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Create GL Accounts : FS00 Bank Accounts under Cash & Bank Accounts Group
Tick (.) Cash Flow in Create Bank/int form / Create Bank Accounts of SB/CA/OCC
Accounts individually for each Bank (Viz. SBI SB A/c/SBI CA A/c; HDFC SB A/c/
HDFC CA A/c etc)

1. Create House Bank : SPRO-IMG > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting >
Bank Accounts > Define House Banks (T.Code FI12)
Select New Entries Enter New House Bank ID/Bank Country/New Bank Key
Bank Data Bank Country/Bank Key/Bank Name (Save)
Select House Bank you have created and click Bank Accounts menu
Select New Entries Enter CoCd/House Bank/Account ID(new)/
Description : SB/CA/CC/OCC of the Bank

Enter House Bank /Account ID in each GL Accounts created accordingly
In FS00 (Change)

2. Create Cheque Lots : SAP Easy Access > Accounting > Financial Accounting >
Accounts Payable > Periodic Processing > Payments (F-110)
Go to Menu Bar > Select Environment > Cheque Information > No. ranges

Enter Paying Co.Cd. : House Bank Id / Account ID / Lot No.
Cheque No. From to
In Control data Tick (.) Non-sequential (SAVE)

FCHI - Creation of Check lot
FCHN Check Register
FCH3 - Cancellation of Check issued
FCH5 - Manual Updation of Vendor accounts payment cheques
FCH8 - Reversal of issued cheque with Document reversal
FCH9 - Reversal of check without reversal of document
FCHV - Define Reason code of cheques

3. Automatic Payment Program : Maintain Parameters FBZP
Select each parameters and complete the details
Alternative method :
a) Set up payment methods per country for payment transactions
SPRO > Financial accounting > AR & AP > Business Transactions >
Outgoing Payments > Automatic Outgoing payments > Payment
Method/Bank selection for payment program > set up payment
Method per country for payment transaction > New Entries
Enter Country/ Payment Method (new Q/C/R) /Description Cheques
Tick (.) outgoing payments
Tick (.) Check
Enter document type for payments : KZ
Enter Clearing document type : KZ
Payment Medium : Tick (.) use classic payment medium
Payment medium program : RFFOUS_C
Name of Print Data Base : LIST1S (SAVE)

b) Set up payment methods per co. cd for payment transactions
 New Entries
Enter paying co.oode > Payment method (Q/C/R) >
Min. Amount : 100 > Max Amount : 999999999999
Tick (.) Single payment for marked item
Tick (.) Payment per due date
Bank Selection control Tick (.) No optimization
Click FORMs >
Form for payment F110_PRENUM_CHEK
Drawer of the form : Name of the company (SAVE)

c) Set all co.cd. for payment transaction > New entries
Enter Co. Cd. > Sending Co.Cd > Paying Co.Cd (SAVE)

d) Set up paying co.code for payment transaction > New Entries
Enter Paying Co.Code
Min. Amount for incoming payment 100
Max. Amount for outgoing payment 100
EDI accompanying sheet form
Text ID : ST
Letter Header F_0001_HEADER
Footer Text F_0001_FOOTER
Sender F_0001_SENDER (SAVE)

e) Set up Bank determination for payment transaction :
Select position : Enter Co. Code
Select Co.Code : Select Ranking Orders
Select New Entries :
Enter Payment Method (Q/C/R)/Currency/Rank Order 1/2/ House Bank
Select first Ranking order > Select Bank accounts > New Entries >
Enter House Bank/Payment Method/Currency/Account ID/Bank Sub A/c
i.e. your Bank GL Account (SAVE)
Select available amounts : New Entries
Enter House Bank/Account ID/Days (999)/Currency/Amt.available for
Outgoing payment fill amounts for each House Bank accounts (SAVE)

f) Assign payment method to Vendor : SAP Easy Access > Accounting >
Financial accounting > A/P Vendor > Master Records > Change (FA02)

Enter Vendor Account/Co.Code/ Tick (.) Payment Transaction/
Payment Method (C/Q/R) (SAVE)

4. Running Payment Program :
SAP Easy Access > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Vendors >
Periodic Processing > Payments (F110)

Enter Run Date : (some previous date)
Identification : ( your own ID No. as AP01/AP02 etc)
Select Parameters > Parameters have not been entered yet
Enter Co.Code / Payment Method /Next payment date
Enter Vendor Account Nos from to (SAVE)
Select Additional Log : Tick (.) Due date check
Tick (.) Payment method selection in all cases
Account required : Vendor A/c Nos. from to
Select status : Parameters have been entered
Select schedule proposal : Tick (.) Start immediately (save)
Status : Payment proposal has been created
Select Edit proposal Double click -Tick (.) All accounting clerks (Save)
It will show overdue for all the vendors you want to pay as ***
Double click *** it will show the amount for each vendor overdue
Double the amount a new screen will open : Change line item
Select reallocate button
Change payment screen will come
Enter payment control/payment method/house bank id (SAVE)
Now follow the same procedure for other payments and other vendors also
And save. And come to autopayment main screen
Status payment run run has been carried out.
Select schedule payment run : select start immediately save
Status : payment run has generated/completed
Select print out/data medium Program RFFOUS_C
Select maintain variant Tick (.) for all screens continue
In Print Control screen : Tick (.) Print Checks/Print payment advice notes/
Print payment summary/ Printer LP01 Print immediately
Output control (.) Do not void any check
Select attributes : Enter short description
Save come back one time save again
Print out : Job Name : F110_20061129_abc_aa
Menu Bar : System > Services > Jobs > Jobs overview > execute
Path for report : System > Services > Output Control