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In Zln

June 10, 2014


Dear Student,

Kindly find below some practical information useful for your arrival and your first days at Tomas Bata
University in Zln.

Date of arrival
I would like to ensure myself that all of you who have sent the Application Form to study at TBU are
really coming. Thus, if there are any changes, please, inform me about it.
Furthermore as soon as you know your date of your arrival to Zln inform me about it. I have to
deliver this information to the Hall of Residence.
The recommended arrival is during the end of the week before the beginning of semester, preferably
during the working days.

Winter semester 2014/2015
The summer semester starts on Monday, September 15, 2014 and finishes on Friday, January 31,
2015 (exam period included).
However in 80% all of the exchange students have all their exams passed in December or beginning
of January and check-out from the University in the same month. The only exceptions are usually
students of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications who work on their projects and art works in
late January as well.

Getting to Zln
If it is possible for you to travel freely around Europe (no visa regulations etc) it is not really
necessary for you to land in the Czech Republic Capitol, Prague. You can fly to Vienna (Austria) or
Bratislava (Slovakia) which is actually closer to Zln (approx. 210 km) then Prague (300 km). There are
quite good train and bus connections to Zln from the above mentioned cities.
There are also some limited possibilities of flights to Brno (approx. 100 km from Zln).

As for the connection from the Prague Airport to the train station, below you can find instructions
how to get there in the easiest way:
On the following link are instructions how to get to Hlavni nadrazi (main train station) from the
airport - http://czech-transport.com/index.php?id=357 by Airport Express (AE) bus.

Follow the sign to get to the AE stop.
The destination stop is on the Wilsonova Street (actually above the main building of the train
You can buy a ticket at the bus driver, it costs CZK 60.

As for the train or bus connections from Prague to Zln, check the following site www.idos.cz.
From write just Praha (or any other city you are coming from), To write just Zln or Zln
sted in the case of train connections.

The on-line reservation and on-line payment is required for the trains and buses operated by Student
agency, LeoExpress or for a special train called Pendolino operated by Czech Railways. However
transport with the above mentioned companies can be highly recommended good service, high
comfort and low price.

Seats in trains operated by the Czech Railways or in busses operated by any different company do
not need to be reserved in advance. Tickets can be bought right away at the train station or directly
from the bus driver.

In the Annex 1 you can find a map of Zln (its centre) where the location of both train and bus
stations and your dormitory is shown. It is not long way at all. Just one thing - your dormitory is
located on the hill ;-)

For those of you, who applied for the accommodation at University Halls of Residence within the
Student Exchange Application Form and within the given deadline, the accommodation is book there.
The address of the housing is: nm. T. G. Masaryka 3050, 76001 Zln.
All of you are going to stay in the same University Halls of Residence in Zln. Currently I do not have
any other information that anyone else searchs for the accommodation out of TBU Halls of
Residence. Inform me as soon as possible if there is any change regarding your stay in the Zln,
University Halls of Residence!

Students enrolled at the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management will have accommodation
directly in Uhersk Hradit where the Faculty is situated.

The woman-in-charge is sitting at the reception in the dormitory 24/7 so do not worry that you will
not receive the keys of your room if you arrive in the evening or during the night.

At T. G. M. dormitory you will live in "studio" made of two double rooms (it is not allowed to stay
boys and girls together in one studio) with social settlement and small kitchen with fridge and
induction hot plate (dish with special bottom adjustment is required). There are no dishes in the
kitchen available however your room is fully furnished; there is a blanket and a pillow and clean
bedclothes will be given to you every month. There are also 5 washing machines, some irons and
ironing boards and internet room available for you.

Accommodation Deposit
Upon your dormitory check-in you will be registered in the residence book and asked to pay a
deposit of CZK 1.500 to the receptionist. Furthermore you will also have to pay the particular part of
the September rent. The price per day is CZK 97 times the number of days till the end of September.
Thus make sure you have enough Czech money before the check-in to be able to pay both deposit
and the room rent. The room key will be given to you only after the payment!

Accommodation Contract
The accommodation contract has to be entered during the first following working day after your
You have to visit the accommodation officer, Mrs Kratinov (2nd floor in the dormitory; opening
hours are Monday - Friday, 9am 10am and 1pm 2pm), without undue delay! Please ensure
yourself that you have 2 passport photographs with you.

The room rent is of CZK 2.910 per month water, electricity, heating, clean bedclothes and internet
connection is included. What regards the internet connection, there is no wi-fi connection available;
you have to have a cable, type RJ-45. Internet connection will be available only after signing the
accommodation agreement with the accommodation officer!

To be able to pay your rent you will have to open a bank account at a Czech bank. There are several
banks in Zln from which you can choose and where you can open a student account with minimum
fees. Visit and choose from:
- Komern banka www.kb.cz
- esk spoitelna www.ceskasporitelna.cz
- eskoslovensk obchodn banka www.csob.cz
- UniCredit Bank www.unicreditbank.cz
- Raiffeisenbank www.rb.cz
- GE Money Bank www.gemoney.cz
- Volksbank www.volksbank.cz

The rent has to be paid at the beginning of each month, actually for each month commenced.
If you want to prevent from any inconveniences caused be the delayed payment, you can pay for
more months at once.

Czech Language Course for Foreigners
There is a possibility to visit the Czech Language Course during the semester. There will be only one
group maximum number of students in the group is 20. The course will take place twice a week. It is
obligatory to attend both classes.
Students who successfully pass the final exam will receive a special certificate confirming receiving 3
ECTS. This means that this course will not be listed in your Learning Agreement! The course is free of
charge. Text book will be available in the International Office.
More information about the course is available online - http://www.utb.cz/international/czech-

Incoming students with visa registration at the Foreign Police
I would like to include also information for students who are going to arrive to the Czech Republic
with the study visa students from Russia, Korea, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Indonesia, China, etc.
These students are legally obliged to do the personal registration at the Foreign Police in Zln within
three working days from their arrival to the Czech Republic. Three documents are needed for the
- Your passport with the visa
- Health insurance fulfilling the requirements given by the Czech law and covering the whole
duration of your stay comprehensive health insurance (covering min. 60.000 EUR) and
- The registration card which is available in the International Office; come to collect the card
before going to the DAMP.
The Foreign Police is closed on Fridays so if you arrive on Thursday afternoon or Friday, the
registration will be done on Monday the following week.
There is the Buddy System operating at Tomas Bata University - http://www.buddysystem.utb.cz/
and https://www.facebook.com/BuddySystemZlin. Czech students involved will be there to help you
at least during your first days here. They will also organize different get-together, social and other
activities. As soon as we find the buddy for you, she/he will contact you directly.

Health Insurance
I would like to mention here also the health insurance. I strongly recommend you to effect health
insurance for your whole stay in the Czech Republic. So if you do not have any travel insurance yet
please consider carefully effecting any as you can never know what can happen. And we would like
you to have your stay here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Looking forward to meeting you in Zln in September.
Best regards

Pavel Bek
TBU International Office

Annex 1 - Zln map to the dormitory

Your dormitory
From Uhersk
From Otrokovice
From Vsetn
From Luhaovice
One-way street
Train station
Bus station

U12 -