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(Center for Community Development)

Prepared by:

Vincent September M. Aunzo

Ar. Noel Domingo


The Center for Community Transformation Group of Ministries is an
organized Christian response against poverty and social injustice. This is
carried out through the fusion of social development initiatives and
evangelical mission in a uniquely Filipino context. It serves urban and rural
poor communities throughout the Philippines in pursuit of its desire to see
changed lives, strong families, and transformed communities centered on
the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

It was founded in 1992 by development practitioners who believe that development strategies could best be
achieved by enriching the spirituality of a person. Over the years, the Lord has enabled the organization to deliver
holistic, sustainable, and integrated community-based programs and services that cater to the needs of the whole
family. These services have opened opportunities for the community partners to grow and reach their full
potentials as individuals created in the image and likeness of God.

The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center is being built by the Center for Community Transformation (CCT) on six
hectares of land in Tagaytay, on the island of Luzon in The Philippines. It will serve as a spiritual and professional
development retreat for street dwellers involved in the Kaibigan program, CCT micro-finance clients and CCT staff
and community partners during weekdays. The Center will be available to rent over weekends to other Christian
development organizations and churches.

Since the Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center opened its gates to the public in May 2011 it has been a venue of
gracious hospitality for ladies' conventions, pastors' conferences, youth camps, singles' retreats, sales planning
meetings, reunions, couples' retreats, weddings... even group weddings.


Fair Trade Products Now Sold at TRTC

Fair trade products are now sold at the Pasalubong Center of the Tagaytay Retreat
and Training Center (TRTC) following the signing of a memorandum of agreement
between Alter Trade Corporation, a fair trade corporation based in Bacolod City, and

The products include muscovado sugar; banana chips; jams made from jackfruit, coconut, mangosteen, pineapple,
papaya, and guava; juice concentrates made from mangosteen, guyabano, calamansi, and passion fruit; wild
honey; lemon grass oil, syrup, and powder; cocoa and chocolate.

Fair trade is a movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries get a fair price for their products
so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally
sustainable practices.

TRTC is International Micro Finance Training Venue

The Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center was the venue for the third
Transformative Economic Empowerment, an international training session
hosted by the Center for Community Transformation and the Ka-Partner
Network. Attendees were micro finance workers from Peru, India, Uganda,
Zambia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Moldova, Thailand, and the US.

The focus of the session, held during the third week of October 2013, was training in vision and leadership and
spiritual integration in micro finance. It included visits to CCT branches, interviews with community partners (micro
finance recipients) and staff, and overviews of CCT programs and services for the poor.

Five dormitory buildings, each with a function room at ground level. Function rooms are equipped with
LCD projectors and sound system. Wi-fi is provided. Bedrooms sleep four to six guests or a total of 500.
Water for showers is heated by solar energy.
o Dormitory A1 will accommodate 120 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
o Dormitory A2 will accommodate 120 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
o Dormitory A3 will accommodate 120 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
o Dormitories A4 and A5 will both accommodate 120 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22
o Dormitory B1 will accommodate 80 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
o Dormitory B2 will accommodate 80 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
o Dormitory B3 will accommodate 80 people, include 2 meeting rooms and have 22 bathrooms.
Four easy-access rooms for the convenience of guest speakers, event coordinators, senior citizens, or the
wheel-chair bound.
Multi-Purpose Building
o Assembly hall capable of seating
o Dining hall and kitchen
Game room and snack bar
Pasalubong center selling native crafts such
as Blaan blouses, pandan fiber bags, and
inaul (Magindanaoan) cloth
Bamboo huts for small group activities
Prayer Tent
Recreation Facilities for Indoor
o Ping pong
o Billiards
o Air Hockey
o Foosball
o Darts
o Jenga (a tower building game played with 54 wooden blocks)
o Several chess boards
o Monopoly and other board games
o DVD player
Recreation Facilities for Outdoor
o Two basketball courts
o Mini soccer field
o Trampoline
o Exercise machines
o Children's play area
o Zipline and Obstacle course
o Open air Amphitheater seating
approximately 500 peopl

Park-like grounds
Wide parking area
The retreat center is just minutes from the Picnic Grove and People's Park in the Sky. Trips to Taal Volcano
may be arranged.
Staff housing
Small houses to accommodate families


The main building and dormitory are all made of
concrete with metal truss roofing system. With its
plain painted cement plaster finish, it exude
modernistic approach. It also focused more on the
approach of the wide open landscaping to break the
bars for different activities done by different people
of a community.
Multipurpose Building

STRENGTH Simple space room accommodated in the dormitory and in the main building leaves
no waste of space.
The open area left for landscaping gave an opportunity for different outdoor
recreational activities.
The wide open area also compensated the heat gained by the concrete structures.
WEAKNESS Vocational structures might be added since it has a large area given for flower and
vegetable crops. That can add more functionality for the Retreat center itself.
Classrooms can be added for the additional vocational courses that can take place
for the wide area given for landscaping, not just for religious purposes.
OPPORTUNITY With the wide open area allocated for landscaping, more outdoor recreational
facilities can be added from the coming future additional income that will be
THREAT Some recreational facilities already built can be affected by extreme weather
conditions like extreme heat or heavy rain especially when used by visitors. Roofing
systems can be best added for protection against natural elements like for the
basketball and amphitheater.
Outside View


1. Additional vocational facilities for other type of users (simple member of a community) for vocational
courses that can be used in that area lot like tree planting and botany, so that its not just for a certain
group of people doing religious activity but can be open to EVERY MEMBER of a community to uplift
livelihood and culture of Tagaytay.
2. Some recreational facility like amphitheater, basketball and volleyball court might need a protection
against the element like extreme heat and in case of rain for the users to fully enjoy the use of the area at
ANYTIME without being stop by said weather conditions.




A house divided against itself cannot stand;


Simple safe haven of landscaping covering a nature-inspired structure for the community center


FUNCTIONALITY Multi-use space
MATERIAL TO BE USED Less concrete; focusing on use of indigenous materials
ENVIRONMENT Outdoor connection of spaces; using open spaces for landscaping
SOCIAL/HUMAN No division for socialization: A community center for EVERYONE