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National Seminar

Globalization, Law & Protection of
Human Rights: Issues & Challenges
October, 2014)

Globalisation has engulfed whole world under its
influence which are visible through its distinct impact
on all the aspect of human life. The process of
Globalisation entails global flow of capital and
technologies, development of global institutions,
networks of knowledge and information, and global
civil societal waves. The impact of Globalisation is
being viewed positive or negative depending upon the
social, political and economic realities of the various
countries of the world whether categorised as
developed or developing nations. It affects the
trajectories of development of countries creating social
inequalities and widening the gap between poor and
rich nations. Globalisation also brings social
transformation and affects the rule of law of the
countries in a significant way. The discourse of human
rights has widely influenced under the orbit of
globalisation. Human rights violations of vulnerable
groups particularly the minorities and deprived
sections are at debate on national and international
forums. Although the universal application of human
rights norms are desired globally but ironically, the
issues related to protection of human rights are highly
intolerable and complicated on regular basis. The
range of demands for protection of humanrights
against the global and domestic perpetuators are bring
rapidly increased from different stake holders of the
society. The new challenges are coming up with new
faces of conflicts within families, groups, institutions
and states too. In this sense, the protection of human
rights is becoming so challenging for law as well as
state. In modern context, global community is
considering protection of human rights as very much
foundational and central. Throughout the discourse of
demands of human rights, law has to perform very
proactive role in various directions. The simplicity
may change into complexity when local issues take a
shape of global issue as global-local nexus has
reinforced the hope and belief in human rights values.
The very purpose of this national seminar is to explore
the issues involved with the globalization, law and
protection of human rights through participation of
academicians, scholars, researchers and luminaries in
legal and other relevant fields. Furthermore, under the
changing situations at national, regional and
international level, the dire need of identification and
analysesofvarious issues involved in protection of
human rights followed by solutions mutually agreed
upon. This seminar looks forward to explore a new
model for achieving the goals of justice by solving the
issues related to human rights protection throughout
this two day academic exercise so that the future
generation may have the enjoyment of available
resources without any discriminatory practice.
Some of the themes and issues that can be explored
Subthemes of Seminar
1. International Human Rights Regime and
2. Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
3. Law, Social Transformation and Protection of
Human Rights
4. Marginalised Sections, Social Exclusion and Human
5. Globalisation, IPR and New Economic Order
6. Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility
7. Environmental Issues and Concern in Global Era
8. Globalisation, Socio-Economic Offence and Human
Rights Concern
9. Globalisation & New Trends of Crime
10. Impact of Globalisation of Human Rights
11. Any other relevant issue
Keeping in view of above background, this seminar
shall have the informative approach not only for
students and membersparticipating but the institutions
and agencies at policy and its implementation level
working for protection and promotion of human rights
in India.This seminar would produce the material of
utmost need and relevance.
This national seminar encourages and invites
interested persons to participate for exploring and
discussing talks on seminars theme i.e.
Globalization, Law & Protection of Human
Rights: Issues & Challenges and various sub-
themes mentioned.
The interested participants may send an abstract and
full paper before or up to last date of submission given
below respectively:
Rules of Participation
1. Only registered participants will be allowed to take
part in National Seminar. Registration charges will be
as given in the table.
2. For participation, registration is mandatory. All the
registered participants will be provided a participation
certificate, seminar kit, lunch and high tea.
3. Participants have to make their own arrangement for
Accommodation. No TA/DA will be provided to
4. Participants/ Paper Presenters have to register at the
time of Registration with payment of required fees in
cash only.
5. For paper presentation: An abstract of 250 words
should be sent by registered post along with filled up
Registration form to the Organising Secretary or on
email ID. nationalseminardhrslsbbau2014@gmail.com
6. For power point presentation please inform us in
Important Dates
Last date of Abstract submission for National
Seminar: 30-09-2014
Last date of Full Paper submission for National
Seminar: 10-10-2014
No abstract or full paper shall be accepted after the last
date of submission respectively.
The participants are requested to send their abstract
and/or full paper on e-mail given here:
E-mail: nationalseminardhrslsbbau2014@gmail.com
Paper Submission
1. New Times Roman, Font Size 12, line Spacing 1.5.
2. Cover page-Title Font size 16, Authors Name and
Affiliation with Email & Mobile No.
3. Main paper from page 2, Sub Headings-Font Size
14, Initial Capital, Name of the Subthemes
4. Up to 5ooo words (MS Word)
Registration Fee
For Faculty/Scientists/Organisation Representatives
Rs. 500/-
For Research Scholars/Students/ Others
Rs. 300/-
Chief Patron & President
Professor R.C. Sobti
Honble Vice Chancellor
BabasahebBhimraoAmbedkar (A Central)University,

Prof. S K Bhatnagar
Department of Human Rights

Prof. PritiSaxena
Head & Dean
Department of Human Rights
School For Legal Studies

Organising Secretary
Dr. Shashi Kumar
Department of Human Rights, School for LegaStudies,
BabasahebBhimraoAmbedkar University,
(A Central University)
VidyaVihar, Raebareli Road, Lucknow, U.P.
Mo. No.9935749526,

Joint Secretaries - Dr. PreetiMisra,
Associate Professor,
Deptt.of Human Rights, SLS
Mob. 9415088971
Dr. RashidaAther
Assistant Professor,
Deptt.of Human Rights, SLS

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National Seminar
Globalization, Law & Protection of Human
Rights: Issues & Challenges
October 2014)

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