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1438 INDEX.

Ties of iron, 557, 558, 500. And chains, 1495
Tigranes; palace of, at Di.arbekr, 305
Tilp ; floor and roof, 1903e et seq. Arch or
flat, in spec, 22Ma. Floor, in spec, 228"26,
2284e, 2293c. Paving, IdOod. To clean
tiles, 190.\9
18.i4 et seq. Of what composed, and
how manufactured, 1834. Varieties of,
1835, 1906. Kidfje roof and hip tiles, 183G.
Gutter tiles, 1837. Pan or Flemish tile^,
1838, 1907. Paving til-s, 1839, 1839/>.
Bridgewater doul)le roll tiles, 1838. Lock-
jaw tiles, 183S. Weighrs, 1839. Terro-
metallic tile-s, 1839a. Adamantine clinker,
ib., 1905c. Mathematical tiles, 1839a. Of
filass, 2231a. Glazed, 1839a; in spec,
Tiles ; Plain, Roman, and hollow
i-lope of roofs for, 2030
Tiler's; tools, 1908. Work, in spec, 2283.
Trowel, 1908
Tiling, 1906 tt seq. In spec, 2283. Measuring
anil estimating, 2301
Tilling cistern ; fur flushing, 18886
Timber; duef material in use among the
Chinese, 98
not ati element in Fgyptian architec-
tural coni[)()siti(m, 6371. llou.-es in ICng-
land, sluirt account of, 4.39. On the Con-
tinent, il). At Troves, 202.'ifi
different species of, 1684 et seq. Oak,
1685. Chestnut, 1696. Btecli, 17(11. Wn!-
nur, 1703. Cedar, 1705. Fir, 1706. White
iir, 1710. Spruce fir, 1711. American pine,
3712. l-arch, 1717. Pop ar, 17)8. Aider,
1719. Kim, 1720. Ash. 1723. Svcaniore,
1724. liircd, 1725. WtUingtoma, 1726.
Mahogany, 1727. Teak, 1728. Morung
Paul, I72^a. Mi)rra, 172A. Grcenheart,
1728c. Peon or poon, 1728</. Kowrie, il>.
Kcd cedar, ili. Sabicue, ib. Iron bark, ib.
Borneo wood, ib. Bilian, ib. Table of
weights of timber, 1597, 1728c. Woods as
cla.s.sed at Lloyd's, 172^/. {Standards of
deals, 1729
]iortsQuebec, 1729a ; St. John's, 17296;
Punwash, Miramichi, 1729c. Baltic ports
Memel, 1729^/ ;Christiauia,i6.; Drammen,
ib. Home trade 1729e

mode of preserving, 17301738.
Preservation, 17391744. Decay, 1745
1747. Prevention of decay, 174817526.
Cure of dry rot, 1753. Drying, 1749a
ditleicnt species of strength, 1598. Co-
hesive force, in the direction of length, 1598,
1699. Sirergth, in an ufiright position,
1600. Ke.-i.stanco of a po.st 1602. Hori-
zontal pieces of timber, experiments, 1603

1611. Strength, moditied to its absolute

and primitive force and its flexibility, 1611
1613. Strength of timbers in au inclined
po>itiou, 16221627. Timber injured by
strains, 1628(7. Ditto by action of sun, 1628e.
Table of strength of various timbers, 1632a.
Strains on beams and girders, 1628y et seq.
Traisverse strength of, 1628i et seq.. 1629<7
et seq. Breaking weight of, 163Cs. Crushing
strength of, liJoQw. Weights of, 1728e.
Use of, in building, 1729/
; ^trength of, 1600 et $eq., 1G30w
Timbers; .scantlings of, for roofs, 20372040.
Sliould be measured when carcass of build-
ing is completed, 2314. Use of, in buildings,
17i:ti/". Conversion of, 2125u et seq. Cubic
foot of; to compute value, 2344, 2345. In
spec, 2285. In circular work for roofs,
2052 et seq.
strength of, 1630r. Alloyed with cop-
per, 1791
bricklayer's, 1890
Tinemouth. See
Tinned iron ; eflfect of, 17806. Lead pipe,
Tinlernc,Monincuthshire; conventual church,
407, p. 971 et seq.
Tiryns ; walls of, 31, 33
Tisi)urv stone, 1666(/

temple of the Svbil, 214, 2547
Toad's back rail, 2189
Tobin ventilator, 2278s
Toddington house, Bedfordshire, 446
of a hinge, 2155
Toledo ; cathedral, 588, 59G. Franciscan
monastery of S. Juan de los Keyes, 696.
Gate of S:in Martino, 368
Tdmcn or colossiil stones, 26. Constan'inc
Tolmen in Cornwall, ib.
of tile Komans, 254. Of the Iloratii,
now of A runs, 2.'5.
Of Caius Cesfius, at
Rome, 256. That of Hadrian, at h'ome, ib.
That of Cecilia Motilbi, at Rome, ib. Group
of, from Pompeii, 257
of Dui-es of Burgundy, Philippe le-
Ilardi, and .le:in-sans-l enr, 54'<.
Of King
John and I'hilippa, at Batalha, GO . Of
tlie Constal)le I'clro Feinandez r'e ^'clasco,
59i;. Of Alfonso II. and 111., &(., and of
Pedro I. and Igiioz de C;i.stro, ^t Alcoba^a,
602. Oflhe Scaligeri, at Vtrona, 617
of Klizabethn architecture. 449. Of
Patclitle, Karl of Sussex, ib. Of Dudley,
Earl of Leicester, ib. Of Care}', Lord
llunsdon, ib. Under James L, 463. Of
Archbishop Stratford, at Caaterburv,
church of Notre Dame, 557, 560
Tongue ;
in joinery, 2i9l
Tonnage ; iu valuation of warehouses,
Tools for building
used by the early Greeks,
7. See
and other trades
Toothings; of walls, 1900c
To]) rails of a door, 2130
Torbay iron paint, 2273c
Torsion, 1628e, 1631j:
Tortoise stove, 2279e
Torus, 2532. In Norman architecture, 397
Tote ;
of a plane, 2104
Tothill Fields i)rison, 1855
Totila takes Rome, 279
Toughened cast iron, 176.56
Toughness of bodies, l(i30
Toulouie ;
cathedral, 58(). St. Scrnin, 545
architecture of the. 110
Tournai, 564. Cathedral, 557, 558. Ciiurcli
of St. (^uentin, 55
1, 554. The Madeleine,
555, S,. Jacques, t6.
Tower of London, 394398, 423
Towers and spires
construction of, 961,
1000 et siq. In spec, 2284(/,
Mediieval, domestic, at San (iimigiiano,
622. Three western, 5X3. Of brick, at
Bruges, 557 ; at Bois-le-Duc, 660
Town drainage,
Town dwellings for industrial clasics,
3iil2 et s(q.
Townlcy hall, Lancashire
gallery, 625
Tr.aeiy bar, p. 990

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