#.#.2 1o) #0 Advertising Com)anies 5&edia -ervi!es6 by Advertising 1urnover
#.#.# 1o) #0 Advertising Com)anies 5:on-media -ervi!es6 by Advertising 1urnover
#.#.* 1o) #0 Advertising Com)anies by Eutdoors Advertising %evenue
#.* Cistory of A!!ession of &u$tinationa$ Advertising Com)anies into China
#.( &a9or Avents in Chinese Advertising +ndustry in 2012
#.(.1 Ana$ysis on 2irst 'at!h of :ationa$ Advertising +ndustry /ar
#.(.2 1he 1we$fth 2ive-3ear /$an for Advertising +ndustry in China
/& 0ege%ents o* Chinese Advertising Industry
*.1 1F Advertising &aret
*.2 :ews)a)er . &ag>ine Advertising &aret
*.# Eutdoors Advertising &aret
*.* En$ine Advertising &aret
*.( %adio Advertising &aret
5& 1ord2s 0i" 3eading Advertising (roups
(.1 Emni!om <rou)
(.1.1 /rofi$e
(.1.2 E)eration
(.2 G//
(.2.1 /rofi$e
(.2.2 E)eration
(.# +/<
(.#.1 /rofi$e
(.#.2 E)eration and &aret
(.#.# +/< in China
(.* /ub$i!is <rou)e
(.*.1 /rofi$e
(.*.2 E)eration and &aret
(.*.# /ub$i!is <rou)e in China
(.( 4entsu +n!.
(.(.1 /rofi$e
(.(.2 E)eration and &aret
List Of Figures
<4/ in China, 2010-2012 53146
<4/ in China, 2009-201# 53E36
Brban 2i8ed +nvestment :ationwide, 2002-2012
3o3 <rowth %ate of Added Fa$ue of +ndustria$ Anter)rises above 4esignated -i>e, 2000-2012
3o3 <rowth %ate of A8)ort 4e$ivery Fa$ue in China, 2008-2012
1ota$ +m)ort . A8)ort Fa$ue and <rowth 1rend in China, 2001-2012
+m)ort . A8)ort <rowth and 'a$an!e in China, 2001-2012
1ota$ +m)ort and A8)ort Fa$ue by Country 5%egion6, ,u$. 2012
/er Ca)ita 4is)osab$e +n!ome of Brban Couseho$ds in China, 198(-2011
Ange$ Coeffi!ient of Brban and %ura$ Couseho$ds in China
2ore!ast of &ain &a!roe!onomi! +ndi!ators in China, 2012-201#A
C$assfi!ation of Advertisment 5by /ro)aganda &edia6
A8isting Daws and %egu$ations on Advertising +ndustry in China
&aret -i>e of Chinese Advertising +ndustry, 199#-201(A
Com)anies and Am)$oyees in Chinese Adverting +ndustry, 2010-2011
Advertising 1urnover of 1o) #0 &edia Com)anies in China, 2011
Advertising 1urnover of 1o) #0 Chinese Advertisement Com)anies 5&edia -ervi!es6, 2011
Advertising 1urnover of 1o) #0 Chinese Advertisement Com)anies 5:on-media -ervi!es6, 2011
Eutdoors Advertising %evenue of 1o) #0 Chinese Adertisement Com)anies, 2011
+ntrodu!tion to the 2irst 'at!h of 9 :ationa$ Advertising +ndustry /ar Areas
4urchase 5o' : htt)=??www.resear!hbeam.!om?!hina-advertising-maret?)ur!hase-enHuiry
&a9or /$anning +ndi!ators of the Advertising +ndustry in Cunan /rovin!e, 2011-201(
1F &edia Advertising 1urnover in China, 2002-201(A
1ota$ Fa$ue and <rowth %ate of 1enders +nvited by CC1F, 2002-201#
'id Ginning /ri!es and <rowth %ates of Advertisments during Iin Gen Dian 'o, 2012-201#
/rime Advertising %esour!e 'idding of CC1F, 200"-2012
:ews)a)er . &ag>ine Advertising 1urnover in China, 200(-201(A
Chara!teristi!s of 4iversified Eutdoors Advertisements
Eutdoors Advertising 1urnover in China, 200(-201(A
1urnover of Chinese En$ine Advertising +ndustry, 2006-201(A
En$ine Advertising &aret -i>e in China, 2010;1-2012;#
Chinese En$ine Advertising &aret -hare 5by Ad 2orm6, 2010;1-2012;#
%adio Advertising 1urnover in China, 200(-201(A
%evenue and :et +n!ome of Emni!om <rou), 2011;#-2012;#
%evenue and :et +n!ome of Emni!om <rou), 200"-2011
%evenue -tru!ture 5Advertising %evenue6 of Emni!om <rou), 2010-2011
%evenue,E)erating +n!ome and E)erating &argin of G//, 2011;2-2012;2
4u$ished Reports

<$oba$ Geb A))$i!ation 2irewa$$ 5GA26 &aret 201*-2018

<$oba$ -aa- -e!urity &aret 201*-2018

<$oba$ -mart)hone %2 /ower Am)$ifier &aret 201*-2018

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